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It's expensive to be 'hot' in 2024
  + stars: | 2024-07-23 | by ( Jordan Hart | )   time to read: +7 min
Read previewThe beauty industry — dominated by high-priced skincare and facial injections — is booming in 2024, and it's only getting more expensive to keep up with current hotness standards. Whether it's "hot girl walks" or snail mucin-based skincare products, people are deeply interested in maintaining their physical appearance. Related storiesShe estimated that her full skincare routine costs around $100 to refill every two to three months. As a model, Mehala is expected to almost always appear groomed with her hair and nails done. AdvertisementDuring a month when he's consistent with all of his routine, Owens estimated that he might spend $1,200 on his looks.
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Almudena Romero prints images onto living plants
  + stars: | 2024-07-22 | by ( Victoria Barauna | )   time to read: +10 min
London CNN —Spanish artist Almudena Romero is known for creating artworks that use plants as her medium. Almudena Romero “The Pigment Change” series has a chapter called “Family Album,” in which Romero projects a negative onto live watercress, using the plants’ natural photosynthesis to create areas of light and dark. Almudena Romero This artwork, which was exhibited this year on International Women’s Day, is a tribute to a childhood friend. Almudena Romero Romero questions the long-term future of conventional photographic film, when the materials needed to produce it are limited. But for Romero, plants are much more than something to look after: they’re beings we can learn from.
Persons: Almudena Romero, Romero, , Almudena Romero Romero, “ Leticia, ” Romero, ” Almudena Romero, , ” Almudena Romero Romero, Albert Khan, Almudena, Heather Ackroyd, Dan Harvey, Binh, Plants Romero, Millennials, it’s, It’s, Nicolas Langlade, I’m Organizations: London CNN, Saatchi, Albert, Albert Khan Museum, Plants, , BMW, France’s National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food, Saatchi Gallery Locations: Spanish, Spain, Valencia, ” Almudena Romero Spanish, London, Paris, British, Madrid, France
Namely, millennials invest in exchange-traded funds more than any generation before them, according to State Street Global Advisors' 2024 ETF Impact Survey. AdvertisementOverall, State Street, which manages $4.3 trillion in assets, found that boomers are doomers when it comes to the overall economic outlook. State Street Global AdvisorsMillennials across the world are also more likely than any other generation to hold ETFs in their portfolios. AdvertisementETFs also offer easy liquidity, especially when compared to the mutual funds that are popular with older demographics. Investors can't trade mutual funds intraday because trades are executed once a day after the 4 p.m. market close.
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She told Business Insider the biggest difference she's witnessed between Gen Z and millennial weddings comes down to life experience. Courtesy of Hamptons Aristocrat"I would say most of my wedding couples are slightly older, and it might be a Hamptons thing," she said. AdvertisementAnd unlike some Gen Z couples, they might be able to afford exactly what they want. Gen Z couples opt for 'safer' options like plated chicken and fishA plated piece of salmon on a white plate. "They really, really know what they want," she said.
Persons: , Lexi Ritsch, Gen Z, Ritsch, James Beard Organizations: Service, Hamptons, Business, Pew Research Center, Data USA, Michelin Locations: New York, Palm Beach , Florida, East Hampton
SmartAsset evaluated the 40 largest US cities to determine the best ones for millennial homebuyers. Many millennials struggle to buy homes due to student loan debt and expensive property prices. More millennials are able to buy homes in cities in the South and the Midwest. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementFor millennials, buying a house can seem like an impossible task.
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It also found that 75% of those who plan to watch the games are more likely to watch coverage from celebrities, influencers, and digital creators than they were for the 2021 Summer Olympics. "We found they're really excited to turn to social media for Olympic coverage because they think it will surface the most culturally relevant moments and create community," Emily Anatole, the senior director of cultural insights at UTA IQ, told Business Insider. The data explains why broadcaster NBC is tapping more influencers this year and working with the major platforms to expand social-media coverage around the Olympics. Gen Z and millennials will be tuning in to get creators' perspectives on the gamesThe involvement of more influencers this year also shows how Gen-Z and millennial viewers are changing the Olympics. Anatole said many Gen Z and millennials will use social-media platforms like TikTok and Snapchat to get Olympic coverage because of content creators like Cenat and Duke Dennis, who will help capture content for the games.
