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DALLAS (AP) — Jalen Williams scored 23 points and Oklahoma City rallied after allowing Dallas’ NBA-record 30-0 run in the fourth quarter to beat the Mavericks 126-120 on Saturday night. Dallas led 120-118 before the Thunder scored the game’s final eight points. A dunk by rookie Chet Holmgren tied the score, and Williams put the Thunder ahead for good with a reverse drive with 40 seconds left. Williams hit two free throws with eight seconds left for the final points. The Mavericks’ run was the l ongest without allowing a basket in the play-by-play era, which dates to 1996-97.
Persons: — Jalen Williams, Dallas ’, Luka Doncic, Chet Holmgren, Williams, Shai Gilgeous, Alexander, Mark Daigneault, , Jason Kidd, ” Daigneault, ” Gilgeous, Cason Wallace, Davis Bertans, Bertans, Holmgren, OKC, Doncic, Larry Bird, Kyrie Irving, Tim Hardaway Jr, Dereck Lively, , ’ ” Kidd, Doncic’s, Anamaria Goltes, Gabriela, ___ Organizations: DALLAS, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Dallas ’ NBA, Mavericks, NBA, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Thunder, Luka, , ” Mavericks, Memphis, Dallas ’, Houston, Wednesday, Utah Locations: Doncic, midcourt, Oklahoma
[1/2] Members of the International Federation of Medical Students Associations hold placards during a protest demanding an end to fossil fuels at COP28 World Climate Summit, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 3, 2023. Climate-related impacts "have become one of the greatest threats to human health in the 21st century", COP28 President Sultan Ahmed Al-Jaber said in a statement. The World Bank on Sunday launched a new Climate and Health program to explore possible interventions and public health solutions for developing countries. "We have new tools at the lab level that decimate mosquito populations," said Gates, whose foundation supports public health research and projects for the developing world. Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also spoke on Sunday at COP28, urging reform to the world's insurance system as another key requirement to keep people safe.
Persons: Amr Alfiky, Sultan Ahmed Al, Jaber, COP28, Joseph Vipond, Storm Daniel, Bill Gates, Gates, Hillary Clinton, Clinton, Gloria Dickie, Elizabeth Piper, Alexander Cornwell, Simon Jessop, Kate Abnett, William James, Katy Daigle, Jan Harvey Organizations: International Federation of Medical, United Arab Emirates, REUTERS, Rights, Physicians, World Health Organization, Bank, Sunday, Health, World Bank, Microsoft, Former U.S, Reuters, Thomson Locations: Dubai, United Arab, Alberta, Canada, Western, Libya, Pakistan, COP28
A 48-year-old began secretly working three full-time remote jobs last year, earning a combined $344,000. He was laid off from two of his jobs in October — and said this is why he sought out extra job security. Last year, Joseph earned a combined $344,000 working three full-time remote jobs at the same time, according to documents viewed by Business Insider. While working three jobs has been life-changing for him and his family financially, he said balancing emails and meetings — and keeping his other jobs a secret — was becoming unsustainable. Joseph said he managed to juggle three jobs for over a year by blocking off his work calendars to prevent meeting overlaps.
Persons: , Joseph, it's, he's, BI's Aki Ito Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Texas
I was sitting in my apartment in Beirut on the evening of Oct. 13 when I read that journalists had been struck by a missile attack in southern Lebanon. My close friend, Issam Abdallah, was working in the area as a cameraman for Reuters to cover the border clashes between Israel and Hezbollah after the war in Gaza began just days earlier. I couldn’t remember the last time he let one of my calls go to voice mail. In one video, a journalist for Agence France-Presse lies in a pool of blood, screaming that she can’t feel her legs. A wave of nausea washed over me as I watched rescue workers wrap Issam and his severed leg in a white sheet, his body charred, barely recognizable.
