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Trump being re-elected wouldn't mean the end of NATO, the alliance's chief said. Stoltenberg said leaders would need to engage with Trump like they did in 2016. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementThe head of NATO said former President Donald Trump being reelected wouldn't mean the end of the military alliance. Instead, Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance is still together despite the same concerns that existed when Trump was elected president in 2016.
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U.S. intelligence agencies discovered the plan to go after Papperger earlier this year and informed the German government, the sources said. We have also been clear that Russia's actions will not deter Allies from continuing to support Ukraine." The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the CIA and the German embassy in Washington all declined to comment. The Intelligence Committee is closely following these threats, which only strengthen our resolve to support Ukraine." And in February, the company signed a memorandum with Ukraine to set up a joint production plant for artillery ammunition.
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Read previewNATO on Wednesday accused China of being "a decisive enabler of Russia's war against Ukraine" and demanded that it stop aiding Moscow's military or face the consequences. In the alliance's Washington Summit declaration, published before a White House dinner with its leader, it called on China "to cease all material and political support to Russia's war effort." The strongest rebuke yetJens Stoltenberg, NATO's secretary-general, described the language as the "strongest message NATO allies have ever sent on China's contributions to Russia's illegal war against Ukraine." In response, China has said it is not a party to the Ukraine war and that there should be no interference with trade between China and Russia. Speaking at a press briefing on Thursday, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Lin Jin said "NATO hyped up China's responsibility" in Russia's invasion of Ukraine, according to Reuters.
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“It’s not like Biden’s inner circle didn’t know this,” one Democratic strategist close to the White House said of the extent of the president’s recent decline. “Expect a drip, drip, drip,” said one former Biden White House official. “Blinders are off and everyone is aware,” one source close to the White House told CNN. “He’s declined,” one House Democratic lawmaker who attended the gala told CNN. She wields influence in the White House and campaign, and sits in on some of the president’s political meetings.
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CNN —NATO officials are discussing taking action to reclaim some Chinese-owned infrastructure projects in Europe should a wider conflict with Russia break out in the east of the continent, three officials involved in the discussions told CNN. A decade ago, when Europe was still crawling out of the economic crater caused by the global financial crisis, the promise of infrastructure funding from Chinese-owned investment firms seemed like a major windfall. The fear, according to one US official, is that Beijing could use the infrastructure it owns in Europe to provide material assistance to Russia if the conflict were to expand. The discussions reflect an increasing focus on China by the NATO alliance. A NATO official said that if a war erupted, the infrastructure “would almost certainly be nationalized, or nations would temporarily assume operating control, under emergency security measures.
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US President Donald Trump arrives for the NATO summit at the Grove hotel in Watford, northeast of London on December 4, 2019. U.S. President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky speak during a meeting in New York on September 25, 2019. Hanno Pevkur, Estonia's defense minister, emphasized that NATO allies did not interfere in each other's domestic politics and democratic processes. So when, when the choice of American people is Donald Trump, then it's Donald Trump. Then all the countries in the world, including Estonia, including the NATO allies, have to talk with this administration who will be put in place."
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Read previewThe West should send Ukraine the kind of weapons it needs to inflict a lasting, strategic defeat on Russia, NATO countries on the front lines of the military alliance said Tuesday. With this threat in mind, the Baltic nations have long pushed for increased defense spending among NATO member states. "The goal must be [the] strategic defeat of Russia in Ukraine," said Latvian Defense Minister Andris Sprūds. The Baltic states say enabling Ukraine to win will require a massive political buy-in and support from the West. "We have to say clearly: 'Yes, we will help Ukraine to win this war.'"
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailNATO's Stoltenberg: Expect U.S. to remain staunch ally whatever the election outcomeOutgoing NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg responds to a question from CNBC's Steve Sedgwick at a summit in Washington, D.C.
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Washington CNN —President Joe Biden on Tuesday announced plans to supply new air defenses to Ukraine in a speech opening the NATO summit – providing much-needed support for the country at a critical juncture in its defense against Russia’s invasion. Meanwhile, Italy would also provide a SAMP-T long-range air defense system. In addition to the long-range aerial defense systems, the US and other countries are also providing Ukraine with “dozens” of short- and medium-range systems to help Kyiv intercept Russian drones and missiles. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he would fight for “decisive actions” from the United States and Europe to help Ukraine. “All we allies knew before this war Putin thought NATO would break,” Biden said.
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CNN —A year ago, NATO heads of state gathered in Vilnius, Lithuania, for their annual summit. He called NATO’s unwillingness to establish a concrete timeframe for Ukraine’s membership “unprecedented and absurd,” causing consternation in the Biden administration and nearly derailing the summit. Several key NATO members, however, haven’t been especially eager to come to the defense of Ukraine. Why would Putin consider a ceasefire or diplomatic settlement with Kyiv if he knew that NATO membership for Ukraine was just around the corner? Biden should tell Zelensky point-blank that NATO membership is a fool’s errand — and while he’s at it, he ought to apologize to all Ukrainians, for waiting so long to state the obvious.
