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AP Photo/Evgeniy Maloletka, FileThe war has shown how effective air defenses can be at denying air superiority, protecting key areas, and threatening high-value aircraft, as well as the costs when capabilities are degraded. Ukraine's air defenses, like its Soviet-era S-300s and US-supplied Patriots, have defeated enemy missile and drone strikes, hindered Russian air operations, and shot down numerous fighter-bombers and other Russian planes. "Ukraine and NATO might reduce risks with a two-prong strategy of strengthening air defenses and boosting infrastructure resilience." Needing more interceptors for the PacificFrom the fights this year, the US can see how it'll need to employ air defenses in a potential showdown with China. Running out of air defenses before the enemy runs out of air threats spells trouble.
Persons: , Bradley Martin, Evgeniy, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Firefighters, Archer Macy, Martin, Shaan Shaikh, We've, Amir Cohen TPX, Shaikh, it's, Andy Wong, Thomas Shugart, Shugart, Joshua Smoot, Heath Collins, Navy Carlos Del Toro, Macy, Mark Wright Organizations: Service, Business, US Navy, Ukraine, AP, Patriots, Institute for, Emergency, Ministry, RAND Corporation, NATO, Western, Central Command, Combat, Navy, RAND, Patriot, US, Missile Defense, Center for Strategic, International Studies, REUTERS, China, Pentagon, Defense, Center, New, Air Force, 37th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron, Andersen Air Force Base, US Air Force, Aegis, Missile Defense Agency, Former Navy, CSIS, Pacific Missile, AP Air Locations: China, Ukraine, Israel, Navy, Russia, Congress, Avdiivka, Kharkiv, Russian, Kyiv, NATO, Yemen, Gulf of Aden, Iran, Red, Screengrab, French, Ashdod, South Korea, Japan, Guam, Beijing, New American, Gen, Kauai, Hawaii
Read previewUS bases and aircraft in the Pacific are facing intense threat from Chinese missiles, and the Pentagon isn't doing enough to counter that challenge, according to American lawmakers. In a Wednesday letter to Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall and Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro, 13 members of Congress pointed out glaring vulnerabilities in the Pacific region and demanded "immediate changes." A U.S. Air Force Rockwell B-1B Lancer (L) and a Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker (R) sit on the tarmac at Andersen Air Force base on August 17, 2017, in Yigo, Guam. Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesIn the letter, lawmakers note that many of the US bases in the Pacific remain unhardened, leaving aircraft and assets vulnerable to missile strikes. Notably, none of the US shelters were in Guam — home to Andersen Air Force Base which routinely hosts American bombers.
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American warships and bases in the Pacific are within reach of an increasingly worrying threat, a missile force unlike anything the US has faced in combat. With these missiles, China is signaling that it could attack US bases and ships in the region with little to no warning, Clark said. TK Department of DefenseThere's a lot more to the Chinese Rocket Force than these weapons, though. AdvertisementThat said, the US and its allies can't afford to assume the Rocket Force won't be ready should conflict come. In other words, how the US prepares itself and adapts to the Chinese Rocket Force gives it the best shot at avoiding a fight altogether.
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The aircraft, shaped like a dart and painted black, was a D-21 supersonic reconnaissance drone. Ultimately unsuccessful, the drone would be relegated to the annals of aviation history if not for the appearance of a strikingly similar Chinese drone unveiled at a recent military parade. AdvertisementThis is what we know about the high-flying Chinese spy drone and the D-21 upon which it could be based. High altitude, high speedLockheed's solution was to create an unmanned high-altitude high-speed reconnaissance aircraft with similar capabilities as the A-12, but much smaller. A WZ-8 reconnaissance drone is on display at the 13th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition on September 28, 2021 in Zhuhai, China.
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So the castaways gathered palm fronds from the 31-acre island, arranged them to spell out “HELP” on the beach, and waited, according to a Coast Guard statement. The names of the stranded men have not been released by the Coast Guard, and CNN attempts to contact their relatives have not gotten replies. When the Coast Guard cutter Oliver Henry reached Pikelot on April 9, the story took another twist. “He couldn’t believe I’m with the Coast Guard trying to rescue them.”The man was a third cousin, the others fourth cousins, he said. “It could be coincidence,” said Chief Warrant Officer Sara Muir, public affairs officer for US Coast Guard Forces Micronesia.
