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Then, I'd put them down for their afternoon nap, during which I'd work on projects for my consulting clients. I saw my overachieving as a way to set them up for future success in a hyper-competitive world. I learned it's OK to ask other parents for helpMy girl-mom network has shared hand-me-down winter coats, barely-worn Easter dresses, and pediatric specialist recommendations. But I've learned relying on my network to hook me up doesn't make me lazy, unserious, or checked out as a parent. AdvertisementThe author learned it's OK to ask for recommendations from friends and other parents while parenting her daughter.
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Benefits of passive income strategiesWhat makes passive income strategies so appealing are the benefits, such as:Requires less ongoing effort: Compared to working full-time, passive income requires significantly less time and effort. Drawbacks of passive income strategiesWhile the concept of earning passive income sounds attractive, it's crucial that you understand all the risks involved and that you manage your expectations accordingly. Some of the major drawbacks of passive income strategies are:Unpredictability: The success of passive income strategies can be unpredictable and are generally out of your hands. Passive income — Frequently asked questions (FAQs)How much money do I need to start generating passive income? While some passive income streams require consistent minimal effort after the initial setup, other passive income strategies may require more extensive hands-on maintenance or monitoring.
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I got inked by the world’s oldest tattoo artist
  + stars: | 2024-07-10 | by ( Kathleen Magramo | )   time to read: +11 min
Buscalan, Philippines CNN —The first sound I heard upon reaching Buscalan was that of heaving and panting. At 107 years old, Whang-Od is the world’s oldest tattoo artist. She was dressed in a loose, colorful tie-die shirt and bold patterned pants, her own tribal tattoos on full display. Photos, identification cards and other mementos left by visitors on the thatched roof of the hut where Whang-Od's grandnieces (and apprentices) tattoo. “(My friends who gave tattoos) have all passed away,” Whang-Od told CNN in an interview in 2017.
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That made me think: If this is 'real' Chinese food, then is there 'real' Thai food too?" Eitharong told Business Insider. His goal was to continue learning more about Thai food. Parisa PichitmarnDespite Eitharong's culturally mixed upbringing, he sticks to authentic Thai food and never fusion. A few people have claimed he's not cooking Thai food because he's American.
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Hong Kong CNN —Like hundreds of millions of workers in China, Hao Zeyu, an algorithm engineer at an electric vehicle maker, is getting five days off this week for the Labor Day holiday. So, why has a decades-old policy caused so much upset in a country whose Communist Party leadership pays annual homage to International Workers’ Day? Trending topicIn recent weeks, complaints about this year’s Labor Day leave arrangements have exploded on Chinese social media. Tourists visit the Qiansimen Jialing River Bridge during the May Day holiday on May 1, 2023 in Chongqing, China. Labor Day isn’t the only holiday to get the adjusted rest policy.
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AdvertisementThe management style made the job difficultAt the beginning of my career journey, I tried many different things. Ultimately, I quit after less than a year without any job lined up. I left my problematic job during a bad job market, which greatly stressed me. Mental health is beyond important, but it's also important to have a sense of financial security during these tough times. I also recommend that workers continuously look toward future job opportunities and look at their careers as a staircase.
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Basant Shenouda, 27, is one of LinkedIn's biggest career content creators. She once quit a toxic job after less than a year in a tough market and with nothing else lined up. I'm a Gen-Zer and one of LinkedIn's biggest career content creators. Mental health is beyond important, but it's also important to have a sense of financial security during these tough times. I also recommend that workers continuously look toward future job opportunities and look at their careers as a staircase.
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Instead, he was told he was being laid off, effective immediately, due to a restructuring. The effects of 'money trauma'I recently learned about a concept called "money trauma," which is a psychological response to a distressing experience that affects your personal finances, consequently transferring into your relationships and health. Advertisement"In your body and mind, it creates these fight-or-flight responses," Game told me. Advertisement"It impacts my confidence and the way I see myself compared to my peers," Collin told me. Each time we've dealt with a layoff, work has always been found again, and we truly believe this time won't be any different.
