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CNN —Germany is marking its first Veterans’ Day since World War Two on Saturday, a once unthinkable move that sets aside long-standing unease over the honoring of its soldiers. “We on the left reject this Veterans’ Day,” he told CNN in a statement. The commemorations, modeled on Armed Forces Day in the UK and Veterans Day in the US, will honor all Germans who have worn military uniform – not only those wounded or killed in combat. But the biggest spur to creating a Veterans’ Day has been Ukraine. He played a prominent role in forming the new Veterans’ Day bill.
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By the time intelligence collected on overseas ISIS targets connected the men to the terror group, they had already been vetted by immigration authorities and allowed into the country, officials said. The men remain in federal custody on immigration charges and will eventually be deported following the counterterror investigation into them. US officials and analysts who closely track Islamist terror groups do know that ISIS-K has dramatically ramped up its online propaganda machine. But that’s not necessarily a reliable gauge of the number of actual terrorists who may be trying to enter the United States, US officials argue. Or they could belong to a legacy terror group — like the FARC — that isn’t known for conducting attacks on US soil.
Persons: , “ We’re, , Michael Morell, Christopher Wray, CNN Colin Clarke, ” Clarke, ” Republican Oklahoma Sen, James Lankford, noncitizens, that’s, Clarke, — it’s, ” Said, It’s Organizations: CNN, ISIS, FBI, ICE, Islamic, Crocus, US, Affairs, Foreign Affairs, ” Republican Oklahoma, Jordanian, US Marines Locations: Tajikistan, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Europe, Moscow, United States, al Qaeda, Syria, North America, Central, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Quantico
So on Thursday, he rolled out a new set of alternative steps, each designed to demonstrate to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, and to the Ukrainians, that the United States and its allies have no intention of packing up and leaving, as they did in Afghanistan, even if Ukraine remains outside NATO for years. He signed a 10-year security pact — albeit one with vague commitments and an early exit option — with Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky. Mr. Biden portrayed the agreement as a long-term guarantee of continued arms, intelligence support, advice and technology to win the current war and deter a new one. And he said the United States would take the lead in providing a loan of about $50 billion to Ukraine to rebuild its devastated ports and power plants, buy weapons and close its budget gap. The money is to be repaid from interest generated from $300 billion in assets that Mr. Putin, inexplicably, left in Western financial institutions before his February 2022 invasion.
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Experts say that this previously overlooked gemstone is rocketing in desirability and value, as collectors look beyond the so-called “Big Four’” (diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires) for more affordable, niche gemstones that may just be a shrewd investment. “Spinels and Paraiba tourmalines have seen a steady increase in demand over the last decade.”Boghossian's paraiba and diamond set features paraibas and fancy yellow diamonds. Experts posit that only one Paraiba tourmaline is mined for every 10,000 diamonds — and while similar hues are found in Madagascar, the scarcity of Brazilian stones has seen prices soar. At Bonhams, Tonkin said prices for top-quality Paraiba tourmalines reached $75,000 per carat in 2022, compared with $4,800 per carat in 2009. “These incredibly vibrant, clean gemstones really stirred something in me,” she explained in an email.
Persons: Olivia Young, Ouroboros, Ruby, Bonhams, , Jennifer Tonkin, Rahul Kadakia, Lily Gabriella, ” Charles Abouchar, , Tonkin, Roberto Boghossian, Moti Ferder, Ferder foresees, Lily Gabriella's, Lily Gabriella Likewise, Minka, Lucy Crowther, ” Crowther, Young Organizations: CNN, Imperial State Crown, Abouchar SA, Lugano Diamonds, Paraiba tourmalines, Big Locations: Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, British, Burma, London, Geneva, Paraiba, ” Boghossian's paraiba, paraiba, Brazilian, Madagascar, Bonhams, Paraiba tourmalines, Memphis, India
Read previewPresident Joe Biden's approval rating remains severely underwater just under five months before Americans will render their verdict on his reelection bid. Joe Biden's approval rating has hit 37.4% in 538's average—an all-time low. — Nathaniel Rakich (@baseballot) June 10, 2024On Monday, Biden notched the unpleasant distinction of recording his lowest-ever mark in FiveThirtyEight's weighted tracker of his approval rating with a 37.4% approval. According to FiveThirtyEight's weighted average, Trump has a 41.6% approval rating. Four other modern presidents had an average sub-50% approval rating at this same point in time.
