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Erik Prince, an ex-Navy SEAL, said the 5mph wind was enough to displace the bullet by two inches. Donald Trump was "not saved" by the US Secret Service's "brilliance," he said. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementDonald Trump may be alive due to the shooter's bad wind estimate, according to a former Navy SEAL officer. In an X post on Sunday, Erik Prince joined those criticizing the Secret Service's handling of the fatal shooting in Butler, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, saying Trump may only be alive due to a "bad wind estimate by an evil would-be assassin."
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AdvertisementEllen was a member of Alliance Française, an organization centered on learning French and understanding the culture in France. It helped that we belong to the Association of American Residents Overseas, which has about 1,000 members in Paris. The food markets are phenomenalOn any given day except Monday, Paris hosts huge, open-air food markets where farmers arrive to sell their fresh produce. It's a walkable cityParis is the most walkable city I've ever been in. I've heard three or four French people who have spent time in either the US or Canada and then moved back to France.
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But the program has since moved to another station, and its legacy in San Diego is a faint, fond memory. AdvertisementWith such a rich history of aerial dynamism, it's no surprise that San Diego has become a major hub of this technology. Defense, AI, and a warming reception from VCsLong before AI became a household buzzword, Shield AI launched in San Diego. AdvertisementBut San Diego seemed to be a better fit with its access to open land and proximity to the ocean. That pipeline continues to feed into the San Diego tech ecosystem, feeding and driving the aerial innovation it has become known for over a century.
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David Metcalf’s last act in life was an attempt to send a message — that years as a Navy SEAL had left his brain so damaged that he could barely recognize himself. He died by suicide in his garage in North Carolina in 2019, after nearly 20 years in the Navy. But just before he died, he arranged a stack of books about brain injury by his side, and taped a note to the door that read, in part, “Gaps in memory, failing recognition, mood swings, headaches, impulsiveness, fatigue, anxiety, and paranoia were not who I was, but have become who I am. Each is worsening.”Then he shot himself in the heart, preserving his brain to be analyzed by a state-of-the-art Defense Department laboratory in Maryland.
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Fact checking the CNN presidential debate
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CNN —President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump faced off during CNN’s presidential debate in Atlanta Thursday night. From CNN’s Daniel DaleFormer President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden debate at CNN's Atlanta studios on June 27, 2024. From CNN’s Daniel Dale and Ella NilsenFormer President Donald Trump, left, and President Joe Biden take part in the CNN presidential debate on Thursday, June 27. From CNN’s Alicia WallaceFormer President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden debate at CNN's Atlanta studios on June 27, 2024. Kpler found that China imported about 511,000 barrels per day of Iranian crude in December 2020, Trump’s last full month in office.
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Representative Bob Good, Republican of Virginia and the chairman of the ultraconservative House Freedom Caucus, was fighting on Thursday to hang onto his seat, as his primary race against a challenger backed by former President Donald J. Trump remained too close to call. The contest between two election deniers, which has turned ugly and personal, was potentially headed for a recount that could drag on for weeks. Mail-in votes were still being counted, and Mr. Good said he could still prevail. Virginia does not have a requirement for an automatic recount, but if the winner is ahead by less than 1 percent, either candidate can request one. It was a rare instance in which both candidates in a photo-finish race had promoted the lie that Mr. Trump won the 2020 presidential election, raising questions about whether either would accept an adverse outcome in his own contest.
Persons: Bob Good, Donald J, Trump, John J, McGuire, Good, Mr, Kevin McCarthy Organizations: Republican, Caucus, Navy, Mr, Associated Press . Mail, Trump Locations: Virginia
Trump is angry at Good, the chair of the hard-line House Freedom Caucus, because he initially endorsed Florida Gov. But he authored his own demise by getting crosswise with two key forces in the riotous Republican House majority — the ex-president and McCarthy, whose still potent financial machine is on a revenge tour. While he was estranged from Trump, Good campaigned as though he and the former president were on the same side. This is a time to rally behind President Trump,” Good said. We’re all behind President Trump.
