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New York CNN —Thomas Matthew Crooks, the 20-year-old who opened fire on former President Donald Trump during a campaign rally Saturday in Pennsylvania, was pictured twice wearing a t-shirt that said “Demolition Ranch” on it. Demolition Ranch is a popular YouTube channel for gun enthusiasts with more than 11 million subscribers. “We were shocked and confused to find this out: The shooter who tried to assassinate Trump was wearing merch from my channel, wearing a Demolition Ranch t-shirt. Demolition Ranch usually posts a variety of videos relating to guns with titles such as “Eating A Meal Cooked ONLY With A GUN!! Carriker said Demolition Ranch cannot vet everyone who buys its products.
Persons: New York CNN — Thomas Matthew Crooks, Donald Trump, Crooks, Matt Carriker, Trump, ” Carriker, Carriker, CNN Crooks ’, CNN’s John Miller, Casey Tolan, Evan Perez, Danny Freeman, Majlie, Puy Kamp, Curt Devine, Isabelle Chapman Organizations: New, New York CNN, CNN, Trump, Secret Service, Bethel Park, Bethel Park High School Locations: New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Pittsburgh, Bethel
On Friday, he went to a shooting range where he was a member, and practiced firing, a law enforcement official told CNN. Yet nearly 48 hours after the shooting, investigators are struck by the lack of leads they’re finding about Crooks’ mindset and possible motives. Investigators parsing through his online search history haven’t found any indication of him researching how to make home-made explosives, law enforcement officials said. While investigators had hoped that breakthough would help them understand what drove him to attempt to assassinate Trump, they’re still struggling to make sense of it, law enforcement officials said. But they didn’t seem to know much about what was going on in his life recently, law enforcement sources said.
Persons: Donald Trump, Thomas Matthew Crooks, Crooks, scrutinizing Crooks, haven’t, Matthew Crooks, Rob Bootay, Trump, ” Bootay, ” Crooks, Bruce Piendl, , Rebecca Droke, they’re, CNN’s Isabelle Chapman, Majlie, Puy Kamp, Curt Devine, Kyung, Jamiel Lynch, Gianluca Mezzofiore, Anna, Maja Rappard Organizations: CNN, Pittsburgh, Hyundai, Trump, Pennsylvania State Police, Clairton, , Allegheny Arms, Gun, Home Depot, Police, FBI, Getty Locations: Butler , Pennsylvania, Crooks, Pittsburgh, Bethel Park, Bethel Park , Pennsylvania, AFP
The FBI said Sunday that the shooter at Trump’s rally in Pennsylvania acted alone and that it is still actively investigating the shooter’s background – including working to gain access to his phone. “We are working to get access to the phone,” Kevin Rojek, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Pittsburgh field office, said Sunday. Rojek confirmed the gun used in the shooting was an AR-style rifle that was purchased legally. FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate also said the FBI is “seeing that tick up in the aftermath of this event. “The violence we saw yesterday is an attack on democracy itself,” Garland said.
Persons: Kevin Rojek, , ” Rojek, , Rojek, Bobby Wells, Paul Abbate, We’ve, General Merrick Garland, Biden, ” Garland Organizations: FBI, Counterterrorism Division Locations: Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Quantico, Washington ,
Crooks lived in the Pittsburgh suburb of Bethel Park, about an hour’s drive south of the Trump rally where law enforcement officials say he fired at the former president. Crooks graduated from Bethel Park High School in 2022, according to a local media report and a video of the school’s graduation ceremony. Law enforcement descended on Crooks’ family home on a quiet street in Bethel Park on Saturday night. Explosive material was found in his residence, as well as in his car, law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation told CNN. Bethel Park is a predominantly white suburb that is wealthier than the surrounding Pittsburgh metro area.
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CNN —For years, Airbnb has known some of its hosts have used hidden cameras to secretly spy on guests, invading their most private and intimate moments. A CNN investigation found the use of hidden cameras is a persistent problem in the industry. The Airbnb representative testified that the company generated 35,000 customer support tickets about surveillance devices in the preceding decade. An Airbnb spokesperson told CNN that a single report could create multiple tickets. Airbnb makes “every effort” to support police investigations of hidden cameras, the company told CNN in a written statement.
