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The NATO official said they had observed “an unprecedented escalation and spread of Russia’s hybrid warfare” over the past six months, which included “physical sabotage” on the supply line of NATO weapons intended for Ukraine. “It is everything from point of production and origin, to storage, to those who are making decisions, to the actual delivery,” the senior NATO official said. Recent high-profile arrests have revealed the ad-hoc, clumsy nature of how the Kremlin’s intelligence operations have evolved since the start of the war in Ukraine. Russia is big enough to have resources to fight a war against Ukraine and also maintain its security operations against European countries… against us. There are people who take part in the war against Ukraine, and then they are rotated to some other region or area.
Persons: Blunt, , Donald Tusk, Dariusz Borowicz, Agencja, Maxim, Andrzej, Jaroslaw, , Don’t, ” Andrzej, I’d, Wagner, Volodymyr Zelensky, Sean Gallup, Paris Charles de, Vladimir Putin’s, Harrys Organizations: CNN, NATO, Polish, Reuters, Ukraine, Getty, London’s Metropolitan Police Service, Kremlin, EU, Estonian Locations: Ukraine, Russia, Europe, , Reuters Russia, Washington , DC, Moscow, Poland, Russian, Lublin, Medyka, Ukrainian, Biala Podlaska, Warsaw, Polish, surveilling Rzeszow Jasionka, Kyiv, Berlin, Germany, Russian Ukrainian, Paris Charles, Paris Charles de Gaulle, East London, Estonia, Russia’s
Johannesburg, South Africa CNN —South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC) party faces a mammoth challenge as it needs to form a government with its political rivals after suffering a seismic blow in last week’s election. However, both parties believe in the primacy of South Africa’s constitution and both have promised to crack down on corruption. If the ANC decides to pursue coalition talks with MK, then Zuma will want Ramaphosa out, solidifying his revenge. However, if South Africa’s president maintains his grip on the ANC, a coalition with MK is unlikely. South Africa’s business community and middle class are broadly nervous about an EFF–ANC coalition and its effect on investor confidence.
Persons: Mahlengi, Motsiri, Jacob Zuma, Zuma, Cyril Ramaphosa –, , , Tessa Dooms, ” Dooms, Ramaphosa, Gupta, Ramaphosa’s, Fikile Mbalula, , John Steenhuisen, Steenhuisen, TK Pooe, Paul Mashatile, Zuma “ unapologetically, Melanie Verwoerd, Verwoerd, Julius Malema, Malema, Floyd Shivambu, Mandela, Klerk, Thabo Mbeki Organizations: South Africa CNN, National Congress, ANC, South, MK, who’ve, CNN, Sunday, Democratic Alliance, White South, DA, EFF, Fighters, Wits School, Governance, Empowerment, ANC’s, National Health Insurance, Freedom Party, IFP, Reserve Bank, Finance, GNU, FW Locations: Johannesburg, South Africa, Africa, Zulu
Johannesburg, South Africa CNN —South Africa’s ruling African National Congress party is set to fall short of a majority for the first time in 30 years after national elections this week, marking the biggest political shift in the country since the end of apartheid. With results in from 90% of voting districts as of 5.10pm ET, support for the ANC was at 41.04%. The official opposition party, the centrist Democratic Alliance (DA), had 21.72% of the vote. Fed-up voters dealt the party of Nelson Mandela a seismic blow at the polls after years of corruption scandals and economic mismanagement. As a result, the ANC will be forced to form a coalition to stay in government.
Persons: Zuma, Nelson Mandela Organizations: South Africa CNN, National Congress, ANC, Democratic Alliance, weSizwe Party, Fighters, Fed Locations: Johannesburg, South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa CNN —Early results from South Africa’s election suggest the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party could lose its majority for the first time in 30 years. With results in from 13% of polling stations at 10 a.m. local time, support for the ANC stood at 42.5%. In past elections, results from rural areas – where the ANC has major strongholds – have come in later, boosting results for the party. South Africa’s electoral commission has seven days to declare the final results by law. This year, the commission has set Sunday, June 2, as the final results day.