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Read previewThe heavily armored M1 Abrams tank is widely regarded as one of the best and toughest tanks in Ukraine today, but even it can't ride out without cages to shield it from drones. Main battle tanks often sport large, welded "cope cages" to stop exploding drones from taking them out. — OSINTtechnical (@Osinttechnical) May 24, 2024Photos shared online last month showed a US-supplied M1A1 Abrams tank with improvised cages. Ukraine's new Abrams tank cage looks like it could be more purposefully designed to add another layer of protection and potentially increase the survivability of the crew. Now, learning from drone usage in Ukraine to improve the coming Abrams and future Bradley replacement is vital.
Persons: , Abrams, Mark Cancian, that's, Mick Ryan, Ryan, they've, 8oBB6119kn, Bradley, Cancian Organizations: Service, Business, Marine, Center for Strategic, International Studies, Abrams, SPH Locations: Ukraine, Russian, Iraq, Afghanistan, Australian, Ukrainian, Gaza, Russia
Geopolitical empires like Russia and China are, meanwhile, resurgent and threatening to obliterate the global system dominated by Western values that has prevailed since World War II. Trump’s “America First” philosophy has taken deep root in the Republican Party that once prided itself on winning the Cold War. For many years after World War II, D-Day commemorations lacked the fanfare and high diplomatic and political significance they carry today. The speech came at a particularly contentious moment in the Cold War with tensions high between Washington and the Soviet Union. The strength of America’s allies is vital to the United States, and the American security guarantee is essential to the continued freedom of Europe’s democracies.
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Read previewEvery fortnight or so, David Robinson starts his YouTube livestream, upbeat and all smiles. "It's inexcusable for us to have as many missing persons cases in this country as we do," he said in a stream on March 10. David Robinson speaks about his run for US Congress on his YouTube livestream. In 2021, almost 40% of the 521,000 persons reported missing in the US involved missing persons of color. The International Commission on Missing Persons told BI it's "impossible" to estimate the average cost of a search and recovery operation.
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The director of the National Counterterrorism Center will step down next month, Biden administration officials said on Wednesday. The director, Christine S. Abizaid, has served three years as the country’s top counterterrorism official. In recent years, a resurgent China and Russia, as well as the wars in Ukraine and in Gaza, have replaced counterterrorism as the country’s main national security priorities. The Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan, ISIS Khorasan, dramatically demonstrated its expanding reach earlier this year, conducting deadly attacks in Iran and Russia. In addition to supporting Hamas in Gaza, Iran backs extremist groups in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.
Persons: Christine S, Abizaid, Al Qaeda Organizations: National Counterterrorism Center, Biden, Islamic State, ISIS Locations: China, Russia, Ukraine, Gaza, Doha, Qatar, Israel, State, Iraq, Syria, Africa, Afghanistan, ISIS Khorasan, Iran, Lebanon, Yemen
CNN —There seems to be a doctrine within the National Security Council in the Biden administration: escalation aversion. Ukraine requested Javelins and Stingers before the full-scale war began when Russia invaded Ukraine in February of 2022. After the battle of Kyiv was won, Ukraine requested MiG-29s, which Poland agreed to provide in exchange for Western fighters. Ukraine requested Abrams tanks and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles for trench warfare in the east. During the Cold War, nuclear threats were not uncommon, but the US didn’t keep them from advancing its foreign policy interests.