Persons: Sgt, Richard Ebensberger, Chelsea Garcia, ” Garcia, Oliver Henry, Eugene Halishlius, Halishlius, ” Halishlius, , Sara Muir Organizations: CNN, US Navy, Coast Guard, US Coast Guard, Guard, Hawaii Air National Guard, Federated, Kadena Air Base, Navy, Coast Guard HC, Air, Coast, US Coast Guard Forces Micronesia, US Air Force, Andersen Air Force Base, Australian Locations: Micronesia, Pikelot, Guam, Polowat, Federated States, Pacific, Philippines, Hawaii, Okinawa, Japan
Because in a quirk of geography and history, Hawaii is not technically covered by the NATO pact. Mengshin Lin/AP“People tend to assume Hawaii is part of the US and therefore it’s covered by NATO,” he says. The exception is spelled out in the Washington Treaty, the document that established NATO in 1949, a decade before Hawaii became a state. It also says any island territories must be in the North Atlantic, north of the Tropic of Cancer. Hawaii, Guam, Taiwan and North KoreaSome experts say times have changed in the decades since the Washington Treaty was signed – and argue today’s political situation in the Indo-Pacific might require a rethink.
Persons: , , David Santoro, Mengshin Lin, ” Santoro, , China’s, Xi Jinping, , Joe Biden, John Hemmings, ” Hemmings, Hemmings, Forum’s Santoro, Amy Picard, Luis Simon, Simon, ” Simon Organizations: CNN, NATO, Hawaii, Pacific Command, Atlantic Treaty Organization, Aloha, Pacific Forum, Sailors, USS Arizona Memorial, USS, 82nd, Treaty Organization, Washington Treaty, Tropic, Cancer, US State Department, United, Argentine, South Atlantic, Communist Party, Taiwan Relations, White, Center, New, New American Security, Foreign, USS Arizona . US Navy, Interim, Andersen Air Force Base, Korean, . Air Force, 23rd Expeditionary Bomb Squadron, Force, . Air Force ‘ Coalition, Research Centre, Security, Brussels School, Governance, NATO Command, Union Locations: Sweden, United States, Hawaii, Pearl, Honolulu, USS Arizona, Pearl Harbor, Honolulu , Hawaii, California , Colorado, Alaska, North America, Washington, Europe, Argentina, Falkland, British, South, Guam, Taiwan, North Korea, New American, China, Beijing, Oahu, USS West Virginia, USS Tennessee, France, Nazi Germany, Japan, Italy, Korean, Soviet Union, Belgium, Ukraine
North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un meets with members of the Non-Standing Satellite Launch Preparation Committee, in this picture released by the Korean Central News Agency on November 24, 2023. KCNA via REUTERS Acquire Licensing RightsSEOUL, Nov 28 (Reuters) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un received photos of the White House, Pentagon and U.S. aircraft carriers in the naval base of Norfolk, taken by its recently launched spy satellite, state media KCNA said on Tuesday. North Korea last week successfully launched its first reconnaissance satellite, which it has said was designed to monitor U.S. and South Korean military movements. The photos were the latest in a series of images of what KCNA described as "major target regions" sent by the satellite, including the South Korean capital of Seoul and U.S. military bases. Seoul officials have said the North's satellite capabilities could not be verified as it has not released the photos.
Persons: Kim Jong, KCNA, Kim, Hyonhee Shin, Chris Reese, Sandra Maler Organizations: Korean Central News Agency, KCNA, REUTERS Acquire, Rights, White House, Pentagon, U.S, ., Andersen Air Force Base, U.S ., Thomson Locations: Rights SEOUL, Norfolk, Korea, Korean, Seoul, U.S, U.S . Western, Guam, Newport, British, United States, South Korea
On Tuesday North Korean state media said leader Kim Jong Un had reviewed spy satellite photos of the White House, Pentagon and U.S. aircraft carriers at the naval base of Norfolk. North Korea last week successfully launched its first reconnaissance satellite, which it has said was designed to monitor U.S. and South Korean military movements. Since then state media has reported the satellite photographed cities and military bases in South Korea, Guam, and Italy, in addition to the U.S. capital. Commercial imagery of those cities on Nov. 27, the day North Korea says it captured its photographs, was not immediately available. The United States and South Korea have condemned the satellite launch as a violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions banning any use of ballistic technology.
Persons: Josh Smith, Hyonhee Shin, Kim Jong Un, Chad O'Carroll, Dave Schmerler, James Martin, Schmerler, Jeffrey Lewis, Kim, KCNA, Hyonhee ShinEditing, Chris Reese, Sandra Maler, Gerry Doyle Organizations: Tuesday North, White House, Pentagon, U.S, NK News, Falcon, James, James Martin Center, Nonproliferation Studies, Andersen Air Force Base, U.S . Locations: Hyonhee Shin SEOUL, North Korea, Norfolk . North Korea, Korean, South Korea, Guam, Italy, Pyongyang, Seoul, U.S, U.S . Western, Norfolk, Newport, British, Korea, United States
North Korea said it placed its first spy satellite in orbit on Tuesday. South Korea's military said North Korea's military reconnaissance satellite was believed to have entered orbit, but it would take time to assess whether it was operating normally. Critics have said the pact weakened South Korea's ability to monitor the North's near the border while North Korea had violated the agreement. South Korea said it was suspending a clause in the agreement and resuming aerial surveillance near the border. North Korea had notified Japan of a satellite launch after two failed attempts to put what it called spy satellites into orbit this year.
