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Washington CNN —President Joe Biden was bracing for a week of political onslaught. When gunshots rang out at a Donald Trump political rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, Saturday evening, much of that appeared to change. He also addressed the nation from the Oval Office, calling for a lowering of the political temperature. “I think it should,” one close Biden ally told CNN when asked if that may end up being a result of Saturday’s attack. But those expected discussions were quickly eclipsed by the response to the assassination attempt on Biden’s predecessor and political opponent.
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The Biden campaign and Democrats across the party scrambled Sunday to determine how to adjust their plans to counter messaging at the Republican National Convention, which had been in the works for some time. Stunned Biden campaign officials huddled and decided to pause all outbound communications and pull down TV ads. The campaign urged staff in a memo to “refrain from issuing any comments on social media or in public.” Sources described the mood within the White House and the Biden campaign as “shock” as they put their response into motion. The Biden campaign has yet to decide when to resume its advertising campaign against Trump after pulling the ads on Saturday. Sen. Chris Coons, a close Biden ally and co-chair of the Biden reelection campaign, called for a lowering of the political temperature.
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“I will Never Surrender!” Mr. Trump wrote in a text message to supporters. And Mr. Trump is preparing to name his running mate and formally claim his party’s nomination for the third consecutive election. Vance of Ohio, who is on the shortlist of candidates that Mr. Trump is considering as a running mate, wrote on X. “An assassination attempt is contrary to everything we stand for as a nation,” Mr. Biden said. Mr. Trump had assured Malphine Fogel, who lives in Butler County, that he would help get her son home.
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“I totally transformed the federal judiciary,” Trump boasted at a summit hosted by the right-wing Moms for Liberty group last summer. “Many presidents never get the opportunity to appoint a Supreme Court justice. But as Trump drives toward a potential second term, one thing is clear: He’s just getting started. (Project 2025 is the policy playbook crafted by the conservative Heritage Foundation for a potential second Trump term.) That intent for vengeance could set the bar for nominations and administration lawyers alike in a second Trump term.
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CNN —Two co-hosts of the “Pod Save America” podcast on Friday fired back at Biden campaign staffers who have reportedly dismissed their calls for the president to consider stepping down from the Democratic ticket. “The incompetence of spending your time fighting ‘Pod Save America,’ David Axelrod, George Clooney, and the most popular figure in the Democratic Party at a time when you were struggling with Black voters is f**king insane,” Pfeiffer said, referring to Obama. Go f**king just beat Donald Trump or … help your candidate be on message,” he said. The Democratic Party continues to wrestle with not only Biden’s reelection bid but also its ability to hurt the party in down-ballot races. More than a dozen House Democrats and one Democratic senator have asked the president to step aside.
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The End of the Affair? Not for Eric Schmidt.
  + stars: | 2024-07-12 | by ( John Carreyrou | )   time to read: +1 min
When Eric Schmidt was the chief executive of Google in the mid-2000s, he dated Marcy Simon, a New York-based public relations executive. Mr. Schmidt and Ms. Simon were seen together on the French Riviera, at tech conferences and on Fire Island, where she owned a beach house. When a large yellow diamond ring was spotted on Ms. Simon’s finger, some speculated in the media that Mr. Schmidt might divorce his wife and marry Ms. Simon. But Mr. Schmidt moved on to other girlfriends. There have been contracts, amended contracts, arbitrations, lawsuits and the platoon of advisers that inevitably go along with all that.
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“It’s not like Biden’s inner circle didn’t know this,” one Democratic strategist close to the White House said of the extent of the president’s recent decline. “Expect a drip, drip, drip,” said one former Biden White House official. “Blinders are off and everyone is aware,” one source close to the White House told CNN. “He’s declined,” one House Democratic lawmaker who attended the gala told CNN. She wields influence in the White House and campaign, and sits in on some of the president’s political meetings.
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Some longtime aides and advisers to President Biden have become increasingly convinced that he will have to step aside from the campaign, and in recent days they have been trying to come up with ways to persuade him that he should, according to three people briefed on the matter. They said they have to make the case to the president, who remains convinced of the strength of his campaign, that he cannot win against former President Donald J. Trump. They have to persuade him to believe that another candidate, like Vice President Kamala Harris, could beat Mr. Trump. And they have to assure Mr. Biden that, should he step aside, the process to choose another candidate would be orderly and not devolve into chaos in the Democratic Party. There is no indication that any of the discussions have reached Mr. Biden himself, one of the informed people said.
