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A "good" price for something today may have seemed outlandish five years ago. A "good" price for something today may have seemed outlandish five years ago, and it's understandable to wonder whether today's price is just as fleeting. The whole idea of what's a good price for a 12-pack of carbonated soft drinks has changed dramatically over the past few years." Plenty of companies can move their prices, whether by using dynamic prices or downright raising prices, because they're the only game in town. The answer to getting accustomed to high prices is basically to forget what those numbers were in 2019.
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Larock's experience comes at a time when, at least on the surface, the jobs market has continued to glide along. But worries are growing that the labor market is beginning to show cracks. Welcome to the good news-bad news labor market, where the collective experience is positive but not as much for individuals in particular groups. "But the bad news is that new entrants to the labor market are faring less well," Peng added. While Peng characterized the jobs market as "strong overall," she said there are "soft soft spots" that are particularly hitting "new entrants to the workforce."
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailHere's how critiquing Elon Musk's pay package cost Charles Elson his consulting gigCharles Elson, founding director of the Weinberg Center at the University of Delaware, and Larry Hamermesh, Professor Emeritus at Widener University, join ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss Tesla as the company's shareholders prepare to vote on reinstating Elon Musk’s $46 billion pay package.
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'I have no regrets'Andrea Jones accepted a floodplain buyout for her home in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area. CNBCAndrea Jones, 59, sold her home in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area in a floodplain buyout. On average, federal buyouts can take two to five years, though 80% of the FEMA acquisitions are approved in less than two years. Jones' buyout was delayed by the pandemic, but once she started the process up again in May 2022, things moved quickly. In addition to FEMA, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and many state and local communities fund floodplain buyouts.
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AdvertisementYale and Brown made similar announcements, saying they conducted studies that found requiring testing allowed them to attract the most diverse student body. "The institutions we're currently talking about, they're requiring tests again and didn't necessarily want to ever stop requiring tests," Baker said. Its reason: requiring testing scores would help the school choose between many high school seniors with high GPAs. Even so, data has shown students have continued to take tests despite applying to schools with test-optional policies. AdvertisementMoving forward, Baker said it's important that if more schools choose to switch their testing policies, they consider the announcement's timing.
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Trader Joe's mini tote bags are the new Stanley cups. Trader Joe's earlier this year released a limited-edition set of canvas bags that look like its normal-sized bags but are smaller. The Trader Joe's bags are cute, I guess? Ask someone who's not very online if they've heard about the Trader Joe's tote bags, and you'll probably get a "huh?" AdvertisementIf you got a coveted Trader Joe's mini tote bag, congratulations.
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Why designers are rethinking the toilet
  + stars: | 2024-02-22 | by ( Jacqui Palumbo | )   time to read: +11 min
CNN —Consider the toilet — that humble porcelain bowl that spirits away our waste several times a day. Rethinking how we deal with waste may also present an opportunity: Our excrement can be converted into renewable heat, electricity and fertilizer. Ugo CarmeniKnown as a “Huussi” in Finnish, the dry toilet separates urine from stool and is ventilated to keep odors out — In Finland, dry toilets are particularly prevalent in rural summer cottages, Renell told CNN in a video call. Kelsey McWilliams/Point of ShiftNow a water, sanitation and hygiene consultant for over ten years, McWilliams founded Point of Shift to create circular systems for clients within the US. The humble dry toilet and a large-scale urban sewage system may be at opposite ends of the spectrum, but they are both solutions to the same problem.
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SpaceX has filed to relocate its business incorporation from Delaware to Texas. The move follows a Delaware judge's decision to void CEO Elon Musk a $55 billion Tesla pay package. AdvertisementSpaceX, which was incorporated in the famously corporation-friendly Delaware, filed to relocate its business incorporation with the Texas Secretary of State, Bloomberg reported. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk publicly railed against the Diamond State and a judge's decision to void his $55 billion Tesla pay package. "The public vote is unequivocally in favor of Texas," Musk wrote on February 1.