Persons: CNN —, Donald Trump’s, Bob Good –, Trump, Sen, John McGuire, Ron DeSantis, Kevin McCarthy, McGuire, , , Good, he’d, McCarthy, James Madison, James Monroe –, he’s, Bob Good, Virginia, ” Trump, that’s, Mitch McConnell, “ Trump, , Mark Meadows, CNN’s Manu Raju, DeSantis, Joe Biden, Trump’s GOP McGuire, ” McGuire, Trump’s, “ I’m, trifecta Organizations: CNN, Republican Party, GOP, Congressional, Caucus, Florida Gov, California Republican, Republican, Capitol, Senate, Freedom Caucus, Trump’s GOP, Trump, “ CNN, Navy Locations: Virginia’s, Virginia, California, New York, Washington, Lynchburg, Iowa, Trump’s, Lago
Montana U.S. Senate Primary Election Results
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Tim Sheehy, a businessman and former Navy SEAL, is the leading Republican candidate seeking to challenge Senator Jon Tester, the Democratic incumbent, this fall.
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Growing up in Bozeman, Mont., Dylan Heintz loved the picturesque views of the snow-capped mountains and the small-town charm. Things were cheap: His dad bought the family home for about $80,000. Drawn by Montana’s natural beauty and easy access to outdoor activities, the newcomers have created an affordability crisis and a local backlash that are transforming the state’s economy and politics. “I love this place, but it’s just a tough place to live in,” said Mr. Heintz, 28, an auto body repairman. “There are a lot of out-of-staters that have some money, and they’re willing to pay above asking price.
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AdvertisementA North Vietnamese student pilot in the cockpit of a non-flying MiG-21 fighter jet trainer with a flight instructor. Only one other B-52 tail gunner had scored a successful kill against a Vietnamese fighter, though more than 30 B-52s had been shot down throughout the conflict. In fact, the first time a B-52 had ever shot down a MiG had only happened a few days prior. A US Air Force B52 bomber unleashes its bomb load over Vietnam. The kill was confirmed by another tail gunner named Tech.
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The big storyA retirement loomsMarianne Ayala/BIThe world's most recognizable banker might finally be ready to call it quits. The comings and goings of Wall Street executives are common, even at the highest levels. Wall Street has long speculated about who will ultimately succeed Dimon. Martin Gruenberg has told staff he'll stand down as chairman once a replacement has been found , per The Wall Street Journal. A report from the Wall Street Journal says the company hopes to conduct its next implant in June.
Persons: , Jamie Dimon's, Marianne Ayala, Jamie Dimon, Insider's Paul Squire, nodded, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan's, Tom Williams, Dimon, Jennifer Piepszak, Marianne Lake, Troy Rohrbaugh, BI's Reed Alexander, Reed, M, Alyssa Powell, Goldman Sachs, Lindsay MacMillan, Nancy Lazar, Piper, Martin Gruenberg, OpenAI, Scarlett Johansson, Sam Altman's, Andrea Chronopoulos, they're, Dan DeFrancesco, Jordan Parker Erb, Hallam Bullock, George Glover Organizations: Service, Navy SEAL, Business, JPMorgan, Street, Citi, Bank, Inc, Getty, Wall, Dimon, Bank of America, FDIC, Microsoft, Wall Street Journal Locations: New York, London
The rural dirt farmer versus the decorated Navy SEAL. The longtime Democratic incumbent in a deep-red state versus the youthful conservative handpicked by Republicans to topple him. The man who lost three fingers to a meat grinder versus the man who got shot — or maybe didn’t — in Afghanistan. Montana’s high-profile race for Senate, which could decide the balance of power in Washington, is shaping up as a fight to see whose unique biography can best earn the trust of the state’s wary voters. Republicans believe that the Democrat they are trying to defeat, Senator Jon Tester, 67, is vulnerable to attacks that he has lost touch with Montanans and become a Washington insider.
Persons: Jon Tester, Tim Sheehy Organizations: Navy, Democratic, Senate, Republicans, Republican Locations: Afghanistan, Washington
German Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets fly during a media day. Piroschka van de Wouw/ReutersDespite their generational differences, the F-22 Raptor and Eurofighter Typhoon actually have a number of things in common. A German air force Eurofighter Typhoon taxis toward the runway at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska before departing for a combat-training mission, June 11, 2012. So what's the verdict between the F-22 Raptor and Eurofighter Typhoon? A composite image showing a German air force Eurofighter Typhoon jet and a US Air Force F-22 Raptor.
