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Sell your blood plasmaBags of blood plasma being examined in a laboratory. During plasma donation, blood is drawn and an automated machine separates the plasma from other blood components, which are returned to the donor. Plasma donation pay varies from site to site, but the average payout is typically around $50 per donation. During the egg donation cycle, patients are injected with fertility drugs so that the ovaries make more mature eggs than normal. For example, here's a list of the most recent paid research studies offered by New York University.
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The bombs used in the Israeli strike that killed dozens of Palestinians in a camp for displaced people near Rafah on Sunday were made in the United States, according to weapons experts and visual evidence reviewed by The New York Times. U.S. officials have been encouraging the Israeli military for months to increase the use of GBU-39 bombs in Gaza because they are generally more precise and better suited to urban environments than larger bombs, including U.S.-made 2,000-pound bombs that Israel routinely uses. “This is the smallest munition that our jets can use.”In response to questions from The Times, the Israeli military declined to specify the munition used. Image A fire raging after an Israeli strike on a camp for displaced people northwest of Rafah in southern Gaza on Sunday night. Credit... Reuters“The Israelis have said they used 37-pound bombs,” John Kirby, a White House spokesman said at a briefing on Tuesday.
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Jessup, Maryland CNN —In her first week of job training, Tiffany Joseph Busch learned how to do an oil change. Instead, she learned in a virtual garage, using a Meta Quest virtual reality headset. In addition to MCIW, the nonprofit is also piloting the VR auto technician training program in correctional facilities in Texas and Virginia. Mackenzie Happe/CNNBut is it really possible to learn how to fix a car in virtual reality without ever interacting with a real vehicle? Carpenter said she feels “100% confident in my abilities.”And Schwartz said he’s certain about the potential for VR training, too.
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Washington CNN —Boeing is expected to release a plan this week to fix its endless string of safety issues that have been under federal investigation following a midflight fuselage blowout in January. Since then, the FAA and Boeing have met multiple times about the company’s progress and the plan’s scope. FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker said last week he sees the plan as only the “beginning” of a process for Boeing. Boeing later agreed to financial penalties and a deferred prosecution agreement to settle a criminal charge of defrauding US regulators. Its marching orders for the plan include addressing the audit and expert panel findings and explaining how it will integrate safety and quality assurance policies into practice.
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CNN —Ukraine should be allowed to use French weapons, including long-range missiles, against targets inside Russia from which Moscow attacks Ukraine, French President Emmanuel Macron said Monday. The SCALP missiles have a range of up to 155 kilometers (96 miles) and carry a 400-kilogram (881-pound) high-explosive penetration warhead, according to the Missile Threat project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Macron stressed that the French arms are to be used only against targets from which attacks are launched into Ukraine. “We must not allow them to hit other targets in Russia,” including civilian or other military targets, the French leader said. The meeting follows a similar agreement between Ukraine and Spain on Monday, with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announcing a $1.08 billion weapons deal for Ukraine.
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During recent military drills with Cambodia, China’s military showed off a robot dog with an automatic rifle mounted on its back, essentially turning man’s best (electronic) friend into a killing machine. The latter part of the video also shows an automatic rifle mounted under a six-rotor aerial drone, illustrating what the video says is China’s “variety of intelligent unmanned equipment.”Military use of robot dogs – and of course small aerial drones – is nothing new. And the dogs have been popping up on China’s heavily regulated social media for at least a year. According to the state-run Global Times, the presence of the robotic dogs at exercises with foreign militaries indicates an advanced stage of development. “Usually, a new equipment will not be brought into a joint exercise with another country, so the robot dogs must have reached a certain level of technical maturity,” Global Times quoted an unnamed expert as saying.
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She said nearly everything is more expensive in St. Louis compared to Dallas, from groceries to gas to various taxes. Census data shows that between 2021 and 2022, about 494,000 people moved out of Texas, while over 668,300 people moved in. Nearly 9,200 people moved from Texas to Missouri during this period. AdvertisementTheir son attended the University of Missouri, where her husband went, and he settled in St. Louis. AdvertisementThey looked around St. Louis for two years but couldn't find much on the market.
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Israeli airstrikes kill at least 35 in Rafah, Gaza authorities say
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Israeli war cabinet minister Benny Gantz said the rockets fired from Rafah "prove that the (Israel Defense Forces) must operate in every place Hamas still operates from". Reshiq restated Hamas's demands, which include: "Ending the aggression completely and permanently, in all of Gaza Strip, not only Rafah". It follows an agreement between U.S. President Joe Biden and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Friday to temporarily send aid via the Kerem Shalom crossing, bypassing the Rafah crossing that has been blocked for weeks. Aid trucks had been piling up on the Egyptian side of the border since May 7, when Israel seized the Rafah crossing in Gaza. Today, trucks at the Rafah crossing were rerouted to the Kerem Shalom crossing, which sits at the junction of Gaza, Israel and Egypt.
