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Unprotected at the margins of the rental market
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Officers interviewed two motel residents who called 911; they said they did not want to leave their homes. Alyssa Pointer for Business InsiderIn Georgia, an eviction requires a court order, but the law doesn't explicitly make lockouts illegal. In this case, an officer classified the incident as a "crime against property" — a crime committed by the residents themselves. In unincorporated Clark County, where the property is located, operating a short-term rental without a license is illegal. Matthew Main is an attorney who has represented residents in similarly precarious housing situations in New York City, where state law also grants residents tenants' rights after 30 days.
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Read previewDonald Trump has long regarded the student loan forgiveness measures rolled out under the Biden administration as a stunt to garner "publicity for the election." At a campaign event in late June, Trump called Biden-era student debt relief measures "vile," suggesting that student loan borrowers shouldn't count on forgiveness under a second Trump administration. A recent Supreme Court ruling striking down the Chevron doctrine has already weakened the Education Department. Biden-era student loan forgiveness measures, as well as his new income-driven SAVE repayment plan, are making their way through court challenges led by conservative groups, which are not likely to be resolved before 2025. Advertisement"Overall, I think a Biden administration is going to be more favorable for college affordability than a Trump administration," Kantrowitz said.
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New York CNN —Columbia University has settled with a Jewish student who sued in late April, claiming the Ivy League university failed to provide a safe environment. As part of the settlement, Columbia said it is providing 24/7 walking escorts and safe entrances to campus. Columbia also created a “Safe Passage Liaison,” who will manage and coordinate the safe passage escorts. Columbia president Minouche Shafik acknowledged in a statement in April that many Jewish students and other students have “found the atmosphere intolerable in recent weeks.”“Many have left campus, and that is a tragedy. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act says universities and K-12 schools have a responsibility to provide all students with an environment free from discrimination.
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The U.S. Department of Education announced Tuesday the interest rates on federal student loans for the 2024-2025 academic year. The interest rate on federal direct undergraduate loans will be 6.53%. For graduate students, loans will come with an 8.08% interest rate, compared with the current 7.05%. Plus loans for graduate students and parents will have a 9.08% interest rate, an increase from 8.05% now. The rise in interest rates could complicate the Biden administration's efforts to get the student loan crisis under control and relieve borrowers of the pain of interest accrual, experts say.
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The department is also investigating whether the Berkeley district retaliated against two parents who complained about harassment based on Jewish ancestry. CNN has reached out to the school district for a comment. However, that list does not currently include the Berkeley school district. “However, antisemitism is not pervasive in the Berkeley Unified School District,” she said. Ford Morthel noted that the district does not share actions the school district takes against students or teachers because this information is protected under federal and state law.
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J. David Ake | Getty ImagesIf your current federal student loan servicer is Mohela, or the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority, the U.S. Department of Education said it will soon transfer some student loan borrowers to different servicers. Change impacts Mohela borrowersThe Education Department began transferring a portion of Mohela's borrowers this week to different companies, it said in an April 29 blog post. "A different servicer will begin managing these loans and assisting these borrowers," the department said. The Education Department contracts with different companies to service its federal student loans, including Mohela, Nelnet and EdFinancial. Why the transfer is happeningWhat borrowers should do amid transitionBorrowers who are being transferred to a different servicer should receive alerts from Mohela and their new servicer, the Education Dept.
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Read previewAnother lawsuit to block President Joe Biden's new student-loan repayment plan has arrived. On Tuesday, Missouri's Attorney General Andrew Bailey led six other GOP states in filing a lawsuit to block the new SAVE income-driven repayment plan. It's a similar argument to the lawsuit Biden v. Nebraska, which the Supreme Court ruled had standing to strike down Biden's first broad debt relief plan. It said that due to the generosity of the SAVE plan, fewer borrowers will enroll in PSLF, thus undermining states' recruitment efforts into the public sector. This lawsuit follows Biden's release of new details for his broader student-loan forgiveness plan, which is set to benefit over 30 million borrowers.
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Women's college basketball popularity is up, but their revenue still lags behind the men's teams. AdvertisementMany women's college basketball teams are setting records for attendance and could see a subsequent revenue boost from ticket, merchandise, and concession sales. Meanwhile, the NCAA sold the television rights to the men's basketball championship separately from the other sports. The deal for men's college basketball is worth more than $1.1 billion annually and also goes through 2032. AdvertisementThose watching for the disparity in revenue between the women's and men's college basketball teams to narrow may have to be patient.
