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The nature of illegal lockouts means they are hard to track directly. One of the responding officers calls a sergeant over, who says there's nothing else they can do. While only 14% of lockout calls led to a police report, 86% of calls about shoplifting did. As they walk over, one of the officers tells the other to look up "illegal lockout" on his phone. A 2006 bill that would have defined illegal lockouts for all Illinois residents was defeated.
Persons: Alfred Perry, He'd, Perry, Dan Wright, Perry didn't, Wright, Bridget Bennett, Dan hadn't, I'd, he'd, Charlie Bliss, Matthew Desmond, Lockouts, Jersey City's, haven't, he's, David Leibowitz, Leibowitz, , Pretium —, Kristi DesJarlais, Siegel, Sean Thueson ​, , Thueson, Blackstone, lockouts, Pretium, Katherine Kelly, RealPage, Jennifer Bowcock, William Prosser ,, they're, Donna Rossi, Sara Heymann, Meghan Aguilar, Misty Skinner, Skinner, Levi Wilhelm, It's, hasn't, I've, Wilhelm, they'd, Jeffrey Uno, Deirdre Orange, isn't, Daniel Benavidez, Jenny Chavez, criminalizing, Rob Bonta, Eric Carter, John Bartlett, Carter, Fred Fuchs, Steve Cohen, Michael Bennet, Sarah Saadian, Douglas Farrar, Kelly, Fuchs, Heymann, who've Organizations: Labor, Chrysler, Social Security, Business, North Las Vegas Police Department, Child Protective Services, Las Vegas Justice, Atlanta Legal, Atlanta Police Department, Atlanta, Supreme, Department of Housing, Los Angeles Police Department, Houston —, Arizona, Housing Association, Invitation Homes, Siegel, Siegel Group, Blackstone ., Progress, Homes, Union, city's Housing Department, Miami, Police, Houston, Houston Police Department, Phoenix, Criminal, Chicago, Chicago Department, LAPD, Records, Jersey City, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Las Vegas Metro Police, Legal, Foundation of Los, Phoenix Police Department, Fulton County Marshal's Department, Avondale Police Department, Avondale Police, Metropolitan Tenants Organization, Texas Justice Court, Court Training Center, Illinois, National Weather Service, Democratic, Senate, Income Housing Coalition, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, FTC, AGs Locations: Las Vegas, Detroit, Vegas, United States, Perry's, Princeton, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, South Chicago, Phoenix, Jersey, New Jersey, Jersey City, Houston, Nevada, . Texas, Harris County, Texas, Arizona, Washington, city's, Atlanta , Miami, California, New York City, Spring Valley, Spring Valley , Nevada, Las, Foundation of Los Angeles, Avondale , Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia , Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, In Connecticut , Massachusetts, Minnesota , New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Illinois
Let's look at what the the S & P 500's first half taught us about the chances for more gains in the second half. From Q1 1995 through Q2 1998, the S & P 500 was up 14 straight quarters. Below are four important factors we're continuing to watch closely into the year's second half. 116 of them are up more than the S & P 500 (+14.8%) through July 1 st , 2024. Good closes The S & P 500 has closed above its intra-day mid-point 77/125 trading days through Monday.
Persons: We've, That's, they'll, Frank Cappelleri Organizations: CNBC, NBC UNIVERSAL
CNN —A federal judge’s decision this week reprimanding Elon Musk’s X will have reverberating effects on efforts to hold influential online platforms accountable, legal experts and advocacy groups say. Breyer held that the reports were “unquestionably” protected by the group’s free speech rights. Now, that decision could embolden other research groups and Musk critics who have faced legal threats from the billionaire. Researchers face hurdles to studying on-platform behaviorResearchers from non-profits and academic institutions have had a harder time studying X since Musk’s takeover in 2022. But one of Musk’s first changes at X was to put access to platform data behind a steep paywall.
