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CNN —Sealed bottles of tattoo and permanent makeup ink, including some marked as sterile, contained millions of potentially dangerous bacteria, according to new research by the US Food and Drug Administration. Earlier studies have found high levels of bacterial contamination within sealed and sterile bottles of ink. Unfortunately, the study’s findings were not surprising, said John Swierk, an assistant professor of chemistry at Binghamton University, State University of New York, who has studied tattoo ink contamination. For example, using the same gloves to touch a client and the ink bottle is a hazard that can lead to tattoo ink contamination. “Tattoo inks are in the process of being regulated due to the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act (of 2022) but much of that law dealing with tattoo inks has yet to be implemented,” Swierk said.
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CNN —President Joe Biden tested positive for Covid-19 on Wednesday, disrupting a key campaign event meant to shore up support with Latino voters at a critical juncture in the election. President Joe Biden gives a thumbs-up as he prepares to board Air Force One in Las Vegas on July 17, 2024, after testing positive for Covid-19. A campaign source separately told CNN that the Biden campaign will readjust and do as much as possible remotely. Harris’ husband, second gentleman Doug Emhoff, tested positive for Covid-19 earlier this month – though the vice president tested negative for the virus at the time. The president first tested positive for Covid-19 in July 2022 and suffered a second, so-called rebound case in the days after.
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Covid-19’s back. Should you be worried?
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CNN: How much should people worry about Covid-19 infection now that there is a resurgence of cases? Whether people should worry about Covid-19 infection depends on their specific medical circumstances. CNN: A lot of people are eager to get another Covid-19 vaccine to best protect them during the summer wave. Wen: There is a new formulation of the Covid-19 vaccine coming out soon. For the next five days, they should still try to take additional precautions such as masking and limiting close contact with others.
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The pandemic signified a “historic backslide,” according to Dr. Katherine O’Brien, director of the Department of Immunization, Vaccines and Biological at WHO. WHO and UNICEF’s 2023 immunization coverage report, released Sunday, is the world’s largest dataset on immunization trends for vaccinations against 14 diseases. It analyzed estimates from 185 countries and used a third dose of the diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (DTP3) vaccine — which is recommended for 1-year-olds — as the global marker for immunization coverage. The 2023 report also found HPV vaccine coverage in girls increased 7%, returning to near pre-pandemic levels. Analyzing immunization coverage in other areas of conflict is “a mixed picture,” O’Brien said.
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Read previewA supercentenarian expert shared with Business Insider the nine things people who live to 110 and beyond have in common. Be resilientBeing resilient and able to endure hard times is one of the key predictors of longevity in supercentenarians, Lindberg said. Be spiritualSpirituality, meaning believing in something greater than ourselves versus following a specific religion, is also very common among the supercentenarians that Lindberg has studied. AdvertisementMaintain a healthy weight"There haven't really been any obese supercentenarians," Lindberg said. Dr. Robert Waldinger, the study's lead researcher, previously told BI that healthy relationships had a surprisingly large impact on people's odds of living longer.
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Another concussion in June 2022 in the middle of her World Cup campaign pushed Sakakibara towards breaking point. “I didn’t have a choice because my brother, Kai, was absolutely obsessed with riding bikes,” said Sakakibara. The start of the Tokyo Games, Sakakibara said, was “a big mess,” as she finished last in her first race. Sakakibara is carried away after a crash during the semifinal of BMX racing at the Tokyo Games. Now, Sakakibara is a two-time World Cup champion and has high expectations to become an Olympic medalist in Paris.
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CNN —Vegetables are great not only for their versatility — they can be eaten raw or cooked, whole or chopped — but also for their health benefits. Eating three servings of baby carrots a week can give a significant boost of important nutrients found in the orange root vegetables, according to a new unpublished study presented June 30 in Chicago at Nutrition 2024, the annual meeting of the American Society for Nutrition. After four weeks, the researchers found those who ate the carrots had a 10.8% increase in carotenoids in their skin, natural antioxidants found to have health benefits, such as preventing inflammation and promoting heart health, according to the Cleveland Clinic. But those who consumed the carrots and the supplement saw the most benefits and increased their skin carotenoids by 21.6%. Eating vegetables can protect against heart disease, some cancers, diabetes and obesity, according to the CDC.
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CNN —GLP-1 medications such as Ozempic and Wegovy may help lower the risk of certain cancers, a new study suggests. About 40% of new cancer diagnoses are associated with excess weight, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The risk was cut by more than half for gallbladder cancer, meningioma, pancreatic cancer and hepatocellular carcinoma, a kind of liver cancer. It was also significantly reduced for ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer, multiple myeloma, esophageal cancer, endometrial cancer and kidney cancer. And GLP-1 medications interact with systems related to insulin production.
