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Former governor of Argentina's central bank, Luis Caputo, speaks alongside Economy Minister Nicolas Dujovne during a news conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina May 4, 2018. REUTERS/Marcos Brindicci/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsBUENOS AIRES, Nov 29 (Reuters) - Argentina President-elect Javier Milei will appoint Luis Caputo as his economy minister, he said in a radio interview on Wednesday in Buenos Aires, after a two-day trip to the United States. "The minister of economy will be Luis Caputo," Milei told Radio La Red, although his office has yet to officially confirm the nomination. This will not be the first time for Caputo, a former Wall Street banker, as a government official. The economist was later appointed as central bank governor in 2018.
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[1/2] Former governor of Argentina's central bank, Luis Caputo, speaks during a news conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina May 4, 2018. In the meeting, however, Caputo declined to confirm that he would be the new economy minister, two of the sources said. The roadmap is orthodox and without crazy things," Caputo told the assembled bank representatives, according to a senior banking source who attended the meeting. Earlier on Friday, though, he said shutting the central bank was "non-negotiable". The second bank source said Caputo had discussed the need to fully attack inflation and lower the Leliq pile, though did not have details on how this would be done.
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The South American country's markets are closed on Monday for a local holiday, so will only fully trade on Tuesday. Overseas-listed sovereign bonds and some equities will trade, mainly in Europe and the United States. In his first speech Milei pledged speedy reforms to fix an economy mired in crisis. If Milei can convince the market that the chainsaw (fiscal discipline) is the heart and soul of his presidency then bonds rally," he said. But he still faces a divided Congress where his Liberty Advances bloc only has a small share of seats.
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Global leaders react to Milei's Argentina victory
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ARGENTINE PRESIDENT ALBERTO FERNANDEZ"I am a man of democracy, and I value nothing more than the popular verdict. I trust that tomorrow we can start working with Javier Milei to guarantee an orderly transition." FORMER ARGENTINA PRESIDENT MAURICIO MACRI"I congratulate Javier Milei for bravely representing the will to advance and prosper that lives in the hearts of Argentines. WHITE HOUSE NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR JAKE SULLIVAN"I congratulate Javier Milei on his election as president of Argentina and to the people of Argentina for holding free and fair elections. FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP"Congratulations to Javier Milei on a great race for president of Argentina.
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"Who is central bank president and economy minister, and the details of an urgent economic stabilization plan without a majority in Congress, will be the key for asset prices in the days ahead." The Economy Ministry is always a hot seat, with Argentina a nine-time debt defaulter caught in a decades-long boom-and-bust cycle. Milei will take office on Dec. 10 after beating ruling Peronist coalition Economy Minister Sergio Massa. "Milei said that he is going to reorganize the central bank instead of imploding it or shutting it down. The new economy minister will have to negotiate a new programme with the IMF "relatively quickly" to avoid entering arrears with the fund, Morgan Stanley said on Monday.
Persons: Milei, Macri, Javier Milei, Milei's, embolden Milei, Armando Armenta, defaulter, Sergio Massa, Hans Humes, Humes, Carlos Rodriguez, Roque Fernandez, Dario Epstein, Emilio Ocampo, Mauricio Macri, Juan Manuel Pazos, Pazos, Morgan Stanley, Morgan Stanley ´, Massa, Jorgelina, Adam Jourdan, Kirsten Donovan Organizations: Monetary, Ministry, Peronist, Economy, Greylock Capital Management, Reuters, Thomson Locations: BUENOS AIRES, South, AllianceBernstein, New York, Argentina, Argentine, Buenos Aires, Washington, refinance, Santiago del Estero, Formosa, Rosario
BUENOS AIRES, Nov 20 (Reuters) - Argentines expressed a mixture of ecstasy and trepidation on Monday after libertarian outsider Javier Milei, pledging radical fixes to the economy, swept to power with an election win over Peronist government rival Sergio Massa. "It's a great unknown," said Guillermo Toledo, a 51-year-old university professor in the capital Buenos Aires, who said he did not vote for Milei. Milei's win brought flag-waving crowds on Sunday night out to the Obelisk in downtown Buenos Aires, a traditional rallying point for supporters to cheer election or soccer wins. [1/2]Argentine president-elect Javier Milei's supporters celebrate after Milei wins the runoff presidential election, in Buenos Aires, Argentina November 19, 2023. Milei gives me hope things can change," Bernal said.
