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Both children received help through telehealth therapy, a service that schools around the country are offering in response to soaring mental health struggles among American youth. The growth reflects a booming new business born from America’s youth mental health crisis, which has proven so lucrative that venture capitalists are funding a new crop of school teletherapy companies. For rural schools and lower-income students in particular, it has made therapy easier to access. Schools let students connect with online counselors during the school day or after hours from home. It now employs more than 300 clinicians providing teletherapy in over 150 school districts in 15 states.
Persons: Maria Ishoo’s, Valerie Aguirre’s, , Ishoo, , ” Ishoo, Trish Wilson, that’s, Wilson, Doreen Hogans, Kevin Dahill, Hazel, Josh Golomb, Prince George’s, Golomb, ” Golomb, Ashwin Vasan, ” Vasan, Fern Yoshida, Valerie Aguirre's, Aguirre, teletherapy, ” Aguirre, , Sharon Lurye Organizations: Associated Press, Schools, Hazel Health, Hazel, Los, Clark County, Dade, Press, Carnegie Corporation of New, AP Locations: California, Hawaii, Lancaster , California, Lancaster, Prince George’s County , Maryland, San Francisco, Los Angeles County, Clark, Las Vegas, Miami, Houston, New York City, New York, Maui, Carnegie Corporation of New York
While artificial intelligence has taken the limelight over the past year, technology that can appear to operate like human brains has been top of mind for researchers, investors and tech executives in Silicon Valley and beyond for more than a decade. Here are some of the people involved in the origins of the modern A.I. lab that made the chatbot ChatGPT that went viral over the past year and ushered in recognition of the power of generative artificial intelligence. Mr. Altman helped start OpenAI after meeting with Elon Musk about the technology in 2015. At the time, Mr. Altman ran Y Combinator, the Silicon Valley start-up incubator.
Persons: Jim Wilson, New York Times Sam Altman Mr, Altman, San Francisco A.I, Elon Musk Organizations: New York Times, OpenAI, San, Elon Locations: Silicon Valley, San Francisco
Does Your Wedding Need a ‘Social-Media Concierge?’
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Yssabel Pangilinan, a software engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area, hired a traditional photographer and videographer to capture memories of her wedding at a Napa Valley estate in June. Tiers of joy“For me, that wasn’t good enough,” says Pangilinan, 30. Conventional pictures and videos often take weeks to be edited and delivered. “I wanted to be able to see something right away,” she adds.
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Under Broadcom, VMware will operate in four divisions, Broadcom CEO Hock Tan told employees last week in an email. Competitors swoop inNow that Broadcom has acquired VMware, competitors, and partners see a big opportunity to win over VMware customers. VMware customers had already been concerned that Broadcom ownership may hurt innovation and cause a talent exodus , while VMware slowed down customer deals, BI previously reported. He said he has heard from VMware customers that they're "really concerned" and that Broadcom is "confirming the worst fears" customers have about the acquisition. VMware layoffsBroadcom conducted layoffs of VMware employees on Monday.
Persons: It's, it's, Hock Tan, Hock, Nutanix, Rajiv Ramaswami, they've, Ramaswami, Bryan Cantrill, Cantrill, they'll, what's, Tan, he'll, Hock E, Tan Lucas Jackson, Raghu Raghuram Organizations: Broadcom, VMware, Business, EMC, Dell, Employees, BI, Oxide Computer Company, San Francisco Chronicle, Symantec, CA Technologies Locations: China, Dell, India, Latin America
There's also an ongoing debate about whether an agreement should center on "abated" fossil fuels, which are trapped and stocked with carbon capture and storage technologies, or "unabated" fossil fuels, which are largely understood to be produced and used without substantial reductions in the amount of emitted greenhouse gases. "We cannot save a burning planet with a firehose of fossil fuels," Guterres said. "The 1.5-degree limit is only possible if we ultimately stop burning all fossil fuels. Not everyone is on board with calls to phase out fossil fuels, however. An Exxon Mobil gas station in Washington, DC, US, on Tuesday, Nov. 28, 203.
