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"As they continue to annually increase their minimum wages, the number of low-wage workers does go down," says Henderson. Similarly, many states hiked their tipped minimum wages — or did away with a tipped minimum altogether. 53% of tipped wage workers earn less than $17 per hourAll that said, there are still nearly 40 million workers making less than $17 per hour. Nationwide, more than half, 53% of tipped wage workers earn less than $17 per hour, according to the report. A third, 33% of Latin or Hispanic workers and 32% of Black workers earn less than $17 per hour, compared to 21% of white workers, according to the report.
Persons: Kaitlyn Henderson, Henderson, Workers aren't, Judy Conti Organizations: Federal, Health, Education, Labor, Pensions, " Workers, Oxfam, Workers, Institute, National Employment Law, Bureau, National Women's Law, BLS, Agriculture, National Center, Farmworker Health, Census Bureau Locations: New York City, Washington, Maine, Oregon, EPI, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kentucky, Texas, North Carolina, Mexico, West Virginia
Can a non-U.S. citizen get a mortgage loan? Challenges non-U.S. citizens may faceThough it's possible to get a mortgage as a non-U.S. citizen, that doesn't mean it will be easy. Buying a home as a non-U.S. citizen FAQsCan non-U.S. citizens get a mortgage loan? Yes, non-U.S. citizens can get a mortgage loan if they meet the lender's eligibility requirements and they provide necessary documentation. Eligibility for non-U.S. citizen mortgage loans is usually based on legal residency status, credit history, income verification, and down payment.
Persons: homebuyers, Nora Aguirre, she's, they've, Aguirre, Organizations: Migration Policy Institute, Taxation, National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, USDA, ., Internal Revenue Service, Social, Chevron Locations: U.S, Nevada, Chevron
Ayana Dunlap changed careers and increased her earning potential over the course of a summer — and she did it without a bachelor's degree, or spending a dime. Suddenly, the hospitality career Dunlap had dreamed of having since she was a teenager seemed "impossible" to return to. Dunlap says she was worried her job opportunities would be limited without a bachelor's degree. She has an associate's degree in business administration and had exclusively worked in hospitality up to that point. The most important skill that helped Dunlap land a six-figure tech job without a bachelor's degree, she says, is cybersecurity.
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Read previewWhen the pandemic hit, young families fled cities across the US in droves. Overall, domestic out-migration from big cities is still double the rate it was pre-pandemic. "This data is three years out from the start of the pandemic, cities have started to recover robustly on a bunch of different measures." Families with kids under six years old are more than twice as likely to leave New York City than families without young kids, the Fiscal Policy Institute found. Some exurbs — particularly in the pro-development Sunbelt — are seeing young families flood in.
Persons: , Connor O'Brien, EIG, O'Brien, millennials Organizations: Service, Economic Innovation Group, Business, New York City Locations: exurbs, New York, Chicago's Cook County, San Francisco, Los Angeles, nation's, downtowns, New York City, Exurban, Polk County , Florida, Orlando, Tampa, Montgomery County , Texas, Houston
In this gilded echo chamber, Mr. Trump enjoys unwavering devotion — and collects the staggering price of admission. During the 2014-15 season — the last before Mr. Trump officially entered politics — The Times counted 52 fund-raiser events at Mar-a-Lago. More than two dozen midterm candidates had already held fund-raisers on the property when Mr. Trump made that statement. But that changed when Letitia James, the New York attorney general, sued Mr. Trump for exaggerating the value of his properties. And, unlike when Mr. Trump was president, “he was there a lot,” Mr. Rustmann said.
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Here are a handful of them:1) CampaignsBy the time a presidential election takes place in the United States, the electorate will have already endured months of seemingly endless electioneering — with the entire election campaign process from candidacies and the campaign trail to the actual presidential election and inauguration taking up to two years. In the U.K., the time frame between a prime minister calling a general election to the actual vote is just six weeks. It sounds simple, and usually is, unless there's a "hung parliament" in which no political party wins a majority of seats. In the U.K., political advertising on TV and radio is not allowed, so U.K. voters are subjected to the somewhat quaint "party political broadcasts" during election campaigns. 6) 'Absurd' diversionsBritish political experts note that, unlike in the U.S., where broad political debates tend to remain the key focus, U.K. election campaigns can see more minor or fringe issues dominate the short election campaign.
