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A Congressman is urging Elon Musk to give SpaceX Starshield access to US forces in Taiwan. AdvertisementElon Musk is facing pressure to provide SpaceX's Starshield satellite network to US defense personnel in Taiwan, according to Forbes. However, the outlet described a "group of US lawmakers" were involved in the calls for Musk to provide satellite access to US defense forces in Taiwan. The letter then called on Musk to brief the select panel regarding Starshield's capabilities in Taiwan by March 8, Forbes reported. The request could present challenges for Musk, who has considerable business ties in China, where Tesla has a significant manufacturing presence.
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But the double whammy of housing plus childcare costs doesn't hit all parents — just parents of very young kids. However, after-school programs or an afternoon babysitter are typically a fraction of the cost of full-time day care.) I propose we call them: DIPS, or Double Income, Public School. For example, Massachusetts has the highest average childcare costs, where day care for an infant is $24,472. I'm stuck in between — one kid in public school and a younger one still in day care.
Persons: , Alcynna Lloyd, Lloyd, Zillow, it's, I'm, Rich, Stanley, you'll, they'll, POLK Organizations: Service, Business, Public School, Kids, Nationwide Locations: Los Angeles, San Diego, California, Massachusetts, Iowa, In Massachusetts
Road trips are the ultimate symbol of freedom, discovery, and the boundless beauty of the US. As a travel expert, I believe these three incredible routes are the best if you're looking to go on an amazing road trip experience with your own family. AdvertisementTake a road trip through ArizonaFrom majestic mountains to captivating canyons, Arizona's glorious scenery cannot be fully realized by visiting just one destination. For a rush of adrenaline, set out on a whitewater rafting excursion with companies like Advantage Grand Canyon. Families can also take a boat cruise on Lake Powell and visit the Glen Canyon Dam.
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Historical epic "Oppenheimer" picked up more prizes on Saturday at Hollywood's Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, bolstering the movie's chances to score the best picture trophy at next month's Oscars. Cillian Murphy, who played scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, won best movie actor, and co-star Robert Downey Jr. best supporting actor. HBO's "Succession" secured best TV drama cast for its final season about the battle for control of a family's media dynasty. Elizabeth Debicki, who played Princess Diana in Netflix series "The Crown," won best TV drama actress. "The Last of Us" star Pedro Pascal was named best actor in a TV drama and appeared stunned when he walked on stage.
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If China EV Inc. were allowed to enter the US today or next year, the legacies would be gutted." The year Musk tittered at the idea of Chinese EVs overtaking Tesla, the country produced only 5,000 electric cars. It has more trade barrier protection from a China Auto Inc. onslaught, but it may not work forever. AdvertisementWe want to maintain an auto industry in the US — that's essential for jobs, national security, and for other sectors of the economy. Sure, Chinese EV makers are lean and mean, but they've never had to deal with international markets before.
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AdvertisementTake a spin around the internet, and it's clear that I'm not the only one with some questions about framing. For preservation purposes, framers will suggest acid-free, lignin-free materials so the art won't get damaged, which adds to the cost. "Glass is incredibly expensive, and part of it is because it's made specifically for picture framing. The day after I spoke with a manager at a midsize framing shop in Brooklyn, I followed up to ask about general price ranges on moldings and mats. How much did the thing you want to frame cost?
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(Photo by Alexey Kudenko - Host Photo Agency via Getty Images)Western nations should be bolder about confiscating Russian assets which they froze after the country's full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said. "We must be bolder in hitting the Russian war economy .... And we must be bolder in seizing the hundreds of billions of frozen Russian assets," he said . Last month British Investment Minister Dominic Johnson met U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo to discuss the seizure of frozen Russian assets, but stressed this needed to be done in accordance with international law. The European Union, U.S., Japan and Canada froze some $300 billion of Russian central bank assets in 2022 when Russia invaded Ukraine. Sunak also urged the U.S. to continue to provide financial and military support for Ukraine.