Persons: , YouTuber Kai Cenat, Alex Cooper, Emily Anatole, Cooper, Cenat, influencer Olivia Dunne, Gen, Gen Zs, Anatole, Snapchat, Duke Dennis, Zers, shouldn't, , Gen Z Organizations: Service, Social, Paris Games, Business, United Talent Agency, UTA, NBC, Olympics, Meta, YouTube, Facebook Locations: Paris
For years, big fitness brands like Lululemon and Nike have hosted running clubs at their stores that attract athletes. But the more recreational and social running clubs popping up all over the country are getting the attention of brands of all stripes. Running app Strava has 860,000 clubs on its platform, and 37% of active users are part of a running club. Most of Slow Girl Run Club's runners are women between the ages of 22 and 30. Instead, she looks for partnerships that Slow Girl Run Club's members are interested in.
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The past few years have solidified single-family rental homes as genuine moneymaking enterprises, not just ho-hum nest eggs. Related storiesWhen everyone was scrambling for their piece of the suburbs during the pandemic, mom-and-pop landlords pounced, using these newfound tools to collect more cash. The company, which estimates only one-fourth of single-family-rental landlords use professional management services, now manages more than 28,000 rentals on behalf of small landlords. As the Wall Street ethos trickles down to small rental owners, it'll be harder and harder to tell them apart. But the gap is narrowing as small rental owners capitalize on the innovations that the institutional class has already embraced.
Persons: Daniel doesn't, Daniel, hasn't, he's, Bryan Smith, , Zers, John Burns, Rick Palacios Jr, Palacios, Jordan Kavana, Rich Ford, you've, Ford, Devin Redmond, doesn't, Philip Garboden, It's, Garboden, Roofstock Organizations: Atlanta, Corporate, Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, John Burns Research, Consulting, Ark Homes, Rent, Vesta Ventures, University of Chicago Locations: Zillow, Atlanta, Raleigh, Chattanooga , Tennessee, Grand Rapids , Michigan
AdvertisementOne of those accounts was run by Australian brand Tbh Skincare. But while many considered it simple, lighthearted fun, the skincare company ran into trouble when its video spread farther afield. The Tbh Skincare women didn't take the criticism lying down, posting two more videos. In Australia, where Tbh Skincare is based, mental health is covered by a workplace's insurance. The internet is forever, and young workers should assume anything posted will be visible to future employees, Hart said.
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The average side hustler is bringing in $891 per month. That's up from $810 per month in 2023, or a 10% increase altogether, says Ted Rossman, senior industry analyst at Bankrate. That's followed by 44% of millennials, 33% of Gen Xers and 23% of Baby Boomers. That's followed by Gen Zers, who are bringing in $958 per month, Gen Xers, who are bringing in $751 per month, and Baby Boomers, who are bringing in $561. It's a small monthly hike, but high earning hustlers are still skewing the average much higher.
Persons: Ted Rossman, Zers, That's, Gen Xers, Gen Zers Organizations: Baby Boomers, Boomers Locations: U.S
The next hot jobs for Gen Z
  + stars: | 2024-07-16 | by ( Aki Ito | )   time to read: +8 min
Silicon Valley has been laying off workers by the tens of thousands, making tech work almost impossible to come by. Millennials believed they were heading to Silicon Valley in service of a lofty mission. AdvertisementIf Silicon Valley is going out of vogue, what will take its place as the next hot destination? Civil service doesn't come with the pay or the glamour of tech jobs, but it offers the stability that college students say they want. When I speak to college students these days, I'm struck by how they lack the naivete I suffered from when I was their age.
