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It is unclear if Boeing will actually release its plans to the public; FAA chief Mike Whitaker is slated to speak about the Boeing plan later on Thursday. The plan is seen as a crucial step to rebuilding the safety culture and practices of the nation’s single largest exporter. Whitaker ordered the plan from Boeing after reviewing the findings of FAA auditors who visited the company’s 737 Max assembly line. The auditors were deployed in response to the January 5 door plug blowout on Alaska Airlines flight 1282, a months-old Max. The plan may be one of Boeing’s last major milestones under Calhoun, who announced in the wake of the blowout he would join other senior managers in leaving the company this year.
Persons: Dave Calhoun, Mike Whitaker, Dave Calhoun –, Whitaker, Max, Calhoun, , Organizations: Washington CNN — Aircraft, Boeing, Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, CNN, Max, Alaska Airlines, National Transportation Safety Board Locations: Renton , Washington, Wichita , Kansas, Boeing’s Renton
Boeing 737 Max 8 fuselages manufactured by Spirit Aerosystems in Wichita, Kansas are transported on a BSNF train heading west over the Bozeman Pass March 12, 2019 in Bozeman, Montana. The FAA ordered the report following a near-catastrophic blowout of an airplane door panel on a new 737 Max 9 earlier this year. The FAA also barred Boeing from increasing 737 Max production until the agency was satisfied with Boeing's quality control improvements. The crisis has again tarnished Boeing's reputation, opened it to more federal scrutiny and forced it to slow 737 Max output. Boeing Chief Financial Officer Brian West last week said the company expects to burn cash this year, instead of generating cash.
Persons: Spirit Aerosystems, Dave Calhoun, Max, Mike Whitaker, Brian West, Calhoun, , West Organizations: Boeing, Max, Spirit, Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, Alaska Airlines, United, Southwest Locations: Wichita , Kansas, Bozeman, Bozeman , Montana
CNN —Twenty-four hours and 26 minutes, without stopping to sleep: Nepal’s Phunjo Lama has just broken the world record for the fastest ascent of Mount Everest by a woman. Her journey from Everest Base Camp to the top took 14 hours and 31 minutes, then the descent from Everest was another nine hours and 18 minutes. Due to the limited climbing season and challenging conditions on Mount Everest, the window to reach the top of the mountain is small. That record was broken in 2021 by Hong Kong native Ada Tsang in 25 hours and 50 minutes. Currently, the record for fastest ascent by a male climber is 10 hours and 56 minutes, set by Nepali Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa in 2003.
Persons: CNN —, Lama, Samantha McMahon, Ada Tsang, she’s, , Kim Lal Gautam, Niranjan Shrestha Organizations: CNN, Everest Base, Base, Guinness World Records, Lhakpa, Guinness Locations: Everest, Base, Hong Kong, Kathmandu, , North America, Pakistan
Washington CNN —Boeing is expected to release a plan this week to fix its endless string of safety issues that have been under federal investigation following a midflight fuselage blowout in January. Since then, the FAA and Boeing have met multiple times about the company’s progress and the plan’s scope. FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker said last week he sees the plan as only the “beginning” of a process for Boeing. Boeing later agreed to financial penalties and a deferred prosecution agreement to settle a criminal charge of defrauding US regulators. Its marching orders for the plan include addressing the audit and expert panel findings and explaining how it will integrate safety and quality assurance policies into practice.
Persons: Mike Whitaker, “ It’s, ” Whitaker, Max, Dave Calhoun, David Ryder, Whitaker, AeroSystems, Brian West, “ We’re, we’ll Organizations: Washington CNN, Boeing, Aviation Administration, FAA, ABC, Air Force, Alaska Airlines, Transportation Safety, Department of Justice, CNN, Employees, Locations: Portland , Oregon, Wichita , Kansas, Renton , Washington
CNN —Rivers and streams in Alaska are changing color – from a clean, clear blue to a rusty orange – because of the toxic metals released by thawing permafrost, according to a new study. Ken Hill/National Park ServiceArctic soils naturally contain organic carbon, nutrients and metals, such as mercury, within their permafrost, the study says. “It’s really an unexpected consequence of climate change.”Researchers used satellite imagery to determine when the change in color happened at different rivers and streams. In Alaska’s Arctic rivers alone reside a variety of fish that are “critical for subsistence, sport, and commercial fisheries,” researchers wrote. Poulin said local communities voiced their concerns and observations to study researchers beginning seven years ago.