Persons: Jacob Zuma, Zuma, Cyril Ramaphosa – Organizations: South Africa CNN, National Congress, ANC, Democratic Alliance, Fighters, ANC –, CSIR, Independent, EFF, weSizwe Party, South Locations: Johannesburg, South Africa, , KwaZulu, Natal, Durban
Johannesburg, South Africa CNN —Millions of South Africans are voting in what is expected to be the most pivotal general election since the end of apartheid. While polling can be challenging in South Africa, most analysts believe that the ANC faces its stiffest challenge yet with a population deeply frustrated by the country’s direction. SOUTH AFRICA GENERAL ELECTION 101 South Africa uses a “proportional representation” system. South Africa is the most unequal country in the world, according to the World Bank. This is the seventh general election South Africa has held since the end of white minority rule 30 years ago.
Persons: Nelson Mandela, Cyril Ramaphosa, ” Ramaphosa, Anders Pettersson, Jacob Zuma’s uMkhonto, Zuma, , , John Steenhuisen Organizations: South Africa CNN, National Congress, ANC, SOUTH, Independent Electoral, South, World Bank . Citizens, Workers, African National Congress, Fighters, Jacob Zuma’s uMkhonto weSizwe Party, Democratic Alliance, Party Locations: Johannesburg, South Africa, SOUTH AFRICA, Africa, Alexandra Township, Benoni
Johannesburg, South Africa CNN —South Africans go to the polls on May 29 for what will likely be the most pivotal general election since the end of apartheid. This is the seventh general election South Africa has held since the end of white minority rule 30 years ago. South Africa general election 101 • South Africa uses a “proportional representation” system. This year South Africa received its lowest score on Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. Democratic Alliance (DA) party leader Johan Steenhuisen speaks to supporters during a party event on May 9, 2024, in Soweto, South Africa.
Persons: Nelson Mandela, Cyril Ramaphosa, Jacob Zuma, What’s, Ramaphosa –, , , Ramaphosa, , John Steenhuisen, Johan Steenhuisen, Anders Pettersson, Zuma, Julius Malema, Malema, Floyd Shivambu, Steenhuisen Organizations: South Africa CNN, National Congress, ANC, Independent Electoral, , , Democratic Alliance, White South, Party Charter, uMkhonto weSizwe Party, Economic, Fighters, EFF, MK, Finance, Constitutional, Social Research Foundation Locations: Johannesburg, South Africa, Africa, China, Cuba, Soweto
Soweto, South Africa CNN —Seth Mazibuko strides into the intersection of Moema and Vilakazi Street in Soweto, gesturing to the spot that changed South African history. Cars are used as roadblocks on June 21, 1976, during unrest in Soweto, South Africa, stemming from protests against the use of Afrikaans in schools. But as South Africans celebrate 30 years of democracy this week, many educators and activists believe that there is a crisis hollowing out the country’s education system – a crisis that threatens democracy’s hard-fought gains. Despite substantial education funding, South African students consistently rank among the lowest in global assessments of literacy and numeracy skills. South Africa has the highest unemployment rate in the world and many university graduates struggle to enter the workforce.
Persons: South Africa CNN — Seth, , Mazibuko, Mike Mizleni, Prince Mulwela, Angie Motshekga, Motshekga, Nelson Mandela, Walter Dhladhla, it’s, Ann Bernstein, Bernstein, Morris Isaacson, , , , General, Mbali Msimanga, Atlegang Alcock, Mandela Organizations: South Africa CNN, Black South, Getty, Keystone, Hulton, , Morris Isaacson High School, CNN, South, Basic, African National Congress, ANC, of Development, Enterprise, Corruption, South African Democratic Teachers Union, Cape Town Locations: Soweto, South Africa, Moema, gesturing, AFP, Africa, Canada, Kenya, Oshlange, Black, Durban, South Africa's, Johannesburg, Robben, Cape
According to the poll, 64% of registered voters say they have a high level of interest in November's election — registering either a "9" or a 10" on a 10-point scale of interest. The lowest-ever level of high election interest in the poll during a presidential cycle was in March 2012 — at 59%. This election cycle, high interest has been both low and relatively flat for months, according to the poll. By party, the current poll shows 70% of self-identified Republicans saying they have high interest in the upcoming election, versus 65% of Democrats who say this. "They just aren't low interest," McInturff said of young voters.
