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A message endorsing former U.S. President Donald Trump for the 2024 elections was posted by an account in support of Javier Milei, not by the official account of Argentina’s president-elect. Some users (archived) on Facebook (archived) have shared the message as if it were authentically posted by Milei himself. The bio indicates it is an account in support of Milei. Milei’s press office said in a statement on Nov. 23 that Trump will visit Buenos Aires and meet with Milei following a call between them. The message endorsing Trump was posted by an account in support of Milei, not by Milei’s official account.
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A one hundred Argentine peso bill sits on top of several one hundred U.S. dollar bills in this illustration picture taken October 17, 2022. The change means that Argentines using dollar credit cards or buying foreign currency for savings will pay rates closer to those in alternative markets. This change comes after libertarian Milei, who proposes dollarizing Argentina's economy and eliminating the central bank, defeated the Peronist Economy Minister Sergio Massa in a presidential run-off on Sunday. To safeguard its limited foreign currency, Argentina set multiple exchange rates under strict controls in 2019. Reporting by Walter Bianchi; Writing by Natalia Siniawski; Edited by Eliana Raszewski and Marguerita ChoyOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Agustin Marcarian, Javier Milei, Milei, Sergio Massa, Walter Bianchi, Natalia Siniawski, Eliana Raszewski, Marguerita Choy Organizations: Argentine, REUTERS, Peronist Economy, Thomson Locations: Argentina, Argentine
An image of Argentina’s newly elected Vice-President Victoria Villarruel wearing a white dress alongside her running mate Javier Milei is digitally altered. In the original photograph, Villarruel was pictured wearing a suit jacket. In the unaltered photograph, Villarruel was wearing a light blue blazer, not a long white dress. The unaltered photograph was published by various Argentinian outlets including El Tribuno and El Diario Argentina. The original photo shows Victoria Villarruel wearing a suit jacket, not a white dress.
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BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentina's libertarian President-elect Javier Milei is sticking by his plans for economic "shock" therapy to fix the country's myriad crises from triple-digit inflation to rising poverty and a dearth of foreign currency reserves. There's no money," Milei told local outlet Neura Media. "I will make a shock adjustment and I will put the economy in a fiscal balance. "A fiscal balance is non-negotiable. The fiscal balance is not under debate.
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BUENOS AIRES, Nov 22 (Reuters) - Argentina's libertarian President-elect Javier Milei is sticking by his plans for economic "shock" therapy to fix the country's myriad crises from triple-digit inflation to rising poverty and a dearth of foreign currency reserves. There's no money," Milei told local outlet Neura Media. "I will make a shock adjustment and I will put the economy in a fiscal balance. "A fiscal balance is non-negotiable. The fiscal balance is not under debate.
Persons: Javier Milei, Milei, Sergio Massa, Horaci Soria, Adam Jourdan, Chizu Organizations: Neura, Peronist Economy, Thomson Locations: BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, South America's
Javier Milei wants to adopt the U.S. dollar as Argentina’s national currency. Photo: Luciano GonzALez Torres/Xinhua/Zuma PressArgentina’s anarcho-capitalist president-elect is right that the country desperately needs dollars. But his economic plan for getting them may be the wrong one. Javier Milei ’s victory over Economy Minister Sergio Massa in Sunday’s presidential election showed how eager Argentines are to embrace change. Milei, an outsider who became popular on YouTube and TikTok, has promised to “chain saw” public spending, eschew China-friendly overtures and, most eye-catchingly, “burn down” the central bank and adopt the U.S. dollar as the national currency.
Persons: Javier Milei, Luciano GonzALez Torres, Javier Milei ’, Sergio Massa Organizations: U.S, Xinhua, Zuma Press, Economy, YouTube Locations: Sunday’s, tatters, China
Argentine presidential candidate for the La Libertad Avanza alliance Javier Milei speaks to supporters after winning the presidential election runoff at his party headquarters in Buenos Aires on November 19, 2023. China on Tuesday issued a warning to Argentina that it would be a "huge foreign policy mistake" for Buenos Aires to cut ties, shortly after right-wing libertarian Javier Milei secured victory in the South American nation's presidential runoff. The president-elect said Argentina would no longer work with "communist" regimes, reportedly likened Beijing's government to an "assassin" and said the people of China were "not free." China's Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning said on Tuesday that bilateral relations had shown "sound momentum," adding that Beijing "stands ready to work with Argentina to keep our relations on a steady course." "No countries could step out of diplomatic relations and still be able to engage in economic trade and cooperation," Mao said.