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CNN —A major Supreme Court ruling Friday that shifted power from the executive branch to the judiciary stands to transform how the federal government works. By overturning a 1984 precedent, the court’s conservative majority has made countless regulations vulnerable to legal challenge. The Supreme Court ruling could boost efforts by conservatives who have taken aim at the Biden Environmental Protection Agency’s rules limiting planet-warming pollution from vehicles, oil and gas wells and pipelines, and power plants. The ruling has injected legal uncertainty into regulations of all types, including those on technology, labor, the environment and health care. But the Supreme Court has yet to decide a case heard this term that might gut that limitation.
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What exactly are "Black jobs" — and are they really at risk from the recent surge of immigrants? "They're taking Black jobs, and they're taking Hispanic jobs, and you haven't seen it yet, but you're going to see something that's going to be the worst in our history." It's true that Black workers have historically been overrepresented in certain sectors like government and home health care. When it comes to pay, inflation-adjusted weekly earnings for Black workers reached a two-decade high of $314 under Trump. But amid persistent inflation and a cooling job market, Black workers' average weekly earnings declined in the most recent quarter to $293.
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Read previewThe sheer scale of drone use in Ukraine has given rise to an increasing battle for the skies, and the rise of drone-on-drone dogfights. He described how a small commercial drone out on reconnaissance might notice an enemy drone in the sky, fly above it, and drop down to clip its rotors. Armed Forces of UkraineOne of the simplest attacks is using an FPV drone to crash into an enemy drone, with or without an explosive attached. Ukrainian drone footage shows a Russian drone with an explosive payload hanging from it. Drones can be sent to look for antenna peeking out of windows — "a tell-tale sign of an enemy drone pilot covertly operating," he said.
Persons: , James Patton Rogers, Mike Monnik, DroneSec, Monnik, DroneHunter, Skip, Patton Rogers, John Moore, we'll Organizations: Service, Business, Cornell Brooks Tech Policy Institute, Armed Forces of, Royal United Services Institute, Ukraine's Center, Strategic Communications, Information Security, Scientific, BI, Ukrainian Army's 93rd Brigade, Aircraft Locations: Ukraine, Russia, Russian, Ukrainian, Armed Forces of Ukraine, Bakhmut
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailGerman automakers worried about their future in China, analyst saysPhillippe Le Corre, senior fellow at the Asia Society Policy Institute, discusses what to expect from China-EU talks over electric vehicle tariffs.
Persons: Phillippe Le Corre Organizations: Asia Society Policy Institute Locations: China
Instead, they influenced the rapid buildup of a kind of shadow White House policymaking apparatus spearheaded by former Trump administration officials. The groups aren’t officially affiliated with Trump’s campaign and have at times gotten crosswise with Trump’s political advisers. Several of the outside groups designed to advance Trump’s policy goals are doubling as a clearinghouse for potential second-term job candidates. Their operations are led by former Trump White House aides who were instrumental in efforts to weed out officials who disagreed with Trump toward the end of his first term. The group he left quickly hired another former senior Trump White House personnel official to replace him.
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You'll need to earn around $25 per hour to live on your own in the United States' 25 largest cities. But in nearly half of the 25 largest cities, the living wage is double that of the local minimum wage. Having employer-sponsored health insurance certainly helps: It shaves roughly $2 off the hourly living wage in the 25 largest U.S. cities, according to EPI's estimates. BostonHourly wage to cover basic costs: $34.02Hourly minimum wage: $153. DetroitHourly wage to cover basic costs: $19.70Hourly minimum wage: $10.33Want to be a successful, confident communicator?
