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In 2004, Friba Rezayee, a judo athlete, became the first woman to represent Afghanistan in the Olympic Games. Today, under Taliban rule, Afghan women and girls face severe restrictions that effectively make it impossible for them to train for the Olympics at home. In this audio essay, Rezayee argues that the International Olympic Committee should demonstrate that it values human rights and opposes discrimination by barring a team representing Afghanistan in the Paris Games. (A full transcript of this audio essay will be available within 24 hours of publication in the audio player above.)
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CNN —Authorities in the city of Moscow are offering a record signing-on bonus for new recruits to fight in Ukraine, in the latest sign of a scramble to boost Russian troop numbers. Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin introduced the one-time signing bonus of 1.9 million rubles (about $22,000) for city residents who join the military, according to a statement on Tuesday. Putin initially ordered an immediate “partial mobilization” of Russian citizens in September 2022 following a string of defeats that caused recriminations in Moscow. Russia has recruited as many as 15,000 Nepalis to fight its war in Ukraine, with many of them left traumatized, while an unknown number remain missing or possibly dead. A Nepali soldier who spoke to CNN said Afghan, Indian, Congolese and Egyptian recruits were among those being trained in Russia’s military academies for foreign fighters.
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The study excluded nations that already faced a risk of direct conflict with China, the US and their respective allies. On the other hand, America's top allies don't share American fears that a massive Chinese military buildup and Chinese leader Xi Jinping's avowed determination to "reunify" Taiwan with China are steps toward war, but rather may be nationalistic posturing. AdvertisementYet if Japan, Australia, Britain and Canada are reluctant to confront China, there are actions they can take to help Taiwan. In addition, the four middle powers could play a role in mediators to prevent a Taiwan war from happening. "To build credibility with both great powers, the four middle powers need to rebuild and bolster their strategic autonomy, material power, and commitment to the Asia-Pacific region."
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When the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan in 2021, one of its first actions was to bar women and girls from participating in sports publicly. Female athletes in Afghanistan today face similar threats from the Taliban, including physical abuse and raids on their homes. The most recent example is the International Olympic Committee’s decision to allow a team representing Afghanistan in the Paris Games. It should let the athletes — most of whom live in exile — compete on the Refugee Olympic Team, which would send a message of hope to refugees around the world. But none of the three women representing Afghanistan — in athletics and cycling — live and train in the country, nor could they visit without risking their lives.
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The leafy market square, ringed by Middle Eastern restaurants in a quiet city where nearly half the residents have immigrant backgrounds, seems like the last place that would spur Germany’s latest explosive wave of nationalist backlash. But it was in Mannheim where prosecutors say an Afghan man stabbed six people in May at an anti-Islamist rally, killing an officer who had intervened. But the death and the fact that the man accused had his asylum claim denied years ago set off calls for the expulsion of some refugees. It has been particularly painful for the longtime Muslim population of the city, where, according to some estimates, nearly one in five people are of Turkish descent. That worry has heightened since January, when an exposé revealed a secret meeting by members of the extreme right during which the deportation of even legal residents of immigrant descent was discussed.
Locations: Mannheim, Germany
CNN —Pakistan is extending the stay of nearly 1.5 million registered Afghan refugees – but its mass deportation of “illegal immigrants” will continue, authorities said. The fate of 1.45 million refugees whose PORs expired at the end of June had previously been in doubt, with many fearing they’d be deported. But Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs disputed the UN’s claims that Islamabad had put on hold its plan announced last October to deport undocumented Afghan refugees. Trucks transporting Afghan refugees and their belongings are seen along a road heading toward the Pakistan-Afghanistan Torkham border on November 3, 2023. More than 3 million Afghan refugees, including registered refugees and more than 800,000 undocumented people were living in Pakistan as of March 2024, according to UNHCR data.