Persons: reprimanding Elon Musk’s, Charles Breyer, Breyer, CCDH, X, Northern District of California —, Musk, White, Elon, , Alex Abdo, ” Abdo, Angelo Carusone, Carusone, Andrew Bailey, , ” Carusone, David Karpf, ” Karpf, Nora Benavidez, Benavidez Organizations: CNN, Center, Court, Northern, Northern District of, Columbia University, “ Society, Twitter, Anti, Defamation League, Microsoft, Meta, Media, AGs, School of Media, Public Affairs, George Washington University, ” Free Press, Free Press Locations: Northern District, Northern District of California, Texas, Missouri
Read previewThree top Democratic lawmakers want federal and state officials to investigate a major student-loan company. AdvertisementThey called on the CFPB and attorneys general to "investigate MOHELA and pursue action to the fullest extent possible under the law. We’re standing with @theSBPC and @AFTunion in expressing outrage at MOHELA’s student loan mismanagement. Since student-loan payments resumed in October after an over three-year pause, federal servicers have been under scrutiny over their handling of the return to repayment. AdvertisementIn January, the Education Department withheld varying amounts of pay from the other three federal servicers for the same reason.
Persons: , Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, MOHELA, they're, Biden, — Chuck Schumer, Warren Organizations: Service, Democratic, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Business, Protection, American Federation of Teachers, Sunshine Law, AGs, Education Department Locations: Sens, Missouri
The attorneys general of Tennessee and Virginia filed a lawsuit against the NCAA on Wednesday, a day after the University of Tennessee's chancellor ripped the association for investigating the school for potential recruiting violations related to name, image and likeness compensation rules. The lawsuit filed in the Eastern District of Tennessee claims the NCAA is “enforcing rules that unfairly restrict how athletes can commercially use their name, image and likeness at a critical juncture in the recruiting calendar." Tennessee released a scathing letter Chancellor Donde Plowman wrote to Charlie Baker shortly after school officials met with NCAA representatives to discuss the allegations. She said leaders of collegiate sports owe it to students and their families to act in their best interest with clear rules — and that the NCAA is nowhere close to providing that. “In short, the NCAA is failing.”___AP college football: and
Persons: Sherman, , Donde Plowman, Charlie Baker, ” Plowman, Organizations: NCAA, University of Tennessee's, Eastern District of, Volunteers, Spyre Sports Group, Tennessee, AP Locations: Tennessee, Virginia, Eastern District, Eastern District of Tennessee
Washington CNN —Social media companies should be treated as utilities such as telephone or telegraph companies, a group of states led by Republican attorneys general told the US Supreme Court on Monday. Contested state laws forcing social media companies to carry all online speech are constitutional because tech platforms enjoy “hyperconcentration” of economic power, the group argued. The high-stakes case could determine the future of social media moderation and online political speech and is expected to go to oral argument next month. The case could have implications on the posts that people and institutions make on social media during this presidential election cycle. In their brief, the states noted “striking similarities between social media companies and telegraph and telephones,” and that those similarities justify tough new rules barring discrimination on the basis of political viewpoint.
Organizations: Washington CNN — Social, Republican, US, Meta, Facebook, ” Tech Locations: Arizona, Texas, Florida
Even including the sale of Heathrow, this year is the slowest for airport transactions in the past decade, totalling $5.9 billion globally to date, according to Dealogic data. They have hired Mediobanca (MDBI.MI) and Credit Agricole (CAGR.PA) to find a buyer for a sale of their 49% stake in the company, the people said. Heathrow's sale valued the airport at 14.3 times EBITDA, according to JP Morgan analysis published on Wednesday. UK's Esken (ESKN.L), owner of regional Southend Airport, said in June it had started a process for the sale of the airport. On Thursday, Hungary's state-owned Corvinus and Vinci Airports notified the European Commission of a proposed joint takeover of Budapest's airport, according to a document posted on the EU website.
