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But the program has since moved to another station, and its legacy in San Diego is a faint, fond memory. AdvertisementWith such a rich history of aerial dynamism, it's no surprise that San Diego has become a major hub of this technology. Defense, AI, and a warming reception from VCsLong before AI became a household buzzword, Shield AI launched in San Diego. AdvertisementBut San Diego seemed to be a better fit with its access to open land and proximity to the ocean. That pipeline continues to feed into the San Diego tech ecosystem, feeding and driving the aerial innovation it has become known for over a century.
Persons: , Tom Cruise, Larsen Jensen, Palmer Luckey's Anduril, Brandon Tseng, VCs Long, Tseng, Ryan, presciently, Hivemind, It's, shouldn't, Jensen, Ian Muceus, Muceus, we've, Firestorm's, Firestorm, Glenn Curtiss, Grant Jordan, Andreessen Horowitz, — Jordan, Jordan, SkySafe, Tim Draper, Aleksey Matyushev, Matyushev, Oakland — Natilus, Natilus, General Atomics, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin Organizations: Service, Kawasaki Ninja, hotshot Navy, US Naval Air Station, Business, Navy, Harpoon Ventures, Defense, aha, Navy SEAL, US Department of Defense, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marine Corps, BAT, SpaceX, Marque Ventures, Silent Ventures, US Navy, Soma, Oakland, San Diego International Airport, Brown Field Municipal, Northrop, Lockheed Locations: San Diego, Miramar, Diego's, Diego, Afghanistan, Persian, Israel, Caribbean, Bay, San Diego Bay, West, San Jose, San Francisco, Central Valley, Vallejo, Kona
Evans is the founder of Exceptional Capital, which launched in 2022 among the many emerging VC firms that sprouted during the fundraising boom years. Before pursuing a life in venture capital and tech, Evans hoped to make it to the NFL as a linebacker at the University of Michigan. And then in 2022, Evans decided to launch Exceptional Capital and invest as a solo VC. Exceptional CapitalBecause he's been able to increase the size of his fund, Evans has been able to expand his team. "I could see that for Marell as well, just his work with Exceptional Capital and kind of his determination there."
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Early-stage investing is a delicate dance. It demands an understanding of markets, a knack for recognizing potential, and sheer tenacity to weather the cyclical storms of the startup world. Now in its fourth year, our Seed 40 list illuminates the women who have mastered this craft. They are on the front lines, locking arms with visionary founders to transform ideas into full-fledged businesses, often putting money and support behind those builders before others see the opportunity. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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Behind most startup founders is an early-stage investor who saw their potential, nurtured their ambition, and backed their ideas. The end of a record bull run in tech rebooted the startup landscape, and now early-stage investors are embracing the change. Founders have gone back to basics, staying lean and mean from the start and harnessing tailwinds of the artificial intelligence boom. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. Become an Insider and start reading now.
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Steve Bowsher, In-Q-TelSteve Bowsher, president and CEO of In-Q-Tel. He made an early bet on Palantir, blowing the doors open for Silicon Valley techies to go after federal contracts. The son of a federal employee who grew up devouring spy novels, Bowsher has always been interested in the work of the government but actually cut his teeth in Silicon Valley. After graduating from Stanford, he worked for three startups and spent eight years at venture fund InterWest Partners. By combining Silicon Valley's swashbuckling ethos with a government agency's mission-driven mentality, Bowsher has helped shepherd some of the biggest defense tech success stories of the past two decades.
Persons: Steve Bowsher, Bowsher Organizations: Magazine, Stanford, InterWest Partners Locations: Menlo Park , California, Silicon Valley
Reddit went public on Thursday after raising $748 million in its IPO. CEO Steve Huffman and Sam Altman and his network of investment firms are some who profited the most. Reddit is the most recent tech company to debut in the public markets as Wall Street watches to gauge the dormant IPO market. The company, founded in 2005 by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, had been rumored to go public over the past several years. However, the market has been shaky for the past two years, causing several companies to put off pursuing IPOs because of less-than-desirable macro conditions.
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"The key isn't hardware but the user experience it enables," Khosla, whose firm Khosla Ventures, is an investor in Rabbit, told Business Insider in an email. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. At the same time, I don't think the average consumer wants to carry around multiple devices," S. Somasegar, a managing director at Madrona, told Business Insider. That's where we're at," he told Business Insider. Ginsberg said he's excited about the Humnane Pin because AI voice assistants have finally become powerful enough to be useful for average consumers.