Persons: Alexey Kudenko, Rishi Sunak, Sunak, Dominic Johnson, Wally Adeyemo Organizations: Red, Getty Images, British, Sunday Times, U.S, European Union, Ukraine Locations: MOSCOW, RUSSIA, Moscow, Russia, Soviet Union, Ukraine, U.S, Japan, Canada, Russian
Editor’s Note: Sign up for Unlocking the World, CNN Travel’s weekly newsletter. CNN —In travel news this week: trending flight routes around the world, the latest on Qantas’ record-breaking Project Sunrise, plus the Americans leaving the States behind for new lives overseas. She’s one of a number of influencers who’s struck a chord with people who love the fairytale fantasy of starting over with a new, better life. However, for the brave souls who take the plunge, things don’t always run smoothly or according to plan. But right now Death Valley National Park – the driest place in the country – is offering visitors a rare kayaking opportunity in a temporary lake in Badwater Basin.
Persons: , , Kacie Rose Burns, who’s, skywatchers, you’re, Olivia, Noah, ” Expedia, there’s, There’s, Malcolm Park Organizations: CNN, Qantas, Expedia Group, Chicago, , Alaska Airlines, Ski Locations: America, United States, Italy, Chicago, Bahamas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Badwater Basin, North America, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Asia, Perth, Bali, Tampa, Toronto, Nevada, Australia, Sydney, New York, London, Montchavin, France
Former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii claimed not to know that attendees could choose her in a poll to pick Trump’s potential running mate, while South Dakota Gov. The jockeying to become Trump’s vice presidential pick, playing out behind the scenes for weeks if not longer, spilled into the open at this week’s CPAC, the country’s annual gathering of conservatives. The various approaches to campaigning for the job were on full display inside CPAC, and it’s uncertain which will win over Trump. “Last year, when everyone was asking me if I was going to consider running for president, I said no. “Because anything could happen to Trump.”But he conceded it was a fool’s errand trying to guess whom Trump might pick.
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Opinion: Why Iran hates America
  + stars: | 2024-02-24 | by ( Fareed Zakaria | )   time to read: +7 min
Iran, and particularly its hostile relationship with the US, is firmly at the center. The story is more complicated than that, as I lay out in my CNN special report “Why Iran Hates America,” airing Sunday at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. But suffice it to say that America’s relationship with Iran has been hostile and confrontational for more than four decades. Washington has viewed the fall of the Shah’s Iran as a deep betrayal from which it has never really recovered. As Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif pointed out to me, the Iran nuclear deal was premised not on trust but on mistrust.
Persons: Fareed Zakaria, Fareed, Read, CNNi, Yemen’s Houthis, jihadism, Majid Saeedi, Iran’s, Shah, Jimmy Carter, It’s, Ronald Reagan, George W, Bush, Barack Obama, Hassan Rouhani, Javad Zarif, premised, Donald Trump, Rouhani Organizations: CNN, Fareed’s, Sunday, US, Iranian, Washington Locations: Iran, Israel, Gaza, An Iran, Jordan, Washington, Tehran, Britain, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, , Moscow, Roman, America, United States
CNN —An Alabama Supreme Court ruling that decided frozen embryos are children, and those who destroy them can be held liable for wrongful death, shows a new way in which the overturning of Roe v. Wade can affect how embryos are viewed under certain state laws. That decision is the first known case in which a US court has ruled that frozen embryos are human beings. Events leading up to the Alabama Supreme Court decision can be traced to 2006, when the criminal statute for homicide in the state was changed to include in utero. President Joe Biden said in a statement Thursday that the Alabama Supreme Court decision was a “direct result” of the overturning of Roe. “From the beginning, I’ve been warning that the fall of Roe v. Wade wasn’t just about abortion – and the recent Alabama Supreme Court ruling proves that,” Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth, who introduced the legislation with Pennsylvania Rep. Susan Wild, wrote in an email Thursday.