Persons: CNN —, “ We’re, , Brett Poulin, Ken Hill, Poulin, “ It’s Organizations: CNN, National Park Service, University of California, Geological Survey, Communications, Environment, UC Davis, Park Service, Water Resources Research Locations: CNN — Rivers, Alaska, Davis, Alaska’s, California, Appalachia, Alaska's Gates, Alaska’s Gates, Park Service Alaska, Chilean, Spain
"It really changed everything about what we understood about when and how people arrived to the Americas," Braje said of the Chile site. Dating ancient artifacts like this is tricky and is often the source of contention around these sites that question our understanding and timeline of ancient human history. That's why only a handful of Lowery's artifacts could be tested. If these artifacts are as old as the lab analysis suggests, then Lowery's discovery could rewrite our understanding of ancient American human history. For Braje, Lowery's research is reminiscent of past debates when new discoveries pushed back the timeline for the first American arrivals.
Persons: , Todd Braje, Darrin Lowery, he's, Lowery, hasn't, Braje, Lowery doesn't Organizations: Service, University of Oregon Museum of Natural, Business, Parsons, NOAA, Washington Post Locations: South America, Americas, Island , Maryland, North America, Maryland, Chesapeake, Canada, Asia, Siberia, Alaska, Chile, Monte Verde, Coast, Parsons
Therefore, companies with exposure to the wealthier consumer should benefit, said a team of Morgan Stanley analysts led by Michelle Weaver. "This has changed post-Covid and we believe travel names exposed to high end consumers will continue to outperform those exposed to low end consumers." "We see a record spring and summer travel season with our 11 highest sales days in our history all occurring this calendar year," he said. Morgan Stanley continues to prefer the premium airlines. Its management has also noted its premium revenue is nearly 20% from last year and currently makes up 61% of revenue, he said.
Persons: Morgan Stanley, AlphaWise, Michelle Weaver, Ed Bastian, Ravi Shanker, Morgan, Shanker, Stephen Grambling, Hilton, Grambling, Wyndham, Jamie Rollo, Rollo, — CNBC's Leslie Josephs Organizations: Delta Air, Alaska Air, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Marriott, CCL, Royal, Norwegian Cruise Locations: Grambling, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian
Since the constitutional right to abortion was taken away in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization in 2022, Democratic spending on abortion-related ads has jumped. Line chart showing the percentage of television ad spending devoted to abortion from 2018 to 2024. Democratic spending jumped up to around one-third in 2022 after the Dobbs ruling and has stayed high. In the first four months of this year alone, 48 percent of Democratic ad spending on broadcast networks in Pennsylvania centered on abortion. Democrats are seizing the moment, devoting two-thirds of their ad spending to abortion there.
Persons: Roe, Wade, Dobbs, Emily Holzknecht, Adam Westbrook, Trump, overperformed, , N.M, Andy Beshear’s, Daniel Cameron’s, Mr, Biden Organizations: Democratic, Republican, Republicans, Jackson, Health Organization, Democrats, Republicans Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Supreme Court, Data, Pew Research, Ore ., Nev . Ohio Ill, Conn . Iowa Pa, Ind, Del . Utah Colo, Religion Research Locations: Dobbs v, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, . Arizona, . Maine, Mont, Minn . Vt, Ore, Ore . Idaho, Wis, N.Y, S.D . Mich, R.I, Wyo, Conn . Iowa Pa . N.J, Nev . Ohio, Del . Ind . Utah Md, Colo, W.Va . Va . Calif, Kan, Mo, Ky, N.C, Tenn, Okla, ., N.M . Miss ., Ala . Texas, Fla . Alaska Hawaii, Conn . Iowa, Neb . N.J, Del . Utah, W.Va . Md . Va . Calif, United States, Nevada , Arizona , Montana , Colorado, South Dakota , Nebraska , Missouri , Arkansas, Florida , New York, Maryland, Nevada , Arizona , Wisconsin , Michigan, Kentucky, Gaza, Ukraine
Read previewThe loss of a B-2 Spirit bomber due to fire and its subsequent retirement highlights the fragility of the US Air Force's bomber fleet. A US Air Force airman poses in front of a B-2 Spirit at Whiteman Air Force Base Missouri. Pictures From History/Universal Images Group via Getty ImagesThe B-21 Raider bomber is criticalThere is a silver lining to America's bomber fleet decline in the B-21 Raider. US Air Force photoWashington must recognize the strategic failure of a small and antiquated bomber fleet. Facilitating the on-time deployment of the next generation bomber cannot come too soon in order to restore the size and strength of America's bomber fleet.
