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Ego, Fear and Money: How the A.I. Fuse Was Lit
  + stars: | 2023-12-03 | by ( Cade Metz | Karen Weise | Nico Grant | )   time to read: +1 min
Page, hampered for more than a decade by an unusual ailment in his vocal cords, described his vision of a digital utopia in a whisper. If that happens, Mr. Musk said, we’re doomed. Finally he called Mr. Musk a “specieist,” a person who favors humans over the digital life-forms of the future. That debate has pitted some of the world’s richest men against one another: Mr. Musk, Mr. Page, Mark Zuckerberg of Meta, the tech investor Peter Thiel, Satya Nadella of Microsoft and Sam Altman of OpenAI.
Persons: Page, Musk, we’re, , Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel, Satya Nadella, Sam Altman, OpenAI Organizations: Valley, Meta, Microsoft Locations: Silicon
The person behind a female coder's Instagram account is a man, 404 Media reports. The page, called coding_unicorn, has 115,000 followers and claims to be run by a woman called Julia. AdvertisementA popular Instagram account fronted by a woman named Julia Kirsina is run by a man, according to a 404 Media investigation. But in reality, the person running the account is a male software developer called Eduards Sizovs, according to a 404 Media report. Advertisement404 Media dug into Sizovs' IP logs and old YouTube videos, and said it found that he had access to an email account called coding_unicorn.
Persons: Julia, , Julia Kirsina, Kirsina, coding_unicorn, Sizovs, Ayodeji, Satya Nadella, Gergely Orosz, Anna Boyko, Alina Prokhoda, Kristine Howard, Julia Kirsina —, Scott Hanselman Organizations: Service, Business, Sizovs, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Bloomberg
OpenAI's tender offer, which would allow employees to sell shares in the start-up to outside investors, remains on track despite the leadership tumult and board shuffle, two people familiar with the matter told CNBC. The round and previously reported valuation were jeopardized by Sam Altman's temporary ouster earlier in November, but his return cleared the way for the tender offer to proceed. The extension of the tender offer comes after a rollercoaster couple of weeks for the company. OpenAI's other major backers include Founders Fund, Sequoia Capital and, following the completion of the tender offer, Thrive Capital. Founders Fund will not participate in the tender offer either, a person familiar with the firm said.
Persons: Sam Altman, Josh Kushner's, Sam Altman's, Altman, Satya Nadella, Greg Brockman, OpenAI, Bret Taylor, Larry Summers, Adam D'Angelo, Nadella, — CNBC's Ari Levy, Jordan Novet, Elon Musk Organizations: Economic Cooperation, APEC, CNBC, Microsoft, Employees, Brockman's, Tiger Global, Fund, Sequoia Capital, Bloomberg Locations: Asia, San Francisco , California, OpenAI
REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsNov 29 (Reuters) - Microsoft will take a non-voting, observer position on OpenAI's board, CEO Sam Altman said in his first official missive after taking back the reins of the company on Wednesday. The observer position means Microsoft's representative can attend OpenAI's board meetings and access confidential information, but it does not have voting rights on matters including electing or choosing directors. The new OpenAI board is on an active search for six new members with expertise in fields from technology to safety and policy. OpenAI's chief scientist Ilya Sutskever will no longer be part of the board, Altman said. Apart from Altman, Brockman, Sutskever, D'Angelo, OpenAI's previous board consisted of entrepreneur Tasha McCauley, Helen Toner, director of strategy at Georgetown's Center for Security and Emerging Technology.
Persons: Dado Ruvic, Sam Altman, Satya Nadella, Altman, OpenAI, Bret Taylor, Larry Summers, Adam D'Angelo, Mira Murati, Greg Brockman, Greg, Ilya Sutskever, Sutskever, Ilya, Brockman, D'Angelo, OpenAI's, Tasha McCauley, Helen Toner, Akanksha, Krystal Hu, Sayantani Ghosh, Stephen Coates Organizations: REUTERS, Microsoft, U.S . Treasury, Reuters, Georgetown's Center for Security, Emerging Technology, Thomson Locations: OpenAI, Bengaluru, New York, San Francisco
New York CNN —Twelve days after OpenAI fired Sam Altman as CEO, the company formally announced that it has hired him back. OpenAI called the new board “initial,” signaling that it will add more directors in the future. Altman, in a company blog post, thanked the previous board that fired him for their contributions to the company. In a post on X, Altman acknowledged “real misunderstandings” between him and members of the board. “For my part, it is incredibly important to learn from this experience and apply those learnings as we move forward as a company,” Altman wrote on X.
