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In JD Vance’s first solo appearance as the Republican vice-presidential nominee, the Ohio Senator questioned Vice President Kamala Harris’s appreciation for the United States and chastised her fellow Democrats, who he accused of supporting President Biden “until he became political deadweight.”“If you want to lead this country, you should feel grateful for it, you should feel a sense of gratitude,” Mr. Vance said. “And I never hear that gratitude coming through when I listen to Kamala Harris.”Mr. Vance’s remarks in southwest Ohio were made during the first official campaign event for either party’s presidential ticket since President Biden announced on Sunday that he would not seek a second term. Mr. Biden stepped down just a week after Mr. Vance was named former President Donald J. Trump’s running mate, which the Ohio senator joked was like a bait-and-switch. Mr. Vance said he expected to join a vice-presidential debate against Ms. Harris, but she is now widely expected to take over as her party’s presidential nominee.
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Donald J. Trump has long been a man undone by himself. He imperiled his presidency and political campaigns with personal grudges, impulsiveness and an appetite for authoritarianism. But on Thursday night, with his right ear still bandaged five days after he was wounded by a would-be assassin’s bullet, Mr. Trump attempted a politically cunning transformation. He opened his address by casting himself as a unifying figure, promising to bridge political divides he had long delighted in deepening. “The discord and division in our society must be healed — we must heal it quickly,” Mr. Trump said on the Republican convention’s final night.
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On Today’s Episode:Biden Called ‘More Receptive’ to Hearing Pleas to Step Aside, by Carl Hulse, Michael S. Schmidt, Reid J. Epstein, Peter Baker and Luke BroadwaterBiden Tests Positive for Covid, by Michael D. ShearJ.D. Vance Plants His Appalachian Roots in the 2024 Race, by Michael C. BenderAt R.N.C., Senators Berate Secret Service Director Over Assassination Attempt, by Jonathan SwanGunman’s Phone Had Details About Both Trump and Biden, F.B.I. Officials Say, by Glenn Thrush, Jack Healy and Luke BroadwaterA Blind Spot and a Lost Trail: How the Gunman Got So Close to Trump, by David A. Fahrenthold, Glenn Thrush, Campbell Robertson, Adam Goldman and Aric TolerAn Algorithm Told Police She Was Safe. Then Her Husband Killed Her, by Adam Satariano and Roser Toll Pifarré
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“I just want to make sure those snakes and the liars don’t get those positions of power,” the younger Mr. Trump said. “My biggest role is just making sure that we have an America First, a MAGA bench for the future,” the younger Mr. Trump said. Image Donald Trump Jr. at the R.N.C. Mr. Kirk credits the size of his multimillion-dollar conservative advocacy group in part to the younger Mr. Trump’s support. “I expect nothing less from you clowns,” Donald Trump Jr. told the reporter.
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Senator J.D. Portraying himself as a child of Appalachia with a deep appreciation for the “grit in the American heartland,” Mr. Vance effectively framed his nomination as one for Mr. Trump’s white, working-class political base. He said he would be guided by the lessons learned from “Mamaw,” his deeply religious, foul-mouthed grandmother who raised him, and the memories of the friends and acquaintances from his old neighborhood who died of drug overdoses. “I pledge to every American, no matter your party, I will give everything I have,” Mr. Vance said. “To serve you and to make this country a place where every dream you have for yourself, your family and your country will be possible once again.”
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J.D. Vance’s Chance
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Trump chose Senator J.D. With Vance’s hardscrabble upbringing and Trump-aligned ideology, the senator is Trump’s attempt to appeal to those voters. Instead of balancing the ticket with someone who could expand Trump’s appeal to new voters, Trump has anointed the senator as the future of the Republican Party. The party that Trump took over in 2016 — one guided by establishmentarians like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and John McCain — is now unrecognizable. (As an author and private citizen, Vance said in 2016 that Trump might be “America’s Hitler.” Later, as he ran for office, the Ohioan embraced Trumpism.)
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For Donald J. Trump’s most devoted supporters, the bullet that nicked his ear and came within inches of ending his life was only further proof that a higher power is looking out for him. “I don’t see this as luck,” said the Rev. Nathaniel Thomas, a Republican National Convention delegate and a pastor from the Washington, D.C., area. “I see this as God’s protection.”After he spent decades pursuing riches, fame and power, Mr. Trump’s life has been far from pious. Yet he has drawn a committed core of followers — many in Milwaukee this week for his nominating convention — who view him as handpicked by God for a second term in the White House.
