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The FBI is looking into sexual assault accusations against brothers Tal, Alon, and Oren Alexander. FBI agents are looking into accusations that span two decades, The Wall Street Journal reported. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementFamous luxury real estate brothers well-known in New York and Miami are facing an FBI probe following multiple accusations of sexual assault, The Wall Street Journal reported. The Journal reported that the agents are investigating accusations from the Alexanders' high school years and the two decades since.
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AdvertisementThe announcement caps a dizzying fall from the pinnacle of the residential real estate business for both Tal and his brokerage partner and brother Oren Alexander amid sordid allegations. Tal and Oren spent more than a decade at the brokerage firm Douglas Elliman, establishing themselves as big-name sellers of ultra-pricey homes. In 2022, the pair broke off from Elliman and cofounded Official Partners, a firm that focuses exclusively on the uppermost tier of the residential sales market. She also said that the decision to step aside was mutually made by Tal and Official. "Given the salacious nature of this false allegation and impact on Official, Tal and his partners have decided he will take a leave from the company," Deanna Paul, the attorney, said.
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Read previewA woman has accused star real estate broker Tal Alexander and his brother Alon of raping her at a Manhattan apartment in 2012. Earlier this year, two other women filed separate lawsuits accusing Alon and a third brother, Oren Alexander, of rape. Tal and Oren Alexander cofounded the luxury real-estate brokerage Official. An attorney for Tal Alexander did not immediately return an email Tuesday seeking comment on the allegation. They also developed a reputation in the brokerage business for their aggressive approach in courting wealthy clientele and elbowing other brokers out of transactions.
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For more than a decade, Oren Alexander was one of the biggest names in ultraluxury real estate in Miami and New York City. He helped to broker the record-setting 2019 purchase of a penthouse at 220 Central Park South, a deal closed for nearly $240 million. The real estate empire that he helped to build in the sky in multimillion-dollar perches of glass and steel in both cities is now crumbling under mounting allegations of violent sexual assault. Mr. Alexander, 36, was accused in two separate lawsuits filed earlier this year of sexually assaulting two women more than a decade ago. Oren’s identical twin brother, Alon, an executive in a private security firm, is also named as a defendant in both complaints.
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AdvertisementGoogle notes that "Generative AI is experimental" in AI Overviews. Google is far from the only company figuring out the risks of generative AI products. Microsoft also said on Thursday that it would hold off on launching an AI tool intended to be available when its CoPilot PCs ship after privacy concerns arose. The alternative is to be more gradual about releasing features and not place them at the center if they're not fully ready, he said. But while generative AI isn't fully bulletproof at the moment, it's important to balance timing with innovation and accuracy, Yamin said.
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Read previewTesla kicks off its annual shareholder meeting tomorrow — and Elon Musk's $55 billion pay package is hanging in the balance. Tesla also indicated in a regulatory filing that they were considering putting forth an alternate pay plan if the proposal fails to go through. AdvertisementOver the past few months, Tesla has gone all out in its efforts to promote Musk's pay package and encourage investors to vote. Meanwhile, Tesla fans and Tesla employees have taken to social media over the past month to promote the proposal. Musk's compensation is not the only issue that Tesla investors have been weighing.
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CNN —Israeli war cabinet member Benny Gantz has resigned from Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, delivering a blow to the prime minister who has been celebrating the rare rescue of hostages held in Gaza. Israeli Minister Benny Gantz addresses the media after announcing his resignation from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s emergency government on June 9, 2024. Besides the prime minister, the only other remaining member of the emergency government with decision-making power is Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, also from Likud. Eyad Baba/AFP/Getty ImagesThe United States has repeatedly called on the prime minister to present a tangible post-war plan for Gaza. “The more identical his positions are to those of the prime minister, the more he’ll lose on both sides.