Persons: OpenAI, Sam Altman, Bret Taylor, Larry Summers, Adam D’Angelo, Altman, Greg Brockman, Satya Nadella, Mira Murati, Murati, Twitch, Emmett Shear, , Brockman, Ilya Sutskever, Sustkever, Ilya, ” Altman, OpenAI didn’t, , Organizations: New, New York CNN, Microsoft Locations: New York, OpenAI
OpenAI doesn't plan to give board seats to investors like Microsoft, per Reuters and The Information. AdvertisementSome of OpenAI's biggest backers are unlikely to gain board seats even after the company's management shakeup, Reuters and The Information reported on Tuesday. OpenAI's new board is not planning to offer board seats to outside investors, such as Microsoft, Thrive Capital, and Khosla Ventures, Reuters reported, citing a source familiar with the matter. AdvertisementOpenAI cofounder and CEO Sam Altman was fired by his company's board on November 17, before staging a dramatic comeback five days later. OpenAI, Microsoft, Thrive Capital, and Khosla Ventures did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Business Insider, sent outside regular business hours.
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As technology titans jockey to back hot new startups, they are extracting explicit or implicit promises of revenue in return. loadingMicrosoft’s injection of $10 billion into OpenAI in January helped kick off the craze. As part of their deal, the ChatGPT operator agreed to exclusively use its new investor’s cloud computing services. Much of the invested capital should be returned relatively quickly as AI firms buy back-end services. Nvidia (NVDA.O) has at least 80% and as much as 95% of the AI market, according to estimates by analysts.
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Microsoft Needs a Better Seat at OpenAI’s Table
  + stars: | 2023-11-28 | by ( Dan Gallagher | )   time to read: +1 min
OpenAI said late Tuesday that Sam Altman will return to the artificial-intelligence company as CEO, with a new initial board. WSJ reporter Tom Dotan analyzes the latest developments. Photo: John G Mabanglo/ShutterstockMicrosoft played a weak hand rather well in the drama that engulfed OpenAI last week. But the tech giant now has a complicated task ahead: It needs to solidify its relationship with the high-profile startup while also showing it can chart its own course in the vital field of artificial intelligence. In the interim, Microsoft announced plans to hire Altman directly, along with any other OpenAI employees who cared to join.
Persons: OpenAI, Sam Altman, Tom Dotan, John G Mabanglo, Satya Nadella’s, Altman Organizations: Microsoft, OpenAI Locations: OpenAI
Viva Engage, Microsoft's slick message board designed to compete with Slack, is often touted as "Facebook for work." In October, according to internal messages viewed by BI, a Microsoft employee shared a post praising child tax credits as a way to reduce poverty. Employees with pro-Palestinian views have also used inflammatory language in their posts on Viva Engage. It has cut off the comments to Viva Engage posts it considered too incendiary. "It's important to recognize the pain and suffering of so many people, including our colleagues, as the events in Israel, Gaza, and the surrounding region continue to unfold," Nadella wrote.
Persons: Slack, , Sandy Hook, chimed, George Floyd, Satya Nadella, Roe, Wade, Kathleen Hogan, Israel, Nadella, Benjamin Netanyahu, Charlie Bell, Scott Guthrie, Rajesh Jha, Microsoft's, Cherry, Davis Polk, Israel's, Ashley Stewart Organizations: Viva Engage, Facebook, Microsoft, Business, Engage, BI, Employees, Israel, Israel Defense Forces, Harvard, Hamas, Wardwell, Ivy League, New York Times, Apple, Amazon Web Services Locations: Israel, Gaza, Uvalde, Columbia, Silicon Valley, America, Haifa, Herzliya , Tel Aviv, Nazareth, Palestine, Gaza . Harvard, Tel Aviv, Seattle
REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration//File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsNov 28 (Reuters) - ChatGPT owner OpenAI is not expected to offer Microsoft (MSFT.O) and other investors including Khosla Ventures and Thrive Capital seats on its new board, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters on Tuesday. In a few tumultuous days last week, OpenAI ousted its CEO and founder Sam Altman without any detailed cause, setting off alarm bells among investors and employees. Microsoft, which has invested more than $10 billion in OpenAI, is one of the biggest backers of OpenAI that operates ChatGPT, its viral generative AI chatbot. In response to a question on the OpenAI board, a Microsoft spokesperson said, "We will wait until the board officially says something." OpenAI and Thrive did not immediately respond to requests for comment, while Khosla declined to comment.
