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Sam Altman is returning as the CEO of OpenAI. We have reached an agreement in principle for Sam Altman to return to OpenAI as CEO with a new initial board of Bret Taylor (Chair), Larry Summers, and Adam D'Angelo. — OpenAI (@OpenAI) November 22, 2023The news comes after a chaotic weekend in Silicon Valley. with the new board and w satya’s support, i’m… — Sam Altman (@sama) November 22, 2023Nadella has also commented on Altman's return, writing that they are "encouraged by the changes to the OpenAI board." November 23, 3:03 p.m. — This story has been updated to reflect Sam Altman and Satya Nadella's comments on X.AdvertisementThis is a developing story.
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The past few days have been chaotic for the AI industry, with technology experts weighing what this could mean for the nascent sector and some of its key players. But Altman's move could simply be a case of "damage control" for Microsoft, according to Richard Windsor, founder of digital research company Radio Free Mobile. Microsoft began investing in OpenAI as early as 2019, initially with around $1 billion. "A large amount of that value is tied up in the founders and in the engineers that are inside the company," Windsor said. Meanwhile, other tech experts have been backing Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's swift move to hire Altman in-house.
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Elon Musk poked fun at Sam Altman and OpenAI following his shock departure. Altman was fired by the board over Google Meet, despite Microsoft investing billions in OpenAI. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 20, 2023Musk seems to have been reveling in the drama surrounding the firing of Altman. AdvertisementAltman was fired by OpenAI's board on Friday, after board members said he had not been "consistently candid" in his discussions with them. Elon Musk has expressed similar concerns in the past, and has called on the board to explain its reasoning for firing Altman .
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Greg Brockman announced three key OpenAI staffers are following him and Sam Altman to Microsoft. Sam Altman is heading up a new AI team at Microsoft after his shock firing by the OpenAI board. All three are senior or longstanding employees at OpenAI, suggesting that the company may face a talent drain after Altman's shock firing. OpenAI announced that Twitch co-founder Emmett Shear would become interim CEO of the AI firm, after negotiations to bring Altman back broke down. The Information also reported that fellow AI startups Cohere and Adept were reaching out to OpenAI employees and that Google Deepmind had received an uptick in resumes from OpenAI workers.
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The Justice Department has called witnesses who testified about Google's payments, billions of dollars annually, to smartphone makers and wireless companies to make Google search the default on devices, and win more users. Others testified how search dominance led to clout in online advertising, including the ability to quietly raise ad prices. He also testified about how Google used machine learning tools that it developed to improve its search. Nayak's discussions of improving search appeared to downplay the role that search query volume played, implicitly disagreeing with Microsoft (MSFT.O) CEO Satya Nadella's arguments that his company needed more search queries to improve its Bing search engine but was being blocked by Google. Nayak also testified that Google compared its results to answers from Microsoft's search engine Bing, and found Bing to be lower quality.
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Drew Angerer | Getty ImagesWhen it comes to online search, it's Google's web and everyone else is playing in it, according to rival Microsoft. "Everybody talks about the open web, but there is really the Google web," Nadella said from the stand in Washington, D.C., District Court. Perhaps the most famous of those deals is the multibillion-dollar agreement between Google and Apple to make Google search the default on Apple products like the iPhone. He said the integration issues with Google's Search Ads 360 "keeps coming up in escalations" to him. Microsoft has begun integrating ChatGPT into its Bing search results through its partnership with OpenAI and is a leading player in the space, alongside Google.
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Google CEO Sundar Pichai said he's excited about Apple's Vision Pro but hasn't tried it yet. He said cost cuts and sharpened focus are "enduring work" and Google will continue to seek efficiency. Google CEO Sundar Pichai says he's excited about the potential of technology like Apple's Vision Pro to create more immersive computing experiences. Asked about further cuts at Google, the CEO said that the company will continue to try and make itself more efficient. Going back to 2o14, the company released a virtual reality headset made out of cardboard that a smartphone would slide into and serve as a display.
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Researchers have also sought to quantify fairness and bias in AI models through various socio-ethnic parameters. For example, Stanford University's artificial intelligence index report scores for bias across AI models. It found a "counterintuitive" correlation between fairness and bias: models that scored better on fairness metrics demonstrated stronger gender bias, and less gender-biased models were more toxic. Driving AI technology advancements — being a "key player or enabler across the AI ecosystem to make businesses and society better." Some investors believe AI itself can help investors monitor and track ESG efforts by companies.