Persons: Derrick Simonson, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Biden, Trump, Robert F, Kennedy Jr, Kennedy, Devin Fletcher, he's, Fletcher, wouldn't, Jeff Horwitt, Bill McInturff, , McInturff, Republican pollster Organizations: Wisconsin, Central Assembly, NBC News, Republican, Biden, Trump, Democratic, Hart Research Associates, NBC, Independents Locations: Douglas County, Superior , Wisconsin, U.S, Wayne , Michigan, New Jersey, New York
CNN —As Sudan marks the grim anniversary of a year-long conflict, aid agencies have warned that the country teeters on the edge of collapse, facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis that has been largely ignored by the rest of the world. The situation in Sudan is dire, with over 8.4 million people, including 2 million children under the age of 5, forced to flee their homes in the wake of the conflict, according to Doctors Without Borders (MSF). Despite these alarming figures, the international response has been woefully inadequate, with only 5% of the 2024 humanitarian response plan for Sudan funded thus far, Islamic Relief said in a statement. A lack of responseDoctors Without Borders on Friday called on leaders attending the Paris conference “to immediately scale up the humanitarian response” in Sudan. “The warring parties in Sudan have inflicted tremendous suffering on Sudanese from all walks of life,” he said.
Persons: Elsadig Elnour, Volker Türk, Sudan “, , Türk, Stéphane Séjourné, Annalena Baerbock, , Mohamed Badawi, ” Mohamed Osman, ” Osman, Sudan Tom Perriello, Perriello, Ramadan Organizations: CNN, Islamic, Sudanese Armed Forces, SAF, Rapid Support Forces, UN, Human, French, Sudan’s, African Center for Justice, Peace Studies, Paris, Human Rights Watch, , US, State Department Locations: Sudan, France, Paris, , Jazira, Saudi Arabia
The country’s top priority “is securing food for all Zimbabweans,” the president told journalists at the state house in Harare. Kb Mpofu/ReutersIn Zambia, Malawi and Central Mozambique, extreme drought has damaged more than 2 million hectares of crops, Oxfam said. Zambia declared its drought a disaster on February 29. In Mozambique — a country accounting for only 0.2% of global emissions — 3 million people face hunger, according to Oxfam. The country’s capital, Maputo, experienced devastating floods in March, after Tropical Storm Filipo hit followed a few weeks later by further intense rainfall.
Persons: South Africa CNN —, Emmerson Mnangagwa, El Niño, Zimbabwe —, Filipo, ” Teresa Anderson, Machinda Marongwe, ” Marongwe Organizations: South Africa CNN, Oxfam, Reuters, Democratic, United Nations Office, Humanitarian Affairs, United States Agency, International, Systems Network Locations: Johannesburg, South Africa, Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Harare, , Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Namibia, Pumula East, Bulawayo, Central Mozambique, ” Southern Africa, Maputo
CNN —Botswana’s President Mokgweetsi Masisi has threatened to send 20,000 elephants to Germany amid a dispute over the import of hunting trophies. ”Twenty thousand elephants for Germany, this is not a joke,” Masisi told German tabloid Bild. Lenin Nolly/Sipa USA/AP/FileMasisi told Bild that Germany’s Green party could learn to cohabitate with elephants without hunting them. According to the ministry, Germany is one of the largest importers of hunting trophies in the European Union, and African hunting trophies already require import authorization under current rules. Trophy hunting does not come close to diminishing the elephant population, Masisi told broadcaster Sky News.
Persons: CNN —, Mokgweetsi Masisi, ” Masisi, , Steffi Lemke, Lenin, Masisi, , Murat Ozgur Guvendik, , ” Botswana’s, Botswana’s, Iris Throm, Mary Rice, Rice, Bild, you’d Organizations: CNN, Green, Getty, Botswana’s Ministry of Environment, Tourism, European Union, Germany’s Federal Agency for Nature, Environmental Investigation Agency, Sky News, Convention, International Trade, Fauna Locations: Germany, Berlin, Botswana, Masisi, Anadolu, Angola, Mozambique
CNN —The family members clutched each other and wailed as attendants pulled small bundles out of the funeral van. On Tuesday, Wanje became the first family member to retrieve the bodies of his relatives for burial after they became victims of a tragedy, dubbed the Shakahola massacre, that many Kenyans find hard to comprehend. Mortuary workers move the remains of several members of the same family who were victims of the Kenyan starvation cult. Forensic experts and volunteers have spent months finding and digging up remains of the cult members. Of those, only 34 positive DNA matches to surviving family members have been made, said Kenya’s chief pathologist, Johansen Oduor.