Persons: , Sheila deVera, Sadie Colbert, Austin McIntosh, America's Organizations: Service, US Air Force's, Raider, Business, Joint Base Elmendorf, Richardson , Alaska . US Air Force, Pentagon, Air Force's, US Air Force, Whiteman Air Force Base Missouri, Staff, Air Force, Air, Ship Missiles, Ellsworth Air Force Base, Senior, US Air Force Boeing, Getty, White, Congress Locations: Richardson , Alaska, United States, South Dakota, Vietnam, Palmdale , California
This means that the upper class in one state could still be considered middle class in another. AdvertisementEven so, being upper class may not feel like swimming in wealth. New York has the second-highest share in the upper class at nearly 21%, even though the cutoff is $159,100. AdvertisementThe list of states with the lowest shares of people in the upper class also doesn't correspond. Alaska, Utah, and Idaho have below 15% of their populations in the upper class, while Wyoming and Delaware are in the 15% range.
Persons: , they're Organizations: Service, Business, Pew, DC Locations: Washington, New Jersey, Maryland , Massachusetts, Hawaii , California, New York, Louisiana, Mississippi, West Virginia, Louisiana , Arkansas , Kentucky , Oklahoma , Alabama, New Mexico, Alaska , Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Delaware
Hedge funds added more exposure to financial and tech names in the last quarter, according to Morgan Stanley. Castagno highlighted that in the last quarter, hedge funds seemed to shift their portfolio allocations toward the information technology and financials sectors, moving away from health care. However, hedge funds still remain most overweight stocks within the health care, consumer discretionary and industrials industries. Hedge funds have recently increased their ownership shares in retailer Bath & Body Works by 2.5%. Wolfe Research upgraded shares of Alaska Air Group to outperform from peer perform last Friday.
Persons: Morgan Stanley, Todd Castagno, Castagno, A.J, — CNBC's Michael Bloom Organizations: Securities and Exchange, Universal Health Services, UBS, Body, JPMorgan, Airline, Alaska Air Group, Wolfe Research, TPG, DXC Technology, Avis Budget Group Locations: Rice, Bath, Coast
CNN —The Senate will vote Thursday on a border security bill that is dividing the Democratic caucus and failed earlier this year, exposing rifts within the party even as they try to shift the narrative on border security. Sources say those talks included reviving the stalled border security measure that initially failed after former President Donald Trump told GOP lawmakers to knock it down. “I will not vote for the bill coming to the Senate floor this week because it includes several provisions that will violate Americans’ shared values. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer acknowledged over the weekend that not every Democrat may vote for the bill in a letter to colleagues. They think we’re nuts.”But Republican Sen. James Lankford, a key negotiator on the border bill, said he’ll vote against the measure Thursday.
Persons: Donald Trump, , , ” Sen, Cory Booker, Booker, Chuck Schumer, Sen, Alex Padilla, “ It’s, ” Padilla, Virginia Democratic Sen, Mark Warner, , Republican Sen, Lisa Murkowski, ” Murkowski, James Lankford, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, Tom Suozzi, Murphy, Schumer, ” Robyn Barnard, ” Barnard, We’ve, Brian Schatz, Maine Sen, Angus King, CNN’s Sam Fossum Organizations: CNN, Democratic, White, New, New Jersey Democrat, Republicans, GOP, Senate, Virginia Democratic, Republican, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins Tuesday, Democrats, Democratic Rep, of, Human, , Democrat Locations: Ukraine, New Jersey, Virginia, Alaska, New, Hawaii, Maine
Even the roads are buckling, cracking and collapsing, as if in a slow-motion earthquake. And outside a small town called Batagay, deep in the Siberian hinterland, a crater is rapidly opening up — known to locals as the gateway to the underworld. Already more than half a mile deep and about 3,000 feet wide, the Batagaika crater is growing as the ground beneath it melts. The land is belching up the past and swallowing the present — creating a yawning hole even more dizzying than the huge open-pit mines that already scar the Siberian landscape. In Alaska houses in rural villages are sinking into the ground as the shoreline falls into the sea.
Locations: Russia, Batagay, Canada, China, Tibetan, Alaska
Read previewAt least 75 of Alaska's brooks and streams have been turning a dirty orange likely due to thawing permafrost, with some rivers so impacted that the discoloration can be seen via satellite, a new study says. Rivers and lakes typically have a pH value of 6.5 to 8, and acid rain has a pH value of 4.2 to 4.4. Jon O'Donnell/National Park Service"These findings have considerable implications for drinking water supplies and subsistence fisheries in rural Alaska," researchers wrote. The 75 orange streams observed were scattered across northern Alaska over a span of about 600 miles, the study said. AdvertisementAn orange tributary joins the Kuguroruk River in Alaska.
