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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. "I understand why President Biden wants to run. Related storiesBusiness Insider reached out to the Biden campaign and Welch's office for comment. AdvertisementOn Tuesday, Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado stopped short of calling for Biden to withdraw from the race but said it was something that needed to be discussed. Eight House Democrats have already called on Biden to drop out.
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Read previewSen. Michael Bennet of Colorado came closer than any other Democratic senator has yet to calling for President Joe Biden to bow out of the presidential race. Bennet told Collins he was there to confirm publicly that he doesn't think Biden can win. "Donald Trump is on track, I think, to win the election, and maybe win it by a landslide, and take with him the Senate and the House," Bennet said. In a statement provided to Business Insider, Biden campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz defended the president's commitment to beating Trump in November. The campaign also noted the many expressions of support Biden has received from House and Senate Democrats since the debate.
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One by one, Democratic members of Congress began to stream out of the Democratic National Committee's headquarters on Tuesday morning. House Democrats had convened to discuss Biden's future. The number of Democratic lawmakers publicly calling for Biden to withdraw remains in the single digits. Rep. Summer Lee wears headphones as she departs House Democrats' meeting at the DNC on Tuesday. On Tuesday afternoon, hours after House Democrats' DNC meeting, Rep. Mikie Sherill of New Jersey became the seventh to call for Biden to step down.
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But the president’s abject debate performance and defiance in the aftermath have badly weakened his standing in a party already unenthusiastic about his campaign. Any slip ups or confusion would rip off the fragile patch Biden has fixed on the dam of Democratic Party support. Biden needs one of his classic comebacks more than everStill, it’s too early to count Biden out. “We concluded that Joe Biden is old; we found out, and the polling came back that he’s old,” Fetterman told CNN. Many of the CBC’s members are in solid blue districts and may be under less pressure than frontline Democrats who have criticized the president’s debate performance.
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Aides to the president told CNN that not only are they no longer interested in discussing Biden’s on-stage fiasco last month, and there are simply no outstanding questions about the president’s political future to debate. “We’re done talking about the debate and focused on a singular mission: Defeating Donald Trump in November,” one Biden aide told CNN. Tuesday’s White House press briefing was once again dominated by questions about Biden’s health, mental fitness and the political fallout of the debate. “Jill and Valerie won’t let him go down in flames,” this adviser told CNN, referencing the president’s wife and sister by their first names. Michael Bennet of Colorado, Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Jon Tester of Montana all said they thought Biden cannot win the election, a source familiar told CNN.
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At the end of January, the Arizona senator reported holding nearly $10.6 million cash on hand in her campaign account and another $466,000 in her leadership PAC. AdvertisementNow, it's far from clear what will happen to those "resources" — Sinema's campaign did not respond to Business Insider's request for comment last week on the matter. There are a few different ways this could play out if Sinema decides to keep a "zombie PAC" running. Elizabeth Warren and Michael Bennet once introduced a bill to crack down on "zombie PACs." Advertisement"A lot of people use that to stay in the game because a leadership PAC is kind of a slush fund.
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CNN —Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is in Ukraine to reiterate US support for the country and ratchet up pressure on House Republicans back home to pass a foreign aid bill that includes further assistance for Ukraine and Israel. The visit comes as House Republicans are holding still a foreign aid package that would send further aid to Ukraine and Israel. Schumer told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Friday that during his visit, Zelensky told him that Ukraine will win its war against Russia if Congress passes further aid to the country. If Ukraine loses, Schumer warned, “Our allies will think we will not stick with them anymore. “We must show Putin that he can pay a price, an economic price as well as a political price and a military price.
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Read previewThe Supreme Court could soon rule on whether former President Donald Trump can be disqualified from appearing on 2024 ballots under the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution. That's the answer to me, period," said Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio. Many of his potential voters are likely sympathetic to the arguments made by the former president and his allies — that disqualifying Trump via the 14th amendment is itself undemocratic. "So I hope the Supreme Court does an honorable, non-political job of evaluating the situation." "The [Supreme Court] will decide the legal issue of whether the 14th amendment applies."
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President Biden signed a short-term government funding bill on Thursday, narrowly averting a government shutdown but leaving a larger spending clash for Congress early next year. The Senate gave final approval to the package late Wednesday, about 48 hours before a shutdown deadline at midnight Friday. The vote in the Senate was 87 to 11, with 10 Republicans and one Democrat, Michael Bennet of Colorado, opposing the bill. It was approved by the House on Tuesday with near-unanimous support from Democrats and nearly half of House Republicans opposing it. The spending plan does not include additional aid for Israel or Ukraine.
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“I do intend to file a motion to vacate against Speaker McCarthy this week. But now, knowing full well he’s likely to soon face a so-called motion to vacate vote, McCarthy is taking his detractors head-on – and in increasingly combative terms. If the Senate bill advanced, McCarthy would have a harder time arguing his bill was the solution. 3 Senate Republican, opposed the Senate bill, breaking with McConnell, according to a source familiar with the matter. But that wasn’t enough to convince House Democrats to oppose the funding bill with a shutdown looming.