Persons: , ” Francis Wanje, , Wanje, Paul Nthenge MacKenzie, Luis Tato, MacKenzie, Kithure Kindiki, Yasuyoshi Chiba, Johansen Oduor, Mackenzie, Irungu Houghton, we’ve Organizations: CNN, Getty, Getty Images Government, Kenya National Commission, Human Rights, Prosecutors, Amnesty Locations: Malindi, AFP, Kenya
Johannesburg, South Africa CNN —For South Africans, normality is a sliding scale. In October, a heavily armed gang blocked off one of the busiest highways near Johannesburg as it blew up a cash-in-transit vehicle – a security van carrying cash. Cash-in-transit, or CIT, heists are one of the most dramatic illustrations of a crime wave that has shocked even the most hardened South Africans. His argument is not entirely factual: crime affects South Africans from all walks of life, not just those earning a comfortable living. The South African police minister, Bheki Cele, recently highlighted what he called the successes of the Crime Intelligence division in tackling organized crime and rooting out corruption within the ranks of the force.
Persons: Nelson Mandela, , Byron Blunt, Ngwenya, , , Petrus Mthembu, SAPS, Athlenda Mathe, Bheki Cele, Joe van der Walt, Esa Alexander, Gareth Newham, What’s Organizations: South Africa CNN, heists, CIT heists, National Congress, ANC, CNN, , CIT, Motor Transport Workers Union, South African Police Service, Reuters, Hawks, AK, South, Crime Intelligence, Focus Group, ” Police, Town, Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority, Institute for Security Studies Locations: Johannesburg, South Africa, Africa, R350,000, Makhado, Limpopo, Cape Town , South Africa
It’s ironic, because Johannesburg, South Africa’s biggest city, has plenty of water at the moment — authorities and water companies just can’t seem to get it to where it’s needed. South Africa is naturally dry, and the climate crisis has hit the nation many times with crippling drought. “But there have been multiple times where we’ve been without water for five, seven days,” he said. Ravin Singh founded the Water Crisis Committee civic group last September, after his neighborhood northeast of downtown Johannesburg was suddenly hit with prolonged outages. Now Joburgers also talk about “water shedding.”But Singh concedes that people could be doing more to lower water consumption, voluntarily.
Persons: Duane Riley, we’ve, I’ve, ” Riley, Joburgers, , Riley, , Ravin Singh, Singh, “ Young, ” Singh, Senzo Mchunu, Mchunu, Rand Water Organizations: Johannesburg CNN, South Africa’s, CNN, Getty, Water, Sanitation, Johannesburg Water, Rand, Cape Town Locations: Johannesburg, South, Africa, Southern Africa, Soweto, Kensington, Blairgowrie, AFP, City, Ekurhuleni, South Africa, African, Cape
Republican presidential candidate and former U.S. Haley will announce she's ending her campaign in remarks at 10 a.m., the source said. The "ball is in his court," a source close to the Haley campaign said, referring to the former president. Her campaign had a slow start, but she gained momentum after multiple strong debate performances last summer and fall. That criticism grew more strident as the race narrowed and Haley moved into one-on-one combat with Trump on the campaign trail.
Persons: Nikki Haley, Michael Haley, Haley's, Haley, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Trump, Trump's, , Haley's Trump Organizations: U.S, United, South Carolina National Guard, Clemson University, Greenville ONE, Republican, Former South Carolina Gov, Vermont, NBC News, Trump, NBC, GOP, Trump Republicans Locations: Greenville , South Carolina, U.S, Vermont, New Hampshire
CNN —Thousands of people are seeking shelter inside an “overwhelmed” hospital amid an escalation of fighting in North Kivu province in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Doctors Without Borders (MSF) warned on Thursday. At least 2,500 people, including children, are currently sheltering in Mweso Hospital, around 100 kilometers (62 miles) from the provincial capital Goma. “The hospital is overwhelmed, with thousands of people crowded inside, trying to find some protection from the fighting. In recent years, protesters have taken to the streets to demand the withdrawal of UN forces for failing to rein in rebel groups, including M23. The M23 group was named after a March 23, 2009, peace deal, which it accused the government of violating.