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BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentinian President-elect Javier Milei arrived on Tuesday morning at the presidential residence in the suburbs of Buenos Aires to meet outgoing Peronist leader Alberto Fernandez, to begin a transition that looks likely to be complex. Local television showed the arrival of Milei, a libertarian who has pledged to privatize public firms, eliminate the central bank and dollarize the economy, at the presidential residence in Olivos. Fernandez failed to tame inflation heading towards 150%. Spokespeople for Milei and for Fernandez declined to give further details about the meeting. Milei, an outsider libertarian who has rattled the South American country's political landscape with his abrupt rise, beat Peronist Sergio Massa in a run-off election on Sunday.
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Argentina Gambles on Milei
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Journal Editorial Report: The week’s best and worst from Kim Strassel, Kyle Peterson, Mary O'Grady and Dan Henninger. Images: AP/AFP/Getty Images/Reuters/Zuma Press Composite: Mark KellyWhen there’s no real alternative, there’s no problem, as the saying goes. And that may be the logic of Argentina voters on Sunday who rejected the catastrophe of Peronist rule in favor of impulsive and charismatic outsider Javier Milei , who promised what for Argentina is the radical change of free-market economics. Mr. Milei, a Congressman and self-described libertarian, won the Presidency in a rout with 56% of the vote to 44%. He defeated Sergio Massa , the incumbent economic minister and architect of the policies that have produced runaway inflation, declining living standards, a government shedding foreign reserves, and the worst economic crisis in decades.
Persons: Kim Strassel, Kyle Peterson, Mary O'Grady, Dan Henninger, Mark Kelly, Javier Milei, Milei, Sergio Massa Organizations: Getty, Zuma, Sunday Locations: Argentina
Libertarian Javier Milei Is Elected President of ArgentinaJavier Milei, a political outsider who pledged to flatten Argentina’s political establishment, won the presidency on Sunday. Milei, a self-described anarcho-capitalist, defeated ruling party candidate Sergio Massa. Photo: Tomas Cuesta/Getty Images
Persons: Javier Milei, Argentina Javier Milei, Sergio Massa, Tomas Cuesta Organizations: Getty Locations: Argentina
The South American country's markets are closed on Monday for a local holiday, so will only fully trade on Tuesday. Overseas-listed sovereign bonds and some equities will trade, mainly in Europe and the United States. In his first speech Milei pledged speedy reforms to fix an economy mired in crisis. If Milei can convince the market that the chainsaw (fiscal discipline) is the heart and soul of his presidency then bonds rally," he said. But he still faces a divided Congress where his Liberty Advances bloc only has a small share of seats.
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Javier Milei presidential candidate of the La Libertad Avanza (Freedom Advances) party, speaks at the campaign closing event on Oct.18, 2023. Argentina elected libertarian outsider Javier Milei as its new president on Sunday, rolling the dice on an outsider with radical views to fix an economy battered by triple-digit inflation, a looming recession and rising poverty. Official results showed Milei with near 56% versus 44% for his rival, Peronist Economy Minister Sergio Massa, who conceded in a speech. His candidacy was hampered by the country's worst economic crisis in two decades while he has been at the helm. I have contacted Javier Milei to congratulate him," Massa said.
Persons: Javier Milei, Sergio Massa, Massa, Milei, Cristian, Lista Organizations: La Libertad, Peronist, International Monetary Fund Locations: Argentina, Buenos Aires, China, Brazil
Global leaders react to Milei's Argentina victory
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ARGENTINE PRESIDENT ALBERTO FERNANDEZ"I am a man of democracy, and I value nothing more than the popular verdict. I trust that tomorrow we can start working with Javier Milei to guarantee an orderly transition." FORMER ARGENTINA PRESIDENT MAURICIO MACRI"I congratulate Javier Milei for bravely representing the will to advance and prosper that lives in the hearts of Argentines. WHITE HOUSE NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR JAKE SULLIVAN"I congratulate Javier Milei on his election as president of Argentina and to the people of Argentina for holding free and fair elections. FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP"Congratulations to Javier Milei on a great race for president of Argentina.