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CNN —Listening to music, smoking hookah, and getting a Western-style haircut are all punishable acts under the suffocating rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan, according to a new UN report. The Taliban’s so-called morality police have curtailed human rights – disproportionately targeting women and girls – creating a “climate of fear and intimidation,” said the report by the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) published Tuesday. Moreover, the report said, the Taliban’s instructions are issued in a variety of formats – often only verbally – and are inconsistently and unpredictably enforced. However, reports from Afghanistan suggest the Taliban’s repressive control over women has led to a sharp rise in suicide attempts. Ahmad Sahel Arman/AFP/Getty ImagesMedia is heavily restricted, and residents live in a surveillance state, the report added.
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CNN —The NATO summit was long planned to celebrate the alliance’s 75th anniversary, to lock in longterm military support for Ukraine and even to future-proof the West against a possible second term for Donald Trump. But his achievements, including Sweden and Finland’s entry into the group, will be eclipsed at the summit by his battle to save his political future. She added: “At this critical time for our country, President Biden must seriously consider the best way to preserve his incredible legacy and secure it for the future.”Biden will also have an important audience overseas. “Is it going to be President Biden? On the eve of the summit, Biden’s campaign distributed a memo lauding his leadership in keeping Kyiv standing more than two years after the Russian invasion.
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The administration and other Western governments are scrambling to keep up with the mounting danger ISIS-K poses. Before this year, U.S. and other Western officials believed ISIS-K had the intent but not the ability to orchestrate attacks abroad. It was the deadliest terrorist attack in Europe since 2004. ISIS-K also launched a major attack in Iran this year that killed dozens, and other plots were disrupted in Europe. The Taliban sees ISIS-K as a threat to its rule and has launched a series of attacks on the group.
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Rights groups are furious the Taliban meeting is going ahead without Afghan women, and say it legitimizes Afghanistan’s leaders and fails to hold them to account for grave injustices. Whatever we had, we spent it,” Arzo’s brother Ahamad, a 27-year-old journalist under threat from the Taliban due to his occupation, told CNN in November. Arzo told CNN what drove her suicide attempt. Pakistan’s policy on “illegal foreigners” is no different to that of other nations, Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Mumtaz Zahra Baloch told CNN. CNNArzo doesn’t want a life like that for herself, her sister, or the women and girls still in Afghanistan.
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I met with a group of 11th-grade math students who told me about their hopes for the future. “I don’t want to end up trapped at home and condemned to a domestic life,” one female student told me. Now, among the many other challenges facing girls and women under the Taliban’s rule, a mental health crisis has gripped the country. Now, more than 1,000 days later, school remains off limits for girls older than 12, and restrictions on education have expanded to universities. The Taliban now say education is “an internal matter,” and it remains unclear when — or if — schools will reopen to girls.
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Afghanistan fans celebrate the team's win against Bangladesh at the T20 World Cup. Gurbaz is the leading run scorer at the T20 World Cup. “That Afghanistan team got into the semis for the first time,” the 25-year-old told the International Cricket Council (ICC) website. It’s an unbelievable feeling.”Khan (middle) celebrates the dismissal of India's Rishabh Pant at the T20 World Cup. And in a statement posted online, the Afghanistan Cricket Board expressed its “disappointment” towards Australia’s decision and “reiterates its stance on neutral and politics-free cricket across the globe.”
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Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images Assange addresses the Oxford Union Society from the Ecuadorian Embassy in January 2013. David Paul Morris/Bloomberg/Getty Images Assange attends a news conference inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in August 2014. FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images Assange, on the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy, holds up a United Nations report in February 2016. Carl Court/Getty Images Assange speaks to the media in May 2017, after Swedish prosecutors had dropped their investigation of rape allegations against Assange. Jack Taylor/Getty Images Assange was seen for the first time in months during a hearing via teleconference in Quito, Ecuador, in October 2018.
