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Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer speaks during the launch of Labour's general election manifesto on June 13, 2024 in Manchester, United Kingdom. LONDON — Britain's left-leaning Labour Party, considered the front-runner in the upcoming national election, on Thursday said it would be "pro-business" and prioritize "wealth creation" as it released its manifesto. "Economic growth and social justice must go hand in hand," Labour leader Keir Starmer said at a launch event in Manchester, England, calling it a "manifesto for wealth creation, a plan to change Britain." Labour policies are "fully costed," Starmer said, adding, "You can't play fast and loose with the public finances." The Conservatives argue Labour lacks a clear plan for the nation and will raise taxes on working families.
Persons: Sir Keir Starmer, Britain's, Keir Starmer, Starmer, Angela Rayner, Rayner Organizations: Labour Party, Labour, National Health Service, Conservative Party Locations: Manchester, United Kingdom, England, Palestinian, Israel
Pa Images | Getty ImagesLONDON — British technology executives and entrepreneurs want the next government to focus on promoting skills around the development and use of artificial intelligence and growth-oriented fiscal measures. Upskilling in an AI ageOne thing U.K. tech executives are pushing for is fostering innovation in artificial intelligence and cultivating citizens' grasp on AI-centric skills — across multiple generations. Last month, dozens of business executives, entrepreneurs, and investors signed an open letter stating their support for Labour in the upcoming election. Leon Neal | Getty Images News | Getty ImagesSignatories included several influential names in the world of U.K. tech: Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, Founders Forum co-founder Jonathan Goodwin, and Atom Bank CEO Mark Mullen. Tech bosses CNBC spoke with found themselves unable to point to specific policies and plans from either of the main political parties.
Persons: Rishi Sunak, Sir Keir Starmer, Keir Starmer, Zahra, Salesforce, Einstein, Astro, Matthew Houlihan, Rachel Reeves, Angela Rayner, Leon Neal, Jimmy Wales, Jonathan Goodwin, Mark Mullen, Sunak, Liz Truss, Jeremy Hunt, Danny Lawson, Rishi Khosla, Khosla Organizations: Conservatives, Labour Party, LONDON, it's, Labour, CNBC, Innovation, Cisco, coy, Centre, Getty, Founders Forum, Atom Bank, BAE Systems, Tech Locations: Downing, Salesforce's, Europe, Purfleet, United Kingdom, Ukraine, British, Barrow, Furness, England
Labour leader Tony Blair arriving in Downing Street after his election victory with crowds waving flags in the background, 2nd May 1997. The more domestically-oriented FTSE 250 has tended to outperform the FTSE 100 following elections, with stronger outperformance following Labour victories, it said. Leon Neal | Getty Images News | Getty ImagesAccording to Capital Economics, the U.K. stock market has faltered on five occasions under past Labour governments. Higgins also observed that the relative performance of U.K. stocks has "generally been underwhelming since 2010," when the Conservatives took office. Three could be attributed to the "unsustainability of fixed exchange rate regimes" between the 1930s and 1970s, one to the Great Financial Crisis, and the fifth to the 1976 Debt Crisis, he said.
Persons: Tony Blair, Jeff, Rishi Sunak, Rachel Reeves, Sir Keir Starmer, Angela Rayner, Leon Neal, John Higgins, Higgins, Labour's, Keir Starmer, Reeves, Venkatakrishnan, Liz Truss, Sunak Organizations: BBC News, Current Affairs, Labour Party, Labour, Conservative Party, Citi, Conservative, Centre, Getty, Capital Economics, Conservatives, Shadow, Economic, Barclays, C.S, CNBC Locations: Downing, Purfleet, United Kingdom, Davos
British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak makes a statement in the rain outside 10 Downing Street, announcing the UK general election will take place on 4 July in London, United Kingdom on May 22, 2024. News of the vote came as a surprise to the public, the media and much of Sunak's own party. 'As good as it gets'Bronwen Maddox, director of Chatham House think tank, said the election date had shocked many Conservatives who thought it would be held nearer to the U.S. election in November. Market bets on an interest rate cut in the summer fell as a result, and it now looks unlikely the central bank will cut on June 20, its last meeting before the election. So if that translates to a general election as well, then that Labour landslide is looking much less certain."
