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Rome CNN —A painting by the 15th-century master Sandro Botticelli, recorded as missing since the 1980s, has been found at a home in southern Italy. The depiction of the Virgin Mary and infant Christ was discovered in a home in the town of Gragnano, near Naples, according to the Carabinieri Cultural Heritage Protection Unit of Naples. The painting by the artist most famous for “The Birth of Venus” and “Primavera” is estimated by Italian authorities to be worth at least €100 million ($109 million). “The family continues to hold the title of the work, which, however, will be preserved in a museum,” Croce added. The Somma family declined to comment when contacted by CNN.
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A downed Russian Shahed drone was reportedly found with a Ukrainian SIM card inside. This suggests the tech was used to pilot the attack drone, war analysts said. Last month, Russia launched its largest drone attack against Kyiv in the war so far. AdvertisementOne of Russia's downed Shahed drones was reportedly found this week with a Ukrainian SIM card inside, suggesting that the technology was used to pilot the explosive attack drone, according to war analysts. Last month, Russia launched its largest drone attack against Kyiv since the Kremlin invaded the Eastern European country in February 2022.
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REUTERS/Siddharth Cavale/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsDec 1 (Reuters) - Walmart (WMT.N) said on Friday it is not advertising on social media platform X, one of the latest brands to say it has dropped the Elon Musk-owned site. "We aren't advertising on X as we've found other platforms to better reach our customers," a Walmart spokesperson said. X, formerly known as Twitter, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Earlier this month, Musk agreed with an X user who falsely claimed members of the Jewish community were stoking hatred against white people, saying the user was speaking "the actual truth." Reporting by Siddharth Cavale in New York and Sheila Dang in Dallas; Editing by Chizu Nomiyama and Bill BerkrotOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
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X CEO Linda Yaccarino reminded employees of X's principles in a memo on Thursday. AdvertisementElon Musk — who in an interview on Wednesday told advertisers who fled X to "go fuck yourself" — has the full support of X CEO Linda Yaccarino. "Our principles do not have a price tag, nor will they be compromised — ever," she wrote. AdvertisementYaccarino, an ad world veteran, is reportedly being urged by ad executives to resign from the CEO position in order to save her reputation. Though, according to reporting, she is holding firm in the position — and doubling down her support for Musk.
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Opinion | Elon Musk Is Making a Giant Mistake … Unless?
  + stars: | 2023-12-01 | by ( Peter Coy | )   time to read: +1 min
Elon Musk is so smart that you have to wonder if trashing X, formerly Twitter, is somehow in his best interest. This couldn’t possibly be one giant mistake, could it? Actually I think it is a giant mistake. There is, however, an unlikely scenario where damaging X in the short run might benefit Musk in the long run. He cut more than three-quarters of the staff, including most of those involved in keeping hate speech off the platform, which predictably resulted in more hate speech and fewer advertisers.
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The Wells Fargo Autograph Journey will be a new Visa product available to consumers sometime next year, according to a direct confirmation from the credit card issuer. Furthermore, Wells Fargo will not be announcing Autograph card transfer partners for hotels and airlines in 2023. If you're interested in expanding your wallet to include a Wells Fargo product, you can always turn to the Wells Fargo Autograph℠ Card. Wells Fargo Autograph℠ Card Apply now lock icon An icon in the shape of lock. Wells Fargo Autograph Card review External link Arrow An arrow icon, indicating this redirects the user."
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New York CNN —Walmart confirmed on Friday that it is not advertising on X, the social media platform owned by Elon Musk and formerly known as Twitter. “We aren’t advertising on X as we’ve found other platforms to better reach our customers,” a Walmart spokesperson said in a statement to CNN. A number of prominent brands paused their advertising on X, last month following Musk’s public embrace of an antisemitic conspiracy theory favored by White supremacists. “I don’t want them to advertise,” Musk said at the New York Times DealBook Summit in New York. “If anyone is killing X, it’s Elon Musk – not advertisers,” she said.