Persons: Javier Milei, ALBERTO FERNANDEZ, MAURICIO MACRI, JAKE SULLIVAN, DONALD TRUMP, ILAN GOLDFAJN, LUIZ INACIO LULA DA SILVA, SANTIAGO PENA, GUSTAVO PETRO, Milei, GABRIEL BORIC, Sergio Massa, LUIS LACALLE POU, DINA BOLUARTE'S, JAIR BOLSONARO, Javier Milei's, ARGENTINA DMITRY FEOKTISTOV, Brendan O'Boyle, Lidia Kelly, Chris Reese Organizations: ARGENTINE, IDB, PARAGUAYAN, America, URUGUAYAN, Thomson Locations: ARGENTINA, Argentina, Argentine, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentine Republic, South America, United States, Brazil, RUSSIAN, BRICS
"Who is central bank president and economy minister, and the details of an urgent economic stabilization plan without a majority in Congress, will be the key for asset prices in the days ahead." The Economy Ministry is always a hot seat, with Argentina a nine-time debt defaulter caught in a decades-long boom-and-bust cycle. Milei will take office on Dec. 10 after beating ruling Peronist coalition Economy Minister Sergio Massa. "Milei said that he is going to reorganize the central bank instead of imploding it or shutting it down. The new economy minister will have to negotiate a new programme with the IMF "relatively quickly" to avoid entering arrears with the fund, Morgan Stanley said on Monday.
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Milei, who is pledging economic shock therapy such as shutting the central bank and dollarization, won a second-round runoff vote on Sunday with some 56% to rival Sergio Massa's 44%. Milei now faces the huge challenge of turning around the economy once he takes office on Dec. 10. "It is an economy that is in intensive care," said Miguel Kiguel, a former undersecretary of finance at the Economy Ministry in the 1990s. A central bank poll of analysts forecast 185% inflation by the end of the year. In a bid to tamp down inflation Argentina's central bank has hiked the benchmark interest rate to 133%, which encourages saving in pesos, but hurts access to credit and economic growth.
Persons: Javier Milei, Sergio Massa's, Milei, Miguel Kiguel, Lucio Garay Mendez, Vaca Muerta, Eugenio Marí, Hernan Nessi, Adam Jourdan, Daniel Wallis, Chris Reese Organizations: Economy Ministry, Reuters Graphics Reuters, Coldplay, Reuters Graphics, CENTRAL, International Monetary Fund, Libertad y Progreso Foundation, Thomson Locations: BUENOS AIRES, dollarization, Argentina, China, Brazil
Can Argentina really move from the peso to the dollar?
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2 economy and ditch its peso currency in favor of the US dollar. Milei must tackle inflation above 140%, a shortfall in foreign currency reserves and the prospect of another painful recession. Argentina’s financial markets are closed Monday for a local holiday, but the peso weakened slightly in partial trade to stand at around 353.58 to the US dollar. Bruno Gennari, Argentina expert at fixed income broker dealer KNG Securities, said the peso was trading at $1,009 versus the dollar on crypto exchanges Monday, considerably weaker than the $869 and $975 rates seen on Friday. Dollarization means Argentina would give up the peso and use the US dollar as its currency, effectively wresting control of monetary policy from the country’s central bank and handing it to the US Federal Reserve.
Persons: London CNN — Javier Milei, Sergio Massa, Milei, ” —, , ” Milei, , , Bruno Gennari, Javier Milei, Natacha, dollarization, ” William Jackson, “ It’s, Thierry Larose, ” Larose, Kristalina Georgieva, Jackson, — Valentina Gonzalez, Stefano Pozzebon, Olesya Dmitracova Organizations: London CNN, Libertad Avanza, Peronist, , ” Financial, Argentine, State, Banco, Grupo Financiero Galicia, KNG Securities, US Federal Reserve, AP, Capital Economics, Vontobel, Management, CNN, Monetary Fund, Bank, IMF, Reuters Locations: Argentina, New York, Brazil, Mexico, Dollarization, Argentina’s, Zurich, dollarization, Washington, DC, Argentine
Shares in Argentina's YPF soar as Milei hints at privatization
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REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsCompanies Ypf Sa FollowRepsol SA FollowBUENOS AIRES, Nov 20 (Reuters) - New York-traded shares in Argentine state-run oil company YPF soared more than 40% on Monday after President-elect Javier Milei said he would seek to privatize the firm. The South American country nationalized 51% of the oil company more than a decade ago from Spain's Repsol (REP.MC). YPF is Argentina's largest oil firm and oversees development of Vaca Muerta, the world's second-largest shale gas reserve and fourth-largest shale oil reserve. Shares of YPF jumped more than 40% early in the session, before paring some gains to trade up 35.2%. Global X analyst Trevor Yates said the YPF gains were related to the increasing likelihood of it being privatized and implementing an international price parity policy.