Persons: Roe, Wade, Mack, Carmack, ” Dr, Shaun Williams, , Williams, Joe Biden, ” Biden, , Dr, Sanjay Gupta, I’ve, Wade wasn’t, , Illinois Sen, Tammy Duckworth, Susan Wild, ” CNN’s Devan Cole Organizations: CNN, An, An Alabama Supreme, Alabama, of, Democratic, Senate, CNN Health, , Pennsylvania Locations: An Alabama, US, Alabama, Connecticut, of Alabama, , America, Illinois
United Airlines , American Airlines and JetBlue Airways are among the carriers that have raised the price to check bags this year. Earlier this week, American Airlines raised its checked bag fees for the first time in more than five years and adopted the two-tiered strategy that United, JetBlue and several budget airlines already have. American Airlines previously charged $30 for either service. Why are airlines raising baggage fees? Airlines have argued that higher costs such as labor and fuel, their biggest expenses, mean they had to raise bag fees.
Persons: Scott Olson, Barry Biffle, Biffle Organizations: O'Hare International, Getty, Getty Images Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, JetBlue Airways, United, JetBlue, CNBC, Frontier, Transportation, Airlines Locations: Chicago, North America
At the current trajectory, that's set to weigh on the economy for the next decade or more. AdvertisementMillennials aren't having as many kids as previous generations, and that fact could end up dragging down economic growth for more than a decade. "What you're talking about is these birth rates dropping very, very low levels, which over the course of time has huge impacts on the economy," Pomeroy said. The impact of millennials having fewer kids will likely be worse than the impact of aging boomers — and the most dire consequences could come 10-15 years from now, Pomeroy estimated. The most important thing to encourage people to have more kids might be a cultural shift in how we talk about children, Buchholz says.
Persons: Millennials, , James Pomeroy, Pomeroy, Todd Buchholz, , boomers, Buchholz, That's, DINK, " Buchholz, it's Organizations: Service, Centers for Disease Control, White House, Medicare, Social Security, CNBC, Sony PlayStation Locations: China, Japan, Russia
SAG Awards 2024: Winners list
  + stars: | 2024-02-24 | by ( Alli Rosenbloom | Lisa Respers France | )   time to read: +7 min
Saturday night’s winners were familiar to those who have been following awards season, as actors from “The Bear,” “Oppenheimer” and “Beef” took home statuettes as expected. Alan Ruck, center, and the cast of "Succession" photographed during the 30th Screen Actors Guild Awards in Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall in Los Angeles on Saturday, Feb. 24. The cast of “Succession” led the nominations among the television categories with five – nabbing the top honor for best ensemble. “Oppenheimer” reigned victorious with three of those awards, while “Barbie” was shut out. This is the first SAG Awards since last year’s prolonged actors’ strike in Hollywood – a fact that was brought up several times throughout the evening – and is also the last major entertainment awards event before next month’s Oscars ceremony.
