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Tiger Woods, world No. Yang?’Despite his giant-slaying efforts, Yang was still relatively unknown when he pitched up to PGA Tour qualifying school the following season. Yang clinched his first PGA Tour title on his fourth start of the season at the Honda Classic to join K.J. Streeter Lecka/Getty Images“I wasn’t that nervous because it’s a game of golf,” Yang told reporters. The 24-year-old American stamped a last-minute ticket to Valhalla with his first PGA Tour victory at the inaugural Myrtle Beach Classic on Sunday.
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Hong Kong CNN —Chinese search engine giant Baidu has found itself in a public relations crisis, thanks to its own PR chief. Qu, Baidu's vice president and head of communications, has sparked backlash over her comments endorsing a tough workplace culture. China’s young workers have increasingly spoken out against the harsh workplace culture that has come to dominate many industries. Qu had asked all members of the PR team to create their personal accounts, according to the person, who requested anonymity. A former Baidu employee said Qu brought Huawei’s aggressive corporate culture with her to Baidu.
Persons: Qu Jing, Qu, I’m, ” Qu, , , Jing, China’s, Ivy Yang, ” Yang, Alibaba, Jack Ma, Ma, Baidu, Cristina Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Baidu, Xinhua, Huawei, CNN Locations: China, Hong Kong, Weibo
Opinion: Trump gives Biden one big lift
  + stars: | 2024-03-17 | by ( Richard Galant | )   time to read: +18 min
Former President Donald Trump’s favorability ratings are only slightly better. The bipartisan legislation to control the flow of migrants across the southern border was blown up by opposition from Trump. One thing that is going right for Biden is Trump himself. “I want to vote for Donald Trump in November, wrote Marc A. Thiessen in the Washington Post. … Just like office holders have released their tax returns (up until former President Donald Trump), I would like to see more candidates release their physical and mental health assessments,” Schurman observed.
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On Saturday, Lai, 64, the current vice president from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), won a widely watched election to become Taiwan’s next president. Confetti flies over crowds as Lai Ching-te speaks to supporters at a rally at the DPP's headquarters on January 13, 2024 in Taipei, Taiwan. It was 1994, less than a decade after the DPP first emerged from Taiwan’s democracy movement against the authoritarian rule of the Kuomintang (KMT). Louise Delmotte/AP‘Chill out’In the lead-up to the election, China made no secret of its desire to prevent a Lai victory. Hours after Lai declared victory, China dismissed the outcome of Taiwan’s elections, saying the DPP “does not represent mainstream public opinion” on the island.
Persons: CNN — Lai Ching, Lai, Taiwan’s, , ” Lai, we’re, , Xi Jinping, ” “, , Tsai Ing, Lai Ching, Annice Lyn, I’ve, Louise Delmotte, Hou Yu, Beijing’s, Tsai, Xi, Beijing, Hsiao Bi, Hsiao, ” Lai Ching, Ann Wang, ’ Lai, ” Yang Wei Organizations: CNN, Communist Party, Democratic Progressive Party, , DPP, Kuomintang, KMT, Communist, ih, National Taiwan University, Reuters, Taiwan People’s Party, Taiwan Affairs Office Locations: Taiwan, China, Taiwan Strait, Beijing, Tainan, Taipei, United States,
Exit George SantosVideo Ad Feedback SE Cupp: Trump didn't pave the way for George Santos. In the week that Americans said goodbye to Rosalynn Carter, Henry Kissinger and Sandra Day O’Connor, it was jarring that Santos occupied our minds. But as SE Cupp argued, in a more rational world, Santos would have resigned from Congress long ago. • Join us on Twitter and Facebook“Many Republicans just don’t care,” wrote Zelizer. Ron Edmonds/APAs a 12-year-old girl in 1981, Traci Lovitt was riveted by the appointment of Sandra Day O’Connor as the first woman on the Supreme Court.