Persons: Benny Gantz, Benjamin Netanyahu’s, “ Netanyahu, ” Gantz, , Gantz –, , Netanyahu, hesitancy, , Gantz, Benjamin, Nir Elias, Benny Gantz –, Don’t, ” Netanyahu, Yoav Gallant, Gantz ’, Eyad Baba, Joe Biden, ” Alon Pinkas, Pinkas, ” Pinkas, centrists Organizations: CNN, Likud, Israeli Special Forces, Getty, Israel’s Haaretz Locations: Gaza, Israel’s, Israel, AFP, States, Saudi Arabia, Israeli
Read previewTesla is setting the stage for a battle between some vocal institutional investors and some of Elon Musk's biggest supporters. The executive pay plan, which was first approved in 2018, is centered on a series of goalposts around Tesla's financial growth. AdvertisementMeanwhile, Tesla has argued that the pay package is both fair and necessary to maintain Musk's focus on the car company. AdvertisementThe Tesla CEO has also promoted the proposal and criticized institutional investors who have spoken out against the pay plan. Ahead of the June 13 shareholder meeting, shareholders will be asked to vote on several other proposals in addition to Musk's pay package.
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Hospitals are overstretched as Palestinians die in Israeli attacks on the suburbs and tens of thousands of people have already fled. For Netanyahu, the eradication of the group that carried out the October 7 attacks may be a matter of political survival. • Can Israel — as Netanyahu vows — go ahead alone in an operation even the US has disowned? • How would a full-scale offensive in Rafah further hamper already faltering attempts to secure a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas? Initially, Biden’s warning, delivered in an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett in the swing state of Wisconsin on Wednesday, looks like a case of political whiplash.
Persons: Joe Biden’s, , Reagan, Benjamin Netanyahu, , Biden, Donald Trump, Netanyahu, Will Biden’s, Israel —, pummel, he’s, Erin Burnett, CNN Alon Pinkas, CNN’s Becky Anderson, ” Pinkas, CNN’s Erin Burnett, Joe ”, Israel’s, Gilad Erdan, Yoav Gallant, , dissing Biden, Mike Johnson, ” Trump, Trump, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan’s, Massachusetts Sen, Elizabeth Warren Organizations: Washington CNN, CNN, Israeli, Gaza Health Ministry, United Nations, Democratic, Republicans, Trump, voters, Republican, House, Hamas, Party, GOP, CNBC Locations: Israel, Rafah, Washington, Gaza, Rafah —, New York, Wisconsin, United States, Europe, Michigan, Chicago, Vietnam, Iran, Damascus, Lebanon, Massachusetts
In February, the Met revealed Ballard’s 1962 short story “The Garden of Time” as the forthcoming red carpet theme. Victor Virgile/Gamma-Rapho/Getty ImagesThere is little glitz and glamor in Ballard’s world — or if there is, it doesn’t last for long. David Cronenberg's adaptation of JG Ballard's "Crash" debuted at Cannes Film Festival in 1996. In 2021, American designer Thom Browne’s Spring-Summer catwalk at New York Fashion Week also imagined life behind Count Axel’s garden wall. And now with the Met Gala theme, the beautiful flower that dies as soon as it’s plucked, it connects back to fashion being ephemeral.
Persons: Manus, Andrew Bolton, JG Ballard, Count Axel, Axel, Count, Countess, Thom Browne, Victor Virgile, , you’ve, Steven Spielberg’s, David Cronenberg’s, , it’s, Ballard, David Cronenberg's, Ronald Siemoneit, Thom Browne’s, Browne, Alon Livné, Andrew Groves, Estrella de Mar, ” Groves, McQueen, Jeremy Scott, Marie, Christiane Marek, Jeremy Scott's, Jeremy Scott “, ” Scott, Scott, , Nigel Coates, Caffè, Coates, Caffè Bongo, brandished Coates, Caffe, Edward Valentine, Charli XCX, Madonna’s, Ian Curtis, Stanley Donwood, Groves Organizations: CNN, York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, West, Technology, Costume Institute, Bolton, New York, Sun, Cannes Film, Estrella de, Paris Fashion, Division, Preachers, Fourth Estate Locations: China, British, France, American, Israeli, London, Estrella, Tokyo,
The days of women standing up next to their philandering husbands should be well in the rear view. Melania’s decision to stay married to Donald despite very public evidence of an affair is her choice to make. (Her decision to stay married to a man who very publicly cheated on his first wife, is virulently misogynistic and has stoked hatred of immigrants tells us something else about her character.) Former First Lady Melania Trump stands alongside her husband, former President Donald Trump at a fundraising event in Palm Beach, Florida on April 6, 2024. Would Donald stay married to Melania if she faced multiple very public affair accusations?