Persons: Kim, Kim Jong Un, KCNA, Adrienne Watson, Jonathan McDowell, Shin Won, sik, Kim Jong, Shin, Yoon Suk Yeol, Yoon, Moon Jae, Critics, Carl Vinson, U.N, Antonio Guterres, Vladimir Putin, Hong Min, Hyunsu Yim, hyang Choi, Josh Smith, Hyonhee Shin, Joyce Lee, Liz Lee, Satoshi Sugiyama, Ed Davies, Jack Kim, Gerry Doyle, Alex Richardson, Kim Coghill Organizations: Reuters, KCNA, REUTERS Acquire, North, ., U.S, Andersen Air Force Base, Pentagon, . National Security, Harvard – Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, U.S . Space Force, South Korea's Defence, National Security, South Korean, Korea's Defence, Korea Institute for National Unification, South, U.S ., Thomson Locations: North Gyeongsang Province, North Korea, Korea, South Korea, SEOUL, United States, . North Korea, Pyongyang, Pacific, Guam, U.S, South, Britain, North, Santa Fe, Korean, Japan, China, North Korea's, RUSSIA, Russian, Russia, Minwoo, Seoul, Beijing, Tokyo
The war in Ukraine has highlighted how hard air operations are in a large conventional conflict. The US Air Force is already training to keep its drones flying by spreading out and using new tech. In response to that challenge, the Air Force is training to disperse its forces and make targeting harder for enemies. For the US Air Force, fighter pilots have long been that dominant influence. Of 22 Air Force chiefs of staff, the service's highest-ranking uniformed officer, 17 have come from the fighter/attack communities.
Persons: , Phil Speck, Doniell, Antonio Salfran, Christa Anderson, Stavros Atlamazoglou Organizations: US Air Force, Service, US Air National Guard, Air Force, Cannon Air Force Base, Holloman Air Force Base, Combat Employment, Andersen Air Force Base, Pentagon, Hellenic Army, 575th Marine Battalion, Army, Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins School, International Studies, Boston College Law School Locations: Ukraine, China, Russia, Wyoming, New Mexico, Europe, Guam, East, Africa
The US Air Force sees all those qualities as vital for success in a war in the Pacific region. US Air Force/Air Force AssociationThe design blends the wings and the fuselage, "decreasing aerodynamic drag by at least 30% and providing additional lift," the Air Force said in a release. A US Air Force flight engineer guides an R-11 Refueler next to a C-5M cargo plane at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware in March. A C-130 Hercules lands at Northwest Field, next to Andersen Air Force Base on Guam in February 2010. JetZero has already unveiled a Blended Wing design that the company says will provide a midmarket commercial airliner that's more efficient than the planes it seeks to replace.
Persons: Frank Kendall, Kendall, Air and Space Forces Association . Chaudhary, O'Leary, Tom O'Leary, JetZero, Marco Gomez, Ravi Chaudhary, we've, Tom Jones, Albert Miller, Andrew G, Miller, Jones, Chaudhary, Kathleen Hicks Organizations: Pentagon, US Air Force, Service, Air Force, Air and Space Forces Association ., Air Force Association, The Air Force, Dover Air Force Base, Staff, Northrop Grumman, China's, Air Mobility Command, Northwest Field, Andersen Air Force Base, Refueling, KC, Air Force's, Department Locations: Pacific, Wall, Silicon, China, Delaware, Guam
US Air Force B-2 stealth bombers have returned to Keflavik in Iceland for the first time since 2021. It's the first deployment since B-2 bombers resumed flying after a five-month safety stand down. The deployment is the first one since the stealth bomber fleet returned to normal operations on May 22, 2023, after a five-month safety stand down following the incident in December last year. Two pilots approach a B-2 during Bomber Task Force 24-4 in Keflavik on August 15. A crew chief prepares to marshal a B-2 during Bomber Task Force 24-4 in Keflavik on August 15.