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Why the Fed is stressed about presidential elections
  + stars: | 2024-07-10 | by ( Nicole Goodkind | )   time to read: +9 min
New York CNN —Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell sent investors mixed messages on Tuesday during his semiannual testimony to Congress. Powell is stressed about the election: Powell was asked by multiple senators about White House politics, which he dodged. While the Fed head noted that policy decisions are data dependent, “elevated inflation is not the only risk we face,” he said. The September Fed meeting will be “live”: Powell noted multiple times that every Fed policy decision is made “live” using the latest available economic data – in other words, decisions aren’t made in advance. About 75% of investors think the Fed will cut rates, and about 25% think they’ll remain the same.
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A CNN investigation found that Airbnb consistently fails to protect its guests despite knowing hidden cameras are a persistent concern within its industry. Video Ad Feedback A woman describes the moment she realized her Airbnb host had placed a hidden camera in her room. And, while hotels can be held legally responsible for guests harmed on their property, Airbnb frequently is not. In January, CNN began reaching out to former Airbnb employees to ask about hidden camera concerns within the industry. “Less than a month for every victim,” said Wyzynajtys, the guest who found Allee’s hidden camera.
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CNN —As one of the lead negotiators for students protesting inside the grounds of Columbia University, Mahmoud Khalil said his primary objective was to get the university to sever all financial ties with Israel. Khalil said Columbia never put anything in writing, instead making offers verbally. But without a firm promise, Columbia’s offer didn’t go far enough for Khalil and other protesters, since the university had previously rejected divestment proposals. Khalil said they then presented Columbia with another offer: Rather than dump Israel-tied investments, Columbia could instead divest from weapons manufacturing companies and any companies complicit in violating international law. NYPD officers in riot gear march onto Columbia University campus, where pro-Palestinian students are barricaded inside a building and have set up an encampment, in New York City on April 30, 2024.
Persons: Mahmoud Khalil, , Israel, , ” Khalil, Khalil, Columbia, Brown, Minouche Shafik, Lockheed Martin, Kena Betancur, , Shafik, Ben Sasse, it’s, Columbia’s, Lee Bollinger, Bollinger, Stephanie Keith, Columbia College –, Hedge, Leon Cooperman, Cooperman, Robert Kraft, Luigi Zingales, Zingales, ” Shafik, he’s, “ There’s Organizations: CNN, Columbia University, Brown University, Columbia, Dynamics, Caterpillar, West Bank, Columbia University campus, Getty Images Columbia, New York Police Department, Jewish, Northwestern University, CNN’s, Union, Sunday, University of Florida, Columbia Daily Spectator, Human Rights Watch, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Defamation League, University, Columbia College, , New England Patriots, University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, Times Locations: Israel, Columbia, Gaza, Palestinian, New York City, AFP, CNN’s “ State, South Africa, United States,
The steel frame of the Francis Scott Key Bridge sits on top of the container ship Dali after the bridge collapsed on Tuesday. After the 1980 collision, he argued, more substantial dolphins or a fendering system should have been added to the Key Bridge. “You knock out one of the support posts, the entire bridge collapses.”The Key Bridge is hardly unique among large bridges in its age. Some other bridges that cross major shipping routes are designed with more extensive protections than the Key Bridge’s. In the wake of the Key Bridge collapse and with the rise of larger container ships, some experts said that engineers should reassess necessary bridge safety features.
