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Among the wartime additions to Ukraine's arsenal is the US-made Bradley fighting vehicle, a formidable asset that continues proving its worth on the battlefield several decades after it first saw combat. A 'very effective' infantry fighting vehicleThe Bradleys were built as a response to the Soviet infantry fighting vehicles and entered service in the 1980s. A Bradley fighting vehicle from the US Army 2nd Armored division drives through Saudi Arabian desert on Jan. 18, 1991. Hassani RiberaThe Bradley infantry fighting vehicle is lighter than an Abrams tank by roughly 40 tons. Ukrainian soldiers on a Bradley infantry fighting vehicle near Avdiivka on Feb. 23, 2024.
Persons: , Bradley, Abrams, Kyiv didn't, Mark Cancian, Sadayuki Mikami, Ukraine's Abrams, Bradley isn't, Ribera, Tayler P, Schwamb, Pat Ryder, Bradleys, Cancian, What's, scrappy, GENYA SAVILOV Organizations: Service, Russia, Business, Abrams, Kyiv, US Marine Corps, US Army 2nd, AP, Bradley, US Army, Pentagon, Ukraine, Army, US Army National Guard, Spc, M1A2 Abrams, Tank, Marine Corps Base, 47th Mechanized Brigade, Center for Strategic, International Studies, intel, Getty, XM30 Mechanized Infantry, US, 47th, Mechanized Brigade Locations: Ukraine, US, Iraq, Saudi, Kyiv, Trzebien, Poland, Pendleton, Ukraine's Donbas, Anadolu, Avdiivka, Afghanistan, Ukrainian, Bradley, Western
Photographer Ramesh Shukla moved to Dubai in 1965. Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid watching a camel race in Sharjah, 1968. The next day, he returned to the racetrack and presented the photo to Sheikh Zayed, asking for his blessing — and it changed everything. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the late emir of Abu Dhabi, signing the agreement to form the UAE’ on December 2, 1971. Ramesh ShuklaShukla's photos of the UAE's founding fathers (top) and Sheikh Zayed signing (bottom) are featured on the 50 dirham note.
Persons: CNN — “, ” Ramesh Shukla, Shukla, Ramesh Shukla, , , Sheikh Zayed, Sheikh Rashid, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Neel Shukla, Ramesh’s, , Tara, Neel, Ramesh, Ajman —, Ras, Khaimah, Neel —, ‘ Papa, ’ ” Organizations: CNN, United Arab Emirates, Ramesh, Emirates, United, UAE ’, Dubai Culture Locations: India, Dubai, Bombay, Mumbai, UAE, Sharjah, States, British, Arabian, Abu Dhabi, , Umm Al, United Arab, Ras Al, Emirates
In a busy port city along Pakistan’s southwestern coast, a newly built security barrier and hundreds of new checkpoints safeguard Chinese workers. Across Pakistan, authorities are hurrying to bolster security for Chinese workers after a surge in militant violence targeting Chinese-funded megaprojects. That investment in Pakistan, which began in 2015 as part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, involves around $60 billion of planned projects. Tens of thousands of Chinese workers are thought to be in Pakistan, though estimates vary widely. Chinese investment has proved critical since support from the United States tapered off after the war in neighboring Afghanistan ended in 2021.
Organizations: Initiative Locations: Pakistan’s, Karachi, Islamabad, Pakistan, United States, Afghanistan
CNN —Lewis Hamilton won his home race at the British Grand Prix on Sunday, battling to a thrilling, record-extending victory as the lead changed hands several times on a rain-slicked track at Silverstone. For Hamilton to win his last British Grand Prix with Mercedes – the team with whom he dominated the sport for so long – seemed like a “fairytale,” team principal Toto Wolff told broadcaster Sky Sports after the race. Lewis Hamilton celebrates on the podium after winning the British Grand Prix. “This is my last race here at the British Grand Prix with this team, so I wanted to win this so much for them. But both Mercedes cars ran wide off the track across the run-off shortly afterwards, allowing Norris to overtake Russell and then to accelerate past Hamilton too.