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Mark Rutte rode off into the sunset on his bicycle last week, making a carefully choreographed exit from Dutch politics, which he has dominated as prime minister for nearly 14 years. Mr. Rutte, known as a flexible pragmatist, will bring his experience at conciliation to the 32-nation military alliance when he takes over as secretary general from Jens Stoltenberg on Oct. 1. Beyond that challenge, NATO faces a Russian government forging stronger ties with China and Iran, even as Beijing tries to dominate Asia and Tehran expands its nuclear program. Leading member states like France and Germany are dealing with the empowerment of far-right parties with clear sympathies for Moscow. And there are new demands to spend more money on the military.
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Diplomats and officials who spoke with CNN said Rutte is seen as a staunch trans-Atlanticist and a consensus builder. “He is really a seasoned political official, and this is essential to keep the cohesion of the alliance,” a European official said. “It was just a very polite, slightly humorous way of dealing Trump, and Trump appreciated it,” Hoekstra recalled to CNN. “We are not there yet, but it is better than when Trump left,” the official told CNN. Biden likes Rutte personally, they get along well, and the US president sees them as sharing the same values, the official told CNN.
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watch nowThe stakes are high for the NATO alliance as the organization's 75th anniversary summit gets underway in Washington this week. "I think this NATO summit in Washington is an important moment for Joe Biden, he really has to show that he is with it, he's ready to continue to lead not only the United States of America but the NATO alliance," she told CNBC's Dan Murphy. Asked if the summit could be make-or-break for the transatlantic alliance, Gottemoeller replied: "I think it is an extraordinarily important summit for the NATO alliance; I wouldn't say it is a make-or-break. US President Joe Biden participates in the US-Nordic Leaders' Summit at the presidential palace in Helsinki, Finland, on July 13, 2023. US President Joe Biden travelled to Britain on July 9, 2023, to a NATO summit in Lithuania and will end the trip to Europe on July 13, 2023 in Finland.
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Washington CNN —President Joe Biden awarded the United States’ highest civilian honor to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in remarks marking the alliance’s 75th anniversary Tuesday evening, gifting the Norwegian diplomat with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in a surprise ceremony kicking off this week’s NATO summit. Last year, Biden asked Stoltenberg to extend his tenure as NATO secretary general an additional year, citing Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine. Former Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was formally selected as the next NATO secretary general in late June and will begin the job on October 1. When the Russian war in Ukraine began, you didn’t hesitate,” Biden told Stoltenberg Tuesday. During his own remarks earlier in the event, Stoltenberg urged members of the alliance to continue their support for Ukraine.
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Odesa CNN —As Washington prepares to welcome world leaders for a landmark summit commemorating 75 years of NATO, some 5,000 miles away I was having a heart wrenching dinner conversation. Michael Bociurkiw Chrystia Chudczak“My dreams have been shattered,” a Ukrainian friend, Inna Ivanova, told me at a restaurant tucked away in an obscure corner of Odesa. The question on everyone’s lipsLooming over the summit will be the question of Ukraine’s desperately sought NATO membership. Meanwhile in WashingtonThe forecasted record heat won’t be the only thing making NATO leaders in Washington break into a sweat. Given the high stakes for Ukraine, people here will be watching developments in Washington closely.
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The two leaders began their meeting at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse Monday morning, Chinese state media reported. China is a “key power in creating the conditions for peace” in the war, Orban wrote in an X post Monday. “This is why I came to meet with President Xi in Beijing, just two months after his official visit to Budapest,” he added. Orban and Xi last met in May, when the Chinese leader was welcomed with fanfare for a state visit to Hungary. “Only unity and determination will pave the path to a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine,” she added.
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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (L) talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy (R) in the Europa building prior the start of the meeting on June 27, 2024, in Brussels, Belgium. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban arrived in Ukraine on Tuesday for his first wartime visit to the battle-torn country. Orban, meanwhile, communicated Hungary's intentions to improve ties with Ukraine and sign a broad bilateral cooperation agreement, while urging Zelenskyy to consider a quick cease-fire to accelerate peace talks, Reuters reported. Orban absented from last month's Ukraine Peace Summit in Switzerland, where Hungary was instead represented by Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto. The Hungarian prime minister has also been one of the few Western leaders to meet the increasingly isolated Kremlin leader Putin since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
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And while they might look minor in isolation, taken together these incidents amount to what security experts say is Russia’s hybrid war on the West. Thornton said Russia was resorting to a campaign of sabotage as an alternative to a full-on war with NATO, which would be disastrous for Russia. Article 5 is the cornerstone principle that an attack on one member of NATO is an attack on all members. Danylyuk said the Russian security apparatus doesn’t shy away from using criminals to do its dirty work, tapping into its links with international organized crime. Russia can only be strong if the West and NATO are weak.