Persons: Jill Filipovic, Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels, Melania, Barron, Trump, Karen McDougal, Daniels, McDougal, Donald, Lady Melania Trump, Alon Skuy, Bill Clinton, Idaho Sen, Larry Craig, Craig, Eliot Spitzer, Silda Wall Spitzer, stoically, Abedin, Anthony Weiner, Former Louisiana Sen, David Vitter, Wendy, presser, ” premised, , Chip Somodevilla, She’s Organizations: Twitter, CNN, Republican, Former New York Gov, York, Former Louisiana, Rochester Opera House Locations: New York, Manhattan, Palm Beach , Florida, Idaho, Paris, Rochester , New Hampshire
Israel must balance international pressure to show restraint on the one hand, while searching for an appropriate response to an unprecedented attack. Western and Arab allies of Israel have been discouraging it from responding to Iran’s attack. Benny Gantz, a key member of the war cabinet, has pushed for a swifter response to Iran’s attack, two Israeli officials told CNN. He believes that the longer Israel delays its response to Iran’s attack, the harder it will be to garner international support for it, the sources said. Risking Arab tiesArab states, including those that are friendly with Israel, have expressed concern about a potential escalation from Iran’s attack, but haven’t outright condemned it.
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Senator Chuck Schumer’s harsh critique of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government revealed the widening gap between Israel and its most important ally, the United States, analysts said on Friday. But even some of Mr. Netanyahu’s rivals appeared reluctant to seize on the comments while the country is focused on the war in Gaza. Mr. Schumer — Democrat of New York, the majority leader and the highest-ranking Jewish elected official in the United States — repeatedly slammed Mr. Netanyahu in a speech on the Senate floor on Thursday as one of the main stumbling blocks to Israeli-Palestinian peace. While not explicitly calling for Mr. Netanyahu’s ouster, Mr. Schumer said Israelis must soon be allowed the opportunity to select new leadership. Alon Pinkas, a retired Israeli diplomat, called the speech a profound moment that reflected widespread American dissatisfaction with Israel’s direction among both its allies in Congress and in the American Jewish community.
Persons: Chuck Schumer’s, Benjamin Netanyahu, Schumer —, United States —, Netanyahu, Netanyahu’s, Schumer, Alon Pinkas, , Pinkas, “ We’ve, you’ve, Chuck Schumer Organizations: American Jewish Locations: Israel, United States, Gaza, New York, Israeli, American, America
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailIsrael faces 'stronger inflationary winds' than other countries, professor saysIlan Alon, professor at the College of Management, discusses the Israeli central bank's decision to keep interest rates on hold.
Persons: Ilan Alon Organizations: Israel, College of Management
These families argue that the price to be paid in any hostage deal — the release of large numbers of Palestinian militants held by Israel — would endanger the country in the future. Protests calling on the government to reach a deal with Hamas have grown in size and intensity as the crisis has dragged on. The Mor family and two other hostages' families founded the Tikva Forum, a loosely organized group whose public members are mostly religious and right-wing. They share the belief that military pressure, not an immediate cease-fire or hostage release deal, is the best way to bring their loved ones home. “We see that when there’s a deal, hostages return, and in between, when there isn’t, only bodies come back,” said Berman.
