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The aim was a similar short-form video service to become more competitive in the space and slow down ad share losses. "This is a key leading indicator for monetization, and any incremental results from AI-driven targeting and measurement would accelerate the market share shift." In a digital advertising market where growth is limited, the battle for market share gains is critical. TikTok's AI strategy TikTok has seen a quick rise in viewership by virtue of predictive AI for content recommendation. TikTok advertisers can place ads through the platform's TikTok Ads Manager , offering automatic audience targeting and measurement tools.
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The Swiss government gets an "A" for its speed in addressing the Credit Suisse problem, but it doesn't resolve the U.S. banking crisis. The banking crisis has tightened financial conditions because it has dramatically interrupted the flow of capital. Banks, particularly regional banks, will likely be doing much less lending for the rest of the year. The bad news: this banking crisis has once again revealed an age-old problem with capitalism: much of it is based on faith. "It should be clear that the most expedient and effective solution to this crisis is an expansion and modernization of the FDIC deposit insurance regime."
Reshoring declarations are amping up, as more companies look to return operations to the United States from overseas. Corporate reshoring announcements jumped 17% in the fourth quarter compared with the prior quarter and are now tracking nearly 300% higher than the fourth quarter of 2021, according to UBS. In fact, reshoring and foreign direct investments jobs reached a record of at least 360,000 jobs last year, according to the Reshoring Initiative. The move back to the U.S . can also be seen in corporate earnings, said Ron Graziano, managing director of global accounting and tax for Credit Suisse. The company's equipment is needed for big semiconductor manufacturing plants as companies test chips as they are produced, Snyder said.
As CNBC Pro has previously reported, pet ownership in the U.S . is booming, and will help sustain a higher level of sales in the coming years. However, that 4% increase in pet ownership has resulted in an 11% gain in pet spending, it said. "Despite now being [circa] 30 months away from the start of the pandemic, pet care is still going strong," AllianceBernstein analysts wrote. That pace is faster than 8% global growth rate from 2021 to 2022 predicted by Euromonitor and Bernstein analysis, the report said. It owns Diana Pet Foods, and is the leading pet food ingredients company.
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