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The prosecutor-versus-felon approach may appeal to undecided voters who had been sour on both Mr. Trump and President Biden. Mr. Trump, for his part, has been trying to soften some of his harshest rhetoric about seeking vengeance on his rivals ahead of the general election. In the case of Ms. Harris, the contempt is displayed both in public and private. Since then, Mr. Trump has attacked her savagely, particularly when she became Mr. Biden’s running mate in 2020. On Sunday, Mr. Trump, who has insisted he would debate Mr. Biden anytime and anywhere, appeared to try to change the terms of the second debate.
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39% of Americans worry they can’t pay the bills
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New York CNN —Many Americans regularly worry they won’t be able to make ends meet. Even higher percentages of Latino (52%) and Black (46%) Americans said they’re worried most or all of the time about making ends meet, according to the poll. More than half (55%) of those making less than $50,000 a year similarly worry about having enough money to meet expenses. Even higher percentages of Latinos (52%), Black Americans (44%) and those under the age of 45 (47%) say they’ve taken extra work. Others say they’ve cut back on driving (41%) and they are taking on credit card debt to afford necessities (37%).
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CNN —With his retirement fast approaching, Jim Dolan, from the US, felt as though his future was more or less mapped out. “I was not ready to leave the United States at that point,” Jim Dolan explains. “I feel safer here in Thailand than I think in any of the cities that I lived in the United States. “I think she had a bigger challenge moving to the United States than I had coming here,” he says. “But overall, I think we’re much better off here than we would have been in the United States had we stayed there.”
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Independents and movable voters: Harris split political independents about evenly with Trump, 43% said they supported her and 40% Trump. Biden, however, trailed Trump by 10 points among that same group of independent voters, 44% Trump to 34% Biden. While these voters split 39% Trump to 37% Biden, Harris had considerably more support with this group, which broke in her favor 47% Harris to 34% Trump. Among women of color, Harris outperformed Biden by 10 points: 63% of women of color said they backed Harris over Trump, compared with 53% who said the same about Biden. Among voters younger than 35, 42% backed Harris to 41% for Trump, compared with 47% Trump to 41% Biden among that same group.
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It’s becoming harder to get — and keep — a car
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Cook did the math, made a pros and cons list, and bought a new car. Courtesy Greg CookHis car — the monthly payment, the fast-rising insurance, fuel and maintenance costs — takes up a 30% share of his monthly budget. And buying a car is no cakewalk either: Credit is increasingly harder to come by and rejection rates are spiking. Instead, consumers have been presented with a higher bar, including requirements for a heftier down payment and a higher credit score, he said. More restrictive lending typically equates to approval rates going down and rejection rates rising.
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It hasn’t always been easy for Democrats to follow this playbook. With President Biden bowing out of the race Sunday and endorsing Vice President Kamala Harris, Democrats still won’t find it easy to follow their time-tested approach. Many Democrats have coalesced behind Ms. Harris, but she doesn’t start the campaign as the kind of broadly acceptable candidate Democrats have put forward to great success during the Trump era. At the outset, one enormous caveat is necessary: Ms. Harris became a candidate for president only on Sunday. She will have every opportunity to reintroduce herself to the nation, distinguish herself from Mr. Biden and rally Democratic voters in the weeks ahead.
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“Being a widow in my 20s, I don’t have as many people around me who relate to that grief experience. Six months since she’d signed up for grief camp. Being a widow in my 20s, I don’t have as many people around me who relate to that grief experience. She wrote a piece called “Grief Camp is My Happy Place,” for her Substack, describing her experiences. “I think a lot of people hear ‘grief camp’ and think it’s going to be sad all the time.
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Within hours of Biden dropping out of the race and endorsing his vice president on Sunday, Trump’s campaign managers had released a blistering statement tying Harris to the administration’s policies. Instead, Trump’s team had orchestrated an exacting campaign around defeating Biden. But it was soon widely acknowledged within Trump’s camp that Biden bowing out would also throw their own campaign into uncertainty. Trump’s campaign also began privately ramping up and testing new lines of attack on Harris — someone they had largely ignored since she was sworn in as vice president. While polling has shown Harris is the best known among possible Democratic candidates to replace Biden, Trump’s advisers and allies maintain that most Americans don’t know much about her, creating an opening to define her to the public.