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To fix the problem, Argentina should abandon the peso and adopt the dollar, whose value is set by the US Federal Reserve and cannot be printed at will. Massa has criticized the plan for dollarization as a surrender of national sovereignty and attempted to show that the government’s current actions are already paying dividends. Other mainstream politicians, including former the President Mauricio Macri and another former election candidate, Patricia Bullrich, have endorsed Milei despite sharing some reservations on dollarization. ET) and the vote count is expected to be quick – barring any unforeseen problems or objections, that is. Milei appeared to question the results of the first round of voting in October, although his party did not formally appeal.
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Milei has said he will cut all subsidies, but admitted it would have to be done slowly. He admitted hiking energy bills was tough medicine in a society already hurting, but argued it needed to be done. "If you increase energy prices today, there is an inflationary peak and it's over. Conservative leader Mauricio Macri (2015-19) cut energy subsidies back. "I don't think Milei will eliminate all subsidies," she said, adding she would likely vote for him for a "change".
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Luis Robayo/Pool via REUTERS/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsBUENOS AIRES, Nov 15 (Reuters) - Javier Milei shot to prominence lambasting Argentina's traditional political elite. Now the radical presidential election frontrunner is the mainstream conservatives' best shot at clinging onto power. If Milei loses, it could precipitate the fracturing of the conservative coalition between more right-wing and moderate wings. "There may be some Milei voters who get angry at an alliance with the 'caste', just as there may be Macri voters who get angry at an alliance with Milei," said Fornoni. "We don't know today what power Macri will have, if Macri will end up absorbing Milei or Milei absorbing Macri.
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[1/2] Argentina's presidential candidate Sergio Massa addresses supporters as he reacts to the results of the presidential election, in Buenos Aires, Argentina October 22, 2023. Center-left Peronist economy chief Sergio Massa faces libertarian outsider Javier Milei in the Nov. 19 vote, with polls suggesting a likely photo finish. "Both are scary," said Gonzalez, adding that most people she knew were planning to cast their votes for Milei. Massa pulled off a surprise win in the October first round, attracting 9.6 million votes, ahead of Milei on 7.9 million. There were nearly 10 million votes for other candidates, people who voted blank or spoiled ballots.
Persons: Sergio Massa, Martin Cossarini, Javier Milei, Pragmatist Massa, Fatima Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Massa, Joaquin Gonzalez, Milei, Patricia Bullrich, Mauricio Macri, Juan Schiaretti, Maria Elena Bazzano, Argentine Pope Francis, Luiz Inacio, Lula, da Silva, Romina Viola, Alberto Fernandez, Fernandez, Lucinda Elliott, Adam Jourdan, Rosalba O'Brien Organizations: REUTERS, Peronist, Milei, Massa, Reuters Graphics, Reuters, Thomson Locations: Buenos Aires, Argentina, BUENOS AIRES, Cordoba province, Milei, Cordoba, China, Argentine, Brazilian
With "depleted reserves and an overvalued currency, recent economic measures are not aligned with the programme," a second source added. In an August report, the IMF said that Argentina's programme had gone off track, but allowed for changes in some goals - such as easing reserves targets - to put it back on course. It also comes at a sensitive time for the cash-strapped country, which has a review of the programme scheduled for early November. During the Oct. 30 meeting, a representative for Argentina said that the country was committed to remain current with IMF payments, one source added. Reporting by Jorgelina do Rosario in London Editing by Karin Strohecker and Matthew LewisOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Agustin Marcarian, Sergio Massa, Javier Milei, Mauricio Macri's, Jorgelina, Karin Strohecker, Matthew Lewis Organizations: Argentine, REUTERS, Monetary Fund, JPMorgan, IMF, Argentina's, Farmers, Peronist Economy, Argentina, Peronist, Thomson Locations: Argentina, Rosario, Washington, London
[1/4] Argentina's presidential candidate Sergio Massa speaks during a press conference a day after the first round of Argentina's presidential election, in Buenos Aires, Argentina October 23, 2023. REUTERS/Cristina Sille/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsBUENOS AIRES, Nov 6 (Reuters) - Argentina election polls are showing an increasingly tight race between Peronist economy minister Sergio Massa and radical libertarian Javier Milei ahead of a runoff ballot on Nov. 19. The new poll surveyed 2,324 people between Nov. 1-3 and claimed a margin of error of 2.4%. "The difference in favor of Sergio Massa was reduced from 8 to 3 points compared to the first three days after the general election, when the impact of his win shook everything up," Analogias said. Another poll, from Brazil-based Atlas Intel, meanwhile, showed Milei ahead of Massa with 48.5% to 44.7%, with some 7% of people responding "don't know" or saying they would vote blank.
