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Sam Altman and Greg Brockman are open to returning to OpenAI — if the board step down, The Verge reports. AdvertisementEx-OpenAI leaders Sam Altman and Greg Brockman are reportedly considering going back to OpenAI — if the board members who ousted Altman decide to step down. Their apparent consideration, reported by The Verge, comes days after OpenAI ousted Altman. I never intended to harm OpenAI," Sutskever wrote in an X post on Monday. Some people are now saying Sam Altman could see a similar — though compressed — situation: being fired by the board and coming back wrapped in glory.
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Sam Altman was ousted from OpenAI then accepted a top job at Microsoft over the weekend. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementOver the course of a whirlwind weekend, OpenAI cofounder Sam Altman was ousted from ChatGPT's parent company and promptly accepted a job running a new AI research team at Microsoft. [Microsoft CEO Satya] Nadella says they're still committed to OpenAI. (Ware predicted brain drain as other OpenAI employees follow Altman to Microsoft or join other rivals now he's no longer in charge.)
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Apple considered buying Bing from Microsoft in 2018
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Apple executives have said they picked Google because it's the best search engine, not primarily because of Google's payments. The deal with Microsoft wasn't completed and Giannandrea said he believed Apple CEO Tim Cook told Microsoft it wasn't going forward. Google pays Apple as much as $19 billion per year to be the default search engine on Apple products, according to an estimate . Microsoft was interested in Apple paying for improvements to the search engine, Giannandrea said, including expanding it to additional international markets. He also compared Bing and Google search in 2021 to see the progress Microsoft had made and found Google was significantly better at mobile queries.
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An attorney with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) carries an XBOX game console box following a hearing at the Phillip Burton Federal Building and U.S. A huge collection of purported Xbox files related to the Federal Trade Commission's case against Microsoft have been published online, spilling some of the company's plans for the gaming console into public view. They include more than 100 documents, many of them partially redacted, related to Microsoft's Xbox plans. The files include emails from corporate executives like Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer and timetables for gaming releases. Some of the documents include Microsoft Gaming senior employees discussing the value of the exclusive hold they have on key video game titles.
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MSN readers called out the site for publishing a story they believe was written by AI. The story's headline describes the late NBA player Brandon Hunter as "useless." "Brandon Hunter useless at 42," the headline read. A former NBA player dies young, and AI writes this headline:"Brandon Hunter useless at 42"And check that prose:"Former NBA participant Brandon Hunter who beforehand performed for the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic, has handed away on the age of 42." — Joshua Benton (@jbenton) September 14, 2023It described Hunter as a "former NBA participant" who was "handed away on the age of 42."
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GPT-4 users have complained that the OpenAI model is getting 'dumber.' Their findings, published on Tuesday, challenge the assumption that AI models automatically improve. One of the bedrock assumptions of the current artificial intelligence boom is that AI models "learn" and improve over time. This is what users of OpenAI's GPT-4, the world's most-powerful AI model, have been experiencing lately. This recent GPT-4 research paper provides a healthy dose of skepticism to the assumptions that are driving these wild swings in value.
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KPMG is betting big on AI — another sign the technology's use is spreading fast. They plan to jointly develop generative AI tools for areas like the supply chain and cybersecurity. Through their tie-up, the companies plan to jointly develop generative AI tools for KPMG's employees and clients, he said. On the cybersecurity defense front, generative AI can help interpret a range of data to provide quicker information about potential threats and how to respond to them. "But generative AI provides a huge head start."
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A software engineer asked users on work discussion app Blind for advice on how to date an intern. The engineer told Insider he was surprised by the backlash, but still plans to ask out the intern. A software engineer asked an online forum for advice on how to date an intern — and users promptly roasted him. Blind users responded to his question — How can I ask her out? In just one day, dozens of Blind users commented on the post to express their disapproval over the engineer's ulterior motives.
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Bill Gates said the winner in AI will be the company that creates a personal digital agent. Gates added that it's 50-50 as to whether the AI winner behind the digital agent will come from Big Tech or the startup world. The startup was founded by LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman, Deepmind cofounder Mustafa Suleyman, and Karén Simonyan, and describes itself as an "AI studio creating a personal AI for everyone." And Pi is still a ways away from what Bill Gates is imagining, a personal AI that can do your shopping and help read your emails. But Pi is the best conversational AI I've used so far, and everyone I've spoken to who has used it has been impressed.
Persons: Bill Gates, Pi, it's, Gates, I'd, I'm, I've, Reid Hoffman, Mustafa Suleyman, Karén, Matt Turner, we've, It's, there's, Spriha Srivistava, that's, Brad Davis, Brad, ChatGPT Organizations: Microsoft, Google, Big Tech, CNBC, LinkedIn, Pi Locations: San Francisco, Instagram
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates reacts during a visit with Britain's Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of the Imperial College University, in London, Britain, February 15, 2023. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates believes the future top company in artificial intelligence will likely have created a personal digital agent that can perform certain tasks for people. Gates said there is a fifty-fifty chance that this future AI winner will be either a startup or a tech giant. Until then, companies will continue embedding so-called generative AI technologies akin to OpenAI's popular ChatGPT into their own products. Watch: Bill Gates says OpenAI's GPT is the most important tech advance since the 1980's
Bill Gates told the FT that people try to make AI look stupid but it wasn't a threat to humans. Asked by a Financial Times journalist whether he was worried about AI, Gates said it was "fine, there's no threat." "It's not clear who should be blamed, you know, if you sit there and provoke a bit," Gates told the FT. But according to Gates, the main problem with AI is not the AI itself doing things but the people controlling it. Although he believes AI is set to trigger some labor displacement, it will create more efficiency, he told the FT.
Microsoft is limiting Bing's conversation lengths and interactions with users, per a blog post. It has imposed a limit of 50 chat turns a day and 5 chat turns each session. Microsoft said the underlying chat model can get "confused" by "very long" conversations. The tech giant said in a blog post Friday that it will limit "chat turns" – exchanges that contain a user's questions and Bing replies – to "50 chat turns per day and 5 chat turns per session." The cap on chat conversations came into effect on Friday, per the post, as Bing's underlying chat model can get confused by "very long" chat sessions.
Like Microsoft's revamped Bing search engine, Bard is meant to give answers directly within search. The unveiling of its new search chatbot this week is likely to once again raise the question of whether Google is using others' work without fair compensation. The company is incorporating the conversational chatbot technology, known as Bard, into search, first as a small test while the company gathers feedback. Microsoft, which recently announced a multibillion-dollar investment into ChatGPT's creator, OpenAI, similarly intends to incorporate that chatbot into its Bing search engine. Microsoft could face similar headaches as it rolls out its new Bing search engine.
Microsoft held a private Sting performance this week, The Wall Street Journal reported. The tech giant's executives attended the concert, which took place on Tuesday, per the report. Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it would be laying off 10,000 employees. Earlier this month, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said it plans to lay off some 18,000 employees, while Salesforce also announced anticipated layoffs of about 10 percent of its employees. This month, Goldman Sachs also began laying off the more than 3,000 employees it planned to cut, just ahead of bonus season.
VALL-E can clone someone's voice from a 3-second audio clip and use it to synthesize other words. It came as the tech giant plans to invest $10 billion in OpenAI's writing tool ChatGPT. VALL-E uses text-to-speech technology to convert written words into spoken words in "high-quality personalized" speeches, according to the 16-page paper. The tech giant released samples of how VALL-E would work, showcasing how the voice of a speaker is cloned. The AI tool is not currently available for public use and Microsoft hasn't made it clear what its intended purpose is.
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