Persons: Issam Abdallah, Issam Organizations: Reuters, Agence France, Presse Locations: Beirut, Lebanon, Israel, Gaza, Ukraine, Syria
Editor’s Note: Sign up for Unlocking the World, CNN Travel’s weekly newsletter. Get the latest news in aviation, food and drink, where to stay and other travel developments. CNN —In travel news this week: the world’s leading destinations for neighborliness and tranquility, what’s trending in aircraft interiors and top picks for city getaways and Asian hotels. World’s most peaceful countriesWhat do Iceland, Denmark and Ireland have in common, other than being Northwestern European countries with oceanic climates and gorgeous, green landscapes shaped by ancient glaciers? That’s what’s promised by Lufthansa Technik’s new cabin design for the upcoming BBJ 777-9 — the private jet version of Boeing’s new widebody aircraft, the 777X.
Persons: Hong Kong’s, That’s what’s, doored, , Organizations: CNN, Northwestern, for Economics, Lufthansa, Geographic, Royal Caribbean Locations: getaways, Iceland, Denmark, Ireland, Hong Kong, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Lima, Samarkand, Uzbekistan, Cairo, Angeles
A Closer Look at Donald Trump’s Second-Term Agenda
  + stars: | 2023-12-02 | by ( Andrew Restuccia | )   time to read: 1 min
Among other proposals for a second White House term, former President Donald Trump has said he would institute a credentialing body to certify teachers ‘who embrace patriotic values and support the American Way of Life.’ Photo: Jim Vondruska/Getty ImagesFormer President Donald Trump has outlined a second-term agenda that envisions a muscular use of federal authority to influence swaths of American society. Here are some of the most notable proposals that Trump has outlined on his campaign website:EducationTrump has promised to take funds from private-university endowments to create a government-backed “American Academy” that would provide free online courses and allow people to achieve the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree.
Persons: Donald Trump, Jim Vondruska, Trump, Education Trump Organizations: Education, American
WASHINGTON—As he campaigns to retake the White House, Donald Trump has increasingly tossed aside the principles of limited government and local control that have defined the Republican Party for decades. The former president is laying plans to wield his executive authority to influence school curricula, prevent doctors from providing medical interventions for young transgender people and pressure police departments to adopt more severe anticrime policies. All are areas where state or local officials have traditionally taken the lead.
Persons: Donald Trump Organizations: WASHINGTON, Republican Party
North Korea begins spy satellite operations -KCNA
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SEOUL, Dec 3 (Reuters) - North Korea has begun reconnaissance satellite operations, state news agency KCNA said on Sunday, after the country launched its first military spy satellite last month in a move that drew new sanctions from the U.S. and its allies. North Korea says it successfully launched its first military spy satellite on Nov. 21, transmitting photos of the White House, the Pentagon, U.S. military bases and "target regions" in South Korea. The move raised regional tensions and sparked fresh sanctions from the U.S., Australia, Japan and South Korea. The article also argued that South Korea's own, first military reconnaissance launch this month proved to be self-contradictory. On Friday, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carried South Korea's first spy satellite into orbit from California's Vandenberg Space Force Base.
Persons: KCNA, Kim Myung, Jihoon Lee, Jonathan Oatis Organizations: Pyongyang General Control Centre, National Aerospace Technology Administration, White, Pentagon, Korea's, Chiefs of Staff, ., SpaceX, Vandenberg Space Force Base, Thomson Locations: SEOUL, North Korea, U.S, Pyongyang, South Korea, Australia, Japan, Korean, Seoul, Lincoln
THE KINGDOM, THE POWER, AND THE GLORY: American Evangelicals in an Age of Extremism, by Tim AlbertaWhat would Jesus do? It’s a question that the political journalist Tim Alberta takes seriously in his brave and absorbing new book, “The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory,” pressing the evangelicals he meets to answer a version of it — even if a number of them clearly do not want to. This phenomenon, Alberta says, cannot simply be a matter of evangelicals mobilizing against abortion access and trying to save lives; after all, they have kept remarkably quiet when it comes to showing compassion for refugees or curbing gun violence, which is now, as Alberta notes, the leading cause of death for children in the United States. What he finds instead is that under the veneer of Christian modesty simmers an explosive rage, propelling Americans who piously declare their fealty to Jesus to act as though their highest calling is to own the libs. No wonder the popular image of evangelicalism, according to one disillusioned preacher, has devolved into “Mister Rogers with a blowtorch.”