Persons: William James, , James, Webster, — Taylor Swift, Elon Musk, Taylor, Jeff Yang, aplomb, Swift, Ariana Grande, Tay, bestie, , ” Yang, Holly Thomas, , Emma Chamberlain, we’re, we’ll, We’ll, Exit George Santos, George Santos, Rosalynn Carter, Henry Kissinger, Sandra Day O’Connor, Santos, New Jersey Sen, Bob Menendez, Cupp, Mercedes, ” Santos, Menendez “, Menendez, Donald Trump, Trump, Bill Clinton, ” Clay Jones Liz Cheney’s, Liz Cheney, ” Cheney, Julian Zelizer, Cheney, Kevin McCarthy, McCarthy, ” “, craven, — Cheney, Wade, Patrick T, Brown, ’ Trump, ” Brown, Sen, John McCain, ” Nick Anderson, Agency Nikki Haley’s, Nikki Haley, Koch, Haley, Geoff Duncan, ” Duncan, Joe Biden’s, Biden, Barack Obama, ” “ Haley, Nicole Hemmer, Bill Carter, Hannity, Newsom, Henry Kissinger’s, Henry “ Kissinger, Fareed Zakaria, Kissinger, Stalin, reread Spinoza, ” Kissinger, Zakaria, ” Jeremi Suri, ” “ Kissinger, Peter Bergen, Christopher Hitchens, Henry Kissinger David Andelman, Joe Biden, Phil Hands, Frida Ghitis, it’s, Netanyahu, Ghitis, Hani Almadhoun, Almadhoun, ” Elon, Jill Filipovic, X, Dean Obeidallah, Keith Magee, Lisa Benson,, Dominic Erdozain, Ronald Reagan, , Walt Handelsman, Will Leitch, William Faulkner, Robert Frost, John Steinbeck, Leitch, … I’d, ” Don’t, Dana Summers, Agency Amy Klein, Stuart E, Carter, Carmen Cusido, Sandra Day, Sandra Day O'Connor, Ron Edmonds, Traci Lovitt, O’Connor, Lovitt, Antonin Scalia, Organizations: CNN, Oxford, Merriam, Exit, Trump, White House, Republican, Democrat, Independent, Mar, Twitter, Facebook, Republicans, Affordable, , Tribune, Agency, New York Times, Biden, United Nations Relief, Works Agency, Musk’s, Islamic State, America “, National Commission, Illustrated, Sports, AP, Stanford Law, Potomac Locations: Merriam, New York, New Jersey, Roe, Georgia, Siena, optimists, European, Nazi Germany, Vietnam, Cambodia, Gaza, Israel, America, America “ America, United States, Arizona
CNN —Investigators are working to determine who is responsible for a massive fire over the weekend that has forced the indefinite closure of part of Los Angeles’ Interstate 10, as fire officials say the blaze was likely arson. Residents who are impacted have been urged to take public transit, work from home or plan for significant traffic delays. Investigators have sifted through the fire’s rubble in search of evidence and are working with Los Angeles firefighters to canvass the surrounding neighborhoods for potential witnesses and video footage, the fire marshal added. Firefighters responded to reports of the fire around 12:30 a.m. Saturday at a storage yard scattered with pallets, trailers and vehicles, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department. About 100 columns beneath the bridge were impacted by fire and are being inspected, according to transportation department director Tony Tavares.
Persons: Karen Bass, , Daniel Berlant, Berlant, Gavin Newsom, Newsom, , ” Bass, ” Newsom, Kristin Crowley, Jae C, ” John Yang, Yang, Tony Tavares, Transportation Toks Omishakin, ” Yang Organizations: CNN —, , , Firefighters, Los Angeles Fire Department, California Department of Transportation, Transportation, Apex Development, CNN Locations: Los Angeles, City, Los Angeles County, California
It now has its own permanent outpost in orbit – a fully operational space station – and routinely rotates crews to live and work there. On Thursday, three Chinese astronauts lifted off on the Shenzhou-17 spacecraft from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center deep in the Gobi Desert, heading for the Tiangong space station for a six-month stay. With a lifespan of 15 years, it could become the only one left when the NASA-led International Space Station (ISS) retires in 2030. That exclusion has at least in part spurred Beijing to build its own space station. “We’ve been operating spacecraft, space shuttle, space station for decades.
Persons: China’s, Yang Liwei, Yang, ” Yang, , , – Tang Shengjie, Jiang Xinlin, Tang Hongbo, Tang, Tang Shengjie, Tiangong, Leroy Chiao, they’ve, ” Chiao, “ We’ve Organizations: China CNN, CNN, NASA, Space, ISS, US, Positioning Locations: China, US, Russia, Europe, Japan, Canada, Beijing, United States, Soviet, Venezuela, South Africa
Courtesy Japanese American National MuseumThe detention of Japanese Americans, most of whom were US citizens, was enacted by Franklin Roosevelt via executive order following the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Courtesy Japanese American National MuseumThe artworks, some of which are now showing at the Museum of Modern Art in Wakayama, Japan, also serve to preserve disappearing first-hand memories of the camps. Courtesy Japanese American National MuseumYang added that the collection’s diversity reflects the varied experiences of detainees — perspectives that were overlooked by US officials at the time. The detention of Japanese Americans, Emanuel said, was a “shameful” chapter in American history. Courtesy Japanese American National MuseumSome juggled their art with more pressing responsibilities — like Hibi, who single-handedly raised her two children after her husband’s death by working in a garment factory, all while painting and attending art classes.
