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CNN —The US men’s soccer team suffered a brutal return to Olympic action as it was beaten 3-0 by host nation France in its opening match of the Paris Games on Wednesday. The soccer tournament at this year’s Olympics kicked off two days before the Opening Ceremony, with teams consisting predominantly of under-23 players. Playing in its first Olympic Games since 2008, the young US men’s team knew an opening match against the host would be a tough test but, for the first hour at least, it looked more than capable of causing an upset. It will then play Guinea in the final group match on July 30. Meanwhile, Spain beat Uzbekistan 2-1, while Japan thrashed Paraguay 5-0 in some of the other standout scores of the soccer tournament so far.
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When the white Gen X child turned 27 in 2005, they could expect to make more than $34,000. But Mr. Cain did have a strong community — which he said taught him entrepreneurship and showed him he could dream big. Mr. Cain, 35, got a two-year degree in business management and first worked as a bank teller and financial adviser. At the same time, white millennials born to poor parents had a harder time than their white Gen X counterparts. Unlike Mr. Cain, Mr. Brown did not have a strong sense of community, as he bounced between his mother, his father and his grandparents.
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In his primetime Oval Office address on Wednesday, Biden ceded the political stage to Kamala Harris, ushering in an unusual period heading into the election where the vice president, not the president, will lead their party. It’s been the honor of my life to serve as your president,” Biden said. “But … the defense of democracy, which is a stake, I think (is) more important than any title,” Biden said. One of the most significant implications of Biden’s decision is that he’s now putting his entire political legacy in someone else’s hands. But if Harris prevails over Trump, Biden’s actions and thinking spelled out in Wednesday’s address will be more likely to be remembered in his own terms — as a selfless political move motivated by deep patriotism.
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Ford thinks bigger is not always better
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CEO Jim Farley told investors in an earnings call on Wednesday that when it comes to EVs, bigger is not always better — and said that the company's future would depend on its ability to build smaller, cheaper electric vehicles. Advertisement"In ICE [Internal Combustion Engine], a business we've been in for 120 years, the bigger the vehicle, the higher the margin," Farley said. The company continues to lose money on its electric vehicle business amid an industry-wide slowdown in demand for EVs. Ford has quietly created a secretive "skunkworks" team, reportedly based in California, to build this new platform. "We have to start to get back in love with smaller vehicles.
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Klaus Vedfelt | Getty ImagesFor most retirees, Social Security benefits is a major source of income. In 2024, almost 68 million Americans will receive a per month Social Security benefit, totaling about $1.5 trillion in benefits paid during the year. How to get your Social Security benefit estimateTo help workers of all ages gauge their benefits, the Social Security Administration provides detailed statements. "The closer someone is to age 62, the more accurate it is," said Jim Blair, vice president of Premier Social Security Consulting and a former Social Security administrator. What to watch out forOne important reason to check Social Security benefit statements is to make sure there are not any errors in your earnings history.
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CNN —First lady Jill Biden watched on Wednesday night as President Joe Biden told the American people it was time to “pass the torch” on his political career. Then she got on a plane, flying nearly 4,000 miles to Paris, where another torch was being passed. Jill Biden is arriving in Paris at a monumental time for her husband’s presidency. That unity will be on display at the Olympic Games, a rare moment in intensely polarized times. In one tangible signal of how plans for the Paris trip changed since the president’s decision to drop his reelection bid, Jill Biden had been scheduled to headline a fundraiser for Americans living abroad in Paris.
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Then he had an idea: He could look for extra work to boost his income and professional skills. AdvertisementPatrick, who's 34 and based in California, made nearly $200,000 last year secretly working two full-time remote jobs and doing additional freelance work on the side. While some companies may be OK with their employees taking on extra work, doing so without approval could have consequences. Then, in 2022, Patrick started a second full-time remote job while retaining three freelance clients. He said his freelance work has turned into a full-fledged business — he established an LLC last December.
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Up until now, Harris has been defined by working for President Joe Biden, arguably the most explicitly pro-Israel American president, even though his relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu has frayed. “President Biden brought to the White House a lifelong relationship with Bibi Netanyahu and a very mature history on the US-Israel relationship,” Murphy said. “The vice president has been a strong and longstanding supporter of Israel as a secure, democratic homeland for the Jewish people. “One can criticize specific policies of the government of Israel while still strongly supporting the state of Israel and the people of Israel. Soifer said she is satisfied that Harris remains committed to Israel — even after being read the indirect answer about whether the vice president considers herself a Zionist.
