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WASHINGTON (AP) — One fall day in 2010, retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor slipped into the courtroom where she worked for nearly 25 years to take in an “amazing” sight. That was pretty amazing.”O’Connor lived to see four women serve at the same time on the Supreme Court. Political Cartoons View All 1277 ImagesO’Connor, who left the court in 2006, died Friday in Phoenix of complications related to advanced dementia and a respiratory illness, the Supreme Court said. “I had never expected or aspired to be a Supreme Court justice. —-Richard Carelli, a former Supreme Court reporter for The Associated Press who is now retired, contributed to this story.
Persons: Sandra Day O’Connor, O’Connor, , ” O’Connor, Ronald Reagan, Samuel Alito, wasn’t, John, Donald Trump's, Alito, O'Connor, , Sandra Day, Bill Clinton, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “ I’m Sandra, Ruth, ” Ginsburg, Barack Obama, Sonia Sotomayor, David Souter, “ It’s, Obama, Elena Kagan, Trump, Amy Coney Barrett, Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Ketanji Brown Jackson, she'd, SCOTUS, ” Ruth McGregor, O’Connor’s, Mary, David Letterman’s, Jon Stewart, John O’Connor, Scott, Brian, Jay, Potter Stewart, Richard Carelli Organizations: WASHINGTON, New York Times, Iraq, College of William, CBS, Supreme, Associated Press Locations: Phoenix, Arizona, Washington, United States, Virginia, Los Angeles
O'Connor and her husband John pause on Aug. 28, 1987 as they navigate a steep stretch of China's famed Great Wall at Badaling, near Beijing during a private visit to China. O'Conner met John in law school at Stanford University. They married in 1952 and had three children. At age 75, O'Connor abruptly announced her intention to step down from the Supreme Court to attend to John, who was suffering from Alzheimer's disease. He died, at age 79, in 2009.
Persons: O'Connor, John, O'Conner Organizations: Stanford University Locations: Badaling, Beijing, China
Meta Platforms has spent months trying to fix child-safety problems on Instagram and Facebook, but it is struggling to prevent its own systems from enabling and even promoting a vast network of pedophile accounts. The social-media giant set up a child-safety task force in June after The Wall Street Journal and researchers at Stanford University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst revealed that Instagram’s algorithms connected a web of accounts devoted to the creation, purchasing and trading of underage-sex content.
Organizations: Facebook, Street Journal, Stanford University, University of Massachusetts Amherst
"Fortunately for us, she set her sights a little higher – becoming the first woman to serve as a U.S. Supreme Court justice. U.S. SUPREME COURT CHIEF JUSTICE JOHN ROBERTS"A daughter of the American Southwest, Sandra Day O'Connor blazed an historic trail as our Nation's first female Justice. SENATOR SUSAN COLLINS“The passing of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor reminds all of us of what an extraordinary woman and justice she was. JUSTIN DRIVER, PROFESSOR AT YALE LAW SCHOOL AND FORMER LAW CLERK TO O'CONNOR"Today, we lost a towering, trailblazing jurist who dramatically improved our nation. SENATOR CHUCK GRASSLEY, FORMER CHAIRMAN AND CURRENT MEMBER OF THE SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE“Justice O’Connor was the first Supreme Court nominee I had the honor of voting for as a senator.
Persons: Sandra Day O'Connor, BARACK OBAMA, Sandra Day, Michelle, JOHN ROBERTS, SUSAN COLLINS “, Sandra Day O’Connor, ” CRISTINA RODRIGUEZ, O'CONNOR, NANCY PELOSI, O’Connor, EUGENE VOLOKH, JUSTIN, Justice O’Connor, CHUCK GRASSLEY, LARRY KRAMER, iCivics, John Kruzel, Andrew Chung, Scott Malone, Alistaiir Bell, Richard Chang Organizations: U.S, Supreme, Stanford Law School, SUPREME, REPUBLICAN U.S, AT YALE, SCHOOL, LAW, UCLA, OF, trailblazer, CIVICS, Thomson Locations: U.S, Arizona, Texas, American, New York
If you funneled cash into money market mutual funds in 2023 amid rising interest rates, you may have a surprise tax bill in April, experts say. Investors and institutions have piled $5.84 trillion into money market mutual funds, as of Nov. 29, according to the Investment Company Institute, and many funds are paying well over 5%. "With pennies earned in 2022 on cash assets, the tax bill was negligible," said certified financial planner Robert Schultz, senior partner at NWF Advisory Group in Encino, California. Here's whyWith yields closely tied to the federal funds rate, money market funds — different than money market deposit accounts — are mutual funds that typically invest in shorter-term, lower-credit-risk debt, such as Treasury bills. Many investors are stockpiling money into these funds due to "fear in the stock market" and many are nervous to spend cash, according to CFP Colin Day, an enrolled agent at Correct Capital in St Louis.
