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Hungary has been stripped of the right to host a forthcoming gathering of European Union ministers due to its stance on the war in Ukraine. "We have to send a signal, even if it is a symbolic signal, that being against the foreign policy of the European Union ... has to have some consequences," Borrell told reporters in Brussels on Monday. Borrell said he had made the decision to hold the next gathering in Brussels after almost every EU foreign minister meeting on Monday was critical of Hungary's stated position on Kyiv, Russia and the war in Ukraine. Orban, who's seen as an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has since provoked fury in Brussels by describing EU policy on Ukraine as "pro-war." He nevertheless told reporters that the move was not a "boycotting" of Hungary and that the country would be present at the next gathering.
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Hungary's leader, Viktor Orbán, is notably warmer to Putin than many in Europe, leaving him isolated. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementHungary's Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, is being condemned by the European Union because of his close ties to Russia. Orbán was stripped of his right to host the EU's Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Budapest in August over his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The meeting, where EU foreign and defense ministers informally discuss international issues, is traditionally hosted by the rotating president of the EU Council, which for now is Hungary.
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“I can say that all member states, with one single exception, were very much critical about this behavior,” he added. “European Union policy is not a pro-war policy. Borrell’s decision comes after European Council President Charles Michel firmly hit back at Orbán’s claim that the EU has led a “pro-war policy” in a letter published last week. “Russia is the aggressor and Ukraine is the victim exercising its legitimate right to self-defense. Russia is leading a war of aggression in blatant violation of international law, Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty in accordance with the UN Charter,” Michel wrote.
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And there was great, great sorrow. They’re going to be OK. They’re going to be doing very well. Now he’s going to get on the plane in a little while and he’s going to go back home to his wife. Great, great student at Yale. So many — just so many heroes, so many great, great people.
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Roman Pilipey | Afp | Getty ImagesRussia's war on Ukraine could end with the latter being divided into two — like North and South Korea, according to Singapore's former ambassador to Russia, Bilarhari Kausikan. Kausikan said Trump's approach could force Ukraine into a truce — an agreement to stop fighting but not necessarily to end the war, which could lead to a split in Ukraine. Korea is still at war, North and South, legally, but there is an armistice and a divided country. North and South Korea are officially still at war because an armistice was signed in 1953, not a peace treaty. But while increased military spending from Europe will be Trump's goal, it's won't be enough to deter Russia, Kausikan said.
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EU Commission head von der Leyen elected for second term
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Ursula von der Leyen reacts after being chosen President of the European Commission for a second term, at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, July 18, 2024. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen was elected for a second term on Thursday after pledging to create a continental "defence union" and stay the course on Europe's green transition while cushioning its burden on industry. It will decide whether we shape our own future or let it be shaped by events or by others," von der Leyen said ahead of a secret ballot on her candidacy. Von der Leyen, a centre-right former German defence minister, pledged to create "a true European Defence Union", with flagship projects on air and cyber defence. Von der Leyen also promised a raft of climate policies including a legally-binding EU target to cut emissions 90% by 2040, compared to 1990 levels.
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OXFORD, England — Ukraine's President Volodymr Zelenskyy on Thursday hit out at European leaders who "betray" Kyiv's interests in a thinly veiled attack against Hungarian President Viktor Orban and his shadow peace talks. Zelenskyy told European leaders that Russia's President Vladimir Putin had so far failed to sow disunity within the region, but noted that EU member states — and one weak link in particular — could yet bow to temptation or blackmail. "He [Putin] may try to approach you or go to some of your partners individually, trying to tempt or pressure you, to blackmail you so that one of you betrays the rest, weakening our unity," he said in opening remarks at the European Political Community summit at Blenheim Palace, England. The Ukrainian leader said that it was down to individual leaders to decide how to act and "what legacy to leave." But, in an apparent reference to Orban's recent meeting with Putin in Moscow, he noted that those who act against the continents' interests should not be considered part of group matters.
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“Together we will make our allies share in the burden of securing world peace,” he said at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee. “I think whoever wins the US race… it will be more America first,” Belgium’s Prime Minister Alexander De Croo told CNN. Europe needs to take care of its defense more.”Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen argues Europe stepping up its commitment to its own security has nothing to do with the US. “We have to be more capable of defending ourselves, with a more and more aggressive Russia, not only when it comes to Ukraine,” she told CNN. Preserving European unity is critical to a long-lasting peace, he said.