Persons: , Jenny McGrath, Jon O'Donnell, Joshua Koch, Biden Organizations: Service, Business, Geological Survey Scientists Locations: Rivers, Kobuk, Alaska
Support local vendors whenever possibleThe wedding industry is incredibly lucrative, and a huge economic boost for Hawaii. Zablan-Duvauchelle said couples can find local photographers and wedding planners, as well as buy guest favors from local businesses. Advertisement"Having a local wedding planner can help you identify local vendors," Zablan-Duvauchelle said. AdvertisementIf you want to meet some of your vendors for hair and makeup trials or catering tastings, Zablan-Duvachelle suggests booking a wedding planning trip to help guide your decision-making. It's the small things that countNo matter where you decide to have your wedding, Zablan-Duvauchelle said the details make a wedding sing.
Persons: , Zabrina Zablan, Duvauchelle Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Hawaii, Alaska, New York City, San Francisco, O'ahu, Waikiki, Poipu, Waimea, Kauai, Zablan
FCC is considering AI rules for political ads
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Washington CNN —The Federal Communications Commission is taking initial steps toward new rules that could require political ads on TV and radio to include disclaimers about the use of artificial intelligence. Under the proposed rules, political advertisers on those mediums would have to make on-air disclosures if their ads contain AI-generated content. The FCC move seeks to fill a yawning gap in the regulation of artificial intelligence in political advertising. In March, a bipartisan proposal by Minnesota Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski unveiled the AI Transparency in Elections Act, which could require AI disclaimers on political ads. Online platforms such as Meta have taken their own steps to address AI in political ads, requiring campaigns to disclose the use of deepfakes and banning the use of its in-house generative AI tools for political advertising.
Persons: Jessica Rosenworcel, ” Rosenworcel, I’ve, , , Minnesota Democratic Sen, Amy Klobuchar, Alaska Republican Sen, Lisa Murkowski, Chuck Schumer Organizations: Washington CNN, Federal Communications Commission, , FCC, Federal, FEC, Minnesota Democratic, Alaska Republican, Meta Locations: Alaska, New York
CNN —A 70-year-old man was killed by a cow moose after he tried to take photos of the animal and its newborn calves near his home in southern Alaska on Sunday, authorities said. The man, Dale Chorman, was with a friend when the pair spotted a female moose and her two newborn calves in the city of Homer, the Alaska Department of Public Safety said. “Dale was with another adult male and they were attempting to take photos of two newborn moose calves when the cow moose attacked Dale,” agency spokesperson Austin McDaniel told CNN in an email Tuesday. While in the company of her calves, a female moose will not hesitate to attack should a person come near them, McDaniel said. “Cow moose with calves are known to be relentless in their efforts to defend their calves from perceived threats,” McDaniel said.
Persons: Dale Chorman, “ Dale, Dale, Austin McDaniel, McDaniel, , Nathan Chorman, He’d, Nathan, , ” McDaniel, Homer Organizations: CNN, Alaska Department of Public Safety, Alaska State Medical, Office, KTUU, Alaska Department of Fish Locations: Alaska, Homer, Anchorage, Kenai
Forbes compiled a list of the richest person in every state in 2024. The billionaires include members of the Walton family, Mars family, and Chick-fil-A's Cathy family. Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . In May 2024, Forbes released a list of the wealthiest person in each state.
Persons: Forbes, Walton, Cathy, Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Alaska , Delaware, West Virginia, California , New York, Florida, Bloomington , Indiana, Bentonville , Arkansas
President Joe Biden and Democrats have tried unsuccessfully to restore nationwide abortion rights since the Supreme Court issued its landmark reversal of Roe in 2022. AdvertisementHogan's position makes him one of the few prominent Republicans to support abortion rights. When he first announced his Senate run, Hogan initially said he needed to think more about his position on abortion rights. Democrats have already placed abortion rights on the Florida ballot this November. No Republican Senate is going to make a serious effort to codify Roe, given the party's near-universal support to restrict abortion rights.
Persons: , Larry Hogan, Roe, Hogan, Wade, he's, Joe Biden, Angela Alsbrooks, Alsobrooks, David Trone, Susan Collins of, Lisa Murkowski, codifying Roe, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Court's Dodds, hasn't, it's, Trump Organizations: Service, Maryland Gov, GOP, Democrats, Business, Prince, Wine, Republicans, Press, Senate, Biden, Republican Senate Locations: Prince George's County, Susan Collins of Maine, Alaska, Maryland, Florida, Arizona
Early in his term, President Biden seemed to have struck an uneasy truce with the oil and gas industry. Mr. Biden had imposed restrictions on drilling as part of his ambitious climate agenda, but he also approved an enormous $8 billion oil project in Alaska. The United States had become the world’s leading exporter of natural gas, and no other country in history was pumping more crude. Then, in January, Mr. Biden paused new permits for export facilities for liquefied natural gas. That decision galvanized oil and gas companies against Mr. Biden, according to industry lobbyists, and will be an undercurrent at a fund-raising lunch set for Wednesday in Houston.