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Vegan diets may lead to better heart health and slower aging, suggests a new study of twins. 22 pairs of twins tried either vegan or omnivore diets to control for factors like genetics. While vegan diets may be harder to stick to, you don't have to be strictly plant-based to benefit. One member of each pair of twins was randomly assigned a vegan diet, eating exclusively plant-based foods with no meat, eggs, dairy, or other animal products. However, the vegan participants self-reported that they weren't as happy with their food, which could account for the extra weight loss.
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailDr. Kavita Patel on the respiratory illness surge across the U.S.Dr. Kavita Patel, Stanford University professor of medicine, joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss the surge in respiratory illness across the U.S., after Ohio became the first state in the U.S. to report an uptick in pediatric pneumonia, the respiratory surge in China, and more.
Persons: Kavita Patel Organizations: Stanford University Locations: U.S, Ohio, China
WASHINGTON (AP) — Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, an unwavering voice of moderate conservatism and the first woman to serve on the nation’s highest court, died Friday. When she retired, Justice Clarence Thomas, a consistent conservative, called her “an outstanding colleague, civil in dissent and gracious when in the majority.”She could, nonetheless, express her views tartly. “I had never expected or aspired to be a Supreme Court justice," she said. The retired justice was relieved that he was comfortable and happy at the center, according to her son, Scott. “It has been a great privilege indeed to have served as a member of the court for 24 terms,” the justice wrote.
Persons: , Sandra Day O’Connor, O’Connor, John Roberts, , Roberts, , John O’Connor, Ronald Reagan, Roe, Wade, Casey, Samuel Alito, George W, Bush, Democrat Al Gore, Clarence Thomas, tartly, unwisely, ” O’Connor, Bill Clinton, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Mary, Scott, ” Bush, Potter Stewart, Alzheimer’s, Brian, Jay Organizations: WASHINGTON, Senate, Democrat, Iraq, College of William, Office, Legislature, Washington, Republicans Locations: Phoenix, American, , Arizona, Vermont, Virginia, Afghanistan, Rose, Los Angeles, United States
REUTERS/Mike Segar Acquire Licensing RightsDec 1 (Reuters) - Some leading U.S. obesity specialists say they expect Eli Lilly’s (LLY.N) powerful weight-loss drug Zepbound will produce the same or similar heart benefits as Novo Nordisk’s (NOVOb.CO) popular Wegovy as they belong to the same class of medicines. In Novo's pivotal Wegovy trial involving 17,604 overweight and obese people without diabetes, the drug reduced incidence of heart attack, stroke or heart-related death by an impressive 20%. The product, which has the same active ingredient - tirzepatide - as its previously approved diabetes drug Mounjaro, is expected to start shipping it before the end of the year. They said they would readily prescribe Wegovy (semaglutide) if their patients' insurance did not cover Lilly’s drug, or if future trial results do not produce similar heart benefits. Lilly declined to comment on doctors' views that Zepbound might have the same or similar cardiovascular benefits as Wegovy.