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You can opt-out at any time by visiting our Preferences page or by clicking "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email. download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewNATO has selected outgoing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte as its next Secretary-General. Rutte, a fierce critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, will take over from Jens Stoltenberg on October 1, ending the latter's decadelong run at the helm of the alliance. Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.
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Mark Rutte, the long-serving Dutch prime minister, was formally named the new secretary-general of NATO on Wednesday, putting an experienced, strongly pro-Ukraine leader with a reputation for conciliation at the head of the alliance. The decision, sealed by NATO ambassadors during a meeting at the 32-nation alliance’s headquarters in Brussels, removes a potentially contentious issue from the alliance’s 75th anniversary summit meeting next month in Washington. President Biden and his NATO counterparts will formally welcome Mr. Rutte to their table at a summit, which begins on July 9. Long a favorite of Mr. Biden for the post, Mr. Rutte served as the Dutch prime minister four times, for nearly 14 years, building complicated coalitions through debate and compromise. Those skills should serve him well in an alliance that works by consensus, where one country can block the intentions of the rest.
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CNN —Mark Rutte, the outgoing prime minister of the Netherlands, is now set to become the next NATO secretary general. Rutte will inherit a NATO that is racing to bolster its own security while also supporting Ukraine’s defense against Russia’s invasion. Over time its position has evolved from not sending any tanks to allowing Ukraine to strike inside Russian territory with NATO weapons. Rutte must also oversee NATO’s radical upgrade in defense and security capabilities. NATO allies are aware that Trump has historically criticized NATO allies for not spending enough money on their own security and relying on America.
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Netherland's Prime Minister Mark Rutte arrives to attend the European Political Community summit at the Palacio de Congreso in Granada, southern Spain on October 5, 2023. Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday rescinded his bid for the leadership of the NATO military alliance and threw his support behind the favorite contender for the post, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The move effectively clears the path for outgoing Dutch PM Rutte to assume the top position of the 32-member U.S.-led NATO military coalition, when incumbent Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg finishes his mandate on Oct. 1 after 10 years in the job. Iohannis, 65, is ending his second five-year round at the helm of Romania, which will hold national elections in September. Two weeks ago, Budapest conceded not to block the NATO alliance's deepening military support for Ukraine, in exchange for nonparticipation.
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CNN —The US appears to have expanded its agreement with Ukraine to strike over the border inside Russian territory wherever Russian forces are engaging in cross-border attacks into Ukraine, not just in the Kharkiv region as was previously determined. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told PBS News on Monday that the agreement with Ukraine to fire into Russia extends wherever Russian forces are attempting to invade. “It extends to anywhere that Russian forces are coming across the border from the Russian side to the Ukrainian side to try to take additional Ukrainian territory,” Sullivan said, adding that it’s “not about geography. The change marks a significant shift in the limited nature of the agreement between the US and Ukraine. “Russia opened a new front, they opened the front in the north in Kharkiv, where they’re attacking directly from Russian territory just over the border.
Persons: Jake Sullivan, ” Sullivan, Charlie Dietz, ” Dietz, Joe Biden, there’s, Jens Stoltenberg, Ukraine “, ” Stoltenberg, I’ll, , There’s, John Kirby Organizations: CNN, National, PBS, Pentagon, US Defense Department, NATO, National Security Locations: Ukraine, Kharkiv, Russia, Brussels, , Russian
The eventual language issued by the alliance about Ukraine during July’s summit in Washington is critical. Vague commitment in 2008It was back in 2008 at a NATO summit in Budapest that Ukraine was first offered a vague commitment of an invitation to join in the future. “Of course we’d be for ‘irreversible,’” a third Eastern European official said. Generally, throughout the conflict, British officials, the closest US allies in NATO, have consistently hoped the White House would take a more aggressive stance. “When the text is on the table and the countries start to negotiate we can see the full picture,” the Eastern European official said.
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Russia's President Vladimir Putin is greeted by North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un during a welcoming ceremony at an airport in Pyongyang, North Korea June 19, 2024. Gavriil Grigorov | Via ReutersRussian President Vladimir Putin was met with a grand reception in Pyongyang, North Korea on Wednesday amid concerns from Western officials about the two nuclear-armed countries' growing relationship. North Korean state TV showed the two leaders warmly embracing on a red carpet outside Pyongyang International Airport after Putin landed around 2:45 a.m. local time, kicking off his first visit there in 24 years. During their initial meeting, the Russian and North Korean leaders shared their "pent-up inmost thoughts" and agreed to further develop their nations' relations, state media KCNA reported. "We are, of course, also concerned about the potential support that Russia provides to North Korea when it comes to supporting their missile and nuclear programs," said Stoltenberg.
Persons: Vladimir Putin, North, Kim Jong Un, Gavriil, Putin, Kim Jong Un's, Jens Stoltenberg, Stoltenberg, Antony Blinken Organizations: Reuters, Pyongyang International Airport, NATO, U.S Locations: Pyongyang, North Korea, Russia, North, Eurasia, Ukraine, China, Iran, Antony Blinken .
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