Persons: Tim Alberta, , thrall, Donald Trump, impenitent, Trump, Ted Cruz, Ted, piously, Jesus, Mister Rogers, Organizations: THE, Republican, Iowa Republican Locations: “ The, Alberta, United States
CNN —House Speaker Mike Johnson said Saturday he believes Republicans have the votes to launch a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. “I believe we will,” Johnson told Fox News of a GOP-led impeachment inquiry. Johnson, appearing alongside House GOP conference chair Elise Stefanik, claimed the inquiry wouldn’t be used as a partisan political tool. “Now we’re being stalled by the White House because they’re preventing at least two to three DOJ witnesses from coming forward” and withholding evidence from the National Archives, he continued. “A formal impeachment inquiry vote on the floor will allow us to take it to the next necessary step, and I think it’s something we have to do at this juncture.”To this point, House Republicans have been pushing to formalize their impeachment inquiry into Biden but have not had the votes to do so.
Persons: Mike Johnson, Joe Biden, , ” Johnson, , Johnson, Elise Stefanik, “ Elise, Donald Trump, we’re, Biden, Kevin McCarthy, Hunter, Stefanik, ” Stefanik Organizations: CNN —, Republicans, Fox News, GOP, Republican, White, House GOP, National Archives, Democrat
Because once again, we are talking about repealing Obamacare. AdvertisementAs a result, Trump has handed President Joe Biden a potent gift at a critical time. Despite over a decade of promises of "repealing and replacing" Obamacare, Republicans have never agreed on how to replace the law. AdvertisementIn reigniting the repeal debate, Trump has also opened up the playbook for the Biden White House. Unlike typical Republicans, Trump professes an aversion to cutting Social Security and Medicare (even if the actual reality isn't the same.)
Persons: Donald Trump, Biden, , Trump, Joe Biden, it's, Jody, Ron DeSantis, Kim Reynolds hasn't, Obamacare, Trump's Organizations: Obamacare, Service, Wall, Hamas, NBC, Republicans, Florida Gov, Iowa Gov, GOP, Politico, Biden White House, Social Security, Medicare, White Locations: Nevada, Florida
CNN —Vice President Kamala Harris said in a meeting Saturday with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi that Washington will not allow for the forced relocation of Palestinians or any redrawing of the current border of the Gaza Strip. “Under no circumstances will the United States permit the forced relocation of Palestinians from Gaza or the West Bank, the besiegement of Gaza, or the redrawing of the borders of Gaza,” Harris said, according to a statement from the vice president’s office. However, regional leaders like Jordan’s King Abdullah II have expressed concerns that Israel could use the conflict to seize parts of Gaza or expel its Palestinian residents. It’s unclear what role Israel plans to play after the conflict ends. During their meeting, Harris and Sisi discussed “ideas for post-conflict planning in Gaza including efforts on reconstruction, security, and governance,” the statement said.
Persons: Kamala Harris, Abdel Fattah el, ” Harris, Jordan’s King Abdullah II, Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Harris, Sisi, , Joe Biden, Biden, CNN’s Shania Shelton Organizations: CNN, United, West Bank, United Arab Emirates, Palestinian Authority, White Locations: Washington, Gaza, United States, Dubai, Egypt, UAE, Jordan, Israel, Qatar
U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan found no legal basis for concluding that presidents cannot face criminal charges once they are no longer in office. Trump, the frontrunner for the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic President Joe Biden in the 2024 U.S. election, served from 2017 to 2021. Trump's lawyers had argued that the case by Smith "attempts to criminalize core political speech and political advocacy." In addition to the case being pursued by Smith, Trump also faces state criminal charges in Georgia related to his actions seeking to undo his 2020 defeat and two other indictments. His defense team argued that the immunity U.S. presidents have from civil lawsuits should extend to criminal charges.