Persons: CNN — Lewis Hamilton, Hamilton, Jack, Max Verstappen, Red, Mercedes –, Toto Wolff, Lewis Hamilton, Peter Cziborra, ” “ It’s, , “ There’s, Mark Thompson, George Russell, McLaren’s Lando Norris, Russell, Norris, Verstappen Organizations: CNN, Prix, Sunday, Silverstone, Red Bull, Hamilton, Sky Sports, British, Getty Locations: British, Saudi, Hamilton, Silverstone
Read previewIn the last three years, Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy has commissioned hundreds of new vessels. AdvertisementThe Shahid Hassan Bagheri is one of three new Soleimani-class missile corvettes that are the most heavily armed warships in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy's fleet. Despite being lightly armed, it has a record of harassing US vessels and civilian ships in the Persian Gulf. AdvertisementThree Soleimani-class corvettes, Shahid Soleimani, Shahid Hassan Bagheri, and Shahid Sayyad Shirazi, have been commissioned, while a fourth, Shahid Ra'is-Ali Delvari, is under construction. AdvertisementMahdavi will eventually be joined by another converted container ship, the Shahid Bagheri.
Persons: , Shahid Hassan Bagheri, Morteza Nikoubazl, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Shahid Soleimani, Nazeri, Shahid Nazeri, SAMs, Shahid Sayyad Shirazi, Shahid Ra'is, Ali Delvari, Hassan Bagheri, Abu Mahdi al, Shahid, Alireza Tangsiri, Shahid Mahdavi, 400Y8DYPlr — Mehdi H, Shahid Roudaki, Roudaki, Mahdavi, Lewis B, Puller, Shahid Bagheri, Bagheri, Tangsiri, IRGCN, Ayatollah Khamenei, Nadimi, Saviz, Diego Garcia, Benjamin Brimelow Organizations: Service, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy, Business, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy's, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, US, Quds Force, Guard, Southern Hemisphere, American, British, Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Global Affairs, Fletcher School of Law, Diplomacy, Modern, Institute Locations: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Persian, Gulf of Oman, Hormuz, China, Russia, Taiwan, Norway, Yemen, Makran, Morteza, Israel, Lebanon, Hamas, Gaza, Syria, Mahdavi, West
Atlantis, The Royal Atlantis, The Royal: The suites rooms are all connected via a mobile app, allowing guests to control their room's thermostat, lighting, and television remotely. Atlantis, The Royal Atlantis, The Royal: The triple-height library provides a secluded space to work, read or relax. Atlantis, The Royal Atlantis, The Royal: The entertainment room is kitted out with a 98-inch LED screen for a home cinema experience. Atlantis, The Royal Atlantis, The Royal: Every room has stunning views — including the marble-clad bathrooms. Atlantis, The Royal Atlantis, The Royal: Guests can enjoy designer amenities made by French fashion house Hermès, as well as bespoke gold toothbrushes, combs and brushes.
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Trump Tower is coming to Saudi Arabia
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New York CNN —The Trump Organization revealed plans Monday to develop a luxury Trump Tower in Saudi Arabia. If completed, it appears the Jeddah tower would be the Trump Organization’s first major project in Saudi Arabia. Dar Global said the project will target the “luxury Saudi Arabian market and international investors.”The new project in Saudi Arabia comes just days after the Trump Organization and Dar Global unveiled a $500 million Trump International hotel complex in Oman. The Trump Organization’s new projects in the Middle East could raise concerns about potential conflicts of interest should former President Donald Trump return to the White House. The family business is run by his sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump.
Persons: Dar, Arkan, Eric Trump, Donald Trump, Dar Global, Dar Al Arkan, Trump, ” Donald K, Sherman, ” Sherman, , Donald Trump Jr Organizations: New, New York CNN, The Trump Organization, Trump, Dar Global, Trump Organization, Dar, Trump International, The Trump, Citizens, Responsibility, Washington, CNN Locations: New York, Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, Saudi, Oman
CNN —Portugal advanced to the quarterfinals of Euro 2024 after beating Slovenia in a penalty shootout on Monday in a game where Cristiano Ronaldo was reduced to tears after missing a spot-kick in extra-time. Ronaldo had his penalty superbly saved by Jan Oblak after a frustrating evening for the striker. Ronaldo takes his penalty during extra-time which was saved by Jan Oblak of Slovenia. Having entered Monday’s game without a goal at Euro 2024, it was more of the same at the Frankfurt Arena for Ronaldo. He has had also the most shots of any player in his four games at Euro 2024 – 20 – with no goals to his name.