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Opinion | This Is How You Know Trump Smells Victory
  + stars: | 2024-07-11 | by ( Frank Bruni | )   time to read: +1 min
I’m used to Donald Trump being painfully loud, proudly obnoxious and, well, sort of bonkers. I’m used to alligators-on-the-border Trump, sharks-in-the-water Trump, Hannibal Lecter Trump. And this loosely hinged version of Trump scares me much, much more than the utterly unhinged one. He smells victory in November in a way he’s never really smelled it before, and his nose isn’t off. What they did with the platform, just before next week’s Republican National Convention, was soften its anti-abortion stance and tone down the homophobia.
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But leaning into the microphone and whispering to dramatize his defiance, Mr. Biden made clear that he did not foresee this happening. “No poll says that.”He seemed to open the door to an alternative, then swiftly shut it. Sure, “other people can beat Trump,” he said, but it would be too hard to “start from scratch.”The president’s first news conference since the debate amounted to a competent presentation, if not a compelling performance. But it remained in doubt whether it was enough to stop the bleeding of Democratic support that has threatened to hemorrhage. Minutes after he left the stage, the drip-drip-drip of Democratic members of Congress calling for him to step aside continued unabated.
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U.S. President Joe Biden attends a Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII) event, on the first day of the G7 summit, in Savelletri, Italy, June 13, 2024. "He needs to drop out," one Biden campaign official said. "No one involved in the effort thinks he has a path," said a second person working to elect him. "But Joe Biden and this campaign have made it through setbacks before. We're all waiting around for Joe Biden to f--- up again, which is not a great position to be in."
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Those in our inner circle not only know us the best, they should also have our best interests at heart. The family members and close advisers of politicians and celebrities often depend on the politician or celebrity’s wealth and power for their own power and prestige. As age takes its toll, he’s isolating himself from everyone but those closest to him. On Monday, The Wall Street Journal published a disturbing report that described the way in which his “inner circle” had limited access to the president and concealed his true condition from the public. “The White House has limited Biden’s daily itinerary and shielded him from impromptu exchanges,” The Journal reported.
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There’s one leader who would, though, if he felt moved to intervene in the Democratic Party’s current pickle concerning President Biden. And he is the rare leader Mr. Biden might just listen to: Chuck Schumer. We know Mr. Schumer is feeling a bit twitchy about the situation. Mr. Schumer speaks not just for himself, but for the chamber’s Democratic caucus, to which Mr. Biden proudly belonged for so many years. His leadership style relies on consensus building, and as yet there is nothing approaching consensus among Democrats about whether Mr. Biden should be pressured to leave the race.
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CNN —Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi have spoken privately about Joe Biden and the future of his 2024 campaign. And if those two feel otherwise, several leading Democrats say, they need to say that clearly as soon as possible before even more damage is done less than four months before the election. Trust me, I know,” reiterating that sentiment at a fundraiser in New York for House Democrats the night after Biden’s performance. The Biden campaign declined to comment. Pelosi re-broke the damAs House Democrats left their private caucus meeting on Tuesday morning, many felt the worst might be over for the president.
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CNN —Donald Trump urged the judge in his New York hush money case to dismiss his conviction in light of the Supreme Court’s ruling on presidential immunity last month, according to a new court filing. “In order to vindicate the Presidential immunity doctrine, and protect the interests implicated by its underpinnings, the jury’s verdicts must be vacated and the Indictment dismissed,” Trump’s attorneys wrote to Judge Juan Merchan. “Much of the unconstitutional official-acts evidence concerned actions taken pursuant to ‘core’ Executive power for which ‘absolute’ immunity applies.”The district attorney’s office declined to comment for this story. The district attorney’s office will respond later this month, and Merchan said he will decide the matter in September, with a potential sentencing scheduled on September 18, if necessary. Trump’s sentencing would be postponed until September 18, Merchan wrote – “if such is still necessary.”The district attorney’s reply to Trump is due on July 24.
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If Mr. Trump has these qualities, Americans have never seen them in action on behalf of the nation’s interests. This record shows what can happen to a country led by such a person: America’s image, credibility and cohesion were relentlessly undermined by Mr. Trump during his term. Mr. Trump has shown, repeatedly, that he does not. The lack of moral grounding undermines Mr. Trump even in areas where voters view him as stronger and trust him more than Mr. Biden, like immigration and crime. But there are good reasons to worry about whether that would happen again, as Mr. Trump works harder to surround himself with people who enable rather than check his most insidious impulses.
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In addition to people who worked directly for Trump, others who participated in Project 2025 were appointed by the former president to independent positions. Several people involved in Project 2025 didn’t serve in the Trump administration but were influential in shaping his first term. Both Trump and Project 2025 have called for eliminating the Department of Education. Vast network of Trump alliesHowever, Trump’s attempts to distance himself from Project 2025 have already encountered credibility challenges. Shortly after Trump’s Truth Social post last week, Democrats noted a recruitment video for Project 2025 features a Trump campaign spokeswoman.
