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CNN —A statue of Anne Frank in Amsterdam was vandalized with “Gaza” graffiti, drawing criticism from the city’s mayor. “Officers went to the statue, saw the graffiti and started an investigation,” the spokesperson said. Anne Frank’s diary is often many young people’s first introduction to the horrors of the Holocaust. In 1944, the famous diarist and seven other Jewish people hiding in the Amsterdam secret annex were detained. They had hid for nearly two years in a secret annex above a canal-side warehouse in Amsterdam, before they were deported and Anne died in the Bergen Belsen camp at age 15.
Persons: Anne Frank, Frank, Femke Halsema, , , ” Halsema, Anne Frank’s, people’s, Anne Organizations: CNN, CNN Wednesday, Locations: Amsterdam, Gaza, Bergen
In early March, Dennis’ children scheduled a meeting to help their father get back on his feet after the scam. Matt and Adrienne lost their father Dennis to suicide in March after he fell victim to a cryptocurrency investment scam. Hard to believe I’m falling for a man I have never seen or spoken to,” Carina told him just a few weeks in. Carina, scam victimCarina didn’t tell her family about what had happened and the stress she was under until the very final moment. After months of hiding it, Carina told her family, who suggested she speak to Kraken directly.
Persons: Matt, , Adrienne’s, Dennis Jones, Jessie, , Dennis, Dennis ’, Adrienne, ” Matt, Chris Turner, Amanda Swinhart, they’ve, Erin West, “ I’ve, I’ve, Erin, “ We’ve, Shawn Bradstreet, Jim Castel, Bradstreet, Bumble, GASO, that’s, Tom Booth Rakesh, Rakesh, “ Klara Semonov, Tawee Sodsong, Tom Booth Pachara, Jeff Rosen, ’ Carina, “ Evan ”, Carina, WhatsApp, ” Carina, Evan Van ”, CNN Evan, Evan, consoling, Jim Castel ‘, ” Dennis messaged, ” Adrienne, Carina didn’t, “ It’s, ” Dennis ’ Organizations: Lifeline, International Association for Suicide Prevention, Befrienders Worldwide, CNN, Facebook, FBI, San, LinkedIn, Meta, Indian, Thai National Broadcasting, Befrienders Locations: Virginia, Southeast Asia, scammers, Santa Clara, California’s Bay, San Francisco, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Thai, , Russian, Salt Lake City, scamming
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CNN —As many as 2,000 people are feared to have been buried by last week’s massive landslide in Papua New Guinea, according to the country’s National Disaster Centre, as survivors recounted the horror losing so many loved ones. The landslide occurred in the mountainous Enga region in northern Papua New Guinea on Friday and the latest missing figure is a sharp rise from earlier estimates. Mohamud Omer/International Organization for Migration/APMiok Michael, a local community leader, told CNN that it was likely there were few survivors. But that may now be a major underestimate according to the latest projection from Papua New Guinea’s disaster agency. “There are no reports of earthquakes at this time but we did have quite a lot of rain and a lot of unseasonal weather happening across Papua New Guinea,” Jensen said.
Persons: Kambu, , , Mohamud Omer, Michael, Laso Mana, Chris Jensen, ” Jensen, Justine McMahon, ” McMahon, Pierre Rognon, it’s, Alan Collins, ” Collins, Jensen, we’ve Organizations: CNN, Disaster, Reuters, International Organization for Migration, United Nations, Mission, National Disaster Centre, UN, World, CARE International, University of Sydney’s School of Civil Engineering, University of Adelaide Locations: Papua New Guinea, Yambali, Highlands, Papua, Kaokalam, Port Moresby
In total, 130 whales were returned to sea after a total of 160 were beached, according to the department of Parks and Wildlife Service Western Australia (DPAW). Also present were wildlife officials from the DPAW, as well as experienced veterinarians, trying to save as many whales as possible. Like other whale species, pilot whales are highly sociable often looking out for each other especially if a member of the pod falls sick or is injured. “That may or may not have been a factor of why these animals got to the point of stranding.”Last year more than 50 pilot whales died in a mass stranding event in Scotland. The same month wildlife officials in Western Australia said they had to make a heart-breaking decision to euthanize dozens of stranded long-finned pilot whales after a frantic rescue effort to refloat them failed to yield results.