Persons: Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Jan Oblak, Diogo Costa, Costa, Bernardo Silva slotting, Benjamin Šeško, Pepe, Robbie Jay Barratt, Ronaldo’s, Diogo Jota, Oblak, Šeško, he’s, Kirill Kudryavtsev, Peter Shilton Organizations: CNN, Slovenia, Portugal, Frankfurt Arena, Ronaldo, Slovenian, Saudi, European, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus, Portugal’s, Getty, France Locations: Portugal, France, Slovenia, Oblak, Saudi Arabian, Greece, AFP
Part of the military's mission at home is to keep stockpiles of goods like critical minerals on hand for emergency wartime use. In the dark on the stockpileAlthough the name suggests otherwise, rare earth minerals are not exactly rare — in fact, they're relatively plentiful. The Biden administration began cutting American imports of Chinese rare earth minerals a few years ago in an effort to decrease US reliance on China for critical minerals. Submarines, fighter aircraft, magnets used in missiles, radar systems, and drones all require critical earth minerals for manufacturing. AdvertisementA past report for Congress on rare earth minerals for national defense, for instance, noted that a single Virginia-class submarine requires 9,200 pounds of rare earth minerals, while an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer requires 5,200 pounds.
Persons: , Biden, Lockheed Martin, Gregory Wischer, Wischer, Arleigh Burke, Halsey, Sampson, Chris Williamson Fabian Villalobos, Locke Organizations: Service, Business, Pentagon, Lockheed, Getty, Gratia, Defense Logistics Agency, of, Department of Defense, Defense Industrial Strategy, . US, Pacific, DoD, Materials, Lynas, Joint Base, Hickam . US Navy, RAND Corporation, National Defense, NDS, Industrial Base Locations: China, Fort Worth, Virginia, Arabian, Japan, South Korea, United States, California, Lynas USA, Texas, Vermont, Hickam
Read previewYemen's Houthi rebel group said on Wednesday that it targeted a Liberian-flagged ship in the Arabian Sea with a "homemade hypersonic missile," saying it unveiled the weapon for the first time. Houthis posted footage of the missileHouthi-linked channels posted footage of the purported launch, calling the missile the "Hatem-2" or "Hadim-2." AFP via Getty ImagesIs the 'Hatem-2' really a homemade hypersonic missile? Notably, Yemen's latest launch occurred as the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group left the region on Saturday after defending the area for about eight months. It is due to be replaced by the USS Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group.
Persons: , Yahya Sare'e, Sare'e, MSC Sarah V, Houthis, Hatem, SARAH V, Saddam Hussein's, Yemen's, Dwight D, Theodore Roosevelt Carrier, Roosevelt Organizations: Service, Liberian, Business, MSC, Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations, British Royal Navy, Yemeni Military Industrialization Corporation, United Nations, AFP, Getty, Tel Aviv . Naval, US, Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group, Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Locations: Greek, Israel, Abu Dhabi, Persian, Iran, Tehran, Saddam Hussein's Iraq, China, Palestine, Red, Gaza, Tel Aviv, Yemen, South Korea
The technology to store renewable energy for long periods hasn’t quite been mastered, either. The interconnector would send renewable energy both east and west, taking advantage of the sun’s diurnal journey across the sky. The transatlantic interconnector is still a proposal, but networks of green energy cables are starting to sprawl across the world’s sea beds. They are fast becoming part of a global climate solution, transmitting large amounts of renewable energy to countries struggling to make the green transition alone. Not all of them carry renewable power exclusively — that’s sometimes determined by what makes up each country’s energy grid — but new ones are typically being built for a green energy future.