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CNN —President Joe Biden and his advisers keep issuing unequivocal declarations that he’s staying in the 2024 race, but Democrats aren’t hearing it. “Speaker Pelosi fully supports whatever President Biden decides to do,” a spokesperson said in a subsequent statement. “Donald Trump is on track, I think, to win this election, and maybe win it by a landslide, and take with him the Senate and the House,” he told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins. Trump is currently aheadCNN’s Road to 270 assessment of the electoral map shows Trump in position to win the election. “Donald Trump and the Republicans have loved every minute of watching this discussion,” Rep. Debbie Dingell, who represents the battleground state of Michigan, told CNN’s Jessica Dean.
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A few weeks before Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7, a senior White House official visited southern Lebanon for a sightseeing trip that doubled as a dramatic political statement. The official, Amos Hochstein, one of President Biden’s most trusted national security advisers, toured the ancient ruins of Baalbek in an area well known as a stronghold of Hezbollah, a U.S.-designated terrorist group sponsored by Iran. Wearing white pants and a golf shirt, and with no security entourage, Mr. Hochstein marveled at the artifacts and snapped photos of the onetime Roman city’s crumbling stone walls and columns. Keeping watch from a distance were several muscular men in black T-shirts — presumed Hezbollah militiamen. The trip caused a minor sensation in Lebanese news media, which wondered how a top American official — one born in Israel, no less — was able to move so freely on Hezbollah turf.
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Then, he added, in a clearly insincere display of sympathy toward Mr. Biden, “it’s a shame the way they’re treating him. After talking about his proposal to remove taxes on tips for hospitality workers, he urged Mr. Rubio to vote for it. Mr. Rubio had so far this year appeared infrequently on the campaign trail with Mr. Trump. Instead, Mr. Rubio used his time to echo Mr. Trump’s mocking of Mr. Biden’s debate performance and his frequent attacks that Mr. Biden was not mentally fit to lead the country. Richard Siu, 57, said he liked the idea of Mr. Rubio as Mr. Trump’s running mate.
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The defiance Biden has thrust into public view at the start of a critical week is a feature, not a bug. Biden’s dug-in stance in the wake of the first presidential debate is not too surprising to those who know him well. “We all watched the debate,” a House Democrat who supports Biden told CNN. “The question of how to move forward has been well aired for over a week now,” Biden wrote in his letter to House Democrats. Biden’s campaign strategy to largely stay off the campaign trail in the middle of a pandemic faced no shortage of doubters.
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CNN —President Joe Biden told top donors on a video call Monday that he is still the best candidate to defeat former President Donald Trump as the Biden campaign and the White House sought to move beyond a crisis threatening to consume the Democratic Party. “It’s still a huge hole to climb out of,” the Democratic donor said, speaking on condition of anonymity to avoid alienating the campaign. While the Biden campaign has pointed to a rush of small-dollar donations over the past week, a senior adviser said the falloff among high-dollar contributors was highly troubling. Morgan blamed Biden’s campaign team for his debate performance and argued that Vice President Kamala Harris is in place “if something happens” to Biden. And that’s what people need to be focusing on.”Phillips said anxious Democratic donors “need to get out of their feelings” and instead put their energy behind turning out those voters and selling them on the administration’s accomplishments.
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Activist investor Elliott Management said Monday it would mount a proxy fight to push for change at Southwest Airlines through a special shareholder vote unless management is willing to negotiate, citing a poison pill and board expansion that the investor views as "entrenchment maneuvers." Elliott in its letter to Southwest's board said it remained open to collaboration, but that the board had taken steps to box Elliott out. A proxy fight would be expensive and challenging for Elliott and Southwest Airlines. Activist investors can mount proxy fights if they are seeking to force change in a company's leadership or operations. Companies usually settle with Elliott, one of the most successful activist investors, rather than risk taking on the activist in a proxy battle.
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Even so, four sources close to the Biden family said there is no active effort to shake up staffing right now. Hunter Biden's appearance in White House meetings this week was just one instance of what is expected to be the deeper Biden family involvement. From the view of some Biden aides, the family is seizing on an opportunity to try to settle old scores. President Joe Biden's family is attempting to become more involved over his campaign and White House affairs as their anger with his staff spills into public view. Hunter Biden's stepped-up involvement has confounded some White House staff members and revived a longtime sore spot.
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Vice President Kamala Harris looks on during a campaign event at Girard College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on May 29. Biden always says not to compare him to the almighty, but to the alternative. That’s her keeping close to Biden — but it’s also Biden keeping her close. Despite her efforts, Democratic politics has started to reshape around her — as has former President Donald Trump’s campaign, which has already begun attacking Harris. Other officials and advisers said plans are underway to convince Biden to immediately throw his support behind Harris, release his Democratic delegates and ask them to follow his choice.
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