Persons: Zers, Tesla, Instagram, Christine Cruzvergara, You've, Cruzvergara, Gen, Millennials, Lehman Brothers, Jude Children's, ironies, I'm, they're, they'll, Aki Ito Organizations: National Society of High School, Disney, Google, Facebook, Dow Chemical, Tech, Big Tech, Jude Children's Research, Mayo, Disease Control, FBI, NASA, CIA, CDC, Big Tech's, Star, Business Locations: Silicon, Silicon Valley, Washington
The company runs an annual employee engagement survey called "Tell Dell." "Frankly, most people I work with were expecting a steeper decline," said another Dell employee. The results are covered in detail with every team member along with action plans to address employee concerns," one Dell employee explained. Related stories"It's as if every leader was given the OK to ignore it," said one Dell employee. "In the Tell Dell Survey, our team members shared that they believe their leaders treat them with respect, uphold the company's Culture Code values and offer flexibility to balance work/life."
Persons: , there's, Dell, I've, Jenn Saavedra, Saavedra, Brandon Bell Organizations: Service, Business, Dell, Employees, Tell Dell Survey, Getty, Workers, Wall, Deutsche Bank, Deloitte Locations: Texas, Rock , Texas
With consumers getting more selective on how and where they vacation, cruise lines are fighting for Americans' tourist budgets. Royal Caribbean thinks shortening trips and packing the days with activities and exclusive opportunities will keep customers hooked. "I think we are an experience-driven mindset," Royal Caribbean CEO Jason Liberty told CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" this week. This is the second cruise ship Royal Caribbean is bringing to market in the span of six months. "When we look at what our guests are doing when they're not with us, they're going to Orlando, they're going to Vegas, they're going to all-inclusive resorts," Liberty said.
Persons: Jason Liberty, CNBC's, Liberty, they're, Morningstar, Jamie Katz, doesn't, Katz Organizations: Royal, Liberty, Disney Locations: Royal Caribbean, Orlando, Vegas
Here are the four charts that show why Lee is so bullish on the stock market. AdvertisementHere are the four charts Lee shared with Business Insider that show why the already upbeat forecaster is so bullish on the stock market. Stock market peaks and demographicsFundstratThe stock market has a history of peaking right around the same time a population hits its peak prime age of around 50 years old, as they are closer to retirement and often spend less money. Fast-forward to 1974, when the silent generation saw its prime age peak. This occurred around the same time as a painful stock market correction of about 35% that lasted years.
Persons: Fundstrat's Tom Lee, Lee, , Tom Lee, millennials Fundstrat Lee Organizations: Service, Business, CNBC, Urban Institute, Tech Locations: America
Sadly, that victim identity was only reinforced in the mid-2010s, when Duvall appeared on an episode of “Dr. Phil” episode with a ratings-bait title, the then 67-year-old actress made confusing claims and was apparently struggling with her mental health. Shelley Duvall, Herve Villechaize, on set, in May 1982, "Rumplestiltskin," for "Faerie Tale Theatre." It was buoyed, however, by Duvall, whose unique charm and childlike whimsy as host and presenter of each tale was the perfect fairy dust. A reminder to perhaps not focus so much on her elusiveness, but on the legacy of Duvall’s work – which was there all along.
Persons: Shelley Duvall, Wendy Torrance, Jack Nicholson’s, Stanley Kubrick’s, Stephen King, , Duvall, Dr, Phil ”, , Anjelica Huston –, Nicholson, Huston, , Shelley, shortchange, Wendy –, ” Duvall, Robert Altman, Herve Villechaize, Richard Hewett, TVG, Mia Farrow, Vivian Kubrick –, Phil, CNN’s Chris Wallace, Gen Xers, Helen Mirren, James Earl Jones, Treat Williams, Terri Garr, Gena Rowlands, Francis Ford Coppola, Tim Burton, Steve Martin’s, Dixie, Cyrano de Bergerac, “ Roxanne, Martin plumbs Organizations: CNN, Hollywood, Everett, New York Times Locations: London, Colorado
Read previewHomeownership is helping some millennials get rich — but Gen Zers might have a hard time following in their footsteps. Some Gen Zers managed to get in on the fun — about a quarter of Gen Zers between the ages of 19 and 26 owned a home as of 2023, per Redfin. AdvertisementWhat's more, Silk said there's a larger reason Gen Zers shouldn't count on homeownership to boost their wealth. AdvertisementThese costs are already putting pressure on current homeowners, and by the time more Gen Zers buy homes, they could be even more burdensome. Their monthly payment is gone forever, and it has zero chance of providing an investment return.