Persons: Andras Kranicz, GIP, Australia's Macquarie, Spain's, Ferrovial, Agata Lyznik, Mediobanca, Gianni, Origoni, Nico Torrisi, Morgan, UK's, France's Vinci, Vinci, Corvinus, Emma, Victoria Farr, Andres Gonzalez, Elisa Anzolin, Joanna Plucinska, Mathieu Rosemain, Anousha Sakoui, Elaine Hardcastle Organizations: LONDON, Heathrow, BNP, Global Infrastructure Partners, AGS Airports, Southampton, Australia's, International, ACI, Airports, Macquarie, Credit Agricole Assurance, 2i, Credit, SAC, Gatwick, Southend Airport, Global Infrastructure Fund, Vinci Airports, European Commission, EU, Thomson Locations: Edinburgh, Italy, FRANKFURT, Spanish, Europe, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Heathrow, France, Hungary's, Budapest's
casey newtonAnd this caused a big sort of emotional reaction that said, wow, that feels like really, really icky. It’s just really, really awful. How do I get really, really good at this? But we have that explosion at the beginning, which is really, really exciting. I’m still interested in smartphones because I think they’re really, really advanced pieces of tech.
Persons: kevin roose, Kevin Roose, ” casey newton, Casey Newton, ” kevin roose, casey newton Oh, casey newton, ” kevin roose You’re, kevin roose That’s, kevin roose I’m Kevin Russo, Marques Brownlee, a.k.a, We’ve, don’t, casey newton Well, Meta, It’s, casey newton Right, casey newton It’s, kevin roose Totally, I’ve, you’re, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, They’re, that’s, kevin roose Casey, Hansel, Gretel, let’s, they’re, casey newton Jewel, , Juul, Meta didn’t, we’ve, “ We’re, There’s, Al Capone, They’ve, , Kevin, casey newton I’ve, casey newton That’s, Marquez Brownlee, Casey, He’s, Marquez, he’s, Elon Musk, Sundar Pichai, you’ll, marquez brownlee, casey newton I’m, You’ve, casey newton Let’s, you’ve, it’s, I’m, he’ll, kevin roose Marquez, PewDiePie, marquez brownlee I’ll, they’ve, Ralph, That’s, kevin roose It’s, you’d, we’re, I’d, casey newton Libraries ! marquez brownlee, everyone’s, Samantha, Davis, Fancy, Bard, DALL, Midjourney, ChatGPT, Bing, who’s, it’ll, OpenAI, Pope, kevin roose Pope, — casey newton, casey newton Ah, Mickey Mouse, Eli Lilly, barbecuing, bro, Fabio, Getty, Greg Rutkowski, kevin roose Really, Greg, there’s, Ben Zhao, casey newton We’re, Bob Ross Organizations: The New York Times, YouTube, Meta, pharma, AGs, Netflix, COPPA, Facebook, Congress, Digital Services, Federal Communications Commission, ABC, CBS, FCC, Samsung, casey newton Libraries, VR, Apple, ChatGPT, Enterprise, DALL, Disney, Twitter, Getty, “ MIT Tech, University of Chicago, Adobe Locations: California, Colorado, what’s, you’re, Europe, United States, China, earbuds
Meta sued by 33 state AGs for addictive features targeting kids
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In this videoShare Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailMeta sued by 33 state AGs for addictive features targeting kidsCNBC's Sara Eisen reports on U.S. states suing Meta for violating Coppa laws.
Persons: Sara Eisen, Meta Organizations: Meta, AGs
A bipartisan group of 42 attorneys general is suing Meta over addictive features aimed at kids and teens, the AGs announced Tuesday. The support from so many state AGs of different political backgrounds indicates a significant legal challenge to Meta's business. Besides New York, the states that filed the federal suit include California, Colorado, Louisiana, Nebraska, South Carolina, Washington and Wisconsin. It's also not the first time a broad coalition of state AGs have teamed up to go after Meta. Meta was well aware of the negative effects its design could have on its young users, the AGs allege.
Persons: Letitia James, It's, Meta, James, , Frances Haugen, Instagram, Haugen, Brian Schwalb, Schwalb, Andy Stone, We're, Joe Biden, Jim Cramer Organizations: AGs, Meta, Northern District of, New York, Federal Trade Commission, Facebook, Street, CNBC, State Locations: Northern District, Northern District of California, New York, California , Colorado , Louisiana , Nebraska, South Carolina, Washington and Wisconsin, America
Days after the Israel-Hamas war erupted last weekend, social media platforms like Meta , TikTok and X (formerly Twitter) received a stark warning from a top European regulator to stay vigilant about disinformation and violent posts related to the conflict. In that case, the AGs argued that the Biden administration was overly coercive in its suggestions to social media companies that they remove such posts. In the U.S., "we can't have government officials leaning on social media platforms and telling them, 'You really should be looking at this more closely. Under the DSA, large online platforms must have robust procedures for removing hate speech and disinformation, though they must be balanced against free expression concerns. A series of letters from New York AG Letitia James to several social media sites on Thursday exemplifies how U.S. officials may try to walk that line.