Persons: Dado Ruvic, OpenAI, Sam Altman, Thomas Hayes, Bret Taylor, Larry Summers, Adam D'Angelo, D'Angelo, Altman, Satya Nadella, Khosla, Zaheer Kachwala, Mary Varghese, Kenneth Li, Arun Koyyur Organizations: REUTERS, Microsoft, Khosla Ventures, Reuters, CNBC, Thomson Locations: OpenAI, Bengaluru
Over the years, CEOs and business leaders have shared their thoughts on the phrase "work-life balance." AdvertisementYou wouldn't think that the phrase "work-life balance" would be a controversial one. Here are some of the hottest takes on work-life balance, given by some of the top business executives in the US. Jeff Bezos says work and life should make a circle, not a "balance"Jeff Bezos has called the phrase "work-life balance" debilitating. TIAA CEO thinks the entire concept is a "lie"TIAA's CEO says work-life balance is a "lie."
Persons: Jeff Bezos, , Clive Mason, Axel Springer, Bezos, it's, Elon Musk, Satya Nadella, Nadella, he's, Paras Griffin, Thasunda Brown Duckett, Alan Murray, Brown Duckett, Arianna Huffington, Andrew H, Walker, Huffington, Elon Musk Elon, STEFANI REYNOLDS, Musk, Walter Isaacson's Organizations: Service, Amazon, Business, Bloomberg, Press, Australian Financial, Getty, Oxford University, Elon, Getty Images, CNBC, YMCA, Tesla
Sam Altman enters his power era
  + stars: | 2023-11-25 | by ( Michael Cogley | Riddhi Kanetkar | )   time to read: +7 min
A failed coup at OpenAI saw Sam Altman return as CEO and stronger than ever. The botched coup of OpenAI chief executive Sam Altman has seemingly reinforced his power. Even more astonishingly, Altman lacks the one obvious lever of power that keeps founder-CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg in power: controlling shares in his company. "He's really, really, really good at both being understood, but also understanding and asking thoughtful questions." They acted in their best interest," one OpenAI staffer posted on Blind, a social network site where employees can post anonymously.
Persons: Sam Altman, Altman, , Mark Zuckerberg, Eduard Cristea, — Mira Murati, Satya Nadella, Greg Brockman, Vinod Khosla, Dan Siroker, Paul Graham, Holofy's, Cristea, Sam, OpenAI, would've, Altman OpenAI, Ilya Sutskever, we've, — Ilya Sutskever, Sutskever, Ilya, we'd, it's Organizations: Service, Microsoft, Stanford, New York Times Locations: OpenAI, Silicon Valley, Silicon
We now know Sam Altman's returning to the company after being fired, but we are still very confused. AdvertisementSam Altman is set to return as CEO of OpenAI after one of the most confusing weeks in Silicon Valley history. Why was Sam Altman suddenly fired as CEO of OpenAI? Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI's chief scientist who was rumored to play a central role in Sam Altman's ousting, was committed to AI safety. Commentators had speculated that Microsoft would be after an OpenAI board seat — or at least a more formalized communication system — in the wake of the fallout.
Persons: It's, Sam Altman's, , Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, Altman, Alistair Barr, Yann LeCun —, Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI, ChatGPT, Adam D'Angelo, Satya Nadella, Nadella, Brockman, Kara Swisher, OpenAI should've, would've, Sam, Elon Musk, Peter Welinder Organizations: Service, Microsoft, OpenAI, Big Tech, Bloomberg, The New York Times, Atlantic, Ofc Locations: OpenAI, Silicon Valley
Overnight, OpenAI announced that it had an “agreement in principle” to reinstall Sam Altman as C.E.O., while the board members who pushed him out are departing. The news was greeted rapturously by the ChatGPT creator’s employees, most of whom had threatened to quit and join Altman at Microsoft. Altman and those focused more on commercializing the technology came out ahead of those worried about its apocalyptic potential. Gone are Tasha McCauley, Helen Toner and Ilya Sutskever, three of the four directors who ousted Altman. That board will help select a bigger permanent one, according to The Verge, which may include representation for Microsoft, OpenAI’s biggest investor.
