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CNN —Carissa Moore remembers the first time she surfed Teahupo’o, the barreling wave located off the island of Tahiti. “I was so out of my league,” recalls Moore, who has surfed the famous break numerous times throughout her career. “It’s those waves that scare you the most that end up being the best,” Moore tells CNN Sport. Moore waits for a wave at Teahupo'o during the Tahiti Pro event on August 11 last year. “Maybe I return, maybe I just focus on Moore Aloha and free surfing and doing film projects.
Persons: CNN — Carissa Moore, surfed Teahupo’o, Moore, , , Teahupo’o, ” Moore, “ It’s, ’ ”, Red Bull, Ben Thourad, I’ve, I’m, “ I’m, “ There’s, Brent Bielmann, what’s Organizations: CNN, CNN Sport, Tahiti Pro, Tahiti, Getty, International Surf Association, Surf League, surfing's, Moore Aloha Locations: Tahiti, Polynesia, Hawaii, AFP, Japan, Paris
Wise Smith, meantime, has faced some skepticism from voters worried that if he ousts Willis it could endanger the Trump case. The disqualification drama surrounding Willis hasn’t spared Wise Smith from skepticism from some Democrats who believe Willis will most aggressively prosecute the Trump case. “Some folks were worried that me jumping in the race, you know, might mean we lose that case,” Wise Smith said in an interview with CNN. Let me say this, I think the case is in grave jeopardy right now,” Wise Smith said of the Trump case. In a rarity for a sitting judge, McAfee has also been granting interviews to local media.
Persons: Donald Trump, Fani Willis, Scott McAfee, ” Willis, , Trump, Willis, Christian Wise Smith, Willis ’, Wise Smith, McAfee, Robert Patillo, he’s, Courtney Kramer, , Michael J, Moore, she’s, Willis hasn’t, ” Wise Smith, Wise Smith –, , ” McAfee, wouldn’t, “ I’ve, Patillo’s, ” Patillo, “ It’s, Patillo, Brian Kemp, Roy Barnes, Kemp, Barnes, Ray Smith III, Smith, ” Moore, that’s Organizations: CNN, Democratic Party, Democratic, Trump, Trump White House, Middle, Middle District of, WSB, Georgia Gov, Republican, Democrat, McAfee, Boy Scouts Locations: Georgia, Fulton County, Middle District, Middle District of Georgia, Inman
Blanche took Cohen through a long list of the insults he’s unleashed at Trump since becoming estranged from his former mentor, highlighting his penchant for serial lying. He drew jurors’ attention to a social media post in which Cohen wore a T-shirt that depicted Trump in jail, as he spun a narrative of bias and obsession. A key legal conundrum is whether prosecutors have so far succeeded in validating the legal theory behind the case. That foreboding realization was exacerbated by a new posse of Trump supporters at the courthouse on Tuesday, including House Speaker Mike Johnson. While Cohen’s reluctance to offer yes-and-no answers came across at times as flippant and confrontational, he did not appear to say or do anything to torpedo the prosecution case.
Persons: Donald Trump’s, Michael Cohen, don’t, Cohen, , Todd Blanche, president’s, didn’t, he’s, Trump, Stormy Daniels, Blanche, ” Cohen, he’d, ” Blanche, douchebag, ” Michael Moore, , Moore, Juan Merchan, Will Trump’s, ” Shira Scheindlin, CNN’s Jake Tapper, ” Scheindlin, “ Cohen, Mike Johnson, ” Johnson, Andrew McCabe, Cohen’s, ” Moore, Daniels, Susan Hoffinger, reimbursements, ’ ” Cohen Organizations: CNN, GOP, Trump, Middle, Middle District of, Louisiana Republican, Defense, FBI Locations: Ohio, Kentucky, Middle District, Middle District of Georgia, New York, Louisiana, Blanche, Manhattan
Scientists identify ‘degrees of Kevin Bacon’ gene
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Even humble fruit flies organize themselves into regularly spaced clusters, researchers have found. Within those social networks, certain individuals will often stand out as “gatekeepers,” playing an important role for cohesion and communication within that group. New research published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications has identified a gene responsible for regulating the structure of social networks in fruit flies. The study opened up new opportunities for exploring the molecular evolution of social networks and collective behavior in other animals. FLPA/ShutterstockThe gene behind fruit fly social networksThe researchers investigated a number of gene candidates in fruit flies, a common lab organism used in the study of genetics.