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A few days before Britain’s Conservative Party suffered a stinging setback in local elections on Thursday, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recorded a short video to promote some good news from his government. In the eight-second clip, Mr. Sunak poured milk from a pint bottle into a tall glass, filled with a steaming dark beverage and bearing the scribbled figure of 900 pounds on the side. “Pay day is coming,” Mr. Sunak posted, referring to the savings that an average wage earner would supposedly reap from a cut in mandatory contributions to Britain’s national insurance system. However partisan her jab, loser is a label that Mr. Sunak is finding increasingly hard to shake, even among his members of his own party. In the 18 months since he replaced his failed predecessor, Liz Truss, Mr. Sunak, 43, has lost seven special parliamentary elections and back-to-back local elections.
Persons: Rishi Sunak, ” Mr, Sunak, He’d, Angela Rayner, Liz Truss Organizations: Britain’s Conservative Party, Labour
Britain's Labour Party Leader Keir Starmer arrives with his deputy Angela Rayner ahead of the start of, Britain's Labour Party annual conference in Liverpool, Britain, October 7, 2023. REUTERS/Phil Noble Acquire Licensing RightsLONDON, Oct 7 (Reuters) - Britain's opposition Labour Party is on course to win a landslide victory at a national election expected next year, according to an opinion poll published on Saturday. It predicted a range of 402-437 seats for Labour, and 132-169 seats for the Conservatives. At the last national election in 2019, the Conservatives won 365 seats and Labour 203. The polling, which took place before the Conservatives' annual conference this week, found that in every constituency, the cost-of-living crisis and the state of the National Health Service were the two most important issues to voters.
Persons: Keir Starmer, Angela Rayner, Phil Noble, Rishi Sunak's, Survation, Oliver Dowden, Grant Shapps, Kylie MacLellan, Nick Macfie Organizations: Britain's Labour, Britain's Labour Party, REUTERS, Labour Party, Labour, Conservatives, Observer, Liberal Democrats, National Health Service, Thomson Locations: Liverpool, Britain, England
LONDON, Sept 12 (Reuters) - Britain's opposition Labour Party would repeal recently-introduced legislation that limits workers' rights to strike if it wins an election expected next year, deputy leader Angela Rayner said on Tuesday, pledging to enhance employee protection. Labour's deputy leader Angela Rayner said the new legislation was a "spiteful and bitter attack" on trade unions. "The next Labour Government will ask Parliament to repeal these anti-trade union laws within our first 100 days," she said in a speech at the Trades Union Congress (TUC) annual conference in Liverpool. She said that Labour would also bring forward an Employment Rights Bill in its first 100 days in office. Labour has said that such a bill will legislate for fairer pay, strengthen rights and protections for workers and bolster trade unions' rights.
Persons: Angela Rayner, Alistair Smout, William James Our Organizations: Labour Party, Conservative, Labour Government, Trades Union Congress, TUC, Labour, Thomson Locations: Liverpool
[1/2] Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson walks at the parliament in London, Britain, March 22, 2023. He also took aim at current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. lawmaker Andrea Jenkyns wrote in a Conservative Party WhatsApp group, according to a screenshot shared by a Sky News reporter. Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats opposition party, said Johnson jumped before he was pushed. "He was never fit to be an MP let alone Prime Minister of our great country," Davey said.