Persons: Sergio Massa, Cristina Sille, Javier Milei, Analogias, Massa, Milei, Patricia Bullrich, Mauricio Macri, Adam Jourdan, Jonathan Oatis Organizations: REUTERS, International Monetary Fund, Milei, Massa, Intel, Thomson Locations: Buenos Aires, Argentina, BUENOS AIRES, Brazil
[1/3] Conservative Patricia Bullrich, who finished third in the first round of Argentina's presidential election, attends a press conference next to Luis Petri, in Buenos Aires, Argentina October 25, 2023. While Patricia Bullrich's endorsement could lead many of her center-right coalition's voters to also support the combative outsider Milei, criticism from within her Together for Change coalition showed at least some will not follow her lead. Bullrich's public backing of Milei quickly stoked divisions in the coalition she led, which months ago was the odds-on favorite to replace Massa's Peronists. Gerardo Morales, head of the more moderate Radical Civic Union party within Bullrich's coalition, derided her endorsement as "irresponsible," adding that the party will not endorse Milei or Massa. Analysts suggest the overall impact of Bullrich's endorsement will be limited, as some of her supporters will probably break for Massa.
Persons: Patricia Bullrich, Luis Petri, Matias Baglietto, Javier Milei, Patricia Bullrich's, Sergio Massa, Milei, Bullrich's, Bullrich, Mauricio Macri, Gerardo Morales, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, Nicolas Misculin, David Alire Garcia, Steven Grattan, Diane Craft Organizations: REUTERS, Peronist, Massa, Massa's, Radical Civic Union, Buenos Aires, Thomson Locations: Buenos Aires, Argentina, BUENOS AIRES, Bullrich's, Massa, Buenos
This remote town is also where an alleged graft and money-laundering scheme related to the El Calafate hotels owned by the Kirchner family took place. In El Calafate, architect Walter Pieroni said some properties on the edge of the main commercial center could go days without water because of poor planning. In Santa Cruz, a province of some 333,000 people, fixing things was once the role of the Kirchners. Under the Kirchners, an airport was built in El Calafate, roads were paved to the glaciers, and plots of land were distributed to locals. "But they created a model that does not work and now our children have no future in this country," said Feldman, who has lived in El Calafate since 1987.
Persons: RIO, Alicia Kirchner, Kirchner, Javier Milei, Milei, " Kirchner, Nestor Kirchner, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Fernandez de Kirchner, Alberto Fernandez, Patricia Bullrich, Sergio Massa, Santa Cruz, Brian Franco, Moreno, Franco, Eugenio Quiroga, El, Walter Pieroni, Weeks, Pieroni, Guillermo Carnevale, Peronist Fernandez, Mauricio Macri, Kirchnerism, Ana, Guerrero, hadn't, We've, Danny Feldman, Feldman, Lucinda Elliott, Adam Jourdan, Daniel Wallis Organizations: Peronist, Reuters, International Monetary Fund, El, Suppliers, Thomson Locations: Argentina, Rio Gallegos, Santa Cruz, Santa, China, Brazil, El Calafate, Spain, Germany, Buenos Aires
Javier Milei presidential candidate of the La Libertad Avanza (Freedom Advances) party, speaks at the campaign closing event on Oct.18, 2023. The first-round presidential vote follows a shock primary win for far-right frontrunner Javier Milei, a libertarian outsider who has pledged to dollarize the economy, abolish the country's central bank, and sharply reduce state spending. (L-R) Presidential Candidate for Juntos Por el Cambio Patricia Bullrich waves to supporters alongside Vice Presidential Candidate Luis Petri and former President of Argentina Mauricio Macri during her closing presidential rally on Oct. 19, 2023 in Lomas de Zamora, Argentina. The race to replace Argentine President Alberto Fernandez, who is not seeking re-election, is unlikely to be decided this weekend. Sergio Massa, Argentina's economy minister and presidential candidate of Unity for the Homeland party, speaks during a closing campaign rally in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2023.