Persons: , Rahm Emanuel —, Kango Takamura, Franklin Roosevelt, Robert T, Fujioka, , Alice Yang, Yang, Hisako Hibi, Hibi, ” Yang, Miné, , , Jerome, Fred Korematsu, Henry Sugimoto's, Jerome Camp, Emiko Jozuka, Henry Sugimoto, Douglas MacArthur, Emperor Hirohito, Japan’s, Rahm Emanuel, Emanuel, Tokio, Ann Burroughs, Sugimoto, Sugimoto’s, Henry Fukuhara Organizations: Japan CNN, National Museum, American National Museum, CNN, National, Museum of Modern, University of California, Jerome War, National Museum JANM Locations: Tokyo, Japan, United States, California's Owens, Wakayama, University of California Santa Cruz, California, Utah, Arkansas, Fresno, America
Western officials saw the summit with North Korea as an effort by Putin to secure a potential arms bonanza for his military. North Korea also could increase its ammunition production at Russia’s behest. Yang Uk, a security expert at South Korea’s Asan Institute for Policy Studies, noted that in addition to Soviet-designed armaments, North Korea also could share some of its latest military equipment. “There isn’t really much left in the policy toolbox in terms of addressing the challenges specifically from Russia and North Korea,” Park observed. It’s just basically not implementing sanctions.”A major factor Russia needs to consider while it seeks to expand ties with North Korea is China, Pyongyang's No.
Persons: Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Putin, Kim, Josef Stalin, Kim Il Sung, , John Park, Harvard Kennedy, it’s, James O’Brien, James Nixey, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, , Yang Uk, ” Yang, Leif, Eric Easley, “ Putin, ” Nixey, Antonio Guterres, “ It’s, It’s, Danica Kirka, Emma Burrows, Kim Tong, hyung, Kim Hyung Organizations: North, Putin, Harvard, U.S . State Department, Chatham House, South Korea’s Asan Institute, Policy Studies, Ewha University, U.S, Observers, Associated Press Locations: Pyongyang, Ukraine, Moscow, Asia, Korean, Korea, Russia, North Korea, , , Eurasia, London, U.S, Central, Eastern Europe, South Korea’s, Soviet, Vostochny, Seoul, China, South Korea, Europe, Washington, russia, ukraine
New York City CNN —Swarming crowds and extravagant locations are par for the course at New York Fashion Week. On Monday, a packed rooftop show hosted by convicted felon Anna Delvey became one of the more unusual runways the city has seen in recent years. Delvey (left), wearing a bedazzled suit jacket designed by Shao Yang, poses with publicist Kelly Cutrone (right) after the show. Courtesy ShaoModels in the lobby of Delvey's East Village apartment building before beginning their ascent to its rooftop. As the crowd swelled, designer Yang was at one point almost denied access to her own show.
Persons: Anna Delvey, , Anna ”, Delvey, Shao Yang, Kelly Cutrone, Shao, Dominik Bindl, , Cutrone, , Delvey’s —, Yang, Nicola Formichetti, Leah McSweeney, ’ Yang, ” Yang Organizations: York, York City CNN, New York, Netflix, People’s, Agency, CNN, Housewives, New Locations: York City, Germany, New York, New, Delvey’s
CNN —A Chinese-Australian writer who has been detained in China for more than four years said he fears he could die in jail, after a large cyst was found on his kidney. Yang Hengjun, an Australian citizen and democracy activist, was detained in 2019 during a visit to see family in China and charged with espionage – accusations Yang has denied. “Yang Hengjun has been subjected to arbitrary detention in China by Chinese secret police for more than four years and his life is in danger,” he said. Yang is one of two Australians currently detained in China. Cheng Lei, an Australian TV anchor who worked for China’s state broadcaster CGTN, is accused of illegally supplying state secret overseas and has been detained for three years.