Persons: , Çaglar Tahiroglu, Jean, Pierre Lacroix, Felix Tshisekedi Organizations: CNN, Democratic, MSF, Ministry of Health, United Nations, UN, Rwandan Locations: North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, Mweso, Goma, Congolese, Rwanda
Freetown, Sierra Leone CNN —When it comes to chimpanzee toddlers, girls rule. They are all orphans, rescued from across Sierra Leone and raised at the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary. Tacugama Chimpanzee SanctuaryHe has become something of a legend in Sierra Leone. The canopy decimation is replicated throughout Sierra Leone and much of West Africa. In the center of the mountains of the Western Area Forest, a verdant valley drops into the Guma Dam reservoir.
Persons: Mamma Posseh, Mamma P, , Bala Amarasekaran, Amarasekaran, Bruno, , It’s, ” Amarasekaran, Pataya, David McKenzie, Sonkita Conteh, CNN Parks, Conteh, Alejandro Striediger, Zoe MacIntyre, Siama, Veternarian Zoe MacIntyre, Macintyre, Sierra Leone Organizations: Sierra Leone CNN, World Food Program, Sierra, CNN, Western, Technologies, Area, Maxar Locations: Freetown, Sierra Leone, Sierra, Sri Lanka, West Africa, , Conteh, Siama's, West Africa’s
Johannesburg CNN —South Africa’s transport minister and her bodyguards were robbed at gunpoint on Monday, according to the South African Police Service (SAPS). Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga was travelling on the N3 highway between Vosloorus and Heidelberg, south of Johannesburg, on Monday when the incident took place, police said. She was inside the car while her bodyguards changed the tire. A manhunt has been launched following the incident and the victims are receiving support and counseling, SAPS said. South Africa has long grappled with gun violence, with several mass shootings reported this year.
Persons: Sindisiwe Chikunga, ” Chikunga, ” SAPS, SAPS Organizations: Johannesburg CNN, South African Police Service Locations: Johannesburg, Vosloorus, Heidelberg, South Africa, KwaZulu, Natal province
CNN —Members of African ethnic groups in Sudan’s Darfur region appear to have been rounded up by members of the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces and other Arab militias, according to videos and images verified and geolocated by CNN. The RSF on Saturday announced it had taken over the main army base in El Geneina (the 15th division headquarters), close to where these videos were filmed. Ethnic related killings have intensified since fighting broke out mid-April between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the RSF, according to witnesses and aid groups operating in the region. MSF said at its hospital in Adré, a 27-year-old man told them he fled El Geneina with 16 other people, but their group was attacked on the road to Chad. It comes after US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called for an “immediate cessation of attacks” in El Fasher in North Darfur.
Persons: , Toby Harward, El Geneina, Médecins, , Nabila Abdel Rahman, Stephanie Hoffmann, Dominique Hyde, ” Hyde, RSF “, RSF, State Anthony Blinken, El Fasher, ” Blinken, CNN’s Sarah Dean, David McKenzie, Allegra Goodwin Organizations: CNN, Rapid Support Forces, Saturday, Reuters, Twitter, Sudanese Armed Forces, SAF, United Nations, MSF, UN, UNHCR, US State Department, African Union, State Department, State, Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces Locations: Sudan’s Darfur, El Geneina, West Darfur, fatigues, Darfur, Chad, Ardamata, Ardamata , West Darfur, Sudan, El, Arab, Ardmata, Adré, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United States, El Fasher, North Darfur, South Africa, London
Johannesburg, South Africa CNN —South Africa and Chad have announced they will recall diplomats from Israel for “consultation” in response to the Israel-Hamas conflict. The South African government told CNN that the country has three diplomats in Israel to be recalled. Israel’s ambassador to South Africa, Eliav Belotserkovsky, has been a regular presence in South African media, including the public broadcaster, in recent weeks. South Africa and Chad are not the only nations to call their diplomats back from Israel since the Gaza conflict began. CNN’s David McKenzie and Sarah Dean reported from South Africa and Joseph Ataman and Maya Szaniecki from Paris.