Persons: , Ian Wiese, I’ve, ” Wiese, ” Weise, , Busselton Wildli, you’ve Organizations: CNN, Rescue, Geographe Marine Research, Parks and Wildlife Service Western Australia Locations: Dunsborough, Perth, Toby's, Australia, Scotland, Western Australia
CNN —Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi expressed regret Tuesday over not being able to play in a friendly match in Hong Kong. Messi, who plays for Major League Soccer team Inter Miami, did not step onto the pitch to play against a Hong Kong XI on Sunday, causing outrage among fans. A sellout crowd of 40,000 attended the match in Hong Kong, but the occasion ended acrimoniously when fans booed, jeered and called for ticket refunds as Messi remained on the bench. Even the Hong Kong government said it was “disappointed” that the eight-time Ballon d’Or winner wasn’t brought on during the match. Messi added that he could understand why people were upset that he had not participated in the match, but expressed hope that Miami could play in Hong Kong again at some point.
Persons: Lionel Messi, Messi, ” Messi, clamoring, jeered, , Ballon, wasn’t, Gerardo “ Tata ” Martino, Luis Suárez Organizations: CNN, Major League Soccer, Inter Miami, Hong, Hong Kong XI, Inter, Miami, Wednesday, Vissel Locations: Argentine, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kobe, Vissel Kobe
CNN —At least 18 people were killed and 13 were injured by shelling near a market in the Russian-controlled city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine on Sunday, officials say. He cautioned that the number of dead and injured was still being updated. Donetsk is one of four Ukrainian regions that Moscow said in 2022 it would recognize as Russian territory – an annexation process which is illegal under international law. The region, which is partially but not fully controlled by Russian forces, is on the frontline of fighting in the east. Earlier this month, 11 people including five children were killed in Russian S-300 missile strikes in the region, according to the local military administration; after which, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said, “Russia must feel - and always feel - that none of these strikes will be without consequences for the terrorist state.”
Persons: Denis Pushilin, Volodymyr Zelensky, Organizations: CNN, Sunday, Russian Locations: Russian, Donetsk, Ukraine, Donetsk People’s Republic, Moscow, Russia
CNN —Iceland has declared a state of emergency, with police officials urging residents to evacuate the coastal town of Grindavík following an intense wave of earthquakes in the southwest of the country linked to a possible volcanic eruption. In statements Friday, Iceland’s Civil Protection Agency said a magma tunnel that is forming could reach Grindavík. Its progress is being closely monitored,” the Civil Protection Agency said. But we also want to reiterate that this is not an emergency evacuation, there is plenty of time to prepare, secure things and drive out of town calmly,” the Civil Protection Agency said. We faced that together, we will face this together and we will not lose heart,” the Civil Protection Agency added.
Organizations: CNN, Iceland, Icelandic Meteorological, Civil Protection Agency, North Locations: Grindavík, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland, Iceland’s, Reykjavik, North America, Eurasia
CNN —Gaza militants who attacked an all-night music festival in southern Israel shot and killed revelers at point-blank range, then looted their belongings, new car dashcam video verified by CNN reveals. Dashcam video reveals militants attacking a music festival in rural southern Israel. It’s unclear if the gunman is firing a warning shot, or if he’s just shot and injured the civilian, who is then seen being led away. A second individual is seen in the video lying on the ground at the back of another car. Another video from the dashcam, timestamped at 12:09 p.m., shows two militants approach the body of the second individual.
Persons: revelers, , Ricarda Louk, Shani, Shani Louk, she’d, ” Ricarda, Allahu Akbar, , Ricarda, she’s, Noa Argamani, Louk, Yakov Argamani, ” Yakov, Shlomit Marciano, Leora Argamani, Noa Agramani, CNN Noa, Avinatan, Marciano, ” Marciano, Yakov, Organizations: CNN, Gaza Locations: Israel, Re’im, Gaza, timestamped
CNN —Activists on Wednesday accused Iran’s morality police of assaulting a teenage girl for not wearing a headscarf in a Tehran metro station, leading to her hospitalization with serious injuries. But Iranian authorities and the teenager’s parents said she was hospitalized due to low blood pressure. The CEO of the Tehran metro however told state media that there was no physical or verbal interaction between Geravand and members of his staff. There was nothing recorded on the videos,” Tehran metro managing director Masoud Dorosti, told state media. In a video posted on state-affiliated Fars News Agency’s account on X, formerly known as Twitter, a group of girls are seen entering the metro train.