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He has again stepped down as chairman of the Foreign Affairs panel, as per Senate Democratic caucus rules, but has otherwise made clear that he’s not going anywhere. Political Cartoons View All 1182 ImagesThe calls for his resignation are in sharp contrast, though, to his first case. It also puts increased pressure on Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and other Democratic leaders who have so far stopped short of recommending that Menendez step down. Booker said it is a “mistake” for Menendez to say that stepping down would be unfair as the case has not been tried. Also calling for Menendez to step down on Monday were Democratic Sens.
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The first iteration of expanded child tax credit checks lifted millions of kids out of poverty. The ARP also paid out the tax credit in monthly checks, rather than as part of an annual tax refund. According to the US Census Bureau, child poverty fell to a record low of 5.2% in 2021, declining from 2020's 9.7% rate because of those monthly checks sent out to parents. However, after efforts to expand or prolong the credit fell short, child poverty skyrocketed in 2022. Several Democratic lawmakers have also pushed for the expanded Child Tax Credit to be renewed.
Some members of Congress have begun pushing to ban TikTok in the US. "I'm a little less enthusiastic about an all-out ban of it," said Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota. "I'm an incrementalist on a lot of things, and I would be on this as well," said Republican Sen. Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming. Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on social media and the internet's impact on children. Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, another committee member, said she's most concerned about how social media platforms are impacting kids.
CNN —Buoyed by the steep drop in child poverty last year, a group of Democratic lawmakers and progressive advocates are pushing hard to restore at least part of the enhanced child tax credit that stabilized many families’ finances in 2021. GOP Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, a longtime advocate of the child tax credit, crafted an enhanced version earlier this year, along with fellow Republican Sens. The 2021 enhancementThe American Rescue Plan made three significant changes to the child tax credit for 2021. A reduction in child povertyThe expansion lifted 2.1 million children out of poverty in 2021, according to the Census Bureau. It helped drive child poverty to 5.2%, a drop of 46%, according to the bureau’s Supplemental Poverty Measure.
MILWAUKEE — President Joe Biden appears to have pulled off something few of his recent predecessors managed — a midterm election that wasn’t a clear shellacking for his party, providing a sense of vindication for the White House. Biden's losses are likely to tally far fewer than President Barack Obama suffered in 2010 or President Donald Trump in 2018. The president spent election night at the White House watching returns with top advisers and family and making calls to Democrats who won their races. For many voters, Biden appeared to play little role in their decision. That compares to 2018 when only a third of voters said Trump was not a factor in their House vote.
Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado won re-election Tuesday, NBC News projects, defeating Republican Joe O’Dea in a competitive race. Bennet, 57, a former chief of staff to his Senate colleague John Hickenlooper, is seen as a moderate, although he has championed marijuana reform and environmental issues. Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., at a rally in Golden on Oct. 26. Good luck Joe!”Joe O'Dea, the Republican nominee for the Senate seat held by Democrat Michael Bennet, at a primary election night watch party in Denver on June 28. Ron DeSantis, a potential rival to Trump for the 2024 presidential nomination, made a point of endorsing O’Dea, prompting criticism from Trump.
Sen. Michael Bennet is running against Republican Joe O'Dea in Colorado's US Senate race. CO-08CO-07 House Governor Chevron icon It indicates an expandable section or menu, or sometimes previous / next navigation options. Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado faces off against first-time Republican candidate Joe O'Dea in a surprise battleground. No fan of the current president, O'Dea added that "seeing a Biden-Trump rematch again in 2024 would rip the country apart." His opponent, O'Dea, has raised $7.3 million, spent $6.8 million, and has $469,354 of cash still left to spend, as of October 19.
Sen. Michael Bennet is running against Republican Joe O'Dea in Colorado's US Senate race. Colorado, which Joe Biden won by double digits in 2020, is an unexpected battleground. No fan of the current president, O'Dea added that "seeing a Biden-Trump rematch again in 2024 would rip the country apart." Bennet won 48.1% of the vote when he ran in 2010 for his own term — less than 2 percentage points ahead of Republican challenger Ken Buck. Joe Biden carried Colorado by 13 points in 2020, beating then-President Donald Trump there by more than 400,000 votes.
The expanded child tax credit helped slash child poverty by roughly half, and some Dems want to bring it back. "This was a historic achievement to reduce child poverty by a record amount driven by the expansion of the child tax credit." He added that given the expanded child tax credit has expired, "the challenge now is for the Congress to extend it." Some Democrats want to bring back the expanded child tax creditThe enhanced child tax credit provided up to $300 monthly checks per kid to parents for six months. Without measures like the expanded child tax credit, poverty likely increased in 2022.
As the oldest sitting president, he's raising concerns about how long he can continue governing. Republicans — including Trump — have gleefully seized on Biden's verbal misadventures, such as when he called his vice president "President Harris." President Joe Biden drives the Ford's new all-electric F-150 Lightning in Dearborn, Michigan. Ruggerio described the idea that Joe Biden is diminished or can't remember things as "bull crap." Cox said that while he thinks Biden is "still Joe" and still capable, he worries that Biden's age is a problem.
Families can expect to receive up to $1,800 per child starting in March from the child tax credit. Lower-income families are also eligible to get extra cash through the Earned Income Tax credit. Eligible parents will still be able to claim more money from their child tax credits. Millions of adults are also newly eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), a tax credit that primarily targets lower and medium-income Americans. The expanded child tax credit expired in December after negotiations over the Democrats' big spending bill fell apart.
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