Persons: Israel —, , Tzvika Mor, Eitan, ” Mor, Mor, Benjamin Netanyahu, Alon Nimrodi, Tamir Nimrodi, , Israel's, ” Netanyahu, Adina Moshe, Netanyahu, Gilad Shalit, Shalit, Yehya Sinwar, “ Eitan, Avinatan, Noa Argamani, Avinatan’s, Shimon, Liran Berman, Israel, Gali, Ziv Berman, there’s, Berman, ” Berman Organizations: JERUSALEM, Nova, Associated Press, Hamas, Israel’s, Tikva, West Bank, AP, Locations: Israel imploring, Israel, Gaza, Cairo, United States, Kiryat Arba, Hebron, Palestinian, Kfar Aza
Some respondents did not mention names but wrote variants of "hostage families", reflecting the impact of the Forum itself and its "Bring them home now" campaign. Political scientist Tamar Hermann of the IDI said solidarity with the hostage families was blending with broader anti-government sentiment, partly rooted in a huge pre-war protest movement against Netanyahu's plan to overhaul the judiciary. New or existing left-wing parties could be a natural fit for any hostage relatives who did decide to go into politics. Conversely, the hostage families are seen as opponents by some on the right, and especially on the ultra-nationalist far right, which has sway over Netanyahu because it is part of his fragile coalition. Some of Netanyahu's hard-right supporters in politics and media portray the hostage families as leftists abusing public sympathy to further their anti-government agenda, said political scientist Gideon Rahat of the Hebrew University.
Persons: Emily Rose, Estelle Shirbon, pollsters, Benjamin Netanyahu's, Nimrod Nir, Gil Dickmann, Carmel Gat, Jonathan Shamriz, Alon, Israel, Dror, Yonat, Netanyahu, irked Netanyahu, Sunday Israel, Tamar Hermann of, IDI, Tomer Reznik, implacably, Gideon Rahat, Eliyahu Libman, Elyakim, Libman, Mark Heinrich Organizations: Reuters, Truman Research Institute, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Families Forum, Israel, Hamas, Sunday, Truman Institute, Israel Democracy Institute, IDI, Hebrew University, West Bank Locations: Estelle Shirbon JERUSALEM, LONDON, Gaza, Israel, Qatar, Egypt, United States, Kiryat Arba
News AnalysisThe judges at the International Court of Justice in The Hague on Friday. A ruling on Friday by the International Court of Justice on charges of genocide against Israel had deep historical resonance for both Israelis and Palestinians. It was a topic that appeared to preoccupy the sole Israeli judge, Aharon Barak, among the 17 assessing the case on the World Court. He was among the 17 judges assessing the case on the World Court. “It talks like genocide & walks like genocide,” Muhammad Shehada, a rights activist from Gaza, wrote on social media.
Persons: ” Alon Pinkas, , , Hanan Ashrawi, Hamas’s, Yoav Gallant, Gallant, , Janina Dill, Dill, Khan Younis, Israel, Aharon Barak, Barak, ” Mr, Avishag Shaar, Israel “, ” Muhammad Shehada, Rawan Sheikh Ahmad, Johnatan Reiss Organizations: International Court of Justice, International Court, Palestinian, ., Agence France, United Nations, Israel, Oxford University, Court, Credit, Yashuv, The New York Times, Gazan Health Ministry Locations: The Hague, Israel, Gaza, South Africa, , Israeli, Rafah, Lithuania, Tel Aviv, , Haifa
A ruling on Friday by the International Court of Justice on charges of genocide against Israel had deep historical resonance for both Israelis and Palestinians. But it lacked immediate practical consequences. The World Court did not order a halt to fighting in the Gaza Strip and made no attempt to rule on the merits of the case brought by South Africa, a process that will take months — if not years — to complete. But the court did order Israel to comply with the Genocide Convention, to send more aid to Gaza and to inform the court of its efforts to do so — interim measures that felt like a rebuke to many Israelis and a moral victory to many Palestinians. For many Israelis, the fact that a state founded in the aftermath of the Holocaust had been accused of genocide was “one hell of a symbol,” Alon Pinkas, an Israeli political commentator and former ambassador, said after the ruling by the court in The Hague.