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Eleven GOP state attorneys general filed a lawsuit to block the SAVE income-driven repayment plan. They argued that the shortened timeline for debt relief through the plan is unconstitutional. An Education Department official said Congress allows the authority to set terms for income-driven repayment. While the lawsuit makes several comparisons to the debt relief plan the Supreme Court struck down, the legal basis for the two plans differ. The Education Department is currently undergoing the negotiated rulemaking process for its second attempt at a broader form of debt relief.
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Perhaps the thing I find most inspiring about these kids is their commitment to inclusivity and diversity and simply being nice to each other. And no, the irony of a nonspeaking autistic encouraging you to use your voice is not lost on me. Kate T. Parker“My twin brother wrestled, and I asked my dad if I could do it too,” CG said. Kate T. ParkerSunny wants trans kids in the future not to have to fight like her. Kate T. ParkerJai is part of Brown Girls Do Ballet, which increases representation of underrepresented populations in ballet.
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The cost includes the average price of tuition, fees, books, and supplies, as well as living costs at the school. Cost for public schools represents in-state students, the Department of Education said. Looking just at in-state tuition and required fees, the average among the 10 largest schools, which includes a private school, was about $12,400. For the nine public schools among this group, this average was around $11,250. The out-of-state tuition and required fees for those nine schools averages around $20,000 higher, at around $31,300.
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Double majors are less likely to experience "earnings shocks" like job losses, per a new paper. While it’s unclear why graduates with double majors offered workers this protection, the researchers speculated that it had something to do with their diversified skillsets. A University of Pennsylvania research paper from 2021 found that double majors tended to earn more money over the course of their careers — STEM and business double majors saw the biggest income boost. As of 2015, about 13% of Americans between ages 20 and 29 were double majors, per American Community Survey data. Roughly 10% of the individuals analyzed in the working paper were double majors.
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Due in large part to football, there is a huge economic divide between men's and women's teams. AdvertisementWhen it comes to college sports, there is a huge divide between the haves and the have-nots, and the former get to spend a lot more on their teams. As a result, there is a huge economic divide between the men's and women's sports teams. AdvertisementOf the 22 schools listed below, the average school spends $142 million on their sports teams. Nearly half, or about $65 million, is spent on men's teams, almost three times the $23 million on women's teams.
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The Department of Education says the FAFSA overhaul will improve and streamline the application process. AdvertisementFirst, I started my son's application. It couldn't handle specific questions and simply referred me back to the general FAFSA site. It took another hour of trying before I could finally, blessedly, file the form — after 13 hours of trying. I'm glad my family got through what was a frustrating experience — although I'll feel better once we get confirmation that my son's application is processed successfully.
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New York CNN —A Jewish legal rights advocacy group has alleged that the University of Pennsylvania and Wellesley College have violated federal civil rights law by allowing for discrimination against Jews. The Brandeis Center, a Jewish civil rights legal organization, filed civil rights complaints with the US Department of Education on Thursday, alleging both schools failed to adequately respond to harassment of Jews. “These colleges and universities have failed to keep Jewish students safe and are in clear violation of well-established federal civil rights law,” Kenneth Marcus, founder and chairman of the Brandeis Center, said in a statement. The complaints argue both schools have violated Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which protects people from discrimination in programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance. The 27-page complaint alleges “Penn’s nurturing of a hostile environment toward Jewish students is a patent violation of” Title VI.
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James Kvaal knew the student-loan industry had problems when he started as Under Secretary of Education. Lack of funding for Federal Student Aid is also concerning for repayment, Kvaal said. AdvertisementAdvertisementA top official in the US Department of Education knew the student-loan industry was broken when he started the job. At that point, Americans were in the midst of the pandemic, and as a result, student-loan borrowers had not been required to pay their bills since March 2020. Kvaal pointed to limited resources the Education Department has to give to federal student-loan servicers, which he said has contributed to mismanagement over the years.
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Since the Supreme Court’s decision on race-based admissions, Wesleyan University and the University of Minnesota dropped legacy admissions. A 2022 report from nonprofit think tank Education Reform Now found that colleges were turning away from legacy admissions. Eighty-nine percent of college admissions directors did not support the use of legacy admits, and three-quarters of public colleges and universities didn’t even provide a legacy preference. “In that admission process, that legacy extra boost really can make a difference.”Donations, donations, donationsSome colleges say that legacy admissions play a financial role in keeping donors engaged. Casey added that getting rid of legacy admissions won’t change the compositions of the nation’s most elite colleges overnight.