Persons: Donald Trump, Dave Sanders, Jack Smith, Tanya Chutkan, Joe Biden, Chutkan, Smith, Todd Blanche, Chutkan's, Trump, Andrew Goudsward, Will Dunham, Scott Malone, Daniel Wallis Organizations: U.S, Trump Organization, Court, Rights, Trump, Republican, Democratic, U.S . Justice Department, Prosecutors, Thomson Locations: New York, Manhattan, New York City, U.S, United States, Georgia
[1/8] U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris disembarks an aircraft as she arrives to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 2, 2023. The White House said Harris will carry a message about post-conflict Gaza as the region grapples with the fallout from a war that has upended the Middle East. Hamas seized control of Gaza in 2007 from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' mainstream Fatah party and has ruled the enclave ever since. How post-conflict Gaza should realistically be managed is an issue that has confounded regional leaders and Middle East experts. "In her meetings, the vice president will outline our principles for post-conflict Gaza, lay out specific proposals that put Palestinian voices at the center, and build regional support for our efforts," the White House official said.
Persons: Kamala Harris disembarks, Amr Alfiky, Kamala Harris, Harris, Joe Biden, Mahmoud Abbas, Biden, Critics, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, we’ve, John Kirby, Nandita Bose, Steve Holland, Matt Spetalnick, Heather Timmons, Alistair Bell Organizations: U.S, United Nations, Change, United Arab Emirates, REUTERS, Rights, West Bank, White, Palestinian, Fatah, Middle, Authority, United, White House, House, Munich, Conference, Thomson Locations: Dubai, United Arab, Israel, Gaza, United Arab Emirates, Washington, Russia, Ukraine
download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . However, her niece Sabrina Owens, the estate's executor at the time, discovered two handwritten sets of documents nine months later at Franklin's Detroit home, the BBC reports. The papers, dating back to 2014, override a handwritten will from 2010 discovered at Franklin's Detroit home in 2019, according to the presiding judge. While both documents indicated Franklin's desire for her four sons to split the income from her music and copyrights, discrepancies existed. A dispute persists over how to handle Franklin's music assets.
Persons: Aretha Franklin, , Sabrina Owens, Owens, Jennifer Callaghan, Franklin, Kecalf, Ted White II, Edward Franklin, Judge Callaghan, Franklin's, We've, Charles McKelvie, Clarence Organizations: Service, Franklin's Detroit, BBC, Detroit, Kecalf Locations: American, Detroit, Franklin's
You can tell a lot about a person by what he or she regrets. This holds especially for Supreme Court justices, whose decisions can, with a single vote, upend individual lives and alter the course of history. Minnesota, like many states that elect judges, had imposed such a ban in order to preserve the appearance of judicial impartiality. The decision was 5 to 4, with Justice O’Connor joining the majority. What stands out for me is what she said and did after leaving the court.
Persons: Justice Lewis F, Powell Jr, Harry Blackmun, Sandra Day O’Connor, Justice O’Connor, O’Connor —, Roe, Wade Organizations: Republican Party of Minnesota Locations: Minnesota
Vice President Kamala Harris said on Saturday that the United States fiercely opposes forcibly relocating Gaza residents outside the enclave as Israel resumes its bombardment of Hamas terrorists, or in the days and weeks after the war eventually ends. In a statement after meeting with President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt in Dubai, officials said Ms. Harris rejected the idea of moving Palestinians into Egypt or refugee camps elsewhere and offered her strongest statement to date urging Israel to reduce harm to civilians in its war campaign. “The vice president reiterated that under no circumstances will the United States permit the forced relocation of Palestinians from Gaza or the West Bank,” the statement from the White House said. She also rejected an idea suggested recently by some Israeli officials that the borders of Gaza could shrink after the war is over to accommodate a security “buffer zone” between the interior of Gaza and Israel. The statement said the United States would not permit “the redrawing of the borders of Gaza.”