Persons: Iran’s, Geravand, , ” “, Armita, ” Hengaw, Awyer Shekhi, Shekhi, Hengaw, Masoud Dorosti, , Shahin Ahmadi, , Ahmad Garavand, Amini, Maryam Lotfi Organizations: CNN, Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, Fars News, Twitter, Fars News Agency, Fajr Air Force Hospital, UN, Rights, News Agency, Human Rights Locations: Tehran, Norway, Fars, Iran, Iranian
CNN —A US State Department report that accuses the Chinese government of expanding disinformation efforts is “in itself disinformation,” Beijing’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed Saturday. The ministry shot back after the State Department issued a striking report this week in which it accused the Chinese government of expanding efforts to control information and to disseminate propaganda and disinformation that promotes “digital authoritarianism” in China and around the world. The US report, issued by the Global Engagement Center on Thursday, alleged that China spends billions of dollars a year on foreign information manipulation and warned that Chinese leader Xi Jinping had “significantly expanded” efforts to “shape the global information environment.”It also underlined US concerns about China as a main military competitor and key rival in the battle over ideas and global disinformation. Two days later, China hit back. “The relevant center of the US State Department which concocted the report is engaged in propaganda and infiltration in the name of ‘global engagement’ – it is a source of disinformation and the command center of ‘perception warfare’,” the ministry said on Saturday.
Persons: Xi Jinping, Organizations: CNN, US State Department, Beijing’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Department, Global Locations: China, Iraq, Syria, Xinjiang,
CNN —The uncle of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old woman whose death in the custody of Iran’s morality police sparked nation-wide protests last year, was arrested last week, according to a family member and a human rights group. Safa Aeli, a resident of the Kurdish city of Saqqez, was arrested on Tuesday at his home by 10 intelligence agents, according to the Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA). A family member told CNN on condition of anonymity that Aeli has since been taken to Tehran, without providing further details out of concern for his safety. The reasons behind his arrest are unknown, but his detention comes just days before the one-year anniversary of Amini’s death. The protests dwindled, but the regime has ramped up its arrests of activists and their relatives ahead of the anniversary of Amini’s death September 16.
Persons: Mahsa Amini, Safa, Aeli, Amini, Organizations: CNN, Human, News Agency Locations: Kurdish, Saqqez, Tehran, Iran
Dozens of civilians among 64 killed in attacks in Mali
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CNN —Two separate attacks by suspected al-Qaeda-linked militants in restive northeastern Mali Thursday killed 64 people including dozens of civilians, the country’s transitional government said. The attacks targeted a passenger boat on the Niger River near Timbuktu and an army base in Bamba, in the northern Gao region, killing 49 civilians and 15 soldiers, according to the interim government’s statement. The attacks were claimed by Support Group for Islam and Muslims (GSIM), a militant group associated with al Qaeda, the government said. The Sahara-Sahel region, of which Mali is a part, has seen an escalation of violence in recent years as an Islamic insurgency brews near the borders of Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger. The United Nations in June said “endless” violence was being unleashed on civilians in northeastern Mali by the Islamic State (ISIS) militant group and its affiliates.
Persons: Organizations: CNN, Mali Thursday, Malian Army, Support Group, Islam, The United Nations, Islamic, UN Locations: restive, Mali, Niger, Timbuktu, Bamba, Gao, Rharous Cercle, al Qaeda, Burkina Faso
CNN —A drone attack caused an explosion near Russia’s military headquarters in the city of Rostov-on-Don on Thursday, as Kyiv continues a campaign of strategic aerial strikes in Russian territory. Russian air defense systems separately intercepted a drone attack near Moscow, the capital’s mayor Sergey Sobyanin said in a post on Telegram on Thursday. “Tonight, in the Ramensky urban district, air defense forces thwarted a drone attack on Moscow. “There will be a just retribution for everything.”In addition to the attacks on Russian territory, Kyiv has continued to also hit Russian-occupied territory in Ukraine. Russian-appointed officials in occupied Zaporizhzhia say there was another Ukrainian drone attack on Enerhodar, the city adjacent to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, early on Thursday.
Persons: Vasily Golubev, Golubev, Wagner, Sergey Sobyanin, ” Sobyanin, OLGA MALTSEVA, Denys Shmyhal, , Jens Stoltenberg, , Volodymyr Zelensky Organizations: CNN, Getty, NATO Locations: Rostov, Kyiv, Russia, Ukrainian, Moscow, AFP, Ukraine, Russian, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia
CNN —At least 12 people were killed and 121 injured in an explosion at a fireworks warehouse in southern Thailand. The incident – in the village of Mu No – reduced the warehouse and surrounding area to rubble, drone footage showed. At least two of the victims were children, including a four-year-old boy and a eight-month-old baby girl, according to state run Radio Thailand. Kriya Tehtani/APThe cause of the explosion is under investigation but initial reports suggested there had been a welding error. When there was a flood, I still could survive but now I really have nothing left.”Fireworks accidents are not uncommon in Thailand.
