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New York CNN —With Vice President Kamala Harris the front runner to receive the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, America’s most powerful industry is set to have a candidate on the ballot from its home turf. Harris’ failed 2020 presidential bid received support from various tech luminaries, including Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and legendary venture capitalist Ron Conway. Despite her friendly relationships with the industry’s leaders, Harris has also pushed for tech accountability in key areas. As vice president, Harris has taken a key role in the White House around establishing safety measures for artificial intelligence, which is widely viewed as the most consequential new technology in decades. In an interview with CNN, Hoffman added: “In Silicon Valley, actually there’s many threads that are very excited about her.
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Middletown, Ohio CNN —Minutes into his first solo event as Donald Trump’s running mate, Sen. JD Vance had already divided his hometown audience here – over donuts. The fallout has left him without a Democratic counterpart after Vice President Kamala Harris quickly emerged as her party’s presumptive nominee. Vance leaned into his biography during his appearance Monday in Middletown, where someone held up a homemade “2028 Vance for President” sign. Andy Beshear – seen as a potential Harris running mate – sought to undermine Monday. “If Joe Biden can’t run for president, he can’t serve as president,” Vance said.
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In his primetime Oval Office address on Wednesday, Biden ceded the political stage to Kamala Harris, ushering in an unusual period heading into the election where the vice president, not the president, will lead their party. It’s been the honor of my life to serve as your president,” Biden said. “But … the defense of democracy, which is a stake, I think (is) more important than any title,” Biden said. One of the most significant implications of Biden’s decision is that he’s now putting his entire political legacy in someone else’s hands. But if Harris prevails over Trump, Biden’s actions and thinking spelled out in Wednesday’s address will be more likely to be remembered in his own terms — as a selfless political move motivated by deep patriotism.
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“I’m, like, a smart person,” he boasted on one occasion. “I went to an Ivy League college, I was a nice student,” he said on another. On the left, people think emphasizing intellect and elite schools betrays unfair advantage in a multiple-intelligences, equitable-outcome world. On the right, your average MAGA Joe bristles at anyone who comes across as a coastal elite or too smart for his own good. In MAGA world, glorified ignorance actually serves as a qualification for higher office (see: Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene), empowering more effective rage against “the liberal elite” and “the ruling class.”
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Up until now, Harris has been defined by working for President Joe Biden, arguably the most explicitly pro-Israel American president, even though his relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu has frayed. “President Biden brought to the White House a lifelong relationship with Bibi Netanyahu and a very mature history on the US-Israel relationship,” Murphy said. “The vice president has been a strong and longstanding supporter of Israel as a secure, democratic homeland for the Jewish people. “One can criticize specific policies of the government of Israel while still strongly supporting the state of Israel and the people of Israel. Soifer said she is satisfied that Harris remains committed to Israel — even after being read the indirect answer about whether the vice president considers herself a Zionist.
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It’s just a decisive move toward America First on foreign policy.”Trump’s selection of Vance is one of the clearest barometers of the former president’s tightening hold over the GOP. Those included Christian conservatives, the business community, congressional insiders and traditional Republican foreign policy hawks shaped by Ronald Reagan’s vision of the US as the muscular leader of the free world. Instead, with Vance, Trump chose an acolyte and potential successor who could deepen and extend the direction the former president has set for the party. Vance has been most unequivocal in criticizing the internationalist approach to foreign policy centered on robust alliances. With the selection of Vance, Trump has broadcast his belief that he has conclusively won the internal GOP debate over all aspects of US interactions with the world – foreign policy, immigration and trade.
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According to the FBI’s analysis of Thomas Matthew Crooks’ laptop, Crooks searched how far Lee Harvey Oswald was when he shot and killed President John F. Kennedy in 1963. The search was on July 6, the same day the Trump rally was announced. “That’s a search that’s obviously significant in terms of his state of mind,” the FBI director added. The drone was in the air for approximately 11 minutes, and investigators believe Crooks watched a live feed from the drone on his phone. The FBI is investigating the shooting as both an attempted assassination and as a potential act of domestic terrorism.
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That’s a closer contest than earlier CNN polling this year had found on the matchup between Biden and Trump. Half of those who back Harris in the new poll (50%) say their vote is more in support of her than against Trump. Among voters under 35, 49% said in April or June that they would support Trump and 42% Biden, but now, 47% support Harris to 43% for Trump. Among Hispanic voters, Biden trailed Trump in earlier polling 50% to 41%; those same voters now split about evenly, 47% Harris to 45% for Trump. That narrowed gap is driven at least partly by increased Harris support among independents who lean toward the Democratic Party.