Persons: Eli Lilly, Mike Segar, Eli Lilly’s, Lilly, Danish drugmaker, Edmond Wickham, Emily, Zepbound, Tirzepatide, , Rohit Kedia, Novo, Chad Weldy, semaglutide, tirzepatide, Farxiga, Boehringer Ingelheim, Lilly’s Jardiance, Patrick Wingrove, Caroline Humer, Bill Berkrot Organizations: Company, REUTERS, Novo, Wegovy, Virginia Commonwealth University . The, Virginia Commonwealth University . The U.S . Food, Drug Administration, Wall Street, Barclays, Providence, Stanford University, Thomson Locations: Branchburg , New Jersey, Danish, Virginia Commonwealth University . The U.S, Zepbound, U.S
[1/5] U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor speaks during an interview with Reuters Editor-in-Chief Stephen Adler at the 92nd Street Y in New York March 15, 2012. Chief Justice John Roberts recalled O'Connor as having "blazed an historic trail as our nation’s first female justice." "We at the Supreme Court mourn the loss of a beloved colleague, a fiercely independent defender of the rule of law, and an eloquent advocate for civics education." Her 1981 appointment by Republican President Ronald Reagan made her the Supreme Court's first woman justice nearly two centuries after the Supreme Court was established in 1789 but her place in history went beyond breaking men-only barriers. The Supreme Court, which has had a 6-3 conservative majority since 2020, overturned the landmark Roe ruling in 2022.
Persons: Sandra Day O'Connor, Stephen Adler, Shannon Stapleton, Sandra Day O’Connor, O'Connor, John Roberts, Roberts, George W, Bush, Samuel Alito, Ronald Reagan, you’ve, Roe, Wade, Republican George W, Democrat Al Gore, O’Connor, Harry, Ada Mae, Rehnquist, John, Warren Burger, Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Justice Potter Stewart, , Barack Obama, Bill Trott, Daniel Wallis Organizations: U.S, Supreme, Reuters, REUTERS, Rights, Republican, Democrat, Chicago Tribune, Stanford University, Arizona, Democratic, Senate, Ladies, White, Thomson Locations: New York, Phoenix, Arizona, Georgia, Texas, Florida, El Paso , Texas, Los Angeles, San Mateo County , California, United States, West, Reuters Washington
CNN —Former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, who blazed trails as the first woman to sit on the Supreme Court, has died, the court announced Friday morning. O’Connor inspired generations of female lawyers – including the five women who served after her nomination on the high court. O’Connor stepped down from the court in 2006 to care for her husband who was ailing from Alzheimer’s disease. Key vote on abortion, affirmative action, Bush v. GoreDuring her tenure, the court for a time was known informally as the “O’Connor Court” because she served as the deciding vote in so many controversial cases. O’Connor was well aware of the symbolism of her place in history as the first female justice.
Persons: Sandra Day O’Connor, O’Connor, John Roberts, , Ronald Reagan, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, George W, Bush, Samuel Alito, William Rehnquist, John O’Connor, , ” O’Connor, James Forman, ’ ” Forman, Gore, Casey, Donald Trump’s, O’Conner, Marci Hamilton, ” Hamilton, Alito, Roe, Wade Organizations: CNN, , Stanford University, Stanford Law School, Maricopa County Superior Court, of Appeals, University of Michigan, Supreme Court, Republican Locations: Arizona, Maricopa County
Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has died, the Supreme Court announced. AdvertisementFormer Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who became the first woman to serve on the nation's highest court, died on Friday, the high court announced. Before her tenure on the nation's top court, O'Connor served as the Republican leader of the Arizona Senate. O'Connor retired from the Supreme Court in 2005O'Connor announced her retirement in 2005 after her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on July 25, 2012 in Washington, DC.
Persons: Sandra Day O'Connor, O'Connor, , John Roberts, " O'Connor, Roberts, Ronald Reagan, William Rehnquist, Rehnquist, John O'Connor, Sandra Day, David Hume Kennerly, Reagan, Casey, Gore, T.J . Kirkpatrick, Samuel Alito, George W, Bush, iCivics Organizations: Supreme, Service, trailblazer, Republican, The Associated Press, US, New, Associated Press, Stanford University, Stanford, Maricopa Superior Court, Court, Senate, Bollinger, Alzheimer's, Former Locations: Phoenix , Arizona, Arizona, New Mexico, Washington , DC, Maricopa, Washington, DC, Bush, Washington ,
"Return to the office is dead," Nick Bloom, an economics professor at Stanford University and expert on the work-from-home revolution, wrote this week. The share of paid work-from-home days has been "totally flat" this year, hovering around 28%, said Bloom in an interview with CNBC. "We are three and a half years in, and we're totally stuck," Bloom said of remote work. Why remote work has had staying powerThe initial surge of remote work was spurred by Covid-19 lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. While remote work is the labor market's new normal, there's significant variety from company to company, Pollak said.