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CNN —Ursula von der Leyen has been reelected to a second five-year term as president of the European Commission after a vote by EU lawmakers, as the continent’s mainstream seeks to reassert itself in the face of a resurgent far right. After a secret ballot, von der Leyen was reelected with 401 votes in favor and 284 against. Addressing the parliament before the lunchtime vote, von der Leyen said the next five years of her term “will define Europe’s place in the world for the next five decades. Von der Leyen was reelected after 401 EU lawmakers voted in favor of her presidency. Johannes Simon/Getty ImagesEarlier Thursday, von der Leyen published a 31-page policy proposal, setting out her priorities if she won a second term.
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After meeting with Donald J. Trump at his Mar-a-Lago home on Thursday, Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary wrote to a top E.U. official to say that Mr. Trump had told him he was planning a swift push for a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine. Mr. Trump’s view, the letter explained, was that the war had to end, and that he had specific plans to broker this outcome quickly, even before being inaugurated, if he were elected. It did not offer details about how Mr. Trump would end the intractable war, now in its third year, other than to indicate that he would reduce American financial support for Ukraine. Mr. Orban is closely aligned with Mr. Trump and is the fiercest critic-from-within of the European Union’s staunch backing of Ukraine.
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CNN —Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has told European leaders leaders that Donald Trump is “ready to act as a peace broker” between Russia and Ukraine if elected president, according to a letter seen by Reuters, amid concerns across the continent that Trump would attempt to force Kyiv into ceding territory to Moscow. Orban’s letter, addressed to European Council President Charles Michel and sent to all European Union leaders, was written in the wake of his controversial meetings with former President Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. “I can […] surely state that shortly after his election victory, he will not wait until his inauguration, [Trump] will be ready to act as a peace broker immediately. But his visits with Putin, Xi and Trump have gone down poorly with EU lawmakers, who have accused Orban of vitally “misrepresenting” and “undermining” the EU’s stance on foreign policy. A letter signed by 63 European lawmakers, addressed to the three EU chiefs, said Orban had “caused significant damage” through his meetings.
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Read previewLeaders across the world have come out in support of former President Donald Trump after he survived an assassination attempt at a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday. AdvertisementIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuIsrael's Prime Minister, Netanyahu, said that he and his wife were "shocked" by the incident and that they were praying for Trump's recovery. Advertisement"Although we don't yet know exactly what happened, we should all be relieved that former President Trump wasn't seriously hurt," he wrote on X. Indian Prime Minister Narendra ModiIndia's Prime Minister said he was concerned about the attack on his "friend" and strongly condemned the incident. Dutch Prime Minister Dick SchoofSchoof expressed relief that Trump's injuries were seemingly minor and wished him a quick recovery.
Persons: , Donald Trump, Thomas Matthew Crooks, Crooks, Trump, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Biden, Donald Trump’s, Jill, Kamala Harris Kamala Harris, Keir Starmer, Benjamin Netanyahu Israel's, Netanyahu, Sara, — Benjamin Netanyahu, בנימין, Justin Trudeau Canada's, Emmanuel Macron Macron, Volodymyr Zelenskyy Ukraine's, Barack Obama Obama, Trump wasn't, Trump wasn’t, … — Barack Obama, Olaf Scholz Olaf Scholz, Narendra Modi, Modi, Giorgia Meloni Meloni, il, degli, durante, pronta, , Fumio Kishida Japan's Kishida, Shinzo Abe, Anthony Albanese Albanese, Albanese, Dick Schoof Schoof, Viktor Orbán Orbán Organizations: Service, FBI, Business, Secret, Trump, UK, Indian, Narendra Modi India's, Italian, Dutch Locations: Pennsylvania, Bethel Park , Pennsylvania, Canada, France, Israel, Ukraine, America, Germany, dalla Pennsylvania, Mar
Mr. Trump has been a vocal supporter of Mr. Orban’s, and the meeting comes after a series of others by the Hungarian leader this month, including one with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, that caught many by surprise. Hungary took over the European Union’s rotating presidency at the start of July with the promise to “make Europe great again” — echoing the “Make America Great Again” slogan of Mr. Trump, whom Mr. Orban has endorsed for the U.S. presidency. Mr. Trump, who has a history of praising authoritarian leaders, often cites Mr. Orban’s support on the campaign trail. The two men met in March at Mar-a-Lago, Mr. Trump’s private club and residence in Florida, where Mr. Trump lauded Mr. Orban as a “boss” because he did not brook political dissent. presidency is largely a clerical position, Mr. Orban has engaged in a flurry of meetings with world leaders since taking over the position.