Persons: ” “ Oppenheimer, , Lily Gladstone, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, , Idris Elba, Billie Eilish, Jessica Chastain, America Ferrera, Robert Downey Jr, Fran Drescher, Jennifer Aniston, Barbra Streisand, ” Bradley Cooper, Alan Ruck, Robert Gauthier, Streisand, Wears, Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt –, Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis, David Cronenberg, “ Barbie ”, “ Oppenheimer ”, , Bradley Cooper, “ Maestro ” Colman Domingo, “ Rustin ” Paul Giamatti, ” Cillian Murphy, “ Oppenheimer, Jeffrey Wright, Annette Bening, Carey Mulligan, “ Maestro ” Margot Robbie, “ Barbie, Emma Stone, Cillian Murphy, Oppenheimer, Matt Winkelmeyer, Sterling K, Brown, ” Willem Dafoe, Robert De Niro, Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Danielle Brooks, Penélope Cruz, “ Ferrari, Jodie Foster, Matt Bomer, Jon Hamm, David Oyelowo, Bass Reeves, Tony Shalhoub, Mr, Monk’s, Steven Yeun, Painkiller ” Kathryn Hahn, Brie Larson, Bel, Ali Wong, Brian Cox, Billy Crudup, Kieran Culkin, Matthew Macfadyen, Pedro Pascal, Elizabeth Debicki, Bella Ramsey, Keri Russell, Sarah Snook, Brett Goldstein, “ Ted Lasso, Bill Hader, “ Barry ” Ebon Moss, Bachrach, Jason Sudeikis, Jeremy Allen White, Alex Borstein, Maisel, Rachel Brosnahan, Maisel ” Quinta Brunson, “ Abbott, Hannah Waddingham, “ Ted Lasso ” Ayo Edebiri, Frazer Harrison, Abbott, ” “ Barry ”, Ted Lasso ”, Indiana Jones, John Wick Organizations: CNN, Actors Guild, Auditorium, Netflix, SAG, Los Angeles Times, Jewish, , Getty, Guardians Locations: Los Angeles, , America, Brooklyn, Europe, Hollywood
Immediately after the polls closed on Saturday night, CNN projected that the former South Carolina governor had come up short to Trump. During the fourth quarter of 2023, Haley out-raised Trump, $24 million to $19 million. In January 2024, as the rest of the GOP field winnowed, Haley’s fundraising again bested Trump’s, $9.8 million to $8.8 million. To her credit, Haley has taken dead aim at both Trump and Putin, accusing the former of emboldening the latter. During the 2016 South Carolina primary, there were still six serious candidates in the GOP race.
Persons: Geoff Duncan, CNN — Nikki Haley’s, Donald Trump, Trump, Haley, Trump’s, Haley —, Joe Biden, Time, Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Alexey Navalny, Vladimir Putin, Putin, “ Vladimir Putin, there’s Organizations: CNN, GOP, America’s Conservative Party, South, Trump, ABC, White, Republican, PBS, Marist, NATO Locations: South Carolina, Egypt, Mexico, Hungary, Turkey, month’s, Hampshire, Russia, Carolina
Travel expert Bobby Laurie shared two ways travelers can save money on airfare. Laurie suggested travelers search for the cheapest upgrades and not just the cheapest overall fare. Laurie said travelers should avoid searching their flights on the same search engine, device, or IP network as many airlines have a dynamic pricing strategy. I've seen many times situations where first class or premium economy was cheaper than the coach ticket," Laurie said. Laurie said travelers should avoid spending extra for a refundable fare when booking with major US airlines.
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Former President Donald J. Trump laid out what’s in store for America should he or President Biden win the 2024 presidential election, using a Saturday speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference to cast one nearly utopian vision of the country’s future and one reminiscent of a postapocalyptic movie. If Mr. Biden is re-elected for a second four-year term, Mr. Trump warned in his speech, Medicare will “collapse.” Social Security will “collapse.” Health care in general will “collapse.” So, too, will public education. America itself will face “obliteration.”On the other hand, Mr. Trump promised on Saturday that if he is elected America will be “richer and safer and stronger and prouder and more beautiful than ever before.” Crime in major cities? “Chicago could be solved in one day,” Mr. Trump said. “New York could be solved in a half a day there.”
Persons: Donald J, Trump, Biden, , ” Mr, Organizations: Conservative Political, Conference Locations: America, U.S, , Chicago, York
"The perspective from an agency standpoint was, 'This is beneath you,'" he told Howard Stern. Cena didn't take his agency's advice: he appears as Mermaid Ken in the blockbuster. Dua Lipa and John Cena have small roles as mermaid Barbie and Ken in "Barbie." Warner Bros."The perspective from an agency standpoint was, 'This is beneath you,' which I get that," he said. The actor, currently promoting his upcoming comedy "Ricky Stanicky," appears as Mermaid Ken with long, flowing blonde hair alongside Dua Lipa's Mermaid Barbie in several cutaway gags.