Persons: Vinod Khosla, Khosla, Navin Chaddha, Ai, Somasegar, Bernstein, Nielsen, Zachary Ginsburg, Ginsberg, Marc Benioff, Sam Altman, Lachy Groom, Avi Schiffmann, it's, Chaddha Organizations: Khosla Ventures, Software, Business, Mayfield, Microsoft, Calm Ventures, Bond Ventures, Forerunner Ventures, Harvard Locations: Humane's
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. What's on deck:This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. The big storyAI (literally) in your pocketTech workers are criticizing Humane's hotly anticipated Ai pin. AdvertisementIn fact, heavy hitters like legendary investor Vinod Khosla believe that AI devices will completely change how we interact with technology. Humane's Ai Pin, which can project text onto users' hands and translate voice messages, didn't get a warm welcome when it launched late last year .
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Highway 9 Networks, a cloud computing startup, has secured $25 million in round led by Mayfield. The startup offers a mobile cloud product that allows companies to deploy a private mobile network. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. AdvertisementThree years ago, Allwyn Sequeira and his Highway 9 Networks cofounders set out to embark on what the startup calls the mobile cloud. The startup is now coming out of stealth with a $25 million round led by Mayfield, with General Catalyst and Detroit Ventures contributing to the funding.
Persons: Mayfield, , Allwyn Sequeira, Debashis Basak, Serge Maskalik, Sachin Thakkar Organizations: Service, VMWare, Networks, Mayfield, Catalyst, Detroit Ventures, Business
Daniel Acheampong and Yasmin Cruz Ferrine, Visible HandsVisible Hands cofounders and general partners Daniel Acheampong and Yasmin Curz Ferrine. Visible HandsNotable investments: Parfait, Athlytic, Dollaride, Hearth Display, Noula, WriteSea, Plot, TANGappWhat kinds of companies he invests in: Pre-seed and seed-stage companies across industries. Why he's on the list: Acheampong and Ferrine cofounded Visible Hands in May 2020 along with Justin Kang to address the ongoing systemic barriers to funding, social capital, and resources plaguing underrepresented founders. At Visible Hands, Acheampong oversees investment processes as a general partner and Ferrine's responsibilities include compliance, capital raising, and investment functions of the firm. Acheampong utilizes his years of experience as an associate at the private equity firm Summit Partners and an analyst at Goldman Sachs.
Persons: Daniel Acheampong, Yasmin Cruz Ferrine, Yasmin Curz Ferrine, Ferrine, Justin Kang, Acheampong, Goldman Sachs, He's, John Hancock, Deval Patrick's, She's Organizations: Summit Partners, Massachusetts Institute, Technology's, Tsai Center, Yale University, Brown Advisory, Investment, Kauffman Locations: Boston
AbridgeAbridge CEO Dr. Shiv Rao. AbridgeHQ: PittsburghTotal raised: $62.5 millionWhat it does: The medical scribe startup uses large language models to document patient-doctor interactions in electronic medical records. What makes it promising: Easing administrative burdens for providers is top of mind for investors as growing burnout drives more clinicians out of the healthcare field. Abridge is using AI to tackle one of the most time-consuming, burnout-inducing processes in healthcare — clinical documentation.
Persons: Abridge, Shiv Rao Organizations: Abridge, Pittsburgh
Read previewFormer SoftBank executive Marcelo Claure and serial entrepreneur and investor Paul Judge are in the throes of raising a new $200 million fund. The past year has been transitional for the fund since Claure and Judge bought the $100 million fund from SoftBank. Since then, there haven't been any new investments, but the two are poised to capitalize on the success of the first fund and are raising the second Open Opportunity Fund. He said that limited partners' interest has been positive overall since the Open Opportunity Fund's first fund has had so much success. AdvertisementJudge said that he expects the first Open Opportunity Fund to continue to deliver "top quartile" returns to its investors over the next five to seven years.