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Trump’s Subtle Shift in His V.P. Calculations
  + stars: | 2024-07-12 | by ( Michael C. Bender | )   time to read: 1 min
For much of the past year, Donald J. Trump has described his perfect running mate as someone who could easily take over as commander in chief if needed and help him draw a contrast to President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. “It’s got to be somebody that can be a good president, which Biden doesn’t have,” Mr. Trump said in April during an interview with Hugh Hewitt, a conservative political commentator. But now, as the curtain closes on his theatrical selection process, his public statements suggest that his thinking has shifted and he’s giving more weight to political calculations. Mr. Trump said on Monday his top priority remained someone qualified to be president and then quickly added a second criterion: “Somebody that helps you get elected.”
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Trump’s V.P. Reveal May Be This Week. Or Not.
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Donald J. Trump’s running-mate search, as much a theatrical production as a political one, is now in its final act. In exactly one week, the Republican vice-presidential nominee is scheduled to address the party’s convention in Milwaukee. Doug Burgum of North Dakota and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida — have sat for repeated cable news interviews. They’ve attended campaign fund-raisers, mingled with members of Mr. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort and flown on the Trump plane. And they’ve all completed perhaps the most crucial test: addressing the devoted core of the former president’s MAGA movement onstage at a Trump rally.
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No alumni network exists for former Trump White House staff members in the way there does for the two presidents who preceded him. The group under consideration already constitutes some of the most coveted pro-Trump Republicans for cable news interviews. And their access to some of the party’s biggest donors has widened thanks to their newly burnished Trump bona fides. Vance of Ohio, 39, are widely viewed as some of the party’s most promising young stars. Senator Marco Rubio’s conservative credentials have been polished by Mr. Trump’s consideration of the Florida senator as a top contender.
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Uncertainty over whether President Biden will continue seeking re-election, despite his pledges to stay in the race, has sharpened the focus on Donald J. Trump’s political calculations for choosing his Republican running mate. Such a scenario could help at least a couple of Mr. Trump’s top contenders: Senator J.D. Vance of Ohio, who is the second-youngest member of the Senate, and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, whose Cuban American heritage is central to his political biography. But among those in Mr. Trump’s circle who believe that Mr. Biden’s disastrous debate performance makes a Republican victory more likely in November, there’s another train of thought: that Gov. Mr. Burgum, also one of Mr. Trump’s top contenders, has executive experience from two terms in that office and a long career as a business executive.
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During his 2016 campaign, Donald J. Trump orchestrated a takeover of the Republican Party in part by blasting wealthy political donors as the root of corruption and delivering a populist message that appealed to working-class voters. Eight years later, one of his key decision points in choosing a running mate is connections to the superrich. As the end of the selection process approaches, with an announcement expected in the next two weeks after months of suggestion and misdirection, Republican hopefuls are looking to convince Mr. Trump that they have the financial backing behind them that could help swing the race. There are other factors that could make for a good match. Mr. Trump is said to be considering candidates with discipline on the campaign trail, who will not steal his precious spotlight and would fare well in a debate with Vice President Kamala Harris.
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Former President Donald J. Trump’s process of choosing a running mate has entered its final stages in a frenzied and increasingly theatrical fashion as he privately narrows his focus to a set of top contenders. Behind closed doors, Mr. Trump has been primarily interested in Senator J.D. Doug Burgum of North Dakota and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, according to three people who have spoken to the former president in recent days and insisted on anonymity to discuss private conversations. But Mr. Trump has befuddled some friends and advisers by continuing to solicit opinions on other contenders, including Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon and former housing secretary during his administration, and Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina. Meanwhile, a series of cryptic and suggestive messages from Mr. Trump’s campaign that the announcement could come as soon as this week has ignited 72 hours of unbridled conjecture, confusing political observers and Republican allies.
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And AIPAC’s attacks have galvanized a concerted countercampaign by the left to try to discredit the group, which is bipartisan, among Democratic voters. Mr. Latimer ran up large margins in more moderate suburban communities, including ones with sizable Jewish populations. Mr. Bowman’s opponents churned out an unusually large amount of opposition research against him, including old blog posts dabbling in Sept. 11 conspiracy theories. Mr. Latimer returned to the episode repeatedly to argue that Mr. “He’s making the party look really bad,” said Sandra Altman, citing Mr. Bowman’s fire alarm episode and his left-leaning views, as she voted for Mr. Latimer in Scarsdale.