Persons: Thierry Breton, Breton, Elon Musk, Biden, David Greene, they're, Kevin Goldberg, Goldberg, Christoph Schmon, Greene, New York AG Letitia James, James Organizations: Digital Services, Republican, AGs, White, Federal Bureau of, Electronic Frontier Foundation Civil, Freedom, EFF, DSA, New York AG, Google, CNBC, YouTube, EU's, Twitter Locations: Israel, U.S, New, Europe
Drew Angerer | Getty ImagesWhen it comes to online search, it's Google's web and everyone else is playing in it, according to rival Microsoft. "Everybody talks about the open web, but there is really the Google web," Nadella said from the stand in Washington, D.C., District Court. Perhaps the most famous of those deals is the multibillion-dollar agreement between Google and Apple to make Google search the default on Apple products like the iPhone. He said the integration issues with Google's Search Ads 360 "keeps coming up in escalations" to him. Microsoft has begun integrating ChatGPT into its Bing search results through its partnership with OpenAI and is a leading player in the space, alongside Google.
Persons: Satya Nadella, Nadella, Drew Angerer, Satya Nadella's, Microsoft's Bing, Bing, Bernstein, they've, it's, Connolly's John Schmidtlein, Schmidtlein, there's, Google's, roundtables, he's Organizations: Microsoft, Google, Washington , D.C, Department of Justice, Apple, Apple Microsoft, Windows, Microsoft Windows, Washington Post, Verizon, Bing, AGs, OpenAI, YouTube, CNBC Locations: Washington ,, Washington, Silicon Valley
That popularity, the company says, is why browser and phone makers have chosen Google as their default search engine through revenue sharing agreements. It will also hear from Apple's Senior Vice President of Services Eddy Cue and Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker, Google's lawyer said. Following opening statements, the DOJ lawyer questioned its first witness, as it begins what's known as its "case-in-chief." But it's important browsers pick the right search default, Schmidtlein said, as Mozilla learned when it switched its default from Google to Yahoo in 2014. WATCH: DOJ takes on Google in antitrust lawsuit over Google Search
Persons: Jonathan Kanter, Kevin Dietsch, Sundar Pichai, Services Eddy, Mitchell Baker, Google's, Sridhar Ramaswamy, Neeva, Hal Varian, Ting Shen, Varian, Kenneth Dintzer, Dintzer, Ditzner, Patterson Belknap Webb, William Cavanaugh, Joan Braddi, Braddi, Siri, Cavanaugh, Kent Walker, Williams, Connolly's John Schmidtlein, Schmidtlein, Denelle Dixon, Apple Organizations: Antitrust, Department of Justice, Getty, Google, Colorado, Washington , D.C, Apple's, Services, Mozilla, DOJ, AGs, Google Inc, Bloomberg, Microsoft, Federal Trade Commission, Apple, Samsung, Branch, Global Affairs, Inc, Yahoo, TechCrunch, CNBC, YouTube Locations: Washington , DC, Washington ,, Snowflake, Colorado, Siri
Affirmative action supporters and counterprotesters shout at each other outside the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C., June 29, 2023. Now that the Supreme Court has struck down race-conscious admissions, employers could face challenges in how they find diverse talent. A group of 13 Republican attorneys general suggested in the wake of the ruling that companies' diversity, equity and inclusion, or DEI, programs could be considered unlawful discrimination. In the wake of the ruling, many fear universities could become less reliable sources from which to recruit diverse talent. However, during the last year there has been a "step back" in terms of diversity hiring, said Reyhan Ayas, a senior economist at Revelio Labs, a workforce data and analytics firm.
