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Neumann noted the latest Europol data showed “the number of attacks and planned attacks has more than quadrupled” since 2022. The apparent uptick in the recruitment of young radicals to carry out acts of terror comes as European security officials express worries at a potential resurgence of organized – or “directed” - terror attacks. The group has built a remarkable presence in Turkey over the past three years, according to court documents and analysts. Swiss police in March arrested a 15-year-old Swiss boy and a 16-year-old Italian boy for ISIS support and plotting bomb attacks, according to a police statement. Yulia Morozova/ReutersThe extent of ISIS-K’s use of Turkey as a transit hub is acknowledged by officials in the Turkish indictment.
Persons: Peter Neumann, Neumann, , ” Neumann, , Lise Jaulin, Dilara Senkaya, “ Rustam, Rustam, Yulia Morozova Organizations: CNN, ISIS, Paris Olympics, King’s College London, MIT, Swiss, Analysts, Soviet Union, Turkish, Italian Santa Maria Catholic Church, Foreign Operations, Hall, Foreign Locations: Europe, West, Paris, Islamic, Khorasan, Central Asia, Turkey, Saint, French, France, Haute, Savoie, Dusseldorf, Heidelberg, Montenegro, Austria, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Moscow, Italian, Istanbul, Swedish, Pakistan, Tajik, Iran, Russia, Crocus, Syria, Iraq
The NATO official said they had observed “an unprecedented escalation and spread of Russia’s hybrid warfare” over the past six months, which included “physical sabotage” on the supply line of NATO weapons intended for Ukraine. “It is everything from point of production and origin, to storage, to those who are making decisions, to the actual delivery,” the senior NATO official said. Recent high-profile arrests have revealed the ad-hoc, clumsy nature of how the Kremlin’s intelligence operations have evolved since the start of the war in Ukraine. Russia is big enough to have resources to fight a war against Ukraine and also maintain its security operations against European countries… against us. There are people who take part in the war against Ukraine, and then they are rotated to some other region or area.
Persons: Blunt, , Donald Tusk, Dariusz Borowicz, Agencja, Maxim, Andrzej, Jaroslaw, , Don’t, ” Andrzej, I’d, Wagner, Volodymyr Zelensky, Sean Gallup, Paris Charles de, Vladimir Putin’s, Harrys Organizations: CNN, NATO, Polish, Reuters, Ukraine, Getty, London’s Metropolitan Police Service, Kremlin, EU, Estonian Locations: Ukraine, Russia, Europe, , Reuters Russia, Washington , DC, Moscow, Poland, Russian, Lublin, Medyka, Ukrainian, Biala Podlaska, Warsaw, Polish, surveilling Rzeszow Jasionka, Kyiv, Berlin, Germany, Russian Ukrainian, Paris Charles, Paris Charles de Gaulle, East London, Estonia, Russia’s
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CNN —Only a fraction of the violence that raged across Dagestan on Sunday is visible at the moment, and it is already horrific. But it is particularly bad in Dagestan, where protests broke out in the earlier months of the war, as their sons had been disproportionately mobilized. Putin came to power in 1999 graphically pledging to wipe out “in the toilet” the extremists apparently behind apartment bombings in Moscow. But it is still the same problem Putin faced when he sneaked into Beslan in 2004. A raging sore for the Kremlin, and a reminder of both how Putin came to power and his limits on it.
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Eastern Ukraine CNN —Ukrainian crews working on US-supplied Abrams tanks have told CNN of a series of the weaknesses and flaws with the armored vehicles, calling into doubt their utility on the war’s ever-changing frontlines. Much of the Ukrainian frontline is now dominated by the use of self-destructing attack drones, tiny and accurate devices that can swarm infantry and even cause significant damage to tanks. Mick Krever/CNNAmmunition is also a problem, like elsewhere on the Ukrainian frontline. NATO “would never” use the Abrams tank the way the Ukrainian military has to use it, a Ukrainian soldier who uses the moniker “Joker” said. Mick Krever/CNNThe Ukrainian crew expressed frustration the tanks were made for a NATO style of warfare, in which air power and artillery prepare the battlefield before tanks and infantry advance.