Persons: there’s, , Simon Ludlam, “ We’ve, we’ve, Fadel Senna, Paul Ellis, Biden, Laurent Segalen, Energy’s Ludlam, , you’ve, you’re, Trump, Dmitry Peskov, George Dyson, Dyson, Morten Kruger, Frank Schneider, Alberto Rizzi, ” Rizzi Organizations: London CNN, Etchea Energy, Getty, Burbo, Sun Cable, Initiative, NATO, European Council, Foreign Relations, United, European Union Locations: New York, California, Britain, Europe, North America, Canada, France, East Coast, United States, Paris, Belgium, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Morocco, Moroccan, Ouarzazate, AFP, English, New Brighton, Australia, Singapore, India, Saudi Arabia, Asia, East, Beijing, London, Russia, China, Germany, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, Baltic, Western Europe, North, Russian, Aqaba, Jordan, Taba, Egypt, Red, America, EU
World’s best airline for 2024 named by Skytrax
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We look forward to more wins in the future.”Close-run contestSaudia was named by Skytrax as winner of the World's Most Improved Airline award. Singapore also won for Best First Class service and Best Airline in Asia. ANA, meanwhile, picked up the accolade for World’s Best Airport Services, as well as Best Airline Staff Service in Asia. Saudia was named World’s Most Improved Airline, beating Taiwan’s Starlux and Iceland’s Play into second and third places. Delta Air Lines was declared the Best Airline in North America, also picking up the award for Best Airline Staff Service for the region.
Persons: weren’t, , Edward Plaisted, Badr Mohammed Al, Meer, Saudia, Skytrax, Nicolas Economou, Tan, Tan Pee Teck, Taiwan’s Starlux, Singapore’s Scoot, Tony Fernandes, , ISMOYO, Vistara, airBaltic Organizations: CNN, Qatar Airways, Hamad International, Dubai, Boeing, Airbus, Singapore Airlines, Dubai’s Emirates, ANA All Nippon Airways, Hong, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Air France, Swiss International Airlines, Singapore, Best, ANA, World’s Best, Services, Best Airline Staff Service, AirAsia, Airline, Airasia, Rai International, Getty, Bangkok Airways, Fiji Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Hainan Airlines, China . Delta Air Lines, Airlines, Emirates, Cathay, Air, Swiss International Air Lines, Korean, British Airways, Iberia, Virgin, Lufthansa, Etihad Airways, Saudi, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Garuda, Cathay Pacific Airways, Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Transavia, Vueling Airlines, Ryanair, SKY, JetSMART, Aegean Airlines, Azerbaijan Airlines, Rex Airlines, Azul, Royal Air Maroc, Porter Airlines, . Alaska Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Asiana Airlines, China Airlines, Korean Air Locations: Qatar, London’s, Abu Dhabi, Qatar’s, Tan Pee, Asia, Denpasar, Bali, AFP, India, Australia, Pacific, Eastern, China ., North America, Singapore, Air France, Saudi Arabian, Garuda Indonesia, Transavia France
Sentono had registered for the Hajj in 2018 and traveled to Mecca with his 83-year-old wife and neighbors from the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta, Jumartiyah said. Some 241,000 Indonesian pilgrims were scheduled to make the journey to Mecca this year, according to Indonesian officials – the country’s largest ever quota. Mecca, the holy city that is central for Hajj pilgrims, saw temperatures soar to a record 125 degrees Fahrenheit (51 Celsius) on Monday. “Everybody is affected by deadly heat and sadly I am not surprised by (the Hajj) death toll,” he added. “Spending time outdoors in the extreme Mecca heat is risking death … so I am afraid there will be more deadly Hajj pilgrimages in the future.”