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“I’m, like, a smart person,” he boasted on one occasion. “I went to an Ivy League college, I was a nice student,” he said on another. On the left, people think emphasizing intellect and elite schools betrays unfair advantage in a multiple-intelligences, equitable-outcome world. On the right, your average MAGA Joe bristles at anyone who comes across as a coastal elite or too smart for his own good. In MAGA world, glorified ignorance actually serves as a qualification for higher office (see: Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene), empowering more effective rage against “the liberal elite” and “the ruling class.”
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He's not doing all this out of the kindness of his heart; he's doing it because he wants the credit-card rewards. In a recent poll from Ipsos, 71% of Americans surveyed said they had some sort of rewards, points, or cash-back card, and 80% of those with such a card said they valued their rewards. But maybe we love our credit-card rewards too much, to the point that it's making us act in less-than-ideal ways toward those we hold near and dear. But credit-card rewards are, indeed, making things uncomfortable. I recently booked a fight with a friend who remarked she'd gotten some $300 in travel credit from her rewards card.
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Grace, a 29-year-old publicist in New York, has regularly used a slew of dating apps for more than four years, with little luck. Among millions, a consensus is forming: Dating apps suck so bad that they might even be deliberately keeping us from finding love. In Tokyo, the city government is even releasing its own dating app, part of a campaign called Tokyo Futari Story ("futari" means couple). Bouke de Vries, an associate professor of philosophy at Ghent University in Belgium who's studied dating apps, argues that state-run dating apps are at least in theory better positioned to help people find partners without spending too much money or time in the process. Last year, Japan's most popular dating app, the Match Group-owned Pairs, began collaborating with several prefectures and cities.
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Gen Z is earning a reputation as the sober-curious generation that prioritizes their health, well-being, and authenticity when finding a partner. Ryan Mairs, 28, is a "Zillennial" on the cusp between millennials and Gen Z and has noticed the shift. Gen Z are drink less regularly than millennials, according to Statista data. AdvertisementA recent survey by found that 65% of millennial and Gen Z respondents said they would prefer a "dry" first date. She's the founder of the sober dating platform Club Pillar, launching this summer.
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Read previewImmigration isn't taking jobs away from Americans — and it's actually great for the US economy, according to Nobel laureate Paul Krugman. The unemployment rate among native-born workers remains near a historical low US Bureau of Labor Statistics/Federal ReserveThe labor force participation rate among native-born workers has been on the decline, but among prime-age native-born workers, the labor force participation rate has actually been rising, Fed data shows. Advertisement"So the near stagnation of native-born employment isn't a demand-side issue, in which people aren't working because they can't find jobs. If we didn't have the immigrants, we wouldn't have the jobs," Krugman wrote. AdvertisementOther economists and strategists on Wall Street have said immigration could end up being a big boost to the economy.
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Read previewAmerican consumers have been frustrated by high prices over past years, but there's some good news: wages have outpaced inflation since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since 2020, average hourly wages for most US workers have risen faster than the consumer price index, meaning income has maintained its purchasing power against rising prices. While wage gains have outpaced inflation, it can be difficult for consumers to feel the growth, and plenty of people still miss the "good old days" of lower prices. Since spring 2023, year-over-year wage growth for production and nonsupervisory workers has consistently been above inflation. While US consumers adjust to higher prices, strong wage growth should help ease affordability concerns, Krugman wrote.
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Meanwhile, Bastian traveled to Paris for the Olympics, accordingly, where Delta is a sponsor of the US Olympic Team. Ed remains fully engaged with senior operations leaders.”Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian traveled to Paris Wednesday for the start of the Olympics later this week as the airline works to recover from a five-day service meltdown. Jeenah Moon/Bloomberg/Getty Images/FileBastian flew to Paris on a Delta commercial flight, not a private jet, the airline said. As the official airline of the US Olympic Team, the company is flying athletes, coaches and other support staff to Paris. “Unless you’re going to the Olympics, people aren’t going to Paris… very few are,” Bastian told CNBC.
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New York CNN —Conn’s HomePlus, a 134-year-old furniture and electronics retailer with locations primarily in the southern United States, has filed for bankruptcy and is closing nearly half of its 170 stores. The 73 Conn’s HomePlus stores closing are listed on its website. Other states where stores are closing include Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina and Virginia. Badcock, another home goods retailer that operates in the southeast US under the “Badcock Home Furniture & more” name. That purchase increased the company’s total retail footprint to more than 500 stores among the two brands, however 35 Badcock stores are also closing.
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The 2024 men’s Olympic basketball tournament at the Paris Games is overflowing with star power — and not just from Team USA. Even South Sudan, the lowest-ranked team in the tournament, proved its mettle by nearly upsetting Team USA in a tune-up matchup last weekend. White was a member of the 2019 FIBA World Cup team, while Edwards and Haliburton made their debuts at the 2023 FIBA World Cup. Twenty-seven of the 30 NBA teams will have at least one player participating in this tournament. Can Team USA do it again in 2024?