Organizations: San, Boston, ., Seattle, Denver, Orlando, Inland, Miami, Phoenix, Tampa, Dallas, Houston, CNBC Locations: United States, That's, San Francisco, Boston, San Antonio, Detroit, . New York, Diego, Washington, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Portland , Oregon, Inland Empire, California, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Minneapolis, St, Antonio
London CNN —Private schools in Britain may conjure up images of rolling lawns, pristine tennis courts, and dormitory rooms, serving as gilded hothouses of privilege. Not every private school is “synonymous with privilege and great wealth,” argues Sue Hannam, headteacher at Lichfield Cathedral School, a private school in central England. About 620,000 children are currently enrolled in private schools in Britain, equivalent to almost 6% of all school children, according to the Independent Schools Council. Hodge at the Education Policy Institute noted that, accounting for inflation, private school fees had risen by as much as 25% since 2010. Still, a demographic shift means state schools may “welcome” the influx, Sibieta wrote last year.
Persons: YouGov, , Sue Hannam, “ We’ve, , they’re, , Hannam, John Keates, we’ve, Keir Starmer, , ” Starmer, Louis Hodge, that’s, Loveena Tandon, … it’ll, it’s, Julie Robinson, they’ll, Robinson, ” Robinson, Christine Cunniffe, ” Cunniffe, Hodge, That’s, he, ” Luke Sibieta, Oli Scarff, Sibieta Organizations: London CNN — Private, Eton College, Labour Party, Eton, Labour, Lichfield Cathedral School, CNN, Lichfield, Independent Schools, Institute for Fiscal Studies, Sky News, Education Policy Institute, ISC, Ascot, Education, Institute, Getty Locations: Britain, Lichfield, England, United Kingdom, Lichfield , United Kingdom, London, , Manchester, AFP
Those with several student loans who apply for so-called loan consolidation by June 30 — a move that packages multiple federal student loans into a single new loan — may benefit from the temporary policy. Student loan borrowers have until the end of June to meet a deadline that could lead to quicker debt forgiveness. Many student loan borrowers have multiple education loans, either because they borrowed repeatedly throughout college or returned to school at some point. "Many borrowers will get complete debt cancellation, particularly those who have been paying for over twenty years," Fox said. Usually, a student loan consolidation restarts a borrower's forgiveness timeline to zero, making it a terrible move for those working toward cancellation.
Persons: Biden, Jane Fox, Fox Organizations: CNBC, Finance, Treasury Department Locations: deferments
Survey participants either belonged to an older adult center or have received home-delivered meals, according to Citymeals on Wheels. AdvertisementResearchers found that 65% of older New Yorkers surveyed are living on $15,000 a year or less. Another gleaning insight from the study is the mental health concern among New York City's aging population. Forty-five percent of survey respondents said they do not have friends or family who can provide them with at least one meal a day. In fact, 41% of survey respondents said they're only sometimes or never able to grocery shop, and 15% said they're not able to cook for themselves, citing physical and mental difficulties.
Persons: , Citymeals, they're Organizations: Service, SNAP, CUNY Urban Food, Business, Census, Security, Bureau of Labor Statistics Locations: New York City, New York
Under current federal law, an undocumented person who enters the United States and marries a US citizen must first request parole before applying for legal residency. Lawful permanent residency, commonly known as obtaining a green card, allows immigrants to live and legally work in the United States. Some Democrats in the Senate praised Biden’s executive order while those in vulnerable seats tried towing a line. Sen. Bob Casey, a Democrat in a vulnerable seat, also declined to say if he supports Biden’s executive order. However, he did praise Biden’s executive order from earlier this month aimed at restricting border crossings.
Persons: Washington CNN —, Biden, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Biden’s, it’s, Donald Trump’s unforgivable, ” Biden, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, , , ” Todd Schulte, ” Muzaffar Chishti, John Thune, ” Thune, they’ll, ” Sen, Thom Tillis, Tillis, Sen, Elizabeth Warren, , Sherrod Brown, Bob Casey, “ I’ve, – I, CNN’s Sam Fossum, Kayla Tausche, Lauren Fox, Morgan Rimmer, Manu Raju Organizations: Washington CNN, CNN, Migration Policy Institute, Republican, Congress Locations: Arizona , Nevada, Georgia, United States, Ohio
"A vote for a commission is a vote to cut Social Security," the man shouted before he was escorted off the floor. How the last major reforms, in 1983, came togetherPresident Ronald Reagan signs the Social Security Act Amendment into law on April 20, 1983. The changes involved taxes on Social Security benefits, increases to payroll tax rates, a future increase to the retirement age and a near-term postponement of cost-of-living adjustments. Social Security Commission Chairman Alan Greenspan, left, shakes hands with Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, prior to a Social Security hearing on Feb. 15, 1983. Lawmakers divided on best path forwardToday, lawmakers are divided on the best path forward to address Social Security.