Persons: Heru Jumartiyah, Ngatijo Wongso Sentono, , Sentono, Jumartiyah, , ” Jumartiyah, Pariyem, , CNN ‘, Ahmad, Maximiliano Herrera, ” Herrera Organizations: CNN, Saudi, Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs Locations: Indonesian, Mecca, Indonesia, Mina, Yogyakarta, Hajj, Saudi, Saudi Arabia,
CNN —Saida Wurie said it was her parents’ lifelong dream to participate in Hajj, the religious pilgrimage that brings Muslims from around the world to Saudi Arabia each year. Speaking to CNN’s Whitfield on Saturday, Wurie said she had been in close contact with her parents while they were in Saudi Arabia via a family group chat. As of Saturday, diplomats have not committed to meeting them in person in Saudi Arabia, she said. Mecca, the holy city that is central for Hajj pilgrims, saw temperatures soar to a record-setting 125 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday. Fadel Senna/AFP/Getty ImagesBut CNN has spoken to other Hajj pilgrims who said the preparations weren’t enough, with one describing seeing fellow worshipers lose consciousness and walking past bodies covered in white cloths.
Persons: Saida Wurie, They’d, , , CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield, Wurie, Isatu Tejan, Alieu Dausy, Prince George’s County, CNN’s Whitfield, Arafat, Mount Arafat, Whitfield, Fadel Senna, Mina . Organizations: CNN, Kaiser Permanente, , Saudi Interior Ministry, US Embassy, General’s Office, US State Department, Saudi, Ahram Locations: Hajj, Saudi Arabia, Maryland, Bowie , Maryland, Kaiser, Prince George’s, Mina, Jeddah, Saudi, Mecca, AFP, Egypt, Saudi Arabian
At least 14 Malaysians, 165 Indonesians, 68 Jordanians, 35 Pakistanis, 35 Tunisians, 11 Iranians and 98 Indians have died, according to authorities in each country. According to a CNN tally, this brings the latest official death toll for this year’s pilgrimage to at least 460. The death tolls are expected to rise much further, as Saudi Arabia and Egypt have yet to release official figures. The Bernama report did not specify if the dead were members of the country’s official Hajj delegation. The government is targeting 30 million pilgrims by 2030.
Persons: Mostafa Madbouly, Abdel Fattah el, Mecca Rafiq Maqbool, Mohd Na’im Mokhtar, , Arafat, Prophet Mohammed, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Edward Szekeres, Handi Alkhshali, Aishwarya S Iyer Organizations: CNN, Jordanian Foreign Ministry, Crescent, Saudi, Reuters, Saudi Ministry of Health, Associated Press, AP Malaysia’s, Religious, News Agency, Hajj, India’s Ministry, External Affairs, Saudi General Authority, Statistics Locations: Mecca, Jordanian, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Mina, Saudi
CNN —Cristiano Ronaldo made history by becoming the first player to feature in six European Championships as Portugal came from behind to beat Czech Republic 2-1 in Leipzig at Euro 2024 on Tuesday. The 39-year-old made his tournament debut back in 2004, when host Portugal was beaten by Greece in the final. Despite Portugal dominating proceedings, it was Czech Republic which scored first, courtesy of Lukáš Provod’s fantastic long-range effort in the 62nd minute. Czech Republic goalkeeper Jindřich Staněk failed to deal with a simple cross and parried it against his own defender, with the ball bouncing off Robin Hranáč into the goal. At 41 and 113 days, defender Pepe became the oldest player to feature at a European Championships.
Persons: CNN — Cristiano Ronaldo, Nassr – Ronaldo, Roberto Martinez, Diogo Jota, Ronaldo, Francisco Conceição, Lukáš, Jindřich Staněk, Robin Hranáč, he’s, Ronaldo wasn’t, Pepe Organizations: CNN, Czech, Saudi, European, Georgia Locations: Portugal, Czech Republic, Leipzig, Greece, Europe’s, Saudi Arabian, Germany, Turkey
Read previewAt a recent exhibition in Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia showcased its futuristic vision for its planned Neom megacity. It was part of Saudi Arabia's drive to secure billions in new investment for the project, which is the centerpiece of Saudi ruler Mohammed bin Salman's Vision 2030 strategy. China sees Saudi Arabia as not just a business opportunity but a way of undercutting the influence of its longtime Saudi ally, the US. AdvertisementIn April, Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund-subsidiary Alat signed a deal with Dahua Technology, one of China's most important surveillance technology firms. "The main risk today to Saudi Arabia's tech cooperation with China is the growing China-US tech war.
