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Bernstein reiterates Tesla as underperform Bernstein said it still sees minimal positive catalysts ahead for Tesla following earnings on Tuesday. Bank of America upgrades Tesla to buy from neutral Bank of America said it sees a slew of "positive catalysts" ahead for Tesla shares following earnings on Tuesday. Citi downgrades Molson Coors to sell from neutral Citi said it's concerned about slowing growth. Citi upgrades SiriusXM to neutral from sell Citi said the risk/reward is now more balanced. Citi reiterates Amazon as buy Citi raised its price target on the stock to $235 per share from $215.
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Airbnb – The vacation property rental platform added nearly 2% following an upgrade by Mizuho to buy from neutral. Visa — Shares of the payment company rose more than 2% after stronger than expected results for the second fiscal quarter. Texas Instruments posted $1.20 per share on $3.66 billion in revenue, beating analysts' projections of $1.07 and $3.61 billion, respectively, per LSEG. Mattel saw $810 million in revenue during the quarterly period, which was less than the consensus estimate of $832 million. Enphase said to expect second-quarter revenue between $290 million and $330 million, under the consensus forecast of $349 million.
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What it actually means has varied in scope, and level of detail. At Yale and Cornell, students have called on the universities to stop investing in weapons manufacturers. Columbia students are demanding the sale of holdings in funds and businesses that activists say are profiting from Israel’s invasion of Gaza, and the longer-term occupation of Palestinian lands — including Google, which has a large contract with the Israeli government, and Airbnb, which allows listings in Israeli settlements on the occupied West Bank. Researchers say the impact of any divestment would ultimately be negligible on the businesses and on Israel. They add that if universities give up votes as shareholders at the companies, divestment could even be counterproductive in pressuring companies to change their practices.
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A real estate agent who rents her Hamptons home got caught up in an Airbnb scam. Photos of her property were used for a fake listing, The Real Deal reports. AdvertisementA Corcoran real-estate agent and East Hamptons homeowner was caught up in an Airbnb scam when a fake listing for her property showed on the rental platform, The Real Deal reports. According to the Real Deal, Sarah Stewart rents her Hamptons home in the spring and summer, but not through Airbnb. Though Stewart got the scam pages taken down, she told The Real Deal the ordeal was "terribly upsetting."
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He also hiked his price target to $92 from $59, suggesting shares rallying 48.3% from where they closed on Tuesday. Analyst Jessica Reif Ehrlich raised her price target to $370 from $315, suggesting 22% upside from Tuesday's close. — Hakyung Kim 6:04 a.m.: Citi raises price target on Amazon Amazon is becoming a more profitable organization, according to Citi. The price target increase comes on the heels of Amazon's new grocery delivery subscription launch. He cited increased operating income projections amid strong top-line trends for his price target increase.
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Airbnb's new chief business officer correction
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Dave Stephenson started as Airbnb's chief financial officer in 2019. An earlier version misstated the year.
Persons: Dave Stephenson
As Airbnb's recently appointed chief business officer, Dave Stephenson is playing a crucial role in the company's future growth plans. He's also filling another role that is critical to that growth: an Airbnb host. An avid skier and hiker, Stephenson is quick to share details of the best trails with his guests. Airbnb is also looking to expand its services, making it easier to be a host as well as a guest. That could include helping hosts facilitate check-ins or helping them get the items they need for guests, like linens.
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Magic Eden coders gathered in an Airbnb in San Jose, California, to hack in preparation for the so-called bitcoin halving. Their goal was to spend a week hacking to prepare for the so-called bitcoin halving — an event that is baked into the chain's code and helps to stave off inflation through programmatic monetary policy. watch nowTechnically speaking, runes just enables asset issuance of fungible tokens on bitcoin's base chain. The reason this is significant to developers is because of its efficiency relative to existing BRC-20 tokens, bitcoin's widely-used fungible token standard that has already received a ton of traction. "There's definitely been an awakening of capital interest in the bitcoin layer two space," said Muneeb Ali, who co-founded Stacks — an open-source blockchain network that brings smart contracts to bitcoin.
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AdvertisementThe majority of so-called "peak boomers" have $250,000 or less in assets , according to a recent report, write Juliana Kaplan and Ayelet Sheffey. If you're a bit surprised by the dire economic situation of peak boomers, I wouldn't blame you. Older boomers had the benefit of employer-subsidized retirement plans before a shift in the workforce left younger boomers to fend for themselves. Alistair Berg/Getty ImagesPeak boomers' retirement struggles might end up being a wake-up call for younger generations. There will be plenty of lessons learned from peak boomers entering retirement without the safety net of a pension.
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Travelers can soon use Hilton Honors points at AutoCamp's popular "glamping" resorts. The rapidly expanding luxury camping chain has seven locations, many near national parks. As someone who's stayed at two of AutoCamp resorts, I think the mutually beneficial partnership is a great idea. AdvertisementLike other "glamping" and campgrounds, AutoCamp experienced a windfall in bookings during the COVID-19 pandemicTravelers will soon be able to book AutoCamp's resorts through Hilton's website. The glamping company's properties are the perfect compromise between the invigorating seclusion of camping and the indulgences of a traditional Hilton hotel.