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California is likely to be especially hard hit, with highs passing 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius) in many areas. For instance, chicken should be cooked to an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit, and ground beef should be cooked to at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit. That applies to cooked meat like hamburgers as well as perishable salads like potato salad and cole slaw. Not only can raw milk harbor bacteria, but it is also possible that raw milk can transmit the bird flu. It wasn’t advisable for people to drink raw milk or consume products made from raw milk prior to the bird flu outbreak, and it certainly is not advisable now.
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A summer wave of Covid-19 has arrived in the US
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CNN —Covid-19 levels have been rising in the United States for weeks as new variants drive what’s become an annual summer surge. That’s enough time to offer protection during the winter respiratory virus season but probably after this summer’s wave has ebbed. On Thursday, the CDC recommended that everyone ages 6 months and older receive an updated Covid-19 vaccine for the 2024-25 season. Unlike flu and RSV, Covid-19 is constantly circulating; it doesn’t offer a reprieve. The changes are meant to “simplify RSV vaccine decision-making for clinicians and the public,” the agency said.
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Fact checking the CNN presidential debate
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CNN —President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump faced off during CNN’s presidential debate in Atlanta Thursday night. From CNN’s Daniel DaleFormer President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden debate at CNN's Atlanta studios on June 27, 2024. From CNN’s Daniel Dale and Ella NilsenFormer President Donald Trump, left, and President Joe Biden take part in the CNN presidential debate on Thursday, June 27. From CNN’s Alicia WallaceFormer President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden debate at CNN's Atlanta studios on June 27, 2024. Kpler found that China imported about 511,000 barrels per day of Iranian crude in December 2020, Trump’s last full month in office.
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The latest research on the prevalence of aspirin use to prevent cardiovascular disease suggests that in 2021, nearly a third of adults 60 or older without cardiovascular disease were still using aspirin. Among adults 60 or older, nearly 30% reported taking aspirin to prevent cardiovascular disease, and around 5% of all adults 60 or older reported using aspirin without medical advice. Among those regularly taking aspirin, 89% reported taking a low-dose aspirin, according to the survey, while 11% indicated they take regular strength aspirin, which makes their risk of excessive bleeding even higher. The other alarming aspect is that many individuals are taking aspirin without the guidance of a healthcare provider,” Montgomery said. Regardless, any patient taking aspirin regularly should discuss that behavior with their physician, Weintraub said.
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Why water is the best drink during a heat wave
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We know that keeping hydrated is important to staying healthy in the summer heat, but is water still the best drink during a heat wave? CNN: When it’s really hot outside, is water still the best fluid, or should people turn to sports drinks? Energy drinks are different from sports drinks, which are meant to help you restore water and electrolytes. I urge parents to be careful to distinguish between sports drinks and energy drinks. Sports drinks probably aren’t needed, and, again, it’s advisable for children to avoid energy drinks.
Persons: Leana Wen, Wen, What’s, Frederic J . Brown Organizations: CNN, George Washington University, US Centers for Disease Control, CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics, Getty, Sports Locations: AFP
“Stop wearing sunscreen,” says a TikTok influencer with 1.6 million followers and 36 million likes. “The sun does not cause skin cancer,” insists a TikTok pundit with 76,000 followers in a post that has been bookmarked nearly 4,000 times. “Vitamin D can still be generated when you’re wearing sunscreen,” Andrews said. “Since sunscreen came out, the rise of skin cancer has only gone up and up,” says one TikTok influencer. So the driving force is exposure years and years ago, not the increased use of sunscreen today.”Many social media posters use a nugget of truth and then twist it, experts say.
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The task force suggested that extensive and intensive behavioral interventions are the best way to help a child get to a healthy weight. A high BMI for a child is defined a little differently than it is for adults, although both use height and weight to estimate mass. Nearly 20% of children in the US have what’s considered a high BMI. The task force gives its guidelines letter grades based on the most up-to-date science. Under the Affordable Care Act, private insurers must cover preventive services that get a grade of A or B; the new child obesity recommendations got a B grade.
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Editor’s Note: Mark Wolfe is an energy economist and serves as the executive director of the National Energy Assistance Directors Association, representing the state directors of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program and co-director of the Center on Climate, Energy and Poverty. Triple-digit temperatures have hit the western states, with the Northeast, Midwest and Great Lakes regions expected to see extreme heat waves this week. Weather-related deaths from extreme heat are more common than from those from hurricanes, floods, extreme cold and other natural disasters. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1,220 people die from extreme heat every year. During periods of extreme heat, cooling is not just a luxury that provides comfort, but a necessary measure that helps families across all income brackets, and especially low-income families, stay safe.
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CNN —Cases of a dangerous and highly fatal bacterial infection have reached record levels in Japan, official figures show, with experts so far unable to pinpoint the reason for the rise. STSS is a rare but serious bacterial infection that can develop when bacteria spread into deep tissues and the bloodstream. In March, Japanese authorities warned of a jump in STSS cases. The reason for this year’s rise in cases of STSS in Japan remains unclear, according to Japanese public broadcaster NHK. “So, more people are now susceptible to infection, and that may be one reason for the sharp rise in cases.”