Emotional intelligence is one of the most important skills you need to be successful at work — but it can also be the hardest to master. What most people fail to realize, though, is that developing emotional intelligence "doesn't come naturally," Harvard psychologist and researcher Daniel Goleman once told CNBC Make It. Becoming more emotionally intelligent at work starts with clear, empathetic communication, says Emily Liou, a career happiness coach and founder of job search platform Cultivitae. Preply asked professionals which phrases they appreciate hearing the most and identified the 5 most popular phrases people use to sound more emotionally intelligent at work:"I appreciate you/your work" "What can I do to help?" Check out:Avoid these 10 'cringeworthy' phrases that are annoying your co-workersWant to sound smarter at work?
Microsoft is making a 'multi-billion dollar investment' in OpenAI. It put in $1 billion into the ChatGPT maker in 2019, and was reportedly planning a $10 billion investment. OpenAI, the company behind the popular large language model bot ChatGPT, is getting billions and a longer term boost from Microsoft. OpenAI has described itself as a "capped-profit" company, meant to help raise funding by giving investors a piece of the profits, according to the company. OpenAI is also working on getting users to pay for certain ChatGPT features.
CEO Satya Nadella told employees the company was "living through times of significant change." Read the email sent to Microsoft staff announcing its layoff plans. Read the email sent to Microsoft staff below:We're living through times of significant change, and as I meet with customers and partners, a few things are clear. When I think about this moment in time, the start of 2023, it's showtime – for our industry and for Microsoft. Thank you for the focus, dedication, and resilience you demonstrate for Microsoft and our customers and partners each day.
WebXT includes the team responsible for integrating AI technology from ChatGPT into Bing. Affected units include Microsoft's Web Experience Team, known internally as WebXT, which includes the company's Bing search engine and Edge web browser. Notably, this is the unit responsible for integrating ChatGPT technology into Bing. The Information reported earlier this year that Microsoft plans to use the same AI as ChatGPT to provide users with answers to some searches. One Microsoft employee theorized that the layoffs will help Microsoft cut higher-paid staff and hire new employees at lower compensation into investment areas like Bing.
Now is the time to sell shares of tech giant Microsoft , according to analysts at Guggenheim. The firm on Tuesday downgraded the shares to sell from neutral and introduced a $212 price target, implying a more than 11% downside for Microsoft. Microsoft may disappoint on upcoming earnings numbers in the second quarter of 2023 and in their full-year guidance as well. "While most investors see MSFT as a large stable business that can weather any storm, it does have vulnerabilities, some of which could be exacerbated by this macro slowdown," analyst John DiFucci wrote. The biggest headwind the firm sees is MPC business, where consensus numbers are expecting slight growth after several quarters of declines.
Oct 25 (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) posted its slowest quarterly revenue growth in five years on Tuesday as the tough macroeconomic conditions hit PC sales and slowed cloud growth, which had supercharged the earnings for years. "The PC market was worse than we expected in Q1," Brett Iversen, head of Microsoft's investor relations, told Reuters. Windows OEM business, which includes the operating software Microsoft sells to PC makers, dropped 15% year-on-year. Microsoft's broader Intelligent Cloud division posted a 20% rise in revenue to $20.33 billion, almost in line with estimates of $20.37 billion, according to Refinitiv. Net income fell to $17.56 billion, or $2.35 per share, during the quarter ended Sept. 30, from $20.51 billion, or $2.71 per share, a year earlier.
An internal org chart shows the 19 people running Microsoft's Cloud + AI org under CEO Satya Nadella. An internal Microsoft organizational chart viewed by Insider shows the people in charge of the company's cloud and artificial intelligence business — a business so tremendous, it employs at least one-third of Microsoft's massive workforce. The Cloud + AI org is responsible for Microsoft's Azure cloud business, plus its data platform, developer services, and software like its Dynamics 365 customer relationship management tool. The org is run by Scott Guthrie, one of CEO Satya Nadella's top lieutenants and the exec who has led Microsoft's cloud business since at least 2011. Nat Friedman, the former CEO of Microsoft subsidiary GitHub who stepped down in November 2021, also remained on the org chart viewed by Insider.
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