Persons: , Kevin Bacon, Bacon, Joel Levine, Rebecca Rooke, ” Levine, Levine, , ” Allen J, Moore, wasn’t, ” Moore Organizations: CNN, Nature Communications, University of Toronto, University of Georgia’s Locations: Philadelphia, University of Toronto Mississauga
Archie Moore, an Indigenous Australian artist who has created an installation including a monumental family tree, won the top prize at the Venice Biennale on Saturday. Moore, 54, took the Golden Lion, the prize for the best national participation at the Biennale, the world’s oldest and most high-profile international art exhibition. He beat out artists representing 85 other countries to become the first Australian winner. For his installation, “kith and kin,” Moore has drawn a family tree in chalk on the walls and ceiling of the Australia Pavilion. The web of names encompasses 3,484 people and Moore says it stretches back 65,000 years, although he has smudged some details so that they are hard to read.
Persons: Archie Moore, Moore, kith, ” Moore, Julia Bryan, Wilson Organizations: Lion, Biennale, Columbia University Locations: Australian, Venice
Sitting on the massive bomber’s sole bunk, the third pilot on the flight crew, Capt. This year, the Air Force began low-rate production of the Northrop Grumman B-21 Raider, the next generation of stealth bomber. In October, Chinese fighter jets intercepted a B-52 bomber at night over the South China Sea, south of our position. Everyone is tired, especially as we approach the 24-hour mark of the flight, but the mission is not yet complete. On final approach, with Barksdale Air Force Base looming off our nose, the right main gear does not extend.
Persons: Jinan Andrews, Omaha ” Barnett, Sabin “ Jett ”, Michael Maginness, CNN's Oren Liebermann, , Jason Armagost, Bo “, Bo “ NATO ” Cain, Oren Liebermann, MYLAR11, Leo “ Swabbie ” Weber, , Rebecca “ Vulcan ” Moore, Moore, you’ve, Jared Patterson, Avery Bulsterbaum, Andrew Rodriguez, Justin Joyner, Dakeeja Nelson, Veruca Plott, it’s, . Sabin “ Jett ”, Jeremy Harlan Organizations: CNN, US, Barksdale Air Force Base, Boeing, 2nd Bomb, China, Eighth Air Force, , Air Force, Bo “ NATO, 20th Bomb Squadron, Northrop Grumman, Raider, CNN Staff, US Department of Defense, South Korean Locations: East China, , Alaska, Louisiana –, Louisiana, Japan, Capt, Jinan, Tramaine, Omaha, Vietnam, Russia, Russia’s, China, North Korea, South Korea, MYLAR11, Beijing, South China, Jinan Andrews
Sanofi has reached an agreement in principle to settle 4,000 US lawsuits linking the discontinued heartburn drug Zantac to cancer, the company said on Wednesday. Sanofi still faces about 20,000 lawsuits over Zantac in Delaware state court. That judge concluded that the opinions of the plaintiffs’ expert witnesses that Zantac can cause cancer were not supported by sound science. “We are pushing forward aggressively against GSK and Boehringer Ingelheim and are preparing for multiple trials in California state court this year,” Moore said. Lawsuits began piling up from people who said they developed cancer after taking Zantac.
Persons: Sanofi, “ Sanofi, Boehringer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Jennifer Moore, Brent Wisner, ” Moore, Zantac, ranitidine Organizations: Court, Sanofi, GSK, Pfizer, Boehringer, US Food and Drug Administration Locations: Delaware, Zantac, Wilmington, Florida, California
A gag order against one of Trump’s biggest foes could score political points and help him and his co-defendants in the short term. Then, McAfee appeared to suggest a gag order may be necessary. “I don’t know a reason to have a gag order right now,” Parker told CNN. The former president already faces a gag order in his criminal hush money case that’s headed to trial later this month in New York. And several other defendants in the Georgia case, including former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani and former Georgia GOP Chairman David Shafer, have offered commentary on the case and Willis on social media.