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Experts say that this previously overlooked gemstone is rocketing in desirability and value, as collectors look beyond the so-called “Big Four’” (diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires) for more affordable, niche gemstones that may just be a shrewd investment. “Spinels and Paraiba tourmalines have seen a steady increase in demand over the last decade.”Boghossian's paraiba and diamond set features paraibas and fancy yellow diamonds. Experts posit that only one Paraiba tourmaline is mined for every 10,000 diamonds — and while similar hues are found in Madagascar, the scarcity of Brazilian stones has seen prices soar. At Bonhams, Tonkin said prices for top-quality Paraiba tourmalines reached $75,000 per carat in 2022, compared with $4,800 per carat in 2009. “These incredibly vibrant, clean gemstones really stirred something in me,” she explained in an email.
Persons: Olivia Young, Ouroboros, Ruby, Bonhams, , Jennifer Tonkin, Rahul Kadakia, Lily Gabriella, ” Charles Abouchar, , Tonkin, Roberto Boghossian, Moti Ferder, Ferder foresees, Lily Gabriella's, Lily Gabriella Likewise, Minka, Lucy Crowther, ” Crowther, Young Organizations: CNN, Imperial State Crown, Abouchar SA, Lugano Diamonds, Paraiba tourmalines, Big Locations: Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, British, Burma, London, Geneva, Paraiba, ” Boghossian's paraiba, paraiba, Brazilian, Madagascar, Bonhams, Paraiba tourmalines, Memphis, India
But this is the global system we do have and, within it, some billionaires are behaving much more generously and ethically than others. Melinda French Gates is one of the good ones. French Gates has long been an advocate for family planning and women’s rights abroad, and now she’s dedicating $1 billion through 2026 to those issues. Female billionaires, in other words, are far more likely than male ones to give away substantial portions of their wealth. So yes, we can applaud the good billionaires who give their wealth away, even if we think that they are representative of a bigger inequality problem.
Persons: Jill Filipovic, , Melinda French Gates, French Gates, it’s, She’s, Gates, MacKenzie Scott, Jeff Bezos, Scott, Forbes, Elon Musk, Larry Ellison, Warren Buffett, Larry Page, Ellison, Page, Buffett, Donald Trump’s, Sam Altman, Bill Gates, Scarlett Johansson, that’s, George Soros, doesn’t Organizations: Twitter, CNN, Gates Foundation, The New York Times, Forbes ’, Forbes, Elon, Facebook Locations: New York, United States, French, The, New Zealand, There’s
French Gates said she will donate $1 billion through 2026 to advance women’s rights around the world through her organization, Pivotal Ventures. French Gates will also give $250 million in awards to organizations working to help improve women’s mental and physical health. “I’m also experimenting with novel tactics to bring a wider range of perspectives into philanthropy,” French Gates wrote in her op-ed. In her op-ed, French Gates said she was once told to set her own agenda before someone else sets it — and that’s why she chose to leave the Gates Foundation. Just 2% of donations in the United States go to organizations focused on women and girls, French Gates noted.
Persons: Melinda French Gates, Dobbs, Gates, Melinda Gates, MacKenzie Scott, French Gates, Scott, “ I’m, Jacinda Ardern, Allyson Felix, Shabana Basij, Organizations: New, New York CNN, New York Times, Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates Foundation, New Zealand Locations: New York, United States
We passed row after row of pristine white tombs, the dead of all the just wars and unjust wars that made and remade this country, and my relative told us he found it quite moving; he hadn’t been expecting that. Perhaps he thought it’d be more bombastic, or obviously militaristic, and he was taken by the beauty and serenity and quiet dignity of the place. The Marines were trying to manage the chaos of the poorly planned evacuation of Afghans from Kabul — a humanitarian mission at heart, trying to help those we were abandoning. The blast killed the aid worker and his relatives, seven of whom were children. The sort of people those Marines died trying to help.