Persons: Kent Nishimura, Jocelyn Samuels, Lorraine Hariton, Donald Harris, Stacy Hawkins, Kim Waller, Korn, Waller, Ahmad Thomas, Thomas, it's, We've, Alvin Tillery, Tillery, Carey Thompson, Adam Kovacevich, George Floyd, Russell, Reyhan Ayas, Northwestern's, Salesforce, Kovacevich, VI, Temple's Harris, " Harris Organizations: U.S, Supreme, Washington , D.C, Los Angeles Times, Apple, General Electric, Google, Starbucks, Harvard University, University of North, Democratic AGs, Employment, Commission, Catalyst, Temple University School of Law, University of California, University of Michigan, Urban Institute, Employers, Rutgers University . Companies, . Census, Temple University School of Law Business, Leadership Group, Corporate, Northwestern's Center, Diversity and Democracy, Gettysburg, of Progress, Economic, Revelio Labs, Silicon, Amazon, Microsoft, Civil Locations: Washington ,, University of North Carolina, U.S, Silicon Valley
A federal judge narrowed the case that states and the Department of Justice can make in the antitrust trial against Google beginning in September, according to a newly-released decision. The cases both alleged that Google illegally maintained a monopoly by cutting off rivals from search distribution channels. The DOJ and a bipartisan group of AGs from 38 states and territories, led by Colorado and Nebraska, filed similar but separate antitrust suits against Google in 2020. In addition to the allegedly exclusionary contracts for search distribution, the states alleged that Google also violated antitrust law through its product to buy search ads and the way it designed its search results pages. But they will no longer be able to bring the claim that Google harmed competition by designing its search results to push down search engine competitors' results, the judge decided.
Persons: Sundar Pichai, It's, Amit Mehta, Mehta, Google's, Kent Walker, Phil Weiser Organizations: Department, Justice, Google, D.C, Department of Justice, DOJ, AGs, Colorado and, Federal Trade Commission, FTC, Street Locations: Rayburn, Washington ,, Colorado, Colorado and Nebraska
New York CNN —Republican attorneys general from seven states signed a letter Wednesday to Target (TGT), warning clothes and merchandise sold as part of the retail giant’s Pride month campaigns could violate their state’s child protection laws. Nineteen states have passed laws restricting it. And more than 1 in 5 of Gen Z identify as LGBTQ+ – so we’re also their future. In May, Target said it was removing some products celebrating Pride Month after the company and its employees became the focus of a “volatile” anti-LGBTQ campaign. Target said it removed from shelves “items that have been at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior.”Target did not have comment on the letter.
Persons: Theys, Katya ’, It’s, ” Jay Brown, HRC’s, Gen, we’re, Target Organizations: New, New York CNN, AGs, Rights, Training, Research, CNN, Human Locations: New York, Indiana , Arkansas , Idaho , Kentucky , Mississippi , Missouri, South Carolina
July 7 (Reuters) - A group of 15 Republican state attorneys general have questioned whether directors of BlackRock mutual funds are sufficiently independent of the world's largest asset manager. The letter was addressed to ten individuals listed in a BlackRock filing as nominees to a board that oversees BlackRock closed-end mutual funds. Among other things, they said BlackRock fund trustees who serve as directors of companies where BlackRock owns more than 5% of shares could lead to independence concerns. They also cite how BlackRock fund directors are responsible for dozens of funds - exceeding BlackRock's own "overboarding" guideline for public company boards. Critics have raised similar issues in the past about whether well-paid mutual fund directors are positioned to speak up.
Persons: Austin Knudsen, Ross Kerber, Diane Craft Organizations: Republican, Reuters, Montana Attorney, BlackRock, AGs, Thomson Locations: Montana, BlackRock
Republican lawmakers, state attorneys general and several advocacy groups have voiced their support for Illumina's acquisition of cancer-test developer Grail while the Federal Trade Commission fights to unwind the deal. The groups filed 14 amicus briefs Monday urging the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse an FTC order that would have Illumina undo the $7.1 billion Grail deal over concerns that it stifles competition. Thirty-four Republican lawmakers touted Grail's early screening test, which can detect more than 50 types of cancers through a single blood draw. And activist investor Carl Icahn, who holds a 1.4% stake in Illumina, launched a proxy fight with the company over the Grail deal. Icahn's opposition stemmed from Illumina's decision to close the acquisition without first gaining approval from antitrust regulators.
