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But the president’s abject debate performance and defiance in the aftermath have badly weakened his standing in a party already unenthusiastic about his campaign. Any slip ups or confusion would rip off the fragile patch Biden has fixed on the dam of Democratic Party support. Biden needs one of his classic comebacks more than everStill, it’s too early to count Biden out. “We concluded that Joe Biden is old; we found out, and the polling came back that he’s old,” Fetterman told CNN. Many of the CBC’s members are in solid blue districts and may be under less pressure than frontline Democrats who have criticized the president’s debate performance.
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DNA test kit horror story
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The near-absence of laws criminalizing the practice of fertility fraud until recently means no doctors have yet been criminally charged for the behavior. In 2019, Indiana became the second state, more than 20 years after California, to pass a statute making fertility fraud a felony. He added some of his biological children have “expressed gratitude for their existence” to him and even sent him photos of their own children. Cline’s case spurred lawmakers to pass legislation that outlawed fertility fraud but wasn’t retroactive, meaning he was never prosecuted for it. “In fertility fraud, no parent is saying that – no parent is saying I would have gotten an abortion,” she said.
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Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey has defiantly stated that he is not stepping down from office. Menendez on Friday was charged with taking hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bribes. "I am not going anywhere," he said in a statement, while also referencing his Latino heritage. "Bob Menendez is a disgrace who abused his Senate seat and allegedly betrayed his country for a couple hundred thousand dollars," Senate Republican campaign committee spokesman Philip Letsou said in a statement. AdvertisementAdvertisementThe indictment alleges that the senator "provided sensitive US government information and took other steps that secretly aided the Government of Egypt."
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Kim’s surprise announcement came as a growing number of Democrats are calling for Menendez to step down. Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman became the first Democratic senator to do so, and several members of New Jersey’s congressional delegation, along with the state's Democratic governor, have said he should resign. “This is not something I expected to do, but I believe New Jersey deserves better,” Kim said in a statement. But given the gravity of these charges, I do not believe that Senator Menendez can continue to carry out the important duties of his office for our state.”New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy also demanded Menendez’s immediate resignation, saying the allegations were “so serious" that they compromise the senator’s ability to serve.
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Phil Murphy, the state's General Assembly speaker and the Democratic State Committee chairman all called on U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez to resign Friday after their fellow Democrat was indicted on federal bribery charges. "The allegations in the indictment against Senator Menendez and four other defendants are deeply disturbing," Murphy said about Menendez, the state's senior senator. "The alleged facts are so serious that they compromise the ability of Senator Menendez to effectively represent the people of our state. Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin said, "The charges laid out against Senator Menendez today go against everything we should believe as public servants. Two New Jersey Democrats in Congress, U.S. Reps. Andy Kim and Mikie Sherrill, also called on Menendez to resign.
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As the day went on after the bombshell indictment, Democrats began bailing on their legally troubled colleague. The indictment said Menendez used his position to help the business executives as well. The indictment includes cinematic, almost comical details about the payoffs Menendez is said to have accepted. Some of the cash was stashed in jackets that were embroidered with the words "Robert Menendez" or "Senator Menendez." At one point, the indictment said, Menendez did a Google search for "kilo of gold price."
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailRep. Mikie Sherrill on curbing U.S. investment in China: They've created an uneven playing fieldHouse Select Committee on Strategic Competition Between the U.S. and China member Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-N.J.) joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss President Biden's expected executive order this week that would more closely scrutinize American investments in Chinese tech,
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According to Politico's Jonathan Martin, Obama has recently hosted a series of "informal, but lengthy private meetings with groups of next-generation House Democrats." One of the topics of dinner conversation, per Martin, was how Democrats can avoid coming off as elitist. Before the 2022 midterms, Obama returned to the campaign trail where he tore into the Republican Party and Trump. It is likely that Obama will eventually take on a high-profile role as the 2024 campaign heats up. As president, Obama dubbed Clinton "Secretary of Explaining Stuff" for his campaign trail appearances.
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New Jersey’s Senators Push Back on Congestion Pricing
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Many transit advocates, community leaders and urban planning experts in New York have celebrated the progress made toward congestion pricing this month, saying it was long overdue. The loudest opposition to the program has come from New Jersey. Mr. Murphy on Monday also unveiled an advertising campaign criticizing the program, complete with billboards near interstate crossings. Other opponents of congestion pricing have included taxi drivers and Lyft and Uber drivers, who worry that fare increases triggered by the tolls could slash demand for taxis and for-hire rides by up to 17 percent. says the program, which would affect drivers entering Manhattan south of 60th Street, could begin as soon as spring 2024.
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailIt's time that we take a different tack when it comes to China, says Congresswoman SherrillRep. Mikie Sherrill (D-N.J.) joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss how lawmakers from both parties came to be united against China, what it means for companies with business ties to China, and more.
Share this -Link copied'It's too much for me': Zelenskyy begins speech by thanking U.S. Zelenskyy began his remarks before a joint meeting of Congress at 7:40 p.m. "I think we share the exact same vision, that of a free, independent and prosperous Ukraine," Biden said. The Ukrainian president added that the soldier told him that "many (of) his brothers, this system saved." President Joe Biden holds a medal presented to him by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in the Oval Office. Share this -Link copiedPhoto: Zelenskyy shakes hands with Biden as he arrives President Joe Biden welcomes Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the White House.
That journey hit a milestone Monday, when Congress passed a law named after Salas' son, Daniel Anderl. "We can't forget that Judge Salas was not just targeted for being a judge. "Judge Salas and her family were victims of a horrific hate crime." Congress ultimately passed the Daniel Anderl Judicial Security and Privacy Act on Thursday as part of the annual defense authorization bill. Marshals Service to hire additional analysts, security specialists and other personnel to help prevent threats to federal judges.
But the legislation is also rankling court watchdogs who contend the bill could complicate efforts to scrutinize the judicial branch for ethics issues. The bill does not displace the ethical disclosure requirements judges already face, the congressional aide noted to CNN. And it extends the threat-monitoring programs that are being offered to Article III judges to administrative judges as well. Now that the bill has been added to the National Defense Authorization Act, a massive defense package that Congress passes annually, Paul’s options for scuttling it are limited. “Because, if I am sued, someone is going to be bringing it to a federal judge.
And the House Democrats’ campaign arm last week deployed hundreds of thousands of dollars to save its chairman in a Biden district north of New York City. “And I think that right there explains why this red wave is going to be so big.”The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the campaign arm for House Democrats, said it isn't throwing in the towel. “Nearly a week from Election Day, House Democrats are well positioned to retain the majority despite a Republican gerrymandered map and MAGA Republicans’ dark money-fueled campaigns. Connecticut’s 5th District: Democrats have already spent $4.5 million to re-elect Hayes in a district that backed Biden 54.6% to Trump's 43.9% in the last election. Between now and Election Day, Democrats said they plan to spend an additional $1.5 million in ads to combat comparable spending by Republicans.
Republican Rep. Liz Cheney has endorsed Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin for reelection. Cheney has crossed party lines because Slotkin challenger Tom Barrett is a 2020 election denier. A Jan. 6 committee leader, Cheney has resolved "to make sure those people don't get elected." Slotkin, a two-term lawmaker, is facing off against Barrett, a Michigan state senator, this November. Barrett brushed off the endorsement as grandstanding by "establishment war hawks" with a "senseless thirst for more foreign entanglements."
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