Persons: Darren Woods, There's, Steve Sedgwick, Woods, U.N, António Guterres, Guterres, Phaseout, David Paul Morris, Exxon Mobil's Woods, Tengku Muhammad Taufik, I'm Organizations: UNITED, EMIRATES, Exxon Mobil, United Arab Emirates, United Arab, Exxon Mobil Corp, Economic Cooperation, APEC, Bloomberg, Getty Images Bloomberg, Getty, Exxon, Big Oil, Petronas, Natural Resources, Mobil Locations: Dubai, COP28, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Asia, San Francisco , California, San Francisco, China, UAE, Washington , DC
[1/2] Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan testifies before a House Financial Services Committee hearing titled: "Holding Megabanks Accountable: An Examination of Wells Fargo's Pattern of Consumer Abuses" in Washington, U.S. March 12, 2019. Sloan in the lawsuit filed in California state court says Wells Fargo canceled stock awards and withheld a bonus he had earned before stepping down. Wells Fargo in a statement said that "compensation decisions are based on performance, and we stand by our decisions in this matter." Sloan led Wells Fargo from 2016 to 2019, when he became the second chief executive to step down over claims that the bank had opened millions of unauthorized consumer accounts. Sloan accused Wells Fargo of breach of contract and, along with the $34 million, is seeking unspecified damages for emotional distress and punitive damages.
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Opinion | Sam Altman, Sugarcoating the Apocalypse
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My favorite “Twilight Zone” episode is the one where aliens land and, in a sign of their peaceful intentions, give world leaders a book. Government cryptographers work to translate the alien language. They decipher the title — “To Serve Man” — and that’s reassuring, so interplanetary shuttles are set up. But as the cryptographers proceed, they realize — too late — that it’s a cookbook. It was founded in 2015 as a nonprofit to serve man, to keep an eye on galloping A.I.
Persons: , — Sam Altman, Elon Musk, Ilya Sutskever, Greg Brockman —, A.I, Mary Shelley Organizations: San Locations: San Francisco
The kidnappers planned to ransom the Chowchilla kids, all between the ages of 5 and 14 years old, for $5 million. After all, the field of child trauma psychiatry was still in its infancy. One mental health professional predicted that that only one of the 26 would be emotionally affected by the kidnappings. Much like with adults, Terr described how the consequences of kids’ trauma could linger, with implications reaching far into adulthood. After the school shootings in Columbine and Sandy Hook, for instance, mental health counselors were on the front lines to help survivors.
Persons: pantyhose —, Ed Ray, Ray, they’d, James Palmer, , , Spencer, Lenore Terr, ” Terr, Terr, hadn’t, she’d, Jennifer Brown Hyde, ’ ” Jennifer Brown, Jeffrey, Larry Park, Mike Marshall, Marshall, ” Marshall, doesn’t, he’s, he’d, it’s, Hyde, “ We’ve, Elissa Benedek, Benedek, who’ve, Dr, Sanjay Gupta, Sandy Hook Organizations: CNN, Police, Spencer Eth, Miami VA Healthcare, CNN Films, AP, ” Eth, American Psychiatric Association, Get CNN, CNN Health Locations: Chowchilla , California, San Joaquin Valley, urine, Los Angeles, Chowchilla, Livermore , California, San Francisco, Midwest, Columbine
CNN —In 1976, gunmen stormed a school bus carrying 26 children – ages 5 to 14 – and their bus driver in Chowchilla, California. The Dairyland Union School District bus carrying 26 children and their bus driver was found empty and abandoned in July 1976. The kidnappers ordered the children and their bus driver into a moving van hidden underground. Bus driver Edward Ray speaks to reporters in 1976. “Chowchilla children are heroes,” she said in the CNN Film.
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Darren Woods, CEO of ExxonMobil, reacts at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Summit in San Francisco, California, U.S., November 15, 2023. "So, you could say that about carbon capture today, you could say that about electric vehicles, about wind, about solar. The future role of carbon capture technology and fossil fuels is a key issue at the conference. Exxon has announced $17 billion of investment in its low carbon business, which includes carbon capture, and has argued that greenhouse gas emissions are the problem causing climate change, not the fossil fuels themselves. Woods declined to provide details of the contracts, but said U.S. subsidies in last year's Inflation Reduction Act of up to $85 a ton for carbon capture and sequestration would make the investments profitable.
Persons: Darren Woods, Carlos Barria, Woods, EVs, We're, Richard Valdmanis, Katy Daigle Organizations: ExxonMobil, Economic Cooperation, REUTERS, Rights, Exxon Mobil, International Energy, Reuters, Exxon, IEA, Thomson Locations: Asia, San Francisco , California, U.S, Dubai, Gulf of Mexico, United States
Yssabel Pangilinan, a software engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area, hired a traditional photographer and videographer to capture memories of her wedding at a Napa Valley estate in June. Tiers of joy“For me, that wasn’t good enough,” says Pangilinan, 30. Conventional pictures and videos often take weeks to be edited and delivered. “I wanted to be able to see something right away,” she adds.