Persons: Biden, Donald J, Trump, Mr, , , Thomas J, Pyle Organizations: United, Mr, American Energy Alliance Locations: Alaska, United States, Houston
Gold prices hit an all-time high on Monday as a slowing U.S. inflation trend boosted expectations that the Federal Reserve could deliver its first interest rate cut soon, while silver scaled a more than 11-year peak. Spot gold was up 0.9% at $2,436.76 per ounce, as of 0340 GMT after hitting a record high of $2440.49 earlier in the session. Data last week showed signs of cooling inflation and traders now expect a 65% chance of a U.S. rate cut by September. "Gold prices sneaked in a cheeky record high ahead of China's (market) open on Monday. Spot silver rose 2.5% to $32.28 after hitting an over 11-year high.
Persons: Kyle Rodda, Bullion, Matt Simpson, Wang Tao Organizations: Fort, Federal Reserve, Index, Palladium Locations: Fort Knox Alaska, Kinross, Tetlin , Alaska, U.S, China's, China
Taking the Long Way Home From Alaska
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Within months of the Pearl Harbor bombing on Dec. 7, 1941, the United States, in cooperation with the Canadian authorities, set out to build a highway from British Columbia to Alaska, then a territory and viewed as vulnerable to attack by Japan. The original 1,685-mile road took more than 10,000 soldiers less than nine months to complete. An upgraded version opened in 1948 and has been continually resurfaced and rerouted; It now measures just shy of 1,400 miles from Dawson Creek, British Columbia, to Delta Junction in Alaska, according to “The Milepost,” a guidebook to the drive. The highway formed the heart of a family road trip I took last September from Alaska to Idaho, passing through the Yukon, British Columbia and Alberta, in Canada, along the way.
Locations: United States, British Columbia, Alaska, Japan, Dawson Creek, Idaho, Yukon, Alberta, Canada
A Business Insider analysis of US Census Bureau data reveals that while 52.7% of Utah's population falls in the middle class, just 42.3% of New Yorkers are middle class. Pew Research Center defines being middle class as earning between two-thirds and double each state's median income. Still, the median income per state can be as high as $101,000 and as low as $52,700, meaning that being middle class in one state could be either lower or upper class in another state. Many on the lower end of the middle class are particularly worried about having enough to meet all their daily needs while also saving for retirement. Do you feel middle class?
Persons: Organizations: Service, Pew Research, Business, Census Locations: In Texas, Minnesota, Utah , Idaho, Alaska, States, Delaware , Wisconsin, Wyoming, Midwest, New York , Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey , Maryland, New Hampshire, . New York , California , Connecticut, Virginia, Alaska , Utah, Idaho, Washington , DC . Mississippi, West Virginia, . New York, Massachusetts , Montana, Hawaii, Colorado,
A Spirit Airlines aircraft undergoes operations in preparation for departure at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Austin, Texas, on Feb. 12, 2024. Spirit Airlines is doing away with both change and cancellation fees, effective immediately, days after Frontier's similar announcement, part of an overhaul of the country's biggest discount carriers' longtime strategy. Ancillary revenue routinely surpasses those airlines' ticket prices. Most larger rivals such as Delta , American , Alaska and United got rid of change fees during the pandemic except for the cheapest, most restrictive tickets. Along with getting rid of change fees, Frontier also announced Friday that it will start offering bundles that include add-on options such as early boarding and checked baggage that they previously offered a la carte.
Persons: Matt Klein, Joe Biden, Biden Organizations: Spirit Airlines, Austin, Bergstrom International Airport, CNBC, Southwest Airlines, Frontier, Department of Transportation, Spirit Locations: Austin , Texas, Delta, Alaska, United
Moving back and forth from Tennessee to Alaska, Michael Rogers and his wife Christy have twice been stuck simultaneously paying a mortgage and rent. Once, in 2006, the situation dragged on for eight months, finally ending when they sold their house in Tennessee for $20,000 below what they’d paid for it. Other adventures in homeownership ended well — the couple doubled their money after selling a fixer-upper. The couple just renewed their lease for a third year, and have decided to remain renters for good. Mr. Rogers, a construction manager, likes the convenience of being able to move when a job calls.
Persons: Michael Rogers, Christy, homeownership, Rogers Locations: Tennessee, Alaska, Kingsport
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