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Soon after two overheated Ohio Republicans stood chest-to-chest trading taunts on the debate stage in 2022, Donald J. Trump watched a video of the viral clip and raised an eyebrow. Vance, that helped win over the former president and secured a race-changing Trump endorsement for Mr. Vance in Ohio’s Senate primary. Mr. Trump is thinking about debate performances once again as he considers whom to pick as the Republican vice-presidential nominee, according to three people who have spoken to the former president. As he weighs the pros and cons of candidates, Mr. Trump has sought advice on who would be best to help raise money and who would be the most disciplined campaigner. A third factor, the three people say, is who matches up best on the debate stage against Vice President Kamala Harris, a seasoned politician and former prosecutor.
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The Race for Running Mate
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Discipline, experience and risk aversion are not traits typically associated with Donald Trump’s political brand. But his search for those values in a running mate has helped him narrow the field, for now, to a top tier of contenders, people in his orbit tell me. People already know him, so he doesn’t need someone to woo a particular constituency, as Mike Pence did with evangelicals in 2016. But he worries that a running mate can create unwanted distractions. Advisers say he keeps injecting new contenders into the mix and pressuring his campaign for an announcement during the Republican Party’s convention next month.
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After taking his software company public in 1997, Doug Burgum gathered a few colleagues in his office and swore them to secrecy. He wanted to uphold the modesty and decorum central to his North Dakota birthright and his chimney-sweeper past, but he was eager to boast about a splashy new purchase. While others splurged on cars or boats, Mr. Burgum’s big reveal was a Bobcat front-end loader — a dirt mover for his ranch near Fargo. “I remember thinking, ‘Yeah, Doug, you’re not big-timing anyone with that one,’” Jeff Young, the software company’s former operations chief, recalled with a laugh. Now the governor of North Dakota, Mr. Burgum’s long-held scruples over being seen as an attention-monger have hurled the longtime Republican out of political obscurity and into the limelight as one of a handful of the leading contenders in Donald J. Trump’s search for a running mate.
Persons: Doug Burgum, , you’re, ’ ” Jeff Young, Burgum’s, monger, Donald J Locations: Fargo, North Dakota
“Keystone Renewal is all in to elect David McCormick to the U.S. Senate,” Mr. Dorr said. So far, Mr. Casey’s campaign and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the main campaign arm of Senate Democrats, have spent the most on ads in the race. The committee has spent about $9 million on broadcast, cable and digital ads, while Mr. Casey’s campaign has spent $8.5 million. “Pennsylvanians already know that McCormick can’t be trusted.”The Pennsylvania race is one of only a handful this year expected to determine control of the closely divided Senate. Mr. McCormick, a former hedge fund executive, is making his second bid for a Pennsylvania Senate seat in as many years.
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Polls consistently show that his support from Black voters has declined to alarming levels for a Democrat. Four years ago, nearly nine in 10 Black voters nationwide cast their ballots for Mr. Biden, according to exit polls. Image Recently, Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris have been speaking directly to Black audiences at multiple events per week. “The Biden campaign is panicking because they see that Black voters aren’t buying what Biden is selling,” Ms. Thomas added. Recently, Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris have been speaking directly to Black audiences at multiple events per week.
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Ms. Donalds was singled out for opening a charter school in Florida. He is just a “poor kid from Brooklyn,” he said, who made good by doggedly pursuing his interests. He urged the group to do the same: “Be bold.”Mr. Donalds’s career is a testament to his advice. His interests — in overhauling public education, evangelical Christianity and electing Donald J. Trump — have propelled a rapid political ascent. A backbencher congressman in only his second term, Mr. Donalds, 45, has fast become a prominent surrogate for Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign and a conservative media regular, serving up earnest and on-message defenses of the former president.
Persons: Byron Donalds, Erika, Donalds, , ” Mr, , doggedly, Mr, Donald J, Trump Organizations: Republican, Truth & Liberty Coalition Locations: Florida, Brooklyn
Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas has unexpectedly emerged as a top contender to become Donald J. Trump’s running mate, a signal that the former president is heavily weighing experience and the ability to run a disciplined campaign over other factors. Mr. Cotton’s ascendance comes as Mr. Trump’s leading vice-presidential options have increasingly come into focus, according to three people with direct knowledge of Mr. Trump’s thinking who insisted on anonymity to discuss private meetings. These people said that Mr. Trump’s other current favorites were Gov. Doug Burgum of North Dakota and three of Mr. Cotton’s Senate colleagues: Marco Rubio of Florida, Tim Scott of South Carolina and J.D. Still, the people close to Mr. Trump cautioned that his vice-presidential preferences might change.