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Read previewThe loss of a B-2 Spirit bomber due to fire and its subsequent retirement highlights the fragility of the US Air Force's bomber fleet. A US Air Force airman poses in front of a B-2 Spirit at Whiteman Air Force Base Missouri. Pictures From History/Universal Images Group via Getty ImagesThe B-21 Raider bomber is criticalThere is a silver lining to America's bomber fleet decline in the B-21 Raider. US Air Force photoWashington must recognize the strategic failure of a small and antiquated bomber fleet. Facilitating the on-time deployment of the next generation bomber cannot come too soon in order to restore the size and strength of America's bomber fleet.
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Yet he is locked up by the say-so of the United States government,” she added. His supporters believe he’s been caught up in geopolitics during a time of strained relations between the United States and China and have accused authorities of using him to send a message to former military personnel. A spokesperson for the Australian attorney general said the government doesn’t comment on extradition matters. Under Australia’s Extradition Act, Duggan is entitled to appeal directly to the attorney general as to why he shouldn’t be sent to the US. There is no set time period for the attorney general to make a decision, but by law it should be made as soon as practicable.
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Read previewChina's large-scale military drills around Taiwan aren't just a show of force in response to the remarks of the democratic island's new president. China says the joint force live-fire exercise, lasting two days, is a test of its ability to launch a full-scale, lethal assault on Taiwan and ultimately force it to succumb to Beijing's rule. An outdoor screen shows a news coverage of China's military drills around Taiwan, in Beijing on May 23, 2024. AdvertisementA screen grab captured from a video shows the Taiwan army conduct military exercise following China's large-scale joint military drill around Taiwan on May 23, 2024. The use of force against Taiwan could take different forms, from an all-out assault to something like a blockade.
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“To still impart that knowledge on young people, and particularly young black women, that they can do this.”Becoming a pilot was something Claiborne, originally from Virginia, could never have imagined for herself as a young girl. When asked about the transition to flying commercial planes, Claiborne stresses that “a pilot is a pilot.”“You’re in different type organizations, but you’re still a pilot,” she adds. So this is an opportunity for her to really enjoy herself.”Increasing diversityClaiborne is committed to increasing pilot diversity and will continue to mentor young women. It’s estimated that there are less than 150 Black women pilots in the US, and Claiborne feels a huge responsibility as one of them. While this may be the end of her commercial flying career, Claiborne isn’t necessarily saying “goodbye” to piloting forever, and would love to fly a World War II aircraft one day.
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AdvertisementA North Vietnamese student pilot in the cockpit of a non-flying MiG-21 fighter jet trainer with a flight instructor. Only one other B-52 tail gunner had scored a successful kill against a Vietnamese fighter, though more than 30 B-52s had been shot down throughout the conflict. In fact, the first time a B-52 had ever shot down a MiG had only happened a few days prior. A US Air Force B52 bomber unleashes its bomb load over Vietnam. The kill was confirmed by another tail gunner named Tech.
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Taiwan's new President Lai Ching-te speaks on stage during the inauguration ceremony outside the Presidential office building in Taipei, Taiwan, on May 20, 2024. China's military started two days of "punishment" drills around Taiwan on Thursday in what it said was a response to "separatist acts", just days after new Taiwan President Lai Ching-te took office and called on Beijing to cease its threats. China detests Lai, saying he is a "separatist", and it has denounced his inauguration speech on Monday. The Eastern Theatre Command of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) said it had started joint military drills, involving the army, navy, air force and rocket force, in areas around Taiwan at 7:45 a.m. (2345 GMT). The drills are being conducted in the Taiwan Strait, the north, south and east of Taiwan, as well as areas around the Taiwan-controlled islands of Kinmen, Matsu, Wuqiu and Dongyin, the command said in a statement.
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CNN —Tensions are once again ratcheting up in the Taiwan Strait, with China launching military drills encircling Taiwan just days after the democracy swore in a new leader long loathed by Beijing. The Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) said it launched joint military drills involving the army, navy, air force and rocket force in areas around Taiwan early Thursday morning. The drills are being conducted in the Taiwan Strait – a narrow body of water separating the self-ruling island with mainland China – as well as north, south and east of Taiwan. The Chinese guided missile frigate Nantong, one of the vessels in the series of military drills around Taiwan. The defeated Nationalist Party fled to Taiwan, moving the seat of their Republic of China (ROC) government from the mainland to Taipei.