Persons: John Cena, Barbie, Howard Stern, Cena didn't, Ken, , Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, America Ferrara, Simu Liu, They're, Cena, Greta Gerwig, Robbie, Margot, You'll, weren't, Ricky Stanicky Organizations: Service, Academy, Dua, Warner Bros Locations: Dua Lipa
But Howard Buffett, the elder son of Warren, the billionaire investor and Berkshire Hathaway CEO, has no intention of foresaking Ukraine or its President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. And it's going to be one of the biggest mistakes that the United States makes historically if we don't continue to support Ukraine. The UK has contributed $620 million and the Netherlands has provided $780 million, per the Kiel Institute's Ukraine Support tracker. But Howard Buffett has lent his voice to political advocacy, speaking out to support Ukraine and advocating for increased international support and military aid to the war-torn country. Howard Buffett in Ukraine.
Persons: , Russia's, Howard Buffett, Warren, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Buffett, Buffett's Howard G, He's, he's, Warren Buffett's, Warren Buffett, Ukraine's, Zelenskyy, it's, Howard Buffet, Paula Bronstein, Buffett's, Putin, Howard G, Oleksandr Prokudin, Buffett Foundation Howard Buffett, Theron Mohamed Organizations: Service, Republican Party, Business, Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett Foundation, AP, NATO, Kherson, Zelenskyy Locations: Ukraine, Russia, Avdiivka, United States, Zelenskyy, Kyiv, Netherlands, Kiel, America, Zolota Nyva, Donetsk district, Europe, Kherson, Macon County , Illinois
Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway is ramping up buying in a secret stock that could be in the banking sector. If Berkshire's latest earnings report is any indication, the new stock could be in the financial sector. That's larger than the $1.213 billion increase in the third quarter, indicating Berkshire accelerated buying in whatever position it's building. Apple , which is the Oracle of Omaha's biggest holding, amounted to a $174.3 billion stake at the end of December, up $55.3 billion from $119 billion in 2022. Berkshire's American Express stake rose to $28.4 billion in December from $22.4 billion in the year-ago period.
Persons: Warren, Berkshire Hathaway, , Alex Crippen Organizations: Apple, Omaha's, Chevron, Berkshire's American, Bank of America Locations: Omaha, Berkshire, Chevron
Throughout his 2024 bid, Mr. Trump has portrayed the United States under the Biden administration as a nation in steep decline. First, he will conjure a dark vision of what he sees as the future under Mr. Biden. Mr. Biden has frequently argued that he has been a better steward of the economy than Mr. Trump, whom he portrays as having undercut working-class Americans. Under Mr. Biden, the economy grew 3.1 percent from the end of 2022 to the end of 2023. But Mr. Trump has backed off those promises in the face of polls showing that non-Republican voters are concerned that he poses a threat to democracy.
Persons: Donald J, Biden, Trump, ” Mr, Bidenomics, MAGAnomics, Trump’s, Mr, Nikki Haley, , Organizations: Republican, Trump, Conservative Political, Conference, The New York Times, Mr, Justice Department Locations: South Carolina, Washington, United States, CPAC
“And, of course, South Carolina is in the heart of the Southeast.”Job seekers check-in to a job fair at a Schneider Electric manufacturing facility in Hopkins, South Carolina, in January 2023. “You can reach about twice as many people within an 8-hour drive from South Carolina as you can from Florida,” he said. “The housing market and the manufacturing industry, particularly in South Carolina, saw a major increase in demand,” Von Nessen said. South Carolina home sale activity fell by double-digits in 2022 but has since started to stabilize, he said. “We’re just treating so many more patients that we don’t have capacity,” said Thornton Kirby, CEO of the South Carolina Hospital Association.