Persons: Abrams, Joe Biden, , Crews, Saddam Hussein’s, Mick Krever, ” Joker, , ’ ”, Oleksandr Syrsky, Victoria Butenko Organizations: Eastern, Eastern Ukraine CNN —, CNN, United, ” CNN, 47th Mechanised Brigade, Pentagon, Abrams, NATO, Locations: Eastern Ukraine, United States, Ukraine, Germany, Iraq, Dnipro, Ukrainian, Avdiivka, Russia, Poland, American, Russian, Red Square, Kyiv, “ Ukraine, Ukraine’s, France
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“Mom was saying, ‘Kolya, Kolya.’ I shouted, ‘Mom, I’m alive.’”He said he frantically scraped the dust from his face and eyes. And I was shouting, ‘Mother, mother, it’s just a dream, a horrible dream.’” Mykola had a similar nightmare days earlier, and felt it might be recurring. Hours earlier, the family had a barbecue, and Mykola senior drank one beer too many and talked passionately about enlisting. In the pitch black, his son clambered outside, the front of their comfortable family home beyond recognition, its gates torn clean away. Video Ad Feedback CNN witnesses Ukrainian soldiers being treated after blast hits dugout 02:04 - Source: CNNThey were quickly tended to.
Persons: Eastern Ukraine CNN — Mykola, Larisa, Mykola Glushko, , , , , it’s, ’ ” Mykola, Mykola, clambered, Mick Krever, CNN Mykola, gurney, Ivan Organizations: Eastern, Eastern Ukraine CNN, CNN, Russian, quicken, 93rd Locations: Eastern Ukraine, Pokrovsk, Ukraine, Workers, Moscow, Kharkiv, , Bakhmut, Russia
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Eastern Ukraine CNN —Russian President Vladimir Putin’s signaling this week that he is open to peace talks should be viewed with vast, overshadowing caveats, and the weight of Ukraine’s - and the West’s - past experience of Russian diplomacy. Putin questioned the legitimacy of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, who Moscow has repeatedly assailed, after Kyiv had to delay elections because of the very war Putin started. Zelensky has said he hopes China - Russia’s most potent ally but only partial supporter in the Ukraine war - will attend. Putin may be talking peace now to suggest to Beijing to not be involved in diplomacy about Russia without Russia present. Valentyn Ogirenko/ReutersUkraine’s Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, said Friday that Putin’s hints at peace talks were directly aimed at sabotaging the summit.
Persons: Vladimir Putin’s, Putin, Moscow’s, Alexander Lukashenko, Volodymyr Zelensky, Viktor Yanukovich, Russian Yanukovich, Lukashenko, Tatyana Makeyeva, , Zelensky, Valentyn Ogirenko, Dmytro Kuleba, “ Putin, Ukraine ”, MAGA, Dmitri Peskov, Donald Trump, ferociously Organizations: Eastern, Eastern Ukraine CNN —, Reuters, Belarus ’, Kremlin, Kyiv, European Union, NATO, Kharkiv, Reuters Ukraine’s Foreign, Ukraine, American, MAGA Republicans, Congress Locations: Eastern Ukraine, Moscow, Ukraine, Kharkiv, Russia, Istanbul, Kyiv, Donetsk, Belarus, Russian, Syria, Debaltseve, Switzerland, China, Beijing, Valentyn, West, Europe, United States, France, Baltic
Russia’s relentless onslaught has a key goal: If they take Lyptsi, then they can position artillery within range of Ukraine’s second city, Kharkiv, 20 minutes down the road. “They’re not sending just anyone into the assaults.”His stare lengthens when asked about what fortifications were in place before the surprise Russian attack. At one position closer to the Russian border, the 92nd Assault Brigade showed CNN a Russian artillery gun, captured in the first days of the war, from which they are now firing French mortar shells. The gun was partially hidden by a wire net, aimed at providing some protection from an attack drone. Attacks persisted in the distance however, keeping the city’s residents awake through violently loud nights, now amplified by the threat of Russian artillery edging closer.
