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CNN —US intelligence has learned of discussions between Houthis in Yemen to provide weapons to the Somali militant group al-Shabaab, in what three American officials described to CNN as a worrying development that threatens to further destabilize an already violent region. The Houthis are Zaydi Shiites, and al-Shabaab traditionally has been deeply ideologically opposed to Shiism. “Being able to sell some weapons would bring them much needed income,” the senior administration official said. But a weapons agreement between al-Shabaab and the Houthis would be something new, according to US officials. No matter what the Houthis provide, there’s likely limited opportunity for al-Shabaab to fire directly at US assets in the region.
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ALLEN PARK, Mich. (AP) — Detroit Lions linebacker Alex Anzalone’s parents are among about 50 people affiliated with a Naples, Florida-based church that is praying for their safe return from Israel this week. Israel has vowed an unprecedented offensive against Hamas after the Islamic militant group’s fighters broke through the border fence Saturday and stormed into the country’s south. The war between Israel and Hamas has claimed at least 2,200 lives and raged for a fifth day. First Naples Communications Pastor Andy Wells said the church made contact with Pastor Alan Brumback, who is also on the overseas tour, on Wednesday. Lions coach Dan Campbell said he called Anzalone about his parents when he was informed of their plight Sunday night.
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The poll found voters divided exactly in half over whether they intended to vote for Democrats or Republicans in the next Congressional election. While surveys now usually show Biden leading Trump, the president’s margin rarely exceeds his four-point margin of victory from 2020. Instead, the pandemic quickly evolved into just another front in the preexisting culture war lines of division between the parties. Yet Biden, as noted above, still maintained his 2020 lead over Trump in these seats of four percentage points. Surveys have found widespread concern among voters that Biden is too old to effectively handle the presidency.
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