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Things like Broadway-style shows, multicourse meals, buffets, pool access, and onboard activities are built into the price of a typical sailing. I'm also willing to pay a little more to select a cabin far away from elevators and loud entertainment venues. Room service offers a level of convenience that makes the delivery fee palatableAlthough some room service options remain complimentary, many now come with an extra fee. However, room service often comes with an additional fee. AdvertisementNonetheless, I'm happy to spend extra on premium cocktails, wine-tasting sessions with the onboard sommelier, and other unique drink experiences.
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Editor’s Note: Call to Earth is a CNN editorial series committed to reporting on the environmental challenges facing our planet, together with the solutions. Rolex’s Perpetual Planet Initiative has partnered with CNN to drive awareness and education around key sustainability issues and to inspire positive action. CNN —A photograph of a solitary man walking along terraces in China, rust-red rivers in Alaska and a gargantuan western red cedar are among the winning images of the Earth Photo 2024 competition. More than 1,900 images and videos were submitted to this year’s competition by photographers and filmmakers from all over the world. “Bringing us closer to landscapes, wildlife and communities from across the planet in this way sparks new conversations and reflections.
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Read previewEarly Monday, Rolling Stone reported that a documentary filmmaker posing as a Catholic conservative created secret audio recordings of conversations with Supreme Court Justices John Roberts and Samuel Alito at an exclusive charity gala. Advertisement"One side or the other is going to win," Alito told Windsor at the event, according to both outlets. Windsor told The Times that making the secret recordings was the only way she believed she could get answers to her questions. "I mean, whether or not Justice Alito thinks that the country's political or tribal divisions are likely to be solved anytime soon doesn't tell us very much." Representatives for the Supreme Court did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Business Insider.
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According to the viral birth order dating theory, her dating preference makes sense: your birth order may predict the birth order of who you'll be attracted to. In the early 20th century, Austrian psychiatrist Alfred Adler theorized that birth order shapes personality because of how parents interact with each kid. Dating the same birth order can cause clashesJust as it can work well to date someone of a different birth order, dating someone with the same birth order may lead to clashes. She said middle children could also have a mix of both characteristics and might not relate to the "mediator" traits assigned to their birth order. "We can't speak in absolutes, whether it's talking about who you are because of your astrological sign or who you are because of your birth order," Wright said.
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The family-favorite card game has been around for 52 years — but it may be more popular than ever. The game was recently featured in an episode of the TV series “Hacks,” when lead character Deborah Vance joins some old friends for a card game in Las Vegas, only to learn that instead of poker they’re playing Uno. It’s often there in the background in people’s homes — stacked on a shelf with other board and card games or stored in a drawer, ready for game nights and camping trips. The card game is now for sale in over 80 countries. In the first quarter of 2024, it was the second-most popular game in Circana’s traditional games category, right behind traditional Uno.
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My family of three recently paid $650 for upgraded tickets to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. Tickets to Universal parks in the US can cost twice as much, so it was a great value. AdvertisementAs a longtime Florida resident, I've been to Universal Studios Orlando many times. So, on a recent trip to Japan, my family decided to explore the Universal theme park in Osaka. The best way to do that was splurging on early entry park tickets and express line passes for all of us.
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As a budget-conscious, frequent cruiser I've found ways to save money while on these vacations. My family packs smart, takes advantage of included entertainment, and avoids pricey upcharges. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementMy family loves cruising, and we've found it's a fantastic way to explore different destinations while enjoying the amenities and entertainment offered on board. And, after more than 30 cruises as a family, we've also found lots of ways to save money.
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LinkedIn is another often-overlooked platform where student-athletes can promote themselves and score brand deals, athletes and experts told Business Insider. Oostburg and Printz told BI they've used LinkedIn to secure NIL brand deals and connect with agents or other professionals they want to work with. College athletes have used LinkedIn to get brand deals and sign with talent agentsOostburg said she landed two sponsorship deals through LinkedIn, including with the Nashville Zoo and a startup called Backhat. Griffin, who's scored more than 30 NIL deals during his career, landed his first through LinkedIn. "If you're doing NIL or not, as a college athlete, you're also a college student," he said, "and LinkedIn is the spot to be for college students."
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The Toy Story Hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort allows guests to feel like they are stepping into a larger-than-life land of toys, without the larger-than-life prices that can come with staying on Disney property. This spring, my family of three checked in to the 595-room hotel, which is located near Bay Station on the Tokyo Disney Resort Line, the resort's dedicated monorail line. Our room was cozy but comfortable and only cost about $280 a night — a steal compared to American Disney hotels that can cost twice as much. Although this has caused turmoil in the markets, it may be good news for American travelers looking to save even more cash. At any cost, this themed hotel that opened in 2022 was a fun place to spend a few nights and offered superior access to Tokyo Disneyland.