Persons: , “ They’re, Artun, Mick Krever, tugging, ” Artun, , CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh, Oleksandr, Brice Lainé Organizations: CNN, National Guard, 92nd Assault Brigade Locations: Ukraine, Kharkiv, Russian, Soviet, Lyptsi, Russia, Cherkaska Lozova
The “Code 9.2” drone unit, from the 92nd assault brigade, are moving into a new launch position from where they are about to conduct a rare and potent mission: flying drones into Russia and dropping mines onto key roads inside enemy territory. It is only when the dark has set in that their work can begin. Before operators Andrey and Artem can leave the bunker to begin work, a noise sends them rushing back in for cover. It is only when the dark has set in that the work of Ukrainian drone unit 'Code 9.2' can begin. Artem and Andrey race to attach the mines to the drone, using only red lights.
Persons: Andrey, Artem, , ” Andrey hisses, , Vladimir Putin, Brice Lainé, Ukraine’s, Sasha, Volodymyr Zelensky –, Organizations: Ukraine CNN, 92nd, CNN Locations: Russian, Kharkiv region, Ukraine, Russia, Belgorod, Kharkiv, Bakhmut, Ukrainian, Donetsk, , , Moscow
For the Ukrainian border town of Vovchansk, they’re getting worse. Locals in the town lived through occupation and liberation for seven grueling months in 2022. The Russian military claims the action has left close to a dozen villages under its control. Maria, 85, evacuates the Ukrainian town of Vovchansk. The Russians held our boys there.” There has been widespread reporting of mistreatment of Ukrainian civilians under Russian occupation, allegations the Kremlin has typically dismissed as fake.
Persons: they’re, Vladimir Putin’s, Mykola, , , , Maksim, Maria, haltingly, Inna, they’ve, Vovchansk Organizations: Ukraine CNN —, Locals, CNN, Russian Locations: Vovchansk, Ukraine, Ukrainian, Moscow, Kyiv, Russia, Kharkiv
First, and most acutely troubling, is the northern border near Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city. Russian forces have crossed the border in multiple locations and claim to have seized nine villages. The town of Lyptsi is at risk, say some military bloggers, and from there Russian forces could hit Kharkiv with artillery. Netailove and Krasnohorivka slightly further south show Russian forces making further gains to the west of Avdiivka, and threatening another key hub – Pokrovsk. An evacuee arrives by bus at an evacuation point in Ukraine's Kharkiv region, on May 12.
Persons: ” “, , Vladimir Putin, Volodymyr Zelensky, Chasiv Yar, evacuee, Roman Pilpey, Putin, Sergei Shoigu, Andrey Belousov Organizations: CNN, Getty, Biden, National Security Council, Washington Locations: Ukrainian, Russian, Ukraine, Russia, Moscow, Kharkiv, Ukraine’s, Vovchansk, Lyptsi, Kyiv, Chasiv, Kramatorsk, Avdiivka, Donetsk, Verbove, Ukraine's Kharkiv, AFP, , Europe
CNN —Russian forces have made two cross border assaults inside northern Ukraine, according to information from Ukrainian sources and officials – in what President Volodymyr Zelensky is calling a ‘new wave of counteroffensive actions” by Russia. In the first development, Russian soldiers penetrated at least one kilometre towards the town of Vovchansk, a Ukrainian military source told CNN. The source said the Russian ground assault towards Krasne was carried out by four Russian battalions - about 2000 men. “But our military and military command were aware of this and anticipated their forces to meet the enemy with fire. Syniehubov insisted the latest Russian ground assaults did not put the city, which lies just 30 kms south from the Russian border, under heightened risk.