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CNN —Fifty people were killed and dozens are missing after heavy rains and flooding in Afghanistan’s province of Ghor on Friday, according to the Afghan Ministry of Refugees. The Ministry said in a post on X on Saturday that 2,000 homes had been completely destroyed and up to 4,000 partially destroyed by recent flooding. Hundreds of people have been killed by flash flooding in Afghanistan over the past several weeks, according to the UN. Areas in northern Afghanistan have been ravaged by the heavy floods, including the provinces of Ghor, Badakhshan, Baghlan, and Herat. In April, unseasonal rainfall and floods killed more than 100 people in Afghanistan and Pakistan, according to authorities.
Persons: Zabihullah Mojahid, Zabihullah Mujahid Organizations: CNN, Afghan Ministry of Refugees, UN Locations: Afghanistan’s province, Ghor, Afghanistan, Badakhshan, Baghlan, Herat, Pakistan
CNN —Four people were killed, including three Spanish citizens, in a shooting in central Afghanistan on Friday, according to Spanish and Afghan authorities. A Spanish person is also among the wounded, a Spanish diplomatic source told CNN. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez described the Spanish shooting victims as tourists, according to a post on X. “Overwhelmed by the news of the murder of Spanish tourists in Afghanistan. The Emergency Consular Unit of the Spanish Foreign Ministry is working to offer all necessary assistance.
Persons: Mufti Abdul Mateen Qani, Pedro Sanchez, Qani Organizations: CNN, Foreign, Emergency, Unit, Spanish, Emergency Consular Unit, Spanish Foreign Locations: Afghanistan, Bamyan city, Spanish, Islamic Emirate
The competition began with some 2,500 dogs from more than 200 breeds, then eventually pared down to a field of seven group champions who vied against each other for the top prize. The best-in-show judge, Rosalind Kramer, who remained sequestered during the proceedings so that she could emerge fresh for the final round, selected Sage over what she called an “absolutely glorious” lineup of dogs. Sage, a three-year-old bitch whose full name is GCHG Ch Surrey Sage, was a surprise win. But she had something about her. She trots daintily, as if running was slightly beneath her.
Persons: Sage, Rosalind Kramer, Billie Jean King, trots Organizations: Westminster Kennel, Sage, Surrey Sage, Billie Jean King National Tennis Center Locations: GCHG, Surrey, Flushing , Queens
CNN —Sage the Miniature Poodle has won best in show at the 2024 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. She’s a Miniature Poodle, and is the 4th of her kind to claim Westminster’s Best in Show. Sage, a Miniature Poodle from Houston, Texas, wins Best in Show during the 2024 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City. Kena Betancur/AFP/Getty ImagesThe Westminster Dog Show has been delighting lovers of finely-groomed pups since 1877, making it the second-oldest continuously held sporting event in the US after the Kentucky Derby. The Westminster Dog Show is also the perfect place to learn fun facts about dogs, like the fact that three US presidents have owned Scottish Terriers or that dogs from Canada hold six Westminster “Best in Show” titles.
Persons: CNN —, Mercedes, Shepherd, Sage isn’t, Kena Betancur, Louis, Frankie, Monty, Rosalind Kramer, Kramer, , , Kaz Hosaka Organizations: CNN, Westminster Kennel, Westminster, Getty, Kentucky Derby, Shepherd, Afghan, Tzu, Kennel Club, Scottish Terriers, Westminster “ Locations: Houston , Texas, New York City, Kena, AFP, Tzu Woking, Canada
However, during proceedings against McBride, the court heard that he did not bring the documents to the media’s attention to highlight the alleged war crimes. “David McBride leaked documents to our national broadcaster which contained credible evidence of war crimes committed by Australian forces in Afghanistan. Pender and others pointed out that no one had yet been prosecuted over Australia’s alleged war crimes in Afghanistan – except the man who had brought it to the country’s attention. Australian Federal Police officers raided the ABC offices in Sydney in 2019 seeking documents as they pursued potential charges against the journalists behind the story. The Australian Federal Police is working with the Office of the Special Investigator (OSI) to investigate potential charges.