Persons: , Valerie R, David Cenciotti's, Piroschka van de Wouw, it's, Randy Gordon, Sam Eckholm, doesn't, Rich Wells, Thomas Wiegold, John P, Michael Holzworth, It's, Marc Gruene, haven't, Gruene, isn't, Jens Stoltenberg, Bernd Wüstneck, Eurofighters, Chris Jung, That's, Eric Wicklund, Erich Hartmann, He's, Alex Muller, Andreas Pfeiffer, who's, Thomas Bergeson, Wade Tolliver, we're, Dirk Smith, Mike, Bertie Simmonds, Micheal Jordan, Chesty Puller Organizations: Service, EA, German Eurofighter Typhoons, Business, Eurofighter, Spangdahlem Air Base, US Air Force, Tactical Air Force, America's Raptors, BFM, Germany's Eurofighter, Farnborough, Air, Germany's, German Air Force Eurofighter, Reuters, Typhoon, MIT, RAF, Breaking Defense, AIM, Air Force, Staff, Raptors, Eielson Air Force Base, Tech, Germany's Air Force, Combat Aircraft, TVC, Raptor, NATO, Tactical Air, Getty, Typhoons, Seoul International Aerospace, Defense, Eurofighters, 4th, US Navy, KC, Red Flag, Navy SEAL, ISIS, Qaeda, Flag, FS, Eurofighter Typhoon Locations: Germany, Alaska, Red, Estonia, Vietnam, Flag Alaska, gun's, American
Zelensky's International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine (ILDU) was born, echoing the International Brigades that fought fascism in the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s. According to Ukrainian officials, dozens of Ukrainians were killed and more than 100 foreign volunteers injured, ending their campaigns before they began. AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd, FileUkraine originally said 20,000 foreign volunteers had signed up to fight. That could prove "very enticing" for some foreign volunteers, Bocchese said. AdvertisementAn April 2024 increases payments for Ukrainian volunteers, adds new punishments for draft dodging, and seeks to compel Ukrainian men living abroad to come home.
Persons: , Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Carl Larson, Marco Bocchese, Rodrigo Abd, Bocchese, Matteo Pugliese, Pugliese, Larson, Oleksandr Shahuri, Zelenskyy, Lukatsky Organizations: Ukraine's, Service, Legion of Territorial Defense of, Brigades, Royal United Services Institute, International Legion, Legion, Webster Vienna Private University, AP, Washington Post, 59th Motorized Brigade, Company, University of Barcelona, Georgian Legion, International, Army, Green Beret, Navy SEAL, State Department, National Guard, Bolivar Battalion, Associated Press Locations: Russia, Ukraine, Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine, Spanish, Ukraine's, London, Iraq, Kharkiv, Alabama, Russian, Lviv, Bucha, Kyiv, Austria, Montenegro, Kosovo, India, Latin America, Ukrainian, Lyman, Bolivar, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuelan
The Supreme Court denied military chaplains' lawsuit claiming retaliation for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine. The appellate court ruled that the Defense Department's decision in January 2023 to rescind the vaccine mandate rendered the chaplains' case moot. The Defense Department was later ordered to pay $1.8 million in legal fees as settlement for two lawsuits over the mandate. An aeromedical technician fills a syringe with the COVID-19 vaccine at the Pittsburgh International Airport Air Reserve Station in Pennsylvania. US Air Force photo by Joshua J. SeybertThe Defense Department began requiring service members to get the COVID-19 vaccine in August 2021.
Persons: , recrimination, Mauricio Campino, Israel Alvarado, Joshua J, Johnson Organizations: Defense Department, Service, Appeals, Fourth Circuit, Defense, Airmen, Dover Air Force Base, US Air Force, Austin, Pentagon, Navy, Fifth Circuit, US, The Defense Department, Pittsburgh International Airport Air Reserve, Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson, Air Force, Space Force Locations: Delaware, Israel Alvarado et, Pennsylvania, COVID, China
I think providing aid to Ukraine right now is critically important,” the speaker added. House TVThe speaker’s embrace of Ukraine aid represents a remarkable evolution for Johnson, who voted against funding for the country as a rank-and-file member. Johnson drags his feetJohnson did not come to his decision on how to handle foreign aid quickly. “Slow,” New York Rep. Gregory Meeks, the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said when asked how Johnson handled Ukraine aid. In recent weeks, allies counseled Johnson to keep the former president in the loop on his potential foreign aid plans.