Persons: OpenAI, Sam Altman, Altman, Tasha McCauley, Helen Toner, Ilya Sutskever, Bret Taylor, Larry Summers, Adam D’Angelo, Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s, Organizations: Microsoft, Treasury Locations: Silicon
Microsoft was preparing to bring on OpenAI employees who were ready to quit after Sam Altman's departure. However, Altman announced he was returning as OpenAI's CEO on Wednesday morning. AdvertisementMicrosoft was getting ready to welcome hundreds of OpenAI employees to its offices in San Francisco before Sam Altman returned as OpenAI's CEO on Wednesday, according to reporting from CNBC and Axios . Altman announced his return as OpenAI's CEO on Wednesday morning on X after reaching an agreement with the company. OpenAI staff showed unwavering support for Altman after he was fired.
Persons: Sam Altman's, Altman, , Sam Altman, Satya Nadella, Nadella, Axios, wasn't Organizations: Microsoft, San Francisco, Service, CNBC Locations: San Francisco
The ousted leader of ChatGPT-maker OpenAI is returning to the company that fired him late last week, the latest in a saga that has shocked the artificial intelligence industry. San Francisco-based OpenAI said in a statement late Tuesday: “We have reached an agreement in principle for Sam Altman to return to OpenAI as CEO with a new initial board" made of former Salesforce co-CEO Bret Taylor, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers and Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo. That emboldened a threatened exodus of nearly all of the startup's 770 employees who signed a letter calling for the board's resignation and Altman's return. “We are encouraged by the changes to the OpenAI board,” Nadella posted on X late Tuesday. How many 16-inch pizzas should I order for 778 people,” the person asks, using the number of people who work at OpenAI.
Persons: OpenAI, , Sam Altman, Bret Taylor, Larry Summers, Adam D’Angelo, D'Angelo, Altman, Greg Brockman, Altman's, Kevin Scott, Satya Nadella, ” Nadella, It's, Nadella, Brockman, ” Brockman, “ It’s, Emmett Shear, , ” Shear Organizations: U.S ., Microsoft Locations: San Francisco, OpenAI
How Meta could benefit from the OpenAI shakeup
  + stars: | 2023-11-22 | by ( Jonathan Vanian | In | )   time to read: +3 min
It could help Meta boost its open-source Llama AI initiatives, as some companies look to diversify away from relying on a single company's large language model. Its AI research team is considered, with Alphabet's DeepMind, one of the most esteemed groups in the tech industry. Yann LeCun, Meta's AI chief, responded to the post with a curt "Yup." Meta could benefit if companies continue to seek multiple AI vendors, much like firms now rely on multiple cloud providers. The more developers access and improve Llama, the more Meta can potentially lower its overall operating and technology research costs, among other benefits.
Persons: Mark Zuckerberg, Sam Altman's, There's, Satya Nadella, Altman, Nadella, Zuckerberg, Meta, Alphabet's DeepMind, MSFT, Yann LeCun, curt, Yup, Sam Altman Organizations: Microsoft, Meta, Technologists, Twitter, CNBC
ET, OpenAI publicly announced that it had fired Altman over concerns that he was not always truthful with the board. Sam Altman, left, appears onstage with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at OpenAI's first developer conference, on Nov. 6, 2023, in San Francisco. OpenAI’s board was also reportedly having second thoughts and considering asking the ousted CEO to return. Ultimately, Microsoft and Altman appear to be the big winners from the dust-up: Altman will continue leading the firm he helped to found. “We are encouraged by the changes to the OpenAI board,” Nadella said on X.
