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Maker of Wegovy, Ozempic showers money on U.S. obesity doctors
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Novo spent at least $25.8 million over the past decade on U.S. medical professionals to promote its two obesity drugs, Wegovy and Saxenda, the analysis found. Jastreboff has also worked on clinical trials of obesity drugs for Eli Lilly, which markets a Wegovy competitor. Some doctors said Novo’s payments exemplify how the flood of industry money can dominate decision-making about care and coverage. Government pharmacy officer Solaru said her agency concluded that the new obesity drugs could be cost-effective by preventing other weight-related diseases and boosting workplace productivity. In January, the personnel office told its health plans they must cover at least one GLP-1 obesity drug for 8 million workers, retirees and family members.
Persons: Lee Kaplan, Kaplan, , gastroenterologist, He’s, Novo, Donna Ryan, Ryan, , ” Kaplan, ” Novo, Robert Lustig, “ I’m, Lustig, They’re, Ania, ” Jastreboff, Jastreboff, Eli Lilly, Lilly’s Zepbound, Lilly, ” Lilly, Novo’s, Ayana, Sanders, Arthur Kellermann, ” Kellermann, mouthpieces, ’ ”, “ I'm, Jamy Ard, Ard, Dele, ” Solaru, ” Ryan, Scott Kahan, Kahan, Solaru, Christine Gallagher, Wegovy, Rebekah Carl, Carl, Jen Wexler, gaunt, Wexler Organizations: Novo Nordisk, Dartmouth, Nutrition Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Reuters, Cambridge, Obesity Society, U.S ., Management, Reuters . Pharmaceutical, , U.S, United, National Health Service, University of California, U.S . Food, Drug Administration, Doctors, Wegovy’s, BMI, Yale University’s Center, Weight Management, Wall Street, American Medical Association, Rutgers University’s School of Public Health, Affordable, . Pharmaceutical, Companies, Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, Wake Forest University, Wake Forest Baptist Health Weight Management, Obesity, Pennington Biomedical Research, U.S . National Institutes of Health, Personnel Management, Coalition, STOP, George Washington University, Novo Locations: CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts, Boston, U.S, Novo, Danish, United States, Louisiana, San Francisco, Wegovy, Pennington, Baton Rouge , Louisiana, Government, New Columbia , Pennsylvania, Florida
Hashtag searches for dupes of major brands - including Skims underwear and Deckers' (DECK.N) Ugg boots - have been viewed millions of times on TikTok. Graphic shows pictures of four original products and their original prices under named brands compared with the prices of their 'dupe' counterparts. Newer technologies like the Google Lens app allow people to take photos of items they like and find similar products for sale. In other cases, dupe sellers opt to replicate the look of higher-priced originals with cheaper materials to maximize profit. However, experts say dupe sellers have grown increasingly skilled at avoiding brand logos and other design features that could infringe existing patents or copyrights.
Persons: Lauren Maginness, Shannon Stapleton, Maginness, Estee, Tom Ford, Dupes, , , Penny Pincher, Leslie Ghize, Doneger Tobe, Calvin McDonald, Ian Taplin, Juozas Kaziukenas, Kaziukenas, Maria Boschetti, Mike Scheschuk, Birkenstock, Katherine Masters, Dorothy Kam, Vanessa O'Connell, Rod Nickel, Matthew Lewis Organizations: REUTERS, Abercrombie, Fitch, Scout, Walmart, Department, Nordstrom, Circana Inc, COMMERCE, Wake Forest University, eBay, Google, HK, Amazon, New, Thomson Locations: New York City, U.S, Hong Kong, TikTok, Los Angeles, Zara, Italy, New York
[1/2] A sign at the entrance to U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, in eastern North Carolina, U.S., sits in this undated handout photo. U.S. Marine Corps/Handout via REUTERS Acquire Licensing RightsNov 10 (Reuters) - Cancer and mortality studies conducted by a U.S. health agency have found elevated cancer rates in military and civilian personnel who lived and worked at Camp Lejeune, a major American military base, an epidemiologist familiar with the research says. Research for the Camp Lejeune cancer and mortality study began in 2015. Bove used data from every U.S. cancer registry to document elevated rates of some cancers among Camp Lejeune military personnel and civilians who fell ill with cancer from 1996 through 2017. In response, Congress ordered the ATSDR to study cancer and mortality rates among people who served, lived and worked there.
Persons: Lejeune, Camp Lejeune, Kenneth Cantor, Cantor, Jonathan Cardi, Cardi, Michael Partain, Partain, Aaron Bernstein, Bernstein, , Frank Bove, “ I’ve, ” Bove, Bove, Camp, M.B . Pell, Janet Roberts Organizations: U.S . Marine Corps Base, . Marine Corps, REUTERS Acquire, Agency, Toxic Substances, National Cancer Institute epidemiologist, U.S, ., Wake Forest University School of Law, Centers for Disease, Research, Camp Lejeune, Camp Pendleton, California Marine, Reuters, Community, M.B, Thomson Locations: U.S, North Carolina, Camp, Jacksonville, N.C, Camp Lejeune, ATSDR, Lejeune’s, California
Here is a (highly) abbreviated rundown of how US society settled (so far anyway) on an eight-hour workday. The strike failed … but four years later US Steel reduced its workday from twelve to eight hours.”Pioneering employers — and a six-hour workday — make wavesIn 1926, the Ford Motor Company, under the leadership of Henry Ford, famously instituted an eight-hour-a-day, five-day workweek. Kellogg decided in 1930 to institute six-hour shifts in place of eight-hour shifts, with some reduction in workers’ pay. Kellogg’s move attracted national attention, and soon there was a push to federally legislate a six-hour workday. Hunnicutt interviewed several Kellogg workers about why they returned to a longer workday.