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They found that 10 countries, including Kenya, Morocco, Niger, Yemen, and Pakistan, experienced the majority of locust outbreaks among 48 affected nations. The researchers also found a strong link between the magnitude of desert locust outbreaks and weather and land conditions like air temperature, precipitation, soil moisture, and wind. El Nino, a recurring and natural climate phenomenon that affects weather worldwide, was also strongly tied to bigger and worse desert locust outbreaks. “As such variability increases, it is logical to predict that locust outbreaks will increase as well,” said Tallamy. The desert experienced locust outbreaks in 2019 after uncontrolled breeding following cyclones, which filled the desert with freshwater lakes.
Persons: Elfatih Abdel, Rahman, Douglas Tallamy, , Paula Shrewsbury, al Khali, Xiaogang Organizations: Agriculture Organization, National University of Singapore, Food, International, of, Physiology, Nino, University of Delaware, University of Maryland, World Bank, Associated Press Locations: Africa, South Asia, Agriculture, Kenya, Morocco, Niger, Yemen, Pakistan, East Africa, Shrewsbury, India, Asia, Arabian, West Africa,
Classified documents were found in a damaged cardboard box in President Joe Biden's cluttered Delaware garage, near where golf clubs hung on the wall. Trump, on the other hand, is scheduled to stand trial on charges alleging he hoarded classified documents at his Florida estate and thwarted government efforts to get them back. At look at the similarities and differences between the Biden and Trump investigations:WHAT KINDS OF DOCUMENTS ARE WE TALKING ABOUT? Trump is accused of not only hoarding classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, but trying to hide them from investigators and working to block the government from clawing them back. “Most notably, after being given multiple chances to return classified documents and avoid prosecution, Mr. Trump allegedly did the opposite,” the report said.
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Even when compared with other CEOs, who routinely get paid roughly 200 times more than their typical employees, Elon Musk’s pay package was eye-opening. Critics have argued for years that CEO pay packages are exorbitant. Under Musk’s pay plan, he received a chunk of stock options each time Tesla’s market value rose by $50 billion. General Motors, for example, considers executive salaries at 3M, Boeing, Ford, IBM and other huge companies, and uses complex formulas to determine CEO compensation. Corporate law experts say any new compensation package for Musk will likely be challenged in court unless Tesla's board either resigns en masse or follows a meticulous process to protect shareholders by passing a substantially smaller package.
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Women's sweaters can be more expensive than men's sweaters. Brands often add synthetic fibers to women's sweaters to make them less expensive. For example, while browsing Nordstrom's site she noticed a women's sweater and a men's sweater from the same brand priced at $170. Business Insider spoke to experts to understand why women's sweaters can be more expensive than men's sweaters. For example, men's wool sweaters had an average tariff rate of 13.6%, while women's wool sweaters had an average tariff rate of 14.9%.
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It's part of a statewide program requiring larger businesses to donate edible food and, if they can, recycle remaining food scraps. In 2015, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Agency announced a goal of 50% food waste reduction by 2030. California and Vermont have launched programs converting residents’ food waste into compost or energy, while Connecticut requires businesses, including larger food wholesalers and supermarkets, to recycle food waste. This is the problem.”Despite New York's success, advocates for food waste worry not enough is being done to meet the 2030 goal. “The best solution for food waste is to not have it in the first place,” Bender said.