Persons: Heather Salazar, James Hecker, Andrew Kousgaard, Col Kousgaard, Diego Garcia, Northrop Grumman Organizations: US Air Force, Keflavik, Service, 509th Bomb, Whiteman Air Force Base, Whiteman, Alliance ., Bomber, Tech, RAF Fairford, Force, Naval Air Station Keflavik, US Air Forces, US Air Forces Africa, NATO Allied Command, 393rd Bomb Squadron, Whiteman AFB, Libya Air, Allied Force, ISIS, Lajes, Andersen Air Force Base, Raider, US Air Force's, Northrop Locations: Iceland, Wall, Silicon, Missouri, Keflavik, Mississippi, Europe, U.S, Korean, Libya, Serbia, Fairford, Azores, Portugal, Guam, Ocean Territory
Suspected Chinese malware has been identified in several US military systems. US officials told the Times that investigations into Chinese malware had been underway for several months and that the malicious code had infiltrated US military systems across the country and abroad. Previous cyberattacks typically aimed to surveil US operations, experts told the Times. "China is steadfast and determined to penetrate our governments, our companies, our critical infrastructure," the deputy director of the National Security Agency, George Barnes, said at the Intelligence and National Security Summit earlier this month. Now, experts say this new wave of malicious code has the ability to disrupt US military and civilian operations.
Persons: George Barnes, Rob Joyce, cybersecurity, Antony Blinken, Adam Hodge, Biden Organizations: Service, The New York Times, Microsoft, Andersen Air Force Base, Times, National Security Agency, Intelligence and National Security, NSA, CNN, State Department, House, National Security Locations: China, Wall, Silicon, The, Guam, United States
The America That Americans Forget
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Each base is under the control of a different commander, who sets different regulations on who can come inside and how. During my time on the island, I visited all of the large bases run by different branches or subservices — Andersen Air Force Base, Naval Base Guam and Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz. Leevin T. Camacho, Guam’s outgoing attorney general, took me through Andersen Air Force Base to visit his family’s land. Naval Base Guam was significantly easier to get onto, paradoxically because unescorted visitors were not allowed at all. “I’m not ashamed to say I think of it once in a while,” Roy had told me.
Persons: , Blaz, T, Camacho, Andersen, muttered, Roy, “ I’m, ” Roy, , Organizations: — Andersen Air Force Base, Naval Base, Marine Corps Base, Army, Air Force, Guam National Armed Guard, Andersen Air Force Base, Naval Base Guam Locations: Guam, Naval Base Guam, United States, Korean
For the Air Force, a key part of the plan is to spread jets and airmen across bases in the Pacific. The problem is that the Air Force would need a logistical system that could sustain numerous bases across a wide area. US, Australian, Japanese, and other militaries' aircraft taxi in formation at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam in February 2022. Civil engineer airmen conduct rapid airfield damage repair on Northwest Field at Andersen Air Force Base in October 2019. Air Force officials have acknowledged the complexity of defending dispersed forces.
Chinese H-6K bomber patrolling over islands and reefs in the South China Sea. "Probably, the fighter aircraft [was] deployed from the bases on the artificial islands in the Spratly Islands to support simulated strikes in the South China Sea. "The early warning aircraft can help monitor potential threats in the air, most notably enemy fighter aircraft that may try to shoot down the bomber. The early warning aircraft can also help coordinate activities among the different planes. Although the drill showed the enhanced ability of the Chinese air force, the bomber's capability boosted the threat already posed to US military forces by only a little, Heath said.
US Air Force MQ-9 Reaper drones deployed to Greece during the final weeks of 2022. Operating from Larissa air base, the drones will keep an eye NATO's borders in southeastern Europe. The deployment comes as NATO grapples with the war in Ukraine and with tensions between Turkey and Greece. Predator in the skiesUS Air Force airmen do pre-flight checks on an MQ-9 at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam in May. A US Air Force F-15C at Larissa Air Base in May 2021.
SYDNEY, Oct 31 (Reuters) - The United States is planning to deploy up to six nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to an air base in northern Australia, the Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC) reported on Monday, amid heightened tensions with Beijing. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said Australia engages with the United States on defence alliances "from time to time." Australia's Northern Territory is already host to frequent military collaborations with the United States. Last year, the United States, Britain and Australia created a security deal that will provide Australia with the technology to deploy nuclear-powered submarines, riling China. This year, the U.S. deployed four B-52s to its Andersen Air Force base in Guam.
SYDNEY, Oct 31 (Reuters) - The United States is planning to deploy up to six nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to an air base in northern Australia, a source familiar with the matter said on Monday, amid heightened tensions with Beijing. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said Australia engages with the United States on defence alliances "from time to time." Australia's Northern Territory is already host to frequent military collaborations with the United States. Last year, the United States, Britain and Australia created a security deal that will provide Australia with the technology to deploy nuclear-powered submarines, riling China. This year, the U.S. deployed four B-52s to its Andersen Air Force base in Guam.
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