Persons: Donald Trump, Fani Willis, Willis, juggles, Trump, Scott McAfee, ” Willis, McAfee, Nathan Wade, Wade, Wade’s, , I’ve, ” McAfee, Willis ’, Steve Sadow, Michael J, Moore, ” Moore, they’ve, Buddy Parker, John Eastman, hasn’t, ” Parker, , ” Willis ’, , ’ ” McAfee, Rudy Giuliani, David Shafer Organizations: CNN, Trump, McAfee, Middle, Georgia GOP, gander Locations: Georgia, Atlanta, Fulton County, Middle District, Trump, , New York, we’re
CNN —Crews are working to remove the first portion of Baltimore bridge wreckage – the starting point in a complicated, extensive cleanup process that could help open up a temporary channel to get more vessels into the water around the collapse site, officials said. In the meantime, conditions in the water make it unsafe for divers as pieces of the bridge remain submerged in the water. The port “handles more cars and more farm equipment more than any other port inside this country,” the governor said. Plus, “at least 8,000 workers on the docks have jobs that have been directly affected” by the collapse. In order to reopen the port, the Coast Guard says it will first clear debris from the deep draft channel, remove the ship, then clear debris from the bridge across the waterway.
Persons: CNN — Crews, Wes Moore, It’s, Francis Scott Key, Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott, Moore, ” Moore, Shannon Gilreath, you’ve, , it’s, ” Gilreath, Al Drago, Roland L, Butler, Mark Martin, ” Martin, Martin, Organizations: CNN, , ” Maryland Gov, Authorities, Baltimore Mayor, US Coast Guard, Coast Guard, Baltimore Gas and Electric Company, Bloomberg, Getty, SalvOcean Locations: Baltimore, ” Maryland, Maryland, Port of Baltimore, , Patapsco, Baltimore Harbor
CNN —It could take weeks for the Port of Baltimore to reopen as an arduous cleanup process to clear the massive wreckage from this week’s catastrophic bridge collapse begins, leaving commuters and workers in limbo and supply chains in disarray, officials said. More than 1,000 engineers in Baltimore and across the country are studying the wreckage piece-by-piece to figure out the best plan to remove it. To help with this massive task, more heavy equipment is expected at the scene in the coming weeks. The port is the largest in the US for cars and light trucks, handling a record 850,000 vehicles last year, Moore said. “Our economy depends on the Port of Baltimore and the Port of Baltimore depends on vessel traffic,” Moore said Friday.
Persons: , Francis Scott Key, Crews, , , Scott Spellmon, Spellmon, Wes Moore, ” Moore, Moore, that’s, Mark Schiefelbein, Gustavo Torres, , ” Torres, Alejandro Hernandez Fuentes, Dorlian Ronial Castillo Cabrera, Miguel Luna, Suazo Sandoval, Carlos Hernández, Hernández, Jazmin Alvarez, Lucia Zambrano, ” Zambrano, – Jose Mynor Lopez –, Isabel Franco, Lilly Ordonez, Franco Organizations: CNN, Port, US Army Corps of Engineers, Coast Guard, Maryland Gov, Workers, Authorities, CASA, AP CASA, Univision, Univision she’s Locations: Port of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, America, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Dundalk , Maryland
Live updates: Baltimore bridge collapse clean up
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Maryland officials are moving at "full speed" to accomplish four main priorities in the days following the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, Gov. Here are the directives mandated by Moore:Continue to keep a focus on recovery efforts. The governor stressed minimizing economic impacts where possible, saying "the health of the Maryland economy and the national economy depends on it." This means families of the people presumed dead, the workers, first responders — “that means everybody,” Moore said. The governor promised to give regular updates on all of these directives but said they will take a long time to accomplish.
Persons: Francis Scott Key, Wes Moore, Moore, , ” Moore Organizations: Francis Scott Key Bridge Locations: Maryland
The Chesapeake 1000 – the largest crane on the East Coast – is needed in the Patapsco River where a 984-foot cargo vessel slammed into the bridge Tuesday. Live updates: The latest on the Baltimore bridge collapseIn addition to the crane, three heavy lift vessels are expected to start arriving Friday, US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told CNN. This appraisal is critical in determining how small to cut the bridge pieces so cranes can lift them, he said. In addition to the human toll, the destruction of the Key Bridge and closure of the Port of Baltimore could lead to widespread economic fallout. In this NTSB handout, an investigator examines the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge from the cargo vessel Dali on March 27 in Baltimore.