Persons: Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key, It’s, Dali, Francis Scott Key, Jim Watson, , Rick Geddes, Wes Moore, That’s, Jean, Paul Rodrigue, Martin Bernetti, , Mark Wilson, Hussam Mahmoud, Rod Sullivan, Arthur Ravenel Jr, Savannah’s Talmadge, Los Angeles ’ Vincent Thomas Bridge, ” Geddes, Barzin Mobasher, Mobasher, ” CNN’s Daniel Medina, Majlie, Puy, Yahya Abou, Ghazala Organizations: CNN, Getty, Cornell University’s Program, National Research, Evening Sun, Coast Guard, Sun, Maryland Gov, Texas, M University, Galveston, National Research Council, Maryland Transportation Authority, Francis Scott Key Bridge, Colorado State University, Sunshine Skyway, Tampa Tribune, New, Bridge, Arizona State University Locations: Bridges, Baltimore, AFP, Nagoya, Dali, Panama, United States, Panama City, Baltimore , Maryland, Tampa, Florida, Charleston , South Carolina, Los Angeles
US law enforcement officials have also been closely monitoring the incident to determine if a federal crime was committed, a senior US official familiar with the matter told CNN. Tom Brenner/ReutersA longtime political consultant, Kramer worked for Kanye West’s 2020 presidential bid and has a history of producing robocalls. Phillips’ campaign said it had no knowledge of his reported involvement with the AI Biden call. He said that Kramer told him to delete all of the emails between the two of them, and that he did. As figures at the center of American political scandals go, Carpenter is certainly “eccentric” – a word he uses to describe himself.
Persons: Paul Carpenter –, , Joe Biden’s, Carpenter, Dean Phillips, Biden, , “ I’m, Steve Kramer, Phillips, Kramer, Carpenter’s, Biden’s, Tom Brenner, Kanye, Phillips ’, robocalls, ” Phillips, Katie Dolan, ” Dolan, Hank Sheinkopf, Sheinkopf, CNN’s Jake Tapper, “ I’d, , who’s, Donald Trump, Sen, Lindsey Graham of, ” Carpenter, he’s, didn’t, Bruce Kramer, Brandon Kizy –, Paul Carpenter, CNN “ Paul, Paul, ” Kizy, Hany Farid, we’ve, ” Liz Purdy, I’d, “ I’ve, ” CNN’s Alison Main, Allison Gordon, Isabelle Chapman, Yahya Abou, Ghazala Organizations: CNN, New, Minnesota Rep, Democratic, NBC News, Commission, Reuters, South, Republican, University of California Berkeley Locations: Orleans, New Hampshire, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina
They’re opportunistic and adaptive,” said former CIA analyst Yaya Fanusie, now an adjunct senior fellow with the Center for a New American Security. It’s unclear how much money Hamas has received in cryptocurrency, but there’s evidence they have amassed significant amounts. Another $94 million was allegedly held by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a militant partner of Hamas, according to Elliptic, another analytics firm. Hamas additionally raises funds through informal taxes and smuggling, according to a Congressional Research Service report from May. Investigators were able to seize 150 cryptocurrency accounts “that laundered funds to and from” Hamas accounts, according to a DOJ news release.
Persons: launderers, European Union –, “ There’s, , Yaya Fanusie, , Dmitry Machikhin, Arda Akartuna, Akartuna, Jake Sullivan, Iran “, Sullivan, Asher Perlin, Yitzchak Weinstock, Weinstock, , al, Perlin Organizations: CNN, Hamas, Justice, Justice Department, European Union, Center, New, New American Security, Department of Homeland Security, , Reuters, Wall Street, Brigades, Palestine Islamic, US State Department, US Treasury Department, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Treasury, US Treasury, White, National, Congressional Research Service, US Justice Department, , Investigators, DOJ Locations: Iran, cryptocurrency, Israel, Washington ,, United States, New American, New Jersey, bitcoin, Jihad, Palestine, Turkey, Lebanon, Lebanese, Syria, Tehran, Jerusalem
“I could never have foreseen him doing that,” said John Powell, a former high school classmate. Teixeira grew up in the suburbs of Providence, Rhode Island, according to public records and graduated from Dighton-Rehoboth High School in neighboring Massachusetts in 2020. He toted around a “dictionary-sized” book on firearms and another about “tanks, planes and submarines,” former classmates told CNN. “A lot of people were wary of him,” said Brooke Cleathero, a former classmate in both high school and middle school. FBI agents interviewed at least one person who said a young man later identified as Teixeira began posting “what appeared to be classified information” on a server in December.
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