Persons: Yssabel, , Organizations: San Francisco Bay Area Locations: San Francisco Bay, Napa
The New Wedding Must-Have: $3,500 Instagram Consultant
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Yssabel Pangilinan, a software engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area, hired a traditional photographer and videographer to capture memories of her wedding at a Napa Valley estate in June. Tiers of joy“For me, that wasn’t good enough,” says Pangilinan, 30. Conventional pictures and videos often take weeks to be edited and delivered. “I wanted to be able to see something right away,” she adds.
Persons: Yssabel, , Organizations: San Francisco Bay Area Locations: San Francisco Bay, Napa
Will GM Shareholders Survive the EV Meltdown?
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Holman W. Jenkins Jr. is a member of the editorial board of The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Jenkins joined the Journal in May 1992 as a writer for the editorial page in New York. In February 1994, he moved to Hong Kong as editor of The Asian Wall Street Journal's editorial page. Mr. Jenkins won a 1997 Gerald Loeb Award for distinguished business and financial coverage. Born in Philadelphia, Mr. Jenkins received a bachelor's degree from Hobart and William Smith Colleges and a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University.
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Maker of Wegovy, Ozempic showers money on U.S. obesity doctors
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Novo spent at least $25.8 million over the past decade on U.S. medical professionals to promote its two obesity drugs, Wegovy and Saxenda, the analysis found. Jastreboff has also worked on clinical trials of obesity drugs for Eli Lilly, which markets a Wegovy competitor. Some doctors said Novo’s payments exemplify how the flood of industry money can dominate decision-making about care and coverage. Government pharmacy officer Solaru said her agency concluded that the new obesity drugs could be cost-effective by preventing other weight-related diseases and boosting workplace productivity. In January, the personnel office told its health plans they must cover at least one GLP-1 obesity drug for 8 million workers, retirees and family members.
Persons: Lee Kaplan, Kaplan, , gastroenterologist, He’s, Novo, Donna Ryan, Ryan, , ” Kaplan, ” Novo, Robert Lustig, “ I’m, Lustig, They’re, Ania, ” Jastreboff, Jastreboff, Eli Lilly, Lilly’s Zepbound, Lilly, ” Lilly, Novo’s, Ayana, Sanders, Arthur Kellermann, ” Kellermann, mouthpieces, ’ ”, “ I'm, Jamy Ard, Ard, Dele, ” Solaru, ” Ryan, Scott Kahan, Kahan, Solaru, Christine Gallagher, Wegovy, Rebekah Carl, Carl, Jen Wexler, gaunt, Wexler Organizations: Novo Nordisk, Dartmouth, Nutrition Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Reuters, Cambridge, Obesity Society, U.S ., Management, Reuters . Pharmaceutical, , U.S, United, National Health Service, University of California, U.S . Food, Drug Administration, Doctors, Wegovy’s, BMI, Yale University’s Center, Weight Management, Wall Street, American Medical Association, Rutgers University’s School of Public Health, Affordable, . Pharmaceutical, Companies, Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, Wake Forest University, Wake Forest Baptist Health Weight Management, Obesity, Pennington Biomedical Research, U.S . National Institutes of Health, Personnel Management, Coalition, STOP, George Washington University, Novo Locations: CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts, Boston, U.S, Novo, Danish, United States, Louisiana, San Francisco, Wegovy, Pennington, Baton Rouge , Louisiana, Government, New Columbia , Pennsylvania, Florida
Barcelona is a decade into transforming many of its streets into green, car-light public spaces. Earlier this year, the city announced yet another major expansion of the project, with a goal of making a third of city streets green by 2030. And as Americans experience an epidemic of loneliness, a built environment that fosters social connection might be crucial for public health. Making a neighborhood more attractive with more walkable, green streets could mean triggering or speeding up gentrification. More walkable communities with high-quality public spaces are much more expensive to live in, indicating high demand.