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CNN —More than 40 senior former Israeli national security officials, celebrated scientists and prominent business leaders have sent a letter to Israel’s president and speaker of parliament demanding that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be removed from office for posing what they say is an “existential” threat to the country. “The victim’s blood is on Netanyahu’s hands.”The letter was sent to Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Thursday and to Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana on Friday. The frontrunner in the poll was the National Unity party led by former IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz, currently a member of Netanyahu’s war cabinet. Video Ad Feedback Backlash grows over Israel's Netanyahu seemingly ruling out a two-state solution. Netanyahu told a news conference last week that politicians who are asking him to step down are essentially asking for a Palestinian state.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu, Netanyahu, Isaac Herzog, Amir Ohana, , Moshe Ya’alon, Dan Halutz, Tamir Pardo, Danny Yatom, Nadav Argaman, Yaakov Peri, Shin, Aaron Ciechanover, Avram Hershko, Dan Shechtman, Benny Gantz, aren’t, Yair Lapid, , Haim Tomer, ” Tomer, Israel's Netanyahu, Bezalel Smotrich, Itamar Ben Gvir, Biden, Tomer, I’ve, ” Israel Organizations: CNN, Israel Defense Forces, , Shin Bet, Israel’s, Likud, National Unity, Palestinian Authority, West Bank, Mossad, International Court of Justice Locations: Israel, Iran, United States, Gaza, Qatar, Palestinian, South Africa
Protesters in Tel Aviv Call for Change to Netanyahu Government
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TEL AVIV (Reuters) - Thousands of Israelis gathered in Tel Aviv on Saturday to protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government, accusing the veteran leader of mishandling the nation's security and calling for a new election. Anti-government protests that shook the nation for much of 2023 ceased after the attacks by Hamas in southern Israel on Oct. 7. This was reflected in Saturday night's turnout in a central Tel Aviv square where many of last year's protests took place. While divisions have emerged among members of his wartime cabinet, Netanyahu is intent on staying in power. Opposition leaders have offered to form a unity government not led by Netanyahu, but no moves have gained traction.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu's, Netanyahu, Noam Alon, Alexandre Meneghini, Ari Rabinovitch Organizations: Reuters Locations: TEL AVIV, Tel Aviv, Israel, Gaza
Musk appeared to give Tesla's board an ultimatum on Monday, saying he wants 25% voting control at Tesla or he'll stop growing AI development at the electric-car maker. One way of getting that would be via a dual-class stock structure. This isn't uncommon and could mean Musk wouldn't necessarily get more shares but that the ones he held would deliver more voting power. The company's dual-class stock structure provides Zuckerberg and select executive managers and directors with them. "Zuckerberg probably wouldn't have gone public without a dual-class structure," White said.
Persons: , Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Musk, he's, Tesla, Zuckerberg, It's, Chester Spatt, Joshua Tyler White, doesn't, White, Ofer Eldar, Michael Dell, Anat Alon, Beck, Erik Gordon, Sam Altman's, Gordon Organizations: Service, Meta, Tesla, Business, Carnegie Mellon University, SEC, Vanderbilt, SpaceX, The Boring Company, UC Berkeley, Western Reserve University, University of Michigan's Ross School of Business Locations: Delaware, OpenAI
Fatima Shbair/AP Mourners collect the bodies of Palestinians killed in an Israeli airstrike in Khan Younis, Gaza, on December 24. Ilia Yefimovich/dpa/picture-alliance/AP Relatives and friends bid farewell to the body of Al Jazeera camera operator Samer Abu Daqqa in Khan Younis, Gaza, on December 16. Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty Images Israeli soldiers form an honor guard at the funeral of Israeli reserve soldier Master Sgt. Mohammed Saber/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock Children use candles for lighting in Khan Younis, Gaza, on Friday, October 20. Maya Alleruzzo/AP A boy carries salvaged belongings from the wreckage of his family's home in Khan Younis, Gaza, on October 11.