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The Portugal-based carpentry company Madeiguincho began building tiny homes for European customers in 2016. Take a look inside a variety of their tiny homes, ranging from $58,619 to $74,535 in price. AdvertisementSo far, the company has built 25 tiny homes, with prices starting at €55,000 (about $58,600). In 2019, Madeiguincho, which constructs the tiny homes in Portugal, collaborating with local builders and architects, began shipping to the US. AdvertisementTake a look inside some of Madeiguincho's tiny homes.
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Now, after she made her pitch at the VFW hall, attendees clamored around Widell, eager to have her manage their Airbnb rentals. The reign of the Airbnb Queen of Tulsa was over — and her subjects were left to pick up the pieces. Dominic Bugatto for BIThe "Queen of Airbnb" label, which started off as Widell's Airbnb account name, helped create an aura of omnipotence. According to those familiar with the business, Widell seemed to be shifting her focus away from Airbnb rentals to the house-staging business. Today, her "Tulsa Airbnb Group" on Facebook remains active, with some 1,000 members.
Persons: Airbnb, Dani Widell, Widell, Kathy Portley, weren't, , Emily Burke, Will Widell, They'd, thrifty, Will, who'd, Logan Haskett, Dominic Bugatto, Burke, hadn't, Knikki Nash, she'd, Mallory Massey, Massey, David Brunson, Brunson, Renee Brummett, We've, Dani hasn't, Brummett, doorstepped, unraveled, Nash, Dani, Widell's, carting, Will cosigned, Brummet, Tulsa's, Meagan McCollum, Bram Gallagher, Gallagher, Dan Latu Organizations: VFW, Tulsa, Facebook, Tulsa Real Estate Investors Association, Oklahoma State University, Tulsa People, Mahogany Prime, Summit, Downtown, Social, Bank of America Center, PGA, Investors, Widell, Employees, Rover, BI, nonpayment, University of Tulsa, Business Locations: Tulsa, Tulsa ., Widell, Airbnb, Brady, Arkansas,
But he had a lot of downtime — and he's "not good with having a lot of downtime," the 37-year-old told Business Insider. Roughly three months later, he was secretly working two full-time remote jobs and earning about $225,000 a year in combined income. Luke wasn't sure if his job juggling had been exposed or if the company just changed its mind — he never found out. However, after weighing the challenges the hybrid policy would present, in addition to the other downsides of job juggling, Luke ultimately decided that "the juice wasn't worth the squeeze." AdvertisementAre you working multiple remote jobs at the same time and willing to provide details about your pay and schedule?
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Here are the backup solutions I now put in place before leaving home — and why you might want to try them if you're traveling anytime soon. AdvertisementBut when stopping for fuel 600 miles away from home, with 1,100 miles remaining, "Key battery low, replace soon" appeared on my car's display. I didn't bring my spare smart key fob, let alone a flathead screwdriver or a replacement battery. The smart lock wouldn't let us lock the door. If it's a smart lock, I ask for a contingency plan in case the tech isn't so bright.
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Read previewSingaporean Xian Jie Lee, 33, moved to Japan in 2012 to study political science. Xian Jie LeeShu told Lee that he could rent a farmhouse in a village called Ryujinmura. "I removed the tatami (traditional straw floor covering) in the inner room and fell through the floor," Lee said. Xian Jie LeeWhile renovating the guesthouse, Lee turned his own home into a café three days a week to earn extra income. Xian Jie LeeLee has also been able to participate in unique experiences himself.
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Karthik Shanadi and Luke McGurrin did just that — and they started their brand, Greek House, out of their fraternity house with a slim $500 budget. Since launching Greek House in 2013, the cofounders have added three more apparel brands. Courtesy of Karthik ShanadiIt helped that Shanadi and McGurrin eventually expanded into what he considers a "high barrier niche": licensed merchandise. In 2016, about three years after starting Greek House, they received a notice from a licensing agency.
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I stayed in a houseboat in Amsterdam for four nights. Even though it was on the pricier side, it was worth it to live like a local for a few days. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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AdvertisementThis is an as-told-to conversation with Ezra Gershanok, a former Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company and the cofounder of sublet startup Ohana. I was hired straight out of college as a Business Analyst, an entry-level consultant role at the firm. Related storiesFor me, the pace of the work started to slow down in the second half of 2021 and into 2022. Several jobs at the firm started to be seen as redundant. So, it's possible to get positive feedback from the clients you're working with and your direct manager, even when the higher-ups are trying to push you out.
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George Stumpp, a retired bartender, lives comfortably in Panama after moving from New Mexico. He said Panama has robust infrastructure, a lower cost of living, and many of the same stores as the US. AdvertisementGeorge Stumpp, 65, worked as a bartender and bar supervisor in Long Island and New Mexico for decades. He's enjoying retirement in a country with a lower cost of living and high-quality healthcare, and he said he's enjoyed adapting to Panamanian culture. As his kids got older, he started to vacation in Central America, traveling to Costa Rica, Belize, and Panama.