Persons: Adam Kinzinger, Kinzinger, Ben Hodges, Biden, Vladmir Putin, Putin, Let’s, Abrams, Olaf Scholz, Emmanuel Macron, Annegret Hilse, Donald Trump’s Organizations: CNN, Republican, House Foreign Affairs, Air National Guard, US Army Europe, US Army, National Security Council, Ukraine, MiG, Western, Patriot, HIMARS, Bradley, ATACMS, NATO, Kyiv, Twitter, Facebook Ukraine Locations: Illinois, Ukraine, France, Germany, Russian, Russia, Kyiv, Poland, West, Vietnam, Afghanistan
“When I was 18, I registered as a Republican,” London said. Haley garnered nearly 17% of the primary vote statewide this year — approaching 25% in the suburban collar counties around Philadelphia. “It’s a principled position I need to take.”Irma Fralic, too, cast her primary vote for Haley as a protest. CNNOur visit to Pennsylvania coincided with Haley announcing she will vote for Trump in November despite significant differences with the presumptive GOP nominee. Eyeing Trump, but holding her noseLinda Rooney cast her Haley vote in the primary as a question as much as a protest.
Persons: Joan London, , Reagan, Bush, Obama, , , “ I’ve, Nikki Haley, Pennsylvania’s, Haley, Donald Trump’s, Ronald, I’ve, , Trump, Joe Biden, London’s, Biden, ” Irma Fralic, ” Fralic, I’m, I’d, , ’ ” John King, Irma Fralic, Fralic, Eyeing Trump, Linda Rooney, ” Rooney, Rooney, ” John King, “ Haley, ” Rooney texted, “ She’s, Trump Michael Pesce, ” Pesce, Ronald Reagan, , We’re, Pesce, “ I’m Organizations: Pennsylvania CNN, Republican, Pennsylvania, Tea, Independent, South, Republican Party, CNN, Donald Trump’s GOP, Trump, Reagan Republican, Media, Army, , Coast Guard, Republicans Locations: Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, London, Washington ,, South Carolina, Philadelphia, Berks County, Philly, Israel, Wyndmoor , Pennsylvania, Delaware County, Afghanistan, Media , Pennsylvania, Bucks County
We passed row after row of pristine white tombs, the dead of all the just wars and unjust wars that made and remade this country, and my relative told us he found it quite moving; he hadn’t been expecting that. Perhaps he thought it’d be more bombastic, or obviously militaristic, and he was taken by the beauty and serenity and quiet dignity of the place. The Marines were trying to manage the chaos of the poorly planned evacuation of Afghans from Kabul — a humanitarian mission at heart, trying to help those we were abandoning. The blast killed the aid worker and his relatives, seven of whom were children. The sort of people those Marines died trying to help.
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How to meditate, with help from Dan Harris
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CNN —Twenty years ago, Dan Harris appeared to have it all. Harris typically tries to meditate for a total of an hour every day, he said. A regular practice can also rewire brain regions associated with stress, focus, compassion and self-awareness, science has shown. “That starting over is like a bicep curl for your brain, and that’s the mechanism by which the brain changes.”A Meditation to Prove You Don’t Suck at Meditation Dan Harris guides you through a brief introductory meditation and any distractions that may come up. “Do these people seem like they’ve lost their edge?” Harris said.
Persons: CNN —, Dan Harris, Harris, Robin Roberts, , ” Harris, , Mark Epstein, Jon Kabat, Zinn, devalues, Harper, Harper Collins Publishers Harris, I’m, ‘ I’ll, that’s, , it’s, LeBron James, Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington, Jerry Seinfeld, Jeff Weiner, George Stephanopoulos Organizations: CNN, ABC News, Good Morning, University of Masschusetts Medical, New York Times, Harper Collins Publishers Locations: Afghanistan, Iraq, Manhattan
CNN —Lush greens, tangled wood, blurs of light – giant images of rainforests hang on the walls of a church in London. The images are not of tropical rainforests, but very rare temperate rainforest in the UK. Forest bathingVestey’s first trip to a temperate rainforest was in Devon, southwest England. Since then, Vestey estimated she has visited around 60% of the remaining temperate rainforests in the UK. They started spending more time in the ancient woodland at Cabilla, their family’s 300-acre farm on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall.