Persons: Manu Raju ”, Johnson, Mike Johnson, Hakeem Jeffries, Jeffries, Taiwan –, Michael McCaul, , ” Johnson, Derrick Van Orden, Matt Gaetz, , Johnson –, Kevin McCarthy, , Joe Biden, Donald Trump’s, Mike Pompeo, Volodymyr Zelensky, Zelensky, Bill Burns, Marjorie Taylor Greene, ” Jeffries, Biden, Mitch McConnell, Gregory Meeks, Patrick McHenry of, Trump, Johnson’s, ” Trump, Eli Crane, McCarthy, Bob Good, Johnson “, Greene, Al Green, Van Orden, Gaetz, I’m, ” Van Orden, Chip Roy’s, Bob Good’s, Kent Nishimura, Paul Gosar, Johnson’s speakership, We’re, we’ve, Tom Cole of, ” Cole, “ There’s, Warren Davidson, CNN’s Haley Talbot, Morgan Rimmer Organizations: GOP, CNN, Democratic, Louisiana Republican, Foreign, , Florida Republican, Senate, Republican, Ukraine, CIA, Naval Academy, Israel, Internal Revenue Service, New York Rep, House Foreign Affairs, Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, Lago, Arizona, Democratic Rep, Navy, Navy Seals, Wisconsin Republican, Capitol, Democrats, Republicans, GOP Rep, ” Veteran GOP Locations: Iran, Israel, Ukraine, Washington, Louisiana, Taiwan, Florida, American, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, Patrick McHenry of North, Iranian, Virginia, Texas, Wisconsin, House, Arizona, Tom Cole of Oklahoma, Ohio
AdvertisementBut after filing a Freedom of Information Act request, The Washington Post obtained National Park Service documents from 2015 where Sheehy said that a shooting had occurred at Glacier National Park. The newly-released National Park Service report said that "a park visitor called park dispatch" and stated that a firearm had discharged at Glacier National Park, which seemingly contradicts Sheehy's current statement that he was shot in Afghanistan. Related storiesThe National Park Service summary didn't reveal the name of the individual who reported that a firearm had discharged at the park, according to The Post. And Watkins suggested that hospital staff in Kalispell, Mont., told park dispatchers about the incident at Glacier National Park after Sheehy's initial lie about the shooting. Still, the lawmaker has successfully fought back his GOP opponents over the years, beginning with his first Senate election in 2006.
Persons: , Tim Sheehy, Sheehy, Democratic Sen, Jon Tester, Daniel Watkins, Watkins Organizations: Service, Montana GOP, The Washington Post, Navy SEAL, Republican, Democratic, Washington Post, Business, GOP, The, The Montana Senate, Republicans, Bridger Aerospace Locations: Montana, Afghanistan, Kalispell, Mont, The Montana
Wagner Moura opted out of wearing earplugs on the extremely loud set of Alex Garland's "Civil War" so he could feel completely immersed in the film's most intense battle sequences. In 2015, he landed the role of Pablo Escobar in the Netflix series "Narcos." Moura with Kirsten Dunst in "Civil War." Juan Pablo Gutierrez/NetflixBefore this, you were known for playing Pablo Escobar in "Narcos." Did you find it more difficult getting out of the mindset of Pablo Escobar after "Narcos" or Joel after "Civil War"?
Persons: Wagner Moura, Alex Garland's, he's, Moura, Matt Damon, Pablo Escobar, it's, Joel, Kirsten Dunst, Alex, Jesse Plemons, Jesse, they're, Cailee, I'm, I've, Jessie, Juan Pablo Gutierrez, you've Organizations: Service, Business, Netflix, Globe, BI, Navy, Hollywood Locations: Brazil, American, Hollywood
According to the Post, a description of the incident contained within a federal citation noted that the gunshot left a bullet in Sheehy's right arm. AdvertisementSheehy ended up paying a $525 fine over his gun discharging in a national park, a decision that at the time was based on his report to the ranger. Sheehy told the newspaper that he fell and injured himself during a 2015 hike at Glacier National Park, which prompted a hospital visit. He told the Post he was unsure if his bullet wound was the result of friendly fire or from an enemy. Daniel Watkins, an attorney for Sheehy, said Sheehy had not impeded a law enforcement probe because no crime had taken place at the national park, according to the Post.