Persons: , Scott Peters, Peters, Bill Huizenga, Joe Manchin, Mitt Romney, — Rep, John Larson, Connecticut —, It's, " Larson, Larson, Nancy Altman, Ronald Reagan, Alan Greenspan, Greenspan, Jim Baker, Reagan, Tip O'Neill, Robert M, Ball, O'Neill, Sen, Charles Grassley, Bob Dole, John Danforth, Altman, Bruce D, Schobel, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, California —, they're, Hakeem Jeffries, Conn, Brian Higgins, Jimmy Gomez, Jeffries, Dan Kildee, Richard Neal, Tom Williams Organizations: iStock, Social, Social Security, AARP, CNBC, Rep, Democratic, Corbis, National Commission, Social Security Reform, Greenspan, Federal Reserve, House, White, Finance, Economic Policy Institute, Republican, Greenspan Commission, Senate Finance, Bettmann, Getty, Congress, Democratic House, White House, Democrats, Security, Capitol Visitor Center, CQ, Inc Locations: Sens, R, Utah, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Iowa, California, D
Read previewFrench President Emmanuel Macron shocked the world on Sunday by calling a snap election in France. The move came after a big win for his rival Marine Le Pen's National Rally party at the European parliamentary elections. AdvertisementHowever, the snap election could likely end the current coalition, which comprises Macron's party, Renaissance, the Democratic Movement, Horizons, En commun, and the Progressive Federation. Macron may have to form a cohabitation government with a prime minister from an opposition party, such as the National Party or Les Republicains. AdvertisementRepresentatives for President Macron did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Persons: , Emmanuel Macron, There's, Daniel Hamilton, Johns Hopkins University SAIS, France's, Macron, I've, Pen, Alain Duhamel, Bruno Cautrès, Antonio Barroso Organizations: Service, Business, Foreign, Institute, Johns Hopkins University, CNBC, Guardian, Cac, Financial Times, Democratic Movement, Progressive Federation, National Party, Sciences Po Locations: France, Paris
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailMacron will be making a 'huge political gamble' with French snap elections: AnalystDaniel Hamilton, senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Institute of Johns Hopkins University SAIS, discusses the results of the European elections.
Persons: Daniel Hamilton, Johns Hopkins University SAIS Organizations: Foreign, Institute, Johns Hopkins University
Chesnot | Getty Images News | Getty ImagesFrench President Emmanuel Macron's decision to call a snap national election after a surge for his far-right rivals is a high-stakes move and a huge political gamble, analysts say. Macron's decision to call a snap parliamentary vote comes after the right-wing National Rally (RN) party, led by Marine Le Pen, won around 31% of the vote in Sunday's European Parliament election. That was more than double the 14.6% seen for Macron's pro-European and centrist Renaissance Party and its allies. France's CAC 40 slumped 1.8% in the early hours of trading Monday morning with French banks trading sharply lower. "This is an essential time for clarification," Macron said in a national address Sunday evening as he announced his decision to dissolve parliament.
Persons: Emmanuel Macron, Emmanuel Macron's, Macron, Le Pen, Macron —, , Daniel Hamilton, Johns Hopkins University SAIS, Antonio Barroso, Teneo, Barroso, Le, Douglas Yates, Yates Organizations: Getty, Getty Images, Marine, Sunday's, Renaissance Party, CAC, BNP, Societe Generale, Foreign, Institute, Johns Hopkins University, CNBC, Research, National Assembly, American Graduate School Locations: Chesnot, France, Paris
CNN —Narendra Modi has raised India’s stature on the global stage like no other recent leader of the world’s most populous country. But the election results also place Modi in a radically different position from the one he enjoyed during his first decade in power. Now, Modi’s BJP will need to answer the interests of its coalition allies – and face stronger checks from a resurgent opposition, which could dampen its Hindu-nationalist agenda. In the meantime, some observers suggest that while the election results may not have boosted Modi, they are already a boon for India’s global clout. “India coming back as a proper democracy is good for the world order in many senses,” he added.