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But if that suddenly changes, two dozen leading Democratic politicians and operatives told CNN, they can’t realistically see this ending any other way. Still, it’s an idea some Harris backers support, doubting that anyone serious would challenge her, as much chest puffing as there is behind the scenes. Multiple Democratic members of Congress who have called for Biden to go declined on Friday when asked by CNN if they were ready to say they want Harris to be the nominee. “I do believe it has to be the vice president. Biden’s hand would matterFew can conceive of Biden stepping aside and not tapping his running mate to take over.
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Motels Are Having a Moment
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In 2022, Lisa Lennox was visiting a friend in Stephenville, Texas, when she stumbled upon the Interstate Inn. The motel, on a highway an hour west of Fort Worth, had seen better days. The property needed new plumbing and wiring, and asbestos had to be removed. But Ms. Lennox immediately felt a connection to the property, with its funky design, including a giant sloped roof that screamed Space Age. But they’re all in disrepair, and a lot of them are being torn down.” Ms. Lennox had no real experience in hospitality, but she’d traveled widely and knew what made a good hotel room.
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“His last act will not be getting knocked down,” said one longtime Biden 2020 campaign aide of the family and the inner circle. They loved saying in 2020 that Joe Biden won because the party, and not the pundits. Some have already “quiet quit,” going through the motions until Joe Biden gets to the end that many of them now believe is inevitable. It feels like if he could go to Congress and make a rousing speech, he would,” said one Democratic operative involved with the campaign. “Here in HQ, we’re working really hard because on winning campaigns, you work really hard,” said Biden campaign spokesman Kevin Munoz.
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And there was great, great sorrow. They’re going to be OK. They’re going to be doing very well. Now he’s going to get on the plane in a little while and he’s going to go back home to his wife. Great, great student at Yale. So many — just so many heroes, so many great, great people.
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CNN —Seven-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton has praised Ralf Schumacher after the former F1 driver revealed on Monday that he was in a same-sex relationship. He was previously married to Cora Schumacher and is the father to a son, David. The 49-year-old had an 11-year F1 career, driving for Jordan, Williams and Toyota and won six races along the way. The Mercedes driver spoke about the need for F1 to “do more” in order to make the sport more inclusive following Schumacher’s announcement. “There is one thing saying that it’s inclusive and there’s another thing actually making sure that people actually feel comfortable in the environments.
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Now, negotiating better wages and working conditions for Carranza and thousands of other Disneyland employees has gotten messy, to the point where 9,500 of them will conclude a vote on Friday that will authorize a potential strike. But that does not mean a strike will necessarily happen, as was the case with Teamsters at UPS last year. A dream of affordabilityCarranza ‘s Disneyland wage is just over $20 per hour, after factoring in a differential for working the overnight shift. Escaping reality, not confronting itA strike would involve about 9,500 employees who work at Disneyland Park, currently under a contract that expired in June. But only the Disneyland Park employees will vote and participate in a strike for now.
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But there’s a small, powerful sect of Silicon Valley billionaires who are carving a path for the maybe-Trumpers and the MAGA-curious in the tech world. David Sacks, the billionaire tech investor, co-hosted a fundraiser last month at his San Francisco home and spoke at the Republican National Convention on Monday. In the last election cycle, the few Trump backers that existed in the Valley largely kept their support under the radar. Their numbers are still small, but they’re no longer hiding, and their wallets are open. And, as Kovacevich notes, just because there are a few big names turning toward Trump, “they’re not speaking for everybody.”“In fact, most of the big company CEOs aren’t terribly involved in partisan politics,” Kovacevich says.
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There have been no celebrations of Jan. 6 rioters and no talk of election “mules” smuggling ballots. There, in so-called media row, the hive of right-wing activists galvanized by former President Donald J. Trump’s lies about the 2020 election was buzzing. Mike Lindell, the pillow company founder who is one of the most prominent promoters of conspiracy theories about election fraud, gave interviews about rigged voting machines. Rudolph W. Giuliani, Mr. Trump’s leading lawyer in the effort to subvert the 2020 election, held court nearby. And, with polls showing a widening lead for Mr. Trump, some in the denial movement are signaling how they might legitimize a victory in a system they’ve decried for years.
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Deputy White House chief of staff Annie Tomasini, a longtime aide to the Bidens, joins Donilon and Ricchetti in forming a protective bubble around the president. “The phones just kind of stopped ringing,” is how one senior Democrat put it. “Staff in general are just over the leadership here,” one White House official said. Inside the White House, senior administration officials are bracing for Republicans to call for Biden to resign the presidency if he doesn’t seek reelection. With Biden’s political future on the brink, the White House is fielding a steady stream of letters, telephone calls and message from Americans, too, from Democratic voters like Terri and John Hale.