Persons: Javier Milei, Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, Sergio Massa, Patricia Bullrich, Jimena Blanco, Verisk Maplecroft, Massa, Luis Petri, Argentina Mauricio Macri, Marcos Brindicci, Mariano Machado, Mauricio Macri, Machado, Alberto Fernandez, Verisk Maplecroft's Blanco Organizations: La Libertad, Getty, La Libertad Avanza, la Patria coalition, el Cambio, Verisk, CNBC, Juntos, Lomas de Zamora, Americas, Milei, Argentine, Unity, Homeland, Bloomberg Locations: Argentina, Milei, Bullrich, Lomas de, Argentina's, Buenos Aires
"You have to have a backbone to govern this country," Bullrich, the candidate for the Together for Change coalition, told Reuters at a recent press event. Bullrich is facing front-runner libertarian economist Javier Milei, who is promising more extreme policies, and economy minister Sergio Massa. She also cited the strong political machinery of the conservative coalition. Bullrich, replying to Reuters, said that the coalition - win or lose - would be a strong political force with around 10-11 governors and large presence in Congress. Another voter, 61-year-old retiree Patricia Amalia Rojas, said she backed Bullrich for her tough line on gangs and crime.
Persons: Patricia Bullrich, Bullrich, Javier Milei, Sergio Massa, Fernando de la Rua, Mauricio Macri, Cristian Ritondo, Maria Alejandra Ferreyra, Milei, Horacio Larreta, Ana Balcarce, Lomas de Zamora, Macri, Facundo Martinez Maino, Patricia Amalia Rojas, Eliana Raszewski, Adam Jourdan, Marguerita Choy Organizations: Peronist, Change, Reuters, Milei, Massa, Buenos Aires, University of Avellaneda, Lomas, Monetary Fund, Thomson Locations: BUENOS AIRES, Argentine, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Bullrich, Buenos
While most traders are waiting on the sidelines, anxious about the election and unsure of libertarian frontrunner Javier Milei, some daring bond investors are moving in. "There has been a lot of pain from being invested in Argentina over the past decade," Reed said. Rob Citrone, founder of U.S.-based hedge fund Discovery Capital Management, said Argentina presented one of the best opportunities in emerging markets. The depressed values offer another reason to be bullish on Argentina's debt, said Thomas Haugaard, a portfolio manager on the emerging markets debt hard currency team at Janus Henderson Investments in Copenhagen. Armando Armenta, an analyst for Latin American fixed-income and currency markets at AllianceBernstein in New York, said it was a mixed picture.
Persons: Javier Milei, Cristina Sille, Milei, Patricia Bullrich, Sergio Massa, Christine Reed, Reed, Bullrich, Mauricio Macri's, Massa, Rob Citrone, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Fernandez de Kirchner, Thomas Haugaard, Janus Henderson, Haugaard, Morgan Stanley, Armando Armenta, Milei's, Rodrigo Campos, Carolina Mandl, Adam Jourdan, Paul Simao Organizations: Argentine, REUTERS, Peronist, International Monetary Fund, U.S, Discovery Capital Management, Reuters Graphics Reuters, BancTrust, Reuters, Janus, Janus Henderson Investments, Thomson Locations: Buenos Aires, Argentina, New York, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Copenhagen, Congress, AllianceBernstein
REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian Acquire Licensing RightsBUENOS AIRES, Oct 7 (Reuters) - The hand-written entries in the two dozen notebooks - date, haircut, price - chronicle decades of a Buenos Aires barber's working life. A price of 15 pesos equaled $15 with the currency peg. In her first term the haircut price rose 117%, speeding to 200% in her second term. Haircut prices rose 133% in his four years. The earliest health insurance bill he has was 798 pesos in 2007, since when it has hit 142,636 pesos, outstripping his haircut prices.