Persons: Kamala Harris, Abdel Fattah el, Harris, , Organizations: United, West Bank, White Locations: United States, Gaza, Israel, Egypt, Dubai
Muslim Americans face 'Abandon Biden' dilemma - then who?
  + stars: | 2023-12-02 | by ( Andrew Hay | )   time to read: +3 min
The so-called #AbandonBiden campaign began when Minnesota Muslim Americans demanded Biden call for a ceasefire by Oct. 31, and has spread to Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida. Muslim Americans said they did not expect Trump to treat their community any better if reelected but saw denying Biden votes their only means to shape U.S. policy. It remains to be seen whether Muslim voters would turn against Biden en masse, but small shifts in support could make a difference in states Biden won by narrow margins in 2020. A recent poll showed Biden's support among Arab Americans has plunged from a comfortable majority in 2020 to 17%. There are around 25,000 Muslim voters in Wisconsin, a state where Biden won by about 20,000 votes, said Tarek Amin, a doctor representing the state's Muslim community.
Persons: Bonnie Cash, Joe Biden's, Biden, Jaylani Hussein, Donald, Trump, Kamala Harris, Israel, Tarek Amin, Amin, Hazim Nasaredden, Andrew Hay, Diane Craft Organizations: REUTERS, Electoral College, Minnesota's, Islamic Relations, Biden, Minnesota Muslim, U.S, Arab American Institute, US Immigration, Center, University of California, Thomson Locations: Washington , U.S, Israel, Gaza, Arab, Dearborn , Illinois, Michigan , Arizona , Wisconsin , Pennsylvania, Florida . U.S, Michigan, Wisconsin, In Arizona, University of California San Diego
On the same soundstage where Bob Barker lorded over “The Price Is Right,” “Squid Game” is coming to life. On Wednesday, Netflix will unveil its latest live experience, based on the dystopian hit show in which desperate South Koreans competed in a brutal contest of simple schoolyard games for a prize of 45.6 billion won (around $38 million). If they chose incorrectly, they descended hundreds of feet to their death. To feel even more like a character on the show, customers can buy a tracksuit for $50 and wear it during the experience. ticket option: In a nod to the original, you can watch the unfortunate masses compete in the games while you sip cocktails in a swanky lounge.
Persons: Bob Barker lorded, Losers Organizations: Netflix
“Her music is unapologetically, boundlessly and globally Black,” Thomas said. In many cases, lighter skinned slaves were the product of sexual violence by White men against enslaved Black women. Lighter skinned Black women were often deemed “redbones,” a term that for some undermined their Black heritage by implying that the women were mixed non-Black ancestry. A 2023 survey by nonprofit Catalyst found women with darker skin tones were more likely to experience workplace racism than women with lighter skin. “I also get to be critical of Beyoncé,” Thomas said.
Persons: Queen Bey, , Tina Knowles, ” Knowles, “ Brown, Geneva Thomas, ” Thomas, , JeffriAnne Wilder, Wilder, White, ” Wilder, Beyoncé, India Arie, ” Arie, Arie, ” Beyoncé, Kevin Mazur, Oscar, Octavia Spencer, Thomas, she’s Organizations: CNN, Los Angeles, Catalyst, University of Chicago Press, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Locations: America, New York, Black America, London, England
The Big 12 Championship game between the Texas Longhorns and the Oklahoma State Cowboys on Saturday evening delivered the kind of controversy-mired barn burner that inspires legions of college football fans to pack stadiums and jam sports bars every weekend. But the real competition, it turned out, was not between the football teams (Texas won a one-sided 49-21 affair), but between two college students competing in the Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway challenge at halftime, a college football tradition. Each student had to lob as many footballs as they could into their respective Dr Pepper-branded bin five yards away within the allotted time. Ryan Georgian, a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, and Gavin White, a junior at Ohio State University, were tied at 10 points each at the end of regulation, forcing overtime.