Persons: Yang Hengjun, Yang, ” Yang, Feng Chongyi, “ Yang Hengjun, , , , Anthony Albanese, Xi Jinping, ” Albanese, Cheng Lei Organizations: CNN, University of Technology, Australian, Group, Chinese Foreign Ministry, CGTN Locations: Australian, China, Beijing, won’t, Sydney, New Delhi, United States
Hong Kong CNN —NBA star James Harden expressed disbelief after Chinese fans snapped up 10,000 bottles of his own-branded wine in seconds, demonstrating the massive reach of livestreaming in the country, where basketball is loved by millions. “How many bottles do you usually sell in a day … from one store?” Yang asked Harden, who replied: “A few cases.”Yang then told the star to watch how quickly they could sell them. Go!” Yang told viewers. Basketball is enormously popular in China, in no small part thanks to Chinese legend Yao Ming’s Hall of Fame NBA career. That popularity among hundreds of millions of Chinese fans translates to lucrative sponsorship deals for the league and its star players.
Persons: James Harden, Brother Yang, Harden, ” Yang, ” Harden, Harden’s livestream, Yao Ming’s, there’s, Daryl Morey, Hong Kong’s, ” Morey, , Morey –, “ Daryl Morey Organizations: Hong Kong CNN — NBA, Philadelphia 76ers, Tuesday, Global Times, NBA, of Fame NBA, Houston Rockets, Hong, CCTV, Rockets, Morey, 76ers, Locations: Hong Kong, livestreaming, China, United States, Beijing
Evacuated residents have been transferred to makeshift shelters in hotels and schools, according to state media reports. A woman sits next to a flooded road following heavy rains in Zhuozhou, in northern China's Hebei province on August 2, 2023. Jade Gao/AFP/Getty ImagesFlood control zonesSome 857,000 people have been relocated from these areas, state media reported. Under national rules, the cost of properties damaged due to the release of waters in flood control areas will be compensated by 70%. Floods inundate a village in Baoding city, Hebei province, on August 2, 2023.
Persons: Typhoon Doksuri, Jade Gao, ” Yang Bang, Yang, Ni Yuefeng, , , Cheng Xiaotao, Shao Sun, Sun, Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Ministry of Water Resources, Getty, University of California, CNN, Sun Locations: Hong Kong, China’s Hebei province, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Zhuozhou, China's Hebei, AFP, Hebei province, , , Baoding, , China, University of California Irvine, North China
But beneath those positive signals, the two-day visit to Beijing from US Secretary of State Antony Blinken highlighted another reality: a wide and dangerous gulf between the two powers. The timing of the visit, which followed two close encounters between Chinese and American armed forces in Asia in recent weeks, underscored the urgency of talking. In the same vein, the United States needs to respect China and must not hurt China’s legitimate rights and interests,” he said. We don’t want to look up to the United States, at the very least we should look at each other at eye level,” he said. Baby stepsIn the lead-up to and during Blinken’s visit, China made clear who it thinks is responsible for the problems in the relationship.
Persons: Antony Blinken, , Xi Jinping, Blinken, Xi, , , Bonnie Glaser, China …, Nancy Pelosi’s, Yang Tao, ” Yang, Li Shangfu, Shen Dingli, Wang Yi, Joe Biden, ” Blinken, Dexter, Roberts Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Washington, China, China’s Communist Party, German Marshall Fund of, United, Pacific, Military, US, Chinese Defense, Minister of Defense, Beijing, Economic Cooperation, Atlantic Council Locations: Hong Kong, China, Beijing, Asia, , United States, Washington, Taiwan, American, South China, America, Shanghai, “ China, Bali,
Do Dress Sneakers Belong in the Oval Office?
  + stars: | 2023-05-19 | by ( Guy Trebay | )   time to read: +1 min
Think of it as a rare instance of cross-aisle consensus or else a sartorial trend gone badly wrong. But it did not go unnoticed when, in a photograph from the Oval Office posted to President Joe Biden’s account this week, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, Senator Mitch McConnell and Representative Hakeem Jeffries were all captured wearing some variant of the dreaded footwear hybrid: the sneaker shoe. Weighing in on Twitter, cult men’s wear commentator Derek Guy (@dieworkwear) called out the footgear as a clear lapse in dignity, if not actual protocol. Why pay a visit to a sitting president dressed in shoes designed for power-walking at the mall? “Awful,” Yang-Yi Goh, style director of GQ, pronounced the shoe that has become a style default among Capitol Hill staffers.