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The country’s e-safety commissioner ordered social media giants to take it down. Australia wants X to remove the video completely, not just hide it from Australian users who could circumvent a local ban by using virtual private networks. With her message to Musk, Australian Senator Jacqui Lambie posted an image of herself in army fatigues taken at a Veteran Mentors' Junior Leadership camp in January. President David Adler told CNN he hadn’t been asked to take it down, either by X or Australia’s e-safety commissioner. In a statement Wednesday, Australia’s eSafety commissioner said the takedown request wasn’t designed to stifle discussion about the church attack.
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London CNN —Scrabble, one of the world’s best-loved word games, is to get a new “collaborative” and “accessible” version. The double-sided board will also include the Classic version of the game. Courtesy MattelNow, an updated game named Scrabble Together adds “a second side to the board that is collaborative and faster-paced to make gameplay more accessible for anyone who finds word games intimidating,” according to a statement from Mattel published Tuesday. The updated version of the game won’t be available in the United States, however, as Mattel does not hold the license there. While this is the first major change to the look of the Scrabble board, the game regularly adds new words to its official dictionary in order to keep up as the English language evolves.
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Mortgage lenders will consider lots of different metrics and circumstances when assessing your creditworthiness. Check your credit reports and credit scoresTwo other factors lenders will consider are your credit history and credit score. Kill the credit card debtA key way to improve your credit score is to reduce your credit card debt. “The minute they pull your credit score, it is going to [reflect] what is on my credit card that day,” MBA’s Seiler said. “Because there are many variables that affect an individual consumer’s credit score, we can’t say a specific number of months,” FICO’s Zeibert said.
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A Hamas official however told Reuters the group would wait to hear from Cairo mediators on the outcome of their talks with Israel first. Hamas has sought to parlay any deal into an end to the fighting and withdrawal of Israeli forces. Israel has ruled this out, saying it would eventually resume efforts to dismantle the governance and military capabilities of Hamas. The Israeli military said forces operating in Al Shifa killed three armed Hamas commanders inside two buildings of the medical facility. Hamas and medical staffers deny any armed presence inside medical facilities, accusing Israel of killing and arresting civilians.
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By Marco AquinoLIMA (Reuters) - The Peruvian government said on Friday it has awarded a subsidiary of Chinese firm Jinzhao a contract to build a port in the south of the Andean nation, expected to require $405 million in investments. As part of the deal, Jinzhao Peru will receive a concession to operate the port for 30 years, according to the head of state investment agency Proinversion, Jose Salardi. With the project, Jinzhao will become the second Chinese firm to build and operate a port in Peru, one of the world's top copper producers. In the north of Peru, a subsidiary of Chinese firm Cosco Shipping Ports is building a "megaport" set to kick off operations at the end of this year. Jinzhao's port, in the southern region of Ica, is near its Pampa de Pongo iron project, set to require a $2.34 billion investment in its "pre-feasibility stage."
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CNN —Actor Eric McCormack has weighed in on the debate around whether non-LGBT actors should be able to play gay characters. McCormack, who is straight but is best known for playing gay lawyer Will Truman in the NBC comedy series “Will & Grace,” said in an interview on British television Monday that he still hopes “the best person for the role” would be cast, regardless of their sexuality. Susanna Reid, a co-host on ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” show, asked McCormack what he thought about straight actors playing gay characters. McCormack and "Will & Grace" co-star Debra Messing in June 2023 Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images“That’s a tough one for me, because I didn’t become an actor so that I could play an actor,” said McCormack. It’s part of the gig.”“And I’ve always said: ‘If gay actors weren’t allowed to play straight actors, Broadway would be over,’” he added.
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My interior stateroom felt similar to the ship's more expensive accommodations — the only difference was that there was no window. Interior rooms aren't glamorous, but ours felt just as comfortable as some of pricier cabins. The cabin felt very similar to the ship's more expensive staterooms, but it didn't have a view. The upside to having no windows was that the space was pitch-black at night, allowing us to sleep like babies. Looking out at the ocean would've been nice, but my family and I were rarely in the room during daylight hours.
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For Ytasha Womack, the Afrofuture Is Now
  + stars: | 2024-03-16 | by ( Katrina Miller | )   time to read: +2 min
And as with many things Afrofuturistic, Ytasha Womack’s fingerprints are all over it. (In 2023, Ms. Womack published “Black Panther: A Cultural Exploration,” Marvel’s reference book examining the films’ influences.) Afrofuturism is a way of thinking about the future, with alternate realities based on perspectives of the African diaspora. People have used imagination to transform their circumstances, to move from one reality to another. And so to claim your imagination — to embrace it — can be a way of elevating your consciousness.
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I completed a winter hike through The Narrows, one of Zion National Park 's most popular hikes. Despite the cold, winter was a great time to do this hike as it was free from the summer crowds. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementUtah's Zion National Park is popular, and its towering sandstone cliffs, narrow slot canyons, and diverse landscapes make it especially busy in the summertime. Having visited 35 national parks, Zion has always been high on my travel wish list, but I've heard it can be extremely crowded during peak seasons.