Persons: CNN —, , David Mossop, David McBride, McBride, Mark Davies, Brereton, Mossop, , ” McBride, Justice Mossop, ” Mossop, McBride’s, Kieran Pender, “ David McBride, Pender, Australia’s, “ Will, Peter Greste, Greste, ” “ David, ” Greste, he’ll, Anthony Albanese, “ I’m, Mark Dreyfus Organizations: CNN, Australian Army, Canberra, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, ABC, Australian Defense Force, Australian Special Air Service, SAS, Human Rights Law, Australian, Journalists, Australian Federal Police, Commonwealth, Public Prosecutions, ADF, AFP Locations: Afghanistan, Egypt, Sydney, New South Wales
CNN —Three bewildered children sit on the roof of a mosque in Baghlan province, northern Afghanistan, their eyes blinking away mud that covers their entire bodies. Afghan relatives offer prayers during a burial ceremony for victims of flooding in Baghlan province, May 11, 2024. In the next days, teams will start distributing food to feed families for a month – what happens next is unclear. Workers repair a road destroyed by floods in Nahrin district of Baghlan province on May 12, 2024. The world is seeing the impacts of much larger, more severe events, whether that’s drought, rainfalls cyclones,” Anderson said.
Persons: let’s, , Barakatullah, Haji Wakil Besmillah, , ” Barakatullah, , Timothy Anderson, it’s, Anderson, that’s, They’re, it’ll, ” Anderson, Richard Bennett, Teresa Anderson Organizations: CNN, United Nations, Food Programme, , WFP, Workers, Getty, Global, ActionAid Locations: Baghlan province, Afghanistan, Folo, Bulka, Baghlan, AFP, Nahrin district
CNN —Flash flooding that has ravaged northern Afghanistan in recent days has killed at least 200 people, UN agency the International Organization for Migration (IOM) told CNN Saturday. An Afghan man walks near his damaged home after heavy flooding in Baghlan province Saturday. Afghan men shovel mud from a house following flash floods. The flash floods add to a string of recent natural disasters that the region has had to endure. Flash floods also swept away dozens in Afghanistan in July, less than three months before thousands were killed by a powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake that struck the western part of the country.
Persons: , Salma Ben Aissa, Mehrab, Gulbudeen, Zabihullah Mujahid, , ” Mujahid, Mujahid Organizations: CNN, UN, International Organization for Migration, IOM, Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority, Rescue, Reuters, AFP, Getty Locations: Afghanistan, Badakhshan, Ghor, Herat, , Afghan, Baghlan, Laqayi, AFP, Pakistan
The reporting included a video obtained by CNN captured by a Marine’s GoPro camera that had not been seen publicly in full before. Much of the controversy about the Pentagon’s two investigations into the attack has focused on gunfire in the aftermath of the blast. “Lastly, why do journalists have this video footage and the Department does not? The recent discovery of new video released by CNN directly contradicts and exposes outright lies from our recent briefing last month from CENTCOM officials,” the Gold Star families said in a statement they sent to CNN. Haroon Sabawoon/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images/FileThe evidence also suggests the Pentagon may have more video footage than it has acknowledged in public.
Persons: Defense Lloyd Austin, Austin “, , , Mike Waltz, Darrell Issa, Tim Burchett, Brian Mast, Rich McCormick, Keith Self, Cory Mills, Chris Smith –, Sayed Ahmadi, Ahmadi, , ” James Adams, Hamid, Jared Schmitz, Humberto Sanchez, Taylor Hoover, Nicole Gee, Kareem Nikoui, Hunter Lopez, Rylee McCollum –, Biden, Erik Kurilla, CENTCOM, I’m, Haroon Sabawoon, Rob Lodewick, ” Lodewick Organizations: CNN —, Defense, CNN, Pentagon, House Foreign Affairs, Command, Marines, House Foreign Affairs Committee, Department, Gold Star, Department of Defense, Biden Administration, , Anadolu Agency, Getty, Army, DoD, Service Locations: Kabul, Afghanistan, US
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