Persons: Volodymyr Zelensky, , DeepStateMap, , ” Zelensky, Oleh Syniehubov, Syniehubov Organizations: CNN, Russian, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, CNN Russian, Staff, , National Locations: Ukraine, Russia, Vovchansk, Ukrainian, Krasne, Russian, Moscow, “ Russia, Kharkiv
The reporting included a video obtained by CNN captured by a Marine’s GoPro camera that had not been seen publicly in full before. Much of the controversy about the Pentagon’s two investigations into the attack has focused on gunfire in the aftermath of the blast. “Lastly, why do journalists have this video footage and the Department does not? The recent discovery of new video released by CNN directly contradicts and exposes outright lies from our recent briefing last month from CENTCOM officials,” the Gold Star families said in a statement they sent to CNN. Haroon Sabawoon/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images/FileThe evidence also suggests the Pentagon may have more video footage than it has acknowledged in public.
Persons: Defense Lloyd Austin, Austin “, , , Mike Waltz, Darrell Issa, Tim Burchett, Brian Mast, Rich McCormick, Keith Self, Cory Mills, Chris Smith –, Sayed Ahmadi, Ahmadi, , ” James Adams, Hamid, Jared Schmitz, Humberto Sanchez, Taylor Hoover, Nicole Gee, Kareem Nikoui, Hunter Lopez, Rylee McCollum –, Biden, Erik Kurilla, CENTCOM, I’m, Haroon Sabawoon, Rob Lodewick, ” Lodewick Organizations: CNN —, Defense, CNN, Pentagon, House Foreign Affairs, Command, Marines, House Foreign Affairs Committee, Department, Gold Star, Department of Defense, Biden Administration, , Anadolu Agency, Getty, Army, DoD, Service Locations: Kabul, Afghanistan, US
Russian forces have used the “artillery drought” hampering Ukraine’s defenses since December to push forward on the eastern front near Avdiivka, making the largest advance since the early months of the war. Only on Sunday did the top Ukrainian military commander, Oleksandr Syrskyi, admit the fall of a series of villages that his subordinates had insisted for days were still contested. The resulting fallback showed Russian forces had, in just over two months, made the most substantial and swift progress since July 2022’s advances near Severodonetsk, according to a CNN analysis. DeepStateMap, which updates the frontline situation daily, showed significant losses near Avdiivka. Yurii Fedorenko, commander of the Achilles attack drones company at the 92nd separate assault brigade in that area, said the next two months marked a “window of opportunity” for Russian forces.
Persons: Chasiv, Oleksandr Syrskyi, Ruslan Mykula, ” Mykula, , Volodymyr Zelensky, Oleksandr Ratushniak Oleksandr Ratushniak, Chasiv Yar, Col Nazar Voloshyn, ” Voloshyn, Druzhkivka, Novozhenina, Yurii Fedorenko, Organizations: CNN, Sunday, Kurakhove, Ukraine’s, Airborne, REUTERS, Reuters, Russian Locations: Ukraine, Avdiivka, Donetsk, Mariupol, Russia, Pokrovsk, Chasiv Yar, Bakhmut, Ukrainian, Russian, Avdiivka’s, Severodonetsk, Ocheretyne, Kurakhve, Kupiansk, Kharkiv, Moscow
One told CNN he heard the first large burst of shooting come from where US Marines were standing, near the blast site. This is significantly more than the three “near simultaneous” bursts of gunfire that the Pentagon investigations have claimed occurred. The Supplemental Review found no new evidence of a complex attack, and uncovered no new assertions of outgoing fire post-blast. “They were targeting people,” another, Nazir, 16, told CNN. CNN spoke with about ten Marines anonymously, many of whom described hearing gunfire and feeling under attack from it.
