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In this gilded echo chamber, Mr. Trump enjoys unwavering devotion — and collects the staggering price of admission. During the 2014-15 season — the last before Mr. Trump officially entered politics — The Times counted 52 fund-raiser events at Mar-a-Lago. More than two dozen midterm candidates had already held fund-raisers on the property when Mr. Trump made that statement. But that changed when Letitia James, the New York attorney general, sued Mr. Trump for exaggerating the value of his properties. And, unlike when Mr. Trump was president, “he was there a lot,” Mr. Rustmann said.
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“Is this a political war to the knife?”I was not familiar with that term – “war to the knife” – but Bannon also recently used it in an interview with ex-Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Ousted from White House role in 2017Bannon’s tenure in Trump’s White House was relatively short; he was fired in August 2017, part of a major reorganization under then-chief of staff John Kelly, who was brought in to control a chaotic atmosphere. As chief strategist at the White House, Bannon was known for large whiteboards full of lists of priorities – things that still ring true in the priorities he outlined over the weekend. Courts, Congress and mismanagement kept Bannon and Trump from achieving many of these goals in Trump’s first term. Anticipating the potential for a second Trump term, there are any number of supporters who are mapping out how to make the most of it.
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Some Trump allies, including another veteran of his 2016 campaign and the Trump White House, former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, have downplayed the former president’s comments. Earlier this month, Conway noted that Trump’s Justice Department did not try to prosecute Hillary Clinton despite the chants of “Lock her up!” at 2016 campaign rallies. But other allies have responded more forcefully to Trump’s conviction in his New York hush money trial. He was sentenced to four months in prison, and a federal judge earlier this month ordered him to report to prison by July 1. Once a top adviser to Trump’s 2016 campaign and a senior White House aide, the bombastic Bannon is now a right-wing podcaster with a following of loyal Trump supporters.
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Cannon is planning on holding a sprawling hearing on Trump’s request to declare Jack Smith’s appointment as special counsel invalid, signaling she could be more willing than any other trial judge to veto the special prosecutor’s authority. Wednesday, Cannon went further, adding a hearing on a gag order request from prosecutors to limit Trump’s rhetoric about law enforcement and allotting more time to hear arguments on the special counsel issue. Cannon’s signal of willingness to entertain challenges to the special counsel comes in the same week Republicans are bearing down on Attorney General Merrick Garland for his use of special counsels. A third group says the Department of Justice’s use of a special counsel should be upheld. Cannon still agreed to the hearing Trump wanted.
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Washington CNN —Attorney General Merrick Garland appeared defiant Tuesday as he spent hours fielding questions from lawmakers on a range of topics, occasionally sparring with Republican House members seeking to use his testimony to attack the Justice Department. “These repeated attacks on the Justice Department are unprecedented, and they are unfounded,” he told lawmakers. “I will not be intimidated, and the Justice Department will not be intimidated. “It is not the fault of the Department of Justice that Donald Trump has surrounded himself with criminals,” Lieu said. “Trump brought that upon himself.”Lieu also noted that President Biden’s son Hunter is being prosecuted “in federal court right now” by Garland’s Justice Department.
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Now Christie, like Cohen, is a former Trump associate trying to take the former president down. Cohen is rare in the universe of Trump associates since he both turned on Trump and went to prison. Many of the other Trump aides and associates who faced jail eventually got pardons or clemency and still support the former president. Trump’s pardon helped Bannon avoid prosecution in the border wall scheme, but Bannon may yet go to prison. Trump issued the Flynn pardon shortly after losing the 2020 presidential election.
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CNN —There’s a funny, interesting and very sad new series on CNN featuring Jake Tapper. If you are encountering them for the first time, it will be an education in what Tapper calls his “Jar Jar Binks” theory. TAPPER: The scandals involving Trump are so vast and complex and ongoing. You revisit sex scandals, corruptions scandals and a spy scandal. TAPPER: I have a theory called the “Jar Jar Binks” theory, which is that every great person rises to a level where they can remove from their circle anyone telling them when they’re making a mistake.
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That's when Rep. Elise Stefanik, the hard-charging upstate New York Republican, came up, according to a person at the dinner table. At the thought of Stefanik as a possible choice for vice president, Trump nodded approvingly. "I'm not going to get into any of my conversations with President Trump. In New York, Stefanik is known as a frequent presence not only in her district but across the state — and someone who can easily be reached. Aside from Stefanik, Bannon ticked through his view of Trump's deep bench of potential VP picks.