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US President Donald Trump arrives for the NATO summit at the Grove hotel in Watford, northeast of London on December 4, 2019. U.S. President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky speak during a meeting in New York on September 25, 2019. Hanno Pevkur, Estonia's defense minister, emphasized that NATO allies did not interfere in each other's domestic politics and democratic processes. So when, when the choice of American people is Donald Trump, then it's Donald Trump. Then all the countries in the world, including Estonia, including the NATO allies, have to talk with this administration who will be put in place."
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailTrump has the 'most pro-European position,' says Hungarian PM Orbán's advisorBalázs Orbán, political director for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, discusses the Russia-Ukraine war and U.S. presidential election.
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via Email'Optics for the EU are not great,' says analyst on Hungarian PM Viktor Orban's Moscow visitBota Iliyas, analyst at Control Risks, joins CNBC's Silvia Amaro to discuss the ongoing fallout from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's trip to Moscow, which sparked criticism from EU leaders.
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Hungary's prime minister said the war's next two or three months will be "far more brutal." He said he is on a "peace mission" tour to create a cease-fire to speed up peace talks. AdvertisementHungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said the next two or three months on Ukraine's front lines before the US presidential elections will be "far more brutal" than they have ever been. Business Insider is owned by Axel Springer. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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The two leaders began their meeting at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse Monday morning, Chinese state media reported. China is a “key power in creating the conditions for peace” in the war, Orban wrote in an X post Monday. “This is why I came to meet with President Xi in Beijing, just two months after his official visit to Budapest,” he added. Orban and Xi last met in May, when the Chinese leader was welcomed with fanfare for a state visit to Hungary. “Only unity and determination will pave the path to a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine,” she added.
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Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary met with China’s leader, Xi Jinping in Beijing on Monday, courting another authoritarian partner after talks with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia in Moscow last week. In announcing Mr. Orban’s visit to Beijing, China’s official Xinhua news agency said only that Mr. Xi would hold an “in-depth discussion with him on issues of mutual interest.” The leaders last met two months ago, when Mr. Xi visited Budapest as part of a drive to restore Chinese influence in Europe. Chinese state television said that Mr. Xi and Mr. Orban were holding talks in the Diaooyutai State Guesthouse, but gave no other details. This meeting will give Mr. Xi and Mr. Orban, an outlier in the European Union on support for Ukraine and other issues, a chance to urge the bloc to distance itself from Washington. Hungary began its six-month rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union this month, giving Mr. Orban a higher profile, though not much more influence, in wider European affairs.
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Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary met with President Vladimir V. Putin at the Kremlin on Friday, a rare trip to Russia by a Western leader and one that quickly stirred consternation in the European Union. Mr. Orban made the trip three days after visiting President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital. And it was the same week that Hungary took over the European Union’s rotating presidency, prompting other European leaders to quickly declare that Mr. Orban was not representing them in Moscow. Mr. Putin and Mr. Orban met for more than two hours, but there were no signs that the talks had done anything to influence Mr. Putin. The Hungarian leader appeared to acknowledge as much, telling reporters afterward that the positions of Kyiv and Moscow “are very far apart.”
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Russia's President Vladimir Putin meets with Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban at the Kremlin in Moscow on July 5, 2024. Russia's closest European ally, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, has drawn ire from the EU over his Friday trip to meet Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Orban's trip to Moscow has also drawn the wrath of European officials, who questioned his authority to represent the bloc. Also referencing Orban's visit, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen warned that "appeasement will not stop Putin. Only unity and determination will pave the path to a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine."