Persons: Hamid, Akhter Gulfam, , Wakil Koshar, Robert Maher, Sarah Morris, Morris, Maher, Rob Lodewick, , , ” Shogofa Hamidi, Morsal, Nazir, ” Noorullah Zakhel, Read, Sayeed Ahmadi, ” Ahmadi, Ahmadi, Lodewick, Marcus Yam, CNN's Nick Paton Walsh, “ You’ve, they’ve, It’s, Taylor Crul, Romel Finley, Finley, Barber, , ” Finley, Christian Sanchez, Sanchez, Staff Mark Milley, Kenneth “ Frank ” McKenzie, Darrell Issa, Nick Paton Walsh, Sandi Sidhu, Julia Hollingsworth, Masoud Popalzai, Sitara Zamani, Abdul Basir Bina, Katie Polglase, Gianluca Mezzofiore Organizations: CNN, United, Pentagon, US, Airport, NATO, US Army Central Command, Getty, Montana State University, University of Southampton, Marines, British Ministry of Defense, U.S . Central Command, AP CNN, , Los Angeles Times, Marine, ” Marines, Navy, US Air Force, . Air Force, Reuters, US Marines, YouTube, Investigators, Joint Chiefs, Staff, Central Command Locations: Kabul, Afghanistan, United States, airport’s, American, British, AFP, Bozeman, England, US, Kabul airport's, U.S, Finland,
The UK statement, which was shared on X, said: “Russian forces have maintained a gradual advance West of Avdiivka. Their apparent fall in just over a month after a prolonged and brutal Russian assault is indicative not only of Russian momentum, but also the fragility of Ukraine’s defensive lines. Ukraine’s military declined to comment on who is currently in control of Tonenke in response to a question from CNN. Troops CNN spoke to in frontline areas expressed concerns about the lack of Ukrainian defensive positions, personnel and munitions. The ISW said the Ukrainian forces appeared to have repelled the Russian mechanized assault, an apparent reference to the Umanske attack.
Persons: Kostiantyn, Donald Trump, Zelensky, , Yuriy Butusov, Butusov, Vlada, ISW, Chasiv Yar, Victoria Butenko, Svitlana Vlasova, Yulia Kesaieva Organizations: CNN, Kyiv, GOP, Washington, European Union, Ukraine’s, Staff, Russian, Troops CNN Locations: Russian, Avdiivka, Russia, Ukraine, Ukrainian, Washington, Kyiv, Umanske, Tonenke, Berdychi, US, Bakhmut
The reason for the reports of a deteriorating service in Ukraine are unclear, and Starlink, SpaceX and Musk declined to comment. Even with the Starlink devices that are firmly in the Ukrainian military’s control, there is a concern among Ukrainian officials that Russians may hijack their communications or hack them. Ukraine’s SBU intelligence service claimed last year that Russian military hackers were trying to steal battlefield communications sent from Ukrainian soldiers’ mobile devices to Starlink terminals. She promised 30 at a later date, and also posted images of a stack of 20 apparent donated Starlink units. Ukrainian units have also been posting footage of multiple drone strikes against Russian trenches where Starlink terminals have been spotted.
Persons: Elon Musk, SpaceX, Misha, , , John Moore, Anton, Oleg Kutkov, Jeff Jurgensen, Musk, Starlink, crowdfunders, Katya Valya, CedarWoods Organizations: CNN, Elon, SpaceX, 65th Mechanised Brigade, Russian, Pentagon, Ukraine, CedarWoods Locations: Ukrainian, Russian, Ukraine, Donbas, , Kyiv, Poland, Russia, Moscow
Twenty years ago, the Dubrovka gunmen were the disturbed product of Russia’s savage anti-terror campaign that summarily executed hundreds of military aged males in Chechnya in the early 2000s. Emergency services personnel and police work at the scene of the Crocus City Hall attack. First, there will be further efforts to suggest Ukraine and the West are somehow involved in these attacks. The Dubrovka attack was followed two years later by airplanes being blown out of the sky and the catastrophic nightmare of the Beslan school siege. In 2002, Dubrovka forced Moscow reluctantly yet closer to the United States’ war on terror.