Persons: , Sven Eggimann, Tayana Panova, Jonathan Cohn, who's, Eggimann, pyi2lKhNzc, Billy Fields Organizations: Service, ZHAW School of Architecture, Residents, Urban, Smart Growth Locations: Barcelona, Spanish, Switzerland, New York City, Barcelona's, Vitoria, Europe, Valencia, Manhattan, Francisco, Superblocks
An electronic board shows Shanghai and Shenzhen stock indexes, at the Lujiazui financial district in Shanghai, China October 25, 2022. But the extent of the political and economic jitters merely mirrors other signs of a long-term China exit well beyond portfolio flows. Earlier this month, China recorded its first-ever quarterly deficit in "bricks and mortar" foreign direct investment (FDI). What's more, a multi-year aversion to China investments then risks colliding with deteriorating long-term economic growth dynamics - heightened by rising youth unemployment and dire demographics. Despite some recent upgrades of China growth forecasts, yet another business survey this week raised red flags.
Persons: Aly, Gina Raimondo, Nicholas Lardy, Xi, Lardy, What's, Morgan Stanley, Morgan Stanley's, Mike Dolan, Paul Simao Organizations: REUTERS, Official Monetary, Financial, Reuters, . Commerce, Peterson Institute for International Economics, Thomson Locations: Shanghai, Shenzhen, China, OMFIF, Europe, North America, India, Brazil, Beijing, U.S, Washington, San Francisco
Prescott threw three touchdown passes and the Cowboys won their 14th consecutive home game, rallying to beat the Seahawks 41-35 on Thursday night. But the Dallas defense, ranked third in the league coming in, got fourth-down stops on the Seahawks' final three possessions. The Cowboys kept alive their best home winning streak since an 18-game run at old Texas Stadium from 1979-81. ... RB Kenneth Walker III missed a second consecutive game with an oblique injury. Seattle visits San Francisco in just its second game since the Niners solidified their NFC West lead with a 31-13 victory at the Seahawks.
Persons: Dak Prescott, Prescott, Jake Ferguson, , Mike McCarthy, Geno Smith, Metcalf, Pete Carroll, what’s, ” Dallas ’ Brandon Aubrey, DaRon Bland, Zach Charbonnet, Ferguson, Cooks, CeeDee Lamb, Smith, ” Prescott, Micah Parsons, Bland, Donovan Wilson, Jaxon Smith, Njigba, Dallas, Tony Pollard's, Julian Love, LB Jordyn Brooks, RB Kenneth Walker III, ___ Organizations: , Seattle, Dallas Cowboys, T, Cowboys, Seahawks, Dallas, NFC East, Philadelphia, Eagles, NFL, Dallas cornerback, LB, RB, Niners, NFC Locations: ARLINGTON , Texas, D.K, Seattle, San Francisco
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Walmart is the latest company to join the growing flock of major advertisers to pull spending from X, Elon Musk’s beleaguered social media company, amid concerns about hate speech — as well as reaching a sizeable audience on the platform. “We aren’t advertising on X as we’ve found some other platforms better reach our customers,” Walmart said in a statement. Musk said advertisers pulling out are engaging in “blackmail” and, using a profanity, essentially told them to go away. Walmart is joining the Walt Disney Co., IBM, NBCUniversal and its parent company Comcast and other companies who have decided to stop spending on X. But X's relations with advertisers don't appear to be improving.
Persons: Elon Musk’s, Musk, Andrew Ross Sorkin, , , ” Musk, Linda Yaccarino, Joe Benarroch Organizations: FRANCISCO, Walmart, Walt Disney Co, IBM, NBCUniversal, Comcast
Foundation models like the one built by Microsoft (MSFT.O)-backed OpenAI are AI systems trained on large sets of data, with the ability to learn from new data to perform various tasks. In a meeting of the countries' economy ministers on Oct. 30 in Rome, France persuaded Italy and Germany to support a proposal, sources told Reuters. Until then, negotiations had gone smoothly, with lawmakers making compromises across several other conflict areas such as regulating high-risk AI, sources said. France-based AI company Mistral and Germany's Aleph Alpha have criticised the tiered approach to regulating foundation models, winning support from their respective countries. Other pending issues in the talks include definition of AI, fundamental rights impact assessment, law enforcement exceptions and national security exceptions, sources told Reuters.