Persons: Tom Cotton of, Donald J, Cotton’s ascendance, Trump’s, Doug Burgum, Cotton’s, Marco Rubio, Tim Scott of, J.D, Vance of Ohio, Biden, Trump Locations: Tom Cotton of Arkansas, North Dakota, Marco Rubio of Florida, Tim Scott of South Carolina
“I woke up, I said, ‘I wonder, will it be hostile or will it be friendly?’” Mr. Trump said. It was a love fest.”As is often the case during Mr. Trump's speeches, the truth was a bit more complex. But Mr. Trump observed that Mr. Levitt had exited his business too early and was unable to make a comeback when he wanted to years later. The reason, Mr. Trump said, was that he had squandered his momentum. “You have to always keep moving forward,” Mr. Trump said.
Persons: Miles, Donald J, Trump, , , , Biden, Hiroko Masuike, Trump’s, , Unprompted, Mr, Indiana Mitchell, Rafael Brito, ” Mr, Brito, Melvin Howard, William Levitt, Levitt, ” Jeffery C, Mays Organizations: New York State, Trump, South Bronx . Credit, New York Times, Dominican, Queens, New York Police Department Locations: Bronx, New York, York City, Crotona, Florida, “ New York, South Bronx, United States, Dominican Republic, , Central Park, Long
“I have been clear at home, and I will be clear here,” Ms. Stefanik is expected to say in her speech, according to a prepared version of her remarks reviewed by The New York Times. “There is no excuse for an American president to block aid to Israel.”Her remarks also appear designed to curry favor with former President Donald J. Trump, who has mentioned Ms. Stefanik, a former George W. Bush White House aide and staunch defender of Mr. Trump, as a potential vice-presidential candidate. Ms. Stefanik has positioned herself as one of Mr. Trump’s most loyal defenders in Congress, a role she first staked out during his first impeachment in 2019. Her prepared remarks for Sunday mention Mr. Trump by name three times while highlighting several of his administration’s accomplishments, including a package of Middle East deals known as the Abraham Accords and moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. “We must not let the extremism in elite corners conceal the deep, abiding love for Israel among the American people,” Ms. Stefanik plans to say.
Persons: Ms, Stefanik, , Donald J, Trump, George W, Bush, Stefanik’s, Trump’s, Abraham, Organizations: The New York Times, House, Abraham Accords Locations: Israel, U.S, Jerusalem
The cavalry of Republican vice-presidential contenders and other party officials inside the courthouse for Donald J. Trump’s criminal trial was so large one day this week that the group initially had trouble arranging themselves in the two rows set aside for guests of the defense team. Wedged into their seats, they were immediately confronted with testimony accusing their party’s leader — who was trying to inoculate his 2016 presidential campaign from political damage — of writing checks for bogus legal expenses to hide hush-money payments to a porn star. None of the conservatives in the courtroom flinched or raised an eyebrow, including Gov. Doug Burgum of North Dakota and Representative Byron Donalds of Florida, both of whom are said to be under consideration for Mr. Trump’s running mate. Instead, their stoic, protective presence underscored the biggest political quandary facing ambitious Republicans who want Mr. Trump to pick them for vice president: how to fiercely defend him without stealing any of his precious spotlight.
Persons: Donald J, , Doug Burgum, Byron Donalds of, Trump’s, Trump Organizations: Republican, Gov Locations: North Dakota, Byron Donalds of Florida
Harry Dunn, a former Capitol Police officer who was on duty during the Jan. 6 riots and is running for elected office for the first time, has become one of the nation’s top political fund-raisers by leveraging the power of his emotional testimony delivered during televised congressional hearings about the attack. His $4.6 million war chest is larger than any other House candidate in Maryland — and more than all but three non-incumbent Democratic House candidates across the country, according to campaign finance records. But those contributions and his “save democracy” battle cry face a stiff test from a crowded field of fellow Democrats squaring off Tuesday in a closely watched Maryland House primary that will signal where concerns about Jan. 6 and its aftermath stand among a list of issues for voters on the left. Mr. Dunn’s main competition is Sarah Elfreth, a state senator who has raised $1.5 million for her campaign and received $4.4 million more in help from outside groups, campaign finance reports show.
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