Persons: , Sean Rafferty, wasn't, Rafferty, , Emily Broad Leib, Broad Leib, we’re, Sally Rowland, Danielle Vasquez, Vasquez, Betsy Quiroa, Quiroa, Kathryn Bender, ” Bender, let's, ” ___ Casey Organizations: Harvard Food Law, Policy Clinic, The U.S, Harvard University, Food Law, U.S . Department of Agriculture, Environmental Protection Agency, District of Columbia, New York, New, New York State, Westchester, Carver, Port, Social Security, University of Delaware Locations: New York, ” New York, United States, U.S, California, Vermont, Connecticut, Farmers, Maryland, New, Rhode, Massachusetts, Westchester County, Port Chester's, Westchester, ., Boston
The fallout has extended to Washington, where Republicans are hunting for evidence that could be used to impeach President Joe Biden. Republicans have highlighted a $200,000 personal check from Jim to Joe Biden on the same day — March 1, 2018 — that Jim Biden received an equal amount from Americore. Concerns that Jim Biden’s business ventures and missteps would cloud Joe Biden’s political career stretch back decades. Court records show the matter was dropped, and Jim Biden's representatives said the bill was paid. But he’s also angry at Jim Biden's brother.
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I'm fucking done," she told a reporter at Time, who described Wolfe Herd as "blinking back tears" during the interview. "My hands are tied," Wolfe Herd told the audience, according to several people who were in the room. Wolfe Herd once called him her biggest mentor, saying, "He's become my family and one of my best friends." Some early employees said they only found out about the shadow-equity program, and who received it, years later. Based on the current share price, Wolfe Herd is no longer a billionaire, though her fortune still sits at an estimated $627 million.
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Rich buyers have the funds to rebuild mansions that are more likely to survive future storms. Fort Myers Beach, Florida, has seen an influx of new buyers following Hurricane Ian last year. The storm killed 21 people and washed away a third of the homes and businesses located on the skinny sand strip that makes up Fort Myers Beach, many of which were modest, middle-class homes. Candy Rahn, 69, told the outlet she and her husband were forced out of Fort Myers after Ian when her uninsured cottage was destroyed. The wealthy companies and people who swoop in to buy up empty lots in Fort Myers Beach are in some ways helping disaster survivors by padding their pockets with thousands of dollars.
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| $995,000An 1824 Federal townhouse with four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, on a 0.1-acre lotThis brick rowhouse is near the waterfront, with views of the Delaware River from the deck and backyard. Nearby Delaware Street is lined with stores and restaurants, including an ice cream shop and a tavern in a circa 1724 building. The University of Delaware is about half an hour away, in Newark. To the left is a formal living room with a fireplace that has a King of Prussia marble mantel. Through a wide doorway is a dining room with another fireplace, a brass chandelier and windows with painted wood shutters.
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The new portals, equipped with high-speed cameras, will take hundreds of pictures of every passing locomotive and rail car. Unlike previous versions, these new inspection portals will be able to capture all sides of a train that passes through them with well-lit images. University of Delaware professor Allan Zarembski, who leads the Railroad Engineering and Safety Program there, said it's significant that Norfolk Southern is investing in so many of the portals. The Atlanta-based railroad didn't say how much it is investing in the technology it worked with Georgia Tech to develop. That crash put the spotlight on railroad safety nationwide and prompted calls for reforms.
Persons: carmen, Allan Zarembski, David Clarke, ” Clarke, , Norfolk, We’re, John Fleps, Alan Shaw's Organizations: Norfolk Southern, Rail, University of Delaware, Railroad Engineering, Safety, CSX, University of Tennessee’s Center for Transportation Research, Georgia Tech Locations: OMAHA, Neb, Norfolk, Ohio, Leetonia , Ohio, East Palestine, Atlanta, Palestine
Changes in the climate and land use are combining to dramatically shrink the numbers of insects pollinating key tropical crops. As those problems interwine and intensify, it likely will hit coffee lovers right in the mug, according to a new study. Study authors said bees, flies, moths and other pollinators are being hit harder than the general insect population. Those plants rely on bees and flies to help them reproduce and fewer pollinators mean reduced crops, study authors said. “There will be this double hit of climate change impacting coffee itself, the coffee plants, but also impacting the pollinators on which it depends so that’s quite worrying for those of us who like coffee,” Newbold said.