Persons: Chad, Khumbudzo Ntshavheni, ” Ntshavheni, , , Eliav Belotserkovsky, d’affaires, Monday, “ Chad, CNN’s David McKenzie, Sarah Dean, Joseph Ataman, Szaniecki Organizations: South Africa CNN, , CNN, Facebook, Chadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chadian Locations: Johannesburg, South Africa, Israel, Tel Aviv, South Africa’s, Gaza, Chad, Turkey, Turkish, Honduras, Colombia, Chile, Jordan, Bahrain, Bolivia, Paris
Former Vice President Mike Pence is having an unusually quiet week on the trail after filing a finance report showing his campaign facing money troubles. The usually busy Pence campaign’s only public event this week was a pre-planned Tuesday Newsmax town hall in Windsor Heights, Iowa . Instead, the Pence campaign says he will be in Dallas for private fundraisers and a Republican National Committee event. That puts a serious strain on the day-to-day operations of the campaign — and what's more, Pence also faces a sprint to amass the 70,000 unique donors needed to qualify for the Nov. 8 GOP presidential debate. His campaign has not yet commented on how close it is to meeting the donor threshold, which was a struggle for Pence in the lead-up to the first GOP debate in August.
Persons: Mike Pence, Pence, Mariannette Miller, Meeks, Nikki Haley, Sen, Tim Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy, Ron DeSantis, Doug Burgum Organizations: GOP, Florida Gov, North Dakota Gov, Republican National Committee Locations: Windsor Heights , Iowa, Iowa, Florida, Dallas
CNN —Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine was arrested at Entebbe International Airport near the capital Kampala on Thursday as he returned to the country, according to his party the National Unity Platform. The National Unity Platform (NUP) said in a social media post that Wine was “violently arrested upon his return to Uganda. Opposition frontrunnerWine, a popstar-turned-politician whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi, was the main opposition frontrunner in the presidential elections in January 2021 and lost to President Yoweri Museveni. Wine rejected the election results, saying he had evidence of fraud and intimidation. “The Security Agencies will take all necessary measures to ensure that individuals involved in illegal activities are arrested and brought before the courts of law.”
Persons: Bobi Wine, , , Wine, Robert Kyagulanyi, Yoweri Museveni, Museveni, Organizations: CNN, Wine, Uganda Police Force, Entebbe International, ” Police Locations: Entebbe, Kampala, Uganda, Magere
Zoleka Mandela dies of cancer aged 43, family says
  + stars: | 2023-09-26 | by ( Sarah Dean | )   time to read: +1 min
Johannesburg, South Africa CNN —Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter Zoleka Mandela has died of cancer at the age of 43, a family spokesperson said in a statement Tuesday. “Zoleka passed away on the evening of Monday, September 25th, surrounded by friends and family,” the statement, shared on her official Instagram account, said. She documented her battle with cancer on the account. How do I tell them that this time around, I may not get to live my life as a survivor? Her activism also included road safety campaigns after her 13-year-old daughter, Zenani, was killed in a car crash in 2010.
Persons: South Africa CNN — Nelson, Zoleka Mandela, “ Zoleka, Nelson Mandela, Mandela, , Mum Winnie, Madiba Organizations: South Africa CNN, Nelson, Nelson Mandela Foundation, Foundation, Healthcare Locations: Johannesburg, South Africa
Doug Burgum appears to have qualified for Wednesday's second GOP primary debate, an NBC News analysis shows. Burgum has been on the outside looking into the second debate with less than a week to go to secure enough support in primary polls to qualify. Burgum appears to have qualified through the latter:The other candidates who appear to have qualified — Florida Gov. Burgum jumped into the GOP presidential race relatively late, without some of the national recognition of some of his rivals. It should be the voters to decide who to support,” Burgum said in New Hampshire.
Persons: Doug Burgum, Burgum, Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, Nikki Haley, Sen, Tim Scott of, Mike Pence, Chris Christie —, Donald Trump, Perry Johnson, Johnson, ” Burgum, “ We’ve Organizations: North Dakota Gov, Wednesday's, NBC, Republican, RNC, Florida Gov, New, New Jersey Gov, GOP Locations: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, Tim Scott of South Carolina, New Jersey, Michigan, Milwaukee
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