Persons: UAE CNN —, Antony Blinken, ” Blinken, , , “ There’s, ” Prince Khalid bin Bandar, ” Ali Shihabi, Shihabi, Israel, Blinken, Evelyn Hockstein, Benjamin Netanyahu, Joe Biden, Abraham, Biden, Yousef Al Otaiba, Israel “, ” Otaiba, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Firas Maksad, Abir, Prince Khalid, Maksad, Jamal Khashoggi, ” Maksad, ” Prince Khalid, Isaac Herzog, Oded, Abed Rahim Khatib, Noam Galai, Majdi, Sufian Dagash, Ohad, Abed Zagout, Harel Ittah, Ariel Schalit, Khan Yunis, Stringer, Elisha Yehonatan Lober, Mount Herzl, Maja Hitij, Fatima Shbair, Ahmad Hasaballah, Mohammed Salem, Yaacov Elian, Boris Dunavetski, Amir Levy, Mohammed Abed, Mahmud Hams, Alon Lulu Shamriz, Ilia Yefimovich, Abu Daqqa, Khan, Khan Younis, Ben Shelly, Clodagh Kilcoyne, Eviatar Cohen, Mostafa Alkharouf, Mohammed Dahman, Ibraheem Abu Mustafa, Atef Safadi, Gal Meir Eisenkot, Eisenkot, Gadi Eisenkot, Leo Correa, Alexi Rosenfeld, Alleruzzo, Amir Cohen, Gil Cohen, Menahem Kahana, Sergeant Aschalwu Sama, Tsafrir, John MacDougall, Ahed Tamimi, Nasser Nasser, Viktor, Helena Brodski, Kiril Brodski, Ammar Awad, Jack Guez, Jabel Mukaber, Mahmoud Illean, Alexander Ermochenko, Younis, Mustafa Hassona, Asher, Raz, Doron, Schneider, Jaafar Ashtiyeh, Majed Al, Ansari, Mohammed Hajjar, Said Khatib, Jalaa Marey, Victor R, Liron Snir, James Oatway, Ashraf Amra, Ahmad Gharabli, Rizek Abdeljawad, Major Jamal Abbas, Shir Torem, Alexi J . Rosenfeld, Christopher Furlong, Hatem Ali, Avraham Fetena, Sgt, Raz Abulafia, Fadel Senna, Nasser, Matan Meir, Haitham Imad, Roni Eshel, Eshel, Kenzo Tribouillard, Sadi Berek, Salah al, Varda Goldstein, Nir Oz, Bernat, Tomer Appelbaum, Mohammad Abu Elsebah, Khaled Ibn Al, Walid, Ya'akov Ozeri, Ronen Zvulun, Mohammed Alaloul, Neil Hall, Saeed Jaras, Mohammad Abu Hattab, Mohammed Talatene, Ditza Heiman, Salman Habaka, Yuval Zilber, Jalaa Merey, Ahmad Salem, Ali Jadallah, Anas al, Yosef Vahav, Kiryat Shmona, Albert Miles, Ilan Rosenberg, Manna, Tamar Chaya Torpiashvili, Abed Khaled, Tamir Kalifa, Yoav Gallant, Jehad Al, Kafarnah, Teddy, Dan Kitwood, Dima Vazinovich, Sagiv Ben Zvi, Omar El, Yasser Qudih, Francisco Seco, Mohammed Saber, Ali Mohmoud, Mai Yaghi, Yam Goldstein, Nadav, Khaled Joudeh, Samar Abu, Leon Neal, Hatem Moussa, Wolfgang Schwan, Yousef Masoud, Shadi Tabatibi, Belal al Sabbagh, Janis Laizans, Gallant, Ofir Libstein, Aza, Belal Khaled, Hod, Ayal Margolin, Brendan Smialowski, Netanyahu, Kenny Holston, Kfar Aza, Mahmoud Khaled, Dor Reder, Violeta Santos Moura, Mohammed Fayq Abu Mostafa, Antonio Macías, Macías, Eli Albag, Liri, Sergey Ponomarev, Dor Kedmi, Saher, Abraham Cohen, Valentin Ghnassia, Ghnassia, Yuri Cortez, Ibrahim Hams, Bashar Taleb, Baz Ratner, Yahya Hassouna, Mapal Adam, Agha, Reuters Itzik, Miriam Shafir, Dor Shafir, Savion Kiper, Maya Alleruzzo, CNN Sergey Ponomarev, Eden Guez, Mohammed Soboh, Said, Noam Elimeleh Rothenberg, Ilai Bar Sade, Erik Marmor, Oren Ziv, Ramez Mahmoud, Roi Levy, Tali Touito, Ahmad Hasballah, Eyad Baba, Itai Ron, Hadas Parush, Lana Nusseibeh, “ That’s, Abu Dhabi, Anwar Gargash, ” Gargash Organizations: UAE CNN, Hamas, BBC, CNN, Palestinian, West Bank, Reuters, United Arab, Abraham