Persons: Pepper, Ryan Georgian, Gavin White Organizations: Texas Longhorns, Oklahoma State Cowboys, Texas, University of Pennsylvania, Ohio State University
Some 1,200 Israelis have been killed, mostly during Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel that triggered the war. Biden’s unwillingness to call for a ceasefire has damaged his relationship with the American Muslim community beyond repair, according to Minneapolis-based Jaylani Hussein, who helped organize the conference. One of the things that made us even more angry is the fact that most of us actually voted for President Biden. But leaders said Saturday that the community's support for Biden has vanished as more Palestinian men, women and children are killed in Gaza. The Muslim community leaders' condemnation of Biden does not indicate support for former President Donald Trump, the clear front-runner in the Republican primary, Hussein clarified.
Persons: Joe Biden, Jaylani Hussein, Hussein, ” Hussein, Biden, Donald Trump, ___ Savage Organizations: CHICAGO, U.S, Biden, Health Ministry, Hamas, Associated Press, Democratic, White House, Pew Research, Republican, America Statehouse News Initiative, America Locations: Detroit, Gaza, Michigan, Israel, Michigan , Minnesota, Arizona , Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, , Dearborn , Michigan, United States, Minneapolis, Michigan , Wisconsin
MEXICO CITY (AP) — Nicaraguan police said Friday they want to arrest the director of the Miss Nicaragua pageant, accusing her of intentionally rigging contests so that anti-government beauty queens would win the pageants as part of a plot to overthrow the government. It all started Nov. 18, when Miss Nicaragua, Nicaragua’s Sheynnis Palacios won the Miss Universe competition. Ortega claimed the protests were an attempted coup with foreign backing, aiming for his overthrow. It didn't help that many ordinary Nicaraguans — who are largely forbidden to protest or carry the national flag in marches — took advantage of the Miss Universe win as a rare opportunity to celebrate in the streets. Palacios, who became the first Nicaraguan to win Miss Universe, has not commented on the situation.
Persons: Karen Celebertti, James Bond, Nicaragua’s Sheynnis Palacios, Daniel Ortega, Palacios, Ortega, Nicaraguans, Celebertti “, Celebertti, , , , Palacio's, Lady Rosario Murillo, Palacios ’, ” Murillo Organizations: MEXICO CITY, , Miss, Facebook, National Police, Sandinista, Jesuit University of Central, Nicaraguan Locations: MEXICO, Miss Nicaragua, Jesuit University of Central America, Nicaragua
The oil and gas industry is one of the main sources of global methane emissions, according to the International Energy Agency. The new US rule, which will be implemented by the EPA, is expected to slash methane emissions by nearly 80% through 2038, compared to what they would have been without the rule. The rule will crack down on methane leaks from industry in several ways. It will also rely on independent, third-party monitoring – using satellites and other remote-sensing technology – to find very large methane leaks. “The easiest way to stop that pollution is to stop sending it to flares in the first place.
Persons: CNN —, Biden, Michael Regan, Ali Zaidi, Regan, Harris, Zaidi, Carrie Jenks, Jon Goldstein, ” Goldstein Organizations: CNN, White, International Energy Agency, Biden, Harris Administration, Harvard Law School’s, Energy Law, , Environmental Defense Fund Locations: Dubai
Trump repeated his longstanding contention that the four criminal indictments against him show Biden is misusing the federal justice system against his rival. “He’s been weaponizing government against his political opponents like a Third World political tyrant,” Trump said to a crowd in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Political Cartoons View All 1277 ImagesTrump has long promised to prosecute Biden in retaliation should he return to the White House. That's led Trump to blame them on the president, whom he contended had “defaced the Constitution” in trying to block him. Trump supporters would attack the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, to try to stop the certification of Trump's loss to Biden.
Persons: Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Trump, , Biden, “ He’s, ” Trump, “ Biden, “ Joe Biden, ” Ammar Moussa, “ Donald Trump’s, — Trump, , That's, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un, we've, ___ Riccardi Organizations: Trump, Republican, Biden, Korean, U.S, Capitol Locations: CEDAR RAPIDS , Iowa, Cedar Rapids , Iowa, “ Donald Trump’s America, Ankeny , Iowa, Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Denver
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