Persons: Nick Bloom, Bloom, hasn't, Julia Pollak, Pollak, it's Organizations: Stanford University, Survey, CNBC, Census, Research, Finance, Employers Locations: U.S
A vegan diet differs from a vegetarian diet in that it eliminates not only animal flesh but dairy, eggs or any other ingredient derived from animals. In each pair, one twin was assigned a vegan diet, while the other was assigned an omnivore diet. “I feel like a lot of people who do a vegan diet think ‘Oh great, soda is vegan. Cutting back on eating meat and animal byproducts can be done slowly, bit by bit. Harvard’s Hu agreed: “While this study showed a vegan diet may provide additional advantages compared to a healthy omnivorous diet, it does not mean that everyone should become a vegan or vegetarian.
Persons: , Christopher Gardner, Gardner, , ” Alice Lichtenstein, Frank Hu, ” Hu, ” Gardner, “ I’m, quinoa, there’s, Harvard’s Hu Organizations: CNN, Stanford Prevention Research Center, Nutrition Studies Research, Stanford, Tufts University’s Cardiovascular Nutrition Laboratory, Harvard, of Public Health, JAMA Locations: Palo Alto , California, Chan, Boston, Brussels, Yukon
Ms. Dettore and Mr. Grozier were each fined several hundred dollars, and she has since left Rankin County. After Mr. McAlpin arrested Mr. Loveday and accused him of consorting with drug dealers, he ordered him to leave town. Before he left Mississippi, Mr. Loveday said, he called Sheriff Bailey personally to warn him about his deputies’ behavior. He called Mr. Loveday a dirty cop and accused him of secretly recording the call. Then, Mr. Loveday said, “He hung up on me.”Jerry Mitchell , Ilyssa Daly , Eric Sagara and Irene Casado Sanchez contributed reporting.
Persons: Robert Grozier, Christian Dedmon, Dettore, Grozier, Hobson, Loveday, McAlpin, , Sheriff Bailey, Bailey, , ” Jerry Mitchell, Ilyssa Daly, Eric Sagara, Irene Casado Sanchez, Kitty Bennett Organizations: Big Local, Stanford University, Pulitzer Center Locations: Rankin County, Mississippi
Duffie said more could be done, but added that the "official sector Treasury market datasets are far more comprehensive now than they were a few years ago." They would have much better estimates of the basis trade, for example, but they still wouldn't know exactly how big it is. The trade involves hedge funds exploiting the difference between a Treasury security and its derivative in the futures market. The CFTC data includes other trades that hedge funds enter into that involve shorting treasury futures, the two industry sources said. At a major Treasury market conference earlier this month, officials underscored the importance of good data.
Persons: Darrell Duffie, Duffie, John Williams, Sherlock Holmes, Paritosh Bansal, Anna Driver Organizations: U.S . Federal Reserve, Financial Research, Stanford University, Treasury, Futures Trading Commission, Securities, Exchange Commission, Regulators, ” New York Fed, Thomson Locations:
State courts in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota and elsewhere have so far declined to rule in favor of challenges asserting that Donald Trump should be disqualified from holding the presidency again under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. (Cases in Michigan and Colorado have been appealed.) Challengers assert that Mr. Trump is barred because, as stated in Section 3, he was an officer of the United States who, after taking an oath to support the Constitution, “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against” the country, or gave “aid or comfort to the enemies thereof,” before and during the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol. Mr. Trump and his campaign have called this claim an “absurd conspiracy theory” and efforts to bar him “election interference.” Some election officials and legal scholars — many of them otherwise opposed to the former president — have also been critical of the efforts. The Georgia secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, writes that invoking Section 3 “is merely the newest way of attempting to short-circuit the ballot box.” Michael McConnell, a former judge and professor at Stanford Law School, claims that keeping Mr. Trump off the ballot on grounds that are “debatable at best is not something that will be regarded as legitimate.”
Persons: Donald Trump, Trump, , , Brad Raffensperger, ” Michael McConnell, Organizations: United, Capitol, Stanford Law School Locations: Colorado , Michigan, Minnesota, Michigan, Colorado, United States, Georgia
Apple has released a list of the 10 most popular podcasts of 2023. Apple shared a roundup on Tuesday of the most popular podcasts of 2023. But today, we will be focusing on the top 10 podcasts overall, according to Apple. Denise Truscello"Stuff You Should Know" will, according to Apple Podcasts, teach you everything you need to know about science, history, religion, crime, and more. It is the top health and fitness-related podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, according to the podcast's website.