Persons: Francis Scott Key, Pete Buttigieg, Wes Moore, Julia Nikhinson, ” Moore, Shannon Gilreath, Moore, Maryland Sen, Chris Van Hollen, Buttigieg, , Jennifer Homendy, Homendy, Marcel Muise, Dali, Peter Knudson, CNN’s Justin Lear, Andy Rose, Sarah Dewberry, Chris Isidore, David Goldman, Greg Wallace, Elise Hammond, Tori B, Powell, Sania Farooqui, Chris Boyette Organizations: CNN, Maryland Gov, Authorities, US Coast Guard, National Transportation Safety, Army Corps, Maryland Department of Labor, National Transportation, NTSB, India’s Ministry, External Affairs Locations: Patapsco, Baltimore, Maryland, Port, Port of Baltimore, America, New York, New Jersey, Vedika Sud
Recovery efforts are now underway for the missing people, who are presumed dead. People from El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico among the missing: Miguel Luna, an immigrant from El Salvador, has been identified as one of the missing, according to the nonprofit Miguel Luna, an immigrant from El Salvador, has been identified as one of the missing, according to the nonprofit CASA . Ship blacked out before crash: Just minutes before impact, there was a “total blackout” of engine and electrical power on the ship, according to Clay Diamond, executive director of the American Pilots Association. Eight construction workers were believed to be mending potholes on the bridge when it fell, according to officials. A specialized team will also determine who was controlling the vessel and who was on the ship’s bridge at the time of the crash, she said.
Persons: Francis Scott Key, James Wallace, Wes Moore, “ We’re, Jennifer Homendy, Richard Worley, Miguel Luna, Petén, Clay Diamond, Diamond, “ It’s, , Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden, US Sen, Chris Van Hollen, Buttigieg, Luna, DALI, , ” Moore, Dali, Tasos Katopodis, Moore, CNN’s Melissa Alonso, Flora Charner, Sarah Engel, Jack Forrest, Allison Gordon, Elise Hammond, Jennifer Henderson, Betsy Klein, Jamiel Lynch, Sean Lyngaas, Mary Kay Mallonee, Lauren Mascarenhas, Pete Muntean, Tori B, Powell, Rachel Ramirez, Amy Simonson, Aditi Sangal, Michael Williams Organizations: CNN, US Coast Guard, Baltimore City Fire, Divers, Maryland Gov, Guard, Transportation Safety, National Transportation Safety, Baltimore Police, CASA, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mexican Embassy, American Pilots Association, Reconstruction, Vital, Transportation, El, Maritime, Port Authority of, Infrastructure Security Agency, Coast Guard, for Disease Control, Gov, Association of Maryland Pilots, , NTSB Locations: Baltimore, , El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, San Luis, Camotán, Washington, US, Patapsco, El Salvadoran, Maryland, Port Authority of Singapore
CNN —DNA found in a piece of discarded chewing gum led to the arrest and conviction of a suspect in a 1980 cold case murder in Oregon, prosecutors say. Robert Plympton, 60, was found guilty last week on one count of first-degree murder and four counts of second-degree murder in the killing of Mt. Nineteen-year-old Tucker was “kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and beaten to death” on January 15, 1980, the release states. Witness heard screamingBarbara Tucker Tucker Family/Gresham Police DepartmentWitnesses had seen a woman in apparent distress around the time of the murder, the document from the DA’s office states. DNA pulled from the gum matched the profile from the autopsy swabs and Plympton was arrested on June 8, 2021.
Persons: Robert Plympton, Barbara Tucker, Tucker, , Plympton, Stephen Houze, Jacob Houze, Barbara Tucker Tucker Family, Witnesses, , Claudio Grandjean, ” Swabs, CeCe Moore, ” Moore, Barbara, Moore, surveilling, Susan Pater, I’d, ” Pater, “ We’re Organizations: CNN, Hood Community College, Attorney’s, Plympton, Gresham Police, Police, KATU Locations: Oregon, Mt, Multnomah County, Gresham, Virginia, surveilling Plympton
Inside Hollywood’s new effort to curb gun deaths
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Hondo heads to the bedroom closet, removes his semi-automatic service weapon, and safely locks it away in his gun safe. “I’m big badass Hondo, and I get out there and take down bad guys,” actor Shemar Moore, who plays Hondo, told CNN. ‘A uniquely American epidemic’“We lose eight kids a day in this country — a uniquely American epidemic — to family fire,” Kris Brown, president of Brady United, told CNN. While gun policies can be politically polarizing, Dettmann said encouraging the safe storage of firearms shouldn’t be controversial at all. While the production team at “S.W.A.T.” has purposefully incorporated safe gun storage into their scripts, they haven’t stopped there.