And the Chinese government’s authoritarian approach to numerous other issues clashes with important American values, said many Asian Americans interviewed for this article. Concerns about China have gone mainstream as US national security officials and lawmakers have publicly grappled with state-backed ransomware attacks and other hacking attempts. People rallied during a "Stop Asian Hate" march to protest against anti-Asian hate crimes on Foley Square in New York, on April 4, 2021. But to Chu, the incident was an example of the way politics surrounding China, technology and national security have fueled anti-Asian sentiment. “Asian American issues are American issues, and all Americans deserve to be treated with respect.
But Twitter’s changes erecting a paywall for API access may jeopardize all that, Tromble and other researchers said. Undermining the fight against botsMusk has framed Twitter’s API restrictions as part of his wider effort to stamp out spammy, automated accounts. Ironically, however, Musk’s looming changes to the Twitter API might make it harder to study bot behavior on Twitter. API access has provided a critical resource for that work. “The researchers who were signed up to the program have heard nothing from the company in months, since Musk’s acquisition.”Adding to Twitter’s scrutiny by regulatorsBeyond the immediate impact to researchers, Twitter’s transparency issues could land the company in hot water with policymakers.
Disney offered a peek Friday of its upcoming “American Born Chinese,” based on Gene Luen Yang’s graphic novel of the same name. Daniel Wu in, "American Born Chinese." Carlos Lopez-Calleja / DisneyGolden Globe winners and stars of “Everything Everywhere All at Once” Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan star in the new series. Michelle Yeoh in, "American Born Chinese." Ke Huy Quan in, "American Born Chinese."
Following the Biden administration’s implementation of a new Covid-19-related travel requirement for passengers flying in from China, Asian American advocates and experts are urging caution and nuance amid years of heightened anti-Asian violence. Several Asian American organizations and leaders have expressed concern over the requirement of a pre-departure negative Covid test from those flying in from the country. “What I would ask everyone to do is, again, be careful not to conflate the virus with an ethnicity or a group of people,” said John C. Yang, president and executive director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC. But some groups like Stop AAPI Hate, a nonprofit that tracks incidents of hate and discrimination against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, strongly opposed the policy. The group pointed to previous travel restrictions under the Trump administration in January 2020 that coincided with a rise in hate incidents against the racial group.
Cho, 24, was a local celebrity as a player for Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC before the World Cup, when he had 20,000 Instagram followers. Cho first generated buzz in his World Cup debut during Korea’s match against Uruguay, which ended in a scoreless tie. South Korea's Cho Gue-sung, center, during the FIFA World Cup match against Ghana in Al Rayyan, Qatar, on Nov. 28. One can point to 2002’s World Cup heartthrob, Ahn Jung Hwan, whose beauty was only celebrated locally in South Korea. “He’s hot, he knows it, and he scored two goals for Korea in the World Cup.
Hong Kong/Beijing CNN Business —More than 100,000 people have signed up for a massive recruitment drive by Apple’s supplier Foxconn for the largest iPhone factory in China, according to Chinese state media. And our hiring process is now closed temporarily,” a Foxconn executive, Yang Han, in Zhengzhou told state news outlet Yicai on Thursday. Some local governments in Henan have recently also asked community officials to join the production line themselves, according to multiple Chinese state media reports. Several unidentified such officials, also known colloquially as local “grassroots officials,” or “cadres,” told state media publication Cailian Press Tuesday that they were told to work at the Zhengzhou campus from one to six months. “We now expect lower iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max shipments than we previously anticipated,” the tech giant said in a statement earlier this month.
China has historically followed ancient religions like Buddhism and Taoism for about 2,000 years, according to China's State Council. But a recent map published by Reuters shows that the country’s belief systems have become increasingly diverse. AdvertisementThis map shows the new religious make up of China. “Protestant Christianity has been the fastest growing religion in China,” Yang writes in his essay, When Will China Become The World’s Largest Christian Country? According to the map, Chinese authorities in Huzhou removed a cross from a church despite the month long protesting efforts to protect their religious symbol.
Persons: Fenggang Yang, Fanggang Yang, ” Yang, Will China, Yang, , Eleanor Albert, Julia Ro Organizations: State, Reuters, Religion, Society, Purdue University, Foreign Relations, Foreign, Chinese Communist Party, Guardian, Global, BBC Locations: China, Xinjiang, Gansu, Huzhou
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