Persons: ” Joseph Von Nessen, Darla Moore, ” Von Nessen, , it’s, It’s, Sean Rayford, Barrie Kirk, , Von Nessen, Micah Green, “ We’re, Thornton Kirby, Malcolm Isley, “ We’ve, ” Isley, Arnold Kamler, Inc . Kent, Kent, Kamler, Nikki Haley, , Daniel Slim, Scott Huffmon, Donald Trump, Haley, they’d Organizations: CNN, Palmetto State, of Labor Statistics, University of South, of Business, North, SC Council, Competitiveness, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Labor, Midlands Technical College, Technical College Midlands Technical College, Schneider, Bloomberg, Getty, Census, US Federal Reserve, US News, South Carolina Hospital Association, , Prisma, Health Prisma Health, Greenville Technical College, Health Center for Health, Life Sciences, Kent International, Walmart, Kent, Inc ., Winthrop University, , Charleston City Market, Winthrop’s Center, Public, Research, Palmetto, Republican, Trump, CBS Locations: South Carolina, South, , Carolina, Myrtle Beach , South Carolina, North America, University of South Carolina, West Columbia, United States, Hopkins , South Carolina, Florida, droves, Myrtle Beach, , Manning, New York City, Georgia, Charleston, AFP
Kostyantynivka, eastern Ukraine CNN —Artem spends a lot of time thinking about the shots he can’t afford to take. That means they can only strike top priority targets, a limitation which is allowing Russian troops to slip through. Dr. Sviatoslav Mykytiuk serves at a medical point in eastern Ukraine where soldiers are brought from the frontlines. In eastern Ukraine, Mykytiuk said, the evacuation can take up to a day, sometimes even longer. Ukraine soldiers frontline Ivana Kottasová / CNN“If he was thinner, he would have lost it,” he said.
Persons: Ukraine CNN — Artem, it’s, Artem, , ” Ivana Kottasová, Joe Biden’s, Dmytro Kuleba, Avdiivka, Ukraine “, ” Oleh Kalashnikov, Sviatoslav Mykytiuk, Mykytiuk, Ivana Kottasová, , ” Mykytiuk, , Oleh, ” Artem, ” Kalashnikov Organizations: Ukraine CNN, 26th Artillery Brigade, CNN, , United, United States Congress, Kyiv, Ukraine’s, Ukraine, The, 30th Brigade, Cemetery Locations: Ukraine, United States, Ukrainian, Avdiivka, US, Kramatorsk, it’s, Russia, Soviet Union, Bakhmut, Kharkiv, Europe, America
Read previewA Houston man has pleaded guilty to insider trading after he made $1.76 million in illegal profits after listening in on his wife's work calls as they worked from home. AdvertisementThe regulator said that Loudon purchased 46,450 shares of TravelCenters stock without his wife's knowledge before the deal was announced. It alleged that he "took advantage of his remote working conditions and his wife's trust to profit from information he knew was confidential." He told her he did it because he didn't want her to work long hours anymore, said the SEC complaint. The SEC noted that Loudon had not denied the allegations and had agreed to a partial judgment subject to court approval.
Persons: , Tyler Loudon, Alamdar, Hamdani, Loudon, scrutinizing, didn't Organizations: Service, BP, Business, Securities, Exchange Commission, SEC Locations: TravelCenters, Loudon
A 26-year-old man charged with kidnapping and murdering a nursing student at the University of Georgia in Athens will remain in jail after he was denied bond at a hearing on Saturday, the authorities said. Ms. Riley, a student at nearby Augusta University and a former student at the University of Georgia, had been reported missing by friends after she did not return from a run. Mr. Ibarra, a resident of Athens who is not a U.S. citizen, migrated to the United States from Venezuela, the authorities said. That release, or parole, was a practice the administration used when officials were overwhelmed with high numbers of crossings. Some six million Venezuelans have fled their troubled country, the largest population displacement in Latin America’s modern history.
Persons: Jose Antonio Ibarra, Laken Riley, Jeffrey Clark, Riley, Ibarra Organizations: University of Georgia, Augusta University, Border Patrol Locations: Athens, U.S, United States, Venezuela
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