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Usually, if one person buys a drink package, everyone else in their stateroom has to as well. Plus, the package's listed price typically doesn't include gratuity. Amanda AdlerCruise lines don't want a passenger to pay for an unlimited drink package and use it to order beverages for all the other members of their party, so some take an all-or-nothing approach. Doing the math using the discounted package prices, the three bundles would add over $1,000 (plus gratuities) to the cost of our seven-night sail. I opted not to purchase any drink packages.
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Balcony staterooms come with too many caveats to justify the higher price, so I opt for staterooms with portholes instead. My family prefers a porthole stateroom to a balcony stateroom. I've found that balcony seating is rarely as spacious as the lounge chairs elsewhere on the ship. But the lack of space is just one of my gripes with balcony staterooms. Besides, the ship has plenty to explore, so get out of your room and enjoy everything your cruise has to offer.
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Joe Biden and his leading Republican challenger Donald Trump remain locked in a tight election rematch, after a special prosecutor's report commenting on the Democratic incumbent's mental acuity, a Reuters/Ipsos poll found. The four-day poll, which closed on Monday, showed former President Trump with the support of 37% of respondents, compared with 34% support for Biden, at the edge of the survey's 2.9 percentage point margin of error. The finding showed a closer race than a poll last month that found Trump holding a 6 percentage point lead. It also showed that one potential major political liability facing Trump is the ongoing four criminal prosecutions he faces. One in four self-identified Republicans and about half of independents responding said they would not vote for Trump if he was convicted of a felony crime by a jury.
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People typically pay between $75,000 and $500,000 for Adler's services (and in some cases, even more), according to business records reviewed by CNBC. Her team of matchmakers conducts in-person interviews with clients, which delve into their childhoods, desires, aversions and romantic histories. Adler shared her best dating advice. As part of this reflection, it can be useful to think about why previous relationships didn't work out, Adler said. Don't settleAdler's matchmakers dedicate a lot of time helping clients to identify their deal breakers and their must-have qualities in a partner.
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US Conducts More Strikes on Houthi Targets in Yemen
  + stars: | 2024-02-08 | by ( Feb. | At P.M. | )   time to read: +2 min
By Kanishka SinghWASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Central Command forces on Thursday conducted seven "self-defense" strikes against four Houthi unmanned surface vessels and seven mobile anti-ship cruise missiles that were prepared to be launched against ships in the Red Sea, the U.S. military said. The Houthi campaign has disrupted international shipping. The United States and Britain have recently launched strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen and returned the militia to a list of "terrorist groups." U.S. President Joe Biden said in January that strikes on Houthi targets would continue even as he acknowledged they may not be halting their attacks. The Gaza health ministry says over 27,000 people have been killed in the densely populated enclave since.
Persons: Kanishka Singh WASHINGTON, CENTCOM, Joe Biden, Kanishka Singh, Sandra Maler, Leslie Adler Organizations: U.S . Central Command, U.S, U.S . Navy, Hamas Locations: Red, Iran, Yemen, Gulf of Aden, Gaza, United States, Britain, Israel, Houthi, Asia, Europe
AdvertisementMike Coleman has seen a lot in his five years selling vintage furniture. Reselling high-quality, vintage furniture is a growing business. taikrixel/Getty ImagesHow furniture materials got so…cheapInnovation in materials during the 20th century disrupted the furniture business. It's not just about where you look for quality furniture, but also about rethinking the decision-making process before purchasing a piece. Coleman, of Big Mike's, said even he acknowledges that in today's world, it's impossible to buy vintage 100% of the time.
Persons: , Mike Coleman, I'm, Coleman, CoCo Ree Lemery, grandkids, Lemery, Jonathan Adler, it's, There's, she'd, James W, Gayle DeBruyn, Anthropologie, DeBruyn, Gary Coronado, Big Mike's Organizations: Service, Purdue University, Consumers, Furniture, Kendall College of Art, Ferris State University, Urban, Los Angeles Times, Facebook, Ikea Locations: Chicago, China, Williams Sonoma, India, Zara, Banana Republic, Watts, Los Angeles , CA
By Max Hunder and Steve HollandDONETSK REGION, UKRAINE/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Ukrainian government has informed the White House that it plans to fire the country's top military commander overseeing the war against Russian occupation forces, two knowledgeable sources said on Friday. The Latest Photos From Ukraine View All 91 ImagesA second knowledgeable source said that the White House did not express a position one way or the other on the plan to replace Zaluzhnyi. "I would emphasize that the White House response was that we did not support or object to their sovereign decision," said the source, who request anonymity in order to discuss the issue. "The White House expressed that it is up to Ukraine to make its own sovereign decisions about its personnel," the source continued. The Washington Post was first to report that Ukraine had informed the White House of the plan to fire Zaluzhnyi.
Persons: Max Hunder, Steve Holland, General Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Zaluzhnyi, Jonathan Landay, Leslie Adler, Cynthia Osterman Organizations: Ukrainian, Washington Post Locations: Steve Holland DONETSK REGION, UKRAINE, WASHINGTON, Ukraine, .
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