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It’s just a decisive move toward America First on foreign policy.”Trump’s selection of Vance is one of the clearest barometers of the former president’s tightening hold over the GOP. Those included Christian conservatives, the business community, congressional insiders and traditional Republican foreign policy hawks shaped by Ronald Reagan’s vision of the US as the muscular leader of the free world. Instead, with Vance, Trump chose an acolyte and potential successor who could deepen and extend the direction the former president has set for the party. Vance has been most unequivocal in criticizing the internationalist approach to foreign policy centered on robust alliances. With the selection of Vance, Trump has broadcast his belief that he has conclusively won the internal GOP debate over all aspects of US interactions with the world – foreign policy, immigration and trade.
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investments might be three times as large as expected returns, while another analyst, in several assessments published by Sequoia Capital, calculated that investments in A.I. (He called this “A.I.’s $600 billion question” and warned of “investment incineration.”) In a similarly bearish Goldman Sachs report, the firm’s head of global equity research estimated that the cost of A.I. “Replacing low-wage jobs with tremendously costly technology is basically the polar opposite of the prior technology transitions I’ve witnessed,” he noted. expenditure, more than the United States spends annually on its military, and think: What exactly is that money going toward? slop”: often uncanny, frequently misleading material, now flooding web browsers and social-media platforms like spam in old inboxes.
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President Biden delivered remarks from the Oval Office on Wednesday on his decision to abandon his bid for re-election. The following is a transcript of his speech, as recorded by The New York Times. My fellow Americans, I’m speaking to you tonight from behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. In this sacred space, I’m surrounded by portraits of extraordinary American presidents. But in the defense of democracy, which is at stake, I think it’s more important than any title.
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Recent polling suggests nearly 9 in 10 Americans believe Mr. Biden’s decision to step aside was the right one. 65 called Mr. Biden’s withdrawal a coup or said it amounted to election interference. These statements have tended to argue that Mr. Biden’s decision to end his candidacy was not his own, was not democratic or both. Some of this language began to bubble up among Republicans even before Mr. Biden announced that he would drop out. One common line of attack, positing that Ms. Harris failed as a “border czar,” is misleading.
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Tamil Nadu, the South Indian state where her mother’s family is from, is one of India’s largest growers of coconut palms. It’s also the kind of thing an Indian parent might say. Ms. Harris, the vice president and Democratic candidate for president, neither advertises nor shies away from her Indian heritage. Last year, Ms. Harris spoke of her deep personal connection to India at a luncheon in Washington for Narendra Modi, the Indian prime minister, whom the United States has been courting. Her introduction to the concepts of equality, freedom and democracy came from her Indian grandfather, Ms. Harris said, with whom she went on long walks during her visits to Chennai.
Persons: Kamala Harris, Harris, It’s, Narendra Modi Organizations: Indian, Democratic Locations: Tamil Nadu, India, Washington, United States, Chennai
Jacob applied to Toulouse Business School and received an interview within two days. She had graduated cum laude from high school and had a good chance of getting into colleges in California, Jennifer said. AdvertisementBut Phoebe already had a taste of the European college experience. AdvertisementAccording to U.S. News & World Report, tuition fees at private universities have increased by 40% from 2004 to 2024, while in-state tuition fees for public universities have risen by about 38% over the same time period, adjusted for inflation. Multiple benefits to studying abroadFor the Zeidberg family, the lower tuition fees in Europe were an added bonus.
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That’s the sound of a wave of young pop artists powering Vice President Kamala Harris on TikTok. While Roan has not yet endorsed a candidate in the race for the White House, galvanizing her fans through her music may pay off for the Harris campaign. In other words, Charli XCX could be more influential in the 2024 election than George Clooney or Barbra Streisand (both of whom have also endorsed Harris). While Harris’ TikTok page has 1.1 million followers, Trump, who joined TikTok in June, garnered 3 million followers in his first day on the social media platform. He now boasts 9.1 million followers.
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Forgoing travel insurance can leave you dealing with an unexpected, costly emergency. The biggest of these fees is foreign transaction fees, which typically tack on around 3% on every purchase made outside the United States. On the flipside of that, buying travel medical insurance ahead of time can ensure you get the care you need without ruining your finances. Not investing in a broad travel insurance policyOther inclusions in a travel insurance plan can prove crucial. Get Travel Insurance Quotes Find affordable travel insurance policies with SquareMouth.
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