Persons: , Mohammed bin Salman's, Xi Jinping, Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, Yue Yuewei, Leonard Chan, Robert Mogielnicki, Abdullah Al, Crown Prince Mohammed, Alat, GREG BAKER, Camille Lons, Neom that's, Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia's, Biden Organizations: Service, Business, Saudi, Saudi Crown Prince, Getty, Hong Kong Innovative Technology Development Association, Gulf States Institute, Crown, Public Investment Fund, Dahua Technology, US, European Council, Foreign Relations, Saudi Arabian Crown, New York Times Locations: Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Saudi, Riyadh, Xinhua, China, Washington, Neom, Riyadh Tower, Beijing, Israel
Israeli special forces rescued four hostages in Gaza by posing as displaced Gazans, reports said. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementIsraeli special forces liberated four hostages held by militants in Gaza by disguising themselves as displaced Palestinians, reports said. Two Israeli security sources confirmed to ABC News that Israeli soldiers posed as refugees from Rafah to carry out the rescue mission on Saturday. According to residents interviewed by the Saudi Arabian-owned Asharq news channel, male and female Israeli soldiers impersonated Palestinian refugees from Rafah to infiltrate the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza, per The Times of Israel.
Persons: Organizations: Yamam, Service, ABC News Locations: Gaza, Rafah, Saudi, Israel
Stephen Hiltner/The New York TimesThe sculpted facade of a 2,000-year-old tomb glows in the late-afternoon sun at Hegra, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Camels march through the desert on the outskirts of the Empty Quarter, the world’s largest sand sea. For many years these Saudi Arabian scenes, including the lively open-air markets in Jeddah, were off limits to most travelers. As it undergoes a profound transformation, Saudi Arabia is spending lavishly to lure tourists with its luxe new resorts ...... its rich cultural heritage ...... and its sublime natural beauty. Can the Saudi government persuade would-be visitors to look past — or reconsider — its longstanding associations with religious extremism, ultraconservatism and human rights abuses?
Persons: Stephen Hiltner Organizations: New York Times, UNESCO Locations: Prophet’s, Medina, Saudi, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Yasir Al-Rumayyan, chairman of Saudi Arabian Oil Co. (Aramco), speaks during a news conference in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, on Sunday, Nov. 3, 2019. Crude oil futures rebounded slightly Wednesday but hovered near a four-month low as a decision by OPEC+ to increase production later this year continued to weigh on the market. U.S. crude oil and global benchmark Brent are down more than 4% this week after eight OPEC+ members agreed Sunday to gradually phase out 2.2 million barrels per day in production cuts. OPEC+ won't start increasing production until October, and the global oil balance sheet will tighten beforehand, Patterson said. Here are today's energy prices:"The technicals also suggest that the oil market is entering oversold territory," Patterson told clients in a research note on Wednesday.
Persons: Yasir Al, Rumayyan, Warren Patterson, Patterson, Bob Yawger, Yawger Organizations: Saudi Arabian Oil Co, Aramco, OPEC, Brent, ING, Mizuho Securities Locations: Dammam, Saudi Arabia, .
The detailed plan laid out by OPEC+ over the weekend to increase oil production delivered a "bearish surprise" to a market in which prices were already under downward pressure, according to Goldman Sachs. OPEC+ plan difficult to reverse The OPEC+ members said the production increases are subject to market conditions and could be reversed. Struyven described OPEC's forecast as "very bullish," with Goldman forecasting demand growth of 1.5 million bpd in 2024. Market could deteriorate in 2025 The oil market will remain in balance or in a slight deficit for the time being, according to Ryan McKay, senior commodity strategist at TD Securities. Yet those cuts have failed to limit shale oil production in the U.S., Lipow said.