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Goldman Sachs partner Brian Robinson at 200 West Street. The sign that Goldman Sachs partner Brian Robinson created. Robinson's mission to revamp leadership — from his high C's to neon sign creations — appears to be rubbing off on clients and colleagues alike. He is currently making one for a Goldman partner with a fifth-floor office who asked for a customized sign to hang in that workspace, he said. The goal, he said, is for the signs to stand on the walls of Goldman Sachs "for years and decades to come."
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. The analysis looked at over 135,000 users across 958 companies, looking into nearly 97 million hours of data. Efficiency overall remained flat even as days shrank by nearly an hour. On Friday, workers sign off at 4:03 p.m., about an hour earlier than at the start of 2021. The percentage of disengaged employees was just 12% in 2021.
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South Korean millennials are turning to pet rocks to combat loneliness and burnout at work. Originally a 1970s joke gift, pet rocks can give a low-maintenance sense of companionship. AdvertisementAdults in South Korea are using pet rocks to help with loneliness and burnout at work. The Journal's Jiyoung Sohn spoke to millennials turning to pet rocks to help them through difficult periods in their careers. Related storiesThe coronavirus pandemic prompted a pet-rock boom in South Korea, according to a July 2023 report by Korea JoongAng Daily.
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CEO Michael O'Leary is set for a $109 million bonus dependent on the company's stock price rising. He told the Journal it's "very good value for Ryanair shareholders" compared to star soccer players. AdvertisementThe CEO of ultra-low-cost airline Ryanair told The Wall Street Journal his potential $109 million bonus is "very good value" compared to star athletes. Mbappé, the captain of the French national team and arguably the best soccer player in the world, has agreed to a signing bonus of 150 million euros ($162 million) across five years with Real Madrid, the BBC reported. "The funny thing we've learned over the years is actually the bad publicity sells far more seats than the good," O'Leary told The Journal.
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But the criticism of millennial management may be a bit unfair, experts say. Many self-described millennial managers also seemed to identify with the behavior, saying they tried not to pass down any negativity to their workers. The verdict seemed to be in: "millennial managers" are the worst. AdvertisementIyyani told BI that he thinks some aspects of the "millennial manager" stereotype may actually be welcomed by some workers. "While I won't daresay all millennial managers have this approach, this sure seems to be the desired change on the ground from leaders.
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If your office culture allows or even encourages working outside of business hours, it can be hard to disconnect. Even if your PTO isn't for a few weeks, "right now" is the best time to remind your managers and colleagues you'll be out, Smith says. Here's how to disconnect from work this holiday season:Remind your boss now, and then remind them againYour manager probably doesn't remember exactly what days you'll be gone. "Just say, 'As a reminder it's Wednesday and Friday is my last day in the office,'" Smith says. Make your OOO email more personalCraft an out-of-office email that includes some personal details about your time off.
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The discussion around whether the 9-to-5 work schedule is outdated is going viral on social media. People are saying they're exhausted and that they have no time or energy to do anything after work. AdvertisementAdvertisementThe longstanding custom of working 9-to-5 is facing a reckoning on social media, with some users saying they feel like they're wasting their youth on what they perceive as meaningless work. These videos have been making the rounds on social media and have sparked a discussion around whether the 40-hour work week is outdated. As a result, some workers are pushing back on hustle culture and corporate life and seeking alternatives like four-day work weeks and greater work-life balance .
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AdvertisementAdvertisementThis has been a bit of a secret, but when I applied to Yale, I chose to apply as an African American-studies major on a whim. Regardless, part of me thinks I got in because I'm Black and chose the smaller major of African American studies. I'm now working extra hard to prove I belong at Yale. The fact that I didn't get into Princeton made me think my Yale acceptance wasn't guaranteed. I could have edged out a more qualified candidate who was not a person of color because I'm Black.
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Gen Z are abandoning the girlboss lifestyle to enter the new "snail girl era" taking off on TikTok. The term "snail girl" was coined by Sienna Ludbey in an article for Fashion Journal in September titled "'Snail girl era': Why I'm slowing down and choosing to be happy rather than busy." "'Hot take for the week, my inner girlboss is dead and my 'snail girl' era has begun,'" Ludbey wrote. Its features editor Maggie Zhou said in the video: "the girlboss is rolling over in her grave, welcome to the snail girl era." Although choosing the snail girl lifestyle may be more gratifying, it could result in financial or other consequences further down the road.