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A Washington Post reviews detailed how a range of figures are boosting Trump's White House bid. Trump received a torrent of criticism while in office for his pardons of high-profile associates. Roughly 60% of Trump's clemency orders were pardons, according to Pew Research. Advertisement"The power to pardon is a beautiful thing," Trump said in 2018 while he still sat in the White House. Kerik, D'Souza, and Bannon all received presidential pardons, while Stone had his sentence commuted by Trump.
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Judges can threaten gag order violators with fines or jail time, but jailing a presidential candidate could prompt serious political blowback and pose logistical hurdles. A gag order may also slow down the case because it's likely Trump either violates it and the judge will want to punish him or Trump will challenge the order in advance, he said. In one case, a federal appeals court in 1987 lifted a gag order on U.S. Rep. Harold Ford Sr., a Tennessee Democrat charged in a fraud case. Ford’s gag order prohibited him from even sharing his opinion of or discussing facts of the case. He said he was dubious that Trump’s attacks, “while in very poor taste,” posed the kind of danger to merit a gag order.
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Photos: Media mogul Rupert Murdoch
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Rupert Murdoch announced Thursday that he will step down as chairman of Fox Corporation and Fox News. It's now a massive multimedia empire that spans the globe and includes TV, online, film and print interests. Murdoch, 92, owns hundreds of publishing outlets across the world and is one of the richest and most powerful people in the world. "Murdoch is the most ruthless businessman in world history," said Roger Stone, political strategist and ally of former President Donald Trump. I hope to be able to leave them a great opportunity like my father left me," Murdoch said.
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House Republicans have begun to make January 6 security camera footage publicly available. I watched as lawmakers fled for safety — and banded together — while rioters besieged the Capitol. AdvertisementAdvertisementRoger Stone in front of the O’Neill House Office Building, where the January 6 security camera footage can be viewed, in December 2021. Upstairs, I focused on a lone security camera in front of the House chamber. On another security camera in Longworth House Office Building, I watched lawmakers of both parties gathering near the secure location where they sheltered for the duration of the riot.
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They were the latest members of the former president’s inner circle to find out that associating with Trump could put them on cracking legal ice. There is increasing speculation over why Meadows was charged in Georgia but not in special counsel Jack Smith’s federal investigation into Trump’s election stealing efforts. Legal experts wonder whether he could be cooperating with that probe in a sign of peril for the former president. Trump’s inner circles have long faced legal problemsTrump’s co-defendants in the Georgia case are not the first to find out that the ex-president’s intolerance for the rules and conventions that normally constrain presidencies can lead them into treacherous waters. Trump once vowed to bring only “the best people” to Washington, but his acolytes often find themselves dragged into his legal storms.
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“No way I can get a fair trial, or even close to a fair trial, in Washington, D.C. Several January 6 defendants have argued that there’s been too much pretrial publicity in DC for a fair trial and that the jury pool in the city would be too biased. Still, Trump attorney John Lauro on Sunday cast doubt on the idea that Trump could receive a fair trial in the nation’s capital. Former Vice President Mike Pence, who recently made his sharpest condemnation of Trump, told CBS on Sunday he “would hope” Trump can receive a fair trial in Washington. That’s one reason why the January 6 defendants’ trials have gone forward without delay even though so many attempted to move their cases out of Washington, DC.
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Weeks later, Mr. Trump is the former President Trump. Instead, in a brief televised address shortly before 2:30 a.m., Mr. Trump furiously laid down his postelection lie. For weeks, Mr. Trump had been peppering him with tips of fraud that, upon investigation by federal authorities, proved baseless. The cavalry “is coming, Mr. President,” Kylie Kremer tweeted to Mr. Trump on Dec. 19. On Jan. 15, Mr. Trump acquiesced to an Oval Office meeting with Mr. Lindell, who arrived with two sets of documents.
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The false statements on his application for a gun also would not prompt criminal prosecution absent evidence of violent behavior. Far from getting favored treatment, Hunter Biden was prosecuted solely because he is his father’s son. To the Editor:I have some questions for congressional Republicans who complain that Hunter Biden got a “sweetheart deal” because he escaped prosecution on a felony gun charge and received only probation on a tax charge. And is it also your position that anyone who fails to file taxes on time or commits tax fraud should have to serve time? If so, will you publicly state that position at campaign rallies?
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Footage shows former Trump advisor Roger Stone explaining how to best manipulate him. Stone said Trump is "not easy to deal with" and resents "any implication that he is handled." The clip, first obtained by The Daily Beast, is from the upcoming documentary "A Storm Foretold." And you gave that speech, and God, it had to be 10,000 people, the biggest crowd they'd ever seen. I don't know where you came up with that line, but it's one of the best things,'" Stone said.