Persons: CNN —, birdsong, Joanna Vestey, , Vestey, , Qing Li, “ I’m, Merlin Hanbury, Tenison, Lizzie, Hanbury, Tara Juno Rowse, I’ve Organizations: CNN, UK’s Art, University of Exeter Locations: London, Britain, Ireland, Cornwall, Scotland, Devon, England, Japan, UK’s, Afghanistan, Hanbury, Cabilla, Bodmin Moor, , Tenison, British, Bodmin
2:52How Trump’s Trial Fueled His Presidential Campaign3:22In Interview, Zelensky Challenges West Over Hesitations to Support Ukraine2:45The Best Books of 2024 So FarNOW PLAYINGOur Reporter on the Expected Above-Average Hurricane Season2:47How We Tracked Killings on the Ground in Afghanistan1:39Trump Does Not Take the Stand, and the Defense Rests2:20Tensions Rise in Trump Trial After Cohen Completes Testimony2:10Insulin Cost Is a Key Campaign Issue for Biden3:05How Modi Demonizes India’s Muslims2:10Inside an Art Auction at Christie’s, Days After a Cyberattack1:56Trump’s Lawyer and Cohen Match Wits in Crucial Cross-Examination2:12
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AdvertisementA North Vietnamese student pilot in the cockpit of a non-flying MiG-21 fighter jet trainer with a flight instructor. Only one other B-52 tail gunner had scored a successful kill against a Vietnamese fighter, though more than 30 B-52s had been shot down throughout the conflict. In fact, the first time a B-52 had ever shot down a MiG had only happened a few days prior. A US Air Force B52 bomber unleashes its bomb load over Vietnam. The kill was confirmed by another tail gunner named Tech.
Persons: , Diamond Lil, Albert Moore, Moore, Clarence Chute, Chute, Read, Bill McRaven's Organizations: Service, Boeing, Business, Getty, MiG, US Air Force, Air Force, republication, Sandboxx News, Navy SEAL Locations: Vietnam, United States, Vietnamese, Thai, Soviet, Iraq, Afghanistan
Read previewWestern fighters who joined the war in Ukraine have been killed, in some cases, because they assumed the fight would be easy, a US veteran who fought in Ukraine told Business Insider. Foreign fighters coming to UkraineHe was one of many foreign fighters who fought for Ukraine. There are no proven figures for how many foreign fighters have come to Ukraine or have been killed there. Ukraine founded its International Legion in 2022, allowing foreign fighters to come to Ukraine and help it fight back against Russia. Reasons aside, many foreign fighters have been killed, as Business Insider's Cameron Manley previously reported, with some international survivors saying they were used as a "sacrificial unit."
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Konya: Turkey’s ancient city of whirling dervishes
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Konya, Turkey CNN —When most people think of Turkey bucket list destinations, a few obvious ones spring to mind - Istanbul, Turquoise Coast hotspots like Bodrum or the otherworldly landscapes of Cappadocia. As well as being a renowned Islamic scholar, Rumi launched the Mevlevi Order of the Whirling Dervishes. And while they can be seen in various locations across Turkey, Konya is the beating heart of their activities. Abdullah Çetín, a photographer based in Konya, says the city and region’s history is also what puts it on the map. Murat Oner Tas/Anadolu Agency/Getty ImagesKonya is also a jumping off point for Lake Tuz, a large hypersaline lake that lies about two hours’ drive northeast of the city.