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When it was first launched, OpenAI leaders framed it as a "low-key research preview." AdvertisementChatGPT turned one today, and if you're surprised by its impact, you're not alone — so are some OpenAI employees. Today, the term "low-key research preview" has become something of a meme among OpenAI's employees. OpenAI employees have even used the phrase as laptop stickers, per the Atlantic. "The outside world probably thinks we're all joking, but this actually was our 'low-key research preview,'" wrote Fedus.
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Some of that loss may be because of disappointing news about the Cybertruck’s pricing and availability. But some may also reflect renewed concern about Elon Musk’s latest comments, made at the DealBook Summit this week, and whether his self-inflicted damage at X is distracting from his other businesses. Advertisers aren’t impressed by Musk’s recent tirade. On Wednesday, he asserted that brands were trying to “blackmail” him by suspending their advertising after he endorsed an antisemitic conspiracy theory on X. “There is no advertising value that would offset the reputational risk of going back on the platform,” Lou Paskalis, the founder and C.E.O.
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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Walmart is the latest company to join the growing flock of major advertisers to pull spending from X, Elon Musk’s beleaguered social media company, amid concerns about hate speech — as well as reaching a sizeable audience on the platform. “We aren’t advertising on X as we’ve found some other platforms better reach our customers,” Walmart said in a statement. Musk said advertisers pulling out are engaging in “blackmail” and, using a profanity, essentially told them to go away. Walmart is joining the Walt Disney Co., IBM, NBCUniversal and its parent company Comcast and other companies who have decided to stop spending on X. But X's relations with advertisers don't appear to be improving.
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The person behind a female coder's Instagram account is a man, 404 Media reports. The page, called coding_unicorn, has 115,000 followers and claims to be run by a woman called Julia. AdvertisementA popular Instagram account fronted by a woman named Julia Kirsina is run by a man, according to a 404 Media investigation. But in reality, the person running the account is a male software developer called Eduards Sizovs, according to a 404 Media report. Advertisement404 Media dug into Sizovs' IP logs and old YouTube videos, and said it found that he had access to an email account called coding_unicorn.
Persons: Julia, , Julia Kirsina, Kirsina, coding_unicorn, Sizovs, Ayodeji, Satya Nadella, Gergely Orosz, Anna Boyko, Alina Prokhoda, Kristine Howard, Julia Kirsina —, Scott Hanselman Organizations: Service, Business, Sizovs, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Bloomberg
Bill Ackman thinks advertisers, including Disney, are treating Elon Musk's X unfairly. Ackman defended Musk, saying the X owner did not have "antisemitic intent." Until a share of X can be distributed to each American, Ackman thinks should be grateful Musk owns X. AdvertisementOnce again, hedge fund manager Bill Ackman is defending Elon Musk and his leadership of X. AdvertisementIn his post, Ackman again defended Musk, saying the X owner did not have "antisemitic intent."
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The Cybertruck will start at $60,990, tens of thousands more than what Tesla promised in 2019. It was the opposite, horrible launch event, disappointing range, almost abusive pricing considering what was promised," wrote one Tesla fan on Reddit . "For me, this potential purchase was always always about two things, setting aside the design: range & price. The company is offering a "range extender" which it says will bring the Cybertruck closer to its promised range. Prominent tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee also criticized the discrepancy between what Tesla promised in 2019 and what it is offering now.
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A video posted to social media appears to show a Russian soldier describing bleak conditions on the front lines in Kherson. He said that some troops mixed water from the river in a can of stewed meat and drank it for a week so they wouldn't starve. AdvertisementA video posted on social media appears to show a Russian soldier describing increasingly bleak conditions for troops on the front lines. It got so bad that some soldiers mixed water from the Dnipro River in a can of stewed meat so that they wouldn't starve to death, according to the video. Advertisement"They drink from the Dnipro River, eat whatever they find under their feet," he says in the video.