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Federal prosecutors are asking U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta to sentence Roberto Minuta and Edward Vallejo to 17 years in prison each after they were convicted in January alongside two other Oath Keepers members. If the judge follows that recommendation, those would be the second-longest sentences for any of the 1,000-plus people charged in the Capitol attack that was intended to block Congress from certifying Democrat Joe Biden's November 2020 election victory over the Republican Trump. Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, convicted in November of seditious conspiracy and other charges, was sentenced by Mehta last week to 18 years in prison, the longest of any of the sentences. Prosecutors said he stayed at a suburban Virginia hotel where the Oath Keepers had staged a "quick reaction force" and stashed firearms to be quickly ferried into Washington if needed. Joseph Hackett and David Moerschel, co-defendants in the trial in which Minuta and Vallejo were convicted - are due to be sentenced on Friday.
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Prosecutors said he stayed at a suburban Virginia hotel where the Oath Keepers had staged a "quick reaction force" and stashed firearms to be quickly ferried into Washington if needed. Mehta also ordered Vallejo to serve a year of home confinement after his prison term during a three-year period of supervised release. Minuta told the judge he has since disavowed the Oath Keepers and feels "repulsed" by the lack of remorse shown by Rhodes. In addition to Rhodes, three other co-defendants were sentenced last week to between four and 12 years in prison. Joseph Hackett and David Moerschel, co-defendants in the trial in which Minuta and Vallejo were convicted - are due to be sentenced on Friday.
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CNN —An Oath Keeper who acted as part of a security detail on January 6 for Roger Stone before rushing to join the riot at the Capitol was sentenced to more than four years in prison Thursday for seditious conspiracy. Roberto Minuta, who prosecutors described as one of Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes’ “most trusted men,” was not initially at the Capitol but sped over in a golf cart when he learned of the breach, prosecutors said. “This isn’t about the words themselves,” Judge Amit Mehta said during the sentencing hearing Thursday. “You weren’t charged and convicted because of your words. The law doesn’t permit that,” Mehta said.
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Shevrin Jones, a Florida state senator and member of the Biden campaign’s advisory board of elected officials, said he’s eager to tell the country the story of what he’s seen under DeSantis’ leadership. Biden and DeSantis and their wives walk to meet with local residents affected by Hurricane Ian in Fort Myers, Florida, on October 5, 2022. The voter registration advantage Florida Democrats had when President Barack Obama narrowly won the state in 2012 has flipped to Republicans. An adviser to the former New York City mayor told CNN that so far, there has been no outreach to Bloomberg’s operation from either the Biden campaign or the DNC. There was also a fleeting belief that they could push Biden over the top in Florida – though Trump ended up carrying the state by 3 points.
On Monday, Rudy Giuliani was hit with a bombshell rape civil lawsuit filed by a former staffer. The staffer alleged in the suit that Giuliani asked if she knew anyone who wanted to buy a presidential pardon. The suit says Giuliani said he was selling them for $2 million, splitting the profit with Trump. As of 2022, the office has a backlog of more than 17,000 pending applications for pardons, Bloomberg reported. Compared to former President Barack Obama's more than 1,300 clemency grants, Trump pardoned or commuted the sentences of 240 people while in office.
The drag and scrutiny in the aftermath of Jan. 6 might be an answer. With many entry points to the problem, and without a shared consensus about what the real problem with the Trump era was, satisfaction here might be difficult to achieve. And Mr. Trump is raising a lot of money and consolidating his polling advantage in the wake of the first indictment. Ms. Lofgren noted that the Jan. 6 committee was different from any experience she’d had, beginning with its unique presentation structure. It’s like some mixed-up version of deterrence and truth, with a society trying something, anything, with possibly volatile precedents for the future.
Tucker Carlson's next move
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Tucker Carlson's dismissal signals a new realignment in conservative media. Nobody at Fox "was as connected to the MAGA base as Tucker Carlson," one ex-Trump official said. Whatever the reason, Carlson's dismissal signals a new realignment in conservative media. Last month, Tucker Carlson Tonight was the top-rated program among all news channels with 3.25 million viewers including 421,000 viewers in the coveted age 25-54 demographic. His previous work includes the 2022 profile of Carlson, The Tucker Carlson Origin Story.
Donald Trump stopped by a pizza restaurant in Fort Myers, Florida, after giving a speech. A video shows him offering a half-eaten slice of pepperoni pizza to supporters. Over 100 supporters rushed to see Trump as he stopped to get pizza, causing "pandemonium," according to local outlet Wink News. The former president stopped by the eaterie after giving a speech at the Lee County GOP's 2023 Lincoln-Reagan Dinner. The event included speeches from Rep. Greg Steube, Rep. Byron Donalds, and political operative Roger Stone.
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