Persons: Daniel “ Hondo ” Harrelson, , Shemar Moore, Hondo, Brady, ” Kris Brown, Brady United, Andrew Dettmann, ” Dettmann, , Dettmann, ” Shemar Moore, Daniel, Harrelson, Bill Inoshita, Brad Bushman, ” Bushman, “ We’ve, Christian Heyne, Heyne, ” Heyne, ” Moore Organizations: CNN, CBS, Hollywood, Brady United, Sony Pictures, Sony Pictures Television, Communication, The Ohio State University, Locations: Hollywood
CNN —The presiding judge in the Georgia criminal case against Donald Trump and his allies has thrown out some of the charges against the former president and several of his co-defendants. The partial dismissal by Georgia Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee leaves most of the sprawling racketeering indictment intact. Trump was named in three of the counts specifically, meaning the former president is now facing 88 charges over the four criminal indictments in Georgia, New York, Washington, DC, and Florida. Prosecutors alleged that Trump and some of his co-defendants violated the law by pressuring members of the Georgia legislature to unlawfully appoint presidential electors. “It was interesting that the judge made room for the possibility of an appeal by the state.
Persons: Donald Trump, Scott McAfee, McAfee, Trump, Mark Meadows, Brad Raffensperger, Raffensperger, ” McAfee, , , Elie Honig, ” Honig, , ” Michael Moore, doesn’t, ” Moore, Fani Willis Organizations: CNN, Georgia, Trump, Prosecutors, White House, ’ CNN, Fulton Locations: Georgia, Georgia , New York, Washington, Florida, Fulton County
CNN —Marine researchers on a mission to record life hidden in the world’s oceans have reported they found about 100 potential new species — including one mystery starlike creature. We don’t know where it is in the tree (of life) as of yet, so that’ll be interesting,” Moore said. There’s hundreds of thousands of invertebrates in the sea that we still don’t know. Rebekah Pars/Ocean Census/NIWATo collect the samples, the vessel towed three different types of sleds depending on the terrain. Of the 2.2 million species believed to exist in Earth’s oceans, only 240,000 have been described by scientists, according to Ocean Census.
Persons: Michela Mitchell, Sadie Mills, “ You’ve, , Daniel Moore, ” Moore, Rebekah Pars, NIWA Moore, Organizations: CNN — Marine, country’s National Institute of Water, Atmospheric Research, Queensland Museum Network Locations: New Zealand, South Island
The text messages raise questions about Bradley’s credibility, and the degree to which Merchant appeared to rely on his claims that she was then unable to substantiate elsewhere. Wade and Willis have admitted to being romantically involved, but both have testified their relationship started after Willis appointed Wade lead prosecutor in the Trump case. Merchant had said that he would contradict testimony from Willis and Wade once he took the stand. “Why would you speculate when she was asking you a direct question about when the relationship started?” Sadow pushed. The additional text messages show Bradley calling Merchant his “friend,” offering unsolicited advice, and also bashing Willis and Wade, Bradley’s former law partner.
Persons: Fani Willis, Donald Trump, Terrence Bradley, Ashleigh Merchant, Trump’s, Bradley, Willis, Nathan Wade, Wade, Bradley’s, Merchant, Trump, , Steve Sadow, ” Sadow, ” Bradley, , Merchant ., ” Merchant, ” “, Michael Moore, Scott McAfee, ” Moore Organizations: CNN, Trump, Merchant Locations: Georgia, Wade’s
Texas' fastest-growing city is a small spot outside Dallas called Josephine, census data shows. “It's a stressor being in that type of environment,” Moore told Business Insider. AdvertisementAccording to census data, Josephine is the fastest-growing city in Texas. AdvertisementAn aerial view of Josephine, Texas. “The majority of the homes in the city of Josephine are overwhelmingly priced at $300,000.