Persons: Illumina, Carl Icahn, Francis deSouza Organizations: Federal Trade Commission, U.S, FTC, Food and Drug Administration, European Commission Locations: San Diego, Alaska , Arkansas, Georgia , Idaho , Indiana , Iowa , Kentucky, Louisiana , Nebraska, South Carolina , Utah, Virginia, Illumina
AGs Want Their Lawsuit Money Back
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Companies Johnson & Johnson FollowNEW YORK, May 16 (Reuters) - Johnson & Johnson (JNJ.N) has set aside $400 million to resolve U.S. state consumer protection actions as part of its broader $8.9 billion effort to settle claims that its Baby Powder and other talc products cause cancer. LTL's bankruptcy plan would pay $400 million into a separate trust for claims filed by state attorneys general alleging that J&J violated state unfair business practices and consumer protection laws by misleading consumers about the safety of its talc products. Several states had begun consumer protection actions against J&J before LTL's first bankruptcy filing stopped those investigations from moving forward in 2021. New Mexico and Mississippi said in their motion to dismiss that LTL's renewed bankruptcy violates state law enforcement powers by attempting unilaterally to cap the company's liability for state consumer protection actions. From there, the proposed settlement applies discounts depending on the type and severity of cancer, the individual's age, history of talc use and other factors.
Scott Olson | Getty ImagesRepublican presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy built his White House bid around urging companies to stay out of politics. The messages show Ramaswamy's firm actively engaged with GOP state leaders who have defended the fossil fuel industry and criticized environmentally conscious investment standards. Ramaswamy on Thursday defended the firm's engagement with GOP officials, saying bigger firms BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street have conducted similar practices with state officials across the country. Strive has become one of the more vocal opponents of ESG investing and has gained enough notoriety to challenge the likes of fossil fuel giant ExxonMobil . Ron DeSantis, have often attacked ESG investing standards and corporations that support social causes — an increasingly common refrain within the GOP.
But a former Army general told Insider that too much Western pressure could tank the attack. "I would reject the talk that Ukraine's only got one shot," said Ben Hodges, a retired Army general. But global expectations of a triumph could torpedo the offensive before it even begins, a former Army general told Insider. While the exact timing of Ukraine's much-anticipated counteroffensive is still unknown, military experts told Insider earlier this month that the assault could start as soon as the coming weeks. But framing this offensive as make-or-break for Ukraine sets a dangerous precedent, said Ben Hodges, a retired lieutenant general and former commander of US Army Europe.
Payments from a $141 million TurboTax settlement will be sent to 4.4 million Americans this month. TurboTax and parent company Intuit agreed to the settlement last year over allegedly deceptive ads. In 2016, 2017, and 2018 millions of Americans paid TurboTax to file their taxes when the IRS would have done it for free. An estimated 4.4 million Americans will soon receive checks as part of a $141 million settlement from Intuit, the parent company of popular tax filing software TurboTax. The state attorneys general said the company deceived Americans with advertising campaigns that emphasized its products were "free, free, free" when its gratis program only covers Americans with "simple" tax returns, as defined by the company.
Insider spoke to military experts about the possible timing, location, and goals of the coming assault. Ahead of this specific offensive, Ukraine was also likely waiting for the ground to dry after a cold and muddy winter. But there's more than just military strategy to consider — politics plays a key role as well, military experts said. Military experts and analysts are betting the bulk of the offensive will be focused in Ukraine's southeast, particularly in the Zaporizhzhia region. The single most important aim for Ukraine's next push is taking back its territory, the military experts said.
The attorneys general of California and New. York said they have launched a probe into alleged employment discrimination and a hostile workplace at the NFL. Photo: Kirby Lee/USA TODAY SportsThe attorneys general of California and New York are investigating the National Football League for employment discrimination and a hostile work environment, their offices said, adding to the mounting scrutiny of the workplace behavior in America’s most popular sport. The attorneys general said they issued subpoenas to the league seeking relevant information and that the joint investigation will probe allegations made by former employees, including potential violations of federal and state equity and antidiscrimination laws.
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