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The restart of student loan payments is about to hit the housing market. 58% of polled experts believe that the resumption of student loan payments could have a significant impact on mortgage affordability, according to a recent analysis conducted by Pulsenomics. Student loan payments will kick back in at a time when housing affordability is already strained. The effects of the student loan payment restart may be felt for years to come, too. AdvertisementAdvertisementStudent loan payments are set to resume on October 1, ending a three-year payment pause that began during the pandemic.
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Undergraduate enrollment in petroleum engineering is down 75% since 2014, WSJ reported. That's despite the fact that the average petroleum engineering grad makes 40% more than a computer science grad. Heinze told the Journal of Petroleum Technology that over 90% of petroleum-engineering students at Texas Tech have jobs right after graduation. But when it came to picking which career paths were most attractive, the Gen Zers surveyed ranked finance as the most promising industry regarding career prospects. Education was ranked the second-most popular industry when it came to career prospects, and STEM, which includes engineering, was ranked fifth.
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A new study shows kids of the top 1% are over twice as likely to be admitted to Ivy Plus colleges. That's despite scoring no better than students of other income groups, per an Opportunity Insights study. Ivy Plus refers to the eight Ivy League colleges Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, UPenn, Princeton, and Yale, plus Stanford, MIT, Duke, and the University of Chicago. On Tuesday, the US Department of Education launched a federal civil rights probe against Harvard, alleging favoritism towards legacy students in their admission process, per Reuters. The Ivy Plus colleges did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Insider, sent outside regular business hours.
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On Friday, the Supreme Court decided in a 6-3 ruling that Biden's plan to cancel up to $20,000 in student debt cannot move forward. The majority ruled that the states had standing to involve MOHELA in their case, and the law Biden used to cancel student debt demonstrated an overreach of authority. "I believe that the Court's decision to strike down our student debt relief plan is wrong," he added. "Despite this legally unsound Supreme Court decision, the President has the clear authority under the Higher Education Act of 1965 to cancel student debt. "The President has additional legal tools to cancel student debt — and he should use them.
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Rep. Ocasio-Cortez condemned the Supreme Court's ruling striking down Biden's student debt plan. She also accused the Supreme Court of corruption. "Justice Alito accepted tens of thousands of dollars in lavish vacation gifts from a billionaire who lobbied to cancel the student loan forgiveness," Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. The New York Democrat noted that the SCOTUS ruling does not strip away Biden's ability to pursue student-loan forgiveness. Schumer and other Democrats similarly accused Supreme Court justices of hypocrisy and corruption by receiving gifts from billionaires, while denying millions of needy Americans debt relief.
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Sen. Bernie Sanders released a lengthy statement condemning the Supreme Court's ruling on student debt. Sanders also called on the Biden administration to immediately implement a "Plan B" to help borrowers. A slew of Democratic lawmakers issued statements on Friday condemning the Supreme Court's decision and urging the Biden administration to take additional action to get borrowers relief. She said the court's role is to stay away from making policy and policy judgments; but, in cases like this, the court instead makes itself the arbiter of policy. "In my view, if right-wing Supreme Court justices want to make public policy they should quit the Supreme Court and run for political office.
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Democratic lawmakers reacted with fury to the Supreme Court's decision striking down Biden's student-loan forgiveness plan. The Court found Biden's plan to forgive up to $20,000 in debt for millions of Americans illegal. The Supreme Court decision came in two separate rulings on Friday. The President has more tools to cancel student debt — and he must use them," Warren tweeted on Friday morning. Rep. Barbara Lee, a California Democrat, noted that student debt disproportionately impacts Black and brown Americans, tweeting, "we cannot accept a return to the failed status quo."
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The Supreme Court struck down Biden's student-loan forgiveness plan on Friday. Biden said in a statement that "the fight is not over," and he will find other ways for relief. "My Administration's student debt relief plan would have been the lifeline tens of millions of hardworking Americans needed as they try to recover from a once-in-a-century pandemic," he said. "I believe that the Court's decision to strike down our student debt relief plan is wrong," he added. Some Democratic lawmakers have urged Biden to use the Higher Education Act of 1965 to cancel student debt, which does not require a national emergency.
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