Persons: Alberto Fernandez, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Agustin Marcarian, Javier Milei, Sergio Massa, YPF, Milei, Spain's, Vaca Muerta, Trevor Yates, Yates, Eliana Raszewski, Bansari Mayu, Grant McCool Organizations: Argentine, REUTERS, Global, Thomson Locations: Buenos Aires, Argentina, BUENOS AIRES, New York, Argentine, American
BRASILIA, Nov 19 (Reuters) - Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva extended best wishes to the newly elected government in Argentina, without making direct mention of President-elect Javier Milei, who has previously criticized Lula and labeled him an "angry communist." Brazil will always be available to work together with our Argentine brothers," he wrote on Sunday on X, formerly Twitter. On Tuesday, leftist Lula had said that Argentina, the country's third-largest trading partner, should choose a president who supports democracy and the Mercosur trading bloc. He has also criticized the South American common market Mercosur and said Argentina would "follow its own path." He met with Brazilian Finance Minister Fernando Haddad in Brasilia earlier this year to discuss mechanisms to secure imports by Buenos Aires.
Persons: Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Javier Milei, Lula, Argentine, Sergio Massa, Fernando Haddad, Haddad, Marcela Ayres, Lisa Shumaker, Rosalba O'Brien Organizations: Twitter, Mercosur, Economy, Brazilian Finance, Reuters, Thomson Locations: BRASILIA, Argentina, Brazil, Argentine, Mercosur, Brasilia, Buenos Aires
Newly elected President of Argentina Javier Milei of La Libertad Avanza speaks after the polls closed in the presidential runoff on November 19, 2023 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Argentina's Javier Milei, a far-right political outsider often compared to former U.S. President Donald Trump, vowed to deliver on his radical economic policies shortly after winning the country's presidential run-off. Among some of his proposed policies, Milei has pledged to dollarize the economy, abolish the country's central bank and privatize the pension system. We have the determination to put Argentina on its feet and move forward," Milei said shortly after his victory, according to a translation. The challenges facing Milei's presidency are significant, however — particularly given that the country is once again in the grip of a profound economic crisis.
Persons: Argentina Javier Milei, La Libertad Avanza, Argentina's Javier Milei, Donald Trump, Sergio Massa, Milei Organizations: La Libertad, Peronist Economy Locations: Argentina, Buenos Aires
Shares of state-oil firm YPF soared 40% on Monday after Javier Milei's presidential victory. Milei has promised to revamp the Argentine economy, and also said he would seek to privatize YPF. Milei won the Argentine presidential election Sunday against Economy Minister Sergio Massa. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementArgentine state energy company YPF saw its New York-listed shares spike more than 40% on Monday, following Javier Milei's presidential election victory on Sunday.
Persons: Javier Milei's, Milei, Sergio Massa, , Spain's Repsol, YPF Organizations: Argentine, Economy, Service, Reuters, Grupo Financiero Galicia, Banco Locations: Argentine, YPF, York, Spain's, Argentina, New York
BUENOS AIRES, Nov 20 (Reuters) - Argentines expressed a mixture of ecstasy and trepidation on Monday after libertarian outsider Javier Milei, pledging radical fixes to the economy, swept to power with an election win over Peronist government rival Sergio Massa. "It's a great unknown," said Guillermo Toledo, a 51-year-old university professor in the capital Buenos Aires, who said he did not vote for Milei. Milei's win brought flag-waving crowds on Sunday night out to the Obelisk in downtown Buenos Aires, a traditional rallying point for supporters to cheer election or soccer wins. [1/2]Argentine president-elect Javier Milei's supporters celebrate after Milei wins the runoff presidential election, in Buenos Aires, Argentina November 19, 2023. Milei gives me hope things can change," Bernal said.