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Over the past three years, Vice President Kamala Harris has taken a leading role inside the White House on artificial intelligence as the technology is taking off. czar, she brought the chiefs of OpenAI, Microsoft, Google and Anthropic to the White House to agree on voluntary safety standards for the technology. She led a White House executive order mandating how the federal government would use and develop A.I. “We can and we must do both.”Now, as the Democratic Party’s presumptive presidential nominee, a win for Ms. Harris could mean a continued relatively smooth runway for A.I. companies, which have enjoyed little U.S. regulation and the chance to shape White House and Congressional views on the technology.
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I am a storyteller by trade and have spent a career overseeing the creation of fanciful tales in film, TV, stage and publishing. I don’t know anyone who has suffered more personal tragedy, with the loss of his wife, daughter and son. Time and again, I have seen how through his grief, he has been able to help others heal from theirs. Partly because of his empathetic understanding of America and Americans, he has conducted one of the most successful presidencies in our history. His victory in the Democratic Party’s primaries earned him the right to run for re-election and extend his record of success.
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But now it has to retool to elect Kamala Harris, who’s a Black and South Asian woman in the year 2024,” said one aide at campaign headquarters. Never have the people on what was, until Sunday afternoon, the very small core team around Harris felt so popular. That, they know, has to change immediately, but will happen as Harris’ staff is asked to step in. Retaining hard fought Harris equilibriumLike Biden, Harris doesn’t have a history of running great or well-functioning campaigns, whether that was her Senate race in 2016 or her 2020 presidential run that didn’t even survive until December of 2019. So at least for now, the campaign staff are trying to hold to a line that deputy campaign manager and digital outreach specialist Rob Flaherty used on a call Monday afternoon that senior staff held.
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CNN —In the first full day of her presidential campaign, Vice President Kamala Harris swiftly earned enough delegates to secure the Democratic nomination and raised a historic $81 million. Before becoming the vice president, Harris had a decades-long career as a prosecutor and was elected to be San Francisco’s district attorney and later California’s attorney general. “Kamala Harris, who was a former district attorney, former attorney general, former United States senator and current vice president is a ‘DEI hire’ in their minds, just because she’s a Black woman,” he said. Burchett’s remarks are “energizing the very voters that Vice President Kamala Harris needs to win,” Carr said. “How does attacking Kamala Harris as a ‘DEI hire’ help to create a single job?
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The prosecutor-versus-felon approach may appeal to undecided voters who had been sour on both Mr. Trump and President Biden. Mr. Trump, for his part, has been trying to soften some of his harshest rhetoric about seeking vengeance on his rivals ahead of the general election. In the case of Ms. Harris, the contempt is displayed both in public and private. Since then, Mr. Trump has attacked her savagely, particularly when she became Mr. Biden’s running mate in 2020. On Sunday, Mr. Trump, who has insisted he would debate Mr. Biden anytime and anywhere, appeared to try to change the terms of the second debate.
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With his visit to Washington this week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel will step away from one political maelstrom and into another. This was not at all what Mr. Netanyahu had in mind when he planned his first visit to Washington in almost four years. He is supposed to meet face to face with Mr. Biden, though it is unclear when. He is also expected to meet Vice President Kamala Harris, who looks set to become the Democratic Party’s nominee for president. And the Israeli leader is set to address Congress on Wednesday, hoping to shore up support in the face of increasing international censure over the war in Gaza.
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She had also raised more than $100 million from 1.1 million different donors — 62% of them first-time contributors — between Sunday and Monday, a Harris campaign official said. Top Wisconsin Democratic officials, including two-term Gov. They are among a long list of Democratic officials and candidates who appeared with the vice president on Tuesday. Harris’ campaign, inheriting the infrastructure put in place during Biden’s candidacy, has 48 coordinated offices in 43 counties in Wisconsin, including 160 full-time staffers. The trip to Wisconsin — one of the three “Blue Wall” states, alongside Pennsylvania and Michigan — is Harris’ fifth there this year and ninth since becoming vice president.
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Opinion | Who Might Run With Kamala Harris?
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2 Spot” (news article, July 23):Vice President Kamala Harris, assuming she is the Democratic presidential nominee, has several good options for completing her ticket. But I urge Ms. Harris and her advisers to cast a wider net initially. Nothing in the Constitution would prevent Barack Obama from serving as vice president; indeed, the Republicans considered a similar move with former President Gerald Ford in 1980. Mark Milley, a retired general and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is a war hero and a true patriot. Doing so would knock the Trump campaign off balance and, most important, inject a rare note of bipartisanship into our poisoned polity.
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CNN —The Trump campaign on Tuesday filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission arguing money raised for President Joe Biden’s reelection bid cannot be transferred to Vice President Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign. But, he added, “that doesn’t mean it can’t get tied up in FEC proceedings for years.”An FEC spokesperson declined to comment, citing the agency’s policy on not discussing enforcement matters. “If President Biden is committed to passing the torch to his vice president, and wants to be able to seed her campaign with the current Biden for President campaign war chest, he’ll first have to become his party’s legal nominee,” Spies wrote in an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal before Biden’s exit from the race. And Federal Election Commissioner Dara Lindenbaum, a Democrat viewed as a swing vote on the evenly divided commission, has said Harris could access what Biden raised through the campaign committee because it is registered for both the president and vice president. Lindenbaum wrote on X, “If Kamala Harris becomes the Democratic Party nominee, she gets access to the Joe Biden campaign funds.”This story has been updated with additional reporting.