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Airbnb plans to help renters list their homes to earn additional income. The company says it could help mitigate the impact of skyrocketing rental rates. AdvertisementAirbnb is on a mission to help renters earn a little extra income — and probably keep a little for itself, too. The company announced plans on Friday to help renters list their rental homes on its platform. Airbnb plans to work with city and state governments to "advocate for short-term rental rules that allow renters to share their home."
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CNN —Airbnb wants more renters, and not just homeowners, to be able to become hosts on its short-term rental platform. New York City, for example, has argued that short-term rental platforms like Airbnb limit available housing supply, leading to overall higher rents, and that they can be disruptive to neighborhoods. “A lot of the early laws that were made limited short-term rental to homeownership,” Theo Yedinsky, the vice president of public policy at Airbnb, told CNN. These renters, however, will still have to get permission from their landlord to host on Airbnb (Airbnb has no involvement in individual lease agreements between property owners and tenants). And many major cities, including New York, are increasingly cracking down and heavily restricting the short-term rental market.
Persons: CNN — Airbnb, ” Theo Yedinsky, Yedinsky, Airbnb, couldn’t, , , Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, Glenn Youngkin, ” Yedinsky, Rahul Bhaskar, Bhaskar, ” Bhaskar Organizations: CNN, Gov Locations: New York City, San Francisco, Virginia, New York, India
This work diminished short-term revenue, but was best for customers, much appreciated, and should bode well for customers and AWS longer-term. We're also making progress on many of our newer business investments that have the potential to be important to customers and Amazon long-term. Being intentional about building primitives requires patience. Customers building their own FM must tackle several challenges in getting a model into production. Customers' AI models contain some of their most sensitive data.
Persons: Andy Jassy, Jassy, Jeff Bezos, he's, we've, Martha Stewart, Clinique, we're, We've, bode, We're, I've, iterating, We'd, we'd, Fox, affordably, you've, They're, Anthropic, that's, Claude, Dana, debugs, Slack Organizations: Amazon, Services, AWS, Deal, Prime, MGM, Savings, Regions, Citadel, Target, Storage Service, Netflix, Disney, Max, Paramount, CIA, . Intelligence, Amazon Freight, Carrier, Amazon Shipping, Foods, Drones, Amazon Pharmacy, Amazon Clinic, Robotics, Nvidia, Ricoh, NatWest, FMs, Meta, Bridgewater Associates, Farber Cancer Institute, Delta Air Lines, Intuit, KT, Lonely, LexisNexis, Netsmart, Pfizer, PGA, Rocket Companies, Siemens, Media, Inc Locations: North America, U.S, Europe, India, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Middle East, Africa, Malaysia, New Zealand, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Berlin, Hulu, Amdocs, Genomics England, GoDaddy, GenAI
In this videoShare Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailThursday’s rapid fire: Nike, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, CarMax, Airbnb, Visa and MastercardCNBC’s Jim Cramer on Thursday offered his rapid-fire takes on Nike, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, CarMax, Airbnb, Mastercard and Visa.
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Goldman Sachs reiterates Alphabet as buy Goldman said it's sticking with its buy rating following the company's Google Cloud Next event. "We are initiating coverage of Airbnb (ABNB) with a BUY rating and a $190 per share price target." "Following a period of restriction, we are moving to an Overweight rating and a December 2024 price target of $140." "Given the increase in stock price, we believe valuation levels have disconnected from the fundamental outlook." Piper Sandler reiterates Meta as overweight Piper raised its price target on the stock to $600 per share from $525. "
Persons: Evercore, it's bullish, Goldman Sachs, Goldman, Berenberg, TD Cowen, Visa, Oppenheimer, it's, Snowflake, Raymond James, Simona Jankowski, Wells, Morgan Stanley, Moffett, We've, Marsh, Bernstein, Kenvue, underperform Bernstein, Johnson, Needham, Airbnb, CVX, TTE, Piper Sandler, Meta, Piper, Wells Fargo Organizations: JPMorgan, Apple, Mastercard, Barclays, Nasdaq, Nvidia, UBS, Gartner, IT, Deutsche Bank, ATI, Deutsche, Disney, Microsoft, TEAM, " Bank of America, Nike, of America, Citi, Robinhood, MMC, Qualcomm, Johnson, Consumer, Scotiabank, Hamilton Insurance, Costco, ~$ Locations: Albemarle, Chevron
Nike : Analysts at Bank of America upgraded Nike to a buy rating. I think that's true, but don't pay up $2 for it," Jim Cramer said. "That's used car prices coming down," Cramer said, referring to one challenge the company faced in the quarter. Visa , Mastercard : TD Cowen's financial technology and consumer finance analysts initiated joint coverage of Visa and Mastercard with buy ratings. I think it's not resonating because these stocks are stocks that trade over time; they don't trade on a given day," Cramer said.
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