Persons: Carlos Barria, Thierry Breton, Geoffrey Hinton, Alpha, Mistral, Mark Brakel, Supantha Mukherjee, Josephine Mason, Alexander Smith Organizations: Technology, Intelligence, REUTERS, Rights, Reuters, Foundation, Microsoft, European Commission, Mistral, Lawmakers, Life Institute, Thomson Locations: San Francisco, California, U.S, Rights STOCKHOLM, BRUSSELS, LONDON, France, Germany, Italy, Rome, Spain, Belgium, Stockholm
CNBC TechCheck Evening Edition: December 1, 2023
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailCNBC TechCheck Evening Edition: December 1, 2023CNBC's TechCheck brings you the latest in tech news from CNBC's 1 Market in the heart of San Francisco.
Persons: TechCheck Organizations: CNBC Locations: San Francisco
World leaders are gathering in the UAE for the COP28 climate change summit. But President Joe Biden and Xi Jinping of China will be absent. But the leaders of the world's biggest polluting nations — President Joe Biden and China's leader Xi Jinping — will be conspicuous by their absence. AdvertisementA man walks past a COP28 sign during the United Nations climate summit in Dubai on December 1, 2023. Xi and Biden are doing little to signal their commitment to sharing the burden of reducing the climate crisis equally by not attending the summit, say critics.
Persons: Joe Biden, Xi, King Charles, Pope Francis, Xi Jinping, LUDOVIC MARIN, Biden, Kamala Harris, John Kerry, Xie Zhenhua, Tom Evans, Evans, Sultan Al Jaber, Kerry Organizations: Service, United Arab Emirates, White, Sunday, US, Democratic, APEC, BBC, Climate, Business, Sierra Club Locations: UAE, China, United Nations, Dubai, Biden's, Xi, San Francisco
China's Xi tells coast guard to enforce maritime law
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China's President Xi Jinping attends the Leaders Retreat at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in San Francisco, California, U.S. November 17, 2023. REUTERS/Carlos Barria/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsBEIJING, Dec 1 (Reuters) - China's President Xi Jinping has said the country's coast guard must enforce maritime law and crack down on "criminal activities" to defend China's territorial sovereignty, state media reported on Friday. Xi made the comments as he inspected the China Coast Guard's command office for the East China Sea area and the performance of the coast guard's ships by video, Xinhua news agency reported. "It is necessary to establish and improve the coordination and cooperation mechanism of maritime law enforcement, severely crack down on illegal and criminal activities at sea," Xi said. The Chinese coast guard has had several confrontations with vessels from the Philippines in disputed territorial waters in the South China Sea.
Persons: Xi Jinping, Carlos Barria, Xi, Ella Cao, Bernard Orr, Christina Fincher, Barbara Lewis Organizations: Economic Cooperation, REUTERS, Rights, East, Thomson Locations: Asia, San Francisco , California, U.S, Rights BEIJING, East China, Xinhua, Philippines, South China
Salesforce Keeps Growth Dreams Alive Enough
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Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff speaks during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Summit in San Francisco on Nov. 16. Photo: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg NewsThere was a time—and not very long ago—that Salesforce would have scoffed at 11% growth. That was then. The cloud software giant’s fiscal third-quarter ended October was the third consecutive period showing revenue growing at that pace year over year. The company also used Wednesday’s report to affirm Wall Street’s projection for 10% growth in the current quarter ending in January—9.8% if not rounding.
Persons: Marc Benioff, David Paul Morris Organizations: Economic Cooperation, Bloomberg Locations: Asia, San Francisco,
Johnson & Johnson is making one of the biggest bets in the healthcare industry on using data science and artificial intelligence to bolster its work. The 137-year-old pharmaceutical and medical-device company has hired 6,000 data scientists and digital specialists in recent years, and spent hundreds of millions of dollars on their work, such as using machines to scour massive health-record datasets. Last year the company opened a state-of-the-art research site near San Francisco that houses advanced data science.
Persons: Johnson Locations: San Francisco
Broadcom CEO Hock Tan plans to consolidate some teams at VMware following his blockbuster acquisition of the cloud software provider. He said Broadcom plans to consolidate offices and teams at VMware, particularly those in sales, HR, and finance, according to a recording of the meeting reviewed by Business Insider. "Broadcom has a software group that sells to many of the same customers VMware sells to," Tan said at the meeting. Already, Broadcom has started laying off VMware employees, BI first reported. Besides consolidating teams and laying off employees, Broadcom is looking into strategic alternatives for its End-User Computing and Carbon Black units, Tan said in an email last week.
Persons: Hock Tan, Tan Organizations: Broadcom, VMware, Business, San Francisco Bay Area, San Francisco Chronicle Locations: San Francisco Bay, Palo Alto
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