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I was raised with a style of parenting that leaned more toward authoritarian. That's why respectful and empathic gentle parenting that acknowledged a child's feelings had a real appeal to me. I looked into gentle parentingEarly in my daughter's life, I started following gentle parenting influencers. These days, I'm not sure what label I'd put on my parenting style, perhaps mostly authoritative, a parenting style that is more focused on being responsive and supportive while still setting boundaries. I am done with following gentle parenting experts and taking their advice on how to parent my child, though.
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My name also appeared on the top 10 girls names lists throughout the 80s, so everywhere I went there was another Sara(h). The spelling people even use when replying to emails signed with the correct spelling. I have a friend that I've known for almost 10 years that still spells my name wrong. We wanted to name our child something that wasn't popularThe author (right) and her husband have pretty common names, so they gave their daughter a less common one. I didn't realize people don't know how to pronounce CharissaWhat we didn't anticipate was that there would be confusion about how to pronounce it.
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As the parent of an only child, I often field questions like, "Does she have any siblings?" I considered having more kids before I got pregnantAt one point, I considered having more than one child. Unsurprisingly, my husband was fully on board with never, ever having to go through it all again. Being a mother is still incredibly challenging for meAs an only child my daughter does get more by default. AdvertisementMy daughter's developmental delays and autism mean she needs more of my physical and emotional reserves than a neurotypical child.
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