Persons: , Tim Sheehy, Sheehy, Democratic Sen, Jon Tester, Colt, didn't, Daniel Watkins, Tim, Tester Organizations: Service, Navy SEAL, The Washington Post, National Park Service, Democratic, Business, Court, District of, Post, Star, GOP, ricochet, Republican, Washington Republicans, Emerson College Locations: District of Montana, Afghanistan, Montana
The decision, Tan told BI, came to him after his aunt died. Tan told BI that he left the SAF without any job offers and had to rely on his savings while job hunting. But contextualizing the skills they'd picked up in the military and maintaining their resilience, the veterans told BI, was their key to success. I got to interact with new soldiers and helped to make their training more interesting," Tan told BI. Tan told BI that he spent six months taking courses before he landed his first full-time role in the private sector.
Persons: , Tan, who'd, Tan wasn't, they'd, Jiahui Ong, Ong, Kwong Weng Yap, Yap, Jianhui Tan, Euromonitor, you'll, Adrian Choo, Choo Organizations: Service, Singapore Armed Forces, SAF, BI, Business, DBS Bank, DBS, Navy Locations: Australia
“Bob Good didn’t come here to govern. Rep. Derrick Van Orden talks with reporters after a meeting of the House Republican Conference in the US Capitol on Tuesday, November 7, 2023. Asked if Good’s vote to oust McCarthy prompted the House GOP effort to defeat him, Georgia Rep. Austin Scott said: “It has something to do with that. Rep. Bob Good speaks with reporters at the US Capitol on January 12, in Washington, DC. Bob Good leads the fighters.”CNN’s Sheden Tesfaldet contributed to this report.
Persons: Bob Good’s, Manu Raju ”, Derrick Van Orden, Bob Good, Kevin McCarthy, Van Orden, propping, John McGuire –, “ Bob Good didn’t, ” Van Orden, “ Bob Good’s, he’s, Matt Gaetz, Andy Biggs of, Chip Roy, Texas, Good, Tom Williams, They’ve, , , Gaetz, McCarthy, Bob, McGuire –, , ” McGuire, Austin Scott, we’ve, McGuire, John McGuire, John C, Clark, Nancy Pelosi, Mike Rogers, Rogers didn’t, Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Trump, “ Trump, Trump’s, Mark Meadows, ” Meadows, that’s, Kent Nishimura, Joe Biden, won’t, “ I’m, Ryan Zinke of, Marjorie Taylor Greene, ” “ John McGuire, she’s grandstanding, Chris LaCivita, “ Bob Good won’t, LaCivita, ” LaCivita, doesn’t, “ I’ve, ” Gaetz, Sheden Tesfaldet Organizations: Republican, Virginia CNN —, Caucus, House Republicans, GOP, Wisconsin Republican, CNN, House Republican Conference, “ Conservative, Navy, Democrat, Denver, Georgia Rep, Capitol, , Republicans, Pentagon, House Armed, Good, Florida Gov, DeSantis, Virginians, Conservative Leadership PAC, Trump, Mar, Trump Cabinet, Republican Party Locations: Appomattox, Virginia, tatters, Wisconsin, Florida, Andy Biggs of Arizona, Washington, Virginia –, Georgia, Richmond , Virginia, Congress, Alabama, Trump, Washington , DC, Iowa, Ryan Zinke of Montana, United States
With the potential for a conflict with China in the Indo-Pacific looming ever larger in the background, the US special operations community is focusing more and more on jungle operations. A Marine Raider with Marine Forces Special Operations Command traverses a river during a jungle mobility course, Aug. 4, 2023. A Marine Raider with Marine Forces Special Operations Command navigates a single rope bridge during a jungle mobility course, Aug. 4, 2023. A history of jungle operationsUS commandos have a long history of conducting jungle operations. AdvertisementToday, as the US attempts to redirect its focus to the Indo-Pacific amid steadily rising tensions between the US and China, it looks like jungle operations are back on the menu for the US special operations community.