Persons: , it’s, Celaleddin Rumi, Rumi, Maulana, , Kerem Polat, Adem Altan, Polat, , ” Polat, Abdullah Çetín, Çetín, Murat Oner Tas, Fahri Tunç, Tunç, , , ” Tunç, he’s Organizations: CNN, Turkey CNN, Getty, , Mevlana Museum, Anadolu Agency Locations: Konya, Turkey, Istanbul, Turquoise, – Konya, Adem, AFP, Sultanate of Rum, Balkh, Afghanistan, Mecca, Medina, Anatolia, mycan, Sille, Gevale, Rumi, Konya “, Lake Tuz, Salt, Tuz
Who Was Abdul Raziq?
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When I arrived at Raziq’s compound, I saw him sitting cross-legged on a carpeted platform, receiving a long line of guests. Trim and cheerful, clean-shaven and barely 30, he wasn’t much older than I, yet he was leading several thousand men under arms. I reached the front of the line, and Raziq shook my hand to welcome me before turning to the next guest. We would never get the chance to meet again, but that was the beginning of my long quest to understand the paradox he represented. Why was the U.S. military, which was supposed to be supporting democracy and human rights in Afghanistan, working closely with a drug trafficker and murderer?
Persons: Raziq, Janan Organizations: U.S ., U.S . Army, First Infantry Locations: Raziq’s, U.S, Afghanistan
The photograph, taken in 2008 by the late British photographer Tim Hetherington, is from a time when nearly a fifth of all combat in Afghanistan was taking place in the six-mile valley. Tim HetheringtonBoth Hetherington and Junger became “enamoured with the opportunity to show the intimacy of a platoon in combat,” Junger said in an interview via telephone. “My examination of young men and violence, or of young men… It’s as much a journey about my own identity as it is about those young soldiers,” he wrote. ‘It took a little bit from his soul’In this process, Hetherington worried about how photography could be extractive. He wrote of the young men he met there: “They are grimily happy that we are here to help them.
Persons: Tim Hetherington, , Sebastian Junger, Hetherington, Doc, Kelso, Junger, ” Junger, “ Restrepo ”, Bobby, , Tim Hetherington Junger, ” Young, James Brabazon, Tim Hetherington Brabazon, Brabazon, “ Tim, , Cortez, Greg Brockett, I’m, Stephen Mayes, Tim Hetherington Hetherington, wasn’t, , ” Tim Hetherington, , Mayes, Tim, he’d, ” Brabazon Organizations: CNN, Liberian, Gaddafi, Tim Hetherington Trust Locations: Korengal, British, Afghanistan, Kunar Province, Cortez, , Libyan, Tubmanberg, Liberia, Monrovia, Misrata, Libya
The fight to eradicate polio has been long and difficult. But polio continues to this day disabling or killing children in some harder to reach parts of the world. The good news is that we are now on the cusp of eradicating this terrible disease everywhere and forever. Having used this strategy to stop polio, people in developing nations are already looking to apply those same tools against other diseases, both familiar and emerging. Because the communities are poor, and because families can lose patience with repeated visits focused only on polio, the workers also bring nutritional supplements, health information and other resources.
Persons: It’s, Osama bin Laden Organizations: Initiative, Gates Foundation, World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, Central Intelligence Agency Locations: United States, Afghanistan, Pakistan
Investigating a Monster: What We Found and How We Did It
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The only thing faster than the American withdrawal from Afghanistan might be how quickly the world moved on. The Biden Administration largely stopped talking about it. Most news organizations were already scaling back in Afghanistan when the Taliban took over. How did the group that the United States invaded Afghanistan to eviscerate wind up back in charge? With the war’s end, The New York Times could finally reach people and places that had been off-limits during the fighting — to figure out what really happened.
Organizations: Biden Administration, New York Times Locations: Afghanistan, United States
CNN —US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said he wants to work with Congress on legislation to penalize the International Criminal Court after it applied for arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. The court’s chief prosecutor Karim Khan also issued warrants for senior Hamas officials, including its leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar. The Biden administration came out forcefully against Khan on Monday for his decision to apply for the warrants against top Israel officials on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has faced questions about its condemnation of the ICC’s actions while saying it continues to support the court’s investigation into Russian war crimes during its invasion of Ukraine. The Trump administration previously sanctioned ICC officials by executive order in 2020 over its investigation of possible war crimes by US military and intelligence officials in Afghanistan, sanctions that the Biden administration lifted the next year.