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Russia's air force has lost 90 planes in Ukraine since February 2022, British intelligence said. Despite this, Russia still has the ability to fly missions over occupied Ukraine, the update said. AdvertisementAdvertisementRussia's air force has lost 90 planes since the start of the war in Ukraine and is becoming less formidable by overworking its jets, UK intelligence said. Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine – 28 September 2023. Its air force has managed to maintain its overall front-line strength by restoring old, grounded airframes and acquiring from NATO countries 18 Su-25s and 27 MiG-29s.
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However, that is exactly what some companies want, according to workplace experts that CNBC Make It spoke to. RTO is a cheap and dirty way for companies to avoid legal complications and financial obligations associated with layoffs. "Rolling back those gains, such as remote work and flexible hours, is audacious, but companies are daring employees to quit," Ruettimann added. "RTO is a cheap and dirty way for companies to avoid legal complications and financial obligations associated with layoffs," said Ruettimann. "Announcing direct layoffs can lead to a drop in morale among remaining employees, which could affect productivity and overall workplace atmosphere," he added.
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If you've ever dreamt about moving abroad, the capital city of New Zealand just made it easier. Wellington tends to attract early-career workers and those in search of a better balance, Allen says: "Here, people are more relaxed in their work life. Jon Kroll moved from LA to Wellington, New Zealand, in 2022. New quality of life boost is 'off the charts'Kroll says the cost of living is pretty comparable to life in LA. Want to be smarter and more successful with your money, work & life?
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Reddit's cofounder Alexis Ohanian said most successful CEOs regret missing out on family time. Ohanian and his wife Serena Williams have a five-year-old daughter and are expecting another child. Reddit's cofounder Alexis Ohanian recently took to X – formerly known as Twitter — to share his thoughts on some of the downsides of being a successful CEO. He wrote: "Do you know the ONE thing I keep hearing from the most successful CEOs? The tech boss and his wife, pro tennis player Serena Williams, have a five-year-old daughter together Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.
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Quiet quitters and grumpy stayers grabbed headlines, but other workplace trends are gaining steam. More recently, "quiet thrivers" and "loud laborers" have been enjoying their time in the spotlight. Now, new trends such as "quiet thriving," "loud laboring," and "lazy girl jobs" are picking up steam. 'Loud laboring'"Loud laborers" sit among quiet quitters and grumpy stayers in modern workplaces. Dubbed the noisier cousin of quiet quitters, you are more likely to find "loud laborers" discussing their work rather than actually getting on with it.
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"Loud laborers" have been dubbed the noisier cousins of quiet quitters. You may be working with "loud laborers." "Loud laborers" have been dubbed the noisier cousins of quiet quitters, workers who refuse to bend to the level of overworking expected in corporate America. More recently, Nicole Price, a leadership coach and workplace expert, also discussed "loud laborers." She said: "Loud laborers are often quite politically savvy and are very active on professional social networks, where they publicize their tasks and achievements."
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Thakor, a certified financial planner and a chartered financial analyst who has an MBA from Harvard, wants to help people shed work addiction and "self-sabotaging beliefs and habits around money, careers [and] accomplishments." And you feel almost compelled in a subliminal, toxic way to keep chasing after these things. ATS: Can you explain the Buddhist concept of the hungry ghosts and how it's connected to the feeling of "never enough?" My argument is that it's because people are experiencing the symptoms of a society that's been built on this false belief that the answer to our collective angst is pursuing more money, work and more prestige. Those things turn us into hungry ghosts because they have no finish line — you can never get enough of them.
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Her company requires everyone to take 3 weeks of vacation during the summer. The temptation to check work messages on vacation is even difficult for Lene Vindenes, 28, who lives in Oslo, Norway, and works as a social media manager. Her company guarantees 25 paid vacation days per year, and she's required to take three weeks of vacation during the summer between June and August. She admits it's "really hard" to not check email when she's off the clock, and coming back from weeks away is "always overwhelming." Vindenes makes sure to have a clear and realistic plan for wrapping things up before she's away.
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