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CNN —Listening to music, smoking hookah, and getting a Western-style haircut are all punishable acts under the suffocating rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan, according to a new UN report. The Taliban’s so-called morality police have curtailed human rights – disproportionately targeting women and girls – creating a “climate of fear and intimidation,” said the report by the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) published Tuesday. Moreover, the report said, the Taliban’s instructions are issued in a variety of formats – often only verbally – and are inconsistently and unpredictably enforced. However, reports from Afghanistan suggest the Taliban’s repressive control over women has led to a sharp rise in suicide attempts. Ahmad Sahel Arman/AFP/Getty ImagesMedia is heavily restricted, and residents live in a surveillance state, the report added.
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At the U.N. Security Council on Monday, China’s ambassador, Zhang Jun, broadly accused the United States of using excessive force around the world and manipulating public opinion about its intentions. The Security Council has frequently been a platform for U.S. and Russia’s spats over Ukraine, Syria and, most recently, the war in Gaza. “Iran has never sought to bring its dispute with the United States into Iraq’s territory,” Mr. Iravani told the Council, reiterating Iran’s stance that it does not seek a war with the United States. Algeria, the only Arab member of the Council, has drafted a new resolution calling for a permanent cease-fire in Gaza. The attacks killed 1,200 people and led to the abduction to Gaza of 240 others, Israeli officials said.
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UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Russia accused the United States on Monday of aggression against Iraq and Syria aimed at preserving its global dominance and salvaging the Biden administration’s “image” ahead of U.S. elections. Many council members expressed fears of a growing Mideast conflict and urged de-escalation and stepped-up peace efforts. Wood stressed that the United States doesn’t want more conflict in a region where it is “actively working to contain and deescalate the conflict in Gaza." "And we are not seeking a direct conflict with Iran,” Wood said “But we will continue to defend our personnel against unacceptable attacks. Ambassador Zhang Jun, a Russian ally, echoed her concerns about escalating tensions and actions, and pointed a finger at the United States.
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The vote follows the council’s rejection Monday evening of a Russian-drafted resolution that condemned violence and terrorism against civilians and called for a “humanitarian cease-fire” but made no mention of Hamas. One calls for a “humanitarian cease-fire.” The other would condemn indiscriminate attacks on civilians and assaults on “civilian objects” in Gaza like hospitals and schools that deprive people of the means to survive. To be adopted, a resolution needs at least nine of the 15 council members to vote “yes” and no veto by a permanent member. The council vote was taking place amid frantic diplomatic efforts to prevent the Israeli-Hamas conflict from spreading. The five permanent Security Council nations are also invited, he said.
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CNN —Ukraine has opened more than 3,000 criminal cases over Russia’s alleged crimes against children in the country, including dozens of torture cases, Ukrainian prosecutors said Thursday. The reports of alleged torture against children came to light after some Ukrainian territories were retaken from occupying Russian forces. These include 13 alleged cases of sexual violence against children, the youngest of which was a 4-year-old girl, Usenko said. Child pawns of Russia’s warThe treatment of Ukraine’s children by Russia has long been under international scrutiny. A United Nations Security Council briefing last week focused on the war’s impact on Ukraine’s children, with the deportations and treatment of children taking center stage.
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Russia quit the Black Sea grain deal on Monday, saying that demands to improve its own food and fertilizer exports had not been met, and that not enough Ukrainian grain had reached the poorest countries. The Black Sea grain deal was brokered a year ago by the United Nations and Turkey to combat a global food crisis worsened by Russia's invasion. The impact of the grain deal in terms of provisions of Ukrainian grain to global markets is "essentially not very significant," he said. Before Russia withdrew from the Black Sea deal on Monday, the U.N. had "brokered a concrete proposal" with the European Commission to connect a Rosselkhozbank subsidiary to SWIFT. "We remain open to explore solutions with the U.N. that would contribute to the resumption of the grain deal," EU envoy to the U.N. Olof Skoog told the council.
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