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Vance was swift to name China the “biggest threat to our country,” in an interview with Fox News Monday as the RNC got underway. He’s made countering what Washington says is a security threat from China a cornerstone of his foreign policy, even as he’s worked to stabilize communications with Beijing. And Beijing – which is grappling with its own economic woes – may be preparing for more friction if Trump takes office. The substance of Biden’s China policy – in terms of sanctions, tariffs and competition – has not been that different from Trump’s, she noted, and Biden has been keener on strengthening alliances and coalitions to counter China together. “But the style of Biden’s China policy is more predictable and stabilizing.
Persons: Donald Trump, JD Vance, Vance, Joe Biden, , , ” Vance, Trump, China –, That’s, ’ Vance, Sergey Lavrov, Vance doesn’t, Marco Rubio, Xi Jinping, He’s, he’s, ” Brian Wong, Qilai Shen, Biden, They’ve, Cho Jung, ” Cho, Yun Sun, , keener Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Republican, Republican National Convention, Chinese Communist Party, Foreign, Trump, NATO, Ukraine, Fox News, RNC, University of Hong Kong’s, Contemporary, of, People, Bloomberg, Getty, Communist Party, Bloomberg Businessweek, US, China’s Foreign Ministry, Stimson Center, World Trade Locations: Hong Kong, Ohio, Washington, China, Asia, Beijing, Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Russian, America, Florida, Contemporary China, Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan Strait, Japan, South Korea, US
Tokyo CNN —America’s two most powerful allies in the Pacific are taking their defense ties to new heights amid increasing concerns over China’s assertiveness in the region and North Korean threats, Japan’s top general said Thursday. Yoshida called on Japan, South Korea and the United States to “demonstrate our strong unity domestically and globally to ensure regional peace and stability.”But bilateral cooperation between Japan and South Korea is the most noteworthy result of this week’s meeting in Tokyo. Kim said he and Yoshida “share a lot of the same thoughts,” an acknowledgment of the mutual perspective on the regional threat posed by China and North Korea. Last month, Japan and South Korea joined the US in the inaugural Freedom Edge in the Pacific, a military exercise that focused on ballistic missile and air defense, anti-submarine warfare and more. “Domestic politics remain complicated in Seoul and Tokyo, but policymakers and military professionals want to lock in coordinated responses to North Korea, Russia, and China before any major political changes occur in Washington,” Easley said.
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But one narrative has quickly taken hold in parts of the right-wing media ecosystem: The security failure was the result of workforce diversity initiatives and women working as Secret Service agents. Matt Walsh, a far-right media personality, wrote a series of posts on the social media platform X assailing the notion of women working as Secret Service agents. “There should not be any women in the Secret Service. “Female agents were also among those guarding Trump’s armored SUV as it prepared to depart the scene,” said Campbell. Associations that represent women in law enforcement reacted to the unfounded attacks on female agents with disappointment and alarm.
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CNN —Night three of the Republican National Convention has kicked off in Milwaukee. From CNN’s Haley BritzkyRep. Ronny Jackson’s false claim of ‘record-high inflation’Rep. Ronny Jackson of Texas claimed in his Republican National Convention speech on Wednesday that there has been “record-high inflation” under the Biden administration. From CNN’s Haley BritzkyRNC video falsely claims there was peace in the Middle East under TrumpA video played early in the Republican National Convention proceedings on Wednesday night claimed that the “strength” of President Donald Trump kept “the Middle East at peace.” Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Whatley had similarly claimed in his convention speech on Monday that the Middle East was “at peace” four years ago under Trump. Dana El Kurd, senior nonresident fellow at the Arab Center Washington DC think tank, also called that claim “false” when Trump made it. She said in a November email: “The Abraham Accords did not achieve peace in the Middle East.
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ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates — LeBron James was genuinely thrilled to see Stephen Curry in that Bellagio hotel ballroom in Las Vegas on the eve of Team USA training camp. If they say they want to play for Team USA, they aren’t going to be told no. Advertisement“It’s just cool, I’m not going to lie,” said Tyrese Haliburton, a Team USA guard at the tender age of 24. LeBron James congratulates Stephen Curry after the 2017 NBA Finals. (Jesse D. Garrabrant / NBAE via Getty Images)But from 2015 through 2018, James’ Cavs and Curry’s Warriors met every June in the NBA Finals.