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Handpicked as leader by National Rally (RN) doyenne Marine Le Pen in an effort to purge the far-right party of its racist and antisemitic roots, Bardella has taken it closer to the gates of power than ever before. Whether the RN forms a government and Bardella becomes prime minister after the July 7 runoff is not clear. So, who is Bardella, and what might his party do in power? Le Pen and Bardella address a crowd of RN supporters in Paris, after Macron called a snap election, June 9, 2024. When the prime minister and president belong to different parties – in a rare arrangement known as “cohabitation” – things can grind to a halt.
Persons: CNN — Jordan, , Bardella, Emmanuel Macron’s, France’s, Denis, Le Pen, Le Pen’s, Louis Aliot, Le, Macron, Julien De Rosa, Freed, Jean, Marie Le Pen, Franco, Paris Anne Hidalgo, Luc Mélenchon, ” Bardella, Julien de Rosa, Gabriel Attal, ” Mujtaba Rahman, Mario Draghi, Giorgia Meloni, Benito Mussolini, Matteo Salvini, Vladimir Putin, Antonio Masiello, Hungary’s Viktor Orban –, Macron – Organizations: CNN, National Rally, National Assembly, Front, Sorbonne university, Getty, Macron’s Ensemble, Immigrants, Ministry of, Armed Forces, New Popular Front, EU, Eurasia Group, European Union Locations: Paris, France, Europe, Seine, Macron, AFP, Vichy, Spanish, Brussels, Italy, Ukraine, Kyiv, Russia
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (L) talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy (R) in the Europa building prior the start of the meeting on June 27, 2024, in Brussels, Belgium. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban arrived in Ukraine on Tuesday for his first wartime visit to the battle-torn country. Orban, meanwhile, communicated Hungary's intentions to improve ties with Ukraine and sign a broad bilateral cooperation agreement, while urging Zelenskyy to consider a quick cease-fire to accelerate peace talks, Reuters reported. Orban absented from last month's Ukraine Peace Summit in Switzerland, where Hungary was instead represented by Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto. The Hungarian prime minister has also been one of the few Western leaders to meet the increasingly isolated Kremlin leader Putin since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
Persons: Viktor Orban, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Orban, Zelenskyy, Vladimir Putin, Orban's, " Orban, Orban absented, Peter Szijjarto, Putin, Donald Trump, Jens Stoltenberg Organizations: European Union, Kyiv, Ukrainian, Reuters, nonmember Kyiv, Ukraine Peace Summit, Foreign, Associated Press, NATO Locations: Europa, Brussels, Belgium, Hungarian, Ukraine, Hungary, Moldova, Switzerland
According to Zhovkva, Kyiv’s number one tool to end hostilities is through a second peace summit, which Ukraine is already preparing for. “We are saying that Ukraine will draft its peace plan, a roadmap for establishing peace in Ukraine. Orban also stated his desire to improve relations between Budapest and Kyiv, which have been strained by the Hungarian leader’s close relationship with Putin. Tuesday’s meeting comes as Orban and Hungary take control of the EU Council’s rotating presidency, which changes every six months. The agenda for that event is expected to be dominated by long-term plans to support Ukraine and conversations about its eventual accession to the alliance.
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French President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist alliance was crushed on Sunday after the far-right National Rally (RN) party surged in the first round of the country’s parliamentary elections. It would then become the first far-right party to enter the French government since World War II – although nothing is certain ahead of Sunday’s second round. “Tonight is not a night like any other,” Prime Minister Gabriel Attal said solemnly in an address to the French. The left-wing New Popular Front has announced that it will withdraw all candidates who came in third to help prevent far-right candidates from getting elected. A loss would force Macron to nominate a prime minister from whichever party wins – putting a political opponent in charge of running the government.
Persons: Emmanuel Macron’s, Gabriel Attal, It’s, , Italy’s Giorgia, Hungary’s Viktor Orban, Vladmir Putin, Le Pen, Vladimir Putin, Macron, Jordan Bardella, Bardella Organizations: Paris CNN, New, Ensemble, , European Union, Russian, NATO, National Assembly Locations: Sunday’s, Europe, Ukraine, Russian, France
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