Persons: Dolly Parton, ” It’s, wasn’t, Benjamin Hunnicutt, Robert Whaples, Whaples, , Henry Ford, , , Kellogg, Hunnicutt, Kellogg’s, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, FDR, didn’t, ” Hunnicutt, Gen, It’s Organizations: New, New York CNN, University of Iowa, Wake Forest University, Economic, US Steel, , Ford Motor Company, Senate, Industrial, Labor, Fair Labor, Act, Kellogg Locations: New York, United States
LONDON, May 8 (Reuters) - Diabetes drugs that also promote weight loss such as Novo Nordisk’s (NOVOb.CO) Ozempic, becoming a darling of celebrities and investors, are being studied to tackle some of the most difficult-to-treat brain disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease. Those successes followed decades of futility that had left many questioning the validity of the amyloid theory behind most experimental Alzheimer's drugs. She said she has since been approached by pharmaceutical companies at an increasing pace, and is currently running an Alzheimer’s trial evaluating intranasal insulin in combination with another diabetes drug. Four companies with GLP-1 drugs, including two larger drugmakers, say they are watching for results of trials testing Novo's drug in Alzheimer's. Dementia affects more than 55 million people globally and the market for Alzheimer’s drugs is expected to grow to $9.4 billion by 2028 and for Parkinson’s to $6.6 billion, according to pharmaceutical data provider Citeline.
In 2019, she got a promotion to a product development role and a salary bump to $89,000. Product manager: $130,000By 2020, El-Amin began talking to former college classmates about moving to a new company. She spoke with a fellow alum who worked at Mastercard, who ended up referring her to a product manager job. Technical product manager: $186,000 plus a $29,000 signing bonusBy May 2021, El-Amin was looking to change course again. "I was probably a little too overly confident that I could just easily land another role as a product manager."
[1/2] The American Medical Association logo is seen at their office in Washington, D.C., U.S., August 30, 2020. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly/March 30 (Reuters) - As powerful new obesity drugs enter the U.S. market, medical associations are keen to advise their members on how to best use them for patients. "These new compounds are game changers, there's no doubt about it," said Anthony Comuzzie, chief executive of The Obesity Society. The group last provided obesity treatment guidelines in 2013 alongside the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology. OBESITY AS A DISEASEThe American Medical Association, the nation’s largest medical group, recognized obesity as a disease in 2013.
The Food and Drug Administration's independent panel of advisors on Wednesday declined to endorse accelerated approval of Biogen's investigational ALS drug for a rare and aggressive form of the disease. The drug tofersen was developed to treat a rare genetic form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS. That number is even smaller in the U.S., with roughly 330 people affected by the SOD1 mutation. The median survival time from diagnosis with the rare form of ALS to death is 2.7 years, according to the company. The SOD1 mutation is associated with 20% of cases that occur within families.
The Food and Drug Administration's independent panel of advisors on Wednesday voted against the effectiveness of Biogen's investigational ALS drug for a rare and aggressive form of the disease. The drug tofersen was developed to treat a rare genetic form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS. That number is even smaller in the U.S., with roughly 330 people affected by the SOD1 mutation. The median survival time from diagnosis with the rare form of ALS to death is 2.7 years, according to the company. The SOD1 mutation is associated with 20% of cases that occur within families.
DoNotPay's CEO says he will hold off on deploying an AI 'robot lawyer' in traffic case hearings. Joshua Browder said that he received 'threats' over the plan and feared facing 'jail for 6 months.' The ploy always carried a risk, as states closely regulate who can practice law. But regulators may still be a while away from contemplating a full-fledged AI lawyer in court. "We're seeing some reform in regulations around the unauthorized practice of law, and we're becoming less rigid," said Murphy.
Human composting — or, as it’s sometimes referred to, natural organic reduction — fulfills many people’s desire to nurture the earth after dying. In its place, Ms. Spade founded Recompose, a new for-profit company designed to bring human composting to the public. I have no stake in Recompose or any other human composting company.) Human composting, by Recompose’s reckoning, uses just an eighth of this energy and falls in total price between cremation and conventional burial at around $7,000. Human composting reframes the dead body: not something to be protected from nature and the elements, but something meant to return to them.
Mark Cuban paid his way through college with a variety of side hustles. Sam Chason and Matt Gronberg are two former Wake Forest University classmates who founded their business, Storage Scholars, in 2017. Now, Storage Scholars is now a full-fledged business that operates at 48 schools across the U.S. Their pitch generated interest from multiple Sharks, but Chason and Gronberg clearly seemed most interested in partnering with Cuban. "I know that college debt is a big thing to you, you've been very outspoken about it," Gronberg told Cuban.
With the Inflation Reduction Act signed into law, there could be more postings for green energy jobs. Curtis pointed out that many of the green job postings fall in "red" areas of the US, such as in parts of Texas. "Future environmental legislation is more likely to pass if the green energy transition is perceived as helping these regions." Curtis told Insider one takeaway of his and his co-author's research is just how large growth in these green energy jobs has been since 2007. And more clean or green energy jobs could be made as a result of the Inflation Reduction Act.
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