Persons: Tim Newbold, ” Newbold, Joe Millard, haven’t, Douglas Tallamy, “ We’re, Tallamy, , Millard, Newbold, Delaware’s, Read, Seth Borenstein Organizations: University College of London, U.S . Department of Agriculture, University of Delaware, Twitter, AP Locations: China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines, Saharan Africa, London
Members of the Writers Guild of America have been on strike for 100 days, and writers are getting creative to keep striking even longer. The last WGA strike, which started in 2007, lasted for 100 days and led to 37,700 lost jobs and a $2.1 billion blow to the California economy, according to the Milken Institute, an economic think tank. Many writers, including Kyra Jones, a TV writer in Los Angeles, saw the piece as an intimidation tactic. 'Survival jobs' and new pathsEarning a living during the strike isn't as easy as applying to any job. Brandi Nicole is a TV writer in LA and Memphis.
Persons: Kyra Jones, we're, " Jones, Jones, they're, she's, Chisa Hutchinson, she'll, Gili, I've, Brandi Nicole, Nicole, Brown, She's Organizations: Writers Guild of America, WGA, Alliance, Television Producers, Milken Institute, CNBC, Hulu, ABC, Northwestern University, University of Delaware, Showtime, Humanitas Locations: California, Los Angeles, Northwestern, New York City, LA, Memphis
She wasn't happy in that line of work and researched what in-demand skills she could pick up to change careers. After taking a few free courses online, Chaze jumped into an analytics associate job in 2018 that paid $70,000 per year. Charlotte Chaze went from earning $28,000 to $158,000 as a tech worker in four years. She's now founder of Break Into Tech, a career resource to help others get their first tech jobs. And if a year or two later you're looking for a job, you're going to have a hard time remembering, what exactly did I do for this job?
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People involved in the campaign to make higher education more equitable and accessible described the question of legacy admissions as limited to a few applicants to elite universities. At less competitive schools, often state universities, legacy students are recruited and celebrated. is in my blood.”Liz King, the senior program director for education at the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, said the Education Department’s civil rights office had been obligated to begin an inquiry about Harvard’s legacy admissions process after receiving a complaint about it. She said she hoped the Biden administration would not limit its higher education investigation to legacy admissions, but instead look broadly at a system she described as discriminatory for students and applicants of color. “What we need is equal access in higher education.”
Persons: , ” Liz King, Biden, King Organizations: Harvard, University of Delaware, , Leadership Conference, Civil, Human, Education, Wesleyan University
"He would know people's weaknesses and what they wanted and somehow always have something to offer," a former close friend said. Another close friend said Mickum once gave her a $1,000 loan "within minutes" when she needed it because of a credit-card crisis. He never "let the truth get in the way of a good story," a former close friend said. Hermès bags, like the Birkin and the Kelly, have always been symbols of unattainable luxury. There wasn't even a dust bag; Mickum claimed his mom's assistant would drop it off later.
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Harvard Admit rate: 4% 10k students Duke University Admit rate: 6% 7k students Amherst College Admit rate: 9% 2k students Carnegie Mellon University Admit rate: 14% 7k students University of California, Berkeley Admit rate: 14% 30k students Boston University Admit rate: 19% 20k students University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Admit rate: 20% 20k students University of Texas, Austin Admit rate: 29% 40k students University of Florida Admit rate: 30% 30k students Bucknell University Admit rate: 35% 4k students San Diego State University Admit rate: 38% 30k students Binghamton University Admit rate: 44% 10k students University of California, Davis Admit rate: 49% 30k students Clemson University Admit rate: 49% 20k students Stevens Institute of Technology Admit rate: 53% 4k students University of Washington, Seattle Campus Admit rate: 54% 40k students Brigham Young University Admit rate: 59% 30k students CUNY Queens College Admit rate: 61% 20k students Texas A & M University, College Station Admit rate: 64% 60k students University of Pittsburgh Admit rate: 67% 20k students Texas Tech University Admit rate: 68% 30k students Ball State University Admit rate: 68% 10k students Rutgers University, New