Persons: , Marcelo Claure, Paul Judge, It's, Claure, haven't, SoftBank —, I've, Judge, George Floyd's, Masayoshi, Shu Nyatta, Stacy Brown, what's Organizations: Service, Business, Opportunity Fund, Opportunity, Fund, Mastercard, Vista Equity Partners, Ventures, Sprint, Bicycle Capital, TechCrunch Locations: SoftBank, Atlanta, America
Many of this year's VC rising stars told Business Insider that their go-to power outfits included apparel like tailored sport coats or Chelsea boots, and more casual pieces like hoodies and well-fitting jeans. Very few investors are wearing collared shirts with their jackets, opting instead to pair it with a t- shirt and jeans. Nmachi Jidemna told Business Insider that for her everyday wear, her go-to was "usually a structured blazer with a relaxed pair of jeans." Lori Harvey (left) and Heidi Klum (right) wearing red outfits. Black flowy trousers, black turtleneck, and chunky black boots."
Persons: that's, Laura Bock, Nmachi Jidemna, Javier Grevely, Ralph Lauren, Tobi Coker, Janelle Teng, Patron's Amber Atherton, Jason Yeh, Ashley Paston, Justin Williams, VCs, Mahati Sridhar, Grady Dick, Michelle Farsi, Pear, Vivien Ho, Lori Harvey, Heidi Klum, Valentina Frugiuele, Bauer, Griffin, Luci Fonseca, RTFKT, Brandon Hoffman, JL, Sarah Wu, Emerson, Fiona Huang, Demi Obayomi, Natalie Borowski, Daisy Wolf, Andreessen Horowitz Organizations: Business, Wellington Management, Converse, Seae Ventures, Getty, GV, Nike, Sunset Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures Locations: London, Chelsea
And these rising stars of the VC world are at the forefront of the trend, with many adopting various wellness routines. Business Insider asked this year's rising stars to name their best wellness hack that keeps them at the top of their game. Find ways to get movingMany rising stars in VC have a relationship with exercise that goes beyond an obligatory hour at the gym or a forced jog around the block. "It's amazing how taking just 10 minutes out of my day helps set the pace and structure for the rest of the day so well," she told Business Insider. she told Business Insider.
Persons: Base10, Justin Williams, Fiona Huang, Huang, Laura Bock, Amanda Herson, Taylor Brandt, Luci Fonseca, It's, Vivien Ho, VCs, journaling, Ashley Paston, Ahmed Mirza, who's, Amber Atherton, Brandon Hoffman, Tobi Coker, Wellington Management's Javier Grevely, Natalie Borowski, I've Organizations: Business, Seae Ventures, Ventures, Headline, Base10 Investors, Meritech, Sunset Ventures Locations: New York, Eastern, Brooklyn
2023 was a tumultuous year for the venture capital industry. This year, Business Insider asked the most important VCs across the US to name the most promising VCs in their cities. Business Insider also asked the general public and last year's rising stars who they thought should make the cut. And just like last year, more of this year's rising stars are women than men, indicating that more women are being brought into the pipeline of the traditionally male-dominated venture capital industry. Scroll to see 2023's rising stars of venture capital, organized alphabetically by the investor's name.
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OpenAI's venture capital investors weren't thinking about its mission to serve "humanity" by developing artificial intelligence. After Altman's ouster, Vinod Khosla, an early investor in OpenAI, came to his defense despite the criticism. OpenAI's complex and unique corporate governance structure meant that VCs could invest in the capped profit entity, but never earn any influence over the nonprofit board of directors, all of whom were either cofounders or appointed outside AI experts. The board structure and its governance are all likely to change as part of the deal to bring Sam Altman back as CEO of OpenAI. The purpose of the newly formed OpenAI board – consisting of current board member D'Angelo, former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, and former Salesforce co-CEO Bret Taylor – is to vet and potentially appoint an expanded board of up to nine people, and that Microsoft and Altman want board seats, The Verge reported.