Persons: Javier Milei, Sergio Massa, Milei, Donald Trump, Jair, Guillermo Toledo, haven't, Milei's, Leandro Boses, Javier Milei's, Adriano Machado, Massa, Claudio Bernal, Bernal, Julia Eva Saggini, Mauricio Macri, Lucinda Elliott, Candelaria Grimberg, Rosalba O'Brien Organizations: Peronist, Argentine, REUTERS, Thomson Locations: BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, U.S, Buenos Aires
People in Buenos Aires waiting Sunday to cast their vote. Photo: Cristina Sille/ReutersBUENOS AIRES—Argentines began to cast their ballots Sunday in a hotly contested presidential election between two candidates with starkly different views on how to pull the troubled country out of a punishing economic recession marked by a collapsing currency, growing poverty and one of the world’s highest rates of inflation. Polls had indicated a tossup between Economy Minister Sergio Massa and libertarian TV pundit Javier Milei. Massa, a 51-year-old lawyer who has directed the economy as inflation rose to 143%, has sought to distance himself from the unpopular ruling Peronist government, promising to deliver a “moderate and centrist” administration.
Persons: Cristina Sille, Sergio Massa, Javier Milei Organizations: Reuters, Reuters BUENOS AIRES — Locations: Buenos Aires, Reuters BUENOS AIRES, Peronist
Javier Milei at a polling station in Buenos Aires on Sunday. Photo: Anita Pouchard Serra/Bloomberg NewsBUENOS AIRES—Javier Milei, a libertarian political outsider who pledged to flatten Argentina’s political establishment, was elected president Sunday in a major shift for a country buffeted by one of the world’s highest rates of inflation and mounting poverty after years of populist rule. Milei, a 53-year-old congressman, took 56% of the vote to 44% for Economy Minister Sergio Massa with 88% of the ballots counted, the National Electoral Directorate said.
Persons: Javier Milei, Anita Pouchard Serra, Sergio Massa Organizations: Sunday, Bloomberg News BUENOS AIRES, Economy, Electoral Locations: Buenos Aires
A self-described "anarcho-capitalist" candidate often compared to Donald Trump claimed victory in Argentina's presidential election. With a Milei victory, the country will swing to the right amid discontent over soaring inflation and rising poverty. AdvertisementArgentina's Economy Minister Sergio Massa conceded defeat to populist Javier Milei in Sunday's fiercely polarized presidential runoff even before the country's electoral authority released official results. AdvertisementThe vote took place amid Milei's allegations of possible electoral fraud, reminiscent of those from Trump and former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Without providing evidence, Milei claimed that the first round of the presidential election was plagued by irregularities that affected the result.
Persons: Donald Trump, Javier Milei's, Sergio Massa, , Javier Milei, Massa, Milei, Milei's screeds, I'm, Esteban Medina, Jenifer Pio, Pio, Ana Iparraguirre, Massa's, María Gabriela Gaviola, hasn't, isn't, Gaviola, I've, Patricia Bullrich, Milei's, Victoria Villaruel, Jair Bolsonaro Organizations: Argentina's, Service, Argentine, Massa, Associated Press, Peronist, University of Buenos Aires Law School, AP, Theater Locations: Buenos Aires, Argentina, Trump
CNN —Polls are open in Argentina for a high-stakes presidential run-off vote pitting far-right libertarian Javier Milei against the country’s left-leaning economy minister Sergio Massa. Both candidates were greeted warmly by supporters as they arrived to cast their votes Sunday, video from Reuters showed. Milei, dressed in a leather jacket, walked through a uproarious crowd of cheering spectators in Buenos Aires, clasping hands, waving and signing autographs. Milei, of the Liberty Advances coalition, arrives to vote in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sunday, Nov. 19, 2023. Massa gestures as he speaks on the day of Argentina's runoff presidential election, in Tigre, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, on November 19.
Persons: Javier Milei, Sergio Massa, Massa, , Matias Delacroix, Milei’s, Mariana Nedelcu, Jair Bolsonaro, CNN’s Stefano Pozzebon Organizations: CNN, Reuters, Liberty Advances, Former Locations: Argentina, Buenos Aires, Tigre, Bogota
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