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Even when assets are split equally, family members might butt heads over how money should be invested or spent. Understanding your emotions around money can help to navigate tricky inheritance conversations, Tessler said. AdvertisementPeople might feel that they don't understand money or that their siblings don't see them as financially responsible. Using personality tools, such as the Enneagram, can help people figure out where their family members are coming from when disagreements arise, she added. AdvertisementTessler said she has previously advised clients to wait 24 hours before reading emails from "intense and challenging" family members.
Persons: , Bari Tessler, who's, Tessler, spender Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Bari
Courtesy of Victoria Craparotta and Flavio FabianiFrom May to August, he worked alongside contractors to turn it into a home fit for him and his longtime girlfriend, Victoria Craparotta, whom he met in 2019 on a study abroad program in Malaga, Spain. Courtesy of Victoria Craparotta and Flavio FabianiCraparotta and Fabiani aren't the only ones to get heat for updating an old home. A young couple renovating a starter home in Rhode Island told BI in May that they received "flak" online for making their 1950s bathroom, covered with bubblegum-pink tile, more neutral. AdvertisementFor Fabiani and Craparotta, modernizing the apartment reflects who they are: a young couple who don't want to live in an apartment from a bygone era in Italy. "A lot of people see Italy as this idyllic place and that it's all vintage," Craparotta said.
Persons: , Flavio Fabiani, Fabiani, He'd, Craparotta, Victoria Craparotta, they'd, Fabiani's, renovators, Flavio Fabiani Craparotta Organizations: Service, Business, National Association of Realtors Locations: Pigneto, Malaga, Spain, Canada, Italy, millennials, Rhode Island
Up to $9 trillion is expected to be passed along to spouses and partners in the coming years as part of what's being called "the horizontal wealth transfer," according to a new report. Yet because surviving spouses and partners typically get the initial inheritances, and because women typically outlive men, bequests in the coming years will largely go to women, according to the UBS Global Wealth Report. UBS calls it the "horizontal wealth transfer," since the wealth is moving intra-generationally rather than intergenerationally. "Most people have a rather feudal idea of wealth going down through generations," said Paul Donovan, chief economist of UBS Global Wealth Management. According to the report, the largest horizontal wealth transfers will be in the Americas.
Persons: Paul Donovan Organizations: UBS Global Wealth, UBS, UBS Global Wealth Management Locations: what's, Americas
Usually, after a financial crisis, people spend less money and fewer new businesses launch. Welcome to the age of the side hustle, where Americans are increasingly devoted to finding extra money to spend. Here's why so many people have side hustles right now, and why economists say they're probably here to stay. For roughly half of Americans with side hustles, the extra money isn't for fun: It's a necessity, driven by financial uncertainty. $250 per month is "by no means enough to live on, [but] it's a nice amount of money," Rossman says.
Persons: Z, Kayla Bruun, Ted Rossman, Bankrate, Rossman, Bruun, Shonnita Leslie, Leslie, millennials, Gen Zers, It's, it's, Taylor, Nich Tremper Organizations: CNBC, Student, DoorDash Locations: U.S, millennials, America, Texas
Read previewWhen the pandemic hit, young families fled cities across the US in droves. Overall, domestic out-migration from big cities is still double the rate it was pre-pandemic. "This data is three years out from the start of the pandemic, cities have started to recover robustly on a bunch of different measures." Families with kids under six years old are more than twice as likely to leave New York City than families without young kids, the Fiscal Policy Institute found. Some exurbs — particularly in the pro-development Sunbelt — are seeing young families flood in.
Persons: , Connor O'Brien, EIG, O'Brien, millennials Organizations: Service, Economic Innovation Group, Business, New York City Locations: exurbs, New York, Chicago's Cook County, San Francisco, Los Angeles, nation's, downtowns, New York City, Exurban, Polk County , Florida, Orlando, Tampa, Montgomery County , Texas, Houston
Millionaires are leaving Hong Kong, but its art scene is booming
  + stars: | 2024-07-11 | by ( )   time to read: +13 min
Narration: Home to a host of financial institutions, Hong Kong is one of the world's wealthiest cities. The Hong Kong Art Gallery Association recorded a 27% increase in member galleries between 2021 and 2023. Nicolas Chow: Chinese art and ancient Chinese art is really at the genesis of Sotheby's Hong Kong when we came here. Angelle Siyang-Le: We firmly believe that Hong Kong is the best place to do art business in Asia, Hong Kong is a natural melting. Emily Tan: That's all from Hong Kong – join us next time in a new city as we explore 'The Art of Appreciation.'