Persons: Boris Johnson, Peter Nicholls, Boris Johnson's, Johnson, Rishi Sunak, Rishi, Andrea Jenkyns, Jenkyns, Dame, Boris, John Redwood, Johnson's, Henry Hill, Hill, Nadine Dorries, Angela Rayner, They've, Ed Davey, Davey, Andy Bruce, Mike Harrison, Frances Kerry Organizations: British, REUTERS, Peter Nicholls LONDON, Conservative Party, Labour Party, Conservative, Conservative Party WhatsApp, Sky News, BBC, Sunak's, Liberal Democrats, Thomson Locations: London, Britain, Downing, Brexit
LONDON, June 9 (Reuters) - Boris Johnson awarded his political aides and allies with some of Britain's highest honours to mark his resignation as prime minister, including some who attended parties in government buildings during COVID-19 lockdowns. Martin Reynolds, a senior civil servant and Johnson's former principal private secretary, was given an Order of the Bath award for public service. Labour Party deputy leader Angela Rayner called Johnson's honours list a "sickening insult". A Conservative member of parliament, who asked not to be named, said the list was "deeply embarrassing" and showed Johnson's lack of remorse. The former prime minister also approved honours for Conservative party politicians who have recently been caught in other scandals.
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Parliament's privileges committee - the main disciplinary body for lawmakers - had the power to recommend Johnson be suspended from parliament. Johnson hinted that he could return to politics, declaring he was leaving parliament "for now". The investigation is chaired by a senior Labour Party lawmaker, but the majority of lawmakers on the committee are Conservatives. A spokesperson for the committee said Johnson had "impugned the integrity" of parliament with his resignation statement. Johnson used his resignation statement on Friday to deliver an attack on the premiership of Sunak, whom he partly blames for ending his government.
Persons: Boris Johnson, Johnson, Brexit, britannique Boris Johnson, Peter Nicholls, Rishi Sunak, Nadine Dorries, Angela Rayner, Sunak, David Milliken, Daniel Wallis Organizations: Labour, LONDON, British, Conservative Party, Labour Party, L'ancien, Conservatives, Johnson's, Thomson Locations: Downing, London, Brexit, Britain, à Londres
The inquiry recently requested that it be given access to the private messages of a number of government officials – including Johnson. That request was made to the Cabinet Office, an important government department that supports the PM and the cabinet in nearly all areas of government. On Friday, Johnson went around the Cabinet Office and published a letter in which he agreed to share his personal WhatsApp messages and handwritten notebooks directly with the inquiry. The release of phone messages could be embarrassing for Rishi Sunak and anyone serving in his government who also served under Boris Johnson. The official Cabinet Office position is that it is questioning whether an inquiry should have the legal authority to make such sweeping demands.
Persons: London CNN — Boris Johnson, Johnson, Rishi Sunak, ” Johnson, Boris Johnson, Jeff J Mitchell, Angela Rayner, Sunak, Organizations: London CNN, British, Office, Getty, CNN, Labour Party, Downing, Conservative
LONDON — Britain's Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was fined by police Friday, for failing to wear a seatbelt whilst filming a clip for social media in a moving vehicle. It is also the second fixed penalty notice Sunak has received in less a year. His lack of seatbelt was quickly spotted by eagle-eyed viewers and Lancashire Constabulary said Friday it was fining Sunak. A spokesperson for Sunak described this as a “a brief error of judgment,” according to Reuters. “Of course it shouldn’t have happened,” Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab told British broadcaster Sky News Saturday.
A video of the British Prime Minister speaking to a homeless man at a soup kitchen has gone viral. Sunak responded that he is trying to, and went on to say, "Do you have a... Do you work in a business?" I'm actually a homeless person," the man responded, adding that he is interested in business and the financial industry. "I wouldn't mind, but I don't know, I'd like to get through Christmas first," the man responded. He formerly served as Chancellor of the Exchequer, the government's chief finance minister.
LONDON, Dec 24 (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faced criticism on Saturday for seeming out of touch with ordinary people when he asked a homeless man at a charity whether he "worked in business" and wanted to get into the finance industry. the prime minister asks the man at one point during the conversation, as he hands him a plate of sausages, toast and eggs. The prime minister this week made surprise phone calls to British diplomats and military personnel around the world to give them Christmas wishes, his office said on Friday. His awkward exchange with the homeless man began when the man asks Sunak if he's "sorting the economy out". When the homeless man then says he is interested in business and finance, Sunak replies that he used to work in finance too, before asking: "Is that something you would like to get into?"