Persons: Elon, Sam Altman —, , OpenAI, ChatGPT, Altman, Ilya Sutskever, Greg Brockman, Mira Murati, Altman’s, , what’s, ” Brockman, Kara Swisher, Sam Altman, Satya Nadella, Barbara Ortutay, Nadella, Brockman, Emmett Shear, Murati, ” Nadella, , Justin Sullivan, Bret Taylor, Larry Summers, Adam D’Angelo, Shear, Organizations: New Delhi CNN, Valley Bank, Google, Microsoft, OpenAI's, Sunday, OpenAI, CNBC, Twitter Locations: New York, New Delhi, OpenAI, San Francisco, San Francisco , California
"i'm looking forward to returning to openai," Altman said in a post on the X social media platform late on Tuesday. Sam Altman attends the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Summit in San Francisco, California, U.S. November 16, 2023. OpenAI's previous board consisted of Tasha McCauley, Helen Toner and OpenAI chief scientist Ilya Sutskever and Quora CEO D'Angelo, who is part of the revamped board. In a post on X on Tuesday, Shear said he worked "~72 very intense hours" to bring stability - and ultimately Altman - back to OpenAI. When he was out of a job, CEO Nadella said Altman could head a new research team alongside Brockman and other colleagues departing from OpenAI.
Persons: Bret Taylor, Brockman, FRANCISCO, Sam Altman, OpenAI, Larry Summers, Adam D'Angelo, D'Angelo, Altman, Danni Hewson, AJ Bell's, Satya Nadella, Kyle Rodda, Carlos Barria, Tasha McCauley, Helen Toner, Ilya Sutskever, Steve Jobs, Greg Brockman, Sunday Altman, Emmett Shear, Shear, Nadella, Jeffrey Dastin, Aditya Soni, Shivani Tanna, Bansari, Dhanya Ann Thoppil, Nivedita Bhattacharjee, Sam Holmes, Jane Merriman Organizations: U.S . Treasury, Microsoft, Economic Cooperation, REUTERS, Reuters, U.S, Thomson Locations: openai, U.S, OpenAI, Asia, San Francisco , California, Valley, San Francisco, Bengaluru
But in other ways, the agreement is still a watershed moment for OpenAI and the artificial intelligence field writ large. Who came out on topSam Altman: A clear winner in the whole debacle is, of course, Altman himself. With some of the apparent architects of Altman’s ouster being pushed out themselves, a casualty of the affair may be the perspectives that those board members espoused. Emmett Shear, whom the board named OpenAI’s interim CEO for all of two days, has also expressed similar worries. In the fallout of the leadership crisis, some have argued that the outcome is also a defeat for effective altruism, the movement with which some OpenAI board members are said to be affiliated.
Persons: Sam Altman, Altman, bungled, that’s, Satya Nadella, OpenAI, Nadella, we’re, ” Nadella, Bret Taylor, Larry Summers, Nathan Laine, Hollie Adams, Taylor isn’t, He’s, Elon Musk, Summers, Who, OpenAI’s, Gabby Jones, Emmett Shear Organizations: CNN, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Getty, Facebook, Twitter, Harvard University Locations: OpenAI, Brooklyn, New York
Wait, was Sam Altman fired over ... vibes?
  + stars: | 2023-11-22 | by ( Katie Notopoulos | )   time to read: +2 min
Sam Altman has returned to OpenAI as CEO, but the details of exactly why the board pushed him out in the first place are still a mystery. They said that Altman wasn't candid, and often got his way. From that description, it sounds like the board really couldn't pinpoint exactly what was wrong, other than some sort of ~bad vibes~. (And the board couldn't even name them!) But ultimately, they did have a point: In the end, Altman got his way.
Persons: Sam Altman, Satya Nadella, hadn't, Emmett Shear, Altman Organizations: Microsoft, Street
Jack Guez | Afp | Getty ImagesAfter a weekend of crisis and tumult, Sam Altman has returned as the CEO of OpenAI. Nathan Laine | Bloomberg | Getty ImagesBret Taylor, board chair Bret Taylor is currently a board member at the e-commerce platform Shopify . It isn't clear if Taylor's involvement with his own AI startup will cease with his appointment to lead OpenAI's board. OpenAI's board fired Altman Friday after determining he was "not consistently candid in his communications," but its members never elaborated further. Jack Guez | AFP | Getty ImagesIlya Sutskever Ilya Sutskever co-founded OpenAI and serves as its chief scientist.