Persons: , Anton Gerashchenko, Gerashchenko, ISW, they've Organizations: Service, Interior, Business, Troops Locations: Russian, Kherson, Dnipro, Ukraine
Fabric by Gerber Life launched a new investment account for parents to invest on behalf of their kids. Gerber Life's partner brand, Fabric by Gerber Life, offers affordable term life insurance, free wills — and now a new investment account for your child. Fabric by Gerber Life has launched UGMA custodial accounts on their digital platform so you can invest for your child's future. How to open a UGMA account with Fabric by Gerber LifeOpening an account with Fabric by Gerber Life is simple and only takes about five minutes. Flexible spendingA UGMA account is a type of custodial account that permits parents/guardians to invest on behalf of a child/dependent.
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Taylor Swift's publicist Tree Paine slammed a rumor that the singer secretly married Joe Alwyn. "Enough is enough with these fabricated lies about Taylor from Deuxmoi," she wrote. AdvertisementTaylor Swift's longtime publicist Tree Paine vehemently denied that the star was secretly married to ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn during their six-year relationship. — Tree Paine (@treepaine) December 1, 2023Deuxmoi responded to Paine's comments in another Instagram story. Advertisement"Also, to relate something that is in reference to something that happened years ago to 'pain & trauma' after what just happened seems like a poor choice of words.
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One group, however, continues to spend on X promotions: political campaigns. AdvertisementAccounting for political ads promoting the accounts of political and other cause-based groups, X has brought in more than $4.5 million. According to the data, groups have spent just over $900,000 promoting Democratic accounts compared to the approximately $840,000 on Republican ones. AdvertisementFor example, more than $330,000 has been spent promoting GOP presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Democrats tend to spend more and spend earlier on digital, according to a Democratic campaign strategist.
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Some X users say they're seeing lots of ads for likely fake Louis Vuitton handbags on the platform. After Elon Musk told major advertisers to "go fuck yourself" and "don't advertise" at The New York Times' DealBook summit Wednesday, some X users saying they're seeing lots of ads for Louis Vuitton bags that are probably fakes. "X prohibits the sale of or promoting the sale of counterfeit goods on the platform," according to its counterfeit policy . "Twitter had resorted to letting people place ads for their fake Louis Vuitton bags. According to a X business blog post , Louis Vuitton ran an ad campaign for its collaboration with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama in January, but it's unclear if it's an ad partner or big spender.
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A video of Muslims gathered for a special outdoor prayer during Eid al-Adha in London has been misleadingly portrayed as a daily occurrence. What message do they want to send?”Reuters traced the video to at least July 2022 (archived), when it was shared as showing a special event for Eid al-Adha, a major Muslim holiday. Corroborating visuals of the same event were posted by Norbury Muslim Centre, which organised the outdoor prayer in 2022, as well as for 2021 and 2023. Eid al-Adha is one of the two most important festivals in the Islamic calendar and is marked with Muslims gathering in mosques or vast open sites to celebrate and pray. The video shows a special event for Eid al-Adha not something that is commonplace.
Persons: Eid, Read Organizations: Facebook, Reuters, Norbury Muslim, Norbury Muslim Centre, Thomson Locations: London, Norbury Park, Norbury
Hundreds of passengers traveling to Amsterdam were stuck on a Eurostar train in London for hours. AdvertisementSome 700 passengers were left stranded after a Eurostar train broke down 30 minutes after leaving London's St Pancras station on Thursday, reported the BBC. Ben Williams, a passenger on the train, told The Independent that four or five hours after the train broke down, passengers were each offered one free item of food. AdvertisementIt's not the first time passengers were left stranded after a train broke down. In August 2022, passengers were stranded in the undersea Eurotunnel for five hours after a Le Shuttle train broke down.
Persons: , Ben Williams, Ashleigh Furlong, Furlong Organizations: Eurostar, Service, London's St Pancras, BBC, Independent, Politico, Business, Amtrak, Le Shuttle Locations: Amsterdam, London, London's St, England, France, St Pancras
Saks and Neiman Marcus are better together
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The signage outside the Neiman Marcus store is seen during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in New York City, U.S., April 19, 2020. REUTERS/Jeenah Moon Acquire Licensing RightsNEW YORK, Dec 1 (Reuters Breakingviews) - Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus might be headed down the aisle. The two luxury retailers are in talks to merge, according to the Wall Street Journal on Friday. By joining forces, Saks and Neiman would have more power negotiating with vendors and ability to control costs. Saks and Neiman are destined to match up.