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Washington CNN —President Joe Biden will deliver a speech on his decision to drop out of the 2024 race on Wednesday. “I’m going to be on the road and I’m not going anywhere,” Biden said over the phone, his voice still hoarse from Covid. “I won’t be on the ticket, but I am still going to be fully, fully engaged. Prime-time Oval Office addresses from the president are rare. Biden is the first president in more than a generation to decide not to seek a second term.
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Her multi-hour phone blitz to Democratic Party power players on Sunday hinted at an operation primed ahead of time but that was kept secret and didn’t leak. The vice president has shown signs of improving her political skills recently, but that’s never been her forte. In a memo to reporters, the Trump campaign previewed a blistering assault to come on Harris. Harris is the least popular vice president in history – which is no surprise given her terrible record,” the memo said. The question now is whether Harris, who has exhibited considerable political liabilities as vice president, has the skills, staying power and luck to take advantage.
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Why some big money is holding out for nowAfter just one full day of campaigning, Vice President Kamala Harris has a glide path to the Democratic presidential nomination. The Harris campaign also said it had raised more than $100 million between Sunday afternoon and Monday evening. But some major Democratic donors, including Mike Bloomberg and the venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, have yet to endorse her. The concern is that if they support Harris too soon, they would appear to be anointing their party’s presidential candidate, rather than her earning it through a full democratic process. And Khosla posted on X, “An open process will allow everyone a chance to make their case and express their views.
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President Joe Biden will end his bid for reelection and has endorsed Vice President Kamala Harris. Democrats are in the process of setting up a system to conduct their presidential nomination vote remotely before the party’s convention next month. Under party rules, candidates must meet certain requirements to have their names placed into nomination to be the party’s presidential candidate. There are 3,949 pledged delegates. But now that Biden is no longer a candidate, his delegates are free to vote for whomever they’d like.
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CNN —Within minutes of President Joe Biden endorsing Vice President Kamala Harris to replace him on the Democratic Party’s ticket on Sunday, the internet crackled with lies, altered photos and other misleading claims about Harris. Some supporters of former President Donald Trump – the Republican nominee in the November election – even suggested Biden was the victim of a coup. Meanwhile, a slew of slickly edited pro-Harris videos quickly proliferated on social media as her backers tried to capitalize on the moment. Biden’s likeness was also exploited in the aftermath of his announcement, which came via a post on social media and not televised address. Harris’ team has also embraced a viral post from British pop singer Charli XCX that referred to Harris as “brat,” a concept that includes women and queer empowerment.
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… We are busy producing … cheap food, other people in other parts of the world are starving… you here want to disturb us. You are playing with fire because we cannot allow you to disturb us…”, Museveni said in the three-hour-long wide-ranging address. However, those agitating for a protest are unimpressed with the government’s handling of corruption, urging Ugandans to “#March2Parliament” on July 23 to “#StopCorruption.”’. She was among high-profile Ugandan politicians sanctioned by the United States and the United Kingdom for corruption earlier this year. “Among is designated due to involvement in significant corruption tied to her leadership of Uganda’s Parliament,” according to the US State Department.
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Follow the moneyThe shock waves from President Biden ending his re-election bid, after weeks of pressure to step aside, are still reverberating around the world. Many Democratic officials and financial backers have followed his lead and endorsed Vice President Kamala Harris as his successor in the race. But the conspicuous silence of some senior party leaders and warnings from prominent donors suggest that the party’s ticket isn’t a done deal. The latest: Biden’s withdrawal opened a flood of Democratic donations, with more than $50 million pouring in on Sunday, in what one strategist said might be “the greatest fund-raising moment in Democratic Party history.”Wall Street and Hollywood donors came back in force, while stalwart Biden backers, including the tech billionaire Reid Hoffman and the hedge fund scion Alex Soros, pledged their support to Harris.
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Energized Democrats quickly consolidate around Harris
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Democratic congressional leaders had remained quiet so far — but there were signs that could soon change. Massachusetts Rep. Katherine Clark and California Rep. Pete Aguilar, the second- and third-ranking House Democrats, endorsed Harris on Monday morning. The Clintons, in a statement Sunday, endorsed Harris; Obama did not, deferring to the party’s process. In those phone calls, Harris made clear that while she was grateful for Biden’s endorsement, she planned to earn the Democratic nomination in her own right. Longtime Democratic operative Donna Brazile said that she was in the process of gathering delegates to support Harris.
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