Persons: Antony Blinken, Benjamin Netanyahu, Yoav Gallant, , ” Blinken, Biden, Karim Khan, Yahya Sinwar, Blinken, Republican Sen, James Risch, , Sen, Lindsey Graham, Khan, Mike Johnson, ” Johnson, Lloyd Austin, Matthew Miller, “ We’ll, ” Miller, Trump Organizations: CNN, State Department, Senate Foreign Relations, Republican, ICC, Israel, American Heritage, Republicans, , White House, , Ukraine Defense Contact, . State Department Locations: Netherlands, Gaza, Israel, Ukraine, Afghanistan
LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 19: Julian Assange gestures as he speaks to the media from the balcony of the Embassy Of Ecuador on May 19, 2017 in London, England. Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images) Jack Taylor | Getty Images News | Getty ImagesLONDON — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has the right to appeal against his extradition to the U.S., a high court in London found Monday. The U.K. court also requested assurances that Assange would not face the death penalty. Assange supporters celebrateStella Assange, wife of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, speaks outside court after the ruling to grant permission for appeal, on May 20, 2024 in London, England. Peter Nicholls | Getty Images News | Getty Images
Persons: Julian Assange, Jack Taylor, Edward Fitzgerald, Assange, Benjamin Cremel, Fitzgerald, James Lewis, Stella Assange, Peter Nicholls Organizations: Getty, WikiLeaks, Reuters, of Justice, Britain's, Afp, Royal, Monday, U.S Locations: ENGLAND, Ecuador, London, England, U.S, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ecuadorian
London CNN —WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will find out Monday whether he can make a final challenge against his extradition to the United States. LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images Assange attends a seminar at the Swedish Trade Union Confederation in Stockholm on August 14, 2010. LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images Assange and his bodyguards are seen after a news conference in Geneva, Switzerland, in November 2010. Carl Court/Getty Images Assange speaks to the media in May 2017, after Swedish prosecutors had dropped their investigation of rape allegations against Assange. Jack Taylor/Getty Images Assange was seen for the first time in months during a hearing via teleconference in Quito, Ecuador, in October 2018.
Persons: Julian Assange, Assange, Victoria Sharp, Jeremy Johnson —, Stella Assange, ” “ Julian, , Kristinn Hrafnsson, Jack Taylor, LEON NEAL, BERTIL ERICSON, FABRICE COFFRINI, Carl Court, Geoff Caddick, Oli Scarff, CARL COURT, Leon Neal, Philip Toscano, Ricardo Patino, Frank Augstein, David Paul Morris, John Stillwell, Mike, Pompeo, Maria Sol Borja, Chelsea Manning, Alastair Grant, Daniel Leal, Elizabeth Cook, Anthony Albanese, , Albanese’s, Joe Biden, Trump, Biden, Sunna, it’s, Alan Rusbridger Organizations: London CNN, Foreign Press Association, Court, European, of Human Rights, WikiLeaks, Guardian, Getty, Swedish Trade Union Confederation, St, Paul's, British, Ecuadorian Embassy, Oxford Union Society, Ecuadorian Foreign, Southwest Festival, Bloomberg, United Nations Human Rights, United, United Nations, CIA, CNN, Army, Ecuadorian, Ecuador, Southwark Crown, Australian, Parliamentary, of Europe, Prospect Magazine Locations: United States, London, Westminster, Afghanistan, AFP, Stockholm, Iraq, Geneva, Switzerland, Sweden, Ecuador, Austin , Texas, Ecuadorian, United Nations, United Kingdom, Quito, Southwark, London’s, Australia
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