Persons: , Cpl, Henry Rodriguez, skillsets, Cody Carroll, I've Organizations: Service, Pacific, Marine Raiders, Business, Tactical Tracking, Raider, Marine Forces Special Operations Command, . Marine Corps, Marine Forces Special, Command, Alamo Scouts, Military Assistance Command Vietnam, MACV, SOG, North, Vietcong, White, Pentagon, Green Berets, Navy, Force Recon, Air Commandos Locations: East, China, Oahu, Hawaii, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Vietnam, Asia, Laos, Cambodia, South Vietnam
House Republicans still can't get out of their own way. Speaker Mike Johnson is leading one of the narrowest majorities in history. Related storiesAs CNN reported, there are at least four races where current GOP lawmakers support primary challengers. Because at the end of the day, we're not judged by how many Republicans we have in Congress. As for the more traditional Republicans, they are targeting Rep. Bob Good of Virginia, a Freedom Caucus member.
Persons: Mike Johnson, Johnson, I've, Tony Gonzales, Matt Gatez, Gaetz, Kevin McCarthy, Gonzales, Mike Bost, we're, We're, Brandon Herrera, Bob Good, McCarthy, Mike Rogers, John McGuire, Johnson doesn't, Harriet Hageman, Liz Cheney, Alexandria Ocasio, Cortez, Henry Cuellar, Cuellar Organizations: Service, House Republicans, CNN, GOP, Florida Republican, Republicans, Texas Republican, Caucus, Democrat, House Armed, Navy, Texas Democrat Locations: Tony Gonzales of Texas, Florida, Illinois, Virginia, Alexandria, Cortez of New York, Texas
Read previewA former Russian partner who has drawn closer to the US in recent years has lately become something of a hub for Western special operations activity. The country's proximity to Israel, Gaza, and the Red Sea is important for special operations training. Naval Special Warfare Operators (SEALs) and Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen (SWCC) conduct live fire weapons training with Cypriot Underwater Demolition Command (MYK) forces near Limassol, Cyprus on Jan. 29, 2024. In 2015, Nicosia signed a deal with Moscow allowing Russian warships to access its ports for replenishment. AdvertisementFollowing Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Cyprus barred Russian warships from its ports and scrapped the 2015 agreement, something the US had demanded.
Persons: , Bill Gallagher, Bill Carlisle, Jeff Butler, Butler, Gallagher Organizations: Service, US Navy SEALs, Warfare, Cypriot, Business, Naval, Craft, Cypriot Underwater, Command, US Navy, Navy, NFL, Super, White House, Cypriot National Guard, Turkish, New Jersey National Guard, Navy SEAL Locations: Russian, Cyprus, Gaza, Germany, Netherlands, Akrotiri, Yemen, Limassol, Levant, North Africa, Asia, Israel, East Coast, Russia, Nicosia, Moscow, Greece, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Turkey, Ukraine, Cypriot
The Republican Main Street Partnership, a group that supports center-leaning House Republicans, plans to direct half a million dollars into a bid to defeat Representative Bob Good, a hard-right lawmaker from Virginia, making an unusual push to oust a sitting Republican member of Congress. The move is notable not just because the group, through its campaign giving arm, is inserting itself into the kind of intramural fight against an incumbent that it typically avoids. Its Capitol Hill headquarters serve as something of a counterweight to the Conservative Partnership Institute, which operates nearby as the nerve center of the right. But as the Republican Party has veered toward the extreme right, purging itself of what was once a sizable and influential bloc of centrists, the Main Street Partnership has also shed the “moderate” label and changed the nature of its mission. The group has recently expanded its membership to include far more conservatives, and has begun focusing less on centrism and bipartisanship and more on ridding Congress of G.O.P.
Persons: Bob Good, — John J, McGuire, Donald J, Trump, Organizations: Republican Main Street, House Republicans, Republican, Navy SEALs, Main, Capitol, Conservative Partnership Institute, Republican Party, centrists Locations: Virginia, G.O.P
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