Persons: Goldman Sachs, Brent, WTI, Daan Struyven, Bob Yawger, Yawger, Helima Croft, Goldman's Struyven, Andrew Lipow, Struyven, Lipow, Ryan McKay, McKay, Daan Organizations: West Texas Intermediate, Goldman, OPEC, Mizuho Securities, CNBC, RBC Capital Markets, Lipow Oil Associates, TD Securities, JPMorgan Locations: OPEC, Saudi Arabia, Russia, U.S, Brazil, Guyana, Norway, Senegal, Persian, Arabian
Saudi state oil giant Aramco commenced its secondary public offering on Sunday as the company looks to raise in the region of $12 billion. At the midpoint of that range, the sale would total around $11.5 billion but could eventually reach up to $13.1 billion. Four more banks were added to the share offering, Reuters reported on Sunday, including Credit Suisse Saudi Arabia and BNP Paribas. The share sale is the company's second, after Aramco first entered public markets in 2019 and offered 1.5% of the company to investors. Aramco is the world's largest oil company in terms of both daily crude production and market cap.
Organizations: Aramco, Saudi Arabian Oil Group, World Petroleum Congress, Saudi, Reuters, Credit Suisse Saudi, BNP Locations: Saudi, Stampede, Calgary, Canada, Credit Suisse Saudi Arabia
Although recent reports suggest the plans have been scaled back, the 2.4km still due to be built will be the largest linear city in existence if it is completed. The Spanish architect Arturo Soria is widely credited with designing the first linear city, "La Ciudad Lineal," in 1882 on the outskirts of Madrid. "Linear cities are an extreme form of urban dispersal — community development and social cohesion still need centrality," Gold told BI. A linear city may not have this capability," explained Lovgreen. In my opinion, linear city schemes are best left as design exercises for third-year architectural students," Gold said.
Persons: , Arturo Soria, Le Corbusier, Mikhail Okhitovich, Mona Lovgreen, Lovgreen, Adhya, Bland, I'm, John Gold Organizations: Service, Business, Lawrence Technological University, Ciudad, Oxford Brookes University Locations: Saudi Arabia, Spanish, Madrid, Swiss, French, Magnitogorsk, Neom, Paris, Portland, Saudi, NEOM, Tabuk Province
Members of media chat before the start of a press conference by Aramco at the Plaza Conference Center in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia November 3, 2019. Saudi Arabian state oil giant Aramco plans to offer a fresh sale of between $10 and $20 billion of its stock as soon as this week, the Wall Street Journal reported late Tuesday, citing individuals with knowledge of the matter. Aramco is the world's largest oil company in terms of both daily oil production and market cap. If the offering goes ahead, it would relieve some financial pressure on the kingdom, at least in the near-term, the Journal reported. Saudi Arabia in May forecast a budget deficit of 79 billion Saudi riyals ($21 billion) for the year, as well as a fiscal deficit in 2025 and 2026.The stock sale could still be delayed or canceled, the Journal reported.
Persons: chalked Organizations: Aramco, Plaza Conference, Wall Street Journal, Public Investment Fund, CNBC, Saudi Locations: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabian, Saudi
So in 2016, Badran set up her own tour company, Wander with Nada, to “show a different side of Dubai” to travelers. Her bespoke private tours are designed to suit the interests of each visitor, but her favorite itinerary is Dubai’s “old town,” a group of small neighborhoods around Dubai Creek where the city began and Badran spent her childhood. Badran leads me through the narrow alleys around the Dubai Old Souk, home to stores run by Indian-origin families. Stores in Old Dubai Souk. “Dubai is about opening your mind,” Badran says, “and embracing this diversity that makes it unique.”
Persons: Nada Badran, Badran, , , Nada, Rebecca Cairns, Al Maktoum, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Al Talli, There’s, , it’s, ” Badran, Al Shindagha, Al, Djamel Boussaa, ” Boussaa, hasn’t, Rashid Haghaght, Al Karama, ” “ Organizations: CNN, , United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Heritage, UNESCO, Al Shindagha, Trading Locations: Florence, Dubai, The, Arabian, “ Dubai, , Rome, Athens, Edinburgh, UAE, Oman, today’s Iraq, Bani Yas, Al Shindagha, Suadna, South, West Asia, Al, Saudi Arabia, Al Fahidi, Jordan, Deira, Isfahan, Old Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Rigga, Souk, Old Dubai Souk, Jebel Ali, Iran, India, China
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