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Read previewThe Chinese armed forces began conducting large-scale military exercises around Taiwan on Thursday, just days after the island's newly elected president Lai Ching-te took office. Taiwan's defense ministry posted a video condemning Chinese actions, as well as showing the various locations around it where Chinese forces are operating. The CCP’s military exercises, which highlight its hegemony mindset, have undermined regional peace and stability. An outdoor screen shows a news coverage of China's military drills around Taiwan, in Beijing on May 23, 2024. Taiwanese soldiers stand guard as flares are fired during a Taiwanese military live-fire drill, after Beijing increased its military exercises near Taiwan, in Pingtung, Taiwan, 6 September 2022.
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CNN —China’s military drills around Taiwan are designed to test its ability to “seize power” over the island, the People’s Liberation Army said Friday as its forces kicked off a second day of large-scale exercises encircling its democratic neighbor. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry has condemned China’s military exercises as “irrational provocations” and dispatched its own sea, air and ground forces in response. A total of 19 Chinese warships and seven coast guard vessels were detected near the Taiwan Strait, according to the ministry. China Coast Guard drill near Taiwan. China Coast Guard/Weibo‘Blockading Taiwan’China’s military drills are often as much about playing to a domestic audience as signaling intentions internationally, and state media has ramped up coverage of the drills.
Persons: CNN —, Lai Ching, Lai, Xi Jinping, , China’s, Tsai Ing, ” “, Wu Qian, Liu, Tsai, wasn’t, , I’m, Zhang Chi, Zhang, Carl Schuster, Craig Singleton, ” Singleton, Singleton, Lionel Fatton, ” Fatton Organizations: CNN, People’s Liberation Army, PLA, Command, Party, Taiwan, Guard, CCTV, Taiwan’s Defense, Kyodo, Democratic Progressive Party, China’s, Ministry, Chinese Communist Party, China Coast Guard, Taiwan . China Coast Guard, Weibo, US, Coast Guard, Pacific Command’s Joint Intelligence Center, Foundation, Defense of Democracies, Webster University Locations: Taiwan, Beijing, China, Kinmen, Taiwan Strait, China's, Taiwan ., , Kaohsiung, Wuqiu, Geneva
The amphibious assault ship, currently docked in New York City for Fleet Week 2024, will undergo work to carry F-35B Lightning II fighter jets. The upgrade will be "game-changer" for the capabilities and future operations of the ship, a senior officer said. AdvertisementAn F-35B Lightning II fighter aircraft sits on the flight deck of the Wasp-class amphibious assault ship USS Essex. Ken Kalemkarian/releasedThe idea of a lightning carrier has roots in the "Harrier carrier" concept, which the Bataan notably employed in Iraq in 2003. Two U.S. Air Force F-35A Lightning II aircraft operate alongside amphibious assault ship USS Bataan (LHD 5) and guided-missile destroyer USS Thomas Hudner (DDG 116) in the Gulf of Oman, Aug. 17, 2023.
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CNN —China has launched two days of military drills surrounding Taiwan in what it called “punishment” for “separatist acts,” days after the self-ruling island swore in a new democratically elected leader. China’s ruling Communist Party says the self-ruling democracy is part of its territory, despite never having controlled it, and has vowed to take the island, by force if necessary. The Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) said it launched joint military drills involving the army, navy, air force and rocket force in areas around Taiwan at 7.45 a.m. on Thursday. The drills are being conducted in the Taiwan Strait – a narrow body of water separating the self-ruling island with mainland China – as well as north, south and east of Taiwan. It expressed regret to “such irrational provocations and actions that undermine regional peace and stability.”
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The US Air Force just released more photos of the B-21 Raider, its newest stealth bomber. The long-range aircraft is working through flight testing in California. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementThe US Air Force on Wednesday published more photos of its newest stealth bomber, the B-21 Raider, as the penetrating strike aircraft continues to work through flight testing. The photos, captured in January and April, show the sleek-looking new bomber in the middle of its testing — consisting of ground testing, taxiing, and flight operations — at California's Edwards Air Force Base.
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Russian S-400 surface-to-missile systems in the Victory Day parade in Moscow's Red Square on i in May 2023. Ukraine in September said it destroyed two Russian S-400 batteries in Crimea, a region annexed by Russia in 2014. Rajan Menon, the director of the Grand Strategy program at the US think tank Defense Priorities, described the S-400 as Russia's "top-of-the-line air defense system." A rocket launches from a S-400 missile system at the Ashuluk military base in Southern Russia in September 2020. A Patriot air defense system test-fired during a training in Chania, Greece, on November 8, 2017.
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Several desperate Gazans intercepted trucks delivering aid from the pier over the weekend, leading the UN to suspend the delivery operations until the logistical challenges are resolved. The amount of aid getting to the Gaza shoreline from its initial staging area in Cyprus has also fallen short of initial Pentagon estimates. The pier was finally anchored to Gaza last week as the humanitarian situation in the enclave has only worsened. The US has also made a number of air drops of humanitarian aid into Gaza in partnership with the Royal Jordanian Air Force. And we understand the desperate need of the Palestinian people right now,” Ryder said of efforts to get aid into Gaza.