Persons: Barber Ruben Galante, Luciano Munoz, Agustin Marcarian, Ruben Galante, Alberto Fernandez, it's, Galante, Javier Milei, he's, Carlos Menem, Raul Alfonsin, Fernando de la Rua, de la Rua, Nestor Kirchner, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Nestor's, Mauricio Macri, That's, Milei, Patricia Bullrich, Sergio Massa, Luciano Muñoz, Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi, Adam Jourdan, Eliana Raszewski, Prinz, Claudia Parsons Organizations: REUTERS, Reuters, Reuters Graphics Reuters Graphics, Currency, Reuters Graphics, Monetary Fund, Thomson Locations: Buenos Aires, Argentina, BUENOS AIRES, Belgrano, United States
Bullrich, a conservative former lawmaker and security minister, is running against center-left candidate Sergio Massa and Javier Milei, a radical libertarian. The advisor claimed that IMF officials would likely support Bullrich's approach. They told us, 'If you win and put this program on the table and it begins to advance, we will be giving it the necessary support,'" said Martinez Maino. Former President Mauricio Macri, a member of Bullrich's party, renegotiated a previous IMF loan deal for $44 billion in 2018. Bullrich aims to grow foreign investment, said Martinez Maino, adding that he and the candidate's would-be pick for economy minister, Carlos Melconian, will travel this week to New York to meet with banks and investors.
Persons: Patricia Bullrich, Facundo Martinez Maino, Sergio Massa, Javier Milei, Milei, Martinez Maino, Mauricio Macri, Bullrich, Carlos Melconian, Lucila Sigal, David Alire Garcia Organizations: International Monetary Fund, Thomson Locations: BUENOS AIRES, August's, South, New York
But that programme failed to put South America's second-largest economy back on its feet. Even if he wins the Oct. 22 election and takes power in December, Milei would need alliances in Congress to push through reforms and a new IMF programme - Argentina's 23rd. That effort paved the way for the $57 billion programme, which ultimately failed and was replaced by the current one. Reuters Graphics Reuters GraphicsPREFERENTIAL TREATMENTThe current programme could end before its expiration in September 2024, but Argentina will still require funds. Without mentioning Argentina, the U.S. - holding the largest voting power in the Fund - recently raised its concerns.
Persons: Javier Milei, Agustin Marcarian, Mauricio Macri's, Mark Sobel, Milei, Sobel, Sergio Massa, Martin Muehleisen, Muehleisen, Nestor Kirchner, Stephen Nelson, Nelson, Walter Stoeppelwerth, Simon Quijano, Evans, Gemcorp Capital, Jay Shambaugh, Jorgelina, Karin Strohecker, Paul Simao Organizations: Argentine, La Libertad Avanza, REUTERS, IMF, International Monetary Fund, South, Peronist, Analysts, Graphics, Review Department, U.S ., Northwestern University, Reuters Graphics Reuters, Gletir SA, Gemcorp, Thomson Locations: La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Washington, U.S, Chicago, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Egypt, Burundi, Saharan Africa, Rosario
With some 90% of ballots counted, far-right libertarian economist Javier Milei had 30.5% of the vote, far higher than predicted, with the main conservative opposition bloc behind on 28% and the ruling Peronist coalition in third place on 27%. The result is a stinging rebuke to the center-left Peronist coalition and the main Together for Change conservative opposition bloc with inflation at 116% and a cost-of-living crisis leaving four in 10 people in poverty. “We are the true opposition,” Milei said in a bullish speech after the results. This speaks of people’s anger with politics,” said former conservative President Mauricio Macri as he arrived at Together for Change’s election bunker. Turnout was under 70%, the lowest for a primary election since they started to be held in Argentina over a decade ago.