Persons: CNN — Narendra Modi, , Modi, , T.V, Paul, , Nehru, ” Modi, Joe Biden, Pete Marovich, that’s, Washington, Farwa Aamer, assertiveness –, Justin Trudeau, Nasir Kachroo, Pakistan –, Sushant Singh, Fahd Humayun, India’s Organizations: CNN, Bharatiya Janata Party, BJP, Reuters, Japan, South Asia, Asia Society Policy, Modi . Canadian, Canadian, Yale University, Indian, Tufts University, , McGill University Locations: India, Delhi, United States, China, Pakistan, Australia, New York, New Delhi, Washington, Russia, Canada, Indian, American, Jammu, Kashmir, Modi’s BJP, BJP, Islamabad
The average daily illegal crossings have for years surpassed that threshold, peaking at over 8,000 in December, according to Department of Homeland Security data analyzed by CNN. Under a pandemic-era restriction, which was lifted last year, federal authorities swiftly expelled hundreds of thousands of migrants encountered at the US southern border. A CNN analysis found the last time average daily encounters between migrants and US Border Patrol at the southwestern land border were less than 2,500 was in January 2021. To lift the new policy, the daily average needs to drop even lower — to less than 1,500 average daily encounters for seven consecutive days between ports of entry. The last time illegal crossings at the southwestern land border were that low was in July 2020, the records show.
Persons: Colleen Putzel, Kavanaugh, , ” Kavanaugh, Putzel, It’s, “ It’s, CNN’s Priscilla Alvarez Organizations: CNN, Biden, of Homeland Security, Migration Policy, US Border Patrol, Border Patrol Locations: Covid
The concrete jungle is an increasingly unfriendly playground for young kids and their parents. Families with kids under six years old are more than twice as likely to leave New York City than families without young kids, according to a new report from the Fiscal Policy Institute, a left-leaning think tank. To make matters worse, many parents of young kids were thrown into a panic several months ago when New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced he would cut $567 million from public preschool programs for three-year-olds. Between 2020 and 2022, 17,500 millionaires moved into New York City, while 2,400 left, FPI reported last year. Have you left New York City or State because of rising childcare and housing costs?
Persons: Eric Adams, Adams, FPI Organizations: Service, Fiscal, Institute, Business, The New York Times, New York City, Yorkers Locations: New York City, The, New, New York, Black
Fabiola Yépez, a 20-year-old mother from Venezuela, was sheltering under a bridge in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, with her toddler son when she first learned of President Biden’s new executive order restricting asylum seekers. Despite witnessing U.S. soldiers on the other side of the border firing nonlethal projectiles at migrants the day before, she planned to attempt crossing into the United States on Wednesday, just hours after the order took effect. “Maybe it’s not like what they’re saying, and they won’t turn us back,” Ms. Yépez said. “I’m afraid, especially with my child in my arms.”In the wake of the new order, migrants scattered along the U.S.-Mexico border are trying to understand how they will be affected by the measure, the most restrictive border policy instituted by Mr. Biden. The directive allows the United States to temporarily close the border to asylum-seekers when the seven-day average for daily illegal crossings hits 2,500.
Persons: Fabiola Yépez, Biden’s, ” Ms, Yépez, “ I’m, Mr . Biden Organizations: , Mr Locations: Venezuela, Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, United States, U.S
Typical compensation packages for chief executives who run companies in the S&P 500 rose nearly 13% last year, the AP reports . Median CEO pay hit $16.3 million in 2023, or nearly 200 times the typical worker's wages for the year, according to data analyzed for The Associated Press by Equilar . In 2022, CEOs made roughly 185 times their typical worker; with the jump in 2023 numbers, CEOs now make roughly 196 times their employees. CEO pay is generally decided on by shareholders, who in the last four years have overwhelmingly voted in support of executive compensation plans, according to Equilar data. CEO pay has increased by 1,209% since 1978, compared with an 15% bump for the typical worker over this time period, according to the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute.
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