Persons: Anuruth Imarb, , , Samsueya Chuenchompoo, Chiang Mai Organizations: CNN, Radio Thailand, , Provincial Police, AFP Locations: Thailand, Mu
CNN —A music festival in Malaysia has been canceled after the lead singer of British band The 1975 Matty Healy slammed the country’s anti-LGBTQ laws and kissed a bandmate on stage. The on-stage incident at the Good Vibes Festival in Kuala Lumpur on Friday night prompted the country’s Ministry of Communications to cancel the rest of the three-day event. Homosexual acts are illegal in Malaysia and punishable by fines and up to 20 years in prison. Healy added that the band considered canceling the show but decided against it to not disappoint the fans. In 2019, Healy kissed a male fan during a concert in Dubai, in defiance of the region’s anti-LGBT laws.
Persons: Matty Healy, Healy, , , you’re, ” Healy, Ross MacDonald, It’s, – Healy Organizations: CNN, country’s Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Communications, Digital, Malaysian Home Affairs Ministry, Nazi, Kanye, Twitter Locations: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai
Hong Kong CNN —A corruption investigation in Singapore has expanded to include Ong Beng Seng, a hotel tycoon best known for bringing the Formula 1 Grand Prix to the wealthy city state. The agency had earlier launched an investigation into a case involving the transport minister, in a rare corruption probe involving a cabinet-level official. Ong’s company said he had posted bail of 100,000 Singapore dollars ($76,000) after being given a notice of arrest. Ong is also the sole shareholder of the Singapore Grand Prix, organizer of the marquee sporting event, his spokesperson confirmed to CNN. Rare caseThe news about Ong emerged just days after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong asked the transport minister to take a leave of absence.
Persons: Ong Beng Seng, Ong, , Lee Hsien Loong, Iswaran, CPIB, Lee, Eugene Tan, Bernie Ecclestone, Hoch, Lawrence Wong, Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Hotel Properties, Practices, Transport, Singapore, Prix, CNN, Singapore Management University, Party Locations: Hong Kong, Singapore, Properties, Maldives, Malaysia, London, Bangkok, Abu
CNN —Sixteen children allegedly abused in the Philippines have been rescued after Australian police found sexually explicit material on the phone of a man arrested in Sydney. The investigation began in January when the Australian Border Force intercepted a Queensland man, 56, as he returned to Sydney from the Philippines, the statement said. After searching his phone, the ABF found child abuse material and messages detailing his intent to pay a facilitator who would enable him to sexually abuse children in the Philippines. The man was charged with three offenses including grooming and possession of child abuse material, which carry a potential maximum sentence of 15 years in prison. “We must collaborate with our international partners, such as the AFP, to arrest offenders and rescue child victims,” she said.
Persons: , Andrew Perkins, Portia Manalad Organizations: CNN, Philippine National Police, Australian Federal Police, Australian Border Force, Philippine Department of Social Welfare, Development, Philippine National Police Women, Children Protection, AFP, Philippine Internet Locations: Philippines, Sydney, Metro Manila, Northern Philippines, Queensland, Manila, Philippine, Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands
Paris, France CNN —Fires raged across protest sites in France and nearly 1,000 people were detained as violent demonstrations over the killing of a 17-year-old shot by police entered a fourth night. France’s Interior Ministry said Saturday 994 people had been detained following the fourth night of violence. Seventy-nine police and gendarmes were injured over Friday night and there had been 58 attacks on police and gendarme stations, it added. It also shared video showing damage to the Alcazar library in Marseille which it said had been vandalized during the night. “The situation is worrisome with the violent riots that have been ongoing in mainland France for several days.