[1/2] A general view of the Houses of Parliament at sunrise, in London, Britain, February 9, 2022. REUTERS/Tom NicholsonLONDON, Dec 6 (Reuters) - Britain's main opposition Labour Party won a vote on Tuesday to force the government to release documents on COVID-19 contracts awarded to a firm with links to a Conservative member of parliament's upper house. Labour won the vote after Conservative lawmakers were told by their party they could abstain on the opposition motion which sought to force the publication of documents relating to 200 million pounds ($244 million) of personal protective equipment contracts given to PPE MedPro. Conservative lawmakers said there was no deadline in the motion to force the government's hand quickly. But since then, there has been criticism over the way the contracts were awarded.
Summary Raab asks PM to investigate complaintsMinister claims he never tolerated bullyingOpposition parties question Sunak's judgementLONDON, Nov 16 (Reuters) - British Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab said on Wednesday he has requested an independent investigation into two formal complaints about his behaviour, the latest case of alleged bullying to put pressure on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. In a letter to Sunak, Raab said he had "just been notified" of complaints, both relating to his behaviour when he served under former prime minister Boris Johnson. Sunak defended his deputy this week, saying he did not recognise allegations that Raab had bullied staff. With Sunak travelling from a G20 meeting, Raab instead will face Labour's deputy leader, Angela Rayner. It is not clear who will investigate the allegations against Raab as Sunak has yet to appoint a new independent adviser on ministerial standards.
Summary Williams resigns to comply with inquiryOpposition parties question Sunak's judgementLONDON, Nov 8 (Reuters) - British minister Gavin Williamson resigned on Tuesday from the government over claims that he bullied colleagues, raising questions about Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's judgement just weeks into the job. Sunak became Britain's third prime minister in two months in October, pledging to restore integrity and professionalism to the heart of government following months of turmoil under his predecessors, Liz Truss and Boris Johnson. The opposition Labour Party said Williamson's resignation was a "damning reflection of a weak prime minister". The government and fellow ministers had previously said that Williamson's messages, if true, were not acceptable but that more time was needed to investigate the situation. Reporting by Muvija M and Kate Holton, Editing by Kylie MacLellan and Rosalba O'BrienOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
UK's Sunak stands by minister accused of sending bullying texts
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LONDON, Nov 6 (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is standing by a government minister who has been accused of bullying a colleague, cabinet office minister Oliver Dowden said on Sunday, saying the phone messages in question were sent "in the heat of the moment". I think he now accepts that he shouldn't have done it and he regrets doing so," Dowden told Sky News. "He shouldn't have sent those messages ... But of course the prime minister continues to have confidence in Gavin Williamson." Since being appointed as Britain's third prime minister in two months almost two weeks ago, Sunak has come under pressure for his government appointments, particularly Braverman's reappointment as interior minister.
The wealth of Sunak's family puts him above the previous richest prime minister, who according to the Guineas Book of World Records was Edward Stanley. "Rishi Sunak's words will do nothing to reassure struggling people worried sick about the winter ahead," leader of the pro-EU Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said, calling Sunak "out-of touch". The couple faced criticism and public anger in April over Murthy's "non-domiciled" tax status which meant she did not pay tax in Britain on her earnings abroad. "This is the same Rishi Sunak who as Chancellor failed to grow the economy, failed to get a grip on inflation, and failed to help families with the Tory cost of living crisis," Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner said in statement on Monday. "And it's the same Rishi Sunak whose family avoided paying tax in this country before he put up taxes on everyone else."
London CNN —Former finance minister Rishi Sunak will be the United Kingdom’s next prime minister after seeing off his lone remaining rival in the fast-tracked race to become Conservative party leader on Monday. Sunak is set to replace Liz Truss, who will become the shortest-serving prime minister in UK history. Sunak will become prime minister once he is officially appointed by King Charles III and will be the first prime minister appointed by the new King following the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September. His campaign got a big boost when his former boss and rival, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, withdrew from the race on Sunday night. He criticized Truss’ economic plan which ultimately sparked panic in the financial markets and led to her demise.
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