Brunswick Admit rate: 68% 40k students Purdue University Admit rate: 69% 40k students Louisiana State University Admit rate: 71% 30k students University of Delaware Admit rate: 72% 20k students University of Central Missouri Admit rate: 76% 8k students Mississippi State University Admit rate: 76% 20k students University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire Admit rate: 78% 10k students University of Alabama Admit rate: 79% 30k students University of North Carolina, Charlotte Admit rate: 79% 20k students University of Colorado Boulder Admit rate: 80% 30k students Drexel University Admit rate: 83% 10k students University of Arkansas Admit rate: 83% 20k students University of Cincinnati Admit rate: 85% 30k students University of Texas, Dallas Admit rate: 87% 20k students Suffolk University Admit rate: 88% 4k students Arizona State University Admit rate: 88% 60k students West Chester University of Pennsylvania Admit rate: 89% 10k students Grand Valley State University Admit rate: 92% 20k students University of Kansas Admit rate: 93% 20k students Utah State University Admit rate: 93% 20k students California State University, Sacramento Admit rate: 94% 30k students University of Utah Admit rate: 95% 30k students Kansas State University Admit rate: > 95% 20k students University of Wyoming Admit rate: > 95% 9k students 90% admission rate 80% admission rate 70% admission rate 60% admission rate 50% admission rate 40% admission rate 30% admission rate 20% admission rate 10% admission rate These are America’s major four-year colleges, arranged by their admission rates. Just 6 percent of all college students attend a school with an acceptance rate of 25 percent or less. 56 percent of these college students go to a school that admits at least three-quarters of its applicants. These statistics reveal a simple fact about affirmative action in higher education: It mattered very little for the majority of American college students. But because affirmative action only opened a tiny window of access to America’s most elite institutions, the ruling will make little difference for most college students.
Persons: Richard Arum, Mitchell, Stevens, Quoctrung Bui Mr, Arum, Davis, It’s, Lyndon B Organizations: University of California, Stanford Graduate School of Education, Harvard, Duke University, Amherst College, Carnegie Mellon University, Boston University, University of North, University of Texas, University of Florida, Bucknell University, San Diego State University, Binghamton University, Clemson University, Stevens Institute of Technology, University of Washington, Brigham Young University, CUNY Queens College, Texas, M University, College, University of Pittsburgh, Texas Tech University, Ball State University, Rutgers University, Rutgers University , New, Purdue University, Louisiana State University, University of Delaware, University of Central, Mississippi State University, University of Wisconsin, University of Alabama, University of Colorado Boulder, Drexel University, University of Arkansas, University of Cincinnati, Suffolk University, Arizona State University, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Valley State University, University of Kansas, Utah State University, California State University, University of Utah, Kansas State University, University of Wyoming, Stanford, Black White, White Black, U.S . Department of Education, Pomona, San, California State University , Los, of California Locations: Irvine, Berkeley, University of North Carolina, Austin, Seattle, Rutgers University ,, Rutgers University , New Brunswick, University of Central Missouri, Eau Claire, Charlotte, Dallas, Sacramento, Cambridge, Palo Alto, America, California, San Francisco State, California State University , Los Angeles
The value of the change-in-control payout hinges on Aslett's unvested shares and Mercury's stock price. In his resignation letter, Aslett said he was entitled to the change-in-control payout even though that change did not occur. Mercury said its board of directors disputed Aslett's claim to the change-in-control payout. Without it, Aslett would be entitled only to a $2.4 million severance package, a Mercury regulatory filing shows. But the contract stipulates that to be eligible for the change-in-control payout, Aslett also needed to resign for "good reason."
Persons: Mark Aslett, Marc Hodak, Aslett, Mercury, Charles Elson, William Ballhaus, Elliott, I've, Francis Byrd, David Carnevali, Svea Herbst, Bayliss, Greg Roumeliotis, Matthew Lewis Organizations: YORK, Mercury Systems Inc, Mercury, Reuters, University of Delaware, Elliott Investment Management, Alchemy, Partners, Svea, Thomson Locations: Andover , Massachusetts, New York
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