Persons: geolocated, Gerald Darmanin, BFMTV, Darmanin, Benoit Payan, , Pascal Prache, Alexis Jumeau, Nahel, Éric Dupond, Moretti, Elysée Organizations: France CNN —, CNN, BFMTV, Marseille, TF1, French Locations: Paris, France, Lyon, Old, Marseille, Alcazar, , Nanterre, Cayenne, French Guiana,
Paris CNN —French authorities arrested about 150 people overnight as protests broke out for a second night over the fatal police shooting of a teenager, officials said Thursday. The incident triggered violent protests in several Paris suburbs on Tuesday night, during which 24 police officers were injured and 40 cars set alight, French authorities said. In anticipation of violence stretching into a second evening, 2,000 extra police officers were mobilized Wednesday afternoon, authorities said. Darmanin expressed support for police and firefighters, saying: “shame on those who did not call for calm.”The officer who allegedly shot the teenager was taken into custody Tuesday and will undergo questioning by prosecutors, Nanterre prosecutor’s office told CNN. The death of the 17-year-old was pronounced Tuesday morning “following at least one gunshot wound” and despite the intervention of emergency medics, the Nanterre prosecutor’s office said earlier.
Persons: Paris CNN —, Gérald Darmanin, Darmanin, Geoffroy Van Der, Emmanuel Macron, ” Macron, , , Olivier Véran, won’t, ” Véran, , Naël’s, Fiachra GIBBONS, Mercedes Organizations: Paris CNN, CNN, Protesters, Getty, Interior Ministry, Prosecutors, Mercedes AMG, Interior, Twitter Locations: France, Paris, Nanterre, Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt, AFP
But rescuers expect the death toll to rise further, as many people are thought to be trapped under upturned carriages. A damaged train carriage, following the deadly collision in Balasore, India, on June 2. Video footage and photographs from Friday’s crash site show scenes of chaos and despair. Rescuers search for survivors at the site of the crash in Balasore district, in the eastern Indian state of Odisha, on June 2. The latest crash comes as India carries out a major overhaul of its infrastructure, with the country investing millions to modernize transport links.
Persons: Sudhanshu Sarangi, Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw, Narendra Singh Bundela, ” Bundela, , , Narendra Modi, Modi Organizations: CNN, Rescuers, Fire Services, NDTV, Railway Minister, Response Force, Press Trust of, Force, Rapid Action Force, Soro Block, , Bharatiya Janata Party, National Crime Records, Western Locations: India, Balasore, Odisha, Bahanaga, Balasore district, Press Trust of India, Soro, Uttar Pradesh, New Delhi, Mumbai, country’s Jammu, Kashmir
His family – all 11 of them – had huddled together in their house in Sittwe, on the coast of Myanmar’s Rakhine state, as ferocious winds intensified overhead. As the water rose, the family ran to escape the storm surge but they got separated in the chaos. Sai Aung Main/AFP/Getty ImagesCrisis upon crisisWhile western Rakhine state took a direct hit from the cyclone, the UN estimates 150,000 people in the country’s northwest were also heavily affected. One resident from Magway, where around 11,000 households were affected by the storm, said her husband died in flooding caused by Cyclone Mocha. Smashed-up boats are piled up next to a broken bridge in Sittwe, in Myanmar's Rakhine state, on May 15 after Cyclone Mocha.
It is in these poorly constructed camps that aid agencies fear Cyclone Mocha has hit the hardest. A man walks past destroyed buildings in Sittwe, in Myanmar's Rakhine state, on May 15, 2023, after Cyclone Mocha made landfall. Residents ride motorcycles past broken utility poles in Sittwe, in Myanmar's Rakhine state, on May 15, 2023, after Cyclone Mocha made landfall. At one point Cyclone Mocha had been predicted to hit the camp but it was spared a direct hit with the storm making landfall further down the coast. According to the UN, roughly 15,000 homes were destroyed in Rakhine state during that storm.
CNN —Search efforts are underway for three missing crew members after a Gabon-registered oil tanker caught fire off the coast of southern Malaysia, Malaysian maritime authorities said in a statement. The tanker was sailing from China to Singapore with 28 crew members when it caught fire, MMEA said. “Fortunately, 23 crew members were rescued by two ships in the vicinity,” MMEA director First Admiral Nurul Hizam Zakaria said. “While we managed to rescue two crew members, three are still missing,” he added. The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore identified the tanker as the MT Pablo.
Stringer/ReutersThe RSF denied those reports, telling CNN in a statement that it “will never assault any UN staff or employees. Meanwhile, tense efforts to establish a ceasefire have ramped up, with the UN calling for rival factions to end their hostilities. Satellite imagery of the smoke plume at Khartoum International Airport on Sunday. The Sudanese Armed Forces later issued conflicting statements on a proposed 24-hour ceasefire, intended to go into effect later on Tuesday. Both sides had previously agreed to a three-hour ceasefire on Sunday, and again on Monday, with fighting resuming afterward, Perthes said.
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