Persons: Sam Altman, Ilya Sutskever, Jack Guez, Altman, There's, Satya Nadella, Nadella, Here's, Bret Taylor, Nathan Laine, He's, Elon, Taylor, Salesforce, Larry Summers, David A, CNBC Larry Summers Larry Summers, Clinton, Summers, Jack Dorsey, Adam D'Angelo Adam D'Angelo, D'Angelo, Helen Toner, CSET, Vox, Jerod Harris, Helen Toner Helen Toner, Toner, Tasha McCauley, Carlton Laguna Nigel, Tasha McCauley Tasha McCauley, Joseph Gordon, Levitt, McCauley, Ilya Sutskever Ilya Sutskever, Sutskever, Greg Brockman, Brockman, Brockman's, Sven Hoppe Organizations: Tel Aviv University, Afp, Getty, Microsoft, CNBC, Sequoia, Tiger Global, Salesforce, Viva Technology Conference, Bloomberg, Google, Economic, Grogan, Harvard University, Obama, Economic Council, Twitter, Meta, Facebook, The Ritz, Carlton, Georgetown University's Center for Security, Emerging Technology, Philanthropy, Business Development, Ritz, Rand Corporation, GeoSim Systems, AFP, University of Toronto, Stanford, Technical University of Munich Locations: Tel Aviv, Paris, Davos, Switzerland, Washington, Laguna Niguel, Dana Point , California, Russian Israeli, Canadian
At his startup Log10, Bansal oversees the production of tools that third-party developers can use to build LLM-powered applications. Since the OpenAI drama unfolded, Bansal told CNBC the startup's instability was a reason customers cited. A spokesperson for OpenAI declined to comment but said the startup's services are working again following three hours of issues. One founder of an AI startup, who asked not to be named in order to discuss internal matters, said he uses multiple application program interfaces from OpenAI and has considered switching to offerings from Anthropic, the AI startup founded by former OpenAI executives with backing from Amazon and Google . The source, who previously worked alongside Shear, said Shear is "very smart" and admires his integrity.
Persons: Jaap Arriens, Sam Altman, Arjun Bansal, Bansal, Altman, Emmett Shear, Satya Nadella, OpenAI, Greg Brockman, There's, Shear, he's, Martin Kon, Kon, Anthropic, Srinivas Narayanan, Steven Heidel, Nadella, CNBC's Jon Fortt Organizations: Nurphoto, CNBC, Microsoft, Amazon, Google Locations: OpenAI, LLMs, Anthropic
Sam Altman will return as CEO of OpenAI, the startup said early Wednesday morning on X, formerly known as Twitter. The move follows immense pressure from employees and investors on the board that ousted him less than a week ago. Former Salesforce co-CEO Bret Taylor and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers will join OpenAI's board, the Microsoft-backed startup said, with Taylor holding the chair position. Adam D'Angelo, co-founder and CEO of question-and-answer startup Quora, will remain on the board. That followed an announcement late Sunday that OpenAI had hired ex-Twitch CEO Emmett Shear as Altman's interim replacement.
Persons: Sam Altman, Salesforce, Bret Taylor, Larry Summers, Taylor, Adam D'Angelo, OpenAI, Ilya Sutskever, Altman, Satya Nadella, Greg Brockman, Emmett Shear, Mira Murati, msft, Nadella, Sam, Greg, OAI Organizations: OpenAI, Twitter, Microsoft, Tiger, Sequoia Capital Locations: openai
Emmett Shear was CEO of OpenAI for 72 hours before Sam Altman's return was announced. Bloomberg reported that Shear had participated in talks between the OpenAI board and Altman. On Wednesday, Shear said he was "deeply pleased" with Altman's return. The company announced Altman's return in a Wednesday post on X, less than a week after its board ousted him. Shear indicated that those discussions led to Altman's return.
Persons: Emmett Shear, Sam Altman's, Shear, Altman, , Sam Altman, Altman's, OpenAI, He'd, Satya Nadella, hadn't, he'd, Bret Taylor, Taylor, Larry Summers, Adam D'Angelo Organizations: Bloomberg, Service, Microsoft Locations: OpenAI, Twitch
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