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Ladislav Kubeš/iStockphoto/Getty ImagesCNN: Let’s start by talking about tick-borne diseases, specifically Lyme disease. Dr. Leana Wen: In the United States, Lyme disease is the most common vector-borne disease and is transmitted by ticks. People who contract Lyme disease may experience temporary symptoms similar to the flu, such as muscle aches, fever and headache. CNN: Has the incidence of Lyme disease increased in recent years? While most US cases involve travelers who contracted malaria from other parts of the world, locally transmitted cases have occurred, too.
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Extreme heat weather events are expected to affect more than 60 million people across the US this summer. With summer temperatures on the rise, what should people know about the dangerous condition of heat stroke? CNN: What should people know about heat stroke? Dr. Leana Wen: Heat stroke is a medical emergency. Before someone reaches the point of having heat stroke, they may have heat exhaustion.
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Then, three healthy ferrets were placed in the same enclosures with three of the sick animals. These animals could touch, nose and lick the sick animals, and all of them became ill.Next, the CDC tested airborne transmission by putting three healthy ferrets into an enclosure where they could breathe the same air as sick animals but couldn’t touch them. In her lab, ferrets with previous exposures to seasonal flu strains didn’t get as sick when exposed to new flu viruses compared to those with no prior exposure to seasonal strains. How much help we might get from past exposures to flu viruses is difficult to predict, however, which is why vaccination would still be important to tune up our immunity. They never spread the virus to any of the other animals in the facility — including themselves.
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CNN —There could be a combined Covid-19 and flu shot in our future, although it won’t be ready for this year’s flu season. On Monday, vaccine maker Moderna announced positive late-stage trial results for its Covid/flu combination vaccine it calls mRNA-1083. Other companies have been testing a combined Covid-flu vaccine, but Moderna is the first to announce positive late-stage trial results. The trial studied the vaccine in two different age groups with about 4,000 adults in each age category. Few people got the latest Covid shot, studies show.
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CNN —The US Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers and retailers to not “eat, sell or serve” any of Diamond Shruumz-brand’s microdosing chocolate bars after people across four states were left hospitalized. Eight people reported falling ill after eating Diamond Shruumz’s chocolates, the FDA said in an advisory. People who consumed the chocolate bars reported experiencing symptoms that include “seizures, central nervous system depression (loss of consciousness, confusion, sleepiness), agitation, abnormal heart rates, hyper and hypotension, nausea and vomiting,” said the FDA. CNN has reached out to Diamond Shruumz for comment but has not heard back by the time of publishing. If you or someone you know becomes ill after consuming Diamond Shruumz’s chocolate bars, the FDA recommends speaking to a health care provider and/or contacting the Poison Help Line at 1-800-222-1222.
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There’s another connection between Canada, asthma and my family — and it’s a somewhat accidental one. Unfortunately, the challenges that my mom faced getting asthma medication persisted. There were times that my mother didn’t fill her prescriptions for her asthma medication out of concern over the cost. Research shows that if you have a parent with asthma, you have a 25% likelihood of developing asthma yourself. Still, I remain vigilant because there is no cure for asthma and my family is so susceptible to its ravages.
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And the rate of maternal deaths among Black women in the United States remains even higher, at nearly 50 deaths per 100,000 live births, the new report shows. Meanwhile, half of the high-income nations in the new report had fewer than 5 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births, and one country recorded zero maternal deaths: Norway. The three nations with the lowest maternal death rate were Norway with zero, Switzerland with a rate of 1 death per 100,000 live births and Sweden with about 3 deaths per 100,000 live births. The US maternal mortality rate fell from 32.9 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births in 2021 to 22.3 per 100,000 in 2022, according to data from the CDC. “Maternal deaths are a preventable problem, and this problem can be solved.
Persons: , Munira Gunja, ” Gunja, , Dr, Laurie Zephyrin, Dimes, , , Tochi, Michelle Owens, ” Owens, “ ACOG, Christopher Zahn, ” Zahn, Sanjay Gupta, Roe, Wade Organizations: CNN, Commonwealth Fund, International Program, Health, , US Centers for Disease Control, Organisation for Economic Co, CDC, World Health Organization, , Commonwealth, American Academy of Family Physicians, American College of Obstetricians, CNN Health Locations: United States, Norway, Australia, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Covid, U.S, United Kingdom, Long Island , New York, Jackson , Mississippi, States, Commonwealth
The H5N1 virus has become a pandemic among animals, raging through worldwide bird populations and now through US cattle herds. There, the H5N1 virus can continue operating as an avian virus, grabbing avian receptors with no need to adapt to human receptors. Two previous one-off human cases of H5N1 — one in Chile and one in Ecuador — featured respiratory symptoms. Even with its current monitoring, the CDC would probably detect sustained human spread, he said. Correction — June 4, 2024: An earlier version of this story misstated the nature of genomic sequencing of the H5N1 virus.
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