Persons: Josephine, , Cassidy Moore, Moore —, McKinney , Texas —, , ” Moore, Moore, she’d, Redfin, Dallas ’, Antonio —, , Let's, ’ ”, homebuilder, Horton, Robbie Hale, Burnet, Bonnie Hunt, Lisa Palomba “ Josephine, ” Hunt, “ It's, Lisa Palomba, ” Palomba, Josephine —, We're, Sherman Organizations: Texas, Service, Fort Worth metroplex, Google, US, Waverly Estates, Estates, Texan, Real Estate, McKinney Locations: Dallas, Fort Worth, McKinney , Texas, Josephine, Texas, Florida, San Antonio, New Braunfels, Austin, DFW, Josephine , Texas, D.R, Meadow, Horton, Sun, Florida , Georgia, Arizona, McKinney, Plano,
Loud budgeting is a financial trend that has gone viral as people look to save money. CFP Chloe Moore says loud budgeting can help you spend on the things that really matter to you. According to Certified Financial Planner Chloe Moore , loud budgeting can be a great way to stick to your savings goals, set financial boundaries, and even reduce anxiety around money. AdvertisementHere are 3 ways Moore says you can incorporate loud budgeting into your finances:1. Set financial boundariesWhatever your budget is for entertainment, eating out, or clothes shopping, set it and stick to it.
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NEW YORK (AP) — Executive producer Ryan Murphy is known for creating vivid TV worlds where high drama feels completely normal. Costume designer and producer Lou Eyrich has helped him bring these worlds alive, and their latest collaboration, “Feud: Capote vs. Eyrich said Watts, who plays Babe Paley, “got hit the hardest” as the main character besides Capote. While the real Paley wore a designer dress with a fur coat to the ball, Posen made adjustments. “She took everybody’s notes really to heart and she really wanted it to be collaborative.
Persons: Ryan Murphy, Lou Eyrich, , Truman Capote, Babe Paley, C.Z, Lee Radziwill, ” Tom Hollander, Capote, cavorting, Naomi Watts, Diane Lane, Demi Moore, Chloe Sevigny, Molly Ringwald, Laurence Leamer, Watts, Eyrich, , ” Watts, Hulu —, Murphy, “ Ryan, ” Eyrich, Erich, Babe, Gucci loafers, Zac Posen, Posen, ” Posen, Jim Henson, Fellini, Zeffirelli, Paley, it’s, Van Cleef, Cartier, Verdura, I’m, ” Moore, Ringwald, , ” Ringwald, “ I’m, ” Sevigny, Eyrich’s Organizations: , Manhattan, AP, Hulu, American Locations: New York, turtlenecks, Givenchy
Demi Moore gives update on Bruce Willis
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CNN —Though Bruce Willis and Demi Moore divorced more than 20 years ago, they remain close. The Swans,” Moore shared an update on Willis’ health. “I think, given the givens, he’s doing very well,” Moore said during an appearance on “Good Morning America.”It was announced in 2022 that Willis would be stepping away from his career due to cognitive issues. Moore and Willis divorced in 2000, but share three adult daughters, Rumor, Scout and Tallulah. Willis has been married for more than 16 years to Emma Heming Willis, with whom he shares two young daughters, Mabel and Evelyn.
Persons: Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, ” Moore, Willis, givens, he’s, Moore, Emma Heming Willis, Mabel, Evelyn Organizations: CNN, America, Scout, GMA Locations: Tallulah,
When Jim Harbaugh took a pay cut from Michigan after the 2020 season, getting another chance to be an NFL head coach seemed like a long shot for him. If Nick Saban had retired after the 2022 season it’s doubtful Kalen DeBoer would have been his replacement at Alabama. He leaves Michigan after three straight seasons of beating Ohio State, winning the Big Ten and reaching the playoff. Harbaugh has been a head coach in college and the NFL for 20 years, including a three-year stint with FCS San Diego before landing the Stanford job in 2007. “I knew this was a thing that, not that I had to do, but that I really wanted to do.
Persons: Jim Harbaugh, Nick Saban, Jedd Fisch —, DeBoer, “ Jim Harbaugh, Dan Mullen, , Harbaugh, Justin Herbert, Sherrone Moore, ” Moore, Saban, , ” DeBoer, Fisch, ” Mullen, Mullen, Mullen didn't, Let’s Organizations: NFL, Alabama, Arizona . College, ESPN, Los Angeles Chargers, Ohio State, Big, FCS San, Stanford, Michigan, Bowl, Louisville, Central Michigan, Washington, , SEC, Gators, AP Locations: Michigan, Washington, Florida, FCS San Diego, Central, Arizona, Seattle, “ Michigan
CNN —Surfing is about to experience a seismic change in 2024 as two of the standard-bearers of the sport are stepping away from the board and waves. Eight-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore is taking a break from competitive surfing – for a year, at least. Australian Gilmore, widely regarded as the greatest female surfer of all time, announced that she won’t be competing in the 2024 World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour season, instead focusing on enjoying other things in life. Carissa Moore still plans to compete in Oahu and Tahiti for the Olympics before stepping away from the sport for good. Ryan Pierse/Getty Images/File“All those wins, the competitive part that’s so much of my identity, I’m taking that away, and I’m facing myself this year,” Moore told the Times.