Accords, Israel, UAE, Arab League, Saudi, Fox News, Washington Institute for Near East, Middle East Institute, Israeli, Getty, of Health, Congressional, Republicans, United Nations Security, AP, European Hospital, Mount, Rockets, UN, Anadolu, Museum of Art, Security, Nova, Magen, Getty Images, Kiryat, Islamic Jihad, Red, Tel, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical, Young, AP People, Schneider Children's Medical, Sisters, Schneider Children's, Ofer, Cross, Foreign, Artillery, Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, Al, Unicef, AP Journalists, Israel Defense Forces, Modern, Nasser Hospital, Nasser Medical, Najjar, Israel Defence Forces handout, Shutterstock, Reuters United Nations, Shifa, Palestine, Pictures, Bloomberg, Israeli Apache, United Nations Relief, Works Agency, Al Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, IDF, EyePress, New York Times, Nasser Medical Hospital, Deir Al, Tel Aviv University, Reuters Civil, AP Rockets, AP Israel's, Regional, Israel's, Ahli Baptist Hospital, Ben Gurion International, Aris Messinis, Haim, Puma, Mount Herzl Military, Anadolu Agency, Nova Festival, Ben Gurion, United Nations, Reuters Police, Reuters Rockets, Wall, Shihabi Locations: Abu Dhabi, UAE, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Saudi, United Kingdom, Gaza, United States, , Palestinian, East Jerusalem, Al Ula, Reuters Israeli, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan, Washington , DC, Jerusalem, Abir Sultan, AFP, Turkey, Gulf, Tel Aviv, Israeli, Rafah, Maghar, Anadolu, Netanya, Khan, Khan Younis, Shaul, Shefayim, Jazeera, Kidron, Kfar Saba, Nahal Oz, Herzliya, Ashkelon, Petah Tikva, Ramallah, Egypt, Ofakim, Jabel, Khezaa, Gazan, Sisters Aviv, Beitunia, Gaza City, Galilee, Lebanon, Al, Aqsa, Al Bureij, Deir Al Balah, Xinhua, Pekiin, Mavki'im, Haifa, Sderot, Beit Hashmonai, Europe, Rishpon, Odem, Gaza's Al, Deir Al, Balah, Bureij, Kfar Aza, Meron, Jerusalem's, City, Jerusalem's Old City, Deir Balah, Mahmud, Southern Israel, Yanuh Jat, Netaim, Golan Heights, Shareef, Beit Guvrin, Kiryat, Al Aqsa, Kibbutz Be'eri, Ashdod, Holon, Najjar, Ichilov, Kibbutz Shefayim, Deir, Samar, Samar Abu Elouf, Deir al, Kibbutz Kissufim, Zahra City, Ras, Israel's, Yehuda, Hod HaSharon, Kiryat Shmona, Ahli, Gan, Kfar, North Sinai, Beit Kama, Cyprus, Be'eri, Rehovot, Mount Herzl, Modiin Maccabim, Mount Herzel, Yassin, Beitar Ilit, Ramat Gan, Itai, Beit Hanun, Rishon Lezion, Dhabi, Dubai, Al Arabiya
Hostages and Missing Families, via ReutersRaz Ben-Ami was kidnapped by Hamas from the Be’eri kibbutz on Oct. 7. Her brother Lior, 16, who was hiding with her, was murdered, according to the Hostages and Missing Families Forum. His uncle, Dror Or, and his cousins, Noam, 17, and Alma, 13, were taken hostage at the same time. Hostages and Missing Families Forum Headquarters, via Associated PressIrena Tati, a physician, and her daughter, Yelena Trupanob, immigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union and are dual Israeli-Russian citizens, according to the hostages and missing families forum. Yelena’s son Sasha, 28, and his girlfriend, Sapir Cohen, 29, were also taken hostage and are still being held in Gaza.