Persons: Sam Altman, OpenAI, Altman, VCs, Sam, Altman's, Vinod Khosla, Yunus, Khosla, Wesley Chan, Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever, Tasha McCauley, who's, Joseph Gordon, Levitt, Helen Toner, Adam D'Angelo, Karthee Madasamy, it's, David Sacks, D'Angelo, Larry Summers, Bret Taylor – Organizations: Business, Tiger Global Management, Khosla Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Microsoft, FPV Ventures, Rand Corporation, Georgetown's Center for Security, Emerging Technology, MFV Partners, Qualcomm Ventures, Ikea, Bosch, Novo Nordisk Foundation, Bertelsmann Foundation, Carlsberg Foundation, Craft Ventures Locations: OpenAI, Silicon Valley, Hollywood
As Open AI employees celebrated the return of CEO Sam Altman with a five-alarm office party , OpenAI software engineer Steven Heidel was busy publicly rebuffing overtures from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff. Heidel was one of more than 700 OpenAI employees who's threatened exodus halted a would-be mutiny at one of Silicon Valley's most important AI companies. He was previously a scientist at Facebook AI Research and worked as a member of Google Brain under supervision of Prof. Geoffrey Hinton and Ilya Sutskever. Alec Radford: Radford was hired in 2016 from a small AI company he founded in his dorm room. Tao Xu : technical staff, worked on GPT4 and WhisperChristine McLeavey : technical staff, with contributions to music-related productsChristina Kim : technical staffChristopher Hesse : technical staffHeewoo Jun : technical staff, researchAlex Nichol : technical staff, researchWilliam Fedus: technical staff, researchIlge Akkaya: technical staff, researchVineet Kosaraju : technical staff, researchHenrique Ponde de Oliveira Pinto : technical staffAditya Ramesh : technical staff, developed DALL-E and DALL-E 2Prafulla Dhariwal : research scientistHunter Lightman : technical staffHarrison Edwards : research scientistYura Burda : machine language researcherTyna Eloundou : technical staff, researchPamela Mishkin : researcherCasey Chu : researcherDavid Dohan : technical staff, researchAidan Clark : researcherRaul Puri : research scientistLeo Gao : technical staff, researchYang Song : technical staff, researchGiambattista ParascandoloTodor Markov : Machine learning researcherNick Ryder : technical staff
Persons: Sam Altman, Steven Heidel, Marc Benioff, Heidel, Altman, Mira Murati, Murati, Brad Lightcap, Lightcap, Jason Kwon, Kwon, Wojciech Zaremba, Geoffrey Hinton, Ilya Sutskever, Alec Radford, Radford, OpenAI, Peter Welinder, He's, Github Copilot, Anna Makanju, Andrej Karpathy, OpenAI's, Michael Petrov, Petrov, Greg [ Brockman, Miles Brundage, Brundage, John Schulman OpenAI, Srinivas Narayanan, Scott Grey, Grey, Bob McGrew, Research Che Chang, Lillian Weng, Safety Systems Mark Chen, Frontiers Research Barret Zoph, Peter Deng, Jan Leike Evan Morikawa Steven Heidel Jong Wook Kim, Tao Xu, Christine McLeavey, Christina Kim, Christopher Hesse, Heewoo, Alex Nichol, William Fedus, Henrique Ponde de Oliveira Pinto, Aditya Ramesh, Hunter Lightman, Harrison Edwards, Yura, Tyna, Pamela Mishkin, Casey Chu, David Dohan, Aidan Clark, Raul Puri, Leo Gao, Yang, Giambattista Parascandolo Todor Markov, Nick Ryder Organizations: Business, BI, OpenAI, Khosla Ventures, Facebook, Research, Google, Tesla, U.S . Department of Energy, Oxford University, Safety Systems, Frontiers Research Locations: Albania, Canada, OpenAI
Everyone is going bankrupt
  + stars: | 2023-11-09 | by ( Dan Defrancesco | )   time to read: +8 min
NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . WeWork, the real-estate company that cosplayed as a tech startup, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this week. AdvertisementAdvertisementBut one Wall Street veteran believes WeWork will be the first of many companies to succumb to a similar fate. 3 things in marketsANGELA WEISS / Getty ContributorCan the stock market keep this momentum going?
Persons: , AFTRA, Tesla, Brooks Kraft, It's, WeWork, David Trainer, Jennifer Sor, Insider's Vishal Persaud, Katie Notopoulos, Adam Neumann, we've, ANGELA WEISS, Jeff Gundlach, OpenAI's, Google's Bard, Min, Uber, Travis Kalanick's, Matthew Tortoriello, Sherrod Brown, Malte Mueller, Dan DeFrancesco, Naga Siu, Hallam Bullock, Lisa Ryan Organizations: Service, SAG, Hollywood, Tech, Google, Brooks Kraft LLC, Getty, Wall, P, Bank of America, Wall Street, Nasdaq, ExxonMobil, Tesla, Apple, Brooks, Amazon, YouTube, NFL, News Corp, Sony Locations: French Montana, New York City, San Diego, London, New York
The VC funding picture for late-stage startups is looking pretty grim with capital hard to come by. Some late-stage startups are now folding and selling off their best assets during this cash crunch. AdvertisementAdvertisementIt's been a pretty brutal year for startups and their founders looking to raise venture capital funding. AdvertisementAdvertisementThis longer wait time between rounds isn't totally surprising since VC funding this year has been its lowest since 2018. Startup extinction season is well underway and it seems as though we're seeing a startup per week bite the dust.