Persons: , Nicolas Chow, Emily Tan, we've, they've, It's, Emperor Chen, Chen, it's, I'm, who'll, she's, Mak2, Allison Cheung, Angelle, Hong Kong, they're, Emily, Hong Kong – Organizations: Hong, Hong Kong Art Gallery, Asia, Art, Basel, Art Basel Locations: Hong Kong, Asia, Art Basel, Sarthe, Hong Kong's, Swiss, Basel, Miami, Paris, Hong, US, Australia, Switzerland, France, Southeast Asia, Korea, Mak2, Sims
Hal Lawton, the chief executive of the Brentwood, Tennessee-based company, had said these initiatives “make great business sense for Tractor Supply.”But Tractor Supply has decided that all of those risks are now worth ignoring. By walking away from diversity and climate goals, Tractor Supply has become the latest corporate giant to retreat from progressive initiatives it once promoted, joining Bud Light, Target and others. Tractor Supply declined to comment on these statements. Tractor Supply’s customer base has historically been primarily older men, who lean Republican, but Tractor Supply has increasingly tried to draw Millennials and women, who tend to favor Democrats. Tractor Supply’s reversal could hurt it with these customers, who could be crucial as the company’s historic base ages out of the market.
Persons: Hal Lawton, Bud, , Nooshin Warren, “ They’re, ” John Boyd, Steve Helber, Robby Starbuck, , It’s, ” Boyd, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, ” Lawton, ” Eric Bloem, George Floyd, Bill Ackman, Elon Musk, They’ve, Chick, Bud Light, Jeff Chiu, Bud Light’s, influencer Dylan Mulvaney, CNN’s Eva Rothenberg Organizations: New, New York CNN, Tractor Supply, Supply, Human Rights, Bud Light, University of Arizona, National Black Farmers Association, AP Tractor Supply, Human, Tennessee’s, Congressional District, , Black Farmers Association, CNN, , Tractor, Republican, Pew, Democratic, Disney, Nike, Anheuser, Busch InBev, Target Locations: New York, Brentwood , Tennessee, United States, America, Minneapolis
Dave Sekera, chief US market strategist at Morningstar, says that he’s watching for insights on banks’ delinquency rates. Consumers have increasingly fallen behind on or missed payments in recent months as they get squeezed by high interest rates. But banks could see higher losses compared to 2023 if the economy were to experience a downturn, the Fed warned. Investors are wagering that the central bank will begin easing rates as soon as September, according to the CME FedWatch Tool. “The worst outcome for all of us is what you call stagflation: higher rates and recession,” Dimon said in an interview with CNBC.
Persons: Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Dave Sekera, Stocks, JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, Dimon, Matt Egan, it’s, , Joe Brusuelas, Mark Zandi, ” Zandi, , Jerome Powell, Erika Tulfo, “ It’s, Neil Saunders, Abrigo, Gen Organizations: CNN Business, Bell, New York CNN, United, United States ’, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, Morningstar, Federal Reserve Bank of New, Fed, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, JPMorgan, CNBC, Federal, RSM, , Moody’s, CNN, GlobalData, Apple Locations: New York, United States, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, China
MJ's kids include two of his own and two stepchildren, all aged between 35 to 46. AdvertisementHe's among a growing cohort of boomers who are passing on their wealth at an earlier stage in life, financial planners previously told BI. "We consider inheritances and money from families a gift of love," Gideon Drucker, president and financial planner at Drucker Wealth, previously told BI. The money he gifts to his kids comes with no strings attached — they are free to spend it how they see fit. "I'm not going to put them all into retirement with what I'm leaving them.
Persons: he's, Bill Perkins, boomers, Gideon Drucker, MJ, Here's, I've, Drucker, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Buffet, I'm Organizations: Service, Business, Drucker Wealth Locations: Alberta, Canada
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