Persons: Ra’aya Rotem, Reuters Ra’aya Rotem, Hila, Emily Hand, Ra’aya texted, Itay Regev, Associated Press Itay, Raz Ben, Ami, Ben, Ohad, Lior, Tarshansky, Reuma, Kamelia Hoter Ishay, ’ ”, , Gat, Roman Gat, Be’eri, Alon, Gefen, Liat Binin, Reuters Liat, Atzili, Aviv, Nir Oz, Moran, Yanai, Liam, Associated Press Liam, Dror, Noam, Alma, Ofir Engel, Associated Press Ofir Engel, Yuval Sharabi, Yossi Sharabi, , ” Yael Engel Lichi, Amit Shani, Amit Shani Credit, Amit Shani’s, Tal Shani, , Ms, Shani, Amit, ” Ms, ” Irena Tati, Yelena Trupanob, Irena Tati, Vitaly Trupanob, Yelena’s, Sasha, Sapir Cohen, Nadav, Talya Minsberg Organizations: Wednesday, Ra'aya Rotem Credit, Reuters, The, Associated Press, Hapoel Ashkelon, Marvel, Yad Vashem, Nova, Hapoel Tel Aviv soccer, Hamas, Associated, Soviet Locations: Russian, Be’eri, Israel, The Times, Re’im, Gaza, Gali Tarshansky, Tarshansky, Tel Aviv, ‘ Gali, United States, Jerusalem, India, Kibbutz Be’eri, Alma, Soviet Union
Here’s what we know about the Israeli hostages released on Wednesday. Hostages and Missing Families, via ReutersRaz Ben-Ami was kidnapped by Hamas from the Be’eri kibbutz on Oct. 7. Her brother Lior, 16, who was hiding with her, was murdered, according to the Hostages and Missing Families Forum. Hostages and Missing Families Forum, via ReutersMoran Stela Yanai, a self-employed artist and jewelry designer from Be’er Sheva, had gone to the Nova music festival in Re’im to sell her handmade jewelry, according to the hostages and missing families forum. Hostages and Missing Families Forum, via Associated PressLiam Or, a kindergarten teacher in Kibbutz Be’eri, was taken hostage at the home of his uncle.
Persons: Ra’aya Rotem, Reuters Ra’aya Rotem, Hila, Emily Hand, Ra’aya texted, Itay Regev, Associated Press Itay, Raz Ben, Ami, Ben, Ohad, Lior, Tarshansky, Reuma, Kamelia Hoter Ishay, ’ ”, , Gat, Roman Gat, Be’eri, Alon, Gefen, Liat Binin, Reuters Liat, Atzili, Aviv, Nir Oz, Moran, Yanai, Liam, Associated Press Liam, Dror, Noam, Alma, Ofir Engel, Associated Press Ofir Engel, Yuval Sharabi, Yossi Sharabi, , ” Yael Engel Lichi, Amit Shani, Amit Shani Credit, Amit Shani’s, Tal Shani, , Ms, Shani, Amit, ” Ms Organizations: Wednesday, Ra'aya Rotem Credit, Reuters, The, Associated Press, Hapoel Ashkelon, Marvel, Yad Vashem, Nova, Hapoel Tel Aviv soccer, Hamas Locations: Russian, Be’eri, Israel, The Times, Re’im, Gaza, Gali Tarshansky, Tarshansky, Tel Aviv, ‘ Gali, United States, Jerusalem, India, Kibbutz Be’eri, Alma
Yaffa Adar reunited with her family in Tel Aviv after seven weeks in captivity. AdvertisementYaffa Adar, an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor, was one of the first 13 hostages released from Gaza after 49 days in Hamas's captivity, i24NEWS reports. Yaffa Adar is a mother of three, grandmother of eight, and great-grandmother of seven. The family reunion at Wolfson Hospital in Holon, near Tel Aviv, followed the four-day cease-fire brokered between Israel and Hamas. The hostages released by Hamas have undergone initial medical tests and are reportedly in good condition, per the IDF.
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