Persons: Marcus, Neiman Marcus, Neiman, Jennifer Saba, Robert Cyran, Aditya Sriwatsav Organizations: REUTERS, Reuters, Saks Fifth, Wall, Saks, HBC, Dallas, Ares Management, Plan Investment Board, Bain, Neiman, X, Barclays, Thomson Locations: New York City, U.S, Canada
Geely’s stalled IPO discounts global expansion
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HONG KONG, Dec 1 (Reuters Breakingviews) - Electric-car marque Zeekr, controlled by China’s largest private auto group Zhejiang Geely, has hit a roadblock. It is putting on hold its New York initial public offering because of a mismatch in valuation expectations, Reuters reported on Thursday. It was hoped the listing would break the ice and encourage a resurgence in Chinese volumes in U.S. capital markets. Its prospectus was published in November, when global stocks recorded their best performance since 2020. They do not reflect the views of Reuters News, which, under the Trust Principles, is committed to integrity, independence, and freedom from bias.
Persons: Xi Jinping, Joe Biden, Katrina Hamlin, Julius Baer’s, Una Galani, Thomas Shum Organizations: Reuters, Zhejiang, American, Tata Technologies, X, Barclays, Thomson Locations: HONG KONG, York, Mumbai, Europe, United States, China
Sunak deepened a diplomatic row with Athens on Wednesday by accusing Mitsotakis of "grandstanding" during a recent trip to London over ownership of the Parthenon Sculptures. Sunak cancelled a planned meeting with Mitsotakis earlier in the week. A Buckingham Palace source said on Friday that Charles also wore the same tie last week, before the escalation of the dispute. British media noted that, as well as the blue and white tie featuring the same white cross design as the Greek flag, Charles sported a blue and white handkerchief protruding from his jacket pocket. The museum has said it would consider a loan to Greece only if Athens acknowledges the museum's ownership of the sculptures.
Persons: Britain's King Charles, Rishi Sunak, Kyriakos, Charles, Sunak, Prince Philip, Mitsotakis, … King Charles, Chris Ship, Lord Elgin, Alistair Smout, Michael Holden, William Schomberg, Alex Richardson Organizations: United Arab Emirates, Greek, ITV television's, British Museum, Thomson Locations: DUBAI, COP28, Corfu, Sunak, Athens, London, Buckingham, Dubai, Greece, LONDON
Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) arrives to speak about the House Ethics Committee report and potential expulsion from Congress this week during a press conference outside on Capitol Hill on Thursday, Nov. 30, 2023, in Washington, DC. The House voted Friday to expel Rep. George Santos from Congress for his alleged finance crimes and his campaign lies, shrinking the GOP's already slim majority. Santos is the sixth House member in U.S. history to be booted from Congress, and the third since the Civil War. Former Democratic Rep. Tom Suozzi, who left the seat in New York's 3rd congressional district to run for governor, has already launched a campaign to take it back. The resolution, brought by Santos' fellow New York Republicans was the latest effort to boot the embattled 35-year-old freshman lawmaker.
Persons: George Santos, Santos, Kathy Hochul, Hochul, Tom Suozzi, Mike Johnson, Steve Scalise Organizations: The, Congress, New York Republican, Republicans, Democratic, Republican, New York Republicans Locations: Washington ,, York, New York's, Long
Indecent content is defined by the FCC as a portrayal of sexual or excretory organs or activities in an offensive manner without meeting the obscenity test. Profane content includes “grossly offensive” language considered a public nuisance. NBC is a broadcast network while CNBC is a cable network. “FCC rules on profanity don't apply to utterances on cable networks,” former FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said in a reply to an ABC7 Chicago reporter requesting clarification under the circulating post on X. Cable networks are not prohibited from airing indecent or profane content.
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