Persons: Vladimir Putin’s, Putin, Kadyrov, Stringer, Maria Zakharova, Margarita Simonyan, overstretched Putin, Dubrovka, Yevgeny Prigozhin Organizations: CNN, Gunmen, Dubrovka Theatre, Chechen, Crocus City, Kremlin, Authorities, Getty, Russia Today, ISIS Locations: Moscow, Crocus, Russia, Chechnya, Iraq, Syria, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Caucasus, AFP, Ukraine, fatigues, Russian, Beslan, United States
Ukraine's medics often operate at night to evade Russian drone strikes when evacuating wounded troops. It's not always possible to get soldiers help during the 'golden hour' optimal for soldier survival. AdvertisementUkraine's combat medics often move to get wounded soldiers off the battlefield at night to avoid becoming Russia's new drone strike targets, one said this week. AdvertisementMaksim and other Ukrainian medics may be tasked with driving up to seven miles to pick up injured soldiers after waiting hours in underground shelters for a call via radio. "The Russian's have more vehicles, more weapons, more men," said another Ukrainian combat medic, Artem.
Persons: It's, , Maksim, CNN's Nick Paton Walsh, it's, Mark Milley, We'll, I'm, Artem Organizations: Service, Ukraine's 59th Infantry Brigade, Combat, US Army, Army, Staff, North Korea — Locations: Russian, North Korea, Russia, Ukrainian
Instead, Ukrainian soldiers say they must sit and await an order to join the fight around them. The unit’s commander, Yaroslav, said he understood the war in Ukraine might feel “very far away” to Western politicians. That’s going to be very bad for us.”Residents of the eastern Ukrainian village of Zhelanie being evacuated due to ongoing shelling. If the situation gets critical… we are friends with the boys (Ukrainian soldiers), they come here for water. Another woman, who asked to speak anonymously, said Ukrainian soldiers had based themselves near civilians, were drawing Russian fire on the area, and were using up local resources.
Persons: Yaroslav, ” Yaroslav, , Oleksandr, , Garrison Foster, Anna Maja Rappard, Viktor, wistfully, Ocheretyne, “ I’m, Valentina, “ It’s Organizations: Ukraine CNN, CNN, United States Congress, , CNN Russian, Avdiivka, Republican, CNN CNN Locations: Ocheretyne, Ukraine, Chasiv Yar, Bakhmut, Western, Russian, Europe, Ukrainian, Ivanivske, Avdiivka, Moscow, Russia, Orlivka, Georgia, , Zhelanie, Kaliningrad, Half
Ukraine announced a withdrawal from Avdiivka on February 17 to a series of positions to the town’s west. Yet three tiny villages have since fallen to Russian forces, with Kyiv insisting they never intended to defend them. Fierce clashes have persisted around the other two villages near Avdiivka, Tonenke and Berdychi. A Ukrainian soldier prepares a shell for a drone on the front line near Avdiivka on February 20, 2024. Inna Varenytsia/ReutersDrone footage of Russian forces has repeatedly revealed a military unafraid of sending troops at speed into indefensible positions where they will likely be killed.
Persons: Gen, Oleksandr Syrskyi, Syrskyi, ” Syrskyi, Valery Zaluzhny, Volodymyr Zelensky, , , Zelensky, Inna Varenytsia Organizations: CNN, Presidential Press Service, demilitarize, Soldiers, Reuters, Ukraine’s 47th Mechanized Brigade, Bradley Locations: Avdiivka, Ukraine, Russian, Moscow, , Russia, Col, Kyiv, Orlivka, Berdychi, Ukrainian, Ukraine’s
It swerves and is hit by a grenade, dropped from a Ukrainian drone. Russian soldiers appear to stagger away from it, one rolling. Yet since the fall of Avdiivka on February 17, Ukrainian military officials have reported regular Russian assaults on Robotyne. Two Russian soldiers can be seen clambering inside the ruins of a dugout, one manhandling a shovel. Ukrainian drone pilots now face Russian counterparts who have replaced their units but at a much larger scale, they said.
Persons: Ukraine CNN —, Maja Rappard, , ” Bohdan, , Anton, shellfire Organizations: Ukraine CNN, CNN, 15th National Guard, Robotyne, 65th Mechanised Brigade, NATO Locations: Orikhiv, Ukraine, Ukrainian, Belgian, Russian, Avdiivka, Lviv
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