Persons: Stephanie Gilmore, Australian Gilmore, , ” Gilmore, haven’t, , Carissa Moore, , Gilmore, Moore, Ryan Pierse, ” Moore Organizations: CNN, League, USA, Paris, New York Times, Times Locations: Australian, Oahu, Tahiti, Shore
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Haley and her family walk back into the South Carolina State House after her inauguration in 2011. Tim Dominick/The State/MCT via Getty Images Haley campaigns for presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2012. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Haley waves to the crowd during the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2013. Alex Wong/Getty Images Haley hugs her husband after his Army National Guard unit returned in 2013. Demetrius Freeman/The Washington Post/Getty Images Haley visits a farm during a campaign stop in Grand Mound, Iowa, in September 2023.
Persons: Hollis, Hollis , New Hampshire CNN — Danielle Brown, John McCain, Barack Obama, Nikki Haley, ” Brown, Haley, “ Haley, Chris Sununu, Trump, Trump . Sen, Tim Scott of, , ” Haley, Sununu, “ Nikki Haley, ” Trump, Greg Moore, Charles Koch, Moore, , ” Moore, Susan Rice, Trump . Rice, “ I’m, ” Rice, ” Michael Lewis, Donald Trump, ” Lewis, “ There’s, “ MAGA, GOP Sen, J.D, Vance of, Sylvia, ” Bill Jackson, “ She’s, She’s, we’ve, they’re, Trump –, Biden, Joe Biden, Ron DeSantis, Travis Dove, Michael, Nalin, Rena, Twitter Haley, Gerry Melendez, AP Haley, Chip Somodevilla, Tim Dominick, Getty Images Haley, Mitt Romney, Justin Sullivan, Alex Wong, Michael Haley, Rainier Ehrhardt, Jaswinder Singh, Narinder Nanu, Bobby Jindal, Jindal, Win McNamee, Sean Rayford, Saul Loeb, Mike Pence, Drew Angerer, State Rex Tillerson, Matthew Rycroft, Boris Johnson, Bryan R, Smith, Raad Adayleh, Brendan Smialowski, Spencer Platt, Evan Vucci, Kevin Lamarque, Don Bolduc, Brian Snyder, Jonathan Ernst, Jake Tapper, Will Lanzoni, Demetrius Freeman, Rachel Mummey, Jonathan Newton, Nikki Haley Prev, CNN’s KFile, “ You’re, Nancy Protzmann, ” Protzmann, , don’t, Ebony Davis, Ali Main Organizations: Hollis , New Hampshire CNN, New Hampshire Republican, Democratic, South Carolina Gov, Trump, Hampshire GOP, Republican Party coalesces, Trump ., Republicans, Republican, AFP, White House, Republican Party, Hollis, NATO, Republican National, Convention, Fox News, GOP, Vance of Ohio, “ Republican, Marist, Biden, Florida Gov, State House, New York Times, Twitter, South, AP, Capitol, South Carolina State House, Getty Images, Conservative Political, Conference, Army National Guard, Getty, Louisiana Gov, National Governors Association, Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, United Nations, United Nations Security Council, UN, State, British, Norwegian Refugee Council, Gali Tibbon, UN Security, West Bank, The United States, Anadolu Agency, Republican National Convention, CNN, Washington Post, Social Security, Social Locations: Hollis , New Hampshire, Granite, New Hampshire, Haley’s, Hampshire, South Carolina, Trump, Tim Scott of South Carolina, Concord, Washington, Newfields, Hampton, Manchester, Portsmouth, Rochester, Maine, Kingston, Nashua, she’s, Iowa, Columbia , South Carolina, Afghanistan, Amritsar, India, AFP, Charleston , South Carolina, Columbia, State, New York, Syrian, United States, Jerusalem, Gali, Kuwait, Gaza, Londonderry , New Hampshire, Des Moines , Iowa, Grand Mound , Iowa, Miami, Hollis
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