Persons: Apple, , Josh Clark, Chuck Bryant, Denise Truscello, Clark, Byrant, Shankar Vedantam, Chance Yeh, Andrew Huberman, Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan, Drew Angerer, Alaina Urquhart, Ash Kelley, Urquhart, Kelley, Glass, Astrid Stawiarz, Ira Glass, Chicago that's, Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Sean Hayes, Frazer Harrison, Manny Carabel, Amy Sussman, Getty, Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Aniston, Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, Gary Hershorn, It's, Michael Barbaro, Sabrina Tavernise, Ashley Flowers, Audiochuck, Brit Prawat Organizations: Apple, Service, SYSK, NPR, The Washington Post, National Public, Public Radio Exchange, Getty, NBC NBC Dateline, NBC, Nielsen Media Research, The New York Times Locations: Stanford, Boston
(AP) — Charlie Munger, who helped Warren Buffett build Berkshire Hathaway into an investment powerhouse, has died at a California hospital. Berkshire Hathaway said in a statement that Munger’s family told the company that he died Tuesday morning at the hospital just over a month before his 100th birthday. “Berkshire Hathaway could not have been built to its present status without Charlie’s inspiration, wisdom and participation,” Buffett said in a statement. Munger and Buffett began buying Berkshire Hathaway shares in 1962 for $7 and $8 per share, and they took control of the New England textile mill in 1965. He also gave a significant portion of his Berkshire stock to his eight children after his wife died in 2010.
Persons: Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway, ” Buffett, Munger, Buffett, “ Charlie, Buffett’s, Ben Graham, ” Munger, ” Edward Jones, Jim Shanahan, Cathy Seifert, ” Seifert, didn’t, Charles T, See’s Candy, it’s, , Investor Whitney Tilson, Tilson, you’ve, ” Tilson, hadn’t, Josh Funk Organizations: Daily Journal Corp, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Columbia University, Berkshire Hathaway, BNSF, Apple, CFRA, Buffett, Buffalo News, Wesco, Investor, University of Michigan, Army Air Corps, Harvard University, Harvard, Westlake, Stanford University Law School, Huntington Library, Samaritan Hospital, Westlake School, Costco Wholesale Corp Locations: OMAHA, Neb, Berkshire, California, New England, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Munger, Omaha , Nebraska, Omaha, Southern California, ,
The tech giant said Tuesday it will launch Q — a business chatbot powered by generative artificial intelligence. San Francisco startup OpenAI’s release of ChatGPT a year ago sparked a surge of public and business interest in generative AI tools that can spit out emails, marketing pitches, essays, and other passages of text that resemble the work of humans. Amazon said Tuesday that Q can do things like synthesize content, streamline day-to-day communications and help employees with tasks like generating blog posts. It said companies can also connect Q to their own data and systems to get a tailored experience that's more relevant to their business. While Amazon is ahead of rivals Microsoft and Google as the dominant cloud computing provider, it’s not perceived as the leader in the AI research that’s led to advancements in generative AI.