Persons: Pat Ryder, Ryder, Brad Cooper, ” Mounir, ” Ryder, we’re, Sonali Korde, Lloyd Austin, Organizations: CNN, UN, Pentagon, United Nations, Defense Department, US Naval Forces Central Command, US Agency for International Development’s Bureau, Humanitarian, Defense, Royal Jordanian Air Force, US Central Command Locations: Gaza, Israel, Cyprus, Rafah
The Joint Program Office declined to comment to regarding the restriction. A spokesperson for the Marine Corps could not provide details on the restriction but said efforts are underway to return the aircraft to full operations. Pedro Caballero, a spokesperson for the Marine Corps, told when asked whether the restrictions applied to its roughly 350 Ospreys, the vast majority of the military's fleet. US Marine Corps MV-22B Ospreys take off at Port Darwin in Australia. An MV-22B Osprey conducts an external lift with US Marines during helicopter support team training at Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar, California.
Persons: ,, Beth Teach, Cpl, Juan Torres, Capt, Pedro Caballero, Caballero, Colton Martin Lt, Rebecca Heyse, Amelia Kang, Brian Taylor, Taylor, Juan Paz Taylor Organizations: Service, Force, Marine Corps, Ospreys, Business, Navy, Naval Air Forces, Office, Naval Air Systems Command, Royal Australian Air Force Base, US Marine Corps, Corps, Port Darwin, Air Force Special Operations Command, Greyhound, House Armed Services, US Marines, Marine Corps Air, Services, Aviation, Air Force, Marines, Program Office, Marine, US Air National Guard, Staff Locations: Japan, Port, Australia, Miramar , California, Darwin, Washington ,, Lemonnier, Djibouti
Kharkiv, Ukraine CNN —Thirty miles to the north, Russian forces are invading again. 00:41 - Source: CNNHotel manager Olha SokolenkoOlha Sokolenko, director of Kharkiv Palace Hotel, was in the hotel at the moment of the strike. This is my homeland.”Kharkiv’s mayorKharkiv's mayor, Ihor Terekhov, was elected just a few months before the Ukraine war broke out. To send signals both to Kharkiv residents who stay here that life goes on, and signals to those outside of Kharkiv that Kharkiv is a Ukrainian city and people live here.”Lomako explains that he and his partners traveled across the country to collect local recipes and techniques. Kharkiv theater goes undergroundThis theater in Kharkiv is one of several city institutions forced underground by the war.
Persons: Yuriy Sapronov, Sapronov, Chasiv Yar, , Yuriy, Daria Tarasova, ” Sapronov, Olha Sokolenko, Sokolenko, Olha, , Kolotay, Cristiano Ronaldo, Matviy, Mikhaylo Galushko, ” Galushko, Ihor Terekhov, Volodymyr Zelensky, ” Terekhov, Borys Lomako, “ It’s, ” Lomako, Lomako, Dmytro Gurov’s, Dmytro Gurov, CNN Gurov, Gurov, it’s, Oksana Stetsenko, ” Stetsenko, Neda Nezhdana Organizations: CNN, Ukraine CNN, Emergency Service, Soviet, Kharkiv, CNN Hotel, Hotel, ” FC Metalist Kharkiv Matviy Kolotay, FC Metalist Kharkiv, Hirnyk Sport, Coaches, FC Metalist, English, Everton, UEFA, Kharkiv's, Russia, Hyundai, Russian, Employees, Schools Locations: Kharkiv, Ukraine, Russian, Ukraine’s, Che, Russia, , Kaliningrad, Soviet Union, Soviet, Kyiv, Kremenchuk, Uzhhorod, Poltava, Ukrainian, Dnipro
Read previewMore extreme weather is scrambling the high-tech systems that have given the US military its edge. For example, severe weather can degrade navigation systems such as GPS and sensors on precision-guided munitions. Heavy rain ground aircraft and drones, intense heat exhausts troops, dust storms gum up tank engines, and storms damage ships at sea. The problem is that tactical units on the front lines, or in remote areas, often lack the connectivity to receive weather reports. "NOAA [the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration], the private sector and universities are actively working to improve global weather models," Regens said.
Persons: , James Regens, Napoleon, Jason Serrit, Regens, Michael Peck Organizations: Service, Business, Royal United Services Institute, Waterloo, Staff, US Air Force, Antiphon Solutions, North America, Pentagon, NOAA, National Oceanic, Administration, Defense, Foreign Policy, Rutgers Univ, Twitter, LinkedIn Locations: British, Iran, Iraqi, California, Oklahoma, Europe, NATO, Forbes
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