Persons: LeBron James, Stephen Curry, ” James, Curry, James, , , , Tyrese Haliburton, that’ll, ” Will Haliburton, Jesse D, James ’ Cavs, James ’, Cavs, Cleveland, Kevin Durant, Martin Luther King Jr, Harrison Barnes, Irving, hysterically, ” Curry, ” James nodded, “ There’s, Ethan Miller, Larry Bird, Johnson, Michael Jordan’s, I’m, Isiah, Thomas, Magic, Michael, Barkley, they’ve, Durant, Steph, he’s, Bron, ” Durant, Anthony Davis, Steve Kerr, Dan Goldfarb, Giuseppe Cacase, Joe Murphy Organizations: Paris Games, United, United Arab Emirates, USA, NBA, American Olympic, Olympic, USA Basketball, FIBA, ., Team USA, Golden State Warriors, University of Nevada, Paris Olympics, Davidson, NCAA, Golden State, Warriors, Getty, Curry’s Warriors, Cleveland, , Locations: ABU DHABI, United Arab, Bellagio, Las Vegas, Akron , Ohio, USA, America, New York, Abu Dhabi, Cleveland, Miami, San Francisco, AFP
Thousands of Trump supporters in Milwaukee on Monday night hailed their leader, elevating him from MAGA superhero to saint-like status. For Trump’s millions of American fans, Monday night was a validation of their faith in God and the ex-president and the righteousness of his mission. A list of Black Republican and female Republican lawmakers gave speeches, offering a somewhat misleading perception that the GOP has a deep and diverse bench. One GOP source said speechwriters at the convention had thrown out all their pre-written material for the week’s top speakers and started again. The ex-president has a new chance at politics and life in the wake of his assassination attempt.
Persons: Donald Trump, MAGA, Trump, Sen, JD Vance, Ohio, He’s, , , South Carolina Sen, Tim Scott, Providence, Kristi Noem, “ Nobody, They’ve, Marjorie Taylor Greene –, , president’s, Trump’s, Hell, Joe Biden’s, he’d, Corey Comperatore —, Wisconsin Sen, Ron Johnson, Vance, Biden, ” Vance, Aileen Cannon, Jack Smith’s, … ” Trump, Elise Stefanik Organizations: CNN, Republican National Convention, Trump, Milwaukee Bucks NBA, America . South Dakota Gov, ” Georgia, Republican, Capitol, Washington Examiner, GOP, Wisconsin, Democrat, Florida, Washington , D.C, Democrat Justice Department, ” New York, Justice Department Locations: Pennsylvania, Milwaukee, American, South Carolina, America ., America, Washington, Ohio, New York, Florida, Washington ,
The uproar over the Trump assassination attempt may pause the intraparty rebellion against Biden for now, especially as he assumes his role as the leader of a nation in sudden crisis. In a nation that was already deeply divided, the core vote for both Trump and Biden was probably locked in. There can be no justification for an assassination attempt on a candidate — an assault on democracy. Many Republican politicians issued calls for calm and an easing of political rhetoric after the shooting — as did Democrats. And Johnson accompanied his calls for calm by implying that Democrats — in advancing their arguments against Trump — had somehow abetted the assassination attempt.
Persons: Donald Trump, MAGA, Joe Biden, , ” Biden, Corey Comperatore, Mike Johnson, we’ve, , ” Trump, Salena Zito, Trump, Biden, Ronald Reagan, , he’s, Doug Burgum, Florida Sen, Marco Rubio, Ohio Sen, J.D, Vance, he’d, Barack Obama, Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi, Trump’s, Johnson, Trump —, Abraham Lincoln, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, ’ it’s, Gretchen Whitmer Organizations: CNN, Republican, Convention, Trump, RNC, Washington Examiner, White, GOP, Service, The New York, Milwaukee Bucks, North Dakota Gov, Ohio, Truth, Capitol, , Louisiana Republican, Republican National Convention Locations: American, America, Atlanta, Washington, Butler , Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, New York, Louisiana, Michigan
Washington CNN —President Joe Biden told an interviewer he considers himself a Zionist who has also done “more for the Palestinian community than anybody” while calling for more aid to reach the Gaza Strip. The interview was filmed on Friday, the day before the assassination attempt against former President Donald Trump and was published on Monday. Asked directly by the interviewer whether he is a Zionist, Biden said, “yes.” Biden has often described himself as such before and since the October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas. Biden seemed to anticipate that some factions would take issue with his description of himself as a Zionist. Asked again if he was committed to staying on the ballot, Biden responded: “Unless I get hit by a train, yeah.”
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