Persons: who’ve, they’ve, it’s, that’s, Amazon Organizations: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Stanford University, Stanford, OpenAI Locations: Las Vegas, Francisco, ChatGPT, San Francisco
The world is heading for considerably less warming than projected a decade ago, but that good news is overwhelmed by much more pain from current climate change than scientists anticipated, experts said. Even though emissions of heat-trapping gases are still rising every year, they’re rising more slowly than projected from 2000 to 2015. “It requires the tearing out the poisoned root of the climate crisis: fossil fuels,” said United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Guterres, numerous climate scientists and environmental activists all say what’s needed is a phase-out — or at the very least a phase-down — of coal, oil and gas. “This is throwing the global energy transition and humanity’s future into question.”___Read more of AP’s climate coverage at
Persons: That’s, It’s, , Niklas Hohne, Bill Hare, Rob Jackson, Ani Dasgupta, ” Dasgupta, Hare, Anne Olhoff, , ” Jackson, Melanie Robinson, that’s, Johan Rockstrom, Antonio Guterres, Sultan al, Jaber, Greta Thunberg, Adnan Amir, ’ ’, Majid Al Suwaidi, we’ve, Institute’s Hohne, Al Jaber, ” Hohne, Dasgupta, can’t, Inger Andersen, ” ___ Read, Seth Borenstein Organizations: United Nations, United Nations Environment, NewClimate, Stanford University, Project, Resources, UNEP, World Resources Institute, Potsdam Institute, Climate Research, Center for Biological Diversity, Biden Administration, Twitter, AP Locations: Dubai, Paris, Europe, Pakistan, Libya, Arab Emirates, , al, greenwashing, Russia, Ukraine
Celsius, the suddenly-ubiquitous energy drink, is a favorite of Gen Z — and Capitol Hill. "I love to take meetings in front of the Celsius vending machine," he told Business Insider. "It's a way better alternative to coffee, honestly," Robertson told Business Insider. "Capitol Hill is full of young, energetic career-oriented people who by and large care about fitness," he told Business Insider. Stanford said these young workers are part of a new consumer group that's helping drive the overall growth of the energy drink market.
Persons: Z, , Matthew Hoekstra, Gen Z, Brent Robertson, Roger Marshall, Victoria Knight, Knight, she's, Robertson, Hoekstra —, Matthew Hoekstra Florida, Anna Paulina Luna, w3O2gsMYXP —, Eric Garcia, Rayburn, Dirksen, — Doug Andres, @DougAndres, curt, Duane Stanford, Stanford, Hoekstra, John Parra, Garcia Organizations: Capitol, Service, Republican Kansas, Capitol Press Corps, PepsiCo, Vibe, Caucus, The Independent, Republican House, Cannon, Beverage, Essential Energy, Republicans Locations: Washington, Rayburn
The NewsThe union representing teachers, counselors and other school employees in Portland, Ore., reached a tentative deal with the city's public school district on Sunday, ending a strike that has kept nearly 45,000 students out of classes for more than three weeks in Oregon’s largest district. That is about in the middle of what the district had offered and what the union had asked for at the start of the strike. The strike has drawn attention to public school funding in Oregon. (Minneapolis students missed 14 school days during a strike last year.) The strike, which kept students out of school for nearly the entire month of November, could risk amplifying that message in Portland.
Persons: , Thomas Dee, , Dr, Dee Organizations: Hollywood, Portland Public Schools, Oregonian, Veterans, Minneapolis, Public Schools, Stanford University, Students Locations: Portland ,, Oregon’s, Oregon, Portland
3 and setting up a top-five matchup with Oregon in the Pac-12 championship game on Friday in Las Vegas. Political Cartoons View All 1265 ImagesThe last time there were two Pac-12 teams in the top five of the AP poll was 2016, when Southern California finished No. Among the top eight teams there are only four losses, one each for Oregon, Ohio State, Texas and Alabama. 5 Oregon vs. No. 3 Washington in Las Vegas, Pac-12 championship.
Persons: Stanford, Ralph D, Russo Organizations: Florida State, Associated Press, Bulldogs, Michigan, Ohio State, Buckeyes, Southern California, Washington, Alabama, Penn State, USC, Penn, Texas Tech, Oregon, Washington , Ohio State, Carolina State, SMU, Vanderbilt, Kansas State, Iowa State, SEC, ACC —, USA, Southeastern Conference, , Big, Louisville, Atlantic Coast Conference, Oklahoma State, Tulane, American Athletic Conference, AP Locations: Washington, Oregon, Georgia, Ann Arbor, Las Vegas, Texas, . Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, Florida , Oklahoma , Texas , Alabama, Penn State , Utah, Ohio State , Texas, Alabama, Washington , Ohio, Texas . Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Kansas, Tennessee, Atlanta, Iowa, Indianapolis, Florida, Charlotte , North Carolina, Arlington , Texas
Millennials are powering the continued remote work boom, and are more likely to be remote. While Gen Zers and boomers want to go in, millennials are opting to work from home. Going into the office is a desire that cuts across generational lines, unifying groups that aren't often in alignment: Gen Zers, Gen Xers, and boomers. That data paints a clearer picture of how remote work has created new segments of workers. Of course, remote work has been life-changing for some .
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