Persons: It's, , Olive AI, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Marc Benioff, Dan Lewis, Lewis Organizations: Service, Venture Monitor, US, Convoy, CNBC, Olive AI Locations: Canada
Several venture capitalists call New York home and are writing checks to startups of all stages. The city's prominent sectors like finance and media are also prevalent in its VC activity. Insider compiled a list of New York's top VCs, based on recommendations and investment data. The Big Apple's venture capital scene is as strong as ever. This story is available exclusively to Insider subscribers.
Organizations: Street Locations: New York
Some former Instacart employees have left the company to found their own startups. Meet 14 Instacart mafia members who have collectively raised at least $144 million for their own startups. Former Instacart employees are in good company. Meet the Instacart mafia, which includes former chief growth officer Elliot Shmukler and Andreea Akerele Francis, the company's head of product, retention and growth from 2018 to 2021. They and others have now founded companies of their own that have raised millions of dollars in VC funding.
Persons: Elliot Shmukler, Andreea Akerele Francis Organizations: Nasdaq, mafia Locations: insurtech
Instacart went public on Tuesday after raising $924 million in its IPO. Many of Instacart's executives, founders, and investors stand to make millions. Instacart's cofounder Apoorva Mehta and CEO Fidji Simo's stakes are worth $1.2 billion and $21.6 million. After a long lull in the IPO market, Instacart has jumped in as one of the first companies to break the tech IPO drought of the past two years and go public. This story is available exclusively to Insider subscribers.
Persons: Instacart, Apoorva Mehta, Fidji, Brandon Leonardo, Max Mullen, Fidji Simo Organizations: Instacart's
Adept: a machine learning research labNiki Pezeshki is a general partner at Felicis Ventures. FelicisStartup: AdeptRecommended by: Niki Pezeshki, FelicisRelationship: No financial interestTotal funding: $415 million, according to the companyWhat it does: Adept is a machine-learning research and product lab aiming to build AI technology that can automate human tasks as varied as running software and browsing the web. Why it's on the list: "Fresh off a massive round of funding, Adept is poised to deliver artificial general intelligence that truly benefits working people," Pezeshki said. "So much software is repetitive tasks, and Adept is creating an AI that will enable workers to increase productivity and focus on more creative tasks."
Persons: Niki Pezeshki, Pezeshki Organizations: Felicis Ventures, Felicis
There are more than 50,000 US VC-backed startups, and many will be looking for capital soon. Some startups will be looking for funding in Q4 or be forced to look for a sale or shut down. The startup has followed the typical survival strategy of a desperate startup this year by first cutting costs with layoffs. We all know venture capital funding is tough to come by these days. Venture capital funding was overly abundant in the latter half of 2020 and all of 2021.
Persons: Melia Russell, Rob Price, It's cratered, Kyle Stanford, PitchBook, , they've, it's, aren't, Stanford Organizations: Morning, US VC, Venture, Stanford, Tiger
Tech startups Instacart and Klaviyo filed to go public, marking the return of the tech IPO. Instacart and others going public are profitable, a bar others may have to meet to be successful. That's when software company HashiCorp and cloud tech company Samsara went public. Instacart revealed profits of $428 million in 2022 and $242 million for the first six months of 2023. AdvertisementAdvertisementThat Instacart and Klaviyo are profitable could make them attractive to investors who became skittish in the downturn.
Persons: Klaviyo, Instacart, Tom Loverro, Loverro, IPOs, hasn't, Joe Kaiser, Kaiser, Cava Organizations: Morning, IPOs, P, Sequoia Capital, D1 Capital Partners, Summit Partners, Mercato Partners, Nasdaq, Enterprise Locations: Cava
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