Persons: Reuters —, Javier Milei, ” Milei, , Adriana Alonso, Mauricio Macri, Patricia Bullrich, Horacio Larreta, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, JUAN MABROMATA, Sergio Massa, Donald Trump, Jorge Boloco, Maria Fernanda Medina Organizations: Reuters, Peronist, International Monetary Fund, Conservative, Change, Buenos Aires, Argentine, el Cambio, Getty Images Locations: Argentina, Buenos Aires, Buenos, AFP, Tigre
[1/5] Cattle run in front of Juan Carlos Ardohain, 49, on a farm he rents in San Vicente, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina August 10, 2023. REUTERS/Tomas CuestaSAN VICENTE, Argentina, Aug 12 (Reuters) - In Argentina's grains fields and cattle ranches, farmers are hoping upcoming elections will bring political change and an end to years of economic uncertainty, ushering in freer markets with fewer currency controls and export limits. "I think Larreta could be a good candidate for what he's promising," said Juan Carlos Ardohain in a field he rents in San Vicente for cattle. Argentina's currency controls, which tightly limit access to dollars, have stoked a flourishing black market for foreign currency where greenbacks command over twice the official price, distorting import and export markets. Reporting by Maximilian Heath and Miguel Lo Bianco; Editing by Adam Jourdan and Rosalba O'BrienOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Juan Carlos Ardohain, Tomas Cuesta, It's, Horacio Deciancio, Horacio Larreta, Patricia Bullrich, Sergio Massa, Mauricio Macri, Ricardo Firpo, Massa, Deciancio, Maximilian Heath, Miguel Lo Bianco, Adam Jourdan, Rosalba O'Brien Organizations: REUTERS, VICENTE, Peronist, Reuters, Argentine Rural Society, Thomson Locations: San Vicente, Buenos Aires, Argentina, breadbasket, Santa Fe, Ukraine
A man wearing a face mask as a protective measure against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) walks past the entrance of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, a day after midterm primary elections, in Buenos Aires, Argentina September 13, 2021. The primary, which unusually is an obligatory nationwide vote, defines internal leadership battles and acts as a dry run for the general election. The primary vote four years ago delivered a shock landslide defeat to the government of conservative then-President Mauricio Macri, sparking a crash in bonds, equities and the peso currency that Argentina has yet to fully recover from. Ex-security tsar Patricia Bullrich and Buenos Aires city Mayor Horacio Larreta are vying to lead the opposition, and Economy Minister Sergio Massa is a unity candidate for the Peronists. The country's S&P Merval (.MERV) stock market index, meanwhile, has been soaring, seen as a safe haven for local investors and a refuge from the damaging impact of inflation.
Persons: Agustin Marcarian, Mauricio Macri, it's, Mauro Natalucci, Rava Bursátil, Patricia Bullrich, Horacio Larreta, Sergio Massa, Javier Milei, Jorge Otaola, Walter Bianchi, Adam Jourdan, Cynthia Osterman Organizations: Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, REUTERS, Peronist, Reuters Graphics Reuters, Argentine, SBS Group, International Monetary Fund, Thomson Locations: Buenos Aires, Argentina, BUENOS AIRES, MERV
[1/2] Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva meets with Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro (not pictured) before a summit with presidents of South America to discuss the re-launching of the regional cooperation bloc UNASUR, in Brasilia, Brazil, May 29, 2023. "We won't decide anything at tomorrow's meeting, it is just about discussing possibilities," Lula told a news conference on Monday with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, on his first visit to Brazil in eight years. Lula said the leaders did not have to recreate a new Unasur but could come up with a different sort of organization. Maduro is hoping the South American countries will unite in calling on the United States to lift its sanctions against Venezuela, which he and Lula assailed at their news conference. "The aim of this initiative is to unite all the countries of the region once again," she told reporters on Friday.
Buenos Aires wants faster payouts and easier economic targets. "More than a debt, it's a crime," President Fernandez wrote in a tweet on Thursday, citing a new government auditor report that concluded the original deal had lacked the required impact study and not passed through proper legislative channels. Fernandez, who has criticized the original deal before, called for an investigation "with all the weight of the law." Powerful but divisive Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a previous two-term president, called the original deal "scandalous" and